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Gripping the pot in two gloved hands, he flashes a grin to the camera bee hefting the entire contents over the edge.。

A People's Liberation Army soldier standing guard outside a garrison in Chongqing was shot dead. The victim, identified as 18yearold Han Junliang, was shot twice in the chest with a pistol. The suspect took the garrison guard's submachine gun and ran.。

“At the city and provincial levels, China needs much more consistent application. Probably the emission trading scheme will help more in driving the process,” added MacNaughton.。

The MoU between the PBoC and Banque centrale du Luxembourg (L) aims to establish cooperation in terms of oversight, exchange of inmation and assessment pertaining to the renminbi business in Luxembourg in view of a thcoming designation, by the PBOC, of a yuan clearing bank in Luxembourg, said the PBOC.。

CCTV9英语新闻:上海展出法国玻璃艺术 18 :: CCTV9英语新闻:上海展出法国玻璃艺术An exhibition of glass works by French artist Antoine Leperlier went on display in downtown Shanghai today, as part of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SinoFrench Diplomatic Relations.Fifteen of Leperlier’s glass works are now on display at the Liuli China Museum on Taikang Road near Tianzifang. The artist says the works use a technique called wax casting, that allows him to use both porcelain and glass together. The technique isn’t easy, but the results are very colorful.An exhibition of glass works by French artist Antoine Leperlier wenton display in downtown Shanghai."Porcelain will be fixed after burned in high temperature, while glass will flow in the same situation. So it is a great challenge to combine the two textures into a work." said Antoine Leperlier, French Artist.Leperlier’s works have been shown in more than 30 museums around the world. The show also presents eight works produced between the late 19th century to the start of th century, including a vase made by Leiperlier’s grandfather. The show will run until September.。

CCTV9英语新闻:德国啤酒申请将纯净法列入世界遗产名录 :53:3 CCTV9英语新闻:德国啤酒申请将纯净法列入世界遗产名录German beer aims World Heritage listingGerman beer is famous the world over, and now the country wants to make it official, by having the ed Nations recognize its 500yearold brewing purity laws on its UNESCO World Heritage list. The UN aly recognizes Spanish flamenco dancing, French cuisine and Iranian carpet weaving as world treasures. But is Germany’s beer an enshrined treasure or a tradition under threat?In Germany to officially call a drink beer it can only contain four ingredients, barley, hops, yeast and water. It’s known as the purity law, or Reinheitsgebot in German. German beer aims World Heritage listing Germans say the Reinheitsgebot is the world’s oldest food and drink regulation that is still in effect and cherished by drinkers, not just here in Germany, but right around the world.The law was created in the 00s by two German Dukes who didn’t want b ingredients ending up in their beer. Next April the law celebrates its 500th birthday, but there’s trouble brewing."In Germany you just have the Pilsner, the wheat beer styles, there’s not much flavor.""I think they should get rid of the Reinheitsgebot and start thinking of how to create more different flavours".That would have once been heresy. Not anymore."The influence of the US and Scandinavia and the rest of the world on the brewing here means that the traditional brewers now feel under pressure to protect their brewing heritage." said Rory Lawton, Beer Tasting Operator.German beer aims World Heritage listingThat why Germany’s big brewers are seeking world heritage listing the purity laws with UNESCO."Purity law is part of our culture, our traditions, and our identity." said MarcOliver Huhnholz, Spokesman, German Brewers Association.Philipp Brokamp is part of a new breed of German brewers tonight mixing up a batch or controversial coffee flavored beer. But he also promotes many traditional recipes."I as a customer want to see it on the bottle, so I think its OK if there stands purity law beer that’s OK in my opinion, what’s not OK in my opinion is that you can’t brew behind these walls." said Philipp Brokamp, Owner, Hops Barley.The walls still leave plenty of room experimentation according to the brewers union ."Under the purity law you have one million possibilities or ways to brew beer only with these four ingredients so there is much space new beers, interesting beers, with very good tastes when you are following the purity law." said MarcOliver Huhnholz, Spokesman, German Brewers Association.Whether the ed Nations lists the law or not it seems clearer than many German beers that the Reinheitsgebot will be celebrated many years to come even if Germans continue developing a taste new types of ’impure’ drinks that sure taste like beer, but can’t be labeled as such.。

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  Instead, it is thought to be the result of impairment in the right 'fusim gyrus' of the brain afold that appears to coordinate facial perception and memory.。

中国提供全球注问题解决启示 1:55: 中国提供全球注问题解决启示Policies of China's new leadership in the past year would provide inspirations solutions to issues of global concern, such as social injustice, unsustainable development and economic woes of major emerging countries, some experts said.A study released by the World Economic um last week listed "chronic gap between the rich and poor" as a risk that would most likely cause serious global hazards in years. The prediction coincided with recent remarks to Financial Times by Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, that "in far too many countries the benefits of growth are being enjoyed by far too few people. This is not a recipe stability and stainability."Assuming office in March , the new Chinese leadership has vowed to ensure that the fruits of rem and development would benefit the entire population. Efts were made to make education more equitable and afdable, introduce oldage pension farmers, exempt tuition and sandry charges at the stage of compulsory education, improve commy medical services, and improve housing conditions in cities.Nicholas Borst, a scholar with the Washingtonbased Peterson Institute International Economics, described those moves as visionary enough. The measures to improve social justice will make the Chinese economy and society more shockresistent, he said.Talking about sustainable development in China, Kishore Mahaubani, professor of the National University of Singapore, said that China managed to realize a winwin result of environment protection, economic development and social benefits by restructuring the economy.China's new policies showed that the country was not only the champion of global economic growth, but also of sustainable development, said Olivier Schwab, executive director of the World Economic um China.Some international strategists pointed out that in a period of escalating business and political clashes around the globe, China is committed to international cooperation and globalization.Zhu Haibin, chief China economist at JP Morgan, held that China's economic outlook would remain bright by carrying out administrative, banking and fiscal rems, a rare and precious achievement compared to general permance of its BRICS counterparts.The fact that GDP generated by China's service sector surpassed that of the secondary industry in showed that China was upgrading its economy, said Guo Shengxiang, a renowned Australian economist, adding that it is beneficiary rebalancing the world economy and relieving international trade conflicts.In the eyes of China eign Affairs University Professor Zhou Yongsheng, strategic initiatives proposed by the Chinese leadership last year, such as building the "Silk Road economic belt" and "1stcentury maritime Silk Road" have highlighted the spillover effect of China's rem dividends as China would provide capital and technology that are in desperate need in postcrisis international economic cooperation.Experts said that in an era of change and competition, policies and actions of the world's second largest economy would breed new competitiveness itself and inspirations to the resolution of global dilemmas.。

Since infrastructure is an important sector in bilateral cooperation, China supports more Chinese infrastructure companies taking part in Argentine projects, said Xi.。