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The gloves were off.Loan refusers were threatened, prosecuted.没有了议会的阻隔 反对公债者都被恐吓并起诉Two of them, Sir Francis Barrington and Sir Edmund Hampden died,他们中的两人 弗朗西斯·拜灵顿爵士 和埃德蒙·汉顿爵士都被迫害either in prison or shortly afterwards.一人是在狱中被害 另一个随后也被杀死Many did pay up,but their compliance spoke of fear as much as loyalty.很多人都交税了 但是他们的顺从多是由于害怕而不是忠诚There had always been professional grumblers when it came to tax,对于税收总有一些人对此大发牢骚but these country gentlemen were speaking a new and dangerous language.但是这些乡绅们 有了更具威胁的怨言No tax could be lawful without the consent of parliament, they said.没有下议院的同意 税收是不合法的 他们如是说The money ran out again in 1628,and Charles was forced to call another parliament.1628年 资金又无法周转了 查理不得不再次召开议会Speaker after speaker rose to the rostrum in defence of the liberties of England.议员们一个一个争先恐后地 为了英国的自由现身说法They drafted a formal list of their grievances in a Petition of Right,他们在权利请愿书里 附加了一份正式的申诉表格which Charles graciously conceded as the price for saving his beloved Buckingham.查理将此看作是 拯救他亲爱的白金汉所要付出的代价Any slight chance of Charles honouring it,and it was slight enough to begin with,只要有一线机会 查理就会不遗余力地去做went out of the window when later, in 1628,Buckingham was assassinated to national cheering.机会最终还是消失了 1628年 白金汉被暗杀了 举国欢庆Convulsed with grief and hardened by rage,Charles shut parliament down.查理悲愤交加 他解散了议会 /201702/49475473 Questions with Anna Wintour与时尚女魔头的 73 个快问快答Hi, I#39;m here for the interview with Anna.嗨,我是来这访问 Anna 的。Yes, Anna#39;s y, right this way into her office.好的,Anna 准备好了,走这边到她的办公室。Great. Uh...I#39;m dressed okay, right? Not—yeah.好。唉...我穿得还可以,对吧?不--好吧。Anna, hi! Thanks for letting me come by. I#39;m just here to ask you 73 questions and let#39;s get right down into it. What time did you wake up this morning?Anna,嗨!谢谢你让我过来。我只是来这问你 73 个问题,那我们开始吧。你今天早上几点醒床?Five o#39;clock.五点。What do you usually have with breakfast?你通常早餐配什么?Starbucks.星巴克。How long have you been in this office for?你在这间办公室多久了?Forever.一辈子。What#39;s one of your favorite things in this office?这间办公室里你最喜欢的其中一样东西是什么?My Clarice Cliff collection.我的 Clarice Cliff 收藏。What#39;s one thing in this office you#39;ve had the longest?这间办公室里你拥有最久的东西是什么?The desk.书桌。Can you write down the one fashion word you wish everyone would stop using?你可以写下你希望大家别再用的一个时尚字眼吗?Of course.可以。Thank you. Journey! Huh!谢谢。旅程!嗯哼!Anna. Here are the clothes for the December lead, what do you think?Anna。这里是给 12 月号主角穿的衣,你觉得呢?Virginia, where#39;s the color?Virginia,怎么没有其他颜色?Good point.说得好。What#39;s an accessory you#39;ve had for ages?你戴很久了的饰品是什么?My necklaces.我的项链。What is an item of clothing you#39;ve had the longest?你拥有最久的饰品是什么?I can#39;t remember.我不记得。Do you have a favorite family heirloom?你有最喜欢的家族传家宝吗?My memories.我的回忆。Anna, Mr. de la Renta would like to ask you something via speakerphone?Anna,de la Renta 先生想要透过扩音器问你一些事?Certainly.没问题。Anna, I want to know what is your favorite type of flower?Anna,我想知道你最喜欢的花是哪种?Tuberose.晚香玉。How lovely, Anna.多可爱啊,Anna。Karlie#39;s y for you in the closet.Kalie 在饰间等你了。Okay.好。What is your favorite season in New York City?你最喜欢纽约市的什么季节?Spring.春天。Uptown or downtown?上城还是下城?Downtown.下城。What#39;s your favorite museum in New York City?你最喜欢纽约市的哪间物馆?The Metropolitan Museum.大都会物馆。Anna, how do you feel about Brooklyn?Anna,你觉得布鲁克林区怎样?New Silicon Valley.新硅谷。What#39;s your favorite musical of all time?你一直以来最喜欢的音乐剧是什么?Kiss Me Kate.《刁蛮公主》What#39;s a musical you#39;d love to have a part of it?你会想要参与演出的音乐剧是什么?Sadly, I can#39;t sing.很遗憾地,我不会唱歌。What is your favorite play?什么是你最喜欢的戏剧?I couldn#39;t hear; I#39;m sorry.我听不到;我很抱歉。What#39;s your favorite play?你最喜欢的戏剧是?Skylight.《天窗》Who is your favorite comedian of all time?谁是你向来最喜欢的喜剧演员?James Corden.James Corden。Who is your favorite action star of all time?谁是你向来最喜欢的动作巨星?Hugh Jackman.Hugh Jackman。If you had to name your absolute biggest phobia, what would it be?如果你必须举出一样你绝对最大的恐惧,那会是什么?Spiders.蜘蛛。Hi, Anna, nice to see you.嗨,Anna,很高兴见到你。Good question: leather or lace?好问题:皮革或蕾丝?Lace.蕾丝。Velvet or fur?丝绒或毛皮?Fur.毛皮。Vintage or new?复古还是新潮?New.新潮。Polka dots or stripes?圆点还是条纹?Both.都好。What would you never ever wear?你绝对不会穿什么?Head-to-toe black.全身黑。Okay. Well, you know, I wanted to tell you I#39;ve been on this journey lately.好的。嗯,你知道,我想告诉你我最近去了这趟旅行。Besides lipstick and a phone, what are three items that you always have in your bag?除了口红和手机,哪三样是你一直带在你的包包里的东西?I rarely carry a bag.我很少带包包。Anna, what bag should I get my girlfriend?Anna,我应该买给我女朋友哪个包?Uh, this one.唉...这一个。Anna, I#39;m so sorry—don#39;t know why he came. Do you want me to call security?Anna,我很抱歉--不知道他怎么跑来了。你要我叫保全吗?It#39;s fine.没关系。Anna, what#39;s the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet them?Anna,你第一次见到某人时你会注意到他们的首件事是什么?Their smile.他们的笑容。Anna, there#39;s no windows in here. Why are you putting those on?Anna,这里面又没有窗户。你干嘛要戴上那些?Hiding from you.躲开你。I...appreciate the honesty.我...很欣赏那诚实。Anna, they#39;re y for you in the planning room.Anna,他们准备好在企划室等你了。Good.很好。What are you ing right now, Anna?你现在在读什么书,Anna?Victoria by A.N. Wilson.A.N. Wilson 写的《维多利亚》。What#39;s your favorite book?你最喜欢的书是什么?Pride and Prejudice.《傲慢与偏见》What#39;s the last book you ?你最近读的书是什么?Enough by Gabby Giffords.Gabby Giffords 写的《Enough》。What#39;s a book you wish you had ?你希望你有读过的一本书是?War and Peace.《战争与和平》Who#39;s the most fashionable literary figure?谁是最时尚的文学角色?Scarlett O#39;Hara.《乱世佳人》女主角郝思嘉。Who is the literary figure who has most inspired fashion designers?谁是启发时尚设计师们最多的文学角色?Oliver Twist.《孤雏泪》主角 Oliver Twist。What#39;s the best vacation spot?最棒的渡假地点是什么?Home.家。What country have you always wanted to visit?你一直很想拜访的国家是哪国?India.印度。What do you miss about England, if anything?你想念英国的什么,如果有的话?Humor.幽默。What#39;s the biggest difference between Brits and Americans?英国人和美国人最大的不同是?Humor.幽默。What#39;s the best part about your job?什么是你的工作最棒的部分?The people.人。How do you feel about horoscopes, Anna?你觉得星座算命怎样,Anna?I hate horoscopes.我讨厌星座算命。If you could make a documentary, what would it be about?如果你可以拍一部纪录片,它会是关于什么?Tennis.网球。How are you enjoying this interview?你还喜欢这次访问吗?Is it over?结束了吗?No. Not yet, sorry. Well, this room is delightful. What#39;s the most surprising thing in the September issue?不。还没,不好意思。嗯,这间房间很讨人喜欢。九月号最让人出乎意料的事是什么?Cooking with marijuana.用大麻料理。What#39;s the second most surprising thing in the September issue?九月号里第二让人惊讶的是什么东西?The cover.封面。What will you not find in the September issue?你不会在九月号里见到什么?Head-to-toe black.一身黑。How often do you play tennis?你多常打网球?As often as I can.尽可能常打。Who would you want on your team in doubles?你想要双打时谁和你同队?Mixed doubles: Roger Federer. Women#39;s doubles: Serena Williams.混双:费德勒。女子双打:小威廉丝。What do you love most about tennis?你最爱网球的什么?They#39;re gladiators.他们是斗士。What#39;s the best match ever played?史上最出色的一场比赛是?Roddick against Federer, Wimbledon final, 2009.2009 年温布顿网球锦标赛决赛,罗迪克对上费德勒。What#39;s another sport you consider getting into?什么是你考虑开始投入的其它运动?Basketball.篮球。Anna, how many emails do you write each day?Anna,你每天写多少封邮件?I simply can#39;t remember.我完全记不得。Correct.没错。Anna, what#39;s your favorite cocktail?Anna,你最喜欢的鸡尾酒是什么?I don#39;t drink.我不喝酒。Your water, sparkling or flat?你的水,气泡水还是白开水?Sparkling.气泡水。Coffee or tea?咖啡还是茶?Coffee.咖啡。Favorite food?最喜欢的食物?Avocado.鳄梨。Least favorite food?最不喜欢的食物?Broccoli.花椰菜。Favorite dessert?最喜欢的甜点?Coffee ice cream.咖啡冰淇淋。What#39;s your guilty pleasure?你的罪恶享受是什么?Watching Homeland.看 《国土安全》影集。These tuberose just came from Mr. de la Renta.这些是 de la Renta 先生刚送的晚香玉。Wonderful.太棒了。Wow, that guy is smooth.哇,那家伙真会做人。Anna. Roger#39;s on the line; he wants to know where you want to have dinner next week.Anna。费德勒在线上;他想知道下星期你想在哪晚餐。Balthazar.Balthazar 餐厅。Mr. Federer, Balthazar it is.费德勒先生,是 Balthazar 餐厅。Anna, what kind of phone do you have?Anna,你拿哪种手机?A flip phone.一掀盖式手机。What#39;s the greatest invention of all time?史上最棒的发明是什么?Anything by Apple.任何 Apple 发明的东西。Stationery or email?信纸还是电子邮件?Both.都有。Letter or postcard?信还是明信片?Both.都有。What have you learned from your father being an editor of the Evening Standard?你从你当《标准晚报》编辑的父亲那学到什么?Perseverance.不屈不挠。What have you learned from your brother as an editor of The Guardian?你从你当《卫报》编辑的弟弟那学到什么?Great reporting.出色的报导。What have you learned from your children?你从你的孩子那学到什么?Love.爱。What is a skill that can never be mastered?什么是一项永远没办法精通的技能?For me, learning Chinese.对我来说,学中文。What#39;s your biggest regret?你最大的后悔是什么?I don#39;t have one.我没有后悔的事。What#39;s the least true rumor about you?什么是关于你最不真实的谣言?They#39;re all true.那些谣言都是真的。Anna, last question: Can you put back on those sunglasses and take a selfie with my phone?Anna,最后一个问题:你可以戴回那些墨镜然后用我的手机拍张自拍吗?I#39;ve never taken a selfie, and I don#39;t plan to start now.我从没自拍过,而我也不打算现在开始。Fair enough, Anna. Well, that#39;s it. This is great talking to you, and maybe I#39;ll see you around at award shows, things like that, you know.好吧,Anna。嗯,就这样了。很高兴和你聊天,或许我会在时尚大奖秀,那样的场合之类看到你,你知道的。Maybe.可能吧。 Article/201507/386141

I don#39;t know if you#39;ve ever been hungry,我不知道你是否经历过饥饿but when you get hungry,但当你饿了的时候it takes over your mind in an incredible way.它会以一种难以置信的方式控制你的思维You start having, you know, olfactory hallucinations.你会开始产生幻嗅You start smelling things that aren#39;t there.你会闻到一些子虚乌有的味道You can#39;t think of anything else,没心去想别的事you can#39;t talk about anything else.也无法谈论别的事You#39;ll get together with your friends你会和你的朋友聚在一起and talk for four hours about the next meal.一连几个小时谈论下一顿饭吃什么Eventually you get to cannibalism.最终你们会同类相食You#39;ll eat your friends. 你会饥不择食吃了你的朋友 I mean, it will take over.饥饿感会彻底占据你的大脑It comes down to yours versus mine.这最终成为事关你我所有财产的对抗;That#39;s my land. ;I worked hard for that land.;那是我的土地; 我为这片土地辛勤劳作;I put my time, my effort my energy into that land.;;我为之付出了时间 付出了精力;;I#39;ve learned how to cultivate it;我学会了耕种;I#39;ve learned how to manage it through the seasons.;;学会如何在四季变化中经营这片土地;;If you come in here to try and steal it from me,;如果你要来将其从我手中偷走;To take it from me, especially without my consent,;尤其是在未经我允许的情况下将其夺走;I have to do something about it, or I#39;m dead!;;我就必须出来保卫它 否则只有死路一条;The birth of warfare.这就是战争的起源 Article/201508/394625I take training very seriously.我非常认真看待训练。I#39;m always trying to find ways to improve my game.我总是在尝试着找出方法来改善我的比赛表现。To really push the envelope, lately I#39;ve been working with the new training partner I brought over from Sweden, using a lot of methods, pioneering the Scandinavian mountains.要确实挑战极限,最近我都在利用我从瑞典带回来的新训练伙伴来做训练,使用很多方法,开拓斯堪地那维亚山脉。300! 12! 58!300!12!58!Some may call it a little unorthodox. You can question the methods, but you can#39;t question the results.有些人也许会说它有一点非正统。你可以质疑方法,但你不能质疑成果。I#39;m using every muscle, really building every part of my game.我正使用每一块肌肉,确实地发展我比赛表现的每一部分。I#39;ve never felt more confident or dominant on the court.我从未在球场上感到更有自信或是更佔优势过。Thank you!谢谢你!Are you serious?你是认真的吗?I#39;ll take that.我拿走啦。Money.好球。And no! Deny! Rejection!别想!盖死你!搧火锅!You know, it#39;s not for everybody. But I#39;m a professional athlete.你知道,这并不适用于所有人。但我是个职业运动员。No easy buckets!得分没那么容易! Article/201411/340603

This sample diet is 146% over that recommendation.这份样餐已经超过推荐值的146%This sample diet shows a lower sodium intake.而这是一份低钠食品的样餐There#39;s less processed and y prepared foods这里面加工过的即食食品少一些however this diet shown does not account for但是从这份样餐中并看不出salt added during preparation of such things在加工食材,比如龙须菜和米饭的过程中like asparagus and rice.加入了多少盐Notice the marinara sauce is the major source of sodium请注意这里面的番茄酱是钠的主要来源in this diet but the total sodium intake is well below但是这份样餐的钠含量低于the recommended daily intake.每日钠摄入量的推荐值Let#39;s turn our attention now现在让我们的注意力转向to the health aspects of sodium.钠的健康方面High sodium intake has been linked to过高的钠摄入量与高血压high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.心脏病以及中风等疾病密切相关High blood pressure is also known as hypertension.高血压指的是血压高于正常值The normal value for blood pressure is 120 over 80.正常的血压应该是120/80I have listed values for pre-hypertension,我在这里已经列出了前期高血压stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension.一期高血压和二期高血压的数值It is important to know what your了解自己的正常血压值normal blood pressure is并随时注意血压的任何变化and to be aware of any increases.这一点非常重要High blood pressure is a frightening disease高血压史一种很恐怖的疾病because most people have no signs or symptoms.因为大多数人之前并不会有任何预兆迹象Risk factors include age, race, family history,高血压的风险因素包括年龄,种族,家庭疾病史sedentary lifestyle, high sodium intake,久坐不动的生活方式,过高的钠摄入量low potassium intake and alcohol and tobacco use.过低的钠摄入量以及吸烟和饮酒Sodium reduced diets may not be the answer低钠餐并不是每一个高血压患者for everyone with high blood pressure.的治病良方Sodium insensitive hypertension does exist.钠不敏感型高血压确实存在This means that there#39;s a resistance of这意味着血压的变化blood pressure changes with decreased sodium intake.与降低钠摄入量没有关系A 2007 study in Florida tested this concept.2007年的一次研究对此说法进行了验45 people participated in the trial for 1 year.45人参加了为期一年的试验The goal was to reduce body weight by 7%试验目的是,通过控制饮食和加强锻炼by restricting diets and implementing来达到an exercise plan.减肥7%的目标Salt sensitivity was tested at the beginning在试验的开始和结束and at the end.对参加试验的人进行了盐敏感度测试It was conducted to determine测试的目的是观察血压是否the blood pressure reactivity to dietary salt.会跟食物中的含盐量的变化而变化Results found that salt resistant participants试验结果表明did not experience lowered blood pressure在改善了肥胖和代谢异常问题后after correction of obesity and抗盐性的试验参加者related metabolic abnormalities.的血压并没有降下来Much research has been done to investigate人们做了很多实验来研究the role of dietary sodium and health.膳食钠和健康的关系The dietary approaches to stop通过饮食方法控制高血压hypertension or DASH study或简称DASH研究investigated the effects of a reduced sodium diet对低钠餐对血压的影响on blood pressure.进行了研究A total of 412 participants from several US cities来自于美国多个城市的412人参加了试验are randomly selected to either the control他们被随机分成控制饮食组or DASH diet for 30 days.和DASH组 Article/201505/375145The moon mission is open to the public,月球任务是对大众开放的meaning anyone who has the financial capability任何人只要能负担一亿元的机位费用to afford the price of the seat,就可以参加they#39;re each priced at a hundred million dollars.抢得头香的人At the front of the queue is Greg Olsen.是葛瑞格欧森I mean who wouldn#39;t want to see the moon up哪有人会不想近距离欣赏月球close you may not want to go through the space ride去那里的旅程也许不是很舒to get there but I mean just,但试想just imagine if you could look out and there was the moon,只要看着窗外there#39;s this big moon the way we#39;re looking at the earth now.就能看到偌大的月球和地球Just, to me it would be mind boggling.我简直无法想像那样的感觉Yeah, I#39;d really like to do it.我真的很想去And the company thinks there#39;ll be no shortage of takers.该公司也认为不愁没人上门You really don#39;t have to sell a moon mission - it,我们不用大肆宣传登月任务it#39;s making history, it#39;s going where less than这是趟历史性的任务,目的地是个30 people have gone before.只有二十几个人去过的地方You really don#39;t need a sales tactic for that.光是这样就可以卖得抢抢滾In a neat twist from the cold war rivalry of the 1960#39;s,1960年代的冷战对峙,已烟消云散the company works in partnership with the Russian Space Agency.这家公司的合作伙伴是俄罗斯太空局Rich clients provide the funds and the cash strapped Russians有钱客户出钱,需款孔急的俄国人provide the hardware.则提供硬体And it#39;s technology straight并原封不动地沿用out of the 1960s the Soyuz Rocket System.60年代的联合号火箭系统The Soyuz rocket system was first designed in the 1960s联合号火箭系统for the Soviet lunar programme.是苏联在60年代为了登月计划而研发的Once the Americans landed on the moon,美国人登陆月球之后the Soviet lunar programme was almostjust abandoned.苏联的登月计划几乎全面停摆But one of the reasons why it was abandoned但其停摆的原因之一是was that the Soviet manned lunar programme of the 60s was a failure.苏联60年代的载人登月计划失败了Not only did they fail to get a man on the moon,他们不仅没能让太空人登陆月球but they also failed to even put a man into orbit around the moon连让太空人进入月球轨道都失败了despite 18 separate attempts to make the technology work.他们一连试了十八次,都没能成功They hope that the cash injection现在他们希望from the rich westerners will help them do better this time.有了富裕西方人的资金挹注,这次的表现能亮眼些Everything in life is a risk,人生不管做什么都有风险um you, you know there#39;s various degrees,风险程度当然不同the Soyuz was designed for lubar lunar orbit联合号火箭的目的就是绕月飞行so its certainly capable of doing it.它绝对做得到The Russians have a great space programme er great instruction,俄罗斯的太空计划很棒,他们有清楚的程序great cosmonauts, so I would, I would have a lot of confidence.优秀的太空人,所以我很有信心This private sector mission has a fighting chance of这个由私人业界提出的登月任务at least putting a person into orbit around the moon.至少有可能成功地将人送进月球轨道But even they could be overtaken by a new dark horse但连他们都受到一匹黑马的威胁a late entry in the new race to the moon.这名玩家很晚才加入太空竞赛China. Its economy is booming.那就是中国,经济蓬勃发展的中国It#39;s a global superpower.已经成为全球超级强权And now it#39;s turning its attention to space.现在他们把注意力转向太空In 2003 the Chinese put a man in space,2003年,中国成功地让太空人and brought him safely back to earth.安全往返太空In 2005 they did it again.并在2005年如法炮制一番Now they say they want to put a man on the moon.现在中国说要送人上月球Few would bet against them.唱衰他们的人寥寥无几Well with China coming up er we#39;ve had astronauts现在中美苏三国and then cosmonauts in Russia and then we have tokanauts in China.都有太空人Now they#39;ve had two orbits of the earth and you know,中国已经两度把人送进地球轨道,很不简单that#39;s nice and you know people say well it#39;s primitive technology.有人说他们的科技很原始And so forth but you wait ten years and see但十年后where those people are with space flights.他们绝对会有惊人的进步Whoever wins the race to get back to the moon,谁会拔得头筹抢先重返月球,仍是未定之数there#39;s little doubt that our most ancient love affair is back on.但可以确定的是,人类和月亮的感情再度加温In many ways it#39;s a relationship that#39;s finally grown up.如今这终于可说是段成熟的感情We#39;ve been through infatuation and courtship.我们已经经过了迷恋和追求阶段We#39;ve had a bit of a rocky patch.有过一段风雨飘摇的时期Now the relationship has emerged stronger than ever.如今这段经过淬炼的感情更加稳固And this time it looks like we#39;re in it for the long haul.这次看来是天长地久 Article/201505/375155

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