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This farm has been in the Hom family for five generations.洪家五代人都生活在这块田地上Its where my father grew up.这里是我父亲长大的地方Today, my cousins grow vegetables如今,我堂兄弟在这里种菜and raise poultry here for their restaurant in town并为他们在城里的餐馆饲养家禽I said, ;They look very tasty.;我跟他说,它们看起来很美味Theyre beautiful.它们长的不错I remember this, this is the old family kitchen.我记得这里,这里是老家的厨房Its a revelation.这是家庭大揭秘She said that when my mum laid eyes on my dad, it was love at first sight.她说当我妈初次看见我爸的时候,就对他一见钟情了Nobody else, she would even be interested in.她从没有对其他任何人感兴趣过Thats a revelation.这真是个大揭秘After grave-sweeping, theres always a feast and on this occasion,扫过墓以后都要吃顿大餐were cooking together to celebrate my homecoming.这个时候,大家都一起做饭庆祝我的归来This is what we call a family affair.这就是我们说的家务事Everybody pitches in, do their thing and help,家里每个人会都参与进来帮忙because if we dont do that, were not going to be eating!因为我们如果不帮忙就无权享用美食Everybody wants to eat.每个人都想吃My cousin is going to make his, er,我堂兄弟要做他的,嗯signature dish, which I never had, which is sweet and sour goose.拿手菜,是我从来没做过的糖醋鹅The goose is fresh from the farm.鹅是门口鹅圈里的,很新鲜Once its coated in soy sauce to give it colour and flavour, my cousin deep fries it.给鹅涂上层酱油给它上色上味,接着我表弟把鹅油炸了What that does is it seals the skin这样做是为了让鹅皮紧实so that when he cooks it, the whole thing doesnt fall apart.以便于他进行下一步操作时鹅不会散架Hes braising it in a thick sauce made of rice vinegar,他把鹅放进稠汁里炖,这锅汁是用米醋Chinese tomato ketchup, cane sugar中国的番茄酱,蔗糖and salted, preserved plums to give it the sweet and sour taste.和盐渍梅子做的,可以让鹅肉有酸甜的口感Then he covers it and slowly simmers it until its done.接着他盖上锅盖慢慢炖就行了In one hour.要炖一个小时201601/420728。

  • At the chiefs house,在村长家hes doing his bit to prove not all men are useless in the kitchen.他正在身体力行的说明,并非所有男人在厨房里都是废柴Hes making chicken soup with ginger and chilli.他用姜和辣椒做鸡汤This dish is relatively simple.这道菜相对来说比较简单Hes very smart not to do anything complicated!他很聪明的没有做更复杂的事But I think people dont realise, when youre cooking at home,但是我觉得人们没有意识到,在家做饭时you should keep it really nice and simple.应该做到简单精致Im using chilli and garlic to make one of my favourite dishes -我用辣椒和蒜做了一道我最喜欢的菜chicken stir-fry with fresh herbs.用新鲜的草本植物爆炒鸡肉Im just going to put my chicken in.我准备把鸡放进去Adding the marinade in there...然后加上卤汁..and Im going to add all my lovely herbs here.然后加我喜欢的草本植物This is what I love about Chinese food. All you need is a wok,这就是我喜欢中国菜的原因,你只需要一口锅a flame and fresh ingredients to make a simple and delicious supper.一把火和新鲜的佐料就能做出一道美味To go with the chicken, Im making a classic Yunnan dish.我用鸡肉做出了一道云南经典菜Pineapple rice.菠萝饭Ginger, a little bit of salt.姜和少许盐Then we do our rice.然后开始做米The key ingredient in this dish is pre-cooked cold rice,这道菜的关键是先把生米煮一下ideally a day old, stir-fried in very hot oil.理论上要先(把煮过的米)放一天,用热油烹To break up the clumps, give the rice a good stir.把米块打碎,充分搅拌Then add the pineapple and fresh mint.然后加上凤梨和新鲜薄荷The wood fire gives it a lovely smoky flavour.柴木给了这个菜增加了烟熏的美味With fresh local ingredients,用当地新鲜的佐料this is traditional village cooking at its best.使这种传统的家常菜达到极致In Thailand, we say ;hom;. What mean ;hom;?在泰国,我们说hom 这是什么意思Fragrant - if something smells good,是芳香—如果味道好闻we say ;hom;. ;Hom;?我们说HOM. HOMFragrant? We are y.芳香,我们准备好了Just have to wait for Ching and the rest of the women for the fish.等女人们弄好鱼就好了Yeah, everyone is hungry.大家都饿了So this is the banana leaf wrap, thats the fish.这是香蕉叶,那是鱼Ah, beautiful!很不错She says its very good!她说这个不错This is a soup the chief made,这是村长做的鸡汤and this is pineapple rice.这是菠萝饭You know what you just ate? No. Its a centipede.你知道你吃的是什么么。不,蜈蚣啊Oh! Thats an interesting flavour!多有意思的美味Its quite sweet.尝起来有点甜Yes, but I wouldnt order it every day.恩,但我觉得我不会天天吃这个Wow, this rice is delicious!这个米太好吃了So inspired by their use of the local ingredients,他们对自产食材的充分利用fishing for your own fish.自己抓鱼这种方式启发了我You cant get fresher than that. Isnt that wonderful?最新鲜也不过如此了,太棒了不是么Theyre really close to the earth. Nature. Yes.这里的人真的是亲近土地。是的,接近自然201510/402769。
  • 栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201603/431727。
  • Zhao Wei has taught in British schools before魏昭曾在英国教过书and she has some very pointed views about why she thinks the Chinese system is better.她认为中国教育系统更优良,并有一些非常尖锐的理由The reason why the British students fall behind - its their attitude.英国学生落后的原因,在于他们的态度They dont realise that study is not only a right, its also a responsibility.他们没有意识到,学习不仅是权利,更是责任The country offers you this opportunity and you need to value it.国家给了你这个机会,你应该珍视You cant just say because I come to this school free, I dont need to pay for it.你不能只是说,我来上学,完全免费,我不用交钱Thats why they dont value it.所以他们不重视In fact, they do pay for it.而事实上,他们交了钱Its from the tax your parents pay, from other parents pay.这钱来自你父母交的税,别人父母交的税The moneys not from the sky, right?钱不是从天上掉下来的,懂吗But even Chinese education isnt all about chalk and talk.但即使是中国教育,也不总是填鸭教学After two weeks in the classroom teaching Mandarin,在教室里教了两周普通话后Miss Wei wants to give the kids a taste of Chinese culture.魏老师想让学生接触一下中国文化When you talk about culture for a country, you always talk about the food.当你谈论一个国家文化的时候,你总是在谈论食物Like when we talk about UK - fish and chips, obviously.就像我们谈论英国的时候,显然想到了鱼和薯条So, when you talk about China,所以,当你讨论中国的时候I think dumplings will be a very important food you need to mention.我认为饺子是一种非常重要,值得一提的食物I remember when I was just a little girl,我记得当我还是小女孩的时候I would just stand beside my parents while they were making dumplings.我会站在我父母旁边看他们做饺子Its really nice, you know, family time, get together, enjoy the food together.非常愉悦的时光,知道吗,一家人团聚一起,一起享受食物Because my mum make the best dumplings.我妈妈做的饺子最棒Much, much better than me. Mums food is always the best.比我做的好多了。妈妈做的总是最好的Yeah, Mums food, yes. Its always the best, you know?是啊,妈妈做的,当然了,总是最棒的Its not only the taste of dumplings, its the moment you spend with your family.不仅是因为饺子的味道,更因为这是你和家人一起度过的时光And we are a big group, you know? Like a family.我们是一个大群体,知道吗,就像一家人Hurry up. Stay here. Hurry, hurry up. Move in, move in.快点,呆在这里,快点快点,进来,进来Please move in. Move in.请进来,进来Hurry up. Move in, hurry up.快点,进来,快点Oh, youre not having a mug of tea.哦,你不能喝茶Now, sit yourself down, please.各位,请坐下We choose dumpling, because its a family work, you know?我们选择饺子,因为这是一家人共同的任务,知道吗We do want them to experience that family life in China,我们很想让他们体验中式家庭生活because the students are in groups, so they work as family, you know?因为学生们是一个集体,所以他们彼此像家人一样Some make the skin, some do these things and while they doing it, they can talk with each other -有些人做皮,有些人做馅,当他们做的时候,可以相互交谈laughing and they can say,大笑着说;Oh, look at your dumplings, theyre ugly.哦,看看你做的饺子,太丑了;Look at mine, mines brilliant;, you know?看看我的,我的太棒了That is the same way as what we do in China.这和我们在中国的做法一样I feel like a Chinese Paul Hollywood.这就是中国的保罗·好莱坞美食秀This is the best dumpling.这是最棒的一个饺子This is a better one, which I didnt make.这个更棒,不过不是我做的Rosie, Rosie, it looks like a foetus in a womb!罗西,罗西,这看起来像子宫里的胎儿Yeah, thats good. Well done.那个很不错,干的漂亮By doing this, theyre not only learning the Chinese culture通过这个活动,他们不仅学到了中国文化and make a bit of dumplings for themselves,给自己做了饺子and I hope they will encourage them我更希望能在我们讲授学业时and build a better, positive relationship in delivering our academic subjects as well.促进他们与我们建立更良性,更积极的关系Come and try your dumplings.过来尝尝你们的饺子201604/436741。
  • The delight of landing safely海盗号在火星安全着陆and receiving these extraordinary pictures并传回到了非凡的图像was followed by what seemed to be an incredible discovery.随后 他们似乎有了重大发现Initial observations suggested初步观测显示that they had detected microbial life火星车在火星土壤中检测到了in the Martian soil.微生物的迹象But as the euphoria subsided但欢呼过后and the scientific data was analysed,随着数据分析完毕a new realisation dawned.却是相反的结论Viking had in fact海盗号没能failed to find life on Mars.在火星上发现生命And the results were either negative or just ambiguous结果不是明没有生命就是模棱两可and it made us realise that its not going to be this easy.我们认识到要完成任务绝不会这样容易Since the 1970s,自20世纪70年代以来other missions have told us much more about Mars.其他火星任务为我们提供了更多信息Successful rovers and orbiters have produced detailed maps成功抵达的火星车和轨道飞行器获取了of the red planets surface火星地表的详细图像资料and breakdowns of its atmosphere.以及大气组成成分重点解释:1.seem to be 似乎例句:We seem to be missing two chairs.我们好像少了两把椅子。2.in fact 事实上例句:In fact, I think an old car is better than none.事实上,我认为有一辆旧车总比没车强。3.fail to 未能例句:I never fail to write to my parents every month.我每个月一定写信给我的父母亲。 201601/422331。
  • China calls on Japan to speed up destruction of abandoned chemical weapons during war中国催促日本销毁遗弃在中国的化学武器China has called on Japan to speed up the destruction of chemical weapons abandoned in China during World War II.中国催促日本尽快销毁在二战期间遗弃在中国的化学武器。Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs Fu Cong made the call Thursday at the First Committee of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly.中国裁军大使傅聪22日在联合国表示,日本遗弃在华的大量化学武器仍继续危害中国人民的生命财产和生态环境安全,中方敦促日本加快履行其应尽义务,尽早还中国一方净土。During the war, Japanese invaders systematically developed and used biological and chemical weapons in China.侵华日军先后在中国等地建立毒气工厂或化学武器装配厂并部署化学战部队。Abandoned chemical weapons have been discovered in more than 90 locations in Chinas 18 provinces and municipalities. Most of them have not been retrieved.时至今日,日本遗弃在华的大量化武仍继续危害中国人民的生命财产和生态环境安全。中国已在17个省市90余处发现日遗化武。 译文属201510/405614。
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