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2019年01月23日 16:58:30 | 作者:飞排名好专家 | 来源:新华社
Politicians around the world face a problem when it comes to the overseas rich. They want the spending, taxes and investment that comes with the foreign wealthy. But politicians don#39;t want to appear to voters as favoring the foreign have-mores over the local middle class.如何处理与移民富豪的关系是摆在全球各国政治家面前的一个棘手问题。政治家们希望移民富豪为本国带来消费、纳税和投资,但又不希望给选民留下偏爱外国有钱人而冷落本国中产阶级的印象。These tensions have played out in the U.K., Switzerland, and even Monaco. Now, they#39;re bursting out into the open in Singapore.英国、瑞士乃至纳哥都面临着这类矛盾。而现在,这些矛盾在新加坡也开始变得尖锐起来。According to news reports, Singapore is ending a program that allowed wealthy foreigners to #39;fast track#39; their permanent residency if they kept at least S million in assets in the country for five years. The moves are aimed at slowing the rapid surge in property prices, which have been driven in part by wealthy investors and which have rankled Singaporeans.据媒体报道,新加坡即将关闭针对外国富人的移民“快捷通道”。按照现行政策,如果外国富人将至少1,000万新元资产在新加坡保留五年,就可以通过“快捷通道”获得永久居民身份。取消此项政策旨在减缓房地产价格的迅速上涨,房地产价格上涨导致新加坡人怨声载道,而价格的上涨在一定程度上是由富有的投资者推动的。A bungalow in Singapore#39;s Sentosa Cove recently sold for a whopping million.新加坡升涛湾(Sentosa Cove)一幢单层别墅近期售价高达3,900万美元。Singapore still allows wealthy people to get permanent residency. But rather than simply keeping money in the country, they have to invest S.5 million in a new company or business. And these rules may also tighten soon.新加坡仍然允许富人获得永久居民身份。但新规定要求富人不仅要把资金留在新加坡国内,而且要投资250万新元用于创建公司或者拓展现有业务。此外,相关规定不久之后可能会更加严格。Foreigners and permanent residents now make up a third of the population. And Singapore now leads the world in #39;millionaire density#39;: 15.5% of all its households are millionaire-households.外国人和永久居民目前占新加坡人口的三分之一。新加坡目前的“百万富翁密度”居全球之首:15.5%的家庭拥有上百万美元资产。The question is whether the government#39;s actions will work. With so many wealthy Chinese, Indonesians, Russians, Middle Easterners and Europeans looking to offshore their money into safe, stable havens, the rich may continue pouring money into the Singapore regardless.政府的举措能否奏效还要打一个问号。中国、印尼、俄罗斯、中东和欧洲有许许多多富人寻求将资金转移到安全稳定的避风港,尽管政策有变,但他们可能还会继续将资金注入新加坡。Do you think countries should offer special visas and residencies for the rich?读者朋友,您认为政府应该为富人提供特殊签和居留身份吗? /201204/177956

Dinner in the sky, at 150 feet in the air!!, Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts!在150英尺的高空吃饭,千万系紧安全带啊!“Dinner in the sky” is a Brussels based restaurant, serving 22 people at 150 feet in the air, specially designed tables and chairs are lifted by a crane. “空中餐厅”是一家布鲁塞尔的餐厅,悬挂在150英尺的高空,能容纳22个人,由一架起重机悬吊起特制的桌子和椅子。 /201005/104705

CHINESE Internet users are vigorously discussing their unfulfilled dreams and reflecting on the meaning of life as ;the end of the world; draws near.随着“世界末日”的临近中国的互联网用户正积极讨论着他们未能实现的梦想并反思着生命的意义。December 21 marks the conclusion of a 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar, a point associated with the apocalypse.12月21日标志着5125年长的玛雅日历的终结,与世界末日相关的一点。A post by ;Sao Congcong; which simply said ;1999.05.28-2012.12.21,; indicating the dates of his birth and predicted death was immediately popular, with millions of others copying the format on their microblogs.一篇由“骚聪聪”发布的微, 简单地写着“1999.05.28-2012.12.21”,暗示了他的出生日和预测死亡日,立即流行起来,数百万人在他们的微上复制着这种格式。Most of the posts also include an epitaph, a wish list, or a sentence expressing their thoughts about life.大部分的微还包括墓志铭、愿望列表或表达他们对生命思考的一个句子。The wishes range from making breakfast for parents to becoming a superman to save the world. But most are everyday matters to do with family and friends, and are full of love, faith and hope.愿望从为父母做早餐到成为超人拯救世界。但最多的是每天与家人朋友要做的事,充满爱、信心和希望。;Red Sun; said he plans to quit his job and find employment in his hometown so he can spend more time with his 70-year-old father. He said the ;apocalypse; forecast had helped him make up his mind.“红太阳”说他打算辞去工作,在他的家乡就业,这样他就可以花更多的时间和他70岁的老父亲在一起。他说“末日”预测帮助他下定了决心。;In the past, I thought I still had plenty of time to weigh pros and cons; now I know time waits for no man,; he said.“在过去我以为我仍然有足够的时间来权衡利弊;现在我知道时间不等人,”他说。Others are taking positive actions to make their dreams come true. ;Brown sugar; and her five friends plan to spend the winter solstice in Tibet, like the survivors of Hollywood disaster movie ;2012.;其他人正在积极行动使他们的梦想成真。“红糖”和她的五个朋友计划冬至那天在西藏,就像好莱坞灾难电影《2012》中的幸存者那样。;Why don#39;t we just do it instead of sighing in regret that we had not lived life fully?; she asked“为什么我们不行动,而不是叹息遗憾我们没有充实地生活?”她问Several companies are giving employers extra days off on December 20 and 21.几个公司正在给员工12月20日和21日的额外休假日。;Few people believe the world will end, but we can take advantage of it to spend time with our loved ones,; said a Wuhan IT firm CEO surnamed Du, who considers ;doomsday; a chance for revelry.“很少人认为世界会终结,但我们可以利用它来花时间与我们爱的人在一起,”一位武汉IT公司姓杜的CEO,他认为“世界末日”的一个狂欢的机会。However, others are taking the prophecy more seriously.然而,其他人则更严肃地对待预言。Panic buying of candles has swept two counties in Sichuan Province, while a man named Lu Zhenghai in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region spent his life savings to build an ark for 20 people in order to survive flooding on the day.购买蜡烛的恐慌席卷四川的两个农村,在新疆维吾尔自治区一个名叫陆正海的男人花了毕生的积蓄去造了一个容纳20人的柜子,为了那天在洪水中生存下来。People across the country have been scammed, with swindlers encouraging them to buy good-luck tokens at sky-high prices or to give away their savings.全国各地都有人被骗,骗子怂恿他们以天价购买好运令牌或放弃他们的积蓄。Shanghai police issued a public warning on Weibo.com after handling 25 cases relating to the apocalypse within 24 hours. They said: ;The end of the world is pure rumor, do not believe it.;在24小时内处理了与末日有关的25件案子后,上海警方在微上发布了公告。他们说:“世界末日是纯粹的谣言,不要相信。”As the paranoia intensifies, institutions including the Beijing Planetarium and the Astronomical Society of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have used the media to try to scotch the rumor, sending the message: ;December 21 is a normal day.;随着偏执加剧,机构包括北京天文馆以及新疆维吾尔自治区的天文学会已经使用媒体试图辟谣,发送消息:“12月21日是普通的一天”。Xia Xueluan, professor of sociology at Peking University, said: ;We#39;ve lived through several so-called doomsdays in the past decade ... people take satisfaction in talking about them.;夏学銮,北京大学的社会学教授,说:“在过去的十年里我们已经度过了几个所谓的世界末日……人们通过谈论它们以获得满足感。” /201212/213901

A decade lost to deflation has changed the landscape in Ginza, Tokyo’s premium shopping district. On the main street, a Gucci store has been replaced by low-cost fashion outlet XXI Forever. Next door to luxury jeweller Mauboussin, the casual clothes retailer g.u. is doing a brisk business offering cotton maxi dresses for Y990.迷失于通缩中的10年,改变了东京高档购物区银座(Ginza)的景象。在主要购物街上,古驰(Gucci)门店已被低成本时装公司XXI Forever的店铺所取代。在豪华珠宝商Mauboussin的隔壁,休闲饰零售商g.u.生意兴隆,店里销售的棉质长裙售价990日元。Japan has been mired in deflation since 1999, a period known as the “lost decade”. Consumer prices, excluding food and energy, have fallen every year since, with the exception of 2008, when prices were flat. Meanwhile, nominal gross domestic product, which reflects the impact of deflation, has fallen from Y505tn in 1999 to Y468tn (.8tn) last year.自1999年以来,日本一直受到通缩的困扰,这一时期被称作“失落的10年”(lost decade)。1999年以后,消费价格(不包括食品和能源)每年都在下跌——2008年除外,当年价格与上年持平。与此同时,反映通缩影响的名义国内生产总值(GDP),从1999年的505万亿日元降至去年的468万亿日元(合5.8万亿美元)。The long-term slump has forced businesses in Japan to slash costs and, in some cases, completely rethink their business model. Some Japanese companies have managed to avoid the worst effects of deflation and even thrive in difficult economic circumstances. As such, they offer some valuable lessons for businesses settling down for the long haul in the beleaguered economies of the west. 经济长期滑坡迫使日本企业大幅削减成本,一些日本企业不得不彻底重新思考它们的业务模式。一些日本企业成功避免了通缩的最糟糕影响,甚至在艰难的经济状况下走向繁荣。因此,它们为那些将在遭遇困境的西方经济体中长期处于艰难境地的企业提供了一些重要经验。Japanese companies that have succeeded during sluggish times have largely done so by building on their core strengths to develop value-added products and by finding new channels for those products.在经济乏力时期获得成功的日本企业,大多凭借的是建立核心优势来开发增值产品,并为这些产品找到新的销售渠道。One such company is Toray, which generates nearly 40 per cent of its revenues and about a third of operating profits from fibres and textiles – a business that has historically shifted from developed countries to lower-cost emerging markets.东丽(Toray)就是一家这样的公司,该公司近40%的收入和约三分之一的营业利润来自纤维和纺织品,这种业务过去已经从发达国家转向成本较低的新兴市场。What enabled Toray to escape the fate of pioneers in the industry such as Courtaulds, the UK group that was finally broken up and sold off, was its determination to persevere with basic research and development, even though it might take decades to bear fruit. A prime example was its refusal to give up on carbon fibre, an extremely lightweight but sturdy material, which many in the industry, including Courtaulds, eventually abandoned because of a seeming lack of profitable applications. 让东丽得以摆脱英国Courtaulds(最终被分拆并出售)等行业先驱命运的,是该公司决心坚持基础研发,尽管这可能需要数十年才能取得成果。一个主要的例子是,东丽拒绝放弃碳纤维,这种材料重量极轻,但非常结实,由于看似缺乏可带来盈利的应用,包括Courtaulds在内的业内很多企业最终都放弃了这种材料。“Toray was pressured by analysts to get rid of the [carbon fibre] business but it refused, saying carbon fibre was one of its strengths,” says Daisuke Taniyama, a consultant at Nomura Research Institute, the research arm of the investment bank.野村券(Nomura)研究机构野村综合研究所(Nomura Research Institute)咨询顾问Daisuke Taniyama表示:“东丽对来自分析师的放弃(碳纤维)业务的压力说不,并表示碳纤维是其优势之一。”Toray believed that carbon fibre could be used to make aircraft so its executives visited Boeing repeatedly in the 1970s to market the idea. More than 30 years later, Toray is working with Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner, which uses carbon fibre for 50 per cent of its body in terms of weight.东丽认为,碳纤维可以被用来制造飞机,因此上世纪70年代,该公司高管曾多次访问波音(Boeing),来推销这一想法。30多年后,东丽正与波音在787梦幻客机(787 Dreamliner)上合作,碳纤维占这种飞机机体总重量的50%。“The important thing is to look at the long term,” says Norihiko Saitou, senior vice-president. “Companies which face pressure to produce strong results on a quarterly basis or where the top management changes every few years cannot do what Toray did.”“重要的是要有长远的眼光,”东丽高级副总裁齐藤典彦(Norihiko Saitou)表示,“那些面临创造强劲季度业绩压力、或者每几年就更换高级管理层的企业,无法做到东丽所成就的。”Equally important was Toray’s decision to work directly with Boeing, bypassing the heavy machinery makers that would normally buy its materials, process them into parts and supply Boeing with those parts.同样重要的是,东丽决定绕过重型机械制造商,直接与波音合作,这些机械制造商通常会购买东丽的材料,将其加工成零配件并供应给波音。Toray has also struck a pioneering relationship with Uniqlo, the fashion brand, which the companies describe as “a virtual integration”.东丽还与装品牌优衣库(Uniqlo)建立了开创性关系,两家公司称这一关系是一种“实质上的整合”。The collaboration has resulted in innovative new textiles, such as Heattech, which uses technical fibres that generate and retain warmth by absorbing body moisture, and Sarafine, which absorbs moisture to keep users dry in the summer heat.这种合作带来了创新性的新型纺织品,例如Heattech和Sarafine,前者采用通过吸收人体水分发热并保温的高技术纤维,后者吸收水分让使用者在夏季高温下保持身体干爽。Mr Saitou says Toray’s close collaboration with these companies was critical in developing new applications for its materials. “Many Japanese companies believe that if they didn’t invent something, it has little value. Toray used to be that way too but realised that customers have expertise that Toray does not.”齐藤典彦表示,在为其材料开发新的应用方面,东丽与这些公司的紧密合作至关重要。“很多日本企业认为,如果没有发明,它们几乎就没有任何价值。东丽也曾经这样认为,但后来发现,客户拥有东丽所不具备的专业技能。”Fujifilm has also successfully used its core strengths to offset pressures that might have resulted in bankruptcy, as witnessed by the fate of its one-time rival, Kodak.富士胶片公司(Fujifilm)也成功利用其核心优势,抵消了本可能会导致其破产(曾经的竞争对手柯达(Kodak)的命运就明了这点)的压力。In Fujifilm’s case, deflation has been compounded by the even more devastating rapid demise of its photographic film business. When the company realised that digital photography would eventually kill off its core business, rather than let someone else do the job, it decided to take the initiative in developing the new technology itself. At the same time, it implemented a major restructuring programme to shift its business away from photographic film and develop new businesses in growth areas where it had core strengths.在富士的例子里,摄影胶片业务更具灾难性的迅速灭亡加剧了通缩的影响。当该公司意识到,数码摄影将最终扼杀其核心业务时,该公司不是把数码摄影拱手让给其他人来做,而是决定先发制人,自己开发这项新技术。同时,该公司实施了一项大规模重组计划,将其业务重心从摄影胶片上转走,在拥有核心优势的增长领域开发新业务。“It was called the second founding and there were no sacred cows,” says Shigehiro Nakajima, executive vice-president. “In our case, we had strong chemical expertise and nanotechnology, which we combined to make things that others cannot copy. If it’s something that others can copy, prices will fall quickly. It’s important to have products that others cannot compete with.”“我们称之为二次组建,没有什么神圣不可侵犯的东西,”富士执行副总裁中岛成(Shigehiro Nakajima)表示,“就我们的情况而言,我们具备强大的化学专业技能和纳米技术,我们将它们结合起来,制造出他人无法复制的东西。如果其他人可以复制,那么价格将迅速下跌。因此拥有其他人无法竞争的产品很重要。”For example, Fujifilm has more than 70 per cent of the global market for TAC film, which is a component of photographic film but is also used in flat-panel displays. There has been strong demand because of the sp of flat-panel televisions but Fujifilm and Konica Minolta are the only companies that can manufacture it.例如,富士占全球TAC膜市场的70%以上,这种材料用于摄影胶片,还用于平板显示器。由于平板电视的普及,这种材料需求旺盛,但富士和柯尼卡美能达(Konica Minolta)是仅有的能够生产这种材料的公司。Fujifilm also branched out into cosmetics, using its expertise in collagen, which is the main raw material of photographic film, and nanotechnology. Fujifilm has a long history of research into preventing the oxidisation of collagen, which is the cause both of the discolouration of film and the ageing of skin.富士还利用其在胶原蛋白和纳米技术方面的专业技能,将触角延伸至化妆品领域。胶原蛋白是摄影胶片的主要原材料。在防止胶原蛋白氧化的研究方面,富士有着很长的历史,而胶原蛋白氧化是胶片褪色和肌肤老化的原因。Deflation in Japan continues to put downward price pressure on its digital compact cameras but Fujifilm still makes those cameras, which it is able to sell in emerging economies. For the Japanese market it is shifting its focus to high-end cameras, which have sold unexpectedly well and have helped raise overall margins.日本的通缩继续对富士的小型数码相机业务构成价格下行压力,但该公司仍在生产这种相机,并能在新兴经济体销售。对于日本市场,该公司正将其主要精力放在高端照相机上,高端相机的销售出人意料地好,这帮助提升了整体利润率。Such a shift to high-end products might seem counterintuitive in a deflationary environment but Fujifilm is not the only company that has benefited from that strategy.在通缩的环境下,转向高端产品似乎是违反直觉的,但富士并非唯一一家受益于该战略的公司。Pola Orbis, a direct sales and mail-order cosmetics group, responded to deflationary pressures by beefing up its most expensive line-up of moisturisers and creams costing Y10,000 or more and selling them at their salons for the first time. “We didn’t consider lowering prices, because Pola’s strength is in premium skin care,” says Akira Fujii, vice-president of Pola Orbis Holdings.采用直销和邮购的日本化妆品集团宝丽奥蜜思(Pola Orbis)对通缩压力做出的回应是,加强其最昂贵的、售价在1万日元或以上的保湿霜和护肤霜系列,并在其美容院里首次销售。该公司副总裁藤井彰(Akira Fujii)表示:“我们没有考虑过降价,因为宝丽的优势在高端护肤领域。”The company, which began life in 1929 selling its products to housewives door-to-door, recognised that in order to keep the high-end Pola brand from flagging, it needed to strengthen the close relationship with its customers that had helped it to grow in its earlier years.该公司于1929年创建,最初是将其产品挨家挨户地销售给家庭主妇。该公司意识到,为了让宝丽这个高端品牌不至于衰落,需要增强与消费者的紧密关系,是这些消费者在更早的时期帮助其发展壮大。“The biggest step we took was to invite people to the salons, to understand their skin better and to build a relationship with customers,” says Mr Fujii.藤井彰表示:“我们做出的最重要举措是,邀请人们到美容院来,更好地了解他们的肌肤,并与客户建立联系。”The strategy has given the brand renewed vigour. As many as 60 per cent of new customers are in their 20s and 30s, and the average age of their customers has fallen by 20 years.这一战略让该品牌重新焕发活力。在该公司的新客户中,高达60%的比例年龄在20多岁或30多岁,客户的平均年龄年轻了20岁。“Deflation doesn’t mean that consumers won’t buy anything,” says Mr Nakajima at Fujifilm. “It’s just that they don’t buy wasteful things.”“通缩并不意味着,客户不买东西,”富士的中岛成表示,“而是他们不会买没用的东西。” /201204/180165

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