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2019年04月23日 07:55:01 | 作者:飞度技术知道健康 | 来源:新华社
如何向别人推荐你的建议 -- :1: 来源:   Choose the right time to start pitching ideas  选择适当的时候发表意见  To sell your ideas, you need to listen to others first. Just don't listen too much.  想要别人接受你的想法,首先要倾听别人的想法但也别听得太多  "When you keep listening to speakers, you let them reince their sense that they're right," said Nance Rosen, managing director of NAX Partners, a marketing and communications firm in Los Angeles. "It's like they're building brick after brick of a tress by talking more."  洛杉矶一家营销通信公司NAX Partners的常务董事Nance Rosen说:“如果你让别人说得太多,就会让他们强烈地感觉自己是正确的就好像建堡垒一样,说得越多,堡垒越坚固”  Instead, interrupt gracefully. Redirect the dialogue so that you can assert your point.  你要礼貌地打断,引导话题的方向,这样你才能坚持你的观点  Author of "Speak Up! and Succeed," Rosen finds that the best way to interrupt in casual conversation is to hold up an outstretched hand toward the speaker. That, she says, is "a universal cue like a stop sign." At the same time, she'll say "great."  Rosen发现,在非正式谈话中打断对方最好的方法是朝说话人举起手,手掌要伸展她说这是一个“通用的”停止信号,同时还要说“好极了”  If the person misses her cue and continues to babble, she makes another short comment, "Thank you," to signal that she expects the speaker to finish.  如果对方没有领悟到、继续唠叨,她就会再做简短的注释:“谢谢”,以提示希望对方别再说了  Most people get the message and zip their lips. If they don't, Rosen interrupts again by saying "got it" in a firm but polite tone.  此时,多数人都会明了并闭上嘴巴如果他们还不闭嘴,Rosen会再一次打断,以坚决而礼貌的语气说“知道了”  By making a series of short comments to indicate that you understand a speaker -- and using the same prompts consistently to silence a motormouth -- you can train the person over time to talk less.  通过一系列简短的话来表明你理解了讲话人的意思,并用同样的方法让说个没完的人闭上嘴,时间久了你就能让这个人说话少些  When it's your turn to talk, maximize your persuasiveness by grabbing others' attention. Rather than plead your case and enumerate details that support your point, begin with what Rosen calls "a focus on misery."  当轮到你讲话时,要吸引别人的注意力来最大化地增强自己的说力不要只是为自己的观点辩护、列举一堆细节来持,应该用Rosen所谓的“痛苦关注”方法开始  Specifically, engage others by identifying their pain, fear and unfulfilled desire. They will heed your remarks more closely if you begin by appealing to these palpable negatives.  具体地说,用对方的痛处、恐惧和没有满足的欲求来吸引他们如果你以这些明显的消极因素开始讲话,听众会更密切地关注你的讲话内容  "Don't waste time on good news at the beginning," Rosen said. "It's a snooze. Happy talk isn't going to compel people to listen to you."  Rosen说:“开始时不要把时间浪费在好消息上那是安眠药快乐的谈话不会让人们聆听”   example, if you want to propose steps to your management team to streamline your operation, start by saying: "Sales are down, our rivals have launched a product that can steal market share from us, and we've squandered our potential to lock up our niche."  例如,你希望给管理层提出提高管理效率的提议,你可以这样开始:“销售量正在下降我们对手推出了一个产品,会抢夺我们的市场份额我们封闭在狭小的环境里,浪费了潜力”  From that point, position yourself as problem solver. Show that you not only understand the obstacles but that you have also developed a plan of attack.  从这一点出发,将自己定位成一位问题解决者表现出你不但理解了困难而且还制定了一套解决计划  "Anchor your proposal by showing how it will empower you and your team to move ward on many fronts," Rosen said.  Rosen说:“提出你的建议,展现这个提议会如何让你和你的团队在各个方面进步”  Cite what she calls "heroic achievement stories" to showcase your experience as a leader who has overcome pain, fear and unfulfilled desire.  引用你的“英雄事迹”来展现你是一位打败过痛苦、恐惧和未满足欲求的领导者  Start with phrases such as "From my experience navigating through a similar crisis, I've discovered that" and "When we were struggling to stay afloat years ago, I decided to."  用这些话做开场白:“从渡过类似危机的经验来看,我发现……”和“当年前我们要维持经营时,我决定了……”  By establishing credibility as someone who has triumphed over adversity, you reassure others that you're equipped to manage the current challenge. Through your stories, you can also champion the core values that your listeners care about the most.  让别人相信自己能够战胜逆境,向别人保自己具备管理目前挑战的能力你的故事同时也可做为你倡导听众们最为在意的核心价值观的例年8月日凌晨看年度最大圆月 你拍到了? -- ::00 来源: A dramatic supermoon is set to accompany this year’s Perseid meteor shower, one of the most anticipated events on the skywatcher’s calendar.  年度最大圆月,将和天文爱好者十分期待的英仙座流星雨同时出现  Given a dark, clear sky in a normal year, it is common to see more than 0 of the meteors an hour during the second week in August.  在以往年份里,8月的第二周、只要找到一片澄澈的夜空,就可以看到每小时0多个流星  But this year the Perseids have a bright shining rival - a larger and brighter moon.  但今年英仙座遇到了强劲对手——年度最大圆月  On Sunday, two days bee the meteor shower reaches its peak, the moon will become full.  周日距离英仙座流星雨高峰还有两天,而超级月亮将迎来圆月  Coincidentally, it will also have reached the point in its orbit that is closest to the Earth, known as 'perigee'.  巧合的是,最大圆月也将到达到距地球最近距离、即人们所知的“近地点”  The supermoon will be up to per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than other full moons during the year.  本次超级月亮将比其它月份圆月大%、亮度提高30%  The best time to see the meteors is between Saturday and Wednesday, with activity peaking on Tuesday.  观看英仙座流星雨的最佳时间是在本周六和下周三之间,周二达到流星雨高峰  An unusually bright full supermoon was also seen on July, and another is due to appear on 9 September.  7月日也曾出现过超级大月亮的天象,同时9月9日还将出现新一轮超级月亮  But the supermoon of Sunday promises to be the most dramatic since this is when the moon will be at its closest point to the Earth all year.  但周日的最大圆月绝对是年度最值得期待的天象,届时月亮将到达本年度距离地球最近的地方Chen asked the media in a statement to "refrain from sping arbitrary rumors," concluding that her company reserves the right to "pursue legal action" on the matter.  易词解词(BY 西)

-- :: 来源:

古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十三章 子路篇(1) -- :5:55 来源:   子曰:“不得中行而與之,必也狂狷乎!狂者進取,狷者有所不為也”   The Master said, "Since I cannot get men pursuing the due medium, to whom I might communicate my instructions, I must find the ardent and the cautiously-decided. The ardent will advance and lay hold of truth; the cautiously-decided will keep themselves from what is wrong."    子曰:“不得中行而与之①,必也狂狷乎②!狂者进取,狷者有所不为也③”    孔子说:“我找不到言行合乎中庸之道的人与他交往,那一定要同狂者和狷者交往了狂者有进取心,狷者绝不肯做坏事”    ①中行:合乎中庸之道的言行与:相与,交往  ②狂:激进狷(juàn):耿直,不求有所作为却绝不肯同流合污  ③不为:指不干坏事    孔子认为言行都合乎中庸之道的人,是品德最高尚的人可是他感叹时人的行为都不符合中庸交朋友时,找不到行为合乎中庸之道的人,也应该找狂与狷的人,因为狂者勇于进取,而办事不细,狷者为人耿直却不求有所作为这样在交朋友中,没有“中行”之人,只好求其次当然,求其次只是取他的长处而并非喜欢他的短处在一个人的身上仍存在着取其优的问题在不可求得最“中”的条件下,去求其相对的“中”,这本身仍是合乎中庸之道

经典译文备考:埃及放宽加沙地带边境管制 -- 1:37:30 来源: 经典译文备考:埃及放宽加沙地带边境管制,埃及放宽行人从加沙地带进入埃及的边境管制,结束了以色列和埃及对这块飞地实施的长达四年的封锁,巴勒斯坦人将此视为重大的一步Egypt has eased restrictions on border crossings pedestrians from the Gaza Strip. Palestinians see it as a big step toward ending a four-year-old blockade that Israel and Egypt have imposed on the enclave.埃及放宽行人从加沙地带进入埃及的边境管制,结束了以色列和埃及对这块飞地实施的长达四年的封锁,巴勒斯坦人将此视为重大的一步A Palestinian border policeman puts a stamp on the passport of Mahmoud al-Hams, a Gaza resident who says he has not left the enclave years. He is among the first of hundreds who arrived at the Rafah border terminal Saturday bee boarding a shuttle bus that would take him past a gate into Egypt.一名巴勒斯坦边境警察将穆罕默德.汉斯的护照盖了章汉斯是加沙居民,他说他已经有四年没离开过这块飞地了他是星期六首先抵达拉法边境站的几百人中之一,之后他搭上接驳车,接驳车将他载过边境大门进入埃及He says he is very happy that he can finally go out and see the world.他说,他非常高兴终于能出来看看世界了Egypt began easing restrictions on this border crossing earlier this year following the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, opening this crossing sporadically those with special permits that were granted on the basis of medical and other needs.埃及今年早些时候在埃及总统穆巴拉克被赶下台后开始放宽边境管制,不定时开放边境给那些因为医疗或其他需要而获得特殊许可的民众Now, the crossing is supposed to have regular hours and be open generally to anyone other than men between the ages of 18 and 0.现在,过境将会有固定时段,将开放给除了18岁到0岁男子的一般大众Those crossing on Saturday hailed the loosening of restrictions as a relief after years of a closure imposed by Israel and Egypt. Gaza resident Sabri Matar is going to Egypt medical treatment. He thanks the Egyptians understanding the suffering of the Palestinians and opening this crossing.在以色列和埃及关闭多年后,星期六过境的这些人赞扬管制松绑让他们宽慰加沙居民马塔里要去埃及接受治疗他感谢埃及体会到巴勒斯坦人民受的苦,并开放过境Egypt under Mubarak cooperated with Israel’s closure of the Gaza Strip following a violent takeover of Gaza by the militant Islamist group Hamas. The group, considered a terrorist organization by the ed States and others, was also viewed as a threat by Mubarak.穆巴拉克时期的埃及和以色列合作关闭了加沙地带,这是由于伊斯兰武装团体哈马斯暴力占据了加沙地带Egypt decided to ease restrictions after Hamas recently signed a reconciliation agreement with the rival Fatah faction that runs the West Bank.哈马斯最近和统治约旦河西岸的对手法塔赫签署了一项和解协议,埃及因而决定放宽管制Hamas sees the interim government that replaced Mubarak as more sympathetic to the Palestinians’ cause, and on Saturday praised Egyptians’ decision to loosen restrictions.哈马斯认为取代穆巴拉克的埃及临时政府较同情巴勒斯坦哈马斯在星期六称赞了埃及放宽管制的决定Speaking at the border crossing Saturday, Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official, called it the start of a new era of freedom the people of Gaza and of closer cooperation with Egypt.哈马斯高级官员哈马德星期六说,这开启了加沙人民新的自由时代以及与埃及更紧密的合作"The crossing is a fruit [of] the Egyptian revolution and a fruit of the reconciliation. I hope the opening of the crossing will support the reconciliation, first of all, and support the relationship between the Egyptians and the Palestinians,” he said.他说,“过境是埃及革命与和解的产物我希望开放边境首先能帮助和解,然后持埃及和巴勒斯坦间的关系”Israel is watching events on the border with concern. Israeli officials have warned that Egypt’s loosening of restrictions could open the way terrorists and arms smugglers.以色列抱着忧虑观察过境活动以色列官员警告埃及放宽管制可能为恐怖分子和走私武器犯敞开大门The loosening of the border crossing restrictions applies only to pedestrians. Along with Israel, Egypt continues to restrict the passage of most goods and vehicles into the Gaza Strip.

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