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听力相关文本如下:The teacher who falls in loveFrancis Fremont Smith is Executive Director at the ed Foundation China’ Health.Her China story goes back many years, to the time US President Nixon made his historic visit in 197. Inspired by the future relationship she could see between both countries Fran decided to study Chinese. Starting first at the Connecticut College on Chinese and Asian Studies she moved to Hong Kong in 1978 on a Yale China Program to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.She came to China, walking across the border at Lo Wu – there were no through trains and also no Shenzhen like we know today! Her travels took her up to Hangzhou, Beijing and on to Changchun where she taught English. After two years Fran moved down to Beijing, where she worked at the Academy Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. She also worked part time at a branch college of then eign Languages Institute. It was then that life Fran really changed – she met her husband there! A Chinese national, he was teaching English at the school.Their relationship – one of the earliest Chinese-eign marriages of that period. As this was a time when there were very few westerners living and working in China, there were problems and challenges on both sides, which they successfully overcame.Their marriage was documented by the National Geographic in one of their TV series called ‘Four Americans in China’. Fran’s programme was a love story, ‘The Teacher who falls in Love’! She had found two loves – her husband and China!Track oneI really wanted to work with younger kidsI was able to get a job teaching at a high school to collegeOut at BaidaiziI was teaching extra-curricular activities at that schoolThat’s the link – your husband was a teacherHe is from Harbin – at that point he was a teacher at the same schoolWe were both in the English Department togetherI am looking at the photograph of the two of youWas that a wedding photograph – that is our wedding photograph?January 198Dressed in our ‘Mao jackets’ with our red rosesSo different to the wedding photographs you see now all around BeijingDefinitely simpler timesI do not think our wedding cost us all that much moneyWe had to wrap up candy to give to friends and familyWe had more of a civil ceremony in those daysIt was quite an operation to get permission to get married in those daysWas it difficult having a relationship – going out together?As eigner with ChineseTechnically that answer is YesNeedless to say we would draw a lot of attentionOne of our first dates was out to the Summer PalacePeople would see us together and obviously follow us and wonder what was going onI had a mutual colleague who was gayHe also needed some cover so everybody thought he and I were boyfriend and girlfriendSo he was going off with his friends and I was getting to know my husband, my fiancé, a little betterQuestions1. What was Fran doing in her early days in Beijing?. Which department was her future husband in?3. When did they marry?. What did they give as wedding gifts to friends?5. What was difficult at first in the relationship?Track twoHow did his parents react to you marrying him, a Chinese?He was brought up with his aunt and grandparents and his older sisterHis parents and older siblings were still in HarbinHis parents did not have any issue but his aunt was a little bit hardShe was very traditional and he would marry a Chinese wife who would take care of herWhen I was living in Guangzhou - people said it was very difficult a eigner to marry a Chinese girlThe ancestors – continuing the family line – which would be broken of it were a Chinese and eignerWe never really had any issue of that discussionConsidering this was new his family they pretty much welcomed me with open armsThe interesting thing about the process was that the Chinese insisted I had never been married beeI had to do that – to get a certificate through the British Embassy to say I had never been marriedThose days none of the embassies had that much experience with thisThere was no m to fill out at the embassySo my family in America had to go through the State Department in the State of MassachusettsTo prove I had never been married in the State of MassachusettsGet the red stamp from the official government staffThen we had to have all of this translated and notarised and approved by the Chinese governmentBee they would allow us to get officially marriedQuestions1. Why was her husband’s aunt a bit hard about the marriage?. What would people in southern China think?3. What about his family in Harbin?. What did Fran have to prove?5. Where did she get the certificate from? 66大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?谁只工作一天但是从未被解雇?下面给大家揭晓:Santa Claus 圣诞老人词汇:firen.火;失火The fire flared up as I put more firewood on it.我加上了几块木柴, 火顿时旺起来The house is on fire!房子着火了!v.开火;解雇She fired her gun at them.她用向他们射击He was fired by his boss.他被他的老板解雇了词组:catch fire 着火stop a fire 灭火,停火hang fire 犹豫不决 put in a fire 生气 下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:What does everybody do at the same time?什么事每个人同时都在做?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 0196Right Here Waiting 此情可待Oceans apart, day after day, 远隔重洋,日复一日,and I slowly go insane. 我慢慢地变得要失常I hear you voice on the line, 电话里传来你的声音,But it doesnt stop the pain. 但这不能停止我的悲伤If I see you next to never, 如果再也不能与你相见,How can we say ever? 又怎能说我们到永远?Wherever you go, whatever you do, 无论你在何地,无论你做何事,I will be right here waiting you; 我就在这里等候你Whatever it takes, 不管怎么样,Or how my heart breaks, 不管我多哀伤,I will be right here waiting you. 我就在这里等候你I took granted all the times 我一直认为That I thought would last somehow. 你我会情长义久I hear the laughter, 我听见你的笑声I taste the tear, 我品尝眼泪,But I cant get near you now. 但此刻不能接近你Oh,cant you see, baby, 哦,宝贝,难道你不懂Youve got me going crazy? 你已使我发疯?Wherever you go, whatever you do, 无论你在何地,无论你做何事,I will be right here waiting you; 我就在这里等候你Whatever it takes, 不管怎么样,Or how my heart breaks, 不管我多哀伤,I will be right here waiting you. 我就在这里等候你I wonder 我试问How we can survive this romance, 我们如何熬过这浪漫情But in the end 但到最后If Im with you 如果我与你同在Ill take the chance. 我要抓住这个机会Oh,cant you see it,baby, 哦,宝贝,难道你不懂Youve got me going crazy? 你已使我发疯?Wherever you go, whatever you do, 无论你在何地,无论你做何事,I will be right here waiting you; 我就在这里等候你Whatever it takes, 不管怎么样,Or how my heart breaks, 不管我多哀伤,I will be right here waiting you. 我就在这里等候你Waiting you. 等候你 3689

英语学习笔记:autograph [#7;#596;:t#601;graelig;f]n. 明星签名signature [#7;s#618;ɡn#601;t#63;#6;]n. 正式签名,签字Johann约翰John Hancock就是签名的意思piece of cake小菜一碟Lazy Susan圆桌上的转盘Bob is my uncle小菜一碟Kirsten,how’s your drive license test going?你驾照考得怎么样了Could I have your John Hancock?可以给我签个字么?最流行的三个男子名:Noah, Liam, Mason女子名:Emma,Olivia,Sophia更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 63875

Dialogue 1Mark: Hey, Jingjing, about time you showed up! I was waiting over an hour. Is everything okay?马克:嘿,京晶,你终于出现了!我等了你一个多小时了没出什么事吧?Jingjing: Yeah, Im fine. Im really sorry Im late. Traffic is really sluggish today! I should have given you a heads up.京晶:没有,我很好真的很抱歉我迟到了今天交通实在是太糟糕了!我应该告诉你一声的Mark: Yeah, yeah. Shoulda coulda woulda.马克:是啊……应该……知道还不告诉我一声Jingjing: Hey! I said I was sorry. Besides, werent you late last week when we went to see a movie?京晶:嘿!我说了我很抱歉况且,我们上周末去看电影你不也迟到了么?Mark: Hey, Im just playing with you! Anyways, I think I know why traffic was so bad today.马克:哈,我只是逗你玩呢!而且,我想我知道为什么今天的交通如此糟糕Jingjing: Oh, yeah? Why that?京晶:哦,是吗?为什么?Mark: Because school is just starting back up! All the students are busy moving back into their dormitories.马克:因为学校都陆续开学了!所有的学生都在忙着搬回到他们的宿舍去Jingjing: Oh, that true. Hey, sometimes I miss the old days of being in school. Work can be more stressful than school sometimes.京晶:哦,确实是这样哎,有时候我很怀念学生时代有时工作比学习紧张多了Mark: I know what you mean. I miss being a student too. But at least now we can live our own lives independently and make a little moola.马克:是啊我也很怀念学生时代但现在的好处是,至少我们可以独立生活并且赚钱啦Jingjing: Word. Hey, let use some of that moola right now and go eat lunch. Im starving!京晶:没错嘿,让我们花点儿票子,去吃午饭吧我饿死了!Mark: Good idea, let go.马克:好主意,我们走吧习语短语(It) about time...终于……例如:It about time youve finished your schoolwork. 你终于完成你的功课了!sluggish某事物移动或流动得很缓慢,常指交通give someone a heads up提前通知某人某事Shoulda coulda woulda.指现在说也晚了,当对方说“我本应该做……”却没有做的时候用 (故意为难对方)play with someone和某人开玩笑the old days[俚语]指过去moola[俗语]金钱word[年轻人的流行语]这里是类似于“我明白”,如果发音为升调,它的功能等同于“真的吗?”Dialogue Jingjing and Mark are sitting down at a restaurant having a conversation.京晶和马克在餐厅交谈Jingjing: So, what do you miss most about being in school, Mark?京晶:马克,学校最让你怀念的是什么?Mark: I miss the sense of accomplishment after doing well on my tests and homework.马克:我最怀念考试考好和完成家庭作业之后的成就感Jingjing: Really? So you mean you miss your teachers and parents hailing you doing a good job?京晶:真的吗?所以,你的意思是你怀念老师和家长称赞你学习好吗?Mark: Yeah, basically.马克:是的,基本上是这样Jingjing: So in other words, you were a teacher pet?京晶:所以,换句话说,你原来是老师的宠儿喽?Mark: Ill admit, I was! I always liked making my teachers happy. What about you?马克:我承认,确实是!我总是喜欢让我的老师高兴你呢?Jingjing: I cant say I was a teacher pet. Dont get me wrong, I was still a good student and got good grades, but I was never after the approval of my teachers.京晶:我不能说我是老师的宠儿但不要误会我的意思,我还是个好学生,并取得了很好的成绩,但我从来没有在意过老师的表扬Mark: Oh, I see. Cool. Well, what subject did you like best?马克:哦,我明白了酷,那你最喜欢什么科目呢?Jingjing: Math was always my favorite. Im a natural number cruncher.京晶:数学一直是我的最爱我天生就会和数字打交道Mark: You liked Math? Cool! Youd probably make a good bean counter if you wanted to.马克:你喜欢数学?厉害!如果你愿意的话,你可以成为一个优秀的会计师Jingjing: Thanks, but I think Ill stick with being a radio host. That my passion in life. What yours?京晶:谢谢,但我想我还是会坚持做一名电台主持人这才是我生命中的热情所在你呢?Mark: I like teaching English, and of course, helping others.马克:我喜欢教英语,当然,还有帮助他人Jingjing: Oh, really? Well, you could help me foot the bill?京晶:哦,真的吗?太好了,那你能不能帮我买单?Mark: I suppose I could do that... Waiter! Check please!马克:我想我能做到这一点……务员!买单!习语短语hail[动词]赞美,致敬teacher pet老师的宠儿Dont get me wrong.不要误会我的意思,不瞒你说number cruncher擅长与数字打交道的人bean counter[俚语]会计师stick with (something)坚持做某事,不会改变my passion in life我生活中最大的热情,我最喜欢的东西(如嗜好)foot the bill买单 8

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