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I#39;ve missed him, and he#39;s gone.我没抓到 它跑掉了Man, they#39;re fast!Oh, this is hopeless.天哪 它游得真快 这下没戏了With a difficult and strength-sapping sea crossing ahead of me,要历尽千难万险 到达前面那座岛上there#39;s still a need for high-energy food source.我必须得到更充足的食物补给Time to move on and come up with a different plan.现在该继续想点新办法了There#39;s some trash washed up here.这里有些被潮水冲上来的垃圾Always a good place to find that sort of thing.在这里总有点好东西The windward point of an island all the wind and the waves and the weather 这是整座岛的迎风点 很多东西会受风 海浪和天气的作用driving stuff up onto the rocks.堆积到这些礁石上面Bottles are always useful. Look.It doesn#39;t matter how remote the place.瓶子绝对是个好东西 不管什么兔子不拉屎的地方You#39;ll always find some man-made material.你总会找到工业产品A bit of flexible rubber hosing.That, though, could be really useful.还有一小截橡胶软管 这个可能很有用的My discoveries have given me a new idea.刚才的发现给了我新的灵感Almost everything that I#39;m hunting for or chasing is basically faster than me.我捕杀的大多数东西 速度都比我快But finding just something as simple as a bit of hosing like that但是发现了这 一小截橡胶管has actually given me the advantage back.就足以让整个局面大反转It allows me to make a spring-loaded weapon that#39;s gonna give me more speed.我可以利用它来制作一个弹射箭 来提高我的捕猎速度I#39;m gonna make a simple bamboo harpoon.我要做一个竹制鱼叉It#39;s a basic design that#39;s been used for centuries and is still in use today.这种基本设计已经流传了几千年 一直沿用至今And just use the tip end of an agave plant to make a barb in this,我用龙舌兰的末端 做了一个这样的倒钩So if I harpoon something, it#39;s not gonna then come out.如果我插到东西的时候 就不会滑出来Now for the all-important trigger mechanism.接下来就是最重要的触发机制There#39;s very little that you#39;ll find in nature that has elasticity like that,自然界中很难找到 这么有弹性的东西And what this does gives me back the advantage of speed.这个小东西 完全可以弥补我在速度上的缺憾Next up, I#39;m continuing my quest to find food in preparation for a major sea crossing.接下来 我将继续寻找食物 备战跨海大计It#39;s way rougher here. I#39;m struggling now.现在的海况很差 我必须努力拼搏 Article/201704/501883Katherine can memorize a deck of cards.凯瑟琳可以记住一套牌。So we#39;re shuffling them right now, okay?现在,我们将牌打乱。She#39;s never had this deck before, nor have I. So we#39;re going to have to have perfect silence.我和她都没有碰过这套牌。现在,请绝对安静。You want me to just hand you the deck? Yep.你让我把牌现在交给你吗?是的。All right, here we go. So we#39;re going to do this.好了,开始吧。接下来是I#39;m going to deal to these three kids seven cards apiece, going this way first.我们给这三个孩子每人7张牌,从这边开始。Now, everyone has cards.现在,所有人都有了。This is the remaining deck. It will sit here untouched.这是剩下的牌。放在这里不动。How many aces have been distributed?我分了几张“尖儿”?One. Who has them? Elenna.一张。在谁那里?埃琳娜。Which one is the ace? The very left one. Ace of spades. Ha!哪张是?最左边的。黑桃“尖儿”。天啊!Okay. Steve Harvey, point to any card on the table and Katherine will identify.史蒂夫,随意指出桌子上的一张牌,凯瑟琳要说出它是什么。Ten of spades? Flip that over. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Thank you, Lord.黑桃十?翻过来。天啊,天啊,上帝啊。What was the first card that each player got?他们三个人手里的第一张牌是什么?So, Elenna got seven of spades. Seven of spades, come on, girl.埃琳娜是黑桃七,黑桃七对了。He got two of spades. Two of spades, yes.他是黑桃二。黑桃二。对了。And then he got, um, king of clubs.他是梅花K。We#39;re rich! We#39;re rich! Thank you, Lord!我发财了!发财了!感谢上帝!You have no idea the money that I#39;m about to make!我要发大财了!Lord, have mercy. Okay, this is, this is the last one.上帝,怜悯我吧。好了,最后一个问题。For the grand finale.最后一个压轴的。Steve Harvey can start pulling from the top of the deck.史蒂夫将从第一张牌开始。Katherine will be able to recall all cards in order. Ooh!凯瑟琳将依次说出牌的种类。哦!Okay. First card.好了,第一张牌。Five of clubs.梅花五。Seven of clubs.梅花七。Nine of spades.黑桃九。Jack of diamonds.方片J。Ten of diamonds.方片十。Two of hearts. Jeez红桃二。天啊!Nine of hearts.红桃九。What#39;s next? And then jack of hearts.下一个?红桃J。Two of diamonds. Take it to the house! Take it to the...King of diamonds.方片二。对了!方片K。All us, we rich! Boy, come on, Jack! Black Jack!我们发财了!孩子来一个,来杰克!黑“杰克”!Six of spades. Come on, girl. Four more. Ace of diamonds. Yes! Six of clubs? Yes!黑桃六。加油,还有四个。方片“尖儿”。对了!梅花六?对了!I#39;m telling you, this is a hustle. Last two. Okay.告诉你们,这真能骗钱。最后两个。好的。Five of spades. But it is!黑桃五。对了!Last card. What is it? Ten of hearts. Ten of hearts?最后一个是什么?红桃十。红桃十?Ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest mind I#39;ve ever seen in my life!女士们先生们,这是我所见到过的“最强大脑”!Put your hands together! Show your love for Katherine!为凯瑟琳的精表演鼓掌! Article/201707/516271

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201612/481040

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  吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第二册第6集,每天的都看的television,除了TV你还知道它其他的说法吗?调换频道,浏览频道这些你都会表达吗?赶紧来学习吧。 television相关词汇和短语:1. television/ TV, the tube, the box 电视机2. boob tube, idiot box 电视机3. cable TV 有线电视4. satellite TV 卫星电视5. remote control 遥控器6. universal remote 多合一遥控器7. change the channel 转换频道8. surfing the channels 浏览频道9. you drive 你来浏览频道相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/49123

  With unique mirrors creating the illusion of infinite books,用特殊的镜子营造出无边书海的景象,this Chinese library and bookstore is every story lover#39;s dream come true.中国的这一书店是每一位故事爱好者的梦想之地。While this may look like an ordinary shop from the outside,尽管它的外表和普通书店相差无几,inside ers are invited to settle in for an otherworldly storytelling adventure.但一走进去,读者便踏上了一段梦幻般的故事之旅。The black mirrored floor is one of two distinct design elements.黑色镜面的地板是书店两大特色设计之一。The mirrors create the illusion of a mirage, meant to symbolize water,镜面营造出一种幻境,本意是水的象征,which has a long-held significance in Yangzhou culture.而水在扬州文化中一直有着重要的意义。In the past, famous authors and poets gathered by the canals in this Chinese town.过去,著名作家、诗人曾齐聚扬州的运河两畔。Secondly, the arched ceilings link throughout the library,此外,拱形的天花板连接着整个图书馆,which represent the connection between people and books.象征着人与书之间的联系。Zhongshuge cherishes Yangzhou#39;s history while embracing the future head-on,钟书阁既拥抱未来,也珍视扬州的历史,by creating a space for the next generation of ers to thrive.为下一代读者创造了茁壮成长的空间。The soft lighting and flowing shapes set a mood柔和的灯光,流线形的设计无不营造出一种氛围meant to entice the literary curious to settle in for a storytelling adventure.吸引爱好文学的人走进去,开始一段故事之旅。 Article/201707/517095新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson10:旅行TRAVELING136. Why can’t I get return tickets for the train? 我为什么不能买这趟列车的回程车票?137. I’ve aly booked our flightu for next month. 我已经定了我们下个月的机票。138. My wallet was stolen in Mexico. 我的钱包在墨西哥被偷了。139. I need to get a new passportv. 我需要一个新护照。140. Do you speak English? 你说英语吗?141. He packedw too much for this trip. 这次旅行他带的行李太多了。142. Do you know the way to the airport? 你知道去机场的路吗?143. I have some great pictures from my trip to Egyptx. 我有一些埃及旅行时照的好看的照片。144. I don’t think they have any more tickets for this bus. 我想他们没有更多这趟公共汽车的票了。145. It’s not safe to go to that country right now. 现在去那个国家不安全。146. Are you a tourist here in France? 你是在法国旅行吗?147. France is known all over the world for its food. Have you tried any? 法国美食全世界闻名。你有没有尝过?148. How long will you be visiting France? 你打算在法国呆多久?149. You cannot visit France without seeing its most famous city. 来法国你不能不去这个国家最著名的城市看看。150. I hope you enjoy your stay. 我希望你在这里过得愉快。【生词解读】1. flight [flait] n. (飞机的)班次,搭机旅行;飞机的航程2. passport [5pB:s7pC:t] n. 护照;通行;执照3. pack [pAk] v. 捆扎;包装4. Egypt [5i:dVipt] n. 埃及 /200710/19233TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466620

  【视频讲解】In December Barclays vowed to fight a bn-odd fine for mortgage misselling, which it argues is harsher than those faced by American banks.去年12月,巴克莱因不当销售抵押贷款券的指控被判罚50多亿美元。巴克莱誓将上诉,认为这比其他美国受到的判罚更严厉。vow to 发誓-While many models vow to go back to college, few do.很多模特儿发誓要重返大学,但几乎无人做到。Harsh1. 严酷的-the harsh desert environment.严酷的沙漠环境。2. 刺耳的-Chris laughed harshly(adv.). 克里斯大笑,声音刺耳。The Trump administration could well awaken a protectionist impulse at big domestic firms that lies not far beneath the surface, reckon the most pessimistic of all.最为悲观的看法认为,特朗普政府很可能唤起国内大企业那隐藏不深的保护主义冲动。Impulse冲动(An impulse is a sudden desire to do something)-Unable to resist the impulse, he glanced at the sea again.他抑制不住冲动,又看了一眼大海。Beneath 在…之下Reckon想,认为-Toni reckoned that it must be about three o#39;clock.托尼想一定是3点钟左右了。Jamie Dimon’s latest letter to the shareholders of JPMorgan Chase warns that American banks’ dominance could be threatened by Chinese rivals.杰米#8226;戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)最近在给根大通股东的信件中警告道,美国的主导地位可能会受到中国对手的威胁。Threaten受到威胁的; 感到危险的(If you feel threatened, you feel as if someone is trying to harm you. )-Anger is the natural reaction we experience when we feel threatened。愤怒是我们受到威胁或遇到挫折时的自然反应。A report on semiconductors for the White House last month, written by a body that includes the bosses of Google, Qualcomm and Northrop Grumman, recommends protecting the chip industry from Chinese competition.上月,谷歌、高通(Qualcomm)、诺斯洛普#8226;格鲁门(Northrop Grumman)等公司的高管联合为白宫撰写了有关半导体的报告,建议保护美国芯片行业免受来自中国的竞争。Body团体; 组织-She was elected student body president at the University of Chicago.她当选为芝加哥大学学生社团主席。America’s airlines constantly complain about unfair competition from Emirates and other rivals.美国的航空公司也经常抱怨阿联酋航空等对手的不公平竞争。收购,或者变身A more populist America may require fresh tactics from foreigners.面对民粹主义抬头的美国,外国人可能需要采取新策略。Constant 发生的; 常存在的-She suggests that women are under constant pressure to be abnormally thin.她提出女性受持续的压力之下要异常苗条。Fresh新近的,新颖的-There were no fresh car tracks or footprints in the snow. 雪地里没有新的车辙或脚印。 Some are working on their connections.有些人正在努力搭建人脉。Masayoshi Son, boss of SoftBank, pledged to invest bn in America after meeting Mr Trump in December.软银老板孙正义在去年12月与特朗普会面后承诺向美国投资500亿美元。Connection亲属:指具有影响或地位的人,其与他人具有血缘、共同爱好或婚姻关系:-used her connections to land a job.用她的各种人际关系找工作Pledge承诺-The French president is pledging 0 million in French aid next year.法国总统承诺来年将拨款1.5亿美元用于法国援助。The head of Anbang Insurance, a Chinese firm that is no stranger to relationship-based capitalism at home, dined with Mr Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in November.中国的安邦保险在本国深谙资本主义的关系之道,其董事长与特朗普的女婿贾瑞德#8226;库什纳(Jared Kushner)在去年11月曾聚餐接洽。Anbang owns the Waldorf Astoria, among other American assets.安邦拥有华尔道夫酒店等美国资产。no stranger to 对于...熟悉-He was no stranger to the labyrinth of love.对爱情迷宫他并不陌生。Among 以及-a news conference attended among others by our foreign affairs correspondent.-有我们的驻外记者和其他人参加的一个新闻发布会。Another approach is to buy a well-placed oligopoly.另一方式是收购业绩优秀的寡头垄断企业。InBev’s purchase in 2008 of Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser Beer, has become a model for winning in America. Other deals in 2016 echoed it.英(InBev)在2008年收购了百威啤酒的制造商安海斯-布希(Anheuser-Busch),成为外国公司在美国的制胜典范。2016年的其他并购案重复了这一模式。well-placed 有身份,有地位Echo1. 重复仿效:-a fashion that is an echo of an earlier style仿效早期时尚的流行风潮2. 余留,痕迹:-found echoes of past civilizations while examining artifacts in the Middle East.在调查中东的史前古器物时,发现了旧时文明的遗迹Bayer agreed to buy Monsanto, which dominates the agricultural-seed business, and BAT is bidding for Reynolds American, which has a big share of the tobacco market.拜耳同意收购雄霸农业种子生意的孟山都(Monsanto),英美烟草公司(BAT)正在竞购在烟草市场上占有相当份额的雷诺兹美国公司(Reynolds American)。Bid1. 出价-Hanson made an agreed takeover bid of 0 million.汉森按约定出价3.00亿美元进行收购。2. 力求获得; 努力争取-Singapore Airlines is rumoured to be bidding for a management contract to run both airports.据传,新加坡航空公司正在努力争取这两个机场的管理合约。A last option is for foreign firms to assume a more American identity.外国公司的最后一个选择是进一步美国化。In sensitive sectors, they aly try to take on a local character.在敏感行业,它们已努力尝试本地化。Assume接受 (权利、责任)-Mr. Cross will assume the role of CEO with a team of four directors.克罗斯先生将担任由4位执行官组成的一个团队的首席执行官一职。take on 承担;-No other organisation was able or willing to take on the job.没有任何别的组织有能力或愿意承担此项工作。BAE Systems, a defence concern, has a separate American board stacked with former brass hats.军火企业英国BAE系统公司(BAE Systems)单独另设美国董事会,由退役高级军官坐镇Concern公司-The receivers will always prefer to sell a business as a going concern.接管人总是更希望出售仍然在运营的公司。be stacked with被...堆满-The cellar was stacked with old boxes.地窖里堆满了破旧的箱子。After the trade spats of the 1980s, Asian car firms localised their production and management. Rupert Murdoch shifted his media empire’s domicile from Australia to America in 2004.20世纪80年代的贸易争端后,亚洲的汽车公司已将其生产及管理本地化。2004年,默多克将其媒体帝国的注册地从澳大利亚转移至美国。Spit 口水 gt; Spat口角,小争吵-a marital spat夫妻间的口角Domicile 住处-Military service entails frequent changes of domicile.兵役需要频繁更换住所。As any dating-website veteran will tell you, if you can’t find love, change your appearance.正如所有约会网站的老手会告诉你的那样,如果找不到爱人,那就改头换面再来。Veteran1. 经验丰富的人-John, the veteran critic and professor of cinema studies at New York University.-约翰,这位纽约大学电影研究的教授和资深影评人。2. 退伍军人appearance 外表; 外观-She used to be so fussy about her appearance.她过去过分在意自己的外表。 Article/201705/510293And when you put Phoebe#39;s trace on the screen,当把菲比的行踪放到屏幕上时you get a snapshot of HER daily routines.你就会看到她每天的行程了So, in the green,绿色的轨迹huge amount of overlap in the space that they use.他们的领地有很大的重叠There is, isn#39;t there?就在这 对吧For cats, which seek their own space,对领地意识很强的猫来说these two cats are on top of each other.这两只猫在互相竞争No wonder they are stressed.怪不得他俩剑拔弩张But they don#39;t seem to be fighting much. So what#39;s going on?但他们不常打架 这是为什么It#39;s 11:50 pm,现在是晚上11:50here#39;s Kato heading out on his night patrol.凯托正要出门夜巡He stays mostly around the cul-de-sac,他大多待在死胡同附近and takes a trip into the local woods.偶尔会进入当地的树林里游览一番He comes back around dawn.他在黎明时分归来An uneventful night.一夜无事And that#39;s because Phoebe hasn#39;t left her home all night.那是因为菲比整夜都没有出门重点解释:1.a huge amount of 大量例句:She spent a huge amount of money on that coat.她花了大笔的钱买那件衣。2.each other 互相;各自例句:They took out their resentments on each other.他们互相发泄怨气。3.head out 离去例句:I have a long way to go before dark. I#39;m going to head out.天黑前我还有很远的路要走,我得上路了。 Article/201608/458597

  What we saw during this golden age of capitalism was the unregulated side of capitalism that make us feel, these days, glad for federal government, because no one else was keeping an eye on things.这个资本主义的黄金年代中 我们看到了未经监管的一面 这让我们感受到现如今 联邦政府的监管有多令人欣慰 因为当时没人监督这些公司的做法Conditions for workers across the country become almost unbearable......as going to work for many Americans,becomes a dangerous proposition.全国各地工人的工作条件都开始变得无法忍耐 工作对于很多美国人而言变成了一件危险的事情You had a working class or even the unemployed who had a very hard time of it.当时的工人阶级还有失业者 生活都非常艰难They had low paying jobs,if any at all in this period, a little bit above starvation wages, many of them.工资很低 可能只比避免饿死的水平高一点点 很多人都是如此So, there#39;s a growing disparity of wealth in this period that was very striking.财富分配越来越不平等 这在这一时期是非常惊人的What people defined as haves and havenots,super rich, hedge fund guys,and people just trying to pay their mortgage.现在定义的富人和穷人通常是超富有的对冲基金从业者和偿还不起按揭贷款的人It#39;s still nowhere near what was going on in the old days as far as, you know, truly abusive conditions for workers.这种贫富差异在当时根本不值一提 当时对工人的压迫纯粹是虐待The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow......at a staggering rate.贫富差距持续在拉大 以前所未有的速度While the working class struggles.....profits for Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller are better than ever.工人阶级挣扎着过活 而卡内基 根 洛克菲勒的利润 却比任何时候都大 Article/201606/449928

  Paris is back to banning cars to fight the city#39;s air pollution.巴黎再一次限行车辆以对抗空气污染。Authorities implemented a temporary ban on vehicles this week. According to France 24, cars with odd-numbered license plates were not allowed on the roads on Tuesday, and those with even-numbered plates couldn#39;t be out on Wednesday.本周,当局实施了临时禁令。据法国24电视台,奇数牌照的车不允许在周二出行,偶数牌照的车不能在周三出行。A sharp spike in the city#39;s pollution spurred the ban. Officials blame the spike on a combination of things, including cold weather, a lack of wind and people burning wood for heat.城市污染的急剧上升促使这项禁令。官员指责急剧上升是多件事情共同造成的,包括寒冷的天气,缺乏风以及人们燃烧木材供热。And that spike#39;s not good for public health. Globally, the World Health Organization reports 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution.而且这种突然上升对公众健康不好。世界卫生组织报告称,全球范围内每年有300万人的死亡与室外空气污染有关。This ban isn#39;t the first of its kind in the French capital. Paris held daylong bans on vehicles in parts of the city center in September 2015 and 2016.这条禁令并不是法国首都的首次。在2015年和2016年九月,在城市中心部分地区,巴黎举行整天的禁车。One expert told the Guardian: ;Without the ban, the air would be even more polluted. It#39;s an emergency solution to an urgent problem.;一位专家告诉卫报:“如果没有禁令,空气污染会更严重。这是一个解决迫切问题的紧急方法。”译文属。 Article/201612/484227。

  There is a word for this type of climate: monsoon,这类气候有一个称谓,季风but Judy#39;s theory is that this was a monsoon like no other, a mega-monsoon.Judy的观点是它不是一般季风,而是超级季风The word monsoon comes from an Arabic word that means season,“季风”这个词来自阿拉伯语,意思是季节so a mega-monsoon is where that really goes to extremes.超级季风则是非常极端的气候This climate of extremes, veering from very wet to very hot and dry, was unique to the super-continent.这类极端气候--从湿润多雨到酷热干旱,是超大陆的一大特点One of the things that would have been characteristic of this very strong monsoonal system必须提到一点,这种强大无比的季风系的特点is that you would have had a similar climate over a very large part of the world,表现为世界上大片地区都有类似的气候so this would have been a world in which the environments were not particularly diverse.也就是说当时世界上的环境并不是很多变According to the theory, a uniform world led to uniform animals.根据这种观点,相同的世界造就了相同的动物This was why the early dinosaurs lacked variety这也是早期恐龙种类很少的原因and as long as the super-continent existed nothing much was going to change,只要超大陆不复存在,很多情况就会发生变化but then of course something did change.当然,后来的确发生了变化As the super-continent broke up areas that had been landlocked for millions of years would have been surrounded by water.随着超大陆的崩解,原先封闭的内陆地区逐渐被水包围。 Article/201705/510622

  I#39;ve made it.Now to get the rope back for my camera man.我成功了 现在要把绳子扔回给我的摄像师I got you.Get in.The rope aly is just reach.我抓住你了 过来 绳子的长度真是刚刚好啊Now I#39;ve arrived definitely urban.Man-made environment.现在我真的到了城市 人造的环境But, the principle of survival is the same.生存法则是一样的You need protection, resucre, water and food.你需要保护 救援 水 食物You gotta survive, you gotta keep those basics in mind.要想生存 就得将这些基本法则熟记于心Let#39;s see what we#39;ll find here.让我们看看我们将会在这里发现什么Survivors of the disasters in urban areas may have to cope on their own for days before rescure.城市大灾难中的生还者 在获救之前的几天都要靠自己Knowing where to find survival essentials can be a life safer.知道去哪找生存必需品可能会救你一命The building opposite looks like an option,对面那栋建筑看上去是不错的选择and the roof could provide easier access than a lot to lower levels.从楼顶进入要比从下面走便捷得多See, power cables is a linking,crane for the building.这些电缆能连接对面 连接着那栋建筑It is must be, half inch each for these.每根大概有半寸宽I can fiber them,Easy going to be as strong as a climbing rope.我可以把它们合成一股 它就可以和攀登绳一样结实了It#39;s really gonna be like a in traverse straight across.这将像是 直接过去The in traverse requires a cool head for heights.这种方式要求你在高空中有冷静的头脑It#39;s a climbing method used by mountaineer to cross gracess and gorges.这是登山人员在穿越峡谷时常用的方法It#39;s effective but also highly physically demanding.这很有效 但也相当耗费体力 Article/201609/468180

  Most kids have no idea what their parents do at work.大多数小孩都不知道父母的工作是什么I didn#39;t really understand what my father did,我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的I didn#39;t really understand what my father did, until I was... I#39;m not joking.我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的 直到我 我没开玩笑啊I think I was like thirty when I finally said, hey,我好像三十岁的时候 才想起来问What are you... what are you up to and why...嘿 你是 你的工作是什么 而且为什么What do you like, I know where you were what...what#39;s going on there?你喜欢什么呢 我知道你在哪儿上班 在那儿做什么工作呢What do you and why you#39;re in a suit?Does anyone...你做什么 为啥你穿着工作 你们跟我一样吗So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩on our Hallowood boulevardbar which by the way顺便说一下 在我们好莱坞林荫大道这个地方is the best place to bring kids. You just...最适合带孩子了can drop them off in the morning and let them run around你早上把他们扔那儿 让他们自己玩until way after dark, Elmo and Spongebob will take care of them, so...天黑了再接回来 Elmo和Spongebob 会照顾他们 所以Anyway that migh be funny to ask kids what their parents#39; jobs are,不管咋样 问一下孩子关于父母的工作 应该很好玩and we have some children lined about side right now we found kids on the street.我们在街上找了一些小孩 他们现在在那边排着队呢And let#39;s go out there. And... Hi! What is your name?Anely Scarcia.让我们开始吧 嘿 你叫什么名字呢 安利·斯凯西娅Oh! Hello, How are you? Good. How old are you? Six.你还好吗 还不错哦 你几岁啦 六岁Six years old so you#39;re in school. What are you going into the first grade? Yes, sir.所以你现在是一年级生吗 是呀OK, great. And when does the school start, soon? Yes.嗯 很好 学校什么时候开学啊 是不是快了 是的It does. Are you excited about that? Kind of...你激动不 有点吧Kind of, but it is. It#39;s fun to have the summer, right? You do not have to do that kind of thing.有点 不过 有暑假还是很爽的对吧 你也不用上课Yes. OK. Now, did your Dad have a job? Yes.是的 好 你爸爸有工作吗 有OK. That#39;s good. That would be uncomfortable thing if the answer was no.嗯 很好 如果说没有那就不太和谐了What does Dad do for work?He is a truck driver.你爸爸是做什么工作的呢 他是货车司机Oh.OK. Well, that#39;s very simple. What kind of things does he drive in his truck?噢 嗯 不是很难的工作 你爹货车里都装什么东西Well, he, he delivers stuff. OK, and what about your Mom? She is a nurse.额 他 他运货 好的 你妈妈呢 她是个护士She is a nurse at a hospital? No...Yeah? I don#39;t quite get that.她在医院当护士吗 不是 嗯 这个我不是很清楚What#39;s that?I don#39;t quite get that. You don#39;t quite get that? She doesn#39;t work at a hospital? No.什么 我不清楚 你不清楚 她不是在医院工作吗 不是She#39;s just a freelance nurse walking around on the streets bungeeing people? No No.No? Ok.那她是个自由护士 在街上走 然后给人们提供治疗吗 不是 不是 不是吗 那好吧Alright, let#39;s check with, um, it#39;s your mom or dad. I#39;m not sure whose arm that is.好 我们来检验一下 你旁边的是你妈妈或者爸爸 我不是很清楚那是谁的胳膊Oh, your mom. Are you a nurse? Yes, I am. And... Are you working at a hospital?No, I don#39;t.啊 是你妈妈 你是个护士吗 是的 嗯 你在医院上班吗 不在Oh, you don#39;t.Ok. Well, I was right. And your husband, is he a truck driver?Yes, he is.噢 不是 没错 你丈夫是货车司机吗 嗯是的Oh, how about that? Oh, very nicely.I#39;m shocked by the way. I really am.怎么样 非常棒啊 我被惊到了 我真被惊到了I would love to know, by the way.顺便说一嘴 我想知道I#39;d love to know what your son Benjy thinks you do for a living.你儿子Benjy觉得你是做什么工作的Because you stand next to me and I still haven#39;t figure it out.因为你站在我旁边 我都还没搞清楚It doesn#39;t have more...Yeah, it#39;s no idea, yeah, alright.这个没有 嗯 不知道 好Let#39;s see who#39;s out there and next. Hi, what#39;s your name? Bryce.让我们看看那边的孩子 看看下一个是谁 嘿 你叫什么呢 布莱斯These kids all look like they stepped out of a, a catalogue or something.这些孩子看上去都像是从目录里出来似的How old are you, Bryce?Six. Six years old, very good.I like your hat. Thank you.你多大了 布莱斯 六岁了 六岁了 很好 我喜欢你的帽子 谢谢你Hahaha... So, Bryce, what is your, um, Dad do for a living? Does he have a job?嘿哈哈哈哈 所以 布莱斯 你爸爸是做什么的 他有工作吗Uh...I don#39;t know. You don#39;t know? Ok, what about your Mom?额 我不知道啊 你不知道吗 那好 你妈妈呢Yes. What is her job? Uh...She, she does a karate Singer.这个我知道 她的工作是什么 额 她是空手道歌手What? She#39;s a karate person? Yes. Oh, wow. She teaches people karate?什么 她会空手道?是的 哇哦 她教别人空手道吗No, she uh...she... She, like...does this stuff in the front...不 她 额 她 她 在做类似前台这样的事情She what?She does this stuff in the front desk.她啥 她在前台工作Oh, she works at the front desk at the karate center. Hahah...噢 她在空手道中心做前台是吗 哈哈哈哈Is that your Mom there with you right now? Yes. Alright. Hi, how are you?Hi.你妈妈现在是在你旁边吗 是的 好的 你好吗 嘿And so he was correct you work at the front desk at a crowdy center?他说的是对的吗 你在一个人很多的中心做前台 是吗Yes, we#39;re on a karate studio and my husband, he teaches classes and I run the front office.是的 我们在一个空手道工作室工作 我丈夫他给学生上课 我在前台工作Oh, I see. Alright.噢 我明白了 好So, he probably never just goes in the back that#39;s why he doesn#39;t know what his Dad#39;s doing.Alright. Hahaha...所以 他可能是从来没有进去过 所以他不知道他爸爸的工作是什么 好 哈哈哈Alright, thank you guys. Thank you. Very well done. That#39;s pretty good. I have to say it.好的 谢谢你们 谢谢 非常好 我不得不说 做得不错Oh... Who#39;s next? Hello, there. What#39;s your name? Shirleen.噢 下一个是谁 你好啊 你叫什么呢 舍琳Shirleen, where#39;re you from? Canada. Canada. Oh, that#39;s like a whole of a country, isn#39;t it?舍琳 你来自哪儿呢 加拿大 加拿大啊 噢 这好像是一整个国家 不是吗Yeah. Haha... Shirleen, does your Mom and Dad work? Yes.恩 哈哈哈 舍琳 你爸妈有工作吗 有What do they do for work? What#39;re their jobs? My Dad#39;s an electrician.他们是做什么的呢 他们的工作是什么 我爸爸是个电工Ok, well ,and where does he put elec...he puts electrical wire in that sort of thing?噢 好的 那他把电 他是把电线放到某些东西里面是吗Yes.Yes? And your Mom? My Mom does community corrections.是的 是吗 那你妈妈呢 我妈妈在社区矫正处工作Well, get a prison? Kind of. Yeah, kind of! Haha...啊 在监狱里?算是吧 嗯 算是吧 哈哈哈How long has your Mom been in prison? Haha... She#39;s never been in prison. Oh? She#39;s never been.你妈妈在监狱里多久了 哈哈哈 她没坐过牢 嗯 她没有坐过吗Because just a minute ago, you said she works in prison, right?Yes, but she...一分钟之前 你说她在监狱里工作是吧 是啊 但是Alright. Ok, well, remember you#39;re under oath here.This is the ed States. Haha...嗯 记住 头顶誓言 不能胡说 这里可是美利坚合众国 哈哈Alright, let#39;s check in with your, I think that must be your Dad there. Hey, there. How are you doing?好的 我们来检查一下 我想那一定是你爸爸 嘿 你好So, your wife#39;s in prison, uh? Well, off and on. Off and on, yeah?所以 你太太在监狱里是吗 额 时而在 时而不在吧 时而在 时而不在是吗And did she get both jobs correct?Uh, yeah. More or less.你闺女把你们俩的工作都说对了吗 额 差不太多吧Alright, very good. I#39;ll see that the Canadians nowhere. Alright, thank you guys.好 很棒啊 我觉着加拿大人真是无处不在 好的 谢谢你们Alright, so, let#39;s check in with one more.嗯 我们再来看最后一个孩子I think we have... Who do we have out there?我想我们有 那边还有谁呢We have one more, uh, ok...Hi, kids, you#39;re brother and sister? Yes.我们还有一个 额 嘿 孩子们 你们是哥哥和吗 是的What are your names?Rocal and Ael.你们叫什么名字呢 罗卡尔和阿埃尔Alllright...And what do you, what did your Dad do for a work for a living?好的 嗯 你 你们觉得你们爸爸靠什么谋生呢Poop in his underwear. Haha... He does what? Hahah...在内衣里拉粑粑 哈哈 啥 他做啥 哈哈哈What is? Is that, is that your Dad? What#39;s he, uh...Is your Dad with you there?什么 那是你们的爹吗 他是 额 你们爸爸和你们在一起吗Oh, yeah, yeah, ok, yeah, that... That#39;s my boy. Johnny.噢 是 好 额 这才是我乖儿子 约翰尼He doesn#39;t know how clothes he wore. He really is. Haha...他连衣都不会穿 他真不会 哈哈哈Don#39;t believe my Dad. Don#39;t believe him? Why? Does he make up stories? Yeah...不要相信我爸爸 不能相信他 为什么呢 他编故事是吗 是的And how often does he poop in those underwear?So much, every single day. Hahaha...那么他多久会在内衣里拉一次粑粑 特别多 每一天吧 哈哈哈Alright, well, that#39;s Johnny Knoxvilke of course, and I really ...好的 那位当然是Jonny Knoxvilke 而且我真的It#39;s a little bit lying on.(What#39;s up guys?)这多少有点撒谎了(怎么了)I am Jimmy Kimmel, if you like that, subscribe to our YouTube channel我是吉米·坎莫尔 如果你喜欢这个视频 请在YouTube上订阅我们to get all our latest s before they die and go to YouTube to have it.在视频被毙掉之前 赶紧去看吧 请去YouTube观赏 Article/201706/515940

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