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重庆西南医院电话预约12:The different types of travel restrictions to be eased as a result of the restored ties, including family visits and official visits as well as journalistic and education work, according to The New York Times. Tourism, however, will reportedly remain prohibited.12:作为恢复邦交的成果之一,两国将放宽12类不同的旅行限制,据《纽约时报》报道,放宽后的规定将允许美国人到古巴进行探亲和官方访问,以及从事新闻采访和教育工作等,但是依然禁止观光旅游8:The months of “secret talksthat were hosted by Canada and which led to President Barack Obama to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro, according to The New York Times.18个月:据《纽约时报》的消息称,在加拿大的斡旋下,两国举行了一系列“秘密会谈”,历时18个月,终于促成美国总统奥巴马与古巴总统卡斯特罗的会晤5:The percentage of Cuba’s economy that goes to exporting raw sugar. That’s followed by 15% refined petroleum, 14% nickel mattes, 14% rolled tobacco and 6.7% hard liquor, according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, which is run by MIT. The top five export locations are China (30%), Spain (11%), Brazil (5.1%), Belgium-Luxembourg (5%) and Italy (3.2%).25%:原糖出口占古巴经济总产值的百分比。据麻省理工学院的经济复杂性研究中心统计,精炼石油占古巴总产值的15%、镍锍占14%、辊压烟草占14%和烈酒占6.7%。古巴最重要大出口国是中囀?西班牙、巴西、比利时和卢森堡以及意大利0:The number of years that passed between the U.S. and Cuba before talking once more on Dec. 17.50年:美国和古巴在过去50年无正常外交关系,两国领导人将于127日再次会晤8.23:The number of dollars in billions that Cuba’s GDP is worth, according to the World Bank. The country also has a population of 11.26 million.682.3亿:世界(World Bank)的数据显示,古巴国内生产总值为682.3亿美元,该国总人口为1,126万64:The number of dollars in millions that the U.S. government has spent in Cuba through the U.S. Agency for International Development to aid democracy in Cuba, The New York Times reported.2.64亿:根据《纽约时报》的报道,在帮助古巴推进民主化的进程中,美国政府通过美国国际开发署在当地投入了2.64亿美元的资金00:The number of dollars that U.S. travelers can import from Cuba. That’s up from 0 previously, according to media reports.400:根据媒体报道,现在美国公民可以携带400美元进入古巴,而之前只能带100美元:The numbers of years American contractor Gross was held captive in a Cuban prison. He worked for Development Alternatives which reportedly held a million contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development. The country accused Gross of crimes related to bringing satellite phones and computer equipment to Cuba’s Jewish community.5年:美国承包商格罗斯在古巴被关押的时间。格罗斯供职于发展选择公司,据称,该公司与美国国际开发署签订了一00万美元的合同。古巴方面曾指控格罗斯向古巴犹太社区提供卫星电话及计算机设备,000:The number of dollars that President Obama will allow to be sent to Cuban nationals every three months. That’s up from just 0.2000:奥巴马总统决定放宽古巴侨民的汇款限制,从原来的每三个月500美元上升,000美元。(财富中文网) /201412/350628重医附二院等级A Chinese state-run oil company has signed an oil production deal with the capital of the ed Arab Emirates in a further indication of the deepening ties between oil-rich Gulf states and their energy-hungry Asian customers.中国国有石油公司中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC,简称中石油)与阿联酋首都阿布扎比签署了一份石油生产协议。此举进一步表明,盛产石油的海湾国家与其渴求能源的亚洲客户之间的关系正不断加深。Al Yasat Company for Petroleum Operations, owned 60 per cent by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and 40 per cent by China National Petroleum Company, was formalised by the UAE’s president, the state news agency reported on Tuesday.官方通讯社周二报道,阿布扎比国家石油公司(Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)持股60%、中石油持股40%的Al Yasat石油作业公司(Al Yasat Company for Petroleum Operations),已由阿联酋总统正式宣布成立。The announcement cements a 2012 strategic partnership through which the two parties agreed to develop upstream projects in the oil-rich UAE.这项宣布巩固了双方在2012年达成的、同意在盛产石油的阿联酋开发上游项目的战略合作关系。A consortium from South Korea, which is also deepening energy ties with Abu Dhabi, also struck a similar deal in 2012, taking a 40 per cent interest in the development of three Abu Dhabi oilfields.一个来自韩国的财团也在努力加深与阿布扎比的能源关系,同样在2012年敲定了一项类似的协议,在阿布扎比三个油田的开发中拿到40%的权益。CNPC would help take a share of oil produced in onshore and offshore fields, the news agency said.上述官方通讯社称,中石油将帮助中国从陆地和海上油田分得一部分石油产量。The Chinese group had aly been operating in Abu Dhabi, said one oil executive. The exact scope of the work had yet to be identified, he added.一位石油业高管表示,中石油此前已在阿布扎比展开作业。他补充道,相关合作的具体范围还有待确定。Energy-hungry China has been on the hunt for access to upstream oil and gas resources to fuel economic growth.中国急需能源,一直在寻求获得上游油气资源以推动经济增长。The deal comes as Abu Dhabi, which has 98bn barrels of proven oil reserves, is considering how to extend 75-year-old concessions that elapsed with western oil groups earlier this year.阿布扎比拥有980亿桶已探明石油储量。达成此项协议之际,其正在考虑如何延长今年早些时候到期的、授予西方石油集团的长达75年的特许权。Majors such as ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Total have for decades dominated upstream production in this significant member of the Opec.埃克森美ExxonMobil)、荷兰皇家壳Royal Dutch Shell)、英国石BP)和道达尔(Total)等石油巨头数十年来一直在这个欧佩OPEC)主要成员国主导上游生产。Western oil groups bidding for these contract extensions say the emergence of Asian competitors is not expected to impact the renewal.竞争延长特许合同的西方油企表示,亚洲竞争者的出现预计不会影响合同展期。The UAE is looking to lock in production expertise as it seeks to boost output, most of which heads east to Asia, from ageing oilfields.阿联酋希望锁定石油生产技术,以扩大日益老化的油田的产量。这些油田产出的大部分石油都向东运往亚洲。Abu Dhabi officials have said they hope to raise capacity to 3.5m barrels of oil a day from around 2.9m barrels a day by as early as 2017.阿布扎比官员表示,他们希望最早在2017年将产能从每天约290万桶石油扩大到每50万桶。来 /201405/295247重庆市第一人民医院咨询电话

重庆市星宸整形收费贵吗重庆市中医院是最好的泉州妇科医院Aparadox lurks in the foundations of the eurozone. Governments in the monetary union lack a central bank that has their back, while the central bank lacks a government to support it.一种矛盾隐藏在欧元区的根基之中。欧元区各国政府缺少一个持它们的中央,而欧州央行也缺少一个持它的政府。This paradox cannot be eliminated without fundamental institutional changes. But there are steps member states can take to ameliorate some of its negative effects. One such step that we contemplated during my tenure at the Greek ministry of finance focused on the chronic liquidity shortage of a stressed public sector and its impact on the long-suffering private sector.如果没有根本性的体制变革,这种矛盾就无法被消除。但是,成员国可以采取一些措施,减轻部分这一矛盾带来的负面影响。我在担任希腊财长期间所思考的一项此类措施,聚焦于压力重重的公共部门的长期流动性短缺及其对长期受困的私营部门的影响。In Greece, where the central bank is unable to support the state’s endeavours, government arrears to the private sector both companies and individuals have been a drag on the economy, adding to deflationary pressures since as far back as 2008. Such arrears consistently exceeded 3 per cent of gross domestic product for five years.在希腊,央行无法持国家的发展努力,政府对私营部门(包括企业和个人)的逾期债款一直拖累希腊经济,加重了自2008年就出现的通缩压力。此类逾期债款连续5年都超过了国内生产总GDP)%。The phenomenon is both the cause and consequence of delayed tax payments to the state, reinforcing the cycle of generalised illiquidity.这种现象既是延迟向国家纳税的原因,也是其后果,加剧了全面流动性不足的恶性循环。To address this problem, our simple idea was to allow the multilateral cancellation of arrears between the state and the private sector using the tax office’s existing payments platform. Taxpayers, whether individuals or organisations, would be able to create reserve accounts that would be credited with arrears owed to them by the state. They would then be able to transfer credits from their reserve account either to the state (in lieu of tax payments) or to any other reserve account.为了解决这一问题,我们的简单想法是利用税务部门现有的付平台,让政府与私营部门之间进行多边债务互免。纳税人(不论是个人还是组织)将能够开设储备账户,将国家拖欠他们的债务金额计入其中。然后,他们可以将储备帐户中的信用分转移付给国家(代替缴税),或转移至任何其他储备帐户。Suppose, for example, Company A is owed ㄠ洀 by the state; and it owes 30,000 to an employee plus another 500,000 to Company B, which provided it with goods and services. The employee and Company B also owe, respectively, ㄠ ,000 and ㈠  ,000 in taxes to the state. In this case the proposed system would allow for the immediate cancellation of at least 0,000 in arrears.例如,假设国家欠A公司100万欧元;而A公司欠一名员万欧元,还欠B公司(为A公司提供了商品和务0万欧元。该员工和B公司还分别欠国家1万欧元和20万欧元的税款。在这种情况下,该付系统将使得至少21万欧元的债务可以立刻抵消。Suddenly, an economy such as Greece’s would acquire important degrees of freedom within the existing European monetary union. In a second phase of development, which we did not have time to consider properly, the system would be made accessible through smartphone apps and identity cards, guaranteeing that it would be widely adopted.倘若如此,像希腊这样的经济体将突然间在当前的欧元区内获得重要自由度。在第二个发展阶段(我们没有时间对此周密考虑),该付系统将可以通过智能手机应用和身份登录,以保它将被广泛采用。The envisaged payments system could be developed to create a substitute for fully functioning public debt markets, especially during a credit crunch such as the one that has afflicted Greece since 2010. Organisations or individuals could buy credits from the tax office online using their normal bank accounts, and add them to their reserve account. These credits could be used after, say, a year to pay future taxes at a discount (for example, 10 per cent).可以开发出这种设想中的付系统,用来替代功能齐全的公共债务市场,尤其是在信贷紧缩期间,例如010年以来困扰希腊的信贷紧缩期。机构或个人可以利用自己的普通账户、以在线方式从税务部门购买信用分,并将它们加入自己的储备账户。这些信用分可以在一段时间(比如一年)后用来按折扣(如10%)缴纳未来的税款。As long as the total level of tax credits was capped, and fully transparent, the result would be a fiscally responsible increase in government liquidity and a quicker path back to the money markets.只要税收抵免的总体水平设定了上限而且完全透明,结果将是以对财政负责的态度增加政府的流动性,踏上一条更快速回归资金市场的通道。Handing over the reins of the finance ministry to my friend, Euclid Tsakalotos, on July 6, I presented a full account of the ministry’s projects, priorities and achievements during my five months in office. The new payments system outlined here was part of that presentation. No member of the press took any notice.7日,在将希腊财政部的领导权交给了我的朋友欧几里德察卡洛托Euclid Tsakalotos)时,我对财政部的项目、重点事项以及自己任个月期间的成绩进行了详细的介绍。这里所概述的新付系统就是那次介绍的一部分。但当时没有任何媒体注意到这一点。But when a subsequent telephone discussion with a large number of international investors, organised by my friend, Norman Lamont, and David Marsh of the London-based Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, was leaked despite the Chatham House rule we agreed with listeners, under which speakers are not identified the press had a field day. Committed to unlimited openness and full transparency, I granted OMFIF permission to release the tapes.但当随后的一场与许多国际投资者的电话讨论被泄露后——尽管我们与听众同意遵循的查达姆宫规Chatham House Rule)意味着发言者身份不被公开——媒体忙了一整天。这次讨论是由我的朋友诺曼拉蒙特(Norman Lamont)和总部设在伦敦的官方货币与金融机构论坛(OMFIF)的戴维氠什(David Marsh)组织的。因为承诺了无限制的开放和完全透明,我授权该论坛发布了讨论录音。While I understand press excitement about elements of that exchange, such as having to consider unorthodox means of gaining access to my own ministry’s systems, only one matter is of significance from a public interest perspective. There is a hideous restriction of national sovereignty imposed by the “troikaof lenders on Greek ministers, who are denied access to departments of their ministries pivotal in implementing innovative policies.虽然我理解媒体对那次交流的细节(例如必须考虑使用非常规手段进入财政部系统)的兴奋,但从公共利益的角度出发,只有一个问题意义重大。债权人“三驾马车”对希腊国家主权强加了骇人的限制,使得希腊各部长无法进入自己的部门,而这些部门对实施创新性政策至关重要。When a loss of sovereignty, arising from unsustainable official debt, yields suboptimal policies in aly stressed nations, one knows that there is something rotten in the euro’s kingdom.当主权丧失(源自不可持续的官方债务)导致已陷入紧缩的国家只能采取次优政策时,人们就可以知道欧元王国某个环节已经失灵。来 /201507/389603重庆星辰医院好不好?重庆市星宸网上预约咨询

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