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When I believe in something,and I want to sell it to somebody,I want to put it in the best light.当我相信什么东西 并想将它销售给别人时 我会进行最好的展示I dont just package it, I creatively package it.我会包装它 而且是富有想象力地包装它Morgan invites many — including his father — to see the marvel of electric lighting for the first time,knowing the demonstration will put him at the forefront of a new industry.根邀请了很多人 包括他的父亲 来见人类历史上首次电灯照明的奇迹 他深知 这次展览将会让他走到整个新工业的最前沿Ladies and gentlemen,behold the miracle of modern science.女士们先生们 请看好现代科学的奇迹The gas lamp is dead.瓦斯灯已死Long live the electric light.电灯必将不朽Every light you see is powered by electricity.这里的所有光都由电产生There is no gas, no oil, no flame.没有瓦斯 没有油 没有火焰Just a invisible stream of energy.只有一种肉眼不可见的能量流Electricity was viewed as something miraculous,and people were amazed.电被看作是一个奇迹 人们非常惊奇First of all, they didnt understand how it worked,because you cant see electricity,and so it was viewed as something almost magical by most people.首先 他们无法理解其原理 电根本就看不到 在很多人看来 这就像是魔法一样J.P. Morgans home is the first private residence in the world to be lit with electricity.J·P·根的家是世界上第一家用电点亮的私宅201605/443587Not going to win me any dates, thats for certain.这样肯定是把不到的But you see how much cooler that is.但清凉效果一流As soon as I put this on,you can see the heat again.一旦我穿上这个 温度又会回升Cooler, smellier,but better off for it.凉快 虽然臭了点 但感觉更好了As I get nearer to the coast,the sea breeze actually helps me.越靠近海边 越能享受到海风带来的清新This could be ten degrees cooler than the air inland and its a welcome relief.这里的气温 比内陆要低10度 实在惬意The sound of the surf is just unmistakable.海浪的声音 绝对错不了You can also smell the sea air.Come on, lets go then.你能闻到海水的味道 快 快走吧Finding the coast at least gives you a fighting chance of survival.海岸的出现 又增添了一线生机Youve got food in the sea.你能在海里找到食物Youve got the chance of finding rubbish on the beach可能会在海滩上发现人造垃圾and also the likelihood of coming across people either on the beach or ships out at sea.也可能 在海滩上遇到人 或者出海的船只Its a long way down there.Look, you see over there,the edge of the cliff, its cracked.离太远了 不好下去看那边 崖壁是裂开的Get into that and shimmy my way down it.Thats right. Lets go.顺着那摸索下去 好 出发Because the weathered limestone is loose and crumbly,the safest way down is to do a chimney climb.因为风化的岩石松动易碎 所以最安全的 就是从狭窄的岩缝中下去But pitting opposing pressure on both walls with my legs and back,I can descend safely and quickly.利用我双腿和后背 对两边崖壁的反作用力 就能迅速地安全着地Whats wedged in here now?From here, I can see the crack runs straight under the overhang.什么东西卡住了 从这儿看下去 裂缝和崖壁几乎平行201611/479151【视频讲解】Another looming problem is regulation. Later this year the European Court of Justice, the European Union’s highest court, will decide on whether Uber is a transport company or just a digital service; if it is judged to be the former, it will need to comply with stricter licensing, insurance and safety rules, lifting its costs significantly in Europe. Last week an American court upheld a law from Seattle allowing Uber drivers a vote to unionise. Other cities are expected to follow suit. A British court will soon need to rule on whether Uber has to pay value-added tax.另一个渐渐浮现的问题是监管。今年晚些时候,作为欧盟最高法院的欧洲法院将判定优步是运输公司还是仅仅是一家数字务公司。假如被判定为前者,优步将需要遵守更严格的营运牌照、保险及安全规定,这样一来它在欧洲的运营成本将大大增加。上月,西雅图一项法规获得了美国一家法院的持,该法规允许优步司机投票组织工会。其他城市估计将会仿效。英国一家法院也即将裁定优步是否需要缴纳增值税。looming adj.渐渐浮现的- loom v.朦胧浮现 (to appear in an impressively large or great form)- The mountains loom above the valley.comply with 遵守licensing n.许可lift v.抬高uphold v.持 (to support or defend something)unionise v.成立工会follow suit 跟随效仿 (to follow an example set)As for Uber’s race to move away from human drivers to autonomous driving, obstacles lie ahead. In February Waymo, a self-driving car unit that is owned by Google’s parent company, sued Uber, claiming that former employees of Google had stolen some of Waymo’s proprietary technology when they set up their own autonomous-driving startup, Otto. Last year Uber bought Otto, which makes self-driving kit for lorries, for around 0m.而在从人类司机转向自动驾驶的竞赛中,优步仍面临诸多障碍。2月,谷歌母公司的自动驾驶部门Waymo起诉优步,称谷歌的前员工窃取了Waymo的部分专利技术创立了自动驾驶公司Otto,为货车提供自动驾驶技术。而去年优步以约七亿美元收购了Ottoautonomous adj.自动的obstacle n.障碍parent company 母公司sue v.起诉proprietary adj.专利的kit n.装备lorry n.卡车Patent disputes are common in the tech industry and can take years to play out, but Waymo is being particularly aggressive. It has asked a judge to ban Uber’s use of its lidar technology, which uses lasers to scan a vehicle’s surroundings and is employed in self-driving cars. Uber may settle for a large sum, but the affair adds uncertainty.专利纠纷在科技行业司空见惯,往往历时数年才有结果,但Waymo这次尤为咄咄逼人,要求法官禁止优步使用其激光雷达技术(安装在自动驾驶汽车上,以激光扫描汽车周围环境)。优步可能选择以大手笔和解,但这件事令变数加大。patent n.专利dispute n.纠纷play out 结束lidar 激光雷达laser 激光scan v.扫描- scan a QR codeemploy v.运用Some people close to Uber ask whether all the difficulties will force Mr Kalanick, who has said he never wants to take the firm public, to consider doing just that. It will now be far harder to raise money in the private markets at Uber’s stratospheric valuation. But it is possible to argue the opposite: Mr Kalanick will need the clouds of controversy to clear before going public.卡兰尼克曾表示从没想过让公司上市,但有些与优步密切相关的人想知道,当前这些难题会否迫使他改变想法。以其天价估值,优步现在要从私人市场融资将远比之前困难。但反过来想也完全有可能:卡兰尼克将需要等风波平息后再上市。stratospheric adj.天价的, 极高的 (extremely high)- stratospheric success- stratospheric salarycontroversy n.争议- controversial adj.有争议的His company’s problems could occur at many startups, but the fact that they have all struck at once suggests its immaturity and a lack of professional management. Given the sums at stake and the blow to the prestige of many in Silicon Valley if Uber failed, there will be no shortage of pressure on Mr Kalanick to prove that he is the right person to stay at the wheel.优步的问题在许多创业公司都有可能发生,但这些问题同时爆发,显示出优步的不成熟和缺乏专业管理。假如优步败下阵来,硅谷的许多企业和个人的声望都会遭受沉重打击,而且牵涉的资本巨大。有鉴于此,卡兰尼克若要明自己是掌舵的不二人选,肩头的压力肯定不小。https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?urlimmaturity n.不成熟- mature adj.成熟的stake n.投入- have a stake in something 参与/对某事感兴趣prestige n.声望shortage n.短缺stay at the wheel 驾驶201706/510409Very quickly, you can build up a good covering layer.很快 你便可搭起一个遮风挡雨之所And then if it does rain,I also want to be able to collect that water,如果真的下雨了 我还想收集一些雨水and just use another of these banana leaves for that.就用其他这些蕉叶来收集雨水吧 You can see thats a really nice, natural funnel all the way down,你看这从上到下 是个绝好的天然漏斗 and this will fill up in like a minute if its a torrential rain.Okay, good job.如果是暴雨的话大概一分钟就能盛满水了 好嘞 都搞定了Night falls fast here.黑夜悄然而至With just 500 miles north of the equator,where the sun rises and falls vertically此处位于赤道北面500英里 太阳直升直落 黑夜降临地很快With the darkness comes rain.雨伴着黑夜而来A roaring fire will keep me warm and allow me to cook my triggerfish.一堆旺火能保暖 还能用来烤鱼Fire, food, and shelter are vital,火 食物以及遮蔽之所都是不可或缺的but the survivor needs something else which drives him to make it out alive.但是要活下去 还需要一些别的东西来撑For me,where I always kind of think of it as the three ;F;s.对我而言 我总是心里念着那三个;F;My family, the faith,and of good friends.我的家人 信念 还有好朋友And ultimately its all about keeping your hope and your spirits high,到最后阶段 心怀希望 意志坚强 才能活下来and thats what does it for me.对我来说这很有效As a new day dawns, I continue to hunt for food.新的一天开始了 我继续觅食之旅I got an oyster.And water.我弄到了一只牡蛎 还要寻找水源Soon Im gonna leave this island,and every last drop will count.很快我将离开这座岛 每一滴水都不能浪费201607/452326

TED演讲视频:为什么食堂大妈是英雄童书作家Jarrett Krosoczka分享了食堂大妈漫画书系列的灵感来源。漫画中食堂大妈暗中充当校园英雄的角色并且伸张正义。他的新项目“校园食堂英雄日”是关于让食堂工作人员意思到他们不仅为学生提供食物,也希望他们明白“谢谢”的力量。201705/507628

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was the son of Muslim parents from Afghanistan. 奥兰多手奥马尔·马丁的父母是来自阿富汗的穆斯林。He apparently called 911 to pledge his allegiance to a faraway army before he began his killing spree. 在疯狂杀人前,显然他拨打了911电话誓言效忠远方军队。No concrete link has been made between Mateen and anyone in ISIS or any radical terrorist group. 没有发现马丁和ISIS的任何人或激进恐怖组织间有具体的联系。So what made he choose a gay club as his target? Some regulars of Pulse have revealed that Mateen was not a stranger at the club. 那么为什么他选择同性恋夜总会作为袭击目标呢?一些店里的常客揭露马丁并不是“脉动”夜店的新人。One regular, Ty Smith, told media he had seen Mateen at Pulse on at least 12 occasions. 常客史密斯告诉媒体,他在“脉动”夜店至少看到马丁12次。Smith said “Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent.” 史密斯说,“有时他会待在角落里,坐着自己喝酒,有时他会喝醉,大声叫喊并且好斗。”Now we know that Omar Mateen had, at the very least, a sustained interest in homosexuality. 现在我们知道奥马尔·马丁至少对同性恋一直感兴趣。What part that played in the attack is still be investigated.袭击中起什么样的作用仍在调查中。译文属。 /201606/449632

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/476022

At the southern end of the earth,在地球的最南端after four months of total darkness, the sun once more rises over Antarctica.经历了整整4个月的黑暗后,太阳重新在南极上空升起Now at last the Emperor penguins abandon their huddle.现在,皇帝企鹅们终于不用再挤在一起了The males are still carrying the precious eggs雄企鹅们仍然看护着它们的宝贝that theyve cherished throughout the Antarctic winter.在整个漫长的南极冬夜,它们一直呵护着自己的蛋With the returning sun the eggs hatch.随着太阳的回归,蛋也开始孵化Other birds have not even arrived.其它鸟还没有到来But the Emperors by enduring the long black winter have given their chicks a head start.而皇帝企鹅却熬过了一个漫长黑暗的冬天,因而它们的宝宝也有了领先的优势These youngsters are now y and eager to make the most of the brief Antarctic summer.现在,这些小家伙们已经做好准备,急切盼望着享受南极那短暂的夏天201702/494129

Id never be a paparazzi. I couldnt be.我绝不会像个仔队那样去跟拍。To torment people and chase them...Oh, that I couldnt do. I wouldnt do.去折磨那些人,追着他们拍我不会,也绝不那样做。I think it has to be done just discreetly and quietly.我认为拍照是一件很谨慎的事应该悄悄地去做。;Invisible,;I think, is the word.或许换句话说,摄影师应该是;隐形人;。This is the greatest subject in all of Europe...Madame Piaggi.这是欧洲最美的人之一,Piaggi夫人。Cest le The New York Times.Yeah, I know.他们是《纽约时报》的,在拍照。哦,我知道。The pumps. I dont like them on me, but its good on her.我不喜欢他们拍我,拍她很好。When did he first photograph you?他第一次给你拍照是什么时候?Uh, in the 70s.大概是…七十年代。I photographed her outside Saint Laurents couture show, mixed in with all the other women that were trying to be so chic with their pantsuits.我第一次给她拍照是在Saint Laurent的女装展外面,她和一些穿着普通裤装却努力想让自己显得很特别的女人在一起。It was a revelation.这简直是场革命。I mean, I never saw anyone like her.我从未见过像她这样的人。I think shes a poet with clothes.她像个衣的诗人。But a very fine poet.一个很好的诗人。Oh, my God, I wouldnt miss her.哦,天呐…我决不能错过拍她。To me, thats the reason to go to Paris.她是我来巴黎的原因之一。I mean, I just like fashion as an art form of dressing the body.她简直像流动的装艺术展。If we all went out looking like a slob like me, it would be a pretty dreary world.如果每个人都像我这个懒虫一样这样穿出门那这个世界将会多么无趣。No, see, I think Bill is very stylish.Bill有他自己的风格。201609/460801

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