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78:Brush and floss第78单元:用餐后要刷牙和剔牙Finish every meal by brushing and flossing your teeth.每次用餐完毕后,要刷牙以及用牙线剔牙Your mouth will feel so fresh and clean that you wont want to put more food in it.这样你的口腔会感到清爽干净,也就不会想吃东西了 369必背句型:A:Both sides claimed the other side broke the peace agreement.双方都声称对方破坏了和平协议B:What is the peace agreement?和平协议是什么?Both sides professed the other side broke the peace agreement.双方都声称对方破坏了和平协议Both sides asserted the other side broke the peace agreement.双方都声称对方破坏了和平协议They calimed it is his right to come here.他们声称来这里是他的权利延伸阅读:A:Every state has the duty to refrain from use of ce against the territorial integrity of any other state.任何国家都负有不得使用武力侵犯别国领土完整的责任B:It is equal to every country.它对任何国家都是平等的Every state has the responsibility to refrain from use of ce against the territorial integrity of any other state.任何国家都负有不得使用武力侵犯别国领土完整的责任He has the duty to solve the problem.他有解决问题的责任He has the responsibility to solve the problem.他又解决问题的责任 68965在来访本上登记sign in the visitor bookA: This is our factory.B: Wow,it huge!A: Now you have to put on this badge safety.And would you sign in the visitor book please?B: Yes,of course.工厂面积多大?How large is the plant?A: Hi,Howard,I wonder if you can tell me something about our plant.B: Sure.What do you want to know?A: How large is the plant?B: It covers an area of 75,000 square meters.十周年庆典th anniversaryA: The plant is much larger than I expected.B: Is it?A: When was it set up?B: In the late 90s.Well soon be celebrating our th anniversary.我们实行三班倒工作制We are running on three shifts.A: With such a big plant,we must have many employees.B: That true.About five hundred.We are running on three shifts.这在目前非常先进It very advanced at present.A: Here,is this our new production line?B: Yes,it is.A: It very advanced at present.B: Thank you.Im afraid youll have to wear an overall.It a hygienic requirement.这是出于安全的要求It a security requirement. It your safety.A: Could you stand back a little bit please?B: Why? What wrong?A: Nothing.It a security requirement not to touch the machine.B: Oh,Im sorry.这个计划书你必须重做一遍You are going to have to redorevise this planning.A: Im sorry,Mr.Zhang.But you are going to have to redo this planning.It badly organized.I cant present this to the general manager.B: Im sorry,Ms.Brown.Ill rework it.Thanks your suggestion. 673A:I can see from your X-ray that your femur is broken in several places,从你的X光片子上我看到你的股骨断了好几处.and Im afraid well have to operate.恐怕我们得给你做手术.Lie here,and dont move your leg.躺在这里,腿别动.Someone will come to take you to the Operating Theatre.有人来把你带到手术室.B:All right,Doctor.好吧,大夫.A:When you wake up, your leg will be in plaster,当你做完手术醒来时,你的腿已用石膏固定起来了and it normal to have a lot of pain at this stage.在这个阶段有剧痛是很正常的.B:How long will I stay in hospital?我将在医院里住多长时间A:Youll have to stay in hospital about four weeks.你在医院里大约要住四周左右.B:Why do I have to stay in hospital so long?我为什么要在医院里住这么长的时间?A:Because your leg will have to be in traction.因为你的腿将需要接受牵引治疗.Well make sure that you get the best possible treatment.我们要保你得到尽可能好的治疗.B:Thank you,Doctor.谢谢,大夫. 6598

Google is planning to cut about 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility and shift the companys focus to producing high-end smartphones as it tries to return the lossmaking handset manufacturer to profitability. 谷歌(Google)正计划在托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)裁员000人,并将该企业的重心放到制造高端智能手机上,以期让这家亏损的手机制造商恢复盈利The cuts represent about 20 per cent of the workforce at Motorola Mobility, which Google acquired in a .5bn deal last year. Two-thirds of the redundancies will be made outside the US. 4000人相当于托罗拉移动员工人数0%左右。谷歌去年斥25亿美元将这家企业收入囊下。三分之二裁员将落在美国以外地区The handset business will also close about a third of its 90 facilities around the world and simplify its product range. 托罗拉移动还将把全0处经营设施关闭三分之一左右,并简化产品范围Google said it was ;shifting the emphasis from feature phones to more innovative and profitable devices;, meaning more complex smartphones that can be used to surf the internet. 谷歌表示,托罗拉移动正;将重心从多功能手机转移到更富有创新性、利润更高的设备;,后者指可以用来上网的更复杂的智能手机;While we expect this strategy to create new opportunities and help return Motorolas mobile devices unit to profitability, we understand how hard these changes will be for the employees concerned,; Motorola Mobility said. 托罗拉移动表示;尽管我们期待这一战略将创造新的机会,帮助托罗拉移动恢复盈利,但我们理解这些变化带给有关员工多么大的困难;Motorola is committed to helping them through this difficult transition and will be providing generous severance packages, as well as outplacement services to help people find new jobs.; ;托罗拉一定会帮助他们度过难关。我们将提供丰厚的遣散费,并将介绍新职、以帮助他们找到新工作; Google said severance costs would be no more than 5m, to be recognised in the third quarter. 谷歌表示,遣散费成本将不高于2.75亿美元。该成本将在第三季度的报表中确认Cutting production of low-value phones will be essential in turning round the fortunes of the handset business. Last month, Googles first quarterly report with Motorola Mobility included in results showed that the handset maker contributed .25bn in second-quarter revenue, but had losses of 3m. 削减低价值手机生产,对于扭转托罗拉移动的命运将是至关重要的。上月,谷歌将托罗拉移动收入旗下后发布的第一份季报显示,托罗拉移动为谷歌第二季度的营收贡献2.5亿美元,但亏.33亿美元Googles acquisition of Motorola Mobility has put the company head to head with Applein the battle for smartphones, with both companies controlling the hardware and software for their platforms. 收购托罗拉移动令谷歌与苹果(Apple)在智能手机市场发生正面交锋。对于各自的平台,两家企业都既控制了硬件又控制了软件While Googles Android operating system is aly widely used on smartphones made by companies including Samsungand HTC, owning its own handset manufacturing company is expected to give Google a deeper insight into how mobile customers behave. 尽管谷歌的Android操作系统已被三星(Samsung)、宏达电(HTC)等企业生产的智能手机广泛使用,但拥有自己的手机制造企业预计会让谷歌更好地理解移动客户的行为方式Big technology groups, including Google, Facebookand Microsoft, are trying to work out the best ways of transferring their businesses models to the mobile phone, as consumers shift from accessing the internet on a desktop PC to going online with a mobile device.随着消费者上网方式由个人电脑(PC)向移动设备转变,谷歌、Facebook和微Microsoft)等大型技术集团正试图找出将各自经营模式移植到手机上的最佳方式 /201208/195054

A:Good morning,Doctor.你好,大夫.B:Good morning.What can I do you?你好.我能为您做点什么?A:Ive got a rash all over my body and it itches terribly.我浑身出满了疹子,而且痒得要命.B:Let me have a look.When did you have this rash?让我看看.你什么时候开始出疹子的?A:After dinner last night.昨天晚饭以后.B:What did you have the dinner?你晚饭吃什么了?A:I had some shrimps,crabs and fish.吃了些虾,螃蟹和鱼.B:In that case,you might be allergic to seafood.这样的话,你可能对海鲜过敏.Ill give you some medicine to take.我给你开些药吃.Dont eat seafood any more and dont scratch it.不要再吃海鲜了,也不要抓疹子.By the way,are you here the Olympic Games?顺便问一句,你是来参加奥运会的吗?A:Yes,Im a football player.是的,我是个足球运动员.B:Oh,Im a football fan.I wish you good luck.噢,我是个球迷. 祝你好运!A:Thank

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