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2018年10月22日 01:07:39

广州长安医院不孕专家Travelling through western Texas, national parks traveler Mikah Meyer got a chance to immerse himself in American history.穿越西德克萨斯州,国家公园旅行者米卡·迈耶得以沉浸在美国历史当中。;I#39;m in Fort Davis National Historic Site“我现在所在的地方就是福特·戴卫斯国家历史古迹,which is a military outpost that was used in the 1800s to help to defend American interests in the West Texas Chihuahuan Desert.;19世纪时它被用作军事哨所,帮助美国捍卫在西德克萨斯州奇瓦瓦沙漠的利益。”The Chihuahuan Desert, which spans more than half of the border between Mexico and the U.S.,奇瓦瓦沙漠覆盖美国和墨西哥之间一半以上的边界,covers much of West Texas—arguably, a perfect place for a fort.贯穿西德克萨斯州大部分地区——可以说是建造堡垒的完美之地。On one side you see the high wall of rocks that can either protect or make more precarious the fort location,“一方面你可以看到岩石筑成的高墙,它不仅可以起到保护作用,还能使堡垒的战略位置更加危险,and on the other side you see the vast, open desert for which the military would be able to see their enemies coming behind us.;另一方面你还可以看到空旷无垠的沙漠,这样一来,军队便能看到紧随其后的敌人。”That could be why Fort Davis established in 1854 is considered one of the best surviving examples of a military post in the American Southwest.正因如此,1854年建起的福特·戴维斯堡被视为美国西南部现存最好的军事据点之一。;From my vantage point of the Fort Davis#39; overlook, you can see the entirety of the Fort Davis National Historic Site.;“从我这个位置来俯瞰戴维斯堡,你可以将福特·戴卫斯国家历史古迹的全景都收入眼中。”The site also honors the Buffalo Soldiers, freed African American slaves who joined the U.S. Army following the Civil War.设立戴维斯国家历史古迹也是为了纪念水牛战士,这些战士都是被解放的美洲黑奴,内战之后加入了美国军队。They were called Buffalo Soldiers because Plains Indians thought the soldiers#39; hair resembled that of buffalo,之所以称其为水牛战士,是因为平地印第安人觉得这些战士的头发跟水牛特别像,an animal the Indians greatly revered.水牛也是极受这些印第安人尊敬的动物。The Buffalo Soldiers stationed at Fort Davis served from 1867 to 1885,驻扎在戴维斯堡的水牛战士从1867年一直役到1885年,where they played a major role in the settlement and development of the American West.期间他们在美国西部的开拓和发展中发挥了重大作用。Their mission was to protect travelers and the mail on the San Antonio-El Paso Road,水牛战士的任务就是保护圣安东尼奥到埃尔帕索路段上的旅客和邮件安全,and to support military operations to control hostile American Indians.同时也要持军事行动,控制敌视白人的印第安人。Fort Davis symbolizes a bastion of U.S. military presence in West Texas.“戴维斯堡象征着美国在西德克萨斯州驻军的捍卫者。”;Visitors will notice that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA superstar, is the host of the Visitor Center “参观者们可以看到,NBA超级巨星贾巴尔为游务中心主持拍摄了这段视频,because of his keen interest in these Buffalo Soldiers and their mark on history因为他对水牛战士以及他们在历史上曾取得的成绩,and what the ed States has become today for people of all races.;还有在各种族人民相互影响下,美国如今的样子都十分感兴趣。”;The old fort can also be viewed as a symbol of the tragic conflict“这座旧堡垒也可以被视作悲剧冲突的象征,that engaged North America#39;s original inhabitants against the unrelenting wave of other Americans.;因为当时北美原始居民不断遭受其他美国人的无情冲击。”Today, the National Park Service is sensitive to the plight of the native Americans and around that area at the time of the Fort existence,如今,美国国家公园对戴维斯堡存在时期附近一带美国原住民所遭受的苦难十分敏感,but is proud, nevertheless, to preserve this historic site但是却为保存下这个历史古迹而感到自豪,;as a lasting memorial to all U.S. soldiers who faithfully served their country for almost half a century.;“作为一个永恒的纪念馆,铭记在长达近半个世纪的时间里,一心尽忠报国的所有美国战士。”Julie Taboh, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,朱莉·塔于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/513120广州白云不孕专科医院零起点英语口语 第27讲:Shall..句型 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/54247广州番禺看妇科病好的妇科医院

广东省长安医院人授广州长安男科医院试管婴儿Now to the earthquake outbreak. Three deadly quakes in three days. The soaring death toll—the search for victims now under way.现在进到地震突发事件。三天内发生三场夺命地震。死亡人数持续攀升——搜寻受难者行动正在进行中。In Ecuador, surveillance showing the moment disaster struck. Items flying off shelves. The quake measuring 7.8—more than 230 killed. And in Japan, more than 40 people are dead after two earthquakes hit there. Rescuers searching for missing victims.在厄瓜多,监视录影画面显示灾难来袭那刻。物品从架上飞落。这场地震规模估计为 7.8——有超过 230 人死亡。而在日本,两场地震发生后有超过 40 人死亡。搜救人员正在寻找失踪受难者。What#39;s known as the Ring of Fire—take a look—lining the Pacific, running along the American west coast. New concerns tonight about the big one hitting here. A#39;s Matt Gutman, in Japan.被称作“火环带”的区域——来看看——环绕着太平洋、沿着美洲西岸走。今晚有关于强烈大地震袭击这个地方的新疑虑。A 记者 Matt Guttman,在日本为您报导。The third massive quake, the strongest yet, leaving shoppers screaming, products tumbling off the shelves, and then darkness.第三次大地震,也是目前最强的一次,让顾客们放声尖叫、商品从货架砸下,接着是一片黑暗。The epicenter of this powerful 7.8-magnitude quake, just 110 miles west of Ecuador#39;s capital. Its president saying today hundreds are dead. This man using his hands to dig into a mountain of bricks. He tells us three are alive and a girl is dead.这场规模 7.8 的强烈地震的震央,仅位于厄瓜多首都西方110英里处。厄瓜多总统表示今天有数百人死亡。这名男子用他的双手挖掘瓦砾堆。他告诉我们有三个人生还,而一位女孩死了。Tonight, experts warning the ed States is also in danger.今晚,专家们警告美国也处在危险中。We#39;re all on the Ring of Fire. This is a very active part of the earth. And it#39;s a reminder that this is a hazard that we face.我们都位在火环带上。这是地球上一个非常活跃的区域。而这是提醒我们,这是我们面临的危险。Across the Pacific, a spasm of hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks killing dozens. Most of the dead in the town of Mashiki. At this one on Friday, rescuers gently delivering this nine-month-old baby girl from death#39;s grip. That rescue—the one bright spot amid the grim task of recovery. In that same neighborhood, we found these rescuers.越过太平洋,无数地震和余震杀死许多人。大多数死伤是在熊本益城钉内。星期五这场搜救行动中,搜救人员小心翼翼地将这名九个月大女婴从死神手中救出。那次救援——在晦暗重建路程中的一线光明。在女婴获救的相同住宅区中,我们找到这些搜救人员。So this crew#39;s checking out the hardest-hit homes, and one house in particular that they want to hit is the one where that nine-month-old baby girl was rescued from. They wanna make sure that nobody#39;s still in there.这搜救队正在检查损害最严重的房屋,而他们特别想寻找的一间房子,是九个月大女婴被救出的那间。他们想确保没人仍困在那里。Minutes later, they found it.几分钟后,他们找到了。So this rescue crew finally found the house where they rescued that eight-month-old girl just a couple days ago. And when you look at this house, it#39;s incredible that anyone was able to survive.这搜救队终于找到那间房子,他们几天前救出八个月大女婴的那间。当你看这间房子时,有任何人能生还真的是很不可思议。Then, a man approached us. He said he was the baby#39;s grandfather. Her name? Baby Miku.接着,一名男子走向我们。他说他是女婴的爷爷。女婴的名字?小 Miku。Rescue.救出。Rescued. Exactly. Thank God, right?获救了。没错。感谢老天,对吧?He then tells us we can meet her, hopping in the only possession he has left.接着他跟我们说,我们可以见小女孩,搭上他仅存的财产。Hi, sweet girl.海,亲爱的女孩。And she was right there when we walked up to the shelter. All cheeks and completely unscathed.当我们走向避难所时,她就在那。笑容满面而且毫发无伤。Miku#39;s family told me they lost everything in the quake but also that they found the most important thing—their family. But the recovery here is being hampered by hundreds of aftershocks, and the fear that another massive one could come at any time. Tom?Miku 的家人告诉我,他们在地震中失去一切,但也发现最重要的事物--他们的家人。不过这里的修复之路被无数余震给阻碍,以及另一场大地震可能随时到来的恐惧。Tom? Article/201606/449676广州长安不育医院看什么的A few months ago, I became the first american talk show to air in china,几个月前 我成为了第一个在中国风行的美国脱口秀节目And I wanted to welcome my new chinese viewers,为了欢迎来自中国的新观众们So I asked the people of china to write to me所以我让中国观众们With a little, teeny, tiny request. And here#39;s what I asked of them.按照一个极小极小的要求来写信给我 这是我要求他们做的I really want to learn more chinese now. That#39;s my goal.我是真的想了解更多关于中国的事 这是我的目标And I want to personally welcome my new chinese audience我想通过在节目中读出你们所有人的名字By ing all of your names on the air.来亲自欢迎来自中国的新观众们So all you have to do is write your name on a piece of paper that looks like this...所以你们大家要做的就是 在一张纸上写上你们的名字 这张纸长这样And you can send it to this address.你们可以通过这个地址寄给我Well, out of a billion people, 12 of you actually followed the instructions.好的 十亿人中 有十二人真的按照上述要求做了So i want to your names on the air. I want to keep my promise.所以我想要在节目中读出你们的名字 我想遵循我的诺言But if you watch my show, I have a hard enough time pronouncing american names,但是如果你们正在观看节目 正确读出美国名字对我来说实在很难So luckily we have an official ;Ellen show;幸运的是我有艾伦秀 官方的Chinese translator standing by at all times.中文翻译可以全程给予我帮助She#39;s been waiting in a cubicle for 11 seasons, and now it#39;s finally her time to shine.她已经在小房间里等了11季了 现在终于到了她发光发热的时候了Do you mind helping me out? Would you come on over here? Thank you so much.你介意帮助我么? 你能不能来这里?太谢谢你了Hi. How are you? Have a seat. I would have pronounced your name, but i don#39;t--你好 你怎么样?坐吧 我有你的名字 但是What is your name? Well, my american name is sunny.你的名字是什么?哦 我的美国名字是 sunnyMy chinese name is yuong ja. Yuong ja. Yuong ja, yes.我的中文名字是永嘉(音译) 永嘉 对,永嘉Okay, great. But i can call you sunny. Yes. Okay, sunny.好的 太好了 我可以叫你sunny 好的 好 sunnyAnd where are you from? I was born and raised in beijing, china.你来自哪里? 我出生和成长在中国北京Okay, wonderful. Okay. So you#39;re going to help me out.好的 太好了 嗯嗯 你要来帮我And this is called yuan? Is that what that--Yuan, yes.这个叫做元么?那是什么 对 元Yuan? Yeah. One. Yuan. Yuan. Okay. So I#39;m gonna start, and then you#39;ll help me out.元?是的 一 元 元 好的 那么我要开始了 你得帮帮我This one has a long note, so I#39;m going to start with this person here.这个有一大段的话 那么我将要从这个人开始了;Hello, ellen. ;I am your big, big, big fans.艾伦 你好 我是你的超级大粉丝;So, so, so love watch your #39;ellen show.#39;我超级喜欢你的ellen showI know it#39;s kidding write postcard on rmb.;我知道 在人民币上写明信片很搞笑Is that what this is? Rmb, yes, the currency. ;But seriously i like you idea.那个是这样的么?人民币 对 货币 但是 我挺喜欢你的想法;Next week is our spring festival. ;I wish it#39;s your come see my postcard.下周是我们的春节 我希望你能看到我的明信片;And all the best wishes to you, the present to you.现在把最好的祝福给你;You can buy three cups of starbucks when you come to china. Biggest fans.;当你来中国时 你可以用它买三杯星巴克 你的超级粉丝Jiao mingy? Yes. And this is 100 yuan, and so that is american?Jiao mingy(周明洁) 是的 这是100元 相当于16美元么?About , . or ? Thank you so much.大约 15,16美元 15或16美元 太感谢了All right, and now we have I won#39;t all the-- This is, um...好的 现在我们有 我不会读所有 这个是 嗯…This one, they didn#39;t even try to do american. This is just chinese, so who is that?这一个 他们都没有尝试做美国人 这是中文 他是谁Well, youis the name. Yeah, that#39;s a name. I know, but it seems like you want to say more.好吧 你 是名字 嗯 那是个名字 我知道 但是你似乎想说些什么No. - #39;cause you stop-- yeah. All right. Yeah.不 因为你停下来 是的 好 吧 是的But they did it backwards, so--他们倒着来的 所以They put their like they werethey#39;re american. Filling out a form or something.他们这么放为了让他们看起来是 填表单什么的And here they tried to help me phonetically. So I could learn this.这个他们想在发音上帮助我 我可以学学这个Wu shi ai lun? Actually, it says, ;I am ellen.; So that#39;s her name, ei lun, ei lun.我是艾伦(音译) 事实上 它说 我是艾伦 那么这个是她的名字 艾伦 艾伦;I am ellen.; Oh! Ellen. Oh, they#39;re doing the last name first for some reason.我是艾伦 噢 艾伦 噢 他们把姓放在前面 因为一些原因Is that a normal thing? That#39;s chinese tradition.这个是正常现象么? 这个是中国传统We always say the last name first. Oh, okay.我们都先说姓 噢 好吧They#39;re watching ;The degeneres ellen show; Over there, then.他们正在那儿看the degeneres ellen showYeah, I#39;m probably gonna put-- So I#39;m gonna reverse every one of them.好的 我可能要 那我得把他们每一个都颠倒一下;Lie june we.; Li jun wei. Jun wehhhhh. Li jun wei. Li jun wehhhhh. ;Way.;李俊伟(音译) 李俊伟 俊伟… 李俊伟 李俊伟… 伟This one is good, #39;cause it#39;s not only the hundred,这个很好 因为不只是100But then they put in, like, a coin and some ones in the back他们还放了一些 嗯 硬币和其他之类的在后面To kind of round it out to probably 20 or something.大概20之类的What#39;s that coin worth? Uh, this? Let me see?那个硬币值多少 呃 这个 让我看看?Is that real, or is that just, like, a grommet or something?这是真的么?或者这只是? 一个环 还是什么?The denomit#39;s right here. Don#39;t touch my money.分母 在这 我要碰我的钱I can#39;t see it from that side. All right, and this is du yen ji. ;Weee;?从这一面我看不见 好吧 这个是杜月怡(音译) WeeeAnd this is just a 50, so we won#39;t that. All right, sono, we will.这个只是张50 我们不会读它了 好吧 那么 不 我们会读的Who is this on the 50 that-- Okay. Well, thank you so much for sending those in.这张五十上会是谁呢 那是 好的 嗯 十分感谢你们寄来的这些And to the other 999 million people in china, I#39;m still waiting.中国的其他9.99亿人 我仍在等待你们的来信And the other 7 billion people on earth, I accept all denominations.地球上的其他70亿人 我接受任何面额的纸币And, sunny, thank you so much.也十分感谢你 sunny Article/201707/516014广州做无痛人流那家医院最好

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