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崇义人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱信丰县妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗购物小窍门Bring a calculator with you带上计算器去购物即使很明显是打折比较划算,消费者的数学盲点依然存在。在另一项实验中,这次实验对象是阿克什劳的本科生,阿克什劳给出了两种购买散装咖啡豆的方法:免费多送33%和价格降低33%。这个折扣比免费赠送划算得多,但那些看起来很聪明的学生却认为两者一样。Studies have shown other ways in which retailers can exploit consumers’innumeracy. One is to befuddle them with double discounting. People are more likely to see a bargain in a product that has been reduced by 20%, and then by an additional 25%, than one which has been subject to an equivalent, one-off, 40% reduction.这些研究表明零售商还有其他方式可以利用消费者的数学盲点。其中一种就是用折上折来迷惑他们。人们往往会觉得,先打八折再打七五折比一次性只打六折更划算,其实两者根本一样。Marketing types can draw lessons beyond just pricing, says Mr Rao. When advertising a new car’s efficiency, for example, it is more convincing to talk about the number of extra miles per gallon it does, rather than the equivalent percentage fall in fuel consumption.阿克什劳说,除了产品定价,人们还可以从这些研究中学到关于市场营销的其他技巧。例如,为一款新车的性能做广告,宣传每加仑的油能多跑多少英里比实质上能省多少油更有说力。There may be lessons for regulators too. Even well-educated shoppers are easily foxed. Sending everyone back to school for maths refresher-courses seems out of the question. But more prominently displayed unit prices in shops and advertisements would be a great help or you can bring a calculator with you.监管部门也可能从中学到东西。即使是受过良好教育的购物者也很容易被忽悠。让大家重返校园进修数学似乎不大可能,不过在商店和广告中更明显地标出产品单价将会有莫大的帮助.或者你可以带上计算机。 /201212/216092全南县治疗内分泌多少钱 Next Ellen,Ted Danson from Big Miracle.The humback whales might migrate from Alaska to Hawai.下期节目 来自《鲸奇之旅》的Ted Danson 灰鲸可能是从阿拉斯加到了夏威夷Least animals remember the exact course.极少有动物可以记得他们确切的航线的We cant remember why we been in the kitchen,we have no idea.我们总是想不起来为什么到厨房 茫然不知Plus Oscar nominee Christopher Plummer,and Jenna Dicky.获得奥斯卡提名的Christopher Plummer 以及Jenna DickyAre you worry that I gonna scare you?I just get this paranoia,Its that work?yes,its.yes,ding ding.All new Ellen.你在担心我会吓你么 我现在疑虑重重 是要达到这个效果么 是的 好吧 叮叮 尽在新一期的Ellen ShowHi,Ellen,I love you,I love you,I love you.Happy happy happy birthday.嘿 Ellen 我爱你爱你爱你 生日快乐快乐快乐I wish you this year,freedom,love,laughter,Sleeping in late,get a lot of rest.希望在新的一年里 自由 幸福 快乐 睡的好 休息多多I want show you a surprise,I have a surprise,because that I love you,very very special treat,我要给你个惊喜 我有个小小的惊喜给你 我爱你 给你一个非常非常特别的优待So I want to say hello,come in.Say hi,you are on the show last year.我想打个招呼 进来 嗨 去年你可是在节目上哦You are on the show last year.Look,look,Mama.I know Daddy is cuter.Daddy is cuter,look.Happy birthday,hahaha.Happy birthday.去年你可是在节目上哦 来 来 看妈妈 我知道爸爸更可爱 爸爸更可爱 看这里 生日快乐 哈哈哈哈 生日快乐I love that,I love you Pink.Not as adorable as me in my pajama jeans,but I adorable.Im Jimmy Kimmel.好喜欢啊 我爱你Pink 没有我穿着肥牛仔可爱 但的确很可爱 我是Jimmy KimmelAnd this is the Ellen Degeneres Show.In case you wondering why I am standing here,这是Ellen Show 也许你们想知道我为什么站在这里In this pajama jeans,Its a special occasion here,today is Ellens birthday.And Im here with numbers of surprises.还穿着肥肥的牛仔裤 因为这是一个特殊的场合 这是Ellen的生日 我带来了许多的惊喜Like me big celebrities everywhere,are celebrating this special day all around the world,像我这样的世界各地的大明星 都来庆祝这特殊的日子And this is something Ive been working on,all night long,which also explains the pajama,please take a look.这是我一直在忙着的事情 忙了一夜 因此穿着睡裤就来了 来看一下 /201703/496697南康市红十字会医院有做无痛人流吗

龙南县治疗内分泌哪家医院好的I mean sometimes like you know dads will come up to me with their daughters and be like lick my daughter,go ahead.有的时候我会遇到父亲带着女儿来 对我说 舔我女儿啊 请吧Or go ahead,lick him.I get that too.请吧 舔他吧 我也遇到过That is just being on television.Really you have dads that come up and say lick my daughter.Thats crazy.电视人物就这样 真的有父亲来叫你舔他女儿的情况吗 简直疯狂啊You know whats crazy,I had one guy that came up to me and he goes Im going to take picture,right.疯狂的是 有个人来找我 我想跟你拍张照片and pulls out a rubber horse head,and he goes you got to get on my back,and you can ride me around the room,and I was like,no Im not.他拿出一个橡胶马头 你骑到我背上 在屋子里骑我 我说这不行啊Then he looks at his friend and says he wont even do it.然后他看着他朋友 说 他不肯啊And his friend takes his rubber horse heand and goes,oh.他朋友把他的橡胶马头拿出来摔地上了Come on.Oh,man,he is no fun.Did one guy wear the horse head just to take the picture? I guess.拜托 天呐 太没劲了 有个人还专门负责照相吗 大概是吧Can I do something really quick?Yes.我能快速做件事吗 嗯Happy birthday,Mom.You got to meet my mom.生日快乐 妈妈 你该认识我妈妈I like how you gave the sign of the devil.You have to meet my mom.我喜欢你比划魔鬼的手势 你得见到我妈妈才明白Happy birthday mom.Fantastic.生日快乐 妈妈 太棒了Got to ask you about this.This season your character Daryl got so hungry,he ate a worm.这事得问问你 这一季中 你的角色达瑞尔因为极度饥饿而吃了虫子Incredible scene,Did you really eat that worm because it looked like you ate a worm.You know I wanted to.很不可思议的一场戏 你真吃下去了吗 看上去好像是动真格的呢 我想的201703/496163龙源坝中心卫生院是公立的吗 老样子: Mike:hey,John,you haven't changed at all.John:You're the same old mike, aren't you? (迈克,你还是老样子。) 没怎么变:John: You haven't changed much. (你没怎么变。)Mike: Neither have you. (你也没变。) 还可以:John: You look great. (你看上去不错。)Mike: You look good, too. (你也一样。) 变样了: You've really changed. 你越来越漂亮了。You've become so beautiful.You've gotten so pretty.可能你发现朋友还是和原来一样苗条,how to keep in shape最近你是不是胖了? Are you gaining weight?I'm afraid so. (好像是吧。)my weight broke the history record /201102/124931龙南人民医院是公立

信丰医院是什么意思 Dont call it a dream. Call it a plan.梦想需要行动起来!单词记忆:plan n. 计划;打算;平面图;示意图 vt.vi. 计划,打算,设计 /201606/449044赣南水泥厂职工医院包皮手术怎么样赣州兴国治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院好的



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