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Coming to San Francisco for the first time in a few years brings home how much it has been transformed. Whatever you call what is happening — a boom, a bubble or a flood of money into what was known as new technology before the “new” became redundant — has augmented the city’s reality.有些年没来过旧金山,这次来到这里,我意识到这座城市发生了巨大的变化。不管你怎么形容这里正在发生的事情——繁荣、泡沫或者大量资金流入技术(以前曾被称为“新”技术,现在“新”字可以省略了),这座城市的现实状况因此而提升。Once, there was a gaping divide between southern and northern California — between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. To the south was the dream factory of fantasy and imagination; in the north was science, hardware such as the transistor and chino-clad venture capitalists who worked in business parks on Sand Hill Road and lived in sprawling suburbia. San Francisco was a pretty, but unexciting tourist town.过去,加利福尼亚州的南部和北部——好莱坞和硅谷——之间存在巨大的鸿沟。南部是制造幻想和想象的梦想工厂;北部则属于科学,属于晶体管等硬件,以及那些在沙山路(Sand Hill Road)商业园工作、在不断扩张的广大郊区居住、衣着休闲的风险资本家。旧金山那时是一个美丽,但也平淡乏味的旅游城市。It feels more like Hollywood now, full of people writing scripts and honing pitches. “Brave new world companies create something that was not there before. They do not just save somebody money,” a middle-aged man told a young entrepreneur at a nearby table in a diner on Monday morning. The ingénu should portray his venture as more than “faster, better, cheaper”.现在这里给人感觉更像好莱坞了,满是写“脚本”和打磨推介词的人。那个周一的早上,餐馆邻桌的一名中年男子对一名年轻创业者说:“这些建造‘美丽新世界’的企业创造过去不存在的事物。它们不仅仅是帮某些人省了钱。”这个生涩的小伙子应该将他的项目描述为不只是“更快、更好、更便宜”。Later that day one venture capitalist described his own firm’s decision to turn down Uber when it was first raising money as “a lamentable failure of imagination”. The partners should have realised that the pitch for a smartphone limousine service in San Francisco implied a platform to revolutionise global transport. Instead of thinking of the legal obstacles, they ought to have suspended their disbelief.当天晚些时候,一名风险资本家讲述了他自己的企业在优步(Uber)首次募集资金时拒绝了它的事情,称那个决定是“一次令人惋惜的想象力失灵”。他的合伙人们当时应该意识到,那场关于一款旧金山智能手机叫车软件的推介活动,预示着一个将为全球交通出行带来变革的平台。他们本不应考虑法律方面的障碍,而应暂时放下自己的怀疑。The old things are shrunken — the San Francisco Chronicle is thin and full of wire stories — and others are exploding. An entire district has sprung up around China Basin on the edge of the city; Apple, which used to carve its stores into old buildings, has levelled a building by Union Square to build a Foster + Partners retail temple; the city’s bars are sleek and vibrant.陈旧的东西正在萎缩——旧金山的编年史不长,充满了新鲜事物——其他的东西则在爆炸。在这座城市的边缘,围着China Basin,一整片城区拔地而起;过去曾将门店挤进老旧建筑中的苹果(Apple),拆除了联合广场(Union Square)上的一栋大楼,建造了一座由Foster + Partners建筑事务所设计的标志性零售门店;这座城市的酒吧既时髦又充满活力。Silicon Valley is at one of those historic moments when a set of technologies start to work — and to work together — in unexpected ways. In this case, the interaction of mobile, robotic and artificial intelligence is producing a wave of applications and devices, from voice-activated software to self-driving cars. The machine knows what you want and where you are, and is steadily learning how to serve you.硅谷正处在这样一个历史性时刻:一系列技术开始以一种意想不到的方式发挥作用——并且协同并进。在这种情况下,移动智能、机器智能和人工智能的互动产生了大批应用和设备,从语音激活软件到自动驾驶汽车。机器知道你想要什么,身处何地,并且不断地学习如何为你务。Andrew McAfee, co-author of The Second Machine Age, describes the experience of being transported in one of Google’s self-driving cars as going “from terrifying to thrilling to boring in 15 minutes”. The machine not only drives competently but with tedious predictability, always observing the speed limit and slowing at every obstacle, as if constantly trying to pass a driving test.《第二次机器革命》(The Second MachineAge)的合著者安德鲁#8226;麦卡菲(Andrew McAfee)称自己乘坐谷歌(Google)自动驾驶汽车的心路历程是“15分钟内从害怕到兴奋到索然无味”。机器不仅能胜任驾驶,还开得极为标准,其驾驶表现毫无悬念到令人厌烦的地步——总能观察到限速标志,在每一个障碍物前都会减速,就像总在参加路考一样。Behind innovations that have suddenly come to feel routine, such as facial and voice recognition, lie rapid ad#173;vances in pattern recognition and emerging forms of artificial intelligence. The capacity of computers to sift through databases and comprehend what people are saying, what they mean and what they desire is evolving faster than many researchers had anticipated.在面部和语音识别等人们骤然感觉习以为常的创新背后,模式识别迅速发展,各种新型人工智能纷纷涌现。计算机筛查数据库并理解人们在说什么、意思是什么、以及想要什么的能力,发展得比许多研究者预想得更快。As a result, plenty of investors are eager to throw money at start-ups that look as if they possess a piece of technology and a business idea that will form at least part of the brave new world. The fear of missing out is overwhelming the fear of losing money, as Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital warned recently.结果是,许多投资者急切地向这样一些初创企业大举投资——它们看上去拥有一样技术或一个商业点子,能至少部分构成这美丽新世界。Benchmark Capital的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)最近警告称,错过的恐惧压倒了赔钱的恐惧。History’s famous investment bubbles often formed around such combinations of easy money and fantastical inventions, and some of today’s venture capitalists suffered through the dotcom bust of 2000. Prod them about that and the optimists respond that the bn invested by US venture capital funds last year is only half the amount sloshing around at the last peak 15 years ago.历史上著名的投资泡沫往往萌生于这种轻易可得的金钱和美妙非凡的发明的结合。如今的风险资本家中,有一些曾经历过2000年互联网泡沫的破灭。我故意问起关于那次泡沫的事情,一些乐观的人回应说,美国风投基金去年投资了480亿美元,这仅是15年前上一次高峰时期总额的一半。This ignores the fact that a lot of the new money is coming not from venture funds but from other investors, including mutual funds such as T Rowe Price and Fidelity. Three-quarters of recent fundraising rounds by “unicorns” — start-ups valued at bn or more — were led by “non-traditional” investors, according to a recent study by Fenwick amp; West, a Silicon Valley law firm.这种说法忽略了一点,很多新投资并非来自于风投基金,而是来自其他投资者,包括普信集团(T Rowe Price)和富达(Fidelity)等共同基金。硅谷律师事务所Fenwick amp; West的最新研究表明,“独角兽”公司(指价值10亿美元或者以上的初创企业)最近几轮融资中,有四分之三是由“非传统”投资者牵头。One is Carl Icahn, the activist investor, who this week put 0m into Lyft, a rival to Uber. Mr Icahn often makes life difficult for his investment targets but is as enamoured as everyone else with his Silicon Valley picks. “We’ll be the first to admit that you are more knowledgeable in these areas than we are,” he wrote fulsomely to Apple this week.维权投资者卡尔#8226;伊坎(Carl Icahn)就是其中之一。不久前伊坎给优步的竞争对手Lyft投资了1亿美元。伊坎经常让他的投资目标公司日子不好过,但他还是像其他所有人一样迷恋于他挑选的硅谷公司。不久前他写给苹果的信极尽恭维:“我们将头一个承认你们更懂这些领域。” /201505/377707。

  • With iOS 9, you#39;ll need a lot less free space on your phone to be able to install the upgrade. Now one may argue that running iOS 9 on an older device (like an iPhone 4S), isn#39;t going to lead to a great experience — and that person would have a point. Having said that, I#39;ve run iOS 9 betas on an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, an iPad Air and an iPad Air 2,and all performed extremely well.第九代苹果操作系统手机安装更新软件内存占用空间小。现有人指出在老版苹果手机(如苹果4s)运行第九代操作系统时不能有很好的体验——这个人某种程度上说中了要点。基于这个,我在苹果5s。苹果6,苹果6+,iPad Air 和iPad Air 2都安装了第九代操作系统,无一例外,都运行得棒棒哒。let#39;s talk about the features.现在我们就来聊一聊第九代苹果操作系统的特征吧。Siri is everywhere...and she#39;s goodSiri (语言操作功能)无处不在,而且她真的很棒。With iOS 9, Siri gets a big upgrade and she#39;s a lot more like an actual assistant now. That#39;s important because Siri is now featured throughout iOS 9.第九代苹果操作系统较大升级了语音操作功能,她现在更像是一个真正的助手了。这一更新很重要因为现在整个第九代操作系统最大的特征就是语音操作系统啦。Siri can answer contextual questions now, too. You can ask for a game score and then follow up by asking when the team plays again, without having to restate your question. This is awesome.现在Siri也可以回答前后关联的问题啦。你可以问一场赛事的得分,之后还可以问这个队什么时候还会有比赛,而且还不用重述你的问题。棒,棒,棒!Notes is new记事本应用更新Apple also overhauled the Notes app, making it a lot more robust. You can insert photos, draw with your finger, add maps, create lists and it supports rich-text features.苹果同时也革新了记事本应用,使之更为灵活。你可以插入图片,用手指画画,创建列表,同时持各种文本格式。Apple News is here苹果新闻应用来啦Apple is getting a brand new app with iOS 9, and that#39;s Apple News. Apple has aly signed with a bunch of publishing partners and the app performs well and is a fast way of ing well-formatted news on your phone or tablet.第九代操作系统新增了一个全新的应用——苹果新闻。苹果已经和一大批出版合作商签订条约,并且该应用运行得相当好,能够在苹果手机或平板上快速地阅读已经发布的新闻。Performance and battery life性能和电池寿命There#39;s a new Low Power Mode that will help you get the most out of your battery life.第九代操作系统还有一个新的“低电量模式”,能够帮助你将电池电量发挥到极致。 /201509/401410。
  • In her three years as head of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has made a lot of people extremely rich. Start with Dan Loeb, the hedge fund manager who spied an opportunity in the lumbering tech giant and began buying its shares and agitating for change in 2011. He led a campaign to force out Scott Thompson, then chief executive, and brought in Ms Mayer, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest executives. By 2013, when Mr Loeb’s Third Point sold its position, the fund had netted bn.在掌舵雅虎(Yahoo)的三年里,梅里莎蔠尔(Marissa Mayer)让很多人赚得盆满钵盈。第一个是对冲基金经理丹勒布(Dan Loeb)。他在这个步履蹒跚的科技巨头身上发现了机会,2011年开始买入雅虎的股票,并呼吁雅虎进行改革。他领导了一场运动,迫使时任首席执行官斯科特搠湬森(Scott Thompson)下台,使硅谷最炙手可热的高管之一梅尔入主了雅虎。到2013年,当勒布旗下的Third Point基金卖出雅虎股票时,这家基金赚入了10亿美元。Then there is David Karp, who sold his blogging platform, Tumblr, to Yahoo in 2013 for .1bn. Mr Karp, who was 27 at the time, owned 25 per cent of the company, so made a cool 5m. Nick D’Aloisio was just 17 when Yahoo bought his news-ing app, Summly, for m. He recently left the company to focus on his degree at Oxford.接着就是大卫愠湓(David Karp),2013年他以11亿美元把自己的客平台Tumblr卖给了雅虎。当年卡普27岁,拥有Tumblr 25%的股权,所以他整整赚到了2.75亿美元。当雅虎以3000万美元收购尼克德洛伊西奥(Nick D #39;Aloisio)的新闻阅读应用Summly时,他才17岁。不久前,他离开雅虎,专心在牛津大学(Oxford)攻读学位。Shareholders who bought Yahoo the day before Ms Mayer became chief executive and held on to it have seen the value of their shares more than double, despite a recent fall. If you had held the Samp;P 500, you would have earned a mere 55 per cent return over the same period. If you had owned Apple, you would have a made a comparably measly 35 per cent return.有些股东在梅尔成为首席执行官前一天买入雅虎股票并一直持有,他们手中股票的价值涨了一倍多,尽管近来有所下跌。如果你同期持有标普500指数(Samp;P 500),那么你仅能获得55%的回报。如果你同期持有苹果(Apple)股票,那么你的回报率相对而言低得可怜,只有35%。Any other chief executive might be celebrated for that kind of performance. Not Ms Mayer. Early on it was all Vogue photo shoots and praise for one of the few women to scale the peaks of the tech industry. Then she was attacked for insisting employees no longer work from home. Now she is under attack for all the confusion surrounding Yahoo’s strategy — primarily its plans to spin off its stake in Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce start-up — and her own pay.若是换作其他首席执行官,取得这样的业绩或许会受到赞美。但梅尔没有。最初,《时尚》杂志(Vogue)刊登了梅尔的许多照片,梅尔作为少数攀登至科技行业顶峰的女士之一,也受到了推崇。接着,她由于坚持不让员工在家中工作遭到抨击。如今,她因雅虎战略——主要是剥离所持中国电商创业企业阿里巴巴(Alibaba)股份的计划——引起的困惑和她本人的薪酬受到攻击。She walked into the job from Google, having amassed an estimated 0m in her brief career. In 2013 her Yahoo pay including stock awards and options was .9m, and in 2014 it reached m, mostly thanks to Yahoo’s then rising share price. All quite normal for companies of Yahoo’s size.她是从谷歌(Google)跳槽至雅虎的,在很短的任职期间便赚到了约3亿美元。2013年,雅虎付给她的薪酬(包括股票奖励和期权)为2490万美元,在2014年,主要得益于当时雅虎股价上涨,她的薪酬达到4200万美元。对于雅虎这种规模的公司而言,这一切是相当正常的。The question is what exactly she did to earn it. For all of her dizzying plate-spinning, buying, selling and hiring, it is not clear that Ms Mayer has done much to improve Yahoo. It remains tucked in behind Google, Facebook and YouTube as one of the most visited websites in the world. But rather like AOL, it is considered a service stuck in internet dark ages. It is what grandma uses to look up the weather. It is not for Snapchatting teenagers. And it is not what investors crave most of all: the prospect of growth.问题在于,她到底做了什么赚到这一切。尽管她“转盘子”、收购、剥离和招聘的动作令人炫目,但人们看不出来梅尔为改善雅虎做了多大贡献。作为全球浏览量最大的网站之一,雅虎仍然裹足不前,被谷歌、Facebook和YouTube抛在后面。与美国在线(AOL)一样,它被视为一种困在互联网黑暗时代的务。老奶奶会到雅虎上查看天气。热衷于Snapchat的年轻人不用雅虎。雅虎也不具有投资者最渴望的特征:增长前景。Fortunately, Yahoo has been the beneficiary of an extraordinary investment made by Jerry Yang, founder and former chief executive. In 2005 he bought a bn stake in Alibaba — a stake now worth bn. But now Yahoo and its investors are like a family bickering over the corpse of a wealthy relative. What to do with this windfall? The US tax authorities are refusing to make it simple; so, instead of trying to enhance Yahoo’s products to catch up with Facebook and Google, Ms Mayer is spending her time figuring out what kind of legal and corporate contortions will realise the best return for the Alibaba stake and clear the air around the core business.幸运的是,雅虎一直受益于其创始人、前首席执行官杨致远(Jerry Yang)所做的一项卓越投资。2005年,杨致远购买了阿里巴巴10亿美元的股份——如今价值310亿美元。但现在的雅虎与其投资者就像一家人围着一个有钱亲戚的遗体争吵。如何处理这笔意外之财?美国税务当局当然不会轻易放过;因此,梅尔没有设法去提升雅虎的产品以追赶Facebook和谷歌,而是花时间琢磨什么样的法律和公司漏洞能让所持的阿里巴巴股份带来最大回报,同时扫清核心业务周围的障碍。For engineers such as Ms Mayer, simplicity is highly coveted. And Yahoo is anything but simple. It remains a blur of services and assets of wildly different value. It is hard to get a handle on exactly what it has. Those 1bn monthly active users — are they right ones? That bn of revenue — is it growing? For the right management team, there is plenty of cash to acquire and invest.梅尔这样的工程师极为崇尚简化。但雅虎的缺点就是过于庞杂。它仍然是一个价值迥异的务与资产的模糊组合。很难确切了解雅虎手中到底有什么。每月10亿的活跃用户——是理想中的客户吗?50亿美元的收入——还在增长吗?对于一个称职的管理团队,有大量现金供他们赚取和投资。We need to get over Ms Mayer’s pay cheque. She has been paid for taking the job in the first place. Those options grants were the Smarties required to hire her. Mr Loeb and Yahoo’s other investors have been more than handsomely rewarded by her decision to join the company and fire up the stock. What she now deserves is a chance to operate its core internet businesses, and the sooner the better. Only then can we hope to tell whether she is worth it.我们要理解梅尔的巨额薪酬。她得到如此高的薪酬是因为她在一开始接受了这一职位。授予她的期权是为了聘用她而必须给她的“虹糖”。勒布及雅虎的其他投资者已经从她决定加入雅虎以及后来的股价上涨中获得了异常丰厚的回报。她如今理应得到一个运营雅虎核心互联网业务的机会,越快越好。只有这样,我们才有希望看出她是否配得上自己的薪酬。 /201512/416235。
  • The European Space Agency says a British-built space probe that disappeared more than a decade ago on Mars has been found.欧洲宇航局说,在火星上找到了十多年前失踪的英国建造的太空探测器。The British space agency said Friday the Beagle 2 spacecraft ;has been found partially deployed on the surface of the planet, ending the mystery of what happened to the mission.;英国宇航局星期五说,小猎犬2号探测器一部分被部署在火星表面,从而揭开了探测器失踪之谜。The agency said the partial deployment ;would explain why no signal or data was received; from the Beagle because ;full deployment of all the solar panels was needed; to transmit data and receive commands from Earth.英国宇航局说,探测器只有一部分被部署在火星上,这就是为什么小猎犬2号之前音信全无。探测器的所有太阳能板必须都到位,才能发出数据,并从地球接受指令。The agency said there was ;clear evidence; of the lost lander in satellite images taken by the U.S. space agency NASA#39;s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.英国宇航局说,美国航天局发射的火星勘测轨道飞行器拍摄的卫星图像提供了确凿据。Officials said the find showed that ;the entry, descent and landing sequence for Beagle 2 worked and the lander did successfully touch down on Mars on Christmas Day 2003.;这一发现显示, 小猎犬2号探测器2003年圣诞节成功在火星着陆,下降和着陆程序没有问题。Britain#39;s Beagle 2 was carried to the red planet on ESA#39;s Mars Express. The Beagle was to report back from Mars using instruments designed to help search for signs of life, but nothing was heard after it was dropped off to make its landing.小猎犬2号探测器当年是由欧洲航天局的火星快车送去火星的,任务是利用寻找生命迹象的仪器,向地球发回信息。 但是探测器降落后信息全无。British planetary scientist Colin Pillinger who was the driving force behind the mission died last year at the age of 70.推动建造这一探测器的英国行星科学家科林#8226;皮林格去年去世,享年70岁。 /201501/355504。
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