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Jet Turns Back After Laser Incident航班遭激光扫射返航A flight from London (UK) to New York had to turn back this weekend after someone pointed a laser at the plane. The Virgin Atlantic pilot felt unwell after the incident and decided to turn the plane around as a precautionary measure. The mischievous use of handheld lasers is becoming more common, and many pilots think these pointers should be listed as offensive weapons. The powerful beams can disorient pilots and affect their vision. It is illegal to shine a light at a plane, but it is not illegal to own a laser pointer. High-powered lasers are ily available over the Internet.本周,因遭激光扫射,一架从英国伦敦飞往纽约航班返航维珍航空公司飞行员事后感到不适,为安全起见返航手持激光照射事件屡见不鲜,据多名行员所述,镭射笔应被视为攻击性武器这种强力激光会让飞行员迷失方向,干扰视野飞机照射为非法行为,但拥有镭射笔合理合法高威力镭射笔可在网上随意购买译文属原创,,不得转载 66本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.50]English Express[00:50.67]Dear Karl,[00:51.7]Thank you.[00:5.7]From the real Utah Jazz fans[00:5.79]and from the dedicated basketball fans all over,[00:57.71]from Boston to Miami,[00:59.6]from Los Angles to Washington,[01:01.5]fans across the league respect your career,[01:.8]your loyalty and your professionalism.[01:.38]They may not have liked the results of your games,[01:.89]but they certainly have a full respect[01:.] the man and the game.[01:.]I won’t focus on your being the nd leading scorer[01:18.59]in NBA history.[01:.]Nor will I focus on the fact[01:.01]that you had 18 consecutive playoff seasons.[01:5.51]No need to speak of the two MVP seasons[01:.7]and the All-Star Co-MVP with John Stockton.[01:3.55]Quite simply Karl,[01:.56]you are the best power ward of the last years[01:37.90]and maybe the best ever.[01:0.59]You and John Stockton were an amazingly dynamic duo.[01:.78]It is too bad that[01:6.1]University of North Carolina’s favorite son[01:9.53]got in the way.[01:50.99]Besides,[01:5.]after all of those years in Utah,[01:5.]I am sure that[01:5.96]Calinia was truly a different experience all together.[01:58.19]Sincerely,[01:59.]Your biggest fan[:.]Dear Karl, Thank you.[:.1]From the real Utah Jazz fans[:.86]and from the real basketball fans all over,[:.59]from Boston to Miami,[:18.7]from Los Angles to Washington,[:.7]fans across the league respect your career,[:3.33]your loyalty and you professionalism.[:.3]all over 彻底地;完全地[:51.8]That sounds like my brother all over.[:5.]那声音很像我兄弟[:58.93]loyalty 忠诚,忠实[:.51]professionalism 职业水准[:.80]mailman 邮差[:7.]They may not have liked the results of your games[:9.83]but they certainly have a full respect[:5.01] the man and the game.[:56.30]respect[:01.]have respect sth.sb.[:.75]I won’t focus on your being the nd leading scorer[:1.00]in NBA history.[:.51]I won’t focus on the fact[:3.89]that you had 18 consecutive playoff seasons.[:36.68]consecutive 连续的, 联贯的[:0.7]Chelsea won a sixth consecutive game[:3.88]and a third consecutive away game.[:5.95]切尔西已经赢得了连续六场比赛胜利,[:8.68]同时也是客场三连胜[:5.8]playoff 最后决赛阶段,延长赛[:00.88]No need to speak on the two MVP seasons[:.93]and the All-Star Co-MVP with that other guy from Spokane.[:7.]MVP[:.53]Most Valuable Player[:30.91]最有价值球员奖[:5.65]All-Star[:53.1]全明星[:5.66]co-, 共同,联合[:59.7]co-produced 合作生产的[:.]co-author 合著者[:.]Quite simply Karl,[:3.6]you were the best power ward[:5.6]in the past years[:6.5]and maybe the best ever.[:.5]power ward[:3.7]大前锋,[:5.66]小前锋[:6.7]small ward[:9.9]guard 后卫[:56.]You and John Stockton were an amazingly dynamic duo.[:59.7]It is too bad that[:00.59]University of North Carolina favorite son[:.]got in the way.[:.75]University of North Carolina favorite son[:30.1]get in the way[:31.36]妨碍[:33.53]He wouldn’t allow emotions to[:35.]get in the way of him doing his job.[:37.]他不会让感情妨碍自己的工作[:30.6]Besides, after all of those years in Utah,[:33.]I am sure that[:33.83]Calinia was truly a different experience all together.[:8.8]all over 彻底地;完全地[:51.]professionalism 职业水准[:5.]have respect sth.sb.[:56.60]对某人或某事产生敬意[:59.3]consecutive[:00.]连续的, 联贯的[:.5]playoff 最后决赛阶段;延长赛[:.30]power ward[:.61]大前锋[:.68]small ward[:.7]小前锋[:.73]guard 后卫 6

Nate:Guess what, Gilly? I won both bids.Gilly:Good you. Did you use PayPal?Nate:Yeah. It was so easy and super-fast, once I figured it out.Gilly:That the beauty of it, and the danger.Nate:I should get the items within a week. But in the meantime Im bidding on a digital camera.Gilly:How much?Nate:Thirty U.S. dollars...and it only been used six months.Gilly:Hmmm, sounds like risky business. Good luck.参考译文:奈特:你猜怎样着,吉莉?我两个拍卖都得标了吉莉:真有你的你是用PayPal付款吗?奈特:有啊我一搞清楚后,就发现它真是简单又迅速吉莉:这就是它的美好之处,也是危险的地方奈特:我应该会在一个星期内收到东西但在此同时,我正在标一台数字摄影机吉莉:多少钱?奈特:三十块美金……而且只用过六个月吉莉:嗯,听来是个有风险的交易祝好运啦重点词汇:lounge(饭店、旅馆、公司等的)休息室,会客厅A: Let meet at five in the office lounge.我们五点在公司大厅见B: OK, see you there.好,到时见figure out理解,想明白I can never figure out how to play this game.我永远都搞不懂怎么玩这款电动游戏in the meantime在此之际,在这段时间里A: When will you be back from work?你下班回来是几点?B: At six. In the meantime, you can do the laundry.六点在此同时你可以洗衣digital camera数字摄影机I just bought a digital camera.我刚买了一台数字摄影机


  Famous Americans–Daniel Boone; Famous Songs–“Somewhere over the Rainbow”; to distract versus to foil versus to thwart; to reach versus to achieve; pronouncing hare, hear, here, hire, her, hair, heirWords:to explorewildernessruralfrontierto captureheroexpansionrainbowwizardimaginarylullabyto meltto distractto foilto thwartto reachto achieve 9。

  Caught on tape Teen accused of attacking bus driver精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?Two different views aboard this Kalamazoo public school bus, a -year-old student from Valley Center school, comes from the back. "I'm not the one to play well and not your...Go ahead! And you..."You can hear the teen threatening the bus driver. Police say he was 1 with how the substitute driver was perming her duties, stopping too often. She and the attack begins. The driver was seated, and then in..., you couldn't describe it as anything other than a defenseless position. He was a couple of feet over the top of her. Police say other students 3 pull the suspect off the driver, it took three tries, the driver calls help."But she has some severe contusions, lacerations, bruises to her face and one of her fingers is broken." The suspect then gets off the bus and runs. At home, we spoke with Mom, Lisa, she doesn't know what triggered her son to snap. "I'm just trying to figure, was it something that really set him off, to make him go on that rage like he did yesterday.Lisa says her son has some mental problems, he is bipolar. He's been hospitalized bee. But she says he has never been violent like this. She says her first reaction was to call the transportation office to make sure the driver was OK. She is still trying to put it all together now and what happened. "Right now, I just keep, continue to pray the bus driver and my son. You know, I don't condone 5 , everybody may disagree with what he do, but I want my son to know that I love him. 填空 :1. upset . pulls over 3. made attempts to . figure out 5. what he do 659

  American Cities: Milwaukee; Neighborhood WatchCitizen Arrest; to look versus to look like; not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin; pretty + (adjective)Words:breweryon the shores ofwaterwayper-capitaviolentcrimesuspiciousto intervenecitizen arrestfelonysignto deterto lookto look likenot by the hair of my chinny-chin-chinpretty 3531Listen to the episode and answer the questions. Which characters are the questions referring to? Magda, Sarah, Harry, Fadi, Johnny or Olivia? 1 Who thinks Tony makes good coffee? Who is sharing a flat with Magda? 3 Who is waiting exam results? Who is in Chongqing? 5 Who is visiting their family? 6 Who has a shop next door to the café? 注:内容转载自http:www.englishonline.org.cn 85

  Dog training mistakes Advice from dog trainer Tamar Geller on how to make the pooch your perfect pal. If you find it impossible to get your dog to do this, it might be time to take a good look at the way you are interacting with your pets, you could be committing some very common dog-training mistakes. First the best kind of training your four-leg friend is to teach him manners, just like what with your children. That’s the advice of dog coach to the stars and author Tomorrow Galla. The first to teach them to how to see it instead of jumping when they want something instead of lounging, and when you something just to say be polite. And Tomorrow says get the whole family involved. Everybody must agree on what is acceptable, what is not, and work to gather as a tin. That’s one of the best things a family, is either family to have the experience, the joy of raising a dog. Another important training tip is to socialize your dog, get them out there, playing with other dogs, meeting strangers, simply introducing him to everyday’s things. Position your dog to hear household noises, don’t shut your dog expose then. Training your dog may sound like a daunting task, but Tomorrow says if you keep it simple, you will be successful. Start by dealing the relationship with your dog at home. Second, don’t give food free, make him work first. Practice relevance training, have dog seek everything bee you put the leash on him, bee you open the door, bee you give him a toy even. And of course, have fun. Many personal training is done in games, so instead of giving your dog a toy, telling him to stay and going hide the toy, so WUM is a game. Remember your pooch is a lot smarter than you may think, dogs can understand up to 0 words, so take advantage of that, and stimulate your dog’s brain. I’m Media Hail, Fox News. 136

  At the wei-yaEmily: See how many people are here!Joice: Yeah! Do all these people work in the company? Everyone and their dog is here!Emily: Other than the employees, our boss Jack invited some friends of the company.Joice: Can we just sit wherever we want?Emily: Of course not! We have to sit at our assigned seats. I think our table is over there in the back.Joice: Hmm. We dont exactly have the best seats in the house, do we?参考译文:吃尾牙时艾蜜莉:你看这人潮!乔伊丝:就是啊!这全都是公司的人吗?就连张三李四都来了!艾蜜莉:我们老板杰克不只请公司员工,他还请了一些公司的朋友乔伊丝:我们可以随意坐吗?艾蜜莉:当然不行!我们得坐在被分配到的位置上我想我们是后面那一桌乔伊丝:呣我们还轮不到坐最棒的位置,对吧?重点词汇:assign (v.)  指派,分派A: Do you like Mr. Brown class? 你喜欢伯朗先生的课吗?B: I like it, but he assigns too much homework. 喜欢,不过他规定的功课太多了Everyone and their dog is here.  这句话的意思是「不管认识、不认识,有关没关的都来了」另外,everyone的所有格是his,但因为这句话已成惯用语,所以文法的重要性相形之下较不重要employee (n.)  员工,雇员 1395


  Tatiana:Why are you wearing those funny goggles?塔蒂亚娜:为什么你戴着那些令人感到好笑的眼镜?Moustafa:Im trying out a new kind of virtual reality.穆斯塔法:我正在尝试一种新的虚拟现实Tatiana:You mean like flight simulators?塔蒂亚娜:你的意思是就像那些飞行模拟器一样?Moustafa:This is much more sophisticated.穆斯塔法:这个要更为复杂This system creates a complete sensory experience.这个系统有着一套完整的感官体验I can see, hear, feel, and nearly taste this 3-D simulation.我能看到,听到,感受到,几乎全部是3D仿真体验Tatiana:I dont see how it can do that.塔蒂亚娜:我不知道这是怎么做到的Moustafa:With the help of these goggles and headphones, this computer program recreates what it like to actually be in a particular place, at a particular time.穆斯塔法:借助这些眼镜和耳机,这台电脑的程序创造的是特定的地方,特定时间内的现实It even allows me to interact with different people and things.它甚至允许我与不同的人或事进行互动Tatiana:I can see how that would be useful gaming, but...塔蒂亚娜:我可以感觉看到这对游戏很有用,但是…Moustafa:It not only gaming.穆斯塔法:不仅是对游戏而言It useful a host of other things, including relaxation.其他事物也是这样,包括放松 instance, right now Im experiencing what it like to be outdoors with the sun shining and the birds chirping.例如,现在我正感受户外的阳光及鸟儿的叫声Tatiana:If you open the door, youll see that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.塔蒂亚娜:如果你打开门,你会看到阳光灿烂而且鸟儿正在欢唱Moustafa:Yes, but with virtual reality, I may never have to get out of this chair again.穆斯塔法:但有了这套虚拟现实,我可能永远不会再离开这把椅子Now isnt that progress?现在这不是进步吗? 3930

  Famous Americans-W.C. Fields; The Video Game Pong; trim, quarter- round, and carpenter; to condemn and conscious; transliterationWords:stage namesoloto boastsignaturedemandinghumorcontractto mutterhand controllerpatentto be based ontrimcarpenterto condemnconscioustransliteration

  China Showcases Elevated Bus空中巴士亮相China surprised the world by doing a road test of an elevated bus that could reduce traffic problems. The electric bus, which is about 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, spans across a few traffic lanes and allows vehicles to drive beneath it. The prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) seats about 300 passengers, but future versions could hold even more people. The builders say that the buses are much cheaper than expanding underground transit. Though the elevated bus is not yet roadworthy, other countries including India, France, and Brazil have expressed interest in using a similar type of transit their own busy roads.中国测试可缓解拥堵“空中巴士”汽车,它也让世界为之惊叹此款电动巴士车长约7英尺,5英尺宽,跨越多条车道,车辆可在其下方通行“空中巴士”可容纳约300人,未来或将容纳更多乘客建造方称“空中巴士”比拓展地铁更廉价尽管它的适用度还不高,但印度、法国和巴西等国都表达了对建造类似巴士的兴趣译文属原创,,不得转载 599

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