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Kerry Washington’s Keynote Speech at the 2013 George Washington University Commencement Ceremony on May 19, 2013201412/347945So in his kitchen -- he was standing there with his wife, Judy, and his bodyguard Sean话说在厨房,他正和妻子Judy站在一起,还有他的保镖Seanand I said, ;You know how I said in my email that you might have a special brain anomaly that makes you special?;然后我会说,“你记得我在电邮里写的关于你有一颗让你出众的独特奇异的大脑吗?”He said, ;Yeah, its an amazing theory.他说,“记得,这说法还真不赖Its like Star Trek. Youre going where no man has gone before.;感觉就像《星际迷航》一样。现在还没人做到像你这样。”And I said, ;Well, some psychologists might say that this makes you...然后我又说,“其实,一些心理学家或许会说,这颗大脑让你变成...And he said, ;What?;他紧接着问,“啥?”And I said, ;A psychopath.;我说,“一个疯子。”And I said, ;Ive got a list of psychopathic traits in my pocket.我接着说,“我口袋里有张清单列举了些精神病患特征Can I go through them with you?;我能和你将这些过一遍吗?”And he looked intrigued despite himself, and he said, ;Okay, go on.;尽管他自己看起来很迷惑,但他还是说,“行,继续。”And I said, ;Okay. Grandiose sense of self-worth.;我说,“那开始吧。自我价值的浮夸感。”Which, I have to say, would have been hard for him to deny就这个,我得说,他还挺难去否认的because he was standing underneath a giant oil painting of himself.因为他就站在一幅巨大的油画自画像下面He said, ;Well, youve got to believe in you!;他说,“好吧,你总要相信自己对吧!”And I said, ;Manipulative.;我又接着,“控制欲强。”He said, ;Thats leadership.;他说,“这叫领导能力。”And I said, ;Shallow affect: an inability to experience a range of emotions.;我接着,“淡化影响:无法承受一系列的情绪波动He said, ;Who wants to be weighed down by some nonsense emotions?;他说,“谁又想被无意义的情绪波动给压倒呢?”So he was going down the psychopathic checklist, basically turning it into ;Who Moved My Cheese?;接着他过了一遍精神病检核表,基本和《谁动了我的奶酪》里面一样But I did notice something happening to me the day I was with Al Dunlap.但我确实觉察到和Al Dunlap在一起的那天发生的一些事Whenever he said anything to me that was kind of normal -- like he said no to juvenile delinquency.无论他说什么,我听起来都觉得挺正常的,就像他反对少年违法犯罪一样He said he got accepted into West Point, and they dont let delinquents in West Point.他说他被西点军校录取了,在西点军校是不允许有过失的He said no to many short-term marital relationships.他反对很多短期的婚姻关系Hes only ever been married twice.他只结过两次婚Admittedly, his first wife cited in her divorce papers that he once threatened her with a knife无可否认,他第一任妻子是在他拿刀威胁下才在离婚协议上签字的and said he always wondered what human flesh tasted like,他妻子说他一直很好奇人肉尝起来是怎样的but people say stupid things to each other in bad marriages in the heat of an argument但人们总会在失败的婚姻争吵中说些傻话and his second marriage has lasted 41 years.而他的第二段婚姻持续了41年So whenever he said anything to me that just seemed kind of non-psychopathic,所以无论他说什么,我听起来都不觉得他有精神病I thought to myself, well Im not going to put that in my book.我心想,好吧,我不打算把这些写进书里And then I realized that becoming a psychopath spotter had turned me a little bit psychopathic.但之后我意识到成为一个精神病患观察员,倒是让我变得有点神神颠颠的Because I was desperate to shove him in a box marked psychopath.因为我拼命想明他是神经病患者I was desperate to define him by his maddest edges.我拼命想用他最疯狂的举动来判定And I realized, oh my God. This is what Ive been doing for 20 years.突然我意识到,天啊,我干这都干了20年了Its what all journalists do.记者就都是做这些啊We travel across the world with our notepads in our hands, and we wait for the gems.我们带着笔记本走遍世界,等待着劲爆的料子And the gems are always the outermost aspects of our interviewees personality.而所谓的料子却总是那些和被采访人的人格相差得十万八千里的花边And we stitch them together like medieval monks.我们像中世纪僧侣(文化智慧的象征)将他们联系起来And we leave the normal stuff on the floor.却把那些正常的方面抛掷脑外And this is a country that over-diagnoses certain mental disorders hugely.而这正是一个大量过度诊断精神疾病的国家Childhood bipolar -- children as young as four are being labeled bipolar儿童双相障碍症——约4岁的儿童被诊断为双相障碍症because they have temper tantrums, which scores them high on their bipolar checklist.因为他们脾气暴躁,这在双相障碍症的检核表上位居榜首201603/430402Kiran Bir Sethi 将向我们展示她在印度的河沿小学开展的一项教学活动的深刻意义:给孩子们上人生当中最重要的一课:“我能行!”。 你会看到学生们亲身解决一些身边的问题,领导同龄人,甚至教育他们的父母。201506/379727

And so somebody comes up to Kirby, and they say, ;oh my god, is that Gayle King?; And Kirbys like, ;Uh-huh. Shes my mom.;有人走到卡比面前,对卡比说:“我的天啊,那是盖尔·金吗?”卡比说:“嗯,她是我妈妈。”And so the person says, ;Oh my god, does it mean, like, you know Oprah Winfrey?;然后这个人说:“哦,我的天啊,那就是说,你认识奥普拉·温弗瑞?”And Kirby says, ;Sort of.;卡比说:“认识一点。”I said, ;sort of? You sort of know me?; Well, I have photographic proof. I have pictures which I can e-mail to you all of Kirby riding horsey with me on all fours. So, I more than sort-of know Kirby Bumpus. And Im so happy to be here, just happy that I finally, after four years, get to see her room. Theres really nowhere else Id rather be, because Im so proud of Kirby, who graduates today with two degrees, one in human bio and the other in psychology. Love you, Kirby Cakes! Thats how well I know her. I can call her Cakes.我说:“认识一点?你跟我只认识一点?”我有照片为。我甚至可以把所有卡比和我一起骑马的照片用邮件发给你们。因此我不仅仅只是有点认识卡比·鹏思。我非常高兴来到这里,因为四年来我终于能有机会看看她的寝室。说实话,我没有更想要去的地方,因为我为卡比感到自豪,她今天就要毕业了,并且获得了人类生物学和心理学的双学位。我爱你,卡比甜心!看看我跟她多熟。我可以叫她甜心。And so proud of her mother and father, who helped her get through this time, and her brother, Will. I really had nothing to do with her graduating from Stanford, but every time anybodys asked me in the past couple of weeks what I was doing, I would say, ;Im getting y to go to Stanford.;我也为她的父母感到骄傲,他们在这期间给了她很大帮助,还有她的哥哥威尔。卡比在这儿上大学的四年中,我对她真的没有什么帮助。但是在最近过去的几周里,每当有人问我在做什么时,我都会说:“我正准备去斯坦福。” /201311/264319

Im going to talk about hackers.今天我要谈的是有关黑客的话题。And the image that comes to your mind当我说到“黑客”这个词的时候when I say that word is probably not你脑中所出现的画面可能不会是of Benjamin Franklin,本杰明·富兰克林,but Im going to explain to you why it should be.但我想要告诉你,为什么应该是富兰克林。The image that comes to your mind你脑中出现的画面is probably more likely of a pasty kid估计是一个面色苍白的年轻人sitting in a basement doing something mischievous,在地下室里做坏事or of a shady criminal who is trying to steal your identity,他可能要盗用你的身份,or of an international rogue或者进行有政治意图的with a political agenda.跨国诈骗。And mainstream culture has kind of fed this idea主流文化告诉我们that hackers are people that we should be afraid of.黑客是我们应当害怕,并且远离的人群。But like most things in technology但是,在科技世界里的and the technology world,大部分科技活动,hacking has equal power for good as it has for evil.黑客制造福祉,和破坏的能力是等同的。For every hacker thats trying to steal your identity有个在试图盗用你身份的黑客theres one thats building a tool同时就有一个黑客在创建that will help you find your loved ones after a disaster可以帮助你在灾难后寻找亲人的工具,or to monitor environmental quality或者在漏油事件后after an oil spill.监控环境质量的工具。Hacking is really just any amateur innovation黑客行为真的只是一种对现有系统on an existing system,的业余创新行为,and it is a deeply democratic activity.并且是一种影响深远的民主活动,Its about critical thinking.它与批判性思维有关,Its about questioning existing ways of doing things.它也与挑战现有的处事方式有关。Its the idea that if you see a problem, you work to fix it,主要的意义是,当你发现问题,and not just complain about it.你不是仅仅在旁边抱怨,而是会找到方法去解决问题。And in many ways, hacking is what built America.从某种程度上来说,黑客行为建立了美国,Betsy Ross was a hacker.贝琪·罗斯是一个黑客。The Underground Railroad was a brilliant hack.地铁的设计是一个绝妙的黑客发明。And from the Wright brothers to Steve Jobs,从怀特兄弟到史蒂夫·乔布斯,hacking has always been at the foundation黑客行为一直是美国of American democracy.民主的基石。So if theres one thing I want to leave you here with today,所以今天,我想要告诉你们最重要的是,its that the next time you think about who a hacker is,下次当你们想黑客是什么样的时候,you think not of this guy你不要想到这个家伙,but of this guy, Benjamin Franklin,而是这位先生,本杰明·富兰克林,who was one of the greatest hackers of all time.他是史上最伟大的黑客。He was one of Americas most prolific inventors,他是美国最多产的发明家之一,though he famously never filed a patent,尽管他不曾有一个专利,because he thought that all human knowledge因为他认为,人类的知识发明should be freely available.应免费共享。He brought us bifocals and the lightning rod,他发明了双光眼镜和避雷针,and of course there was his collaboration当然,他还协助建立了on the invention of American democracy.美国民主制度。And in Code For America, we really try to embody我所在的机构“为美国编程”the spirit of Ben Franklin.就尝试去实践本杰明·富兰克林的精神。He was a tinkerer and a statesman他是一位多面手和政治家,whose conception of citizenship他认为,作为公民was always predicated on action.需要将公民的想法付诸行动。He believed that government could be built他认为政府可以by the people,由人民建立,and we call those people civic hackers.我们称呼这些人为公民黑客。So its no wonder that the values所以不足为奇的是that underly a healthy democracy,撑起健康的民主机制的价值基石,like collaboration and empowerment像协作和赋予权力、and participation and enterprise,参与和创业精神,are the same values that underly the Internet.和互联网的价值基石是同样的。And so its no surprise that many hackers所以不令人意外的是,很多骇客are turning their attention to the problem of government.把注意力转向政府的问题。But before I give you a few examples但在我给你举几个例子of what civic hacking looks like,告诉你什么是公民黑客之前,I want to make clear that you dont have我想要清楚地告诉你,to be a programmer to be a civic hacker.你不需要先成为一名程序员才能做公民黑客。You just have to believe that you can bring你只需要相信,你可以a 21st-century tool set to bear用21世纪的现代工具来解决on the problems that government faces.政府面临着的问题。And we hear all the time from our community我们时常发现,我们of civic hackers at Code for America“为美国编程”社群的公民黑客that they didnt understand how much nontechnical work并不懂到底有多少非技术性工作actually went into civic hacking projects.进入民间黑客项目。So keep that in mind.因此,请记住,All of you are potential civic hackers.你们都有可能成为公民黑客。So what does civic hacking look like?公民黑客是怎样的呢?Our team last year in Honolulu,我们团队去年在檀香山,which in this case was three full-time fellows这三位都是全职雇员,who were doing a year of public service,他们正在担任为期一年的公职,were asked by the city to rebuild the website.工作是按市政府的要求重建网站。And its a massive thing of tens of thousands of pages它是成千上万页面的大规模工作,which just wasnt going to be possible这工作,在他们仅有的几个月时间内in the few months that they had.是不可能完成的。So instead, they decided to build a parallel site所以,他们决定建立一个平行的网站that better conformed to how citizens actually更好地符合公民实际上want to interact with information on a city website.想要从城市网站上,汲取信息的需求。Theyre looking for answers to questions,他们在寻找,and they want to take action when theyre done,他们想要在网站做好的时候人们可以有实际的行动which is really hard to do from a site从这样的一个网站that looks like this.真的很难。So our team built Honolulu Answers,随后我们的团队搭建了“檀香山”,which is a super-simple search interface它是一个超简单的搜索界面,where you enter a search term or a question你只需要输入搜索词或一个问题,and get back plain language answers就可以得到用平实语言写成的,that drive a user towards action.这驱使用户继续使用。201504/368107The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more to me than any qualification I ever earned. 经历了挫折,你变得更加智慧,更加坚强,这意味着你有独立生存的能力。只有经过了逆境的考验,你才能真正了解自己,才能真正知道周围的人所赋予你的力量。这种认识是真正的财富,虽然历经千辛万苦,但这比我以前获得的任何资格书都有价值。 So given a Time Turner, I would tell my 21-year-old self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement. Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone’s total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes. 如果我有一台时光转换器,我会告诉21岁的自己,一个人的幸福在于知道人生不只是一份只有收获和成就的表单。资格书和个人简历不是你们的生活,虽然你们将会遇到很多与我同龄或年龄比我大的人将二者混为一谈,生活艰辛而复杂,是任何人都无法完全掌控 的。谦恭地了解了这一点,你才能从容面对人生的变迁。 You might think I chose my second theme, the importance of imagination, because of the part it played in rebuilding my life, but that is not wholly so. Though I personally will defend the value of bedtime stories to my last gasp, I have learned to value imagination in a much broader sense. Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathise with humans whose experiences we have never shared. 至于为什么选择第二个主题——想象力的重要性,你们可能会认为是因为它对我重建生活所起的作用,但事实并非完全如此。虽然我坚持睡前故事对孩子的想象力有很大的价值,但我学会了在更广泛的意义上去理解想象力。想象力不仅仅是人类特有的设想不存在的事物的能力,还是所有发明和创新的源泉。毋庸置疑,想象力是最富转换性和启发性的力量,这种力量能使我们与有着不同经历的人们产生共鸣。 /201207/190830

This type of activism and optimism speaks volumes about the students here, the faculty, the stuff, but also the character and history of Merced—a town built by laborers and immigrants from all over the world: early settlers who came her as pioneers and trailblazers in the late 1800s as part of the Gold Rush and built the churches and businesses and schools that exist; Americans who escaped slavery and the racism of the south to work on the the railways as truck drivers up and sown Route 99; Mexican Americans who travels north to find work on the farms and have since bacome the backbone of our agricultural industry; Asian Americas who arrived in San Francisco and have slowly branched out to become a part of the community in the San Joaquin Valley.这种行动主义和乐观主义不仅诠释; 这儿的学生和教职员工,也是赛德个性和历史的体现。赛德是由劳动者和来自世界的移民共同建立的县城。早期的拓荒者以及19世纪末淘金热中的一些先驱来到这里建立了学校、商业区和教堂,这些现在依然存在。当时非裔美国人利用沿99号铁路线做卡车司机的机会逃离了南方奴隶制度和种族主义的压迫。墨西哥裔美国人来到北方在这里的农场找工作,成为我们农业生产的柱。还有亚裔美国人,他们来到旧金山,在这里扎根繁衍,逐渐成为圣华金河谷社区的一部分。Merceds make-up have changed over the years, but its values and character have not- long, hot days filled with hard work by generations of men and women of all races who wanted an opportunity to build a better life for their children and their grandchildren; hardworking folks who believed that access to a good education would be their building blocks to a brighter future.过去的这些年,赛德的人口结构虽发生了变化,但是它的价值观和品格没有改变——在漫长的炎炎烈日下一代又一代的男男女女辛勤劳作,不分种族,他们像得到的就是为了子孙后代建设美好生活的机会;辛勤劳作的人们相信,接受良好教育就是通往更加美好未来的阶梯。 /201302/226936First of all, for those of you who首先,对你们所有are not familiar with my work,不熟悉我的工作的人,I create multicultural characters,我创造了一个多重角色,so characters from lots of different backgrounds.那些角色具有多个不同背景So before the present is the new future,那样,现在的前面是一个新的未来,a bit about the past is that I grew up in a family关于我的一点儿过去是,我成长在一个家庭that was multi-everything -- multi-racial, multi-cultural,有着多种-每一样东西-多种-种族,多种-文化black and white, Caribbean,黑和白,加勒比海的,Irish-American, German-American.爱尔兰美国人,德裔美国人。There was Dominican music blasting from stereos.有多米尼克德音乐从音响里迸发。There were Christians and Jews.有基督徒和犹太人。Thats a long story filled with那是一个长长的故事充满了intrigue and interfaith guilt and shame.纠葛和信仰的付疚感和羞耻感。But I was totally immersed in this world但我完全地沐浴在这个that was filled with everybody,充满了每个人的世界and then I went on to the ed Nations school,后来我去了联合国学校and that just completely all”就这样完成了-So I began sort of developing these voices我开始发现这些声音and these people,和这些人,all of whom were loosely based on people I really know,都是那些我不太熟悉的人,and so, for example, in performing them,于是,举个例子说,为了表演他们I would really try to inhabit them.我就真的努力去和他们融合在一起。And for example, 比如I dont really talk like that,我真的不想那样说话but that was one of my people,但那是我的人中间的一个and Im going to bring a few of my friends --我将带来我的几个朋友I think of them as my friends ”我把他们当作我的朋友-to this stage, in this spirit of the idea在这个讲台上,在这个观念的精华里面that the present is the new future,现在就是一个新的将来in sort of a meta way,在某种相关的路上because I thought about it, and the future, for me,因为我思考着它,未来,我的,what can be so frightening有什么是那么可怕的?is that I dont know whats coming.是我不知道有什么会发生。I dont know if thats true for other people,我不知道那对别人也是真的but that notion of thinking about但那个概念是思考how we can understand the future我们该如何理解未来and predict outcomes,并且预计结果for me, its terrifying to not know what might be coming.对我来说,不知道即将来临的事情会很可怕。And so the idea that there are questions于是这个主意就有些that Ive never seen我从没明白的问题,that my people are going to answer,那是我的人要回答的,and some of these characters have been with me for ages,有些角色已经跟着我有很多年了,some of them dont even have names,他们中的一些连名字都没有I dont know whats going to happen.我不知道将会发生些什么。I dont know whats coming,也不知道结果怎样and all I can do is remind myself我所能做的就是提醒自己that I told Chris Id fly by the seat of my pants,我告诉克瑞斯我会飞到我的长裤的坐位上and now that Im up here it sort of feels like现在我来到这儿,就让我感觉像that dream where you dont have any pants on,那种梦里你没有穿裤子的感觉,and so I suppose Im going to be那样我应该是flying by the seat of my ass.坐到我的屁股旁边上的位置上飞行That said, lets just see who comes out.那就是说,让我们看看谁会来。May we have the first question:我们可以有第一个问题:;Do you ever get headaches“你曾经感觉from the microchips implanted in your brain?;从微芯片植入你的大脑那里而来的疼痛吗?”Right.对了Okay.好的。Well first of all, Ill just say好了, 首先,我只会说that I hope you can hear me okay.我希望你们可以听到我。My name is Lorraine Levine,我的名字是罗伦尼.列文,and the idea of microchips implanted in my brain,我的脑子里植入微芯片的主意,frankly, just putting on my glasses reminds me友好地说,当我戴上眼镜的时候就让我想起来了of thank God Im not wearing the Google Glasses.感谢上帝,我没有带上谷歌眼睛No offense to them. Im glad that you all enjoy them,我并不反感他们, 我很高兴你们都喜欢,but at my age,但在我的年纪,just putting on the regular ones I have只是带上我的普通的那种aly gives me too much information.已经给了我太多的信息。Do you understand what Im saying to you?你理解我对你们说的吗?I dont need to know more. I dont want to know.我不需要知道更多的。我不想知道啦。Thats it. Thats enough.就是那样,那就够了。I love you all. Youre wonderful.我爱你们所有的人。你们都是美妙的。Its fabulous to be here with such big machers它是多么好啊在这儿和这么多重要的人在一起again this year. Mwah!今年的又一次机会。姆哇!Okay, next question. (Applause)好了,下一个问题。(鼓掌)Next, please.下一个,有请。;Is dating boring,“约会很没劲吧,now that humans reproduce asexually?;现在人类可以单性繁殖了?”201410/335656

One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so weve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.100年后,黑人依然在美国社会中间向隅而泣,依然感到自己在国土家园中流离漂泊。所以,我们今天来到这里,要把这骇人听闻的情况公诸于众。In a sense weve come to our nations capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the ;unalienable Rights; of ;Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.;从某种意义上说,我们今天来到国家的首都是为了兑现一张票。我们共和国的缔造者在拟写《宪法》和《独立宣言》的辉煌篇章时,就签署了一张每一个美国人都能继承的期票。这张期票向所有人承诺,是的,白人和黑人都包括在内的所有人,都享有不可剥夺的生存权、自由权和追求幸福的权利。It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked ;insufficient funds.;然而今天,美国显然没有向她的有色公民兑现这张期票。美国非但没有履行这一神圣的诺言,还给黑人一张空头票——一张盖着“资金不足”的印戳而被退回的票。 /201307/247157And I was so proud, because I was finally going to have my chance to be like Barbara Walters, which is who I had been trying to emulate since the start of my TV career. So, I was 22 years old, making ,000 a year. And its where I met my best friend, Gayle, who was an intern at the same TV station. And once we became friends, wed say, ;Oh my god, I cant believe it! Youre making ,000 and youre only 22. Imagine when youre 40 and youre maing 40!; When I turned 40, I was so glad that didnt happen.我非常自豪,因为我终于有机会像芭芭拉·沃尔特斯一样了,她是我从事传媒行业以来一直效仿的对象。那时我22岁,每年挣2.2万美元。我遇到了在同一个电视台做实习生的盖尔,我们立刻成了好朋友。我们说:“我的天啊,简直难以置信。你仅22岁,每年就能挣2.2万美元。那你到40岁时,年薪就是40万美元啦。”当我真的40岁时,我很高兴这并没有成真。So, here I am 22, making ,000 a year and, yet, it didnt feel right. It didnt feel right. The first sign, as President Hennessy was saying, was when they tried to change my name. The news director said to me at the time, ;Nobodys going to remember Oprah. So, we want to change your name. Weve come up with a name we think that people will remember and people will like. Its a friendly name: Suzie.;这就是我,22岁时每年挣2.2万美元,然而,感觉不太对。第一次迹象就是,正如汉尼斯校长所说,他们试图让我改名字。当时新闻总监对我说:“没人会记住奥普拉这个名字。因此我们想让你改名字。我们已经为你想了一个大家都会记住并且肯定会喜欢的名字:苏西。”Hi, Suzie. Very friendly. You cant be angry with Suzie. Remember Suzie. But my name wasnt Suzie. And, you know, Id grown up not really loving my name, because when youre looking for your little name on the lunch boxes and the license plate tags, youre never going to find Oprah.嗨,苏西。一个很友善的名字。你不会厌恶苏西。记住苏西吧。但我的名字不叫苏西。你们知道,自小我就不怎么喜欢我的名字。因为当你在午餐箱和牌照上找你的名字时,你永远也不会找到奥普拉。So, I grew up not loving the name, but once I was asked to change it, I thought, well, it is my name and do I look like a Suzie to you? So, I thought, no, it doesnt feel right. Im not going to change my name. And if people remember it or not, thats OK.所以,我从小就不喜欢这个名字,但是当我被告知要改名字时,我想,好吧,这是我的名字,但是苏西真的适合我吗?我想,不,它并不适合我。我不会改我的名字。人们是否记得住我的名字没什么大不了的。 /201311/264967

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