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晋安区孕前检查比较好的医院福州第二人民医院治疗封闭抗体好不好福州哪家医院查精子比较好 The Christmas pudding we recognise today is a Victorian dish made from suet, dried fruit, candied peel, bcrumbs, spices, egg and grated carrots and apples.我们现在经常见到的圣诞布丁,最早起源于维多利亚时代。其主要成分包括(牛羊腰部的)板油、干果、蜜饯果皮、面包屑、香料、鸡蛋、磨碎的胡萝卜和苹果。The Victorians shaped their puddings into a spherical shape and boiled them in a muslin cloth.维多利亚时期的人把布丁弄成球型,并用棉布包着放在水里煮。‘Stir up Sunday’ (the last Sunday before Advent) has become associated with the start of the pudding-making process, in order to allow it least a month to mature before being consumed on Christmas Day.唤醒星期日(基督降临日前最后一个星期日)一般标志着圣诞布丁制作过程的开始,因为布丁最后做好需要至少1个月的时间。这个时候开始制作可以确保在圣诞节当天大家能够享用圣诞布丁。At Christmas, the pudding is doused in brandy and set alight.圣诞节当天,布丁会被淋上白兰地(烧酒)然后点着火、点亮,然后端上桌。 /201312/269281这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:手机致癌的问题,现在也没个定论;不过使用蓝牙耳麦的人,我还是觉得有点呆……不过,确实是路上的一道风景,没事看看、听听他们,挺解闷的!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/242066永泰县看不孕公立医院

三明市做试管男孩那个医院最好The current season of TLC#39;s hit show My Strange Addiction has portrayed a variety of wacky obsessions, including a man in love with his inflatable toys and a woman who eats beauty products.在美国学习频道(TLC: The Learning Channel)热播的纪实节目《我的怪癖》讲述各种各样古怪的嗜好,例如:一个男人爱上充气娃娃、一个女人爱吃化妆品等。But the finale episode could be the weirdest one yet - because it features a tattoo artist whose addiction is drinking a liter of blood every day.但当季的大结局可能是最奇怪的一期——它讲述了一个纹身艺术家对血的独特嗜好,她每天要喝一公升的血。Michelle, 29, has been downing pig#39;s blood since she was a teenager, and now says she cannot be in a good mood without it.米歇尔29岁,她从青少年时期就开始饮用猪血,现在更是无血不欢。#39;Blood is as important as water to me,#39; she says during her appearance on the show.在节目上她表示,血对于她来说和水一样重要。#39;I like to drink blood when I#39;m ing, when I#39;m relaxing, when I#39;m watching TV, when I#39;m painting,#39; she explains. #39;There#39;s never a bad time for me to drink blood.#39;她说:“我喜欢在读书、放松、看电视或画画时喝血。当我喝血的时候,心情会很好。”The Lancaster, California native#39;s addiction is so severe that she says she cannot start her day without a sip of blood.这位来自加利福尼亚州兰开斯特的女士的血瘾是如此之严重,她每天都要抿上一口血才能开始正常的生活。#39;I drink it and I get energized,#39; she says of the liquid.她说:“饮血让我充满了力量。”While most people might be disgusted by the idea, Michelle says it is in fact very similar to drinking wine.可能大部分人都会被她这一嗜好恶心到,米歇尔却说其实这就像在喝葡萄酒。#39;It definitely has the same ambiance,#39; she says.她说:“这感觉其实是一样的。”And rather than finding the taste repulsive she considers it comforting, saying: #39;When I feel it going down my throat, it#39;s like having a cold and drinking a hot toddy.#39;米歇尔非但没觉得血的味道恶心,反而觉得喝起来很舒,她说:“当血滑过喉咙,那感觉就像是感冒时喝了杯热甜酒。”If she doesn#39;t get her daily fix, Michelle says: #39;I get irritable without it, I get angry, I don#39;t want to leave my house - I want my blood.#39;要是有天她没能喝上一点血会如何,米歇尔如此回答:“不喝的话我会急躁、发怒,都不想出门了,我只想喝点血。”She calculates that she has drunk a total of 1,000 gallons of blood since she first took up her habit ten years ago, which TLC notes is enough of the liquid to fill a bathtub 23 times.自从10年前第一次有了这个习惯后,米歇尔算了下自己总共已经喝掉1000加仑(约3785升)血,学习频道表示这些量都够装23浴缸了。 /201304/233958福州台江区输卵管通水大约多少钱 Not long ago, an American friend was driving rather too vigorously in the west of Ireland when he was pulled over by a Gard (police officer). #39;What would happen if you were to run into Mr. Fog?#39; the Gard inquired gruffly in his thick Irish brogue. Stung by this patronizing query, my friend replied with heavy sarcasm, #39;Well, I guess I#39;d put Mr. Foot on Mr. Brake.#39; Whereupon the officer stared at him rather strangely and growled, #39;I said mist or fog.#39;不久前,一位美国朋友在爱尔兰西部开车时有些过猛,结果被警察拦到了路边。“万一你撞上了‘雾先生’(Mr. Fog)该怎么办?”那名警察粗暴地问道,说话带有浓重的爱尔兰土腔。朋友对这种高高在上的质问感到不悦,语带强烈讽刺地回答道:“嗯,我想我会把‘脚先生’搭在‘刹车先生’上面吧。”结果,那名警察以非常异样的眼神盯着我的朋友,大吼道:“我说的是‘mist or fog’。”My friend, as it happens, is an anthropologist. For one enthralling moment he thought he had stumbled upon a tribe in the west of Ireland which personified aspects of the weather, speaking of Mrs. Hailstorm, Master Sunshine and so on. But it was just another case of international miscommunication.我的朋友碰巧是一位人类学家。在警察质问他时,有那么迷人的一瞬间,他还以为自己在爱尔兰西部偶然遇到了一个喜欢将各种天气状况拟人化的部族,比如把冰雹叫做“冰雹夫人”,把阳光称为“阳光大师”等等。然而,事实明这只是国际交流中又一个误解案例而已。Most people know that when a British schoolteacher asks his pupils to take out their rubbers, he is inviting them to produce their erasers, not about to give them a lesson in contraception. British people who live in flats do not set up home in burst tires. The word #39;bum#39; in British English means buttocks as well as vagrant.大多数人都知道,在英国,当老师要学生们拿出他们的“rubber”时,他只是让他们拿出橡皮,并不是要给他们上一堂有关避的课(译注:“rubber”在美国亦指避套)。住在“flat”中的英国人并不是把家安在了瘪掉的车胎中(译注:英国把公寓称为“flat”,而该词在美国可指漏气的轮胎)。“Bum”这个词在英国英语中既有“臀部”之意,也可指“流浪汉”。People in Britain do not usually say #39;I appreciate it,#39; have a hard time, zero in, reach out to other people, stay focused, ask to be given a break, refer to the bottom line or get blown away. The word #39;scary,#39; as opposed to #39;frightening#39; or #39;alarming,#39; sounds childish to British ears, rather like talking about your buttocks as your bottie. Brits tend not to use the word #39;awesome,#39; a term which, if it were banned in the States, would cause airplanes to fall from the sky and cars to lurch off freeways.英国人表达感谢通常不会说“I appreciate it”,也没有have a hard time(很辛苦)、zero in(把注意力集中于)、reach out to other people(联系他人)和stay focused(专心致志)这样的说法。他们在想休息时不会要求“given a break”,也不会使用“bottom line”(底线)或“get blown away”(惊叹不已)这些词。在英国人听来,与“frightening”或“alarming”相比,“scary”一词听起来极其幼稚,就像把“屁股”说成“小屁屁”一样。此外,他们一般也不会用“awesome”这个词,而若是在美国禁用这个词,飞机恐怕都要从天空坠落,汽车也要从高速公路冲出去了。Using the word #39;aggressive#39; positively also sounds strange across the pond. In Britain, it sounds almost as bizarre as complimenting someone on being as ugly as sin. The habit of using the word #39;like#39; every four seconds, widesp among American youth, has now caught on in Britain as well. Perhaps it has to do with an attempt not to sound dogmatic. #39;It#39;s 9 o#39;clock#39; sounds unpleasantly authoritarian, whereas #39;It#39;s, like, 9 o#39;clock#39; sounds suitably tentative and nondoctrinaire. It is rumored in Europe that you can now find tombstones in the U.S. ing #39;To Our Beloved Son, Brother and, Like, Husband.#39;在大西洋彼岸,使用“aggressive”一词来表达正面意义听上去非常奇怪,英国人觉得这几乎就像赞美别人奇丑无比一样怪异。在美国年轻人当中盛行的、说话时每四秒钟就加上 “like”一词的习惯如今在英国也流行开来了。这或许与试着让自己的话听上去不那么傲慢专断有关。例如,“It#39;s 9 o#39;clock”听上去比较独断,让人不悦,而“It#39;s, like, 9 o#39;clock”听起来则是适宜的商榷口吻,不显得像是说教。欧洲有传闻称,如今在美国甚至能发现有墓碑上写着“To Our Beloved Son, Brother and, Like, Husband”这样的碑文。The phrase #39;to feel comfortable with#39; is quintessentially American. The British would not usually say #39;we feel comfortable with using this taxi firm,#39; any more than they would feel comfortable with being scourged until the blood ran down their thighs.“To feel comfortable with”(觉得……很舒适)这个词组是典型的美式说法。英国人通常不会说“;we feel comfortable with using this taxi firm”(我们觉得坐这家出租车公司的车很舒),就如同他们绝不会觉得遭到鞭打直到鲜血从大腿上流下来会很舒。Americans tend to say #39;Excuse me#39; when they accidentally get in your way, while the British say #39;Sorry.#39; Americans say #39;Excuse me#39; even when they are 10 paces away from you, since they are accustomed to a lot more space than we are in Europe. One knows one is back in the U.K. when everyone is constantly saying sorry for no reason whatsoever.美国人在借道时一般会说“Excuse me”,而英国人则说“Sorry”。即便距离别人还有10步的距离,美国人也会说“Excuse me”,因为他们习惯的间隔空间要比欧洲人大很多。当你听到别人总是无缘无故地不断说“Sorry”时,你就知道你到了英国。What you say in Britain when you mishear what someone says depends on your social class. The working class say #39;Aye?#39;; the lower middle class, #39;Pardon?#39;; the middle class, #39;Sorry?#39;; and the upper class, #39;What?#39;在英国,如果一个人没听清别人说了什么,这时他所说的话要取决于他的社会阶层。比如说,劳动阶层会说“Aye?”,中下阶层会说“Pardon?”,中产阶层则说“Sorry?”,上层人士则问“What?”Americans tend to lapse into the present tense when speaking of the past much more commonly than Brits do. #39;I#39;m in the kitchen and there#39;s this terrific bang and I dive under the table#39; is distinctively American. Perhaps the British rate the past more highly than their trans-Atlantic cousins. People in Britain might call children kids, but not in newspaper headlines or on television news. Americans tend to prefer the ugly monosyllable #39;kids#39; to the rather beautiful word #39;children,#39; seemingly content to regard their offspring as small, smelly goats.在讲述过去的事情时,美国人比英国人更常使用现在时态。“I#39;m in the kitchen and there#39;s this terrific bang and I dive under the table”是美国人特有的风格。这或许是因为,英国人比他们在大西洋彼岸的堂亲更重视过去。英国人可能也会叫小孩子“kid”,但他们在报刊标题或电视新闻中不会使用这个词。美国人对不甚优美的单音节词“kids”的喜爱多过对优美的“children”的喜爱,似乎很乐意把他们的后代视为散发着膻味的小山羊(译者注:“kid”也有小山羊的意思)。American road signs tend to be more colloquial than British ones. #39;Wrong Way─Go Back#39; or #39;Ped Xing#39; are too idiomatic for the British. The road sign #39;Way Out#39; in the U.K. is not a relic of the hippie era but means #39;Exit.#39; There used to be signs on garbage cans in Britain which #39;Refuse to Be Put in This Basket,#39; which are puzzling only until you realize that #39;refuse#39; can mean #39;trash.#39;美国的路标也往往比英国的路标更口语化。“Wrong Way─Go Back”(走错路--请返回)或“Ped Xing”(斑马线)在英国人看来都过于俗语化了。在英国,“Way Out”并非嬉皮士时代的遗留物(该词有“反传统、非主流”之意),它的意思是“出口”。英国的垃圾箱上过去常常写着“Refuse to Be Put in This Basket”这样的话,着实让人摸不着头脑,直到你意识到“refuse”也有“垃圾”的意思时才恍然大悟。Brits and Americans, in short, are more alien to each other than they usually imagine. Every now and then, an American will reveal that he or she does not understand the word #39;fortnight,#39; has never used a teapot or does not know how to boil an egg. At such times one can feel the NATO alliance straining and buckling.简而言之,英国人与美国人之间的差异比他们通常想象的要大。时不时会有美国人说他们不知道“fortnight”(两星期)的意思,从来没用过teapot(茶壶),也不知道如何boil an egg(煮鸡蛋)。在这时候,你就会感觉到北约(NATO)的这两个盟友似乎是被生拉硬拽在了一起的。 /201308/251714宁德看不育哪家医院好

福州市一人民医院治疗男性精子多少钱 Americans really, really trust Hollywood. They are, however, far more skeptical of Washington, D.C.据外国媒体5月10日报道,美国人真的非常信任好莱坞。相比之下,华盛顿的政客们却并不享有这种殊荣。A new survey on the most trusted people in America finds actors taking the top three spots: Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Denzel Washington. The first politician to appear on the list is former President Jimmy Carter, who comes in at number 24.瓦格纳集团为《读者文摘》进行调查时1000名参与者被问到这样一个问题:谁是他们最信任的人。结果显示,在美国人最信任的人当中,好莱坞明星占据了前三位,他们分别是汤姆·汉克斯,桑德拉·布洛克和丹泽尔·华盛顿。 在这个排行榜上,排名最高的政治家是前总统吉米·卡特,名列第24位。Carter, 88, often referred to as the most successful ex-president in American history, has earned bipartisan praise since leaving office for his work on behalf of various humanitarian causes.今年88岁的卡特被认为是美国历史上最成功的前总统,他离任后为各种人道主义事业奔波,赢得两党赞许。During his successful 1976 presidential campaign, Carter won over a majority of American voters with his “Trust Me” campaign slogan.在1976年的总统竞选中,他以“相信我”这句竞选口号赢得了大部分美国选民的持,最终获胜成为总统。The surveyed asked 1,000 participants who they trusted the most and was conducted by The Wagner Group for Readers Digest.President Obama made the list as well but came in at number 65.Obama did edge out Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was listed number 66 in the poll.奥巴马总统也进入了这个排行榜,但只排在第65位。挤掉奥巴马的不是别人,而是美国著名喜剧演员亚当·桑德勒,他位居奥巴马之上,是第64位最受美国人信任的人。不过奥巴马也挤掉了最高法院法官安东宁·斯卡利亚,他居于奥巴马之后,排在第66位。According to the list, Obama was edged out by none other than Adam Sandler, named the 64th most trusted person in America.The president was also far outclassed by his own wife. Michelle Obama was the top-ranked Washingtonian on the list, coming in at number 19. Unless you count Clint Eastwood, came in at number 13 on the list.但奥巴马总统排名远在夫人之后。米歇尔-奥巴马是排名最高的华盛顿人士,排在第19位。当然除非你要算上排在第13的克林特-伊斯特伍德。No other former president made the list, though Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 candidate, came in at number 51.没有其他美国前任总统进入这份榜单,有可能参加2016年总统选举的希拉里·克林顿入围名单,名列第51位。The most popular judicial figure on the list? Well, that would be Judith Sheindlin, “Judge Judy,” who beat out all nine Supreme Court justices, coming in at number 29 on the list.这份榜单上最受欢迎的司法人物是谁?是电视节目《茱迪法官》(Judge Judy)的主持人茱迪·山德林,她击败了最高法院的全部九名法官,荣登这份榜单的第29位。Of course, all of these numbers are slightly skewed. Reader’s Digest notes that the top three choices, by far, were “your own doctor” (77%), “your own spiritual adviser” (71%), and “your own child’s current teacher” (66%). Those responses were removed to focus on public figures.当然,这些排名并不完全准确。《读者文摘》指出,参与者选择最多的前三位最受信任的人是“你的医生”(77%),“你的灵性导师”(71%)和“你孩子的现任教师”(66%)。但调查为了关注公众人物舍弃了这些。Some other interesting names in the top 100:在这份百人排名榜上还有一些有趣的名字:TV cooking host Rachel Ray (31) edged out former Secretary of State Colin Powell (32)电视烹饪节目主持人瑞秋·雷 (第31位)挤掉了前美国国务卿科林·鲍威尔(美国第一个黑人国务卿)(第32位)Star Wars creator George Lucas (42) is more trusted than Chief Justice John Roberts (44).电影《星球大战》导演乔治·卢卡斯 (第42位) 比首席大法官乔治·罗伯茨(第44位)更受信任。The top 10 was dominated by Hollywood figures, including Meryl Streep (4), Steven Spielberg (6) and Julia Roberts (10).榜单的前十位全是好莱坞人物,其中包括梅丽·史翠普(第4位),斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格(第6位)和茱莉亚·罗伯茨(第10位)。They are all, apparently, more trusted than 2012 Nobel Prize-winning chemist Robert J. Lefkowitz, who was named the 11th most trusted person in America.2012年诺贝尔奖获得者,著名化学家罗伯特·J·莱夫科维茨屈居他们之后,名列第11位。 /201307/247523龙岩复通手术公立医院福州输精管复通公立医院



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