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How to Stick to Your Diet on HowcastStep 1: Change mindsetChange your mindset. Acknowledge that “eating whatever and whenever you want” often leaves you feel unpleasantly full and uncomfortable, which, in reality, is exactly what you don’t want.第一步:改变心态改变心态。知道“想吃什么就吃什么,什么时候想吃就吃”常会使你感到吃饱不舒和心里上的难受,这实际上恰恰是你不想要的。Tip:Acknowledge that you are in control of what you eat.建议:知道你正在控制自己的饮食。Step 2: Make a listMake a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and keep the list with you. Read your list throughout the day, every day, to stay motivated.第二步:立表将你想要减肥的理由立表,并随身携带。每天都要读那张表,天天都要读,来激励自己。Step 3: Plan mealsPlan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you’ll be eating out or drinking alcohol, allow yourself to enjoy a small, predetermined portion of one of your favorite high-calorie treats so that you don’t feel deprived.第三步:计划饮食提前计划你的饭量和零食。如果你外出就餐或是喝酒,可以提前预定,吃一点你最喜欢的高热量食物,这样你就不会感到压抑。Step 4: Keep track of food intakeWrite down everything you eat in a journal to keep yourself aware of and honest about your food intake.第四步:了解食物摄入量将你在旅程中吃的食物都写下来,以便使自己清楚食物摄入量。Step 5: Set goalsSet small, short-terms goals. When you meet them, feel good about yourself and reward yourself with a non-food related treat.第五步:设定目标设定小的,短期的目标。当你达到目标时,你会感觉很棒,可以用非食物类的待遇来回赠自己。Tip:Focus on a realistic weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds.建议:关注每周能减1-2磅。Step 6: Weigh yourselfWeigh yourself once a week at minimum, but realize that weighing yourself is only one way to track your progress. Before you know it, eating healthfully — and feeling good about it — will become second nature.第六步:称重至少每周要量一下体重,但是要明白称重只是一种检测减肥进展的方法。在你知道结果之前,要健康饮食,并保持好的心态,这样会习惯成自然。Tip:The most craved food by women in the ed States is chocolate.建议:美国女孩最想吃的食物是巧克力。 201010/116033UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me.看你能否鉴别出我的身份。Im as long as a school bus and I weigh more than 24000 pounds.我有一辆校车那么长,我有24000磅重。I was launched in 1990, but I didnt start working correctly until 1993.我于1990年发射,但我直到1993年才开始正确运行。Im at orbit about 350 miles above the Earth, and Ive changed our view of the Universe.我在离地球350英里高的轨道上,我改变了我们对宇宙的看法。Im the Hubble Space Telescope, The first and most sophisticated telescope ever placed in space.我是哈勃空间望远镜,是第一个也是最复杂的一个被放在太空中的望远镜。AZUZ: 20 years, 930,000 observations. The Hubble telescope has snapped pictures of planets, stars and galaxies.20年,930000次观测。哈勃望远镜拍摄了行星,恒星和星系的照片。Now, its giving us the chance to boldly go where no man or telescope had ever gone before.现在,他给了我们勇敢的走向以前人和望远镜都未知的地方。What you are looking at right here is the deepest image ever taken at the sky.你现在看到的就是在天空最深处拍摄的图像。Its the farthest, which means its also believed to be some of the earliest reaches of the Universe.这是最远的一张,这意味着这被认为是宇宙最早的范围。The picture was created by combining ten years of photographs that the Hubble telescope took of the same patch of sky.这张图片是通过结合10年来哈勃望远镜对同一片天空拍摄的照片而形成的。We are going to start a little farther away here and then zoom all the way into that newest image.我们将从离这儿稍远的地方开始,然后一直拉近到最新的图片。Scientists estimate that the universe is about 13.7 billion years old.科学家们估计宇宙的年龄在137亿年左右。This new photo reportedly shows galaxies from 13.2 million years ago.据说这张新的照片显示132亿年前的星系。They can estimate how old the galaxies are by their color.他们可以通过颜色估计星系的年龄。Bright blue light indicates younger galaxies, dark red indicates older ones.天蓝色表示年轻的星系,深红色表示古老的星系。So just how far are these farthest reaches of the universe said to be?那么,所谓的宇宙最远的范围到底是多远呢?Well, you can see all the zeroes.好吧,你可以看到所有的零。80 sextillion 240 quintillion miles. So we can just say, its far.80百万的六乘方加240百万的三乘方。因此我们只能说,它很远。 /201210/202624

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