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行动主义者卡罗琳;凯西以披露一个惊人的事实开始,讲述了她非凡的人生(无剧透)。在这一挑战认知的演讲中,凯西要我们所有人超越那些我们也许会认为存在的限制. Article/201203/173718。

have a new target in their sights.有了新的标靶Frank Mayer,Civil War vet.Buffalo hunter.法兰克·梅尔,内战退伍军人,野牛猎手I had nothing to look forward to in civilization.在现代文明中我没有任何用武之地I was crazy about guns.我对异常痴迷Mayer tracks 2,000 pound buffalo,easily capable of crushing a man.梅尔追踪着这些足有2000磅重的野牛,每一头都能轻易将人碾碎He picks them off from 200 yards.他在200码外狙击If you could kill them,what they brought was yours.只要你能够杀死它,它身上的一切尽归你所有They were walking gold pieces.它们就是活生生的金子Hunters harvest the buffalo for its hide.猎人射杀野牛只为谋求牛皮In 1872, they ship over one million out of Kansas alone,worth a piece back East.1872年,只从堪萨斯一地就运出了100万张牛皮,在东海岸每张可卖到3美元On a good day, Mayer earns more than the President.运气好时梅尔的收入甚至高过总统Factories use long strong strips of buffalo leather as drag belts Small pieces become coats and shoes.工厂用长而强韧的长条牛皮作为牵引带,小块的皮则做成衣和鞋To meet demand,hunters kill 8,000 buffalo a day for their hides alone.为满足大量需求,猎人们为获取牛皮每天射杀8000头水牛For America, this is progress,because this is a natural resource.在白人看来,这是大势所趋,因为这就是利用自然资源From the Indian#39;s perspective,they couldn#39;t understand what the white people were doing.但在印第安人看来,他们完全不理解白人为什么这样做But, of course, they knew that the decimation of those buffalo herds would change their lives forever.但当然,他们知道如此大量屠杀野牛必将永久地改变他们的命运The Plain Indians depend on the buffalo and worship them.大平原上的印第安人靠野牛生存,将其奉为神物崇拜The buffalo were our strength from whence we came,and whose breast we suck as babies all our lives.野牛是我们的力量之源,同时也是哺育我们的母亲Black Elk is 6 years old when the railroad arrives.猎人们乘火车到来时巴拉克·艾尔克年仅6岁Unlike the white hunters,his people waste none of their kill.与白人猎手们不同,他的族人非常讲究物尽其用Sinews become bow strings,bones are cups and spoons.筋腱做成弓弦,骨头用作器皿Skin is clothing, tepees and coffins.牛皮做成衣物,帐篷或是棺椁Native Americans and buffalos have co-existed since the last ice age.印第安人与野牛自冰河时期以来共存Black Elk#39;s ancestors hunted them on foot.巴拉克·艾尔克的祖先曾徒步捕猎野牛There were no horses to ride.那时没有马可骑The modern horse isn#39;t native to North America.现代的马并不是北美当地物种Spanish conquistadors brought them from Europe in 1493,Some escaped to the Great Plains.而是西班牙征者1493年从欧洲带来的,有些马匹逃到了大平原Perfect horse habitat.这里是马匹的完美栖息地400 years later, over a million mustangs run wild.经过400年的繁衍生息,此时在草原上驰骋的野马已过百万Taming horses transformed the life of the Plains Indian.驯化的马匹彻底改变了大平原上印第安人的生活They become expert horsemen.他们成为了专业骑手 /201211/210382。

TEXT:Abraham Lincoln.If you work hard, you can do anything you wanna do. The possibilities are endless. To me, that was the American dream, as a ki d. Lincoln#39;s family and thousands like theirs have settled the West in four generations. President Thomas Jefferson thought it would take 1,000. The forests are cleared: five acres a family, a year. In 1800, 23 million acres of Indiana is wilderness. In 60 years, it#39;s tamed, flat, fertile farmland. But there is more than forest to clear. It#39;s always been one of the deep flaws of the American imagination, that they can#39;t imagine a future for American-Indian people as Americans. American -Indian people have to imagine that for themselves, and that#39;s the hard part. Keep walking. 1830. Frontier president Andrew Jackson declares a new policy, a policy that America will maintain for more than 100 years. The forced relocation of American tribal people onto reservations. You, keep moving! After years of Supreme Court battles, the bill passes Congress by a single vote. Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, Cherokee, all forced off their nations by the point of a bayonet. An episode in the conquest of the West that even some of the soldiers taking part find shameful. US Army Private John G. Burnett writes: The sufferings of the Cherokee were awful. The trail of the exiles was a trail of death. They slept in the wagons and on the ground without fire. I saw as many as 20 die in a single night of pneumonia, cold exposure. Move along. Move along. The march of 1,000 miles becomes the Trail of Tears. It#39;s a shameful act in American history and it#39;s, in its own way, sort of an iconic act because it really symbolizes what happen ed to the Native Americans.译文:亚伯拉罕·林肯。约翰·勒珍德[五次荣获格莱美奖的Ramp;B歌手和歌曲作家]:“只要肯努力你可以做任何事情,一切皆有可能。对于儿时的我来说,这就是美国梦。”数千个像林肯家这样的家庭,历经四代人完成了西部拓荒。托马斯·杰斐逊总统原以为这会耗时千年,平均每家一年砍伐并清理五英亩森林。1800年印第安纳有两千三百万英亩未开垦土地,60年后全部变成了宜耕平整富饶的农田,但是要清理的不仅仅是森林。罗伯特·沃里尔[伊利诺伊大学]:“美国人的思维总是存在一个根深蒂固的缺陷,他们无法想象有朝一日印第安人也会成为美国的一份子。印第安人只能自己憧憬这一天的到来,这便是困难所在。”继续往前。1830年,出身西部边区的总统安德鲁·杰克逊颁布了《印第安人迁移法》,一项将持续超过100年的政策强迫印第安部落迁徙至保留地。你,快点。历经了数年联邦最高法院的法庭争执后,该法案最终在国会一次性投票通过。契卡索人、乔克托人、克里克人、塞米诺尔人、切罗基人在刺刀威胁下纷纷离开了故土,这是拓荒岁月中一段令参与过胁迫的士兵都无地自容的历史。美国陆军列兵约翰·G·伯内特写道:切罗基族人所遭受的苦难极其残酷,他们被放逐的一路上横尸无数,他们睡在马车里或没有取暖用火的野地上。我曾见过一个晚上就有20人死掉,被肺炎或严寒夺去生命。继续往前,继续往前。一千英里的长征成了;泪水小径;安妮特·戈登·里德[罗格斯大学历史学教授]:“这是美国历史上一次耻辱的行动,而且它本身带有某种象征性的意义,它确实象征了美国印第安人的命运。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国最伟大的总统林肯(2)[接上期内容]  在25岁以前,林肯没有固定的职业,四处谋生。成年后,他成为一名当地土地测绘员,因精通测量和计算,常被人们请去解决地界纠纷。在艰苦的劳作之余,林肯始终是一个热爱读书的青年,他夜读的灯火总要闪烁到很晚很晚。在青年时代,林肯通读了莎士比亚的全部著作,读了《美国历史》,还读了许多历史和文学书籍。他通过自学使自己成为一个学而充满智慧的人。在一场政治集会上他第一次发表了政治演说。由于抨击黑奴制,提出一些有利于公众事业的建议,林肯在公众中有了影响,加上他具有杰出的人品,1834年他被选为州议员。  两年后,林肯通过自学成为一名律师,不久又成为州议会辉格党领袖。1834年8月,25岁的林肯当选为州议员开始了自己的政治生涯同时管理乡间邮政所,也从事土地测量,并在友人的帮助下钻研法律。几年后,他成为一名律师,并且帮助了他死去的朋友的儿子。积累了州议员的经验之后,1846年,他当选为美国众议员。1847年,林肯作为辉格党的代表,参加了国会议员的竞选,获得了成功,第一次来到首都华盛顿。在此前后,关于奴隶制度的争论,成了美国政治生活中的大事。在这场争论中,林肯逐渐成为反对蓄奴主义者。他认为奴隶制度最终应归于消灭,首先应该在首都华盛顿取消奴隶制。代表南方种植园主利益的蓄奴主义者则疯狂地反对林肯。1850年,美国的奴隶主势力大增,林肯退出国会,继续当律师。  1860年,林肯成为共和党的总统候选人,11月,选举揭晓,以200万票当选为美国第16任总统,但在奴隶主控制的南部10个州,他没有得到1张选票。  1865年4月14日晚10时15分,林肯在华盛顿的福特剧院遇刺,次日身亡。5月4日,林肯葬于橡树岭公墓。林肯领导美国人民维护了国家统一,废除了奴隶制,为资本主义的发展扫除了障碍,促进了美国历史的发展,一百多年来,受到美国人民的尊敬。由于林肯在美国历史上所起的进步作用,人们称赞他为“新时代国家统治者的楷模”。  亚伯拉罕·林肯是美国第16 任总统,是世界历史中最伟大的人物之一,领导了拯救联邦和结束奴隶制度的伟大斗争。人们怀念他的正直、仁慈和坚强的个性,他一直是美国历史上最受人景仰的总统之一。尽管他在边疆只受过一点儿初级教育,担任公职的经验也很少。然而,他那敏锐的洞察力和深厚的人道主义意识,使他成了美国历史上最伟大的总统。。

Chubby legs seem to be a problem by many people. However, toning and making your legs thin needs effective exercises to achieve what you want. Here are three simple leg exercises proven to get rid of those leg fats in just a week!圆胖的双腿对很多女性来说都是个大问题。使腿变瘦需要坚持锻炼,下面有三种方法,能让你在一周之中快速瘦腿。If you want to get thin legs, you have wanted to get rid of muscle or fat for that#39;s what comprises of the leg size. But what I#39;d recommend is to get rid of the leg fat, that#39;s what you probably want. So, it#39;s less wobbly and so it#39;s smaller and thinner.如果你自己来选,可能会想要肌肉和脂肪一起减掉,不过我建议你只减掉脂肪,这样你才能拥有满意的腿型。Now, to reduce fat, there#39;s a combination of things to achieve that. Firstly is by eating healthier. That means less calories, usually, and healthier, produced raw than processed food and less sugars.要达到那个目的,需要综合计划,第一个就是饮食。也就是说你要吃卡路里含量更低的食物和粗粮,减少糖的摄入。Now, secondly, it#39;s by exercise. Now, any kind of exercise help burns calories, even heavy weight lifting burns a lot of calories. However, if you want to have thinner legs, I recommend doing some sort of endurance work.第二,是锻炼。任何的体育锻炼都有助于燃烧脂肪,举重也能消耗大量卡路里。但是你想瘦腿,所以我推荐你做一些耐力锻炼。Let me show you some few exercises. Firstly, I am going to show you jumping split squats, it needs a little bit of balance but it burns a lot of calories. It works a little bit on the muscles on your legs and it#39;s not actually going to make your legs bigger, it just actually going to get them smaller.我来向你展示几个动作吧。第一种是换腿跳跃加下蹲动作,这需要一点平衡能力,但是效果真的不错,能起到一定的锻炼腿部力量的作用,同时还不会让你的腿部变粗。Keep the muscle, and lose the fat. Now, that#39;s just a few. I#39;d recommend doing it for as long as you can, maybe a minute, two minutes, three minutes, really good, really heart rate#39;s up.保留肌肉,减去脂肪,现在只是演示的几个动作,建议你在使用这种方法锻炼时,尽量延长锻炼时间。Next, squats. Now, a lot prefer squats just for building muscle, that#39;s not true. If you have a lot of heavy weights, yes, maybe it will build up your muscle.下一个动作是体前屈,许多人用这种方式锻炼肌肉,但其实只有负重情况下去做才行,否则效果不大。But if you do it with no weight, with lots of reps, again, your legs will become toned and thinner. So to squat, stick my butt out a little bit, sit down, and I come up. You notice my hips, stick out and then I push my hips forward at the end.但是如果在非负重情况下作大运动量的锻炼,你的腿就会变结实变瘦。下蹲时臀部用力。像我这样下蹲,起立。Quick. Again, again and again and again. Maybe a hundred, two hundred, in a row, as many as you can.加速,再来一遍,可能一百个,两百个,总之能做多少做多少。Finally, the squat thrust. Here, press-up position, jumping forward and back. That probably is the most difficult of the three exercises I have shown you, and again, do it as many as you can, maybe twenty, thirty, like any number.最后一个动作是俯卧撑跳:双手固定好姿势,使用腰部力量,促使腿部向前跳,然后再跳回原状。这是三个动作里最难的一个,也需要按能承受的最大运动量进行锻炼。So do these exercises everyday, everyday, and eat well, and your legs will be thinner within a week.每天坚持做运动,注意饮食,这样一周之内的腿就能瘦下来。Thanks for watching How To Get Thin Legs谢谢收看本期“瘦腿计划”节目。 /201208/196165。

欣赏独具创意的英语广告!边听边看边学,品味世界名牌的风范,从细微之处感受英美社会的文化 Article/200808/46512。

How to prevent someone from kissing you. If you are ever in the position where you don't want to kiss someone, use the techniques within this to refuse! 如何避免被吻。如果你处于不想吻某人的境地,运用以下的技巧拒绝吧! Step 1: Background To Kissing 第一步::接吻背景 There seems to be a lot of it in the world. Everywhere you look there are people telling you to kiss. And not just to kiss, but who to kiss, when to kiss, how to kiss and so on. But there are some times when you don't want to kiss. Which is why we, at how-to-kiss.net, bring you How to Avoid Kissing. 世界上似乎有很多。你随处可以看到有人对你说想接吻。不是吻的问题,而是吻谁,什么时候吻,怎么吻等等的问题。但也有一些时候你不想吻。这就是为什么我们要带给你如何避免接吻。 Step 2: Scenario 第二步:场景 Here's a common scene. At the end of the day, the boy is dropping the girl off at her house. It is inevitable that he will try to kiss and she does not want to do so. This is the very most awkward part of the night. What can she do? 这有一个共同的场景。在一天结束的时候,那个男孩送女孩回家。这是不可避免的,他将试图吻她,而她不愿意这么做。这是晚上最棘手的部分。她该怎么办? Step 3: Pepper Spray 第三步:胡椒喷雾 Pepper spray is very effective for use on attackers and, in this case, unwanted kissers. A few quick blasts to the eyes, nose, mouth or even ear canal can dispatch someone rather quickly. However, sometimes a can of pepper spray isn't ily available and a smart girl must make do with whatever is around. Now let's say there's no pepper spray alternative around. The boy is looking very eager to kiss the girl. Very eager indeed. What else can she do? 在这种情况下,胡椒喷雾是对不想吻的人的非常有效的攻击手段。一些向眼睛,鼻子,嘴巴甚至耳道都能达到意想不到的效果。 然而,有时一罐胡椒喷雾不是随手就有,聪明的女孩必须利用周围环境。现在让我们假设没有胡椒喷雾。而那个男孩看起来非常渴望亲吻那个女孩。女孩该怎么办? Step 4: Louisville Slugger Bat 第四步:路易斯维尔球棒 Louisville Slugger has been manufacturing bats for some time. I daresay a hundred or so years, give or take. They are made of the finest woods and perfectly shaped for easy gripping and swinging. One swift shot to the man parts with this Slugger will knock an eagerly kissing boy senseless. However, sometimes a Louisville Slugger isn't available but a smart girl will make do with something else. Let's see that again. My, that's smart. 路易斯维尔制造球棒已经很久了。我想大概一百年左右。它们是用最好的木材制作,形状完美,易于挥舞。 一记快速的球棒挥击会把让充满亲吻欲望的男孩不省人事。然而,有时球棒往往就是不在手边,聪明的女孩会使做别的事情。让我们再看一看。我就是那个聪明的女孩。 Step 5: Tampons 第五步:棉塞 We've arrived at the final way to avoid kissing someone. With no pepper spray and no Louisville Slugger ily available a girl must resort to the one thing that every boy is afraid of. Tampons. Mission accomplished. And that is how to avoid kissing. 我们来到最后的避免其他人接吻的方法。既没有胡椒喷雾,也没有现成的球棒,聪明的女孩必须了解每个男孩害怕的事,那就是棉塞。任务完成了。这就是避免接吻的妙招。 Article/201111/160826。