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quick as a wink ——— 一眨眼英文释义 Very quickly.例句 Every day at closing time, my coworkers leave our store quick as a wink.每天到了关门时,我的同事一眨眼就离开了商店。 /201607/453213New Delay in Zimbabwe Elections津巴布韦总统决选可能推迟  Concerns about a possible delay in Zimbabwe's presidential run-off election are increasing. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights has warned that the any delay beyond the 21 day limit from May 2 when results were released will be a breach of election law.  人们越来越担心津巴布韦总统决选可能会被推迟。津巴布韦人权律师警告说,从5月2日公布选举结果算起,推迟决选超过21天的限期是违背选举法的。The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, or ZEC, chaired by Judge George Chiweshe who was appointed by President Robert Mugabe, has made it clear it will decide the timing of the second round of the presidential election. 津巴布韦选举委员会主席奇维舍(音译)法官明确表示,第二轮总统选举的时间将由选举委员会来决定。奇维舍法官是穆加贝总统任命的选举委员会主席。The announcement was carried in the State controlled newspaper Sunday Mail. 这一宣告刊登在政府控制的报纸星期日邮报上。The run-off is necessary, according to the ZEC, because no candidate got more than half the votes cast in the March 29 elections. MDC candidate Morgan Tsvangirai nevertheless decisively outpolled incumbent President Mugabe, the ruling party Zanu-PF candidate. 该选举委员会说,有必要举行决选,因为在3月29号的选举中没有一名侯选人得到超过半数的选票。然而争取民主变革运动的侯选人茨万吉拉伊确实胜过了执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的侯选人,也就是在任总统穆加贝。It took the commission five weeks to announce the results and rights lawyers say the delay was an abuse of the electoral law. 选举委员会在选举举行了五星期后才宣布选举结果,人权律师说,这一拖延违反了选举法。Now there are reports in various media with connections to Zanu-PF that the run-off will be delayed by at least 40 days.  现在有许多和非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线有关联的媒体纷纷报导说,决选将被延后至少40天。Lawyers have complained that there are more than 120 officials, mostly teachers, from the commission still in detention in connection with the election results. The union representing the teachers claims the ZEC has done little to help the detained officials. 律师们已在抱怨,有120多名选举委员会官员仍然因与选举结果有关而被关禁闭,他们多半是教师。代表这些教师的工会声称,津巴布韦选举委员会没有尽力帮助这些被关禁闭的官员。When the results were announced, ruling party secretary Emmerson Mnangagwa, made complaints accusing the MDC of bribing its way to victory. 当宣布选举结果的时候,执政党秘书穆南加格瓦抱怨争取民主变革运动在选举中进行贿赂而取胜。He used examples of the illegal recount of 23 constituencies where a handful of votes changed, but did not alter the final result. 他将23个选区非法重新点算选票作为例子。这些选区的选票略有变动,却没有改变最终结果。He also said that Zanu-PF would contest the results of 52 constituencies by petitioning the electoral court which still has to be established.  他还说,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线要通过向选举法庭提出呼吁来抗争52个选区的选举结果,而选举法庭还有待成立。The MDC has said it too will contest results of scores of results it believed it had won.  争取民主变革运动表示,他们也将对多项选举结果提出抗争,因为他们认为争取民主变革运动赢得了选举胜利。Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Monday called for an immediate end to political violence and called on the the police, army, central intelligence organization and Zanu PF militia and so-called war veterans to cease attacking people it suspects voted for the MDC.  津巴布韦人权律师星期一要求立即结束政治暴力,并号召警方、军队、中央情报组织、执政党的民兵队伍以及所谓的战场老兵停止攻击他们怀疑投票给争取民主变革运动的民众。It also requested that expanded regional and international election observers be allowed immediate entry into Zimbabwe and that all local observers be allowed to continue their duties without further accreditation. 人权律师也请求更多的本地区和国际选举观察员得到许可立即进入津巴布韦,而本地的观察员不必得到进一步授权就可以继续开展工作。Political violence, according to the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, dramatically increased last week and so far about 700 people have been treated and many admitted to hospital with serious injuries. 据津巴布韦人权医生协会说,上星期政治暴力大幅上升,迄今为止约有700人接受治疗,其中许多人伤势严重必须住院治疗。Many thousands of people have been forced out of their homes and many schools have been taken over by militia. The MDC says at least 20 of its members have been killed.  好几千人被迫离乡背井,许多学校被民兵占据。争取民主变革运动说,至少有20名成员遇害。Nearly all those interviewed by rights lawyers or doctors say they were attacked because they voted for the MDC in the elections. 几乎所有接受人权律师或医生采访的人都说,他们遭到袭击是因为他们投票给争取民主变革运动。Mr. Mugabe admits his loyalists killed thousands of oppositon supporters in southern Zimbabwe in the early 1980's.  穆加贝承认,效忠于他的人上世纪80年代初期在津巴布韦南部杀死了几千名反对党的拥护者。200805/37701US Pressure Deepens Divide Between Pakistan's Military and Civilian Leadership美国压力使巴政府和军方关系紧张  Analysts and U.S. officials say American pressure on Pakistan over counterterrorism policy has strained the relationship between that country's government and its military. The two camps differ over how much approval and assistance Pakistan should give to stepped-up U.S. anti-terrorist operations.分析人士和美国官员说,美国在反恐政策上对巴基斯坦施加的压力导致巴基斯坦政府和军方的关系紧张。这两个阵营在巴基斯坦应当对美国加强反恐行动给予多少许可和持这个问题上出现分歧。The honeymoon between Pakistan's powerful military establishment and the newly elected civilian government appears to be short-lived. Analysts say an increase in U.S. unmanned drone attacks and covert operations against suspected terrorist sanctuaries have inflamed public opinion in Pakistan and driven a wedge between the generals and the politicians.巴基斯坦强大的军方系统和新上台的文职政府之间的蜜月期似乎很短。分析人士说,美国无人驾驶飞机对涉嫌为恐怖分子藏身地发动的袭击和采取的秘密行动,激怒了巴基斯坦民众,并造成了军界和政界的不和。Larry Goodson, a professor at the U.S. Army War College, says that crack could widen as Pakistan faces more lethal pressure internally from militant attacks and political pressure externally from the ed States.美国陆军战争学院教授古德森说,巴基斯坦在内部面临激进分子袭击带来的致命压力,在外部面临来自美国的政治压力,而且这两股压力都在增加,这可能导致军界和政界间分歧的进一步扩大。"It really does reflect a split, and maybe a split that could widen and deepen and become a real fissure within Pakistani policymaking and strategy," he said.他说:“这的确反映了一种分歧,而且这种分歧可能会加大、加深,并成为巴基斯坦决策过程和战略之间的一条真正的裂痕。”Many people in Pakistan criticized the former military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, for being too close to the ed States. Analysts say there is deep suspicion in the army that the new president, Asif Ali Zardari - Pakistan's first civilian leader in nearly nine years - is embarked on the same path.在巴基斯坦,许多人批评前军方领导人穆沙拉夫将军和美国过于亲近。分析人士说,巴基斯坦军方非常怀疑新当选的总统扎尔达里,也是巴基斯坦近9年来的第一位文职领导人正在走上和穆沙拉夫同样的道路。Larry Goodson says the deepening suspicion, along with a growing internal terrorist threat, could hasten a return to military rule in Pakistan, which has vacillated between military and civilian governance since independence from Britain in 1947.古德森教授说,这种怀疑的加深,以及国内恐怖分子威胁的加剧可能使巴基斯坦加速回到军人统治的局面。自从巴基斯坦1947年脱离英国统治获得独立以来,这个国家一直在军人和文人的统治间摇摆不定。"The pendulum is swinging more quickly now between military and civilian rule," he said. "I think the military has so much at stake that I don't think that they can afford these sort of long bouts of being off center stage while the civilian politicians sort of screw everything up and go through their rather inept wrangling with each other. So I think, based on that, that the honeymoon, such as it was, was very limited and is aly over."古德森说:“钟摆在军人和文人统治间摇摆地更快了。我认为,这里面牵涉了军方的很多利益,因此他们不能忍受被长期边缘化,让文职政客把事情搞得一团糟并笨拙地争吵不休。出于这些原因,我认为,军方和政界之间的蜜月期很有限,而且已经结束了。”President Zardari, the husband of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, has pledged to cooperate with the ed States in eradicating terrorist sanctuaries in the tribal areas. But such cooperation is politically unpopular in Pakistan. Mr. Zardari has also tried to initiate peace talks with militant groups in the tribal areas - a move that has been sharply criticized in the ed States.扎尔达里总统是巴基斯坦遇刺身亡的前总理布托女士的丈夫。他承诺要和美国展开合作,在部落地区根除恐怖分子的藏身处。不过,这种合作在巴基斯坦政界并不受欢迎。扎尔达里还试图同部落地区的激进组织开始进行和平谈判,这一举措受到了美国的强烈批评。But the recent bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad that killed more than 50 people also sparked revulsion in Pakistan. Islamic militants sympathetic to the Taliban and al-Qaida have been blamed for the attack.不过,最近在伊斯兰堡万豪酒店发生的造成50多人死亡的爆炸事件同样在巴基斯坦引起了强烈的反响。人们指责同情塔利班和基地组织的伊斯兰激进分子发动了袭击。Official sources say Mr. Zardari met secretly with CIA chief Michael Hayden to discuss terrorism and U.S.-Pakistani cooperation during the Pakistani leader's recent visit to the ed States. 官方的消息人士说,扎尔达里在最近访问美国时秘密会见了中央情报局局长海登,讨论了恐怖主义问题和美巴两国间的合作。A controversial component of the issue is the true role of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, which is often labeled the "secret government" of Pakistan. The ISI was responsible in large part for creating the Taliban in the 1990s in order to influence events in neighboring Afghanistan. There is wide perception in U.S. policy and intelligence circles that there is still deep ISI support, if not at the top level in at least some elements, for the Islamic militants in the tribal areas.这一问题的一个引发争议的部分是经常被人称为巴基斯坦“秘密政府”的巴基斯坦三军情报局真正在发挥的作用。从一定意义上说,三军情报局在上个世纪90年代创立了塔利班组织以影响邻国阿富汗的局势。美国政策和情报界的许多人认为,三军情报局依然相当持部落地区的伊斯兰激进分子,这种持甚至可能来自该机构几个部门的领导层。Shuja Nawaz, an analyst of Pakistani army affairs, says ISI officers who created the Taliban are retired and gone from headquarters, but that Taliban sympathizers are probably still on the payroll as contractors in the field.巴基斯坦陆军事务分析人士纳瓦兹说,创立塔利班的三军情报局官员已经退休,并离开了总部,但是同情塔利班的人可能还在以合同工的身份在实地工作。"They may still have relationships with the Afghan mujahedin and with the Taliban, and that's really where the problem may arise, where you may have people who have either strong ambivalence or certainly divided loyalties," Nawaz said.他说:“他们可能还和阿富汗圣战者及塔利班保持联系,而这正是产生问题的地方,因为这些人可能举棋不定,或者想效忠双方。”Army chief General Ashfaq Kayani has promised to keep the army out of politics. But Shuja Nawaz points out that that pledge has been made and broken before in Pakistan.巴基斯坦陆军总参谋长基亚尼承诺,不会让军方干预政治。不过,纳瓦兹指出,巴基斯坦以前也做过这样的承诺,但没有兑现。"That's what he said, and that's what a number of army chiefs have said before him," said Nawaz. "Sometimes things happen and then they change their minds. So I wouldn't take that to the bank."他说:“在他之前的许多军事领导人都这么说过。有时,因为某些事情的发生,他们会改变想法。所以我并不完全信任这种说法。”On Tuesday, General Kayani named General Ahmed Shujaa Pasha as the new ISI chief. In his former post as Director of Military Operations, General Pasha oversaw army operations in the tribal areas. Privately, U.S. officials say they are skeptical about whether the appointment will translate into tougher action against the militants.星期二,基亚尼任命帕夏将军为三军情报局局长。帕夏曾担任军事行动主任,监督在部落地区的军事行动。美国有关官员私下表示,他们对帕夏上台后将对激进分子采取更强硬行动表示怀疑。200810/51522Katie Couric: You might wanna think twice before you take your kids for a fast food meal today. A new study reports there may be a link between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels is the study's lead author. She's an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and a clinical epidemiologist at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. Good morning.Dr. Karin Michels: Good morning, Katie.Katie Couric: Is it Michels or Michelles?Dr. Karin Michels: Michels is just(lip-ing) fine. Thank you.Katie Couric: Ok, good. I am glad I've pronounced it correctly. So tell me a little bit about this study and the link you found between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. We found indeed that diet in pre-school age may indeed be associated with breast cancer risk later in life. We found that one additional serving of French fries per week during pre-school age was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer later in life.Katie Couric: And, and before we talk about specifically why French fries seem to be such a problem here, how many, how many people did you study and didn't you study mothers and children, or talked to them?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes, we interviewed mothers of participants of the Nurse's Health Studies in Boston. So we obtained information from the mothers as to what their children ate during pre-school age, that is when they were 3 to 5 years old. We studied about 2,200 women. As we asked the mothers to give us detailed information about the preferences of their daughters during pre-school age. And some of these women had developed breast cancer aly. So we linked the dietary information that we got from the mothers to their daughters' breast cancer incidence later in life.Katie Couric: And so what is it about the French fries that make them such a suspicious culprit of all these?Dr. Karin Michels: That of course is something we would like to find out. French fries are very high in saturated and trans-fatty acids, and that could potentially be the reason that we see this as association.Katie Couric: And what about other foods, other potatoes, for example, I understand, that mashed potatoes, including, which include butter, didn't have a link to breast cancer in any way?Dr. Karin Michels: That is correct. We asked for a whole number of foods to be reported by the mothers, and French fries was the only food that stood out to be associated with breast cancer risk. So we've also asked about mashed potatoes, or sweet potatoes; we also asked about ice-cream consumption, hot dog consumption, hamburgers, but none of these potentially also unhealthy foods stood out here to be associated with breast cancer risk. It was really only the French fries.Katie Couric: Were some of the people you spoke to overweight? Did that have an impact on the breast cancer incidence, in other words, does that you... make you more at risk if you are overweight or even obese?Dr. Karin Michels: Well, it depends whether you're a young woman or older woman with respect to the obesity. But in our analysis, we controlled for all of these factors, so they should not have any influence on the results.Katie Couric: Dr. Larry Norton, who's Deputy-Physician-in-Chief for the breast cancer program at Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center here in New York, warned against over-interpreting, the results of the study. He said: I wouldn't go out and change Americans' dietary habits on the basis of this, but it's certainly worth pursuing with additional research." So what are the implications here and how would you advise parents when it comes to their youngsters' diets?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. I think uh..we have to be very cautious and not over-interpreting the result from this one study. Of course we would like to see our findings confirmed in other studies. The reason why we looked at this early life phase is because there is increasing evidence that breast cancer may originate early in life. The breast of a young woman is much more susceptible to environmental and potentially carcinogenic influences than the breast of an adult woman. In terms of how we translate our findings for the public, there is plenty of evidence to be concerned about our youth's diet.Katie Couric: Right.Dr. Karin Michels: And, we are facing an epidemic of childhood obesity. There's also evidence that other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, and diabetes originate in childhood. So we really are concerned that our children adopt healthier diet and it is obviously a call on the parents to watch over their children's diet. We know that atherosclerotic plaques can always be found in the coronary arteries of children. So it is really preeminent to ensure that we're not, have a young generation grow up to have high incidence (Right.) of chronic diseases as a result of old bad diet.Katie Couric: Clearly. We have to start kid eating in a healthy way very early because as, as you mentioned in your new study found a 27% increase in risk of breast cancer if you have an extra serving of French fries, when you are a girl between the ages of 3 and 5. Dr. Karin Michels, thanks so much for you ,for coming in this morning. We've appreciated it.Dr. Karin Michels: My pleasure. Thank you. 200807/43918Palestinian Police Deploy in West Bank Town阿巴斯在约旦河西岸部署警察部队The Palestinian Authority has launched a new security initiative in the West Bank. The move, which coincides with a U.S. peace mission to the Middle East, has been met with Israeli skepticism. 巴勒斯坦当局在约旦河西岸启动一项新的安全措施。采取这一措施的时机正值美国国务卿赖斯访问中东。以色列对这一措施表示怀疑。Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deployed his police forces in the West Bank town of Jenin on Saturday. 巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯星期六在约旦河西岸的杰宁镇部署了警察部队。More than 500 officers in new uniforms and shiny weapons took up positions in the town Israel once dubbed the "capital of suicide bombers." The aim is to restore law and order, a key element of the internationally-backed "roadmap" peace plan.  500多名警官身穿新制、手持闪亮的武器进入指定地点。以色列曾经把这个镇子称为“自杀炸弹者首都”。巴勒斯坦部署警察的目的是为了恢复法律秩序,这是国际社会持的“中东和平路线图”计划中的一个关键因素。The deployment of the police, trained under a multi-million dollar U.S. program, coincided with a new Middle East peace mission by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The Palestinians want to show tangible signs of progress toward statehood, as Washington pushes for a peace agreement by the end of the year.  这些警察都接受过美国一个耗资数百万美元的项目的训练。这次警察部署行动正值美国国务卿赖斯前往中东地区执行新的和平使命。由于美国正在争取今年年底达成和平协议,巴勒斯坦人希望展现出建立巴勒斯坦国的实际进展。Police moved into Jenin nearly a year after the Islamic militant group Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip, routing the Fatah forces of President Abbas. Palestinian analyst Wadia Abu Nasser says Mr. Abbas wants to prevent a similar scenario in the West Bank. 在伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯占领加沙地带并赶走巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯领导的法塔赫部队将近一年后,巴勒斯坦警察进驻杰宁。巴勒斯坦分析人士纳赛尔说,阿巴斯想避免在约旦河西岸发生类似的情况。"Palestinian Authority are doing maximum possible efforts to undermine [the] Hamas military presence, or underground cells of Hamas, all over the West Bank," he said. 他说:“巴勒斯坦当局正在尽最大努力削弱哈马斯激进分子或哈马斯地下组织在约旦河西岸的势力。”Israel supports the deployment, but because of past failures, is skeptical. Israeli analyst Dan Dyker doubts that President Abbas is willing or able to crack down on militant groups. 以色列持这次部署警察行动,但是基于以往的失败,以色列对此持怀疑态度。以色列分析人士戴克怀疑阿巴斯是否愿意或者能够镇压激进组织。"This a very, very weak leader by everybody's accounts," he said. "And so this is a very high risk proposition because first of all, the situation in the West Bank is highly anarchic; there is no order in the West Bank whatsoever."  他说:“所有的人都认为阿巴斯是一个非常软弱的领导人。因此,这个建议的风险非常高,因为首先,约旦河西岸处于高度无政府状态,约旦河西岸没有秩序。”Israel fears if it hands full security control of Jenin to Mr. Abbas, Palestinian suicide bombers will soon return to Israeli cities. Therefore, officials say the Israel army will continue to conduct raids in Jenin to capture militants and find bomb factories. Israel also blocked a shipment of body armor and helmets to the Palestinian police, fearing they would wind up in the hands of militants.  以色列方面担心,如果把杰宁的安全控制完全交给阿巴斯,巴勒斯坦自杀炸弹手会马上回到以色列城市。因此,有关官员说,以色列军队将继续在杰宁发动搜捕行动,以抓获激进分子,找到炸弹工厂。以色列还拦截了一艘运送防弹衣和头盔给巴勒斯坦警察的货船,因为他们害怕这些武器会最终落到激进分子手里。Palestinian officials complain that these Israeli measures undermine their ability to win the confidence of the people and restore law and order. 巴勒斯坦官员抱怨说,以色列的这些做法削弱了他们赢得民心和恢复法律秩序的能力200805/37522

Welcome back!欢迎回来!This is whats happening today: as a result some of embarrassing mistakes in deliveries,这是今天的情况:由于在送货上出现了一些令人难堪的错误,Tip Top Tradings big boss in America has ordered a re-check of every order this month.Tip Top Trading在美国的大老板命令重新核查本月所有的订单。So, Paul is talking to key customers to see if theyve got what they needed.所以保罗正在与重要客户们谈话,看看他们的货物是否没问题。I just want to check youre happy with the grapes?我只是想核对一下你对你的葡萄很满意。Tom, whom we all know was responsible for the disaster, is phoning his clients to make sure he has the correct information about what they want.我们都知道汤姆该对这场灾难负责,他正在给他的客户打电话确保他们的信息正确。I just want to make absolutely sure we get the order right for you and have the correct number of fruit...我只是想百分百确定我们的订单无误,而且水果的数目也是对的。Denise is, well, talking on the phone to a friend.丹尼斯正在打电话和朋友聊天。Brown shoes dont look right on him!棕色的鞋子不配他!Hes not a brown shoe sort of person...他不是穿棕色鞋子的那种人……Anna has to go down to the warehouse, where the products are prepared for delivery.安娜必须下到仓库去,那里有准备运送的产品。I have to speak to Mr Ingle. Apparently hes not very friendly!我必须要跟英格尔先生谈谈。显然他不是很友好!He might not like me asking lots of questions!他可能不喜欢我问这么多问题!Well, be polite, and start your sentences with things like: I just want to make sure that...要有礼貌,比如开始的时候这么说:我只是想确定……Could you possibly clarify...您能澄清一下……I just want to check...我只是想核对…… /201612/483616

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