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TED演讲视频:有关二十一世纪资本论的新观点法国经济学家托马斯·皮凯迪于2014年发表新书,书中他用简单、使人不快但不可否认的公式解释了经济的不平等:r gt; g(意思是资本回报率(r)通常高于经济增长率(g))。在这里,他通过分析大规模数据集得出结论:经济不平等并不新鲜,并且它正在恶化,可能造成激进的影响。 Article/201705/510065TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447651Writing in the very different times of Queen Elizabeth,著书于早已时过境迁的伊利莎白时代Roger Martyn, with a mixture of pride and regret,罗杰·马丁带着骄傲与遗憾set out to tell future generations exactly what they were missing.开始动笔晓示后世 他们遗失的种种At the back of the high altar there was a goodly mount carved very artificially with the story of Christ#39;s Passion,在主祭台后面 放置着一个精美的底座 人工雕刻着耶稣受难的故事all being fair, gilt and lively and beautifully set forth.以绚丽夺目的方式 清楚生动地记述着And at the north end of the same altar there was a goodly gilt tabernacle reaching up to the roof of the chancel,在这座祭台的北端 放置着一尊美丽的镀金神龛 高至圣坛穹顶in which there was one fair, large, gilt image of the Holy Trinity,besides other fine images.穹顶上有一巨幅清晰绚丽的三位一体画作 旁边还放置着其它精美的画作But Martyn#39;s church was more than just a building.但马丁笔下的教堂 不仅是一座建筑He describes a living world of processions and festivals,他描绘了一个鲜活的世界 囊括了宗教游行与庆典ceremonies and rituals involving the whole community.整个社区居民参与的典礼与宗教仪式Above all this presided the ;Management;,without whom none of it made sense.这一切活动的主持工作中 一个角色是不可或缺的The priests, guardians of the mystery,at the heart of traditional Christian belief.这就是牧师 神秘世界的守护者 传统基督教信仰的核心Every time the priest celebrated communion,Christ crucified would be there in flesh and blood.每一次牧师举行圣餐仪式 都会进行基督受刑仪式The priest was the indispensable man,and there was no getting to Heaven but through his hands.牧师的地位无可替代 若非经他手 人便不可能到达天堂 /201612/484229新英语900句视频版 第24课:在郭佛先生的办公室 文本如下:PAUL:And that, Mr. Crawford, is our plan. We#39;d like your agency to handle the publicity.郭佛先生, 我们的计划就是这样子. 我们愿意由你的代理商去负责宣传.MR.CRAWFORD: Good.很好,MR.CRAWFORD: Now let me make sure I have all the facts.让我来确定一下我所知道的整个事情.PAUL:Certainly.请便.MR.CRAWFORD: The Brazilian Pavilion is planning a competition for young artists.巴西馆计划为年轻的艺术家们举办一次比赛.PAUL:Yes, and by the way, the Pavilion will display many of the entries during the final month of the competition.对. 噢, 对了, 在比赛的最后一个月, 很多应徵的作品要在巴西馆展览出来.MR.CRAWFORD: I see. Now, the entries must all be oil paintings, correct?好的. 参加比赛的作品都必须是油画, 对不对?PAUL:Yes.对.MR.CRAWFORD: Is there an age limit for the participants?对参加比赛的人, 有没有年龄上的限制?PAUL:We were thinking of thirty or thirty-five. But you must know more about this than I do.我们考虑以三十岁或三十五岁为限. 不过, 关于这方面的事, 您知道的比我多,PAUL:You have more experience.您的经验比较丰富.MR.CRAWFORD: I think thirty is the right limit. How old are you, Paulo? May I call you Paulo?我认为三十岁最好, 保罗, 你几岁了? 我可以叫你保罗吗?PAUL:Of course, sir. Twenty-nine.当然可以, 我二十九岁.MR.CRAWFORD: You#39;re the same age as my son Michael.你跟我儿子麦可一样大.PAUL:Yes.喔.MR.CRAWFORD: Forgive me. Where were we?对不起, 我们刚才讲到哪里?PAUL:We were discussing the rules of the competition.我们刚才在讨论比赛的规则.MR.CRAWFORD: Yes. Now, you mentioned a grant.对了, 你提到了奖助金,MR.CRAWFORD: What kind of a grant were you thinking of?你们考虑什么样的奖助金?PAUL:We were going to offer a scholarship, a living allowance, and air fare to and from Brazil. What do you think of that idea?我们打算发给一份奖学金, 还有生活费津贴 及到巴西的来回飞机票, 你认为这构想怎么样?MR.CRAWFORD: Excellent.非常好,MR.CRAWFORD: What about the deadline for the entries.参加的截止日期呢?MR.CRAWFORD: Six months from today?从今天起六个月?PAUL:Yes. They have to enter by November 1.是的, 他们必须在十一月一号以前报名,PAUL:We#39;ll announce the winner the following month.而我们将在下一个月宣布得奖者.MR.CRAWFORD: Good. Well, I can have sample brochures y for you in a week.好. 我有小册子的样本, 一个星期之内可以给你.PAUL:Fine.很好.MR.CRAWFORD: Then, I#39;ll see you a week from today. Is 2:00 convenient?那么, 一个礼拜以后见. 两点钟, 方不方便?PAUL:Perfect.再好没有.MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, Mr. Farias is leaving now. Good-bye, Paulo.瑟姑拉, 法瑞斯先生现在要走了, 保罗再见.PAUL:Good-bye, Mr. Crawford. And we#39;ll see you and Mrs. Crawford for dinner on Wednesday.郭佛先生再见, 礼拜三吃晚餐的时候, 我们就可以跟您和郭佛太太见面了.MR. CRAWFORD: We#39;re looking forward to it.我们正期待着.MR. CRAWFORD: Were there any calls?有没有电话?LAURA: Yes. Your wife called fifteen minutes ago.有. 夫人十五分钟以前打电话来.MR. CRAWFORD: Did she leave a message?有没有留话?LAURA: No, sir. And your next appointment is here. Mr. Robert Gardner.没有, 下一个人已经来了, 罗巴特·迦德纳先生.MR. CRAWFORD: Send him in, please.请叫他进来.LAURA: Yes, sir.是的, 先生. /200809/47496

What happened when you flip a car with a raw cage held together by a duct tape?如果你将一台车放入用胶布捆成的笼子后滚下山坡,将会如何呢?That was a dummy. I#39;ll never get in that car tilt together by a duct tape.那只是个假人。我怎么可能亲自坐上那台胶布黏的车!But what if you use tape as strong as steel? Manliness.但是若胶布跟钢铁一样坚固呢?男子气概Strong as steel. Here#39;s the thing: your manliness.跟钢铁一样坚固!重点来了:你的男子气概。Your shovels break, your pipes leak. Your mouther falls off cuz a manly man, will not be marveled.你的铲子坏了、你的水管漏水。你的接合管掉下来了,你的男人味不再让人惊艳You need a manly solution for those manly problem.你需要一个有男子气概的解决办法来解决那些男人的问题Duct tape is temporary. It only gets you so far.胶布是暂时的,它只是一时的Keeps the pieces together without actually make things work again.仅能暂时把零碎的部分年起,但事实上没有修好Like my birthday with my parents#39; marriage.就像我出生时并未修补我爸妈的婚姻。The hardware store may have new shovels, brass pipes but a manly man doesn#39;t want to spend his Saturday at store.五金行可能有新的铲子、铜管,但是有男子气概的男人绝不想在五金行耗费周六时光Unless that store is a co-word for a big screen TV that feature除非店里有大电视,然后上映我喜欢的节目You could call a handyman or a plumber, but they charge for consultation plus the price in the new parts你可以叫水电工或修水管的人来,但他们可能会多收你咨询费、零件费plus labor, plus dignity and your wife depending on how sexy your plumber is.劳力费、你的尊严和你的老婆(取决于水电工有多性感)Well, there#39;s a manly solution for your manly problems. FiberFix.但是,有一个很man的解决方法。FiberFix。FiberFix is a special tape that#39;s strong as steel. It#39;s not an expression. It#39;s literally as strong as steel.FiberFix是一种无坚不摧的特殊胶带。不只是说说,它真的无坚不摧。I#39;m not prone to hyperbolic. FiberFix can be used anywhere.我不是向来就这么浮夸的。FiberFix可以用在任何地方。Got a busted pipe? FiberFix it.水管坏了?用FiberFix来修。Only if you want that pipe to function properly for the rest of your mother loving life只有当你想要水管可以一辈子都正常运作because FiberFix is strong, permanent and 100% watertight. Repairs like that can cost hundreds of dollars.因为FiberFix坚固、持久而且百分之百不漏水。像那样的维修费可能高达几百美元Fix it yourself with FiberFix spend the rest of savings on something manly用FiberFix自己修理,就可以省下钱去做一些更有男子气概的事like hunting equipment or diversify stock portfolio that#39;s sensible yet aggressive enough to expect reasonable ROI.像是猎具或是分散股票投资风险,那些很敏感却够有侵略性,足以预期很好的投资报酬率Because that#39;s manly, too. A quick FiberFix can save your Saturday.因为就是很man。用一个简单的FiberFix胶带可以拯救你的星期六。Dual broke? FiberFix! Saturday saved.工具坏掉了?用FiberFix来修!周六得到了拯救。Broken stool? Yeah, that#39;s FiberFix, the sand to be smooth, painted to be beautiful, like the toenails of a brownie woman.坏掉的凳子?用FiberFix来磨得光滑、喷漆喷得美美的,就像金发尤物的脚趾甲Camping in the middle of nowhere with broken tent pole? FiberFix! Saturday saved.在野外露营但帐篷的架却坏掉?用FiberFix来修!周六得到了拯救。Exhausted pipes, water heaters, FiberFix can fix it all and it withstands temperature of up to 850 degrees.耗损的水管、热水供应器,全部用FiberFix来修理,而且它能承受摄氏850度高温If there were any stronger, you can use it to repair volcano.假如更厉害的话,恐怕能修理火山吧FiberFix is 100 times stronger than duct tape because it uses fiber glass technology.FiberFix比一般胶布坚固100倍因为它使用玻璃纤维的技术Just dip it in water, wrap it, wait 10 minutes, bang! Cured, hardened, strong as steel.把它放进水里、包裹它、等十分钟,就完成了。解决、强化,坚固如钢铁FiberFix, tougher than nails and softer than nothing because it#39;s FiberFix.FiberFix,比螺丝还坚固,比什么都还柔软,因为它是FiberFixIt wasn#39;t made to be soft. You wanna soft? Go buy a poppy and tissue, and blow its nose into. You wanna tough? Buy FiberFix.它本来就不是要做柔软的材质,你想要它柔软?用卫生纸帮小擤鼻涕吧!想要强悍吗?买FiberFix就对了。So if you break things and would like to un-break them, click here to order FiberFix today at FiberFix.com所以假如你弄坏东西,然后想要恢复原状,就按这个按钮,登入我们的网站。FiberFix provides first-aid kit, you shouldn#39;t wait until you cut yourself before you go out and buy one cuz you bleed out and dieFiberFix提供救护箱,你不该不见棺材不掉泪,因为如此一来你早已血流不止而死亡,according about what I know about cuts.根据我的观察啦。You gotta have that kit y the moment you need just like you need FiberFix before some breaks.要防患未然,就像东西坏掉之前就买好FiberFixIn your house, your glove box, your toolbox, your fanny pack,在你家、你车子前方的杂物柜、你的工具箱、你的霹雳包so when the poop hits the fan, you can wrap the poop and FiberFix. Heaven helped that fan.所以当情况很糟时,你可以把大便包起来然后用FiberFix黏好。感谢老天救了那部货车Or maybe you#39;re thinking, Do I have to buy FiberFix? Can#39;t I just use 100 times more duct tape?或者,你在想:我一定要买FiberFix吗?我可以用一百倍的一般胶布黏他就好了吗?Sure, you could totally do that. Or maybe you#39;re thinking FiberFix#39;s tape that can#39;t be a permanent solution.当然啊,你可以这样做...又或者是你在想FiberFix不可能一劳永逸Well, you should stop being such a tape racist cuz this is nothing like any other tape you#39;ve seen before.喂,别歧视这款胶带啊!保是你前所未见的。Yes, these raw cages held together by nothing but FiberFix and no I did not weld it.没错,这些车笼子完全没有焊接,只用FiberFix黏合It#39;s called FiberFix, it#39;s in permanent fix like when you get your dog fixed, there#39;s no going back. Sorry, boy. Here#39;s your tissue.这就是FiberFix,是永远的解决办法,就像你要治疗你家的,没有回头路。抱歉,小宝贝,这卫生纸给你Is FiberFix for women, too? Just ask my smoking hot wife. Yes, it is. Back to you, husband.FiberFix也有设计给女人用的?问问我火辣的老婆就知道。没错。把现场交还给你啰,老公。So click here and we#39;ll send you our manly man kit complete with FiberFix repair aid, heat wrap, patches.点击链接,我们就会送你一组很man的男人必备工具,里面有完整的FiberFix维修组合、耐热胶布、补丁You#39;ll be y to repair anything, anytime, anywhere.你可以随时随地修理任何东西So you can spend the rest of your time winning your wife back from the plumber并从水电工那儿赢回老婆的心。So unless you#39;ve never broken anything in your life ever, click here to try FiberFix today.除非你在一生中没用坏过东西,今天就按这个连结进到FiberFix的网站试试吧FiberFix for every man including women.FiberFix适合任何男人和女人。 Article/201704/505445

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