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The ed Nations Security Council is meeting Tuesday to discuss new sanctions in response to North Koreas latest nuclear test.联合国安理会星期二将举行会议,讨论针对朝鲜最近进行核试验而对其实施新制裁的问题。The closed-door meetings come as diplomats report the ed States and China have reached a tentative deal to punish Pyongyang for last months test, its third and most powerful yet.在举行这次闭门会议之前,外交官们透露美国和中国已经就平壤上月进行核试验而对其实施制裁达成初步协议。这是平壤进行的第三次核试验,也是当量最大的一次。Diplomats told reporters late Monday they hope the council will be able to vote on a resolution by the end of the week. Details of the draft resolution were not immediately available.外交官们星期一晚间对记者说,他们希望联合国安理会能在本星期结束之前就有关决议案进行表决。目前还不清楚这项决议草案的具体内容。The Security Council aly unanimously condemned the February 12 nuclear test as a ;grave violation; of existing U.N. sanctions on North Koreas nuclear and missile programs. Pyongyang said its test was aimed at its ;arch-enemy,; the ed States.安理会此前一致谴责平2号进行核试验严重违反了联合国针对朝鲜核项目以及导弹项目的制裁规定。平壤说,进行核试验是针对其主要敌人美国。来 /201303/228442

Custom-made Suit定做西I would like to order a suit made to my own measure.我想定做一件西I share the same opinion. You are overweight, so it hard you to buy clothes.我也这么认为你有点胖,很难买到合适你的衣Maybe I should try to lose weight.或者我应该减肥了Here is one tailor shop. Why not order one here?这里有家裁缝店为什么不在这里定做呢? 5

1.惯用口语句子:Can I buy some stamps and envelopes here?这儿卖邮票和信封吗?I need some stamps this letter.我想买几张邮票寄这封信stamp n.邮票envelope n. 信封Do you have bigger envelopes?有大一点的信封吗?I need a smaller envelope.我需要一个小一点的信封I need an 80-cent stamp.我需要一张8角钱的邮票Id like $ 5.5-worth of stamps.我要买5.5美元的邮票worth n.价值I wonder if this letter is overweight.不知道这封信有没有超重Can you weigh this?你能称一下吗?overweight a. 超重的,过重的weigh v. 称…重量I need to go to express mail.我要用特快专递方式邮寄express a. 快递的,急速的Airmail, please. By airmail. please. Please send this letter by airmail.请用航空信方式邮寄I need to send this as regular post.我要以普通方式投寄regular a. 反常规的,平常的Gould you lend me the glue?你能把胶水借我用一下吗?Where is the glue?胶水在哪里?Do you have glue here?你们这里有胶水吗?glue n. 胶水May I have the zip code Vancouver? Can I have the zip code Vancouver? Would you give me the zip code Vancouver?能把温哥华的邮政编码告诉我吗?Vancouver n. 温哥华(加拿大)zip code(美)postcode(英)“邮政编码”How much postage postage does this need? How much postage do I need this?这邮件邮资是多少?How much postage do I need to send this airmail?这个航空邮件的邮资是多少?postage n. 邮资 3657




  Shoppers were left bemused after spotting the world's smallest caravan being towed inside a London supermarket. Designed by Yannick Read, The 5,500-pound QTvan is small enough to be used on the pavement or inside a shop. With a bed, kettle, TV, radio alarm clock, it boasts everything needed to make a long wait bearable.当世界上最小的拖车亮相伦敦某超市时,店员们迷惑了。该拖车名为QTvan,由扬尼克设计,价500英镑,可以在人行道乃至商店里开来开去。据了解,车内有床、水壶、电视以及无线电闹钟,可以让旅客们轻松“等待”。来 /201104/132963

  Top China Video Site Steps Up Its Piracy FightChina's most popular online site, Youku.com Inc., is trying to shed its reputation for abetting piracy by taking a page from YouTube's playbook: using technology to 'fingerprint' s, making it easier to find unlicensed copies.The Beijing-based company, which has been sued over pirated s, has developed a content-filtering system that generates identifying codes based on characteristics like color combinations and brightness. The company is using the system to help step up its removal of unlicensed content and says the technology will allow copyright owners to search Youku's database for unlicensed copies.Youku has aly started using the fingerprinting technology to find and remove content prohibited by Chinese government censors, a process that was previously done mainly by workers scanning clips. Chinese authorities require Web sites operating in the country to remove certain content, including pornography and politically sensitive topics, and authorities can shutter any sites that don't comply.Youku's move to crack down on pirated content comes years after Google Inc.'s YouTube underwent similar reforms in 2007 after facing legal challenges from copyright owners over clips posted to the site without permission. Change has been much slower in China; until recently, unlicensed copies of popular television shows would appear on Youku and other Chinese Web sites like Tudou.com with Chinese subtitles within a day of airing in the U.S.Copies of full-length movies have also been found on the Chinese sites within days of the release of their DVDs, and sometimes even earlier. Youku Chief Technology Officer Yao Jian said the company had to remove uploads of Columbia Pictures' '2012,' which was a box-office hit in China last year, while it was still in theaters.Youku gets more than 15 million unique visitors a day, or almost four million more than its main Chinese competitor, Tudou, according to iResearch. Youku, which made 200 million yuan (.3 million) in revenue last year, gets the bulk of its revenue from advertisements.Youku is betting the new fingerprint system will help it improve its reputation among advertisers who don't want to be associated with piracy. That association can be risky. Last year, an antipiracy group of Chinese Internet companies filed a number of lawsuits against Youku in Chinese courts, including one that alleged that a Coca-Cola Co. ad had run on Youku accompanying a clip from a Chinese TV show that Youku hadn't licensed.Youku's lawyers argued there were no legal grounds by which advertisers could be held legally responsible for controversial distribution, and a Beijing court dismissed the allegations against Coca-Cola. The other cases haven't been fully resolved yet.Mr. Yao led a team of engineers to create the fingerprinting system and the software, which cost roughly 6,000 to develop. Youku says it will distribute copies of the software to the Motion Picture Association and approved rights owners. Content owners can use the software to generate fingerprintsfor copyright material, then search Youku's database for other s that are at least a 20% match. Youku employees will review any s in question and remove them if they are verified to be illegal copies. The MPA referred questions to the group's officials in Asia, who weren't available to comment.Though Youku, Tudou and other Chinese sites say they have employed antipiracy measures before, users say Youku's latest crackdown is making a more noticeable difference since it started about three months ago.'I watched Friends, Gossip Girls, the Big Bang Theory and Boston Legal on Youku,' said Fiona Zhi, a 24-year-old Youku user in Beijing. 'Nowadays, it's hard to find the American TV dramas I want.'Mr. Yao says the loss of some traffic is inevitable, but he doesn't expect the move to have a major impact on growth. Unlicensed content from overseas 'actually made up a very small percentage of our content....U.S. television shows and movies make up only about 5% to 6%,' he says. About 70% of Youku's content is licensed from broadcasters and other partners, and the remainder is generated by users or produced by Youku itself.Youku says viewership of pirated American content is also small because many of its users outside of big cities like Beijing are more interested in Chinese-language content.Tudou says it uses similar technology to help rights owners find infringing s.The fingerprinting technology is also being used to help Youku employees filter out content banned by the Chinese government. But dealing with copyright issues can be more complicated than censorship. Anyone can start a user account, and it is often unclear whether an account holder has the rights to publish a specific . Youku says it also takes measures to protect users by verifying all removal requests from parties who claim to be rights owners. /201004/101831U.S. officials say a new government report details the threat hackers pose to the nations economy, with China a clear leader among countries carrying out cyber attacks.美国官员说,政府发表的一份新政府报告详细说明了电脑黑客对美国经济构成的威胁,在从事网络入侵活动的国家里,中国明显居于首位。Officials have described the classified ;National Intelligence Estimate; to U.S. media, including The Washington Post, which said late Sunday hackers are targeting the energy, finance, information technology, aerospace and automotive sectors.美国官员向包括华盛顿邮报在内的美国媒体说明了加密的“国家情报机构对电脑黑客威胁的评估情况”。华盛顿邮报星期天晚间说电脑黑客入侵能源、财经、信息技术、航天以及汽车制造等部门的网站。Some estimates put the cost to the U.S. economy at tens of billions of dollars each year. But, with some companies reluctant to report when they are hacked, the true cost is not known.一些评估结果显示,电脑黑客每年对美国经济造成的损失为数百亿美元。但一些公司在网络遭到入侵后不愿报告,因此实际损失数字无从得知。The White House is weighing how to respond, with options including possible trade actions and visa restrictions. The Washington Post says President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order on cyber security this week aimed at helping the private sector protect against hacking attempts.白宫目前正在考虑如何做出反应,选择方案包括采取贸易手段和实行签限制。华盛顿邮报说,预计奥巴马总统本星期将就网络安全问题发表一项政令,协助保护私营企业的网络免遭电脑黑客入侵。来 /201302/225024

  Barack Obama gave a fifth-grader the perfect excuse for missing a day of school on Friday a signed note explaining the boy’s absence.上周五,美国总统奥巴马为一位五年级的男生亲笔写下假条,这简直是世界上最完美的逃课理由了。Tyler Sullivan, from Rochester, Minnesota, was at the Honeywell factory in Golden Valley where his veteran father, Ryan Sullivan, introduced the President of the ed States on to the stage.来自明尼苏达州罗契斯特市的泰勒,周五逃课前往位于黄金谷的霍尼韦尔公司的工厂听总统奥巴马的演讲。泰勒是与父亲瑞安·沙利文一起前往I was sitting in the front row, the 11-year-old told N. I was pretty excited. But Tyler had even more reason to be bowled over when he had the opportunity of meeting Obama and shaking his hand.11岁的泰勒对美国广播公司的记者表示:“我当时就坐在前排,我相当兴奋。泰勒见到了总统,还跟总统握了握手,但更让他激动的事情还在后头。‘Mr. Ackerson, Please Excuse Tyler... he was with me! Barack Obama,the President wrote.奥巴马在假条上这样写道:“阿克森先生,请原谅泰勒,他正和我在一起—巴拉克·奥巴马。”‘I was like. really?said Tyler. ‘I kind of want to brag at school and say “look what I got!”’小泰勒的吃惊之情溢于言表:“我当时的反应是:不会吧?我好想拿回去跟同学炫耀一把:看看我拿到了终极豁免书!”Tyler has now framed the note, which he hopes will be accepted by his teacher when he returns to school on Monday.泰勒现在把假条装裱起来了,他希望回到学校后可以顺利过关Im bringing this and showing it to my teacher Mr. Ackerman in Rochester, said Sullivan. And Ill show you, ;this is why I missed school on Friday.;泰勒说:“我要把假条带回去给我老师阿克森先生看看,然后告诉他这就是我周五旷课的原因。”来 /201206/185518

  Apply the scholarship申请奖学金Can you tell me something about financial aid?你能给我讲讲经济资助吗?What exactly?你想知道什么呢?How to apply it?怎么去申请?In your first letter,that is,when you apply admission,you should also tell them you need their financial aid.在校方给你寄过来的第一张表格里,就是这张,你应该告诉他们你需要申请经济资助Then...然后呢?lf the aid is available,they will give you two or more application.ms: One is admission,the others are the aid.如果你的申请通过了,他们会给你寄过来至少两张表,一张是录取通知书,其余的就是关于经济资勋的表格了What if not?那要是申请没有通过怎么办呢?They will tell you the aid is impossible.他们会告诉你不能获得资助 36798。


  Extended warranty延长质保A:How long have we had the A3 printer in the sales department?A:我们销售部的A3打印机买多长时间了?B: Just over a year I think. Why, what the problem?B:我想刚超过一年吧咋,有什么问题吗?A: Im not sure but there seems to be something wrong with it. Is it still under guarantee?A:我不确定但是好像有点毛病仍然在保期吗?B: I think the guarantee just run out. Let me check. Oh, it OK. We took out an extended warranty, ft runs until next March.B:我想质保刚过我查一下哦,没问题我们购买了延长质保延长质保期到明年三月 5019

  Light or heavy use?轻型使用还是重型使用?A: Ive just got a new printer. How often do I need to replace the print heads?A:我刚买了个新的打印机我多长时间需要更换一次打印头?B:Well, under normal conditions each head lasts about 5 000 copies or so. It depends on the user, but about once a month is average.B:哦,在正常情况下每个打印头能够打印5000张左右这要看用户的具体情况了,但是一般平均一个月一次A: So if I dont print out very much, it could last a lot longer?A:那么如果我打印的不是很多,它能使用很长时间吗?B: That right. It could last six months or more. This model designed heavy use. Dont worry - youll get an error message telling you when to change the head.B:对可以用六个月以上这个模块的设计是为重型打印机使用的不用担心,你会得到错误信息什么时候需要更换打印头 5

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