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福州总院解扎手术福州空军医院做宫腔镜要多少钱When it comes to height, Dutch men and Latvian women tower over all other nationalities, a new study confirms. The average Dutchman is now 183cm (6ft) tall, while the average Latvian woman reaches 170cm (5ft 7in).日前一项最新研究实,当谈到身高问题时,荷兰男性和拉脱维亚女性要远远高于其他国家。荷兰男性目前平均身高为183厘米(6英尺),拉脱维亚女性的平均身高则为170厘米(5英尺7英寸)。The research, published in the journal eLife, has tracked growth trends in 187 countries since 1914.这份研究被刊载在《eLife》杂志上,自从1914年以来,这份研究一直在跟踪187个国家的成长趋势。It finds Iranian men and South Korean women have had the biggest spurts, increasing their height by an average of more than 16cm (6in) and 20cm (8in).该研究发现,伊朗男性和韩国女性的身高增长幅度最大,平均身高增长分别超过了16厘米(6英寸)和20厘米(8英寸)。In the UK, the sexes have gone up virtually in parallel by about 11cm (4in). ;Mr Average; in Britain is now 178cm (5ft 10in) tall; Ms Average stands at 164cm (5ft 5in).在英国,男性和女性的身高增长量几乎持平,大约都为11厘米(4英寸)。英国男性平均身高为178厘米(5英尺10英寸),而英国女性的平均身高则为164厘米(5英尺5英寸)。This contrasts for example with men and women in the US, where the height of the nation#39;s people started to plateau in the 1960s and 1970s. Over the century, they have seen increases of just 6cm and 5cm (a couple of inches), respectively.与此相比,美国人的身高增长幅度却不太大,美国人的身高在20世纪60年代和70年代的时候停滞不前。在过去的一个世纪里,美国男性和女性的身高分别只增长了6厘米和5厘米(两英寸)。Indeed, Americans have tumbled down the rankings. Back in 1914, they had the third tallest men and fourth tallest women on the planet. Today they are in 37th and 42nd place.事实上,美国人的排名已经有所下降了。在1914年的时候,美国男性的身高在全球排名第三,美国女性则排名第四。而现在,美国男性仅仅排名第37位,女性排名第42位。The smallest men on the planet are to be found in East Timor (160cm; 5ft 3in). The world#39;s smallest women are in Guatemala, a status they also held back in 1914. According to the survey data, a century ago the average Guatemalan 18-year-old female was 140cm (4ft 7in). Today she has still not quite reached 150cm (4ft 11in).而东帝汶的男性为全球最矮,仅为160厘米(5英尺3英寸)。危地马拉的女性为全球最矮,与她们1914年的全球身高排名相比没有变化。据调查数据显示,一个世纪以前,危地马拉18岁女性的平均身高是140厘米(4英尺7英寸)。直至今日,她们也还没有完全达到150厘米(4英尺11英寸)高。East Asia has seen some of the biggest increases. People in Japan, China and South Korea are much taller than they were 100 years ago.东亚一些国家增长幅度最大。日本、中国和韩国的居民要比他们100年前高多了。;The parts of the world where people haven#39;t got particularly taller over this 100 years of analysis are in South Asia (such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and in sub-Saharan Africa. Here the increase in height is between 1-6cm in those regions,; explained co-author James Bentham from Imperial College London.来自帝国理工大学的联合作者詹姆斯·本瑟姆解释道:“通过对过去100年数据的分析,我们发现世界上有些地方的人并没有特别地长高多少,这些地方包括南亚(如印度、巴基斯坦和孟加拉国)和撒哈拉以南非洲地区。这些地区的身高增长量只有1-6厘米。” /201608/458028南平去哪家医院做人工受孕 福州人民医院弱精

福州做试管婴儿哪个医院最好Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said it has no plan to move its headquarters out of Shenzhen in response to the rumors claiming the technology giant would ditch the coastal city due to its soaring property price.近日,有传言称由于房价的飙升,华为欲迁离沿海城市。随后,华为科技有限公司正式回应称其从未有计划将公司总部搬离深圳。Huawei said in a statement on its official website that the rumors sp over the weekend are ;not true;.华为在其官方网站发表声明,表示这周末出现的传言并不是真的。;Huawei has been setting up all kinds of branches and research institutions across China and even in overseas markets since a couple of years ago to better support the company#39;s global expansion,; said the statement. ;During the process, it is a normal business practice to adjust the responsibility of different entities.;该声明指出:“华为公司早在多年前就开始在中国乃至全球各地设立各类分机构和研究所,以更好地撑公司全球化业务开展,在此过程中对部分业务所在地进行调整,属于正常的企业经营行为。”In 2012, Huawei had set up a device manufacturing company in Dongguan city of Guangdong province and it has since injected an increasing amount of investment into the city, which is a one-hour drive away from Shenzhen.早在2012年,华为就在距离深圳有一个小时车程的广东省东莞市建立了自己的设备制造公司,并从此在该市逐渐加大投资总额。Experts have voiced concern that the surging property prices in mega cities will push manufacturers to smaller cities to cut cost on rents.有关专家已经对大城市飞涨的地价将促使设备制造企业向小城市迁移以削减房租的情况表打出了自己顾虑。 /201605/445681福州市卵泡监测的医院 A cup of tea solves everything, so they say, especially for Richard Branson. The Virgin Group boss, who is worth over billion, recently admitted that he chain-drinks around 20 brews a day – even if he#39;s abroad.人们常说有茶万事足,对身价50亿美元的英国维珍集团老板理查德·布兰森来说尤为如此。近日,他表示自己每天会连续喝20杯左右的茶,即使身在国外也不例外。;I#39;m not sure how I#39;d survive without English Breakfast tea,; the 65-year-old told the Daily Mail. ;Even in the Caribbean I must drink 20 cups a day [...] a cup of tea will never be far away.;65岁的布兰森告诉英国《每日邮报》的记者:“我不知道没有英式早茶的日子该如何度过,即使是在加勒比海地区,我每天也一定要来上20杯茶,茶永远都伴随着我。”It#39;s a wonder Branson has much time for business, in between trips to the kettle and bathroom, but he isn#39;t the first hugely successful entrepreneur to have an unusual fuel source ...奇怪的是,即使每天工作的时间很长,且频繁穿梭于水壶和厕所间,布兰森却不是第一个有特殊饮食喜好的成功企业家。Warren Buffett: Ice cream (for breakfast)沃伦·巴菲特:冰淇淋早餐The American businessman and philanthropist, 85, who is reputedly worth .9 billion, has the diet of a small child. Deliberately.85岁的美国商人和慈善家,坐拥669亿美元身家,却刻意保持着孩子般的饮食习惯。;I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old. It#39;s the safest course I can take,; the famously canny investor says.这位以精明著称的投资家说:“我查过死亡率统计表,表上显示,六岁儿童的死亡率最低,所以我决定像6岁孩子那样吃东西。这是最保险的做法。”Buffett#39;s daily buffet includes chocolate chip ice cream at breakfast, five Coca-Colas (regular at work, cherry at home) and endless shoestring potato crisps. Despite that, he continues to work into his 80s and shows no signs of lacking energy.巴菲特每天的自助食物包括早餐的巧克力冰淇淋、5瓶可口可乐(工作时喝普通的,在家喝樱桃口味的)以及大量的薯条。尽管如此,80多岁的他仍能精力充沛地对待工作。;If I eat 2,700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday,; Buffet says.巴菲特说道:“如果一天摄入2700卡路里,那么有四分之一来自可乐。因为我每天至少喝5罐12盎司的可乐,从不间断。”Bill Gates: Diet Coke比尔·盖茨:健怡可乐Warren Buffet isn#39;t the only American millionaire with a vicious Coke habit. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is said to stand at billion, is rarely seen without a can of Diet Coke. (That#39;s despite Donald Trump never having seen a ;thin person; drinking one, of course.)巴菲特并不是唯一一个爱喝可乐的美国百万富翁。微软创始人比尔·盖茨(据说净资产高达870亿美元)手里经常拿着一罐健怡可乐(当然,这推翻了唐纳德·特朗普关于“从没见过身材苗条的人在喝健怡可乐”的言论。);Once I#39;m at the office, I usually open a can of Diet Coke,; he blogged in 2014. ;Over the course of the day I might drink three or four. All those cans also add up to something like 35 pounds of aluminum a year.;2014年,比尔·盖茨在客上写道:“我只要一到办公室,就会开一罐健怡可乐,一天下来,我可能会喝三到四罐,而一整年下来,喝完的可乐罐子加起来有35磅那么重。”It#39;s quite a habit, or was: last year Gates liquidated his stake in Coca-Cola Co. Maybe he kicked the can once and for all?这完全是一种习惯,又或者曾经是一种习惯。去年,盖茨清算了他在可口可乐公司的股份。也许从此他再也不必喝可乐了。Henry Ford: Weeds亨利·福特:草It must be a lot easier to amass great fortune if your food bill is minuscule, and they don#39;t come much thriftier than Henry Ford, the original hipster, who mostly ate foraged weeds and shrubs.如果你食物花销极小,要积聚大量财富一定轻松得多。在这方面,没有人比亨利·福特更节俭了,这位个性潮人主要吃草料和灌木叶。;Lunch consisted of what Henry blithely called #39;roadside greens.#39; These were simply assorted weeds, variously prepared as salads, or lightly-oiled, or even stewed – and often appearing in sandwiches,; wrote Sidney Olson in his 1963 biography Young Henry Ford: A Picture History of the First Forty Years.西德尼·奥尔森在1963年发表的《青年亨利·福特传:图说福特的前四十年》中写道:“亨利的午餐由各式各样的的野草组成,他却戏称它们为‘路边蔬菜’,这些野草可以用来制作沙拉,或者用少许油翻炒,甚至还可以炖。还经常被用来制作三明治。”;There is nothing quite like a dish of stewed burdock, followed by a sandwich of soy bean b filled with milk-weeds, to set a man up for an afternoon#39;s work.;他说:“没有什么比一盘红烧牛蒡加上一个黄豆面包片和乳草属植物做成的三明治更美味的了,这可以让人提起精神干完整个下午的工作。”Delicious.太美味了。Hugh Hefner: Playboy-approved food休·海夫纳:特许食物According to a 2007 interview, even when Hefner wines and dines his female companions at restaurants, he will eat food prepared at home.2007年的一个采访中,海夫纳表示,即使餐厅中有美女相伴,共享美酒佳肴,他也只吃家中准备的食物。;[The models] pick from the , but I have lamb chops and a baked potato sent in from the mansion, so [my meal] is set,; he is ed as saying.报道曾援引他的话说:“女模们点餐,而我只吃家中送过来的羊排和烤土豆,所以我的一日三餐是固定的。”Hefner has 12 full-time chefs at his disposal, and orders from a set of 31 options.海夫纳有12个任其吩咐的全职主厨,他只需从一份有31道菜的菜单中选择每餐的菜样。;He enjoys lamb chops, and he has half a grapefruit every day,” executive chef William Bloxsom-Carter once revealed. ;He likes fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which is his mother#39;s recipe. He#39;s a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods. He has two piles of mashed potatoes with a poached egg placed in each one. Pretty wild stuff but it#39;s OK.;海夫纳的厨师长威廉·布洛克森姆-卡特曾透露:“海夫纳先生喜欢羊排,而且每天都要吃上半个葡萄柚。他还喜欢他妈妈独制的炸鸡配土豆泥。海夫纳先生来自美国中西部,喜欢土豆等食物。他一般吃两份土豆泥,并且每份土豆泥都要加个荷包蛋。搭配非常随意,但是还是能接受的。”Steve Jobs: Carrots史蒂夫·乔布斯:胡萝卜A biography released shortly after Steve Jobs#39;s death in 2011 revealed the extent of the technology pioneer#39;s bizarre dietary habits. And, yes, he liked apples a lot.2011年,乔布斯逝世不久,出版商便发表了其个人传记。传记中介绍了这位科技先驱人物奇异的饮食习惯。当然,除了热爱苹果公司,他还很爱吃苹果。Jobs would apparently purge his body by going for weeks at a time eating just one type of food, usually a fruit or vegetable, and once had so many carrots his skin turned ;a sunset-like orange hue.;为了净化身体,乔布斯通常好几个星期只吃一种食物,要么只吃水果,要么只吃蔬菜,有次吃了太多胡萝卜,以至于肤色都变成“夕阳般的橘黄色”。A near vegan, it has also been said that Jobs thought his clean diet prevented him from needing to wear deodorant or take regular showers.据说乔布斯是几近严格的素食主义者,他认为干净的饮食使他不需要使用体香剂或是频繁洗澡。Oprah Winfrey: Potatoes奥普拉·温弗瑞:土豆;I have been controlled by potatoes for 40 years,; admitted Oprah Winfrey in a Weight Watchers meeting in January. ;Any kind of fried potato, baked potato, scalloped potato – oh my god.;2016年1月的慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers,健康减重咨询机构)会议上,奥普拉·温弗瑞承认,“40年来,我对土豆着了魔,不管是炸土豆,烤土豆,或者土豆片,我都百吃不厌。”Admittedly, that reliance probably hasn#39;t been the cause of her success over the years, but Winfrey does consider kicking the habit her greatest achievement.必须承认,对土豆的热爱很可能并不是这些年来她取得成功的原因,但是,温弗瑞却把戒掉土豆嗜好认为是她最大的成就。;I actually was travelling the other day and opened a 5 oz bag of crinkle cut, black pepper potato chips and I counted out 10 chips,; she said. ;And I ate 10 and I savoured every one. And I put the bag away.她说:“事实上,前几天我去旅游的时候,拆开了一包5盎司的波纹状黑椒味薯片,我数了10片来吃,每一片都细细品味,然后把剩下的收起来。”;Of all the accomplishments that [I#39;ve] made in the world, all the red carpets, and all the awards, the fact I could close the bag and not take another chip – it#39;s major for me.;“事实上,对我而言,封上薯片包装袋并保不偷吃,比我在这个世界上所取得的成就,所走过的红毯,所得过的奖项都来的重要。”Donald Trump: Whatever he likes唐纳德·特朗普:随心所欲According to his personal family doctor, if elected, 69-year-old billionaire Donald Trump will be ;the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.;唐纳德·特朗普的私人家庭医生透露,如果他当选,那么这名69岁的亿万富翁将成为历任美国总统中最健康的一位。It#39;s a questionable claim, especially given that Trump told Bloomberg last year that he loves ;steak and hamburger and pasta and French fries, all of the things that we shouldn#39;t be eating.;这个说法无法让别人信,尤其是去年,特朗普接受彭社采访时表示,他喜欢“牛排、汉堡、意大利面和炸薯条,所有我们不应该多吃的他都喜欢。”;Bacon, eggs, steak. You hear a report that comes out, and it says you can#39;t eat it and then you can, so I eat what I like.;“培根、鸡蛋、牛排。你听到报道说,你不能吃这些东西,然后报道又说,你能吃这些东西。所以,我听从自己的心,想吃什么吃什么。” /201605/445165福州第二医院优生优育检查

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