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重庆第三人民医院正规吗重庆市星宸美容医院是私立医院吗重庆市星辰整形医院好吗 The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has begun a two-day trip to Iran, the highest-ranking European leader to visit since world powers stuck a deal on Tehrans nuclear program last year.意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐开始了对伊朗的两天之行,这是自去年世界大国就伊朗核计划达成协议以来欧洲领导人最高级别的访问。He was greeted by President Rouhani, who visited Rome in January.他受到总统鲁哈尼的迎接,鲁哈尼在一月访问了罗马。Italy used to be Iran’s main economic and commercial partner. Annual trade between the two countries peaked at around 7 billion euros. But a decade of nuclear-related sanctions saw the figure plummet.意大利曾是伊朗的主要经济和商业伙伴。两国年贸易额高峰达到约70亿欧元。但十年核相关的制裁使得这一数据骤然下降。Iran joined the global trading system again in January following the deal to lift sanctions in exchange for limiting its nuclear ambitions.随着协议解除了对限制其核野心的制裁,伊朗一月再次加入全球贸易体系。Now it is seeking European help to upgrade its infrastructure and invest in manufacturing.现在,伊朗正在寻求欧洲帮助,升级其基础设施并投资于制造业。Terms have been agreed with Italy for deals in oil, transport and shipping.已在石油,运输和航运方面与意大利达成交易。译文属。 /201604/437065Line Choice选择雪道Choosing the right line will let u get the most out of your rhyme.选择一条合适的滑雪线会让你充分利用你的节奏。obstacles, snow conditions and your ability are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the perfect line场地障碍物,雪况以及你自身的滑雪技巧在选择最佳滑雪线的时候都是需要考虑在内的因素。I am standing at the top of small shoot here as a few options on the way in现在我站在小山坡这,有好几个选择可以进入left hand side fields had a little bit more sun so I feel the shady sides gonna be a little bit better snow quality左手边的地方有些阳光所以我觉得右手边有阴影的地方雪况要好一些one of my biggest concerns is the tree in the middle我最担心的就是最中间的那棵树standing here I havent actually decided which side of the tree Im gonna go站在这儿我还没有想好要从树的哪边滑下去but Im gonna be looking ahead and make that decision as I get nearer但是我会朝前看等快要接近的时候再做决定Its worth taking a moment at the top around to scan your line站在坡顶俯瞰会儿你滑行的路线还是值得的you are scanning the slight obstacles such as rocks and trees看看一些比如说石头或者树啊之类的阻碍before I head off down here I can only see the rocks on the right, small tree on the left滑下去之前,我唯一能看见的右边的石头和左边的树and i am gonna to set myself up so I am in a good position to enjoy the whole run现在我要作好准备,让自己处于一个好的状态,享受整个滑行。Its the first turn, snow in a little bit wind blown这是第一个转弯,雪在微风中飘。planning a run not only where you gonna go but also where you going to start计划好你的滑程,你要滑到哪里并且在哪里开始。If it feels more comfortable to maybe come down a few meters or even change directions这样可能滑下去几米或即使改变方向也是比较有顺心的Then get into position and start first a few turns with confidence and it will really set you up for the whole run整装待发自信的开始第一个转弯,这样在整个过程中你才会真正的准备好Im not liking that look at these bumps down here我不太喜欢这些小雪包the snow is little fresh there, so I spin myself around and I am y to go again那儿的雪是刚下的,闪闪的,我转过身来,准备又要出发了by looking at the line, especially in this tracked out powder of crud you can often find helpful bumps or natural features看着滑雪线在这片被滑过很多的雪地上常会找到一些能帮助你的雪包或者自然地形。Its quite often Ill see a bump and use that as an aid to start my turn我经常会看到一个雪包然后作为我开始转弯的助力but once I made that decision ,i am not gonna stare at it and i am gonna keep looking down the slope但是我一旦做出那个决定,我就不会一直盯着雪包看而是朝沿着雪坡的方向往下看using these small bump will help release the weight on the skis and make it easier to initiate the turn借助这些小小的雪包会帮助你减轻对雪板的压力,从而让入弯变得更容易。by plotting a line and looking ahead it really made the whole run flow计划一个滑雪路线并向前看会使你的整个滑雪变得流畅this is something all good skiers do, from world cup racers who would be looking for good smooth line between the gates to big mountain extreme skiers who really gonna need to know where they are on the mountain这是所有优秀滑雪者必做的,不管是需要在旗门中寻找最流畅路线的世界大奖赛运动员还是随时需要知道自己所处位置的大山极限滑雪者。with experience this will become second nature随着经验的积累,这会变成第二个本性plan ahead, be y and enjoy it提前计划,随机应变然后享受。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201508/391627重庆星辰美容医院过年

重庆星宸美容医院多久了?正规吗You produce between two-three pints of urine every day,but most of us still pay little attention to our liquid waste.So,what does your pee say about you? And could it be a clear indicator of your bodys overall health?一个人每天的尿量约2-3品脱,但是大部分人对尿液毫不关心,尿液能够说明些什么呢?它是否能作为整体健康状况的指标物。Before you pee,the kidneys filter waster soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needs to keep,like sugar,back into your body,`and getting rid of the things your body doesnt want,like toxins.The liquid waste then flows to your bladder where it is stored until eventually being peed out.在尿尿前肾脏会过滤水溶物吸收保留所需的营养盐,如糖分,将其保留在体内,并且排出对身体不利物质,如毒素,然后这些废液流向膀胱,储存在哪 ,直到取终被尿出来。If your urine is brown,it could be from eating a lot of rhubarb,fava beans or aloe.It is also a side effect of some medications,such as laxatives,muscle relaxants and antibiotics.More seriously it can be a sign of liver disorder or kidney disease.如果尿液是棕色,很可能是吃了大黄,蚕豆或芦荟,也可能是一些药物的作用,如通便药物,肌肉松弛剂和抗生素,更严重些甚至可能是肝脏损伤或肾病的信号。If youre seeing purple,you may be suffering from a rare inherited disorder know as porphyria.Porphyrias cause your body to be deficient in the enzymes which produce heme,an essential part of red blood cells.如果尿液是紫色的,那么你可能得了一种罕见的遗传疾病----卟啉症,卟啉症会导致身体缺少产生亚铁血红素的酶,它是红细胞的基本组分之一.Green urine?It could be from a new medication or vitamin.Some green food dyes dont get absorbed by your body and can be excreted in your urine,so a green stream is not always something to be alarmed about,especially after St.Patricks day.那么绿色的尿呢?可能是一种新药物或维生素造成的,有些绿色的食用色素无法被身体吸收,就会随尿液排出,因此看到绿色尿液并不用太过担心,特别是圣帕特里克节之后.If your urine is blue,you likely have familial hypercalcemia,an inherited disorder found in children which is caused by excess calcium in the blood also known as blue diaper syndrome.Some medications have methylene blue in them which can cause urine to turn blue/green.如果尿液是蓝色,你可能得了遗传性高钙血症,这是一种儿童会患的遗传疾病,是由于血液中钙过量引起的,又称为蓝色尿综合征,一些含有亚甲蓝的药物也会导致尿液变蓝/绿。If your urine is pink or red,there may be blood in the urine.This could be due to a variety of conditions from an enlarged prostate,bladder cancer or even chronic lead poisoning.But red urine can also be caused by different types of medications or from eating richly coloured foods like beets and blackberries.In fact beeturia is the technical term for peeing pink after eating too many beets.如果是粉色或红色的尿,期中可能含有血,这可能是由于前列腺肥大,膀胱癌,或者慢性铅中毒等因素导致的,不过红色的尿液可能是由于食用了不同类型的药物或是色素含量丰富的食物,如甜菜或蓝莓。甜菜尿就是一个描述食用过多甜菜后,尿液呈粉色症状的专业术语。If your urine is orange,it could be from eating excessive amounts of food containing high levels of vitamin C or carotene such as carrots.Its also caused by drugs,like a painkiller called Pyridium given to people with urinary tract infections which turns urine bright orange.Normally,urine should be a shade yellow,and it gets this yellow colour form the pigment of urobilin,which is a product of the breakdown of heme,an essential part of your blood.如果尿液是橙色,可能是由于食用了过多富含维C和红萝卜素的食物,如胡萝卜,不过也可能是由于药物造成的,如尿道感染患者食用止痛药马洛芬后,尿液会变成橙黄色,通常尿液应该带有些微黄色,这个黄色是由于尿胆素造成的,这是分解血液基本组合亚铁血红素得到的产物。Depending on how much water you have in your body your urine will either be diluted or concentrated with urobilin.Honey coloured? It means your body has reabsorbed a lot of water to keep you hydrated so now there is a higher concentration of urobilin in your urine making your pee appear amber coloured.You need to drink water right now.每天身体摄取的水量,决定了尿液中尿胆素是稀是浓,蜜黄色,说明身体为了合成水合物再吸收了大量的水分,因此尿液中尿胆素的浓度偏高,导致尿液呈琥珀色,这表示你需要多喝水。Dark yellow,this is normal.but there is more urobilin so you will want to drink water soon.No colour at all means you have been drinking a lot of water.It could also mean you have consumed caffeine or alcohol which inhibits the ability for your body to reabsorb liquid in the kidney,meaning you pee out way more water.深黄色也是正常的,但是这更高的尿胆素会导致你想喝水,完全无色的尿说明你喝了很多水,或是摄入了咖啡因或是洒精,这抑制了肾脏对水分的再吸收,说明你尿掉了很多的水。Transparent yellow,youre normal and healthily hydrated.透明黄色的尿,说明你很正常而且水和过程很健康。201506/383454重庆市星宸医院位置 Over 99% of the animal species that have even lived are now extinct.And sometimes,an event occurs causing changes so drastic that most species are completely wiped out within a short period of time.So here are the 5 most incredible mass extinctions even to occur,and a look at whether the 6th might be happening right now.99%曾经存在过的动物,如今都已经灭绝了,有时,一件事情的发生造成了剧烈的变化,会导致大部分生物在短期内彻底消失,今天我们来讲讲已经发生的5次大灭绝,以及很可能就快来临的第六次。4.4 million years ago was the The Ordovician extinction.At that time,most creatures swam or crawled in shallow seas.As newly created volcanic rock was worn down by water and wind,it reacted with CO2 and absorbed it.4.4亿提前,发生了奥陶纪大灭绝,当时,大多数的生物都生活在浅水区,新形成的火山岩在水与风的侵蚀下,与二氧化碳发生反应,将其吸收。As a result,carbon dioxide levels dropped,temperatures fell and water got locked away as ice.This caused ocean levels to drop and shallow seas to drain and after several cycles of growing and shrinking glaciers,about 86 percent of species were lost forever.Then over millions of years the oceans slowly repopulated with fish and the land was colonized by early plants.导致二氧化碳含量降低,从而造成了气温降低,水面结冰,海平面因此而下降,浅海地区海水排空,在冰川数次涨跌循环之后,约86%的物种灭绝了,在数百年之后,海洋中重新出现了鱼儿,陆地上也开始出现早期植物。These plants were then eaten by the first crawling and flying insects.Then 374 million years ago these new plants contributed to the next mass extinction.The plants absorbed enough Co2 to create another round of global cooling.They changed soil causing nutrients to wash into the ocean creating enormous amounts of algae which sucked up oxygen.它们成了早期爬行和昆虫的食物,直到3.74亿年前,这些新出现的植物造成了第二冷饮大灭绝,它们吸收了太多的二氧化碳,造成了第二次全球降温,植物还改变了土壤,营养盐被冲刷进海里,造成藻类大量生长,它们吸收了许多氧气。More than half of ocean species essentially choked to death.Although somewhere in the world,a small family of fish with foot like fins and lungs managed to scrape by.Over the next 100 million years,these creatures would evolve into amphibians,reptiles and nearly all modern land animals.250 million years ago is the Permian extinction.超过半数的海洋生物血缺氧窒息而死, 但是在世界上某个地方,一种长着脚状鳍和肺的鱼类勉力熬过了这个劫难,在之后的1亿多年里,这些生物进化成了两栖动物,爬行动物和接近现代的陆地生物,2.5亿年前,发生了二叠纪大灭绝。The single worst mass extinction in history.70 percent of life on land and over 95 percent of life in the oceans was wiped out.Billions of tonnes of volcanic gases destroyed the ozone layer and the average ocean temperature hit 40 degrees celsius,which is hotter than most hot tubs.这是历史上最大规模的一次大灭绝,70%的陆地生物和超过95%的海洋生物都灭绝了,数亿吨的火山气体破坏了臭氧层,海洋温度来均达到了40℃,比最热水浴缸还要热。Acid rain fell all over the planet,devastating life on land.Life had only 50 million years to recover until the fourth mass extinction came.At this time early small dinosaurs roamed the land.A huge volcanic rift opened in the middle of the planet;eventually splitting the Americas from Europe and Africa,and forming the Atlantic Ocean.全球范围的酸雨,毁掉了陆地生物,在第四次大灭绝来临之前,生物们只有5千万年的恢复期,那时,早期的小恐龙在陆地上撒欢,地球中间裂开了一道巨大的火山裂谷,最终它将美洲与欧洲和非洲分开了。The volcanoes spewed out CO2,increasing temperatures and killing about 80 percent of the species around at the time.Yet in this newly emptied world dinosaurs did extremely well and during the next 135 million years,they grew to become some of the largest land animals the world had ever seen.火山爆发喷射出的二氧化碳导致气温升上,弄死了当时约80%的物种,这次大灭绝彻底整顿了恐龙喜欢的那个世界,在之后的1.35亿年里,恐龙长成了前所未见的最大型的陆地生物。But all good things must come to the end.Many scientists believe that the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid the size of a small town crashing into what is now Mexicos Yucatan peninsula.The impact shot millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere,blocking out sunlight and spelling an end to all large dinosaurs the small ones that survived evolved into birds.但是一切美好都有尽头,许多科学家认为,恐龙的消失,是因为一颗城镇大小的行星,砸在了如今的墨西哥尤卡坦半岛上,撞击导致无数尘埃进入大气,阻挡了阳光,并使所有的大型恐龙都灭绝了,小型恐龙们则进化成小鸟。The world was now primed for a small,scuffling,rat-like creature,the ancestor of all modern mammals.Whthin 50 million years,its descendants-from wildebeest and whales to horses and us humans-have diversified and grown to dominate nearly every available environment on earth.So where does that leave us now,64 million years later?世界准备好迎接小型,长脚,像老鼠一们的生物了,即所有现代哺乳类的先祖,在五千万年里,它的后代,从牛羚和鲸鱼到马匹和人类,变得多种多样,并在地球几乎所有生态位中占据了主导地位,所弄死我们的下一次大灭绝何时来临?6500万年后?Well,human dominance of earth has led to big changes too,except the changes of today are happening over decades,not millennia.Carbon dioxide levels,implicated in so many of the past extinctions,have climbed at least 25 percent in just the last 50 years,almost no time in geological terms.嘛,人类对地球的控制导致了巨大的变化,当下的形势最多只能再继续上数十年,与多次大灭绝有关的二氧化碳含量,在过去50年里提高了至少25%,就地质条件而言是史无前例的。In addition to climate change,weve exterminated hundreds of species by hunting,fishing,habitat destruction and pollution.Its been estimated that current species extinction rates are between 100 and 1000 times highter than the natural background rate,and that if all the species that are currently threatened by declining populations actually do go extinct,we may reach the level of a true mass extinction in just a few hundred years.除了气候变化,我们打猎,,破坏环境和污染环境的行为,导致了无数物种灭绝,据估计现在的物种灭绝率,约为自然本底率的100到1000倍,如果现在面临种群衰退的物种,真的全都灭绝了,那么几百年后我们就会再一次迎来大灭绝。And while all the mass extinctions of the past have had some survivors,its worth remembering that the creatures at the top of the food chain are usually hit the hardest.We may be setting the stage for history to repeat itself,and for some small,unexpected organism to replace us as the planets dominant form of life.虽然过去每一轮的大灭绝中都有一些物种幸存下来,我们应当谨记于心:位于食物链顶端的物种所受冲击往往最大,我们应当做好迎接历史重演的准备,让一些渺小,意想不到的生物,取代我们成为新一代和地球霸主。201505/376896重庆市星宸整形医院是最好的泉州妇科医院

重庆星辰治疗好不好At least five dead and a million evacuated in Chile智利强震已造成至少5人死亡 100万居民撤离Chiles Interior Ministry has announced that five people were killed in the 8.3-magnitude earthquake that shook the country Wednesday evening.智利内政部长宣布周三晚上的8.3级地震已造成5人死亡。The US Geological Service said the epicenter of the tremor was in the Pacific Ocean, just 46 kilometers north-west of the town of Illapel and some 200 kilometers from the capital Santiago.美国地质调查局表示此次地震震中是在太平洋—距伊亚佩尔镇西北仅46公里,离智利首都圣地亚哥约200公里。It is the biggest earthquake since 2010 to hit the South American nation.这是自2010年以来这个南美国家所遭遇最为严重的一次大地震。President Michelle Bachelet has said she will make her way to the areas worst affected by the quake.智利总统米歇尔·巴切莱特表示她会前往受影响最严重的地区。 译文属201509/399615 重庆市第九人民医院几点关门重庆三峡中心医院儿童分院地址在哪



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