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淮南/治疗前列腺炎的专科医院淮南/哪家医院治疗附睾炎比较好In a sleepy Hampshire village, battle lines are being drawn.在汉普郡的一个宁静村庄里,战争即将爆发Five Chinese teachers have come to shake up the British education system.五位中国老师来到这里挑战英国教育系统Discipline is really important纪律非常的重要without discipline you dont learn well.没有纪律,你们就学不好British pupils are falling behind in the international race.英国青少年在国际竞争中持续落后Our students academic achievement is three years ahead of you.我们的学生的学术成就比你们领先三年Why?为什么The Chinese have come to prove that even a high-achieving school has a lot to learn.中国人将要明,即使是一个高分的学校也还有很多东西要学Cheers!干杯We are here to bring you the unique Chinese style of teaching.我们来到这里,让你们感受独一无二的中式教育Class begins.上课Morning, class.同学们好Good morning, teacher.老师好Everybody can get full marks, just use your brain.只要肯动脑,每个人都能得满分What brain?动什么脑Stand in your lines.站好队Its an unforgiving regime based on high-pressure learning这是一个基于高压学习and ruthless competition.和残酷竞争的无情学习制度X is the size of AB.AB段长度为XI dont get it.我算不出来And after four weeks, the students in the Chinese School will be tested against their British counterparts.四个星期后,中式学校的学生将会和英式学校的学生一起进行测试As head teacher, I hate to lose.作为校长,我不希望输If we find out that the Chinese method is indeed the best way, Ill be absolutely gutted.如果我们发现中式教育是最好的教育方法,我会非常失望Will the long days and strict discipline produce superior students...长时间的学习和严格的纪律管理会不会培养出更优秀的学生or will the clash of two cultures... ...或两种文化间的冲突...Phoebe, listen to me.菲比,听我说话create chaos in the classroom?会不会引发课堂混乱You embarrass all Bohunt students, and the school.你丢了全体同学和整个学校的脸Hey, I can see you.把脸露出来One, two, three!一,二,三201512/416069淮南/哪里治男科泌尿感染比较好 And a few negative outcomes当然,也存在一些不利的后果my be an increased cost in school lunches,比如学校午餐的成本增加the increased time it will take to prepare the food,备餐的时间加长students may not like the food, and parents that are学生们可能不喜欢食物,拒绝作出改变的父母resistant to change may be upset.As we mentioned可能会难过,我们已经提及there are many possible outcomes of adopting stricter采取更为严格的营养规范会产生许多nutrition regulations.These outcomes may be positive可能的后果,有一些后果是积极的but some may be negative.So lets discuss some things但也有一些是不利的,所以,我们来讨论一下to consider.When we are talking about our nations要考虑哪些事情,当我们谈论我们国家的youth our number one concern of foods offered年轻人时,我们对学校所提供食物的最首要的in schools should be their nutrition level.We should关注应该是这些食物的营养水平,我们应该be asking how is the food we buy going to make our kids问问我们购买的食物是否使我们的孩子们healthier, stronger and more y to learn, rather than更健康,更强壮,更有精力投入学习,而不是asking what is the most economical way to make去问哪种方式能最经济实惠地把our kids full.Spending a little more money for孩子们喂饱,在学校餐饮营养方面多花点钱nutrition in schools is an investment in our childrens对我们孩子的未来而言是一种投资future especially when you take into consideration尤其是考虑到要解决肥胖问题the healthcare costs associated with obesity.也是要花费健康保健的成本的Plus, well-fed students are shown to have better此外,饮食健康的学生会在课堂上concentration in the classroom while having less bad显示出更高的专注度,而他们的坏毛病behavior.Not to mention the boost in emotional health会减少,更不用说对孩子们情感健康的促进that comes with kids feeling good about themselves.会使得他们自我感觉更好But unfortunately money is always a factor and然而,遗憾的是,钱始终是个牵绊how we are going to pay for nutritionally higher我们不得不考虑,要提供营养更丰富品质更高quality food is something that needs to be considered.的食品,所需的资金从何而来Student acceptance is one important yet overlooked学生的接受度是这个难题非常重要但却被piece of the puzzle.It doesnt matter how nutritious忽视的一个方面,一种食物营养如何直到a food is unless the kids are going to eat it.孩子们要吃的时候才显得重要But remember that between 5 and 14, repeated但是要记得在5到14岁的年纪,无论是exposures to a new food are needed to see increased婴儿还是儿童,要不断重复让他们接触一种preference in both infants and children.This is新食物,他们的喜好才会增加,在这点上where parents and schools must work together.父母与学校就要通力合作了Parents are the most powerful shapers of a childs在孩子的早期食物经验方面,父母是early food experiences by deciding eating patterns最强有力的塑造者,他们决定了饮食习惯and what foods are available and in what quantity.吃什么和吃多少Its up to parents and daycare providers to start孩子们开始建立均衡饮食体系的关键the children out on a well-balanced diet.在于父母和提供日托管的人Once the child starts school a school lunch program孩子一开始学校生活,学校午餐计划should follow through and do its part too.也就应该跟进并发挥作用了Here are some examples of schools putting这里有一些例子,说明了学校如何将the recommendations in action.The DC healthy那些推荐付诸实施,哥伦比亚特区健康schools act passed in May 2010. Schools in that area学校法案于2010年5月通过,那个地区are trying new foods like hummus, turkey dogs and的学校正在尝试一些新食品,如鹰嘴豆泥whole wheat items rather than the traditional pizza,火鸡热和全麦食品,取代了传统的披萨French fries, chicken nuggets and corn dogs.炸薯条,鸡块和玉米热The schools have cut trans-fat and have put limits这些学校剔除了反式脂肪,并对钠和on sodium and saturated fat.Some schools are饱和脂肪加以限制,一些学校starting to list calorie information on the boards开始把食物的卡路里信息贴在菜单栏里which has many people upset.They say that这使得许多人大感失望,校方的理由是information has no place in a school where students这种信息在学校里不受重视,但学校正是may internalize dieting at a young age.The 学生们在年轻时就把饮食习惯加以内化的场所alternations included cutting chocolate milk菜单的变化包括,去掉巧克力牛奶which left many people upset as well.According to这也使得许多人尤为失望,据国家the national dairy council flavored milk is a nutrient奶制品协会所称,调味奶是一种富含营养的rich beverage that is good for kids.Offering flavored的饮料,对儿童尤其有好处,提供调味的low-fat milk or fat-free milk is an excellent way to低脂或脱脂牛奶是一个极佳的方式increase milk consumption among children and make可以增加孩子们的牛奶饮用量,从而使their diets more nutritious. Offering flavored milk can他们的饮食更有营养,提供调味奶不但可以help increase milk consumption and actually boost增加牛奶的饮用量,而且确实还可以提高overall participation in school meal programs.学校午餐计划的整体参与度201504/370003Not everyone in Hollywood owes their nice complexion to a dermatologist. Here are some homespun beauty secrets you can steal.并不是每一位好莱坞明星的美丽肌肤都归功于皮肤护理专家。以下是一些自制美容秘诀,你可以向他们偷师。You Will Need你需要Sugar糖Extra virgin olive oil特级初榨橄榄油Liquid vitamin C液体维他命CWashcloths毛巾Bag Balm皮肤香膏Honey蜂蜜Petroleum jelly凡士林Un-petroleum jelly (optional)不含石油成分凡士林(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Exfoliate your skin with a mixture of sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Thats how Christie Brinkley stays so youthful; its like giving yourself a mini microdermabrasion.1.用糖和特级初榨橄榄油的混合物去角质。这是克里斯蒂·布林克利保持年轻的秘诀,就好像给自己采用了微晶换肤术一样。Jessical Biel adds sugar to her regular cleanser when she wants to slough away dead skin.杰西卡·贝尔想要去除死皮的时候向日常洁面产品中添加一点糖。Step 2 Nourish your skin the way Nicky Hilton does: Massage vitamin C into your face. You can buy it in liquid form in health food stores.2.像妮基·希尔顿一样滋养肌肤:向面部维他命C。可以在健康食品商店购买液态维他命C。Step 3 Keep your washcloths in the fridge so theyre nice and cold when you use them; supermodel Rachel Hunter has said she learned this trick in Japan. It reduces redness and swelling, makes pores appear smaller, gets rid of puffy eyes, and gives your complexion a healthy pink glow.3.把毛巾放在冰箱里,这样你使用的时候就比较清凉。超模瑞切尔·亨特说,她是从日本学会这个技巧的,可以消除红肿,让毛孔变小,给眼睛消肿,而且可以让肌肤散发出健康粉红的光。Step 4 Moisturize like Shania Twain: She finds theres nothing like Bag Balm – an ointment made to soften a cows udder for milking – to make her complexion silky.4.跟仙妮亚·唐恩学习保湿技巧:她发现任何东西嫩滑肌肤的功效都不像皮肤香膏那么好。香膏是一种药膏,用于给奶牛挤奶。Step 5 Smooth your skin with honey: TV host and former model Padma Lakshmi washes her face, then slathers on the sticky stuff in the shower.She swears it acts as a smoothening agent. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses honey for the same reason.5.蜂蜜光滑肌肤:电视节目主持人和前模特帕德玛·拉克希米先洁面,然后淋浴时涂抹厚厚的一层蜂蜜。她说,蜂蜜的嫩滑效果就像皮肤护理专家。凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯使用蜂蜜也是出于同样的原因。Step 6 Remove your makeup with petroleum jelly; thats how Jennifer Lopez cleans and moisturizes her face at the same time.For an environmentally friendly option, look for plant-based un-petroleum jelly.6.用凡士林卸妆:珍妮弗·洛佩兹就是用凡士林洁面并保湿的。如果出于环保的原因,可以选择植物成分而非石油成分的凡士林。Sixty-one percent of women polled would most want to swap hair, makeup, and accessory tips with Jennifer Aniston.61%的受调查女性最希望与珍妮弗·安妮斯顿交换护发,化妆和配饰心得。视频听力译文由。201505/372837淮南/第一人民医院不孕不育科

淮南/治包皮过长费用Chinese capital hit by heaviest rainfalls of year中国首都遇今年最严重降雨Chinas capital Beijing has been hit by continuous heavy rains since Wednesday.自周三起中国首都北京遇到持续暴雨天气。The average rainfall in Beijing has surged to over 70 millimeters over the last few days.过去几天北京的平均降水量已升至70多毫升。Rainfall has even reached over 250 millimeters in Fangshan District.房山地区降水量甚至达到了250毫升。Weather authorities have issued several rain alerts since Wednesday.自周三起气象局已经发布了几个降雨警报。In some areas, the highest alert has been issued.一些地区甚至还发布了最高警报。And weather authorities say thunderstorms will continue to sweep across the city for the next week, with torrential rain in the western areas.气象局表示下周雷雨天气还将持续,中西部地区会有暴雨天气。 译文属201507/386453淮南/博大医院苏汉钟 淮南/男科医院地址

山南新区人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 What strikes me about how I and other people drink最令我吃惊的是is how much that reveals about us.饮酒习惯也是我们生活的写照It seems to me we can chart our lives in relation to alcohol.它似乎决定我们的生活轨迹And alcohol in a sense has a sort of life cycle.饮酒似乎 也有一定的生命周期And maybe the reasons that we can think of也许饮酒的原因for drinking changed as we change.会随着人们的变化而变化But if you just picked somebody randomly off the street但是如果你从大街上随意挑出几个人and said to them ;OK tell me your drinking...style ;并要他们谈谈各自的饮酒习惯you would learn a lot about their life.你也会多少了解他们The interesting thing about this relationship这种联系的有趣之处在于is that its not universal.每个人饮酒的原因都不同But I know from my work with other drugs that very often不过根据我研究其他成瘾品的经验来看patterns emerge that define the type of user you are.确实会出现不同类别的用者So can each of us be defined as a particular type of drinker?那么会有不同类别的饮酒者吗Do we fit into different tribes?饮酒者可以被分类吗The most compelling evidence has come not from humans最好的据并非来自于人类but from some of our nearest relatives.而是我们的近亲201506/382407淮南/早泄的治疗费用是多少淮南/比较好的公立医院



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