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Restaurant1.Could you follow me,please?2.Have you decided on something,sir?3.Would you like to order now?4.And what to follow?5.Anything to drink?6.How about the dessert?7.May I suggest a gold carp soup?8.How do you like your coffee?Dialogue OneA:Would you care to order now,sir?B:Yes.I think we#39;re y.Janet?C:Yes.I#39;ll have the baked salmon.A:Very good.And what kind of potatoes would you like with that?C:Boiled,please.A:Vegetable?C:Broccoli...Oh,no.Sorry.I think I#39;d rather have asparagus.A:The asparagus.Yes,ma#39;am .Soup or salad?C:Salad.A:And what kind of dressing would you like on that:Russian cheese,or French?C:I#39;ll take the Russian cheese.A:And what would you like to drink?C:Coffee,but I#39;ll have that later.A:Very good,ma#39;am.And you ,sir?B:I#39;d like the veal cutlet.A:I#39;m sorry,sir,but we#39;re all out of the veal cutlet.B:Oh,I see.Well,bring me the steak then.A:Yes,sir.And how would you like that?Dialogue TwoA:Are you y to order,sir?B:Yes.Can you show me the ,please?A:Of course.Here you are.B:Then,what#39;s special tonight?A:Our seafood is fresh.I recommend shrimp with garlic.B:All right.We#39;ll have some seafood and vegetables.Dialogue ThreeA:Please show me the ,Miss.B:Of course.Here you are.Can I take your order now?A:Yes.I#39;d like an Italian soup to start with and then some fried noodles.B:All right.Can I serve you anything else?A:Yes,I#39;d like another cup of coffee afterwards.Make it hot,please.B:You#39;ve got it ,sir.生财之道John and his wife had a small restaurant near a station.The restaurant often stayed open until the early hours of the morning,because people came to drink there while they were waiting for buses.At two o#39;clock,one morning , a man was still sitting at a table in the small restaurant.He was asleep.John#39;s wife wanted to go to bed.She looked into the restaurant several times,and each time the man was still there.Then at last she went to her husband and said to him,;You#39;ve woken that man six times now,but he isn#39;t drinking anything.Why haven#39;t you sent him away?It#39;s very late.;;Oh,no,I don#39;t want to send him away,; answered her husband with a smile,;you see,when I wake him up,he asks for his bill,and when I bring it to him he pays for it.Then he goes back to sleep again.;Restaurant1.A table for four.2.Could we see the ,please?3.What have you got?4.What#39;s today#39;s special?5.Bring me two beers,please.6.I prefer seafood.7.This coffee#39;s too strong.8.Can I have the bill,please?9.Give me the bill,please.10.It#39;s my round.Dialogue OneA:What would you like to have ,sir?B:I#39;m not sure.What would you recommend?A:Wll,our barbecued chicken is very popullar.Would you like to have a try?B:It sounds inviting.I#39;ll take that.A:All right,sir.Do you still want some vegetables?B:Yes,please.Thank you.(after the meal)B:Did you enjoy the food?C:Yes,I enjoyed it very much.B:I#39;m glad you liked it.Miss,I#39;ll have the bill ,please.C:Oh,no,please.Let#39;s split the check.That#39;s fair.B:All right,if you insist.Dialogue TwoA:Could I have some fish?B:Certainly.And what vegetables would you like?A:Oh,spinach,I think.B:Fine,And what about something to drink?A:Just a beer,please.B:Good.Thank you.sir.(a few moments later)A:Would you like to have some more beer?B:No,thanks. I #39;ve had enough.I#39;ll have my bill,please.A:Of course.Please wait a moment.I#39;ll go and get it.B:Thank you.Dialogue ThreeA:Good evening,madam,good evening ,sir.B:amp;C:Good evening.A:A table for two?Bamp;C:Yes,please.A:Can I take your order now?B:Well,we don#39;t know very much about Indian food...er can you help us?A:Certainly!B:Well,what#39;s this curry like?聪明的食客A french student went to London for his holiday.He thought:;I know a little English.I think people can understand me;.One day he went to a restaurant and sat down at the table.He wanted to have a cup of tea and some eggs.Soon the waiter came up to him and asked,;Can I help you,sir?;;A cup of tea and ....;he could not remember the English word for eggs.He looked around him,but nobody was eating eggs.Then he saw a magazine on the table next to him.There was a picture of a cock on its cover.He showed the picture to the waiter.;What#39;s the English for this?;he asked.;A cock,sir,;answered the waiter.;What do you call a cock#39;s wife?;was the next question.;A hen,sir;.;And what do you call a hen#39;s children?;;Chicks,sir.;;And what do you call chicks before they#39;re born?;;Eggs,sir.;;very well,;said the French student,;Bring me two eggs ,two eggs and a cup of tea,please.;And he sat back with a smile on his face. /201405/293737英语900句[英音版]第三册[3] Getting information and directions 打听情况和问路 [00:07.50]331. Excuse me, sir. Can you give me some information?[00:10.92]对不起,先生,请问一件事好吗?[00:14.34]332. Can you tell me where Pench Street is?[00:18.31]你能告诉我皮奇大街在哪里吗?[00:22.28]333. It's two blocks straight ahead.[00:24.71]一直往前走过两个街区就是。[00:27.14]334. Which direction is it to the theater?[00:30.22]到戏院去朝哪儿走?[00:33.31]335. Turn right at the next corner.[00:36.44]到前面第二个转弯处,向右拐。[00:39.58]336. How far is it to the university?[00:42.85]到大学去有多远?[00:46.13]337. It's a long way from here.[00:49.31]离这里有很长一段路呢。[00:52.48]338. The school is just around the corner.[00:56.06]学校就在拐角附近。[00:59.64]339. The restaurant is across the street from the hotel.[01:03.27]饭店就在旅馆的街对面。[01:06.90]340. You can't miss it.[01:09.03]你不会找不到的。[01:11.16]341. Do you happen to know Mr. Cooper's telephone number?[01:15.34]你可知道库柏先生的电话号码?[01:19.52]342. Could you tell me where the nearest telephone is?[01:22.64]你能告诉我最近的电话在哪儿吗?[01:25.76]343. Should I go this way, or that way?[01:29.18]我该朝这边走,还是那边?[01:32.60]344. Go that way for two blocks, then turn left.[01:36.73]往那边走,过两个街区,然后向左拐。[01:40.86]345. I beg your pardon. Is this seat taken?[01:44.99]请问,这个座位有人吗?

allAll aboard用:这是在候机室、候车室等场所.T作人员通知旅客上飞机、车、船等的用语。有时候,旅游团队的领队也用这个习语来催促自己的团员抓紧时间上船、登机或上车。意:(请)旅客们上飞机(车、船)啦!例.AII aboard.pleasel The ship is about to leave.请旅客们上船,船就要开动啦!all along意:始终:从开始就;一直例.Iknew that he was telling lies all along.我知道他一直在撒谎。I Don#39;t look so surpnsed! You#39;ve known about our plans all along.另q装得那么大惊小怪的!我们的计划你从一开始就已经知道了。all_in意:总之;大体来讲;大概;大致例.All in all. we had a good time.总的来说,我们玩得很愉快。, All in all, we haven#39;t done badly.总之,我们干得不错。all right用:此习语有以下八种用法:对“How are you?”遮类问候语的习惯性答语意:很好!不错!没问题!例.A: How are you keeping, Jim?吉姆,过得怎么样?B: All right, thanks. How about you?还不错,谢谢!你好吗?all right有时可直接作为问句意:你好吗?例.A: AIJ right?好吗?B:Yes,thanks,and you?很好,谢谢!你呢?表示对所提出的建议、计划等的赞同、这时可以写成一个字Alright,等于OK意:好!可以!行!没问题!例.Alright, then, we#39;II meet again at six!那么好吧,我们6点钟再见!A: Shall we go tO Brighton this aftemoon?今天下午我们去布莱顿好吗?B:Alright,let#39;s!行,咱们去吧!加强语气 后面接but提出斯的论点,意:当然;这是没说的;这我承认例.I She#39;s intelligent, all right, but not very good at making friends.她聪明,这我承认,可论交朋友她还不行。I was late, all right, but where were you at that time?我迟到了,这没说的,可那时你在哪里?对人、对物的感觉和印象意:不错;挺满意的;没说的;过得去例:A: How do youlike London?你觉得伦敦怎么样?B:Allright!示错!A: Don#39;t you like the Smiths?你不喜欢史密斯夫妇吗?B: Peter#39;S all right, but his wife is a bit of a troublemaker.彼得还可以,只是他太太有点儿烦人。 /201309/257909

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