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A comedian could be Guatemalas next president.一名喜剧演员可能成为危地马拉新总统。Jimmy Morales, a comedic actor and political novice is leading the pack of three candidates, according to early results, headed for a presidential runoff after Sundays election in Guatemala.危地马拉星期日举行选举后,初步计票结果显示,喜剧演员、政界新人吉米·莫拉雷斯在三名总统候选人中居于领先地位,他可能会参加总统决选。With about half of the votes counted, Morales has 26 percent of the ballots. His campaign slogan ;not corrupt, not a thief; resonated with voters after a corruption scandal rocked Guatemala late last week, ending in the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina.目前大约一半选票已经清点完毕,莫拉雷斯获6%的选票。他的竞选口号是“不要腐败,不要盗窃”,受到选民的欢迎。上周末爆发的腐败丑闻使危地马拉受到震动,导致佩雷斯总统辞职;I planted love in my homeland and now Im harvesting that love,; Morales said Sunday after casting his vote.莫拉雷斯星期日参加投票后表示:“我过去在祖国播下爱的种子,现在收获爱的果实。”Conservative businessman Manuel Baldizon trailed Morales with 18 percent of the ballots, while former first lady Sandra Torres had 17 percent of the the votes.保守派企业家巴尔蒂松得票18%,位居第二,前第一夫人桑德拉·托雷斯获得17%的选票。来 /201509/397489。

Yemens warring factions are on their way to Geneva for the first significant talks in the Middle East country’s months-long conflict.也门各交战派系正在前往日内瓦参加和平谈判途中。这是就这个中东国家长达几个月的冲突举行的首次重大和平会谈。The talks on Monday, facilitated by the ed Nations, will bring to the table Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels and the exiled government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.星期一的谈判由联合国促成,将使也门什叶派胡塞反政府武装和正在流亡的哈迪总统做到谈判桌前。The Houthis wrested control of Yemen’s government in February, leading Mr. Hadi to flee to Riyadh, the Saudi capital.胡塞武装今年2月夺取了也门政府的控制权,迫使哈迪总统逃到沙特首都利雅得。Security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists, said that Saudi-led airstrikes against the rebels and their allies continued in several Yemeni provinces.负责安全事务的官员说,沙特领导的针对反政府武装及其同盟的空袭还在也门的几个省持续进行。这些官员不愿透露姓名,因为他们没有权限向通报记者这些情况。Meanwhile, thousands of Houthi supporters marched in Sanaa in protest of the war and what they described as the siege of the city.与此同时,成千上万名胡塞武装的持者在萨那举行游行,抗议战争,抗议他们所称的对萨那城的围困。来 /201506/380843。

THE TAMAR PLATFORM, Israel Alarms rang out across the Tamar natural gas platform off the southern coast of Israel.以色列他玛钻井平台——在以色列南部海岸附近的他玛(Tamar)天然气钻井平台上,警报声大作。The Israeli navy had detected smoky signs that a rocket might have been fired by Hamas from the shores of Gaza. As a voice over the loudspeaker warned to take cover, the crew raced up the metal stairs to a small gym that doubles as an air raid shelter.以色列海军探测到了烟雾迹象,或许是哈马斯从加沙海岸发射了一枚火箭弹。扬声器里传出警告众人躲避起来的播报,平台上的工作人员急忙沿着金属阶梯往上跑到一间小型健身房中——这里也是躲避空袭的庇护所。It turned out to be a false alarm.事后发现,这次是虚惊一场。Natural gas is both a geopolitical tool and a target in Israel, where a newfound bonanza of resources has the potential to improve ties with energy-hungry Egypt, Jordan and even the Palestinian Authority.在以色列,天然气既是地缘政治工具,也是会被攻击的目标。不过,以色列新发现的丰富资源有望助其改善与亟需能源的埃及与约旦的关系,乃至巴勒斯坦民族权力机构。But the linchpin of this diplomatic push is not an Israeli official, a Middle Eastern king, or an American ambassador. It is an oil company in Texas.然而,这一外交努力背后的关键力量,并非哪位以色列官员、中东国王,或是美国大使,而是德克萨斯州的一家油企。Noble Energy, the Houston-based company that runs the Tamar platform and is developing another field nearby, has struck a series of deals in recent months to sell gas from Israel to its neighbors, an export strategy encouraged by the Obama administration to help ease tensions in the region. Both Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have signed preliminary agreements in recent months, while Noble is in talks to supply larger amounts of gas to Egypt.总部位于休斯敦的诺布尔能Noble Energy)不仅经营着他玛平台,还在开发附近的另一座气田。在最近几个月里,公司达成了从以色列向其邻国出售天然气的一系列协议。这一出口策略得到了奥巴马政府的鼓励,有助于缓解地区的紧张局势。约旦及巴勒斯坦已在近几个月里签署了初步协议;诺布尔同时还在与埃及进行谈判,以期向其供应更多的天然气。The corporate connection is crucial. As the main negotiator and broker, Noble is giving cover to leaders who could otherwise face political blowback for buying gas supplies in deals directly with the Israeli government.这种商业纽带至关重要。作为主要的谈判方和中间人,诺布尔给各方领导人提供了掩护。如若不然,他们可能会因直接向以色列政府购买天然气的交易而面临政治打击。“What these deals demonstrate is that gas can be a tool for partnerships that are commercial with strong, positive geopolitical benefits,said Carlos Pascual, a former international energy coordinator at the State Department.“这些协议明,天然气可以成为促成伙伴关系的桥梁,而这一关系是对地缘政治有正面影响的稳固商业关系,”曾在美国国务院从事国际能源协调工作的卡洛斯·帕斯夸尔(Carlos Pascual)说。Noble Energy, which has a taste for risky exploration in unlikely places like the Falkland Islands and Nicaragua, started exploring here in the late 1990s. The platform was built in Corpus Christi, Tex., and transported by boat to its present site.诺布尔偏好在冷僻地区进行具有一定风险的勘探活动,比如在福克兰群岛和尼加拉瓜。公司在以色列的勘探活动始于上世纪末。他玛钻井平台在德克萨斯州的科珀斯克里斯蒂建造,然后由船只运至目前的地点。A slice of Gulf of Mexico oil culture came, too. The canteen serves fried shrimp and Dr Pepper. A handful of American industry veterans monitor the gas flows and train Israeli technicians.随之而来的,还有一丝墨西哥湾油气文化的气息。平台的餐厅里有炸虾和“胡椒士”饮料供应。几名来自美国的业界老手负责监测气流的状况并培训以色列的技术人员。Noble, which completed the development of Tamar last year for .5 billion, says that it has found more than 800 billion cubic meters of gas off Israel. The finds would be enough to satisfy current Israeli demand for about a century, greatly easing the country’s need for imported fuels.诺布尔去年完成了价5亿美元(约合220亿元人民币)的他玛气田开发工作。公司表示,已在以色列近海地区发现了000亿立方米的天然气。按照当前需求计算,这一发现足以让以色列在大约一个世纪里不愁天然气供应,能够极大地缓解该国对进口燃料的需求。Noble is acutely aware of its surroundings. Half of Israel’s electric power now comes from the natural gas that flows through Tamar, making the platform and an onshore processing plant a tempting focus for rockets from Hamas or more distant enemies. Security makes up about half the personnel on the Tamar platform.诺布尔清晰地了解自己身处的环境。眼下,以色列一半的电力来自他玛出产的天然气,使得这座平台及岸上的一座冶炼厂成为了哈马斯或更远些的敌人眼中的诱人目标。他玛平台上的工作人员中,大约一半从事的是安保工作。The platform “is a sitting duck,said Amit Mor, an Israel energy consultant.这座平台“是相当脆弱的靶子,”以色列能源咨询师阿米特·莫尔(Amit Mor)说。While Israel’s gas consumption is growing fast, the domestic market isn’t large enough to fully tap Tamar’s potential, much less develop a much larger field called Leviathan. So Noble and its Israeli partners have focused on Egypt and Jordan as the nearest, cheapest-to-reach places to export.尽管以色列的天然气消费量正在快速增长,但其国内市场并不足以充分利用他玛的潜在储量,更别谈要去开发一座大得多的名为“利维坦Leviathan)的气田。因此,诺布尔及其以色列合伙方把目光放到了埃及和约旦身上,认为它们是距离最近、运输成本最低的出口地。While Jordan’s relations with Israel have been tense lately, the country has been a receptive customer because it badly needs gas for its growing energy needs. Since 2011, Jordan, like Israel, has had its gas supply disrupted, as militants in Sinai repeatedly attack a major gas pipeline from Egypt.虽然约旦与以色列近期关系紧张,但是由于亟需天然气来满足不断增长的能源需求,该国倒是乐于购买011年以来,因为西奈半岛的激进团体反复攻击来自埃及的一条主输气管,约旦与以色列一样,面临着天然气供应不时中断的局面。Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton talked to King Abdullah of Jordan about Israeli gas in 2011. Amos J. Hochstein, a top energy diplomat at the State Department, approached Noble Energy in early 2012 about making a deal with the Jordanians, according to American officials with knowledge of the meeting. Formal negotiations, involving company executives as well as Israeli, Jordanian and American officials, began that year at the Royal Court in Amman.2011年,美国国务卿希拉里·罗德姆·克林顿(Hillary Rodham Clinton)向约旦国王阿卜杜King Abdullah)谈起了以色列的天然气。知情人士透露012年初,国务院负责能源问题的高级特使阿莫斯·J·霍克斯坦 (Amos J. Hochstein)找到了诺布尔能源公司,讨论与约旦做生意的事宜。当年晚些时候,诺布尔高管与以色列、约旦和美国三方的官员在安曼的王宫展开了正式协商。But the talks dragged on for two years with negotiators shuttling between hotels on Jordan’s Dead Sea coast and the Hilton Hotel at London’s Paddington Station. In a volatile region, King Abdullah risked drawing the fire of domestic critics if he bought fuel from Israel.不过,商谈延续了两年时间。谈判人员在约旦死海边的多家酒店与伦敦帕丁顿车站的希尔顿酒店之间跑来跑去。由于身处局势动荡的地区,阿卜杜拉国王要是从以色列购买石油的话,得冒上在国内饱受抨击的风险。ed States officials tried to smooth the process. They provided funding to train Jordanians in gas regulation. The American ambassador to Jordan, Stuart E. Jones, invited negotiatiors to continue talks in the relaxed atmosphere of his Amman residence when talks got tense elsewhere.美国官员也努力为这个进程提供便利。他们出资为约旦提供了天然气监管方面的培训。在其他地点的谈判形势趋于紧张时,美国驻约旦大使斯图尔特·E·琼斯(Stuart E. Jones)会邀请谈判各方到他位于安曼的寓所里,在轻松的氛围里继续对话。Noble helped break the impasse by striking a separate deal with two Jordanian mineral companies, Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine. The companies will buy about 0 million of gas over 15 years from Tamar.诺布尔另外与两家约旦矿业企业,阿拉伯钾盐公司(Arab Potash)和约旦溴业公Jordan Bromine)达成了交易,这在一定程度上化解了僵局。这两家公司将在未来15年里,从他玛平台上购买大亿美元的天然气。The private contract paved the way for the Jordanian government, which wanted a deal that would legally be with the American company, rather than Israel. Seven months later, Noble signed a preliminary agreement to sell gas from Leviathan to Jordan for electric power, worth an estimated billion.私营部门的合同为约旦政府铺平了道路,政府希望协议的另一方在法律上是这家美国公司,而不是以色列。七个月后,诺布尔签署了一项初步协议,从利维坦平台向约旦出售天然气用于发电,合约价值约20亿美元。Despite the benefits, such deals will likely face criticism when tensions between neighbors rise. For instance, a large contingent of lawmakers in the Jordanian parliament last week moved to limit purchases of Israeli natural gas. So far, the government appears to be unshaken in its desire to buy the gas.尽管有着诸多好处,但是这样的交易在邻国关系趋于紧张之时,却可能会招致批评。例如,约旦国会里有大批议员上周采取行动,对购买以色列天然气做出了限制。到目前为止,该国政府似乎并没有改变购买天然气的意愿。Jordan is one of the latest deals for Leviathan. In January, Noble and its Israeli partners reached an agreement to supply a power plant under construction in the West Bank by a Palestinian group.约旦只是利维坦最近的交易中的一宗。今月,诺布尔及其以色列合作伙伴达成了一项协议,向一家巴勒斯坦集团位于约旦河西岸的一座在建电厂供气。Industry experts say that Noble will need more long-term commitments to support the expense of Leviathan. The project is expected to cost as much as billion, and the Jordan deal accounts for only about 9 percent of the gas.行业专家表示,诺布尔需要更多的长期承诺才能维持利维坦的花费。该项目预计耗资将会高达80亿美元,约旦的合约只相当于总天然气产能%。The most likely anchor customer is Egypt, a huge and growing market. Today, two gas export facilities on the Mediterranean are sitting largely idle. The Egyptian government is blocking exports in order to meet high domestic demand and stave off power blackouts.最有可能成为柱性顾客的是埃及,这是一个正在增长的巨大市场。今天,地中海上的两座天然气出口设施基本上处于闲置状态,埃及政府为了满足巨大的国内需求、避免停电,阻止了出口。Noble and its partners are also looking for alternatives. They have commissioned designs for a floating liquefied natural gas facility, which would allow them to move gas to the global markets.诺布尔及其合作伙伴也在寻找其他途径。它们已经聘请设计机构,设计一座浮动液化天然气设施,这样它们就可以将天然气输送到全球市场。And domestic businesses are taking advantage of the new gas. One Israeli company, Dorad Energy, recently built a .3 billion gas-fired generating plant near Ashkelon. On a typical day, the plant meets about 10 percent of Israel’s power demand. The company is planning to add another next door.国内企业也在利用新的天然气来源。以色列企业多拉德能源公Dorad Energy)最近在亚实基伦(Ashkelon)附近建造了一座耗资13亿美元的燃气发电厂。在平时,这座电厂能满足以色列电力需求的10%。这家公司还计划在附近再修建一座电厂。“My dream is to sell electricity to Egypt, Jordan and even Syria,said Moshe Cohen, the plant manager, as he showed a visitor the site, including a hole in the street left by a rocket from Gaza. “Israel has the ability to provide a lot of energy.”“我的梦想是向埃及、约旦,甚至叙利亚出售电力,”电厂经理西·科Moshe Cohen)在带领一名访客参观时表示,道路上还有加沙地带发射来的火箭弹留下的弹坑。“以色列有能力供应很多电力。”来 /201412/348817。

To mark the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender, China is preparing a grand spectacle, complete with a military parade. Thirty foreign dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, are expected to attend.为了庆祝反法西斯战争胜利70周年,中国正在准备一场规模宏大的纪念活动,包括阅兵仪式。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)在内的30位外国政要将出席活动。But across the Pacific, in the ed States, the celebrations are a little more muted.不过,太平洋彼岸的美国似乎没有什么要大规模庆祝的迹象。The Japanese surrender ended one of the bloodiest wars in American history, second only to the American Civil War. Over 16 million American service members entered World War II, and 291,557 died on the battlefield. They became known as the US“greatest generation日本的投降结束了美国历史上仅次于内战的第二血腥的战争。超60万的美国役人员投入了二战,其中291,557人在战场上牺牲。而他们也被誉为美国“最伟大的一代”。But the ed States has struggled to memorialize the conflict in the 70 years since. Later wars, like the ones in Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula, received memorials years before World War II did. Only in 2004 did the US erect a World War II monument, alongside the other two war memorials.不过自那以后0年里,关于是否庆祝这场战争的胜利,美国一直很矛盾。对二战后的战争,如越南战争和朝鲜战争,美国都早就树立了纪念碑。而直004年,二战纪念碑才在那两块碑旁边竖起。And don’t expect any days off to commemorate World War II, either. There are federal holidays tied to the Civil War and World War I, but none for the USvictory in 1945. Only Rhode Island celebrates the Japanese defeat with a statewide holiday.在美国,更别指望能放一天假来纪念二战了。有些联邦假日纪念内战和一战,不过没有一个和1945年美国二战胜利相关。全国仅有罗德岛州有庆祝日本投降的假日。A modest airshow did grace the skies over Washington DC this May, for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi defeat. And American newspapers are certainly noting the seven decades since Japan’s fall. But why is US“greatest generationso poorly commemorated?今年五月,华盛顿特区举办过一场小规模的飞机特技表演来纪念战胜纳0周年。美国报刊也报道过日本战0周年。不过纪念美国“最伟大的一代”的活动为何少得可怜?There is no simple answer, only a tangle of history and politics, honor and sorrow. G. Kurt Piehler, director of the Institute on World War II, believes part of the reason lies with the veterans themselves.个中原因理不清道不完,交杂着复杂的历史、政治的因素,有荣誉也有悲恸。二战研究会主任G錠尔特皮勒(G. Kurt Piehler)认为部分原因在老兵自己。World War II veterans “wanted to get on with their lives Piehler wrote in an article for The Daily Beast. “They tended to avoid monuments and statues, choosing instead to commemorate the war with utilitarian structures such as parks, highways, community buildings, stadiums, and hospitals.”皮勒在给美国新闻网“每日野兽”的文章中写道:二战老兵“想继续正常的生活”。“他们不想要什么纪念碑、纪念雕塑,更愿意用有实用价值的建筑如公园、公路、社区建筑、体育馆、医院等来纪念战争。”Holidays and memorials also act as sources of unity and healing which might explain why a national monument was built relatively quickly for the controversial Vietnam War, and not for World War II.假日和纪念碑象征着团结和治愈,这也解释了为什么有争议的越南战争比二战更早有国家纪念碑。While World War II ended in triumph and pride for the US, the Vietnam War ended in stalemate and protest. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial created a place for Americans to reunite after the strife.美国载着胜利和荣誉结束二战,而越南战争的结束带给美国的则是困境和抗议。越南战争退伍军人纪念碑带给了美国冲突之后再团结的契机。By contrast, American involvement in World War II was stamped by a strong sense of righteousness. The US felt dragged into the war by Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. And Americansmoral outrage slowly grew when they realized the extent of Nazi persecution.相比之下,美国卷入二战则被贴上了强烈的正义标签。日本突袭珍珠港将美国拖入了战争。在意识到纳粹侵入不断加剧后,美国人的道德正义感也逐渐觉醒。The US still clings to that self-image, of fighting for freedom against persecution, for democracy against fascism. But showcasing that victory ran contrary to another American value: aesthetic simplicity.美国始终将自己定义为捍卫自由,抵制侵略,为了民主反抗法西斯主义的形象。而展示胜利违背了美国另一种价值观——极简的美。Hitler had built gigantic monuments to trumpet his power. Americans would celebrate theirs with ticker tape parades, and one very iconic kiss in Times Square.希特勒建了巨大的纪念碑展示他至高的权力。美国人则用纸带纷飞的游行和时代广场上传奇一吻来庆祝他们的胜利。There was also the matter of delicacy to consider. For instance, Rhode Island chose to call its holiday “Victory Day rather than “Victory over Japan Day to avoid souring relations with Japan and inciting anti-Japanese racism.当然政治敏感性也是必须考虑的。比如,罗德岛州的纪念节日取名为“胜利日”而非“战胜日本纪念日”,这是为了不让美日关系变得微妙以及避免“煽动反日情绪”。After all, remembering the past also means defining the future.毕竟,纪念过去也是为了更好地面向未来。来 /201509/397104。

Voters in Turkey are deciding Sunday whether President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will get another term, and possibly reform the constitution in a manner that might give him more power.土耳其星期天举行议会选举,投票结果将决定埃尔多安总统是否连任以及是否有可能改革宪法,扩大总统的权力。Sundays vote is considered one countrys tightest parliamentary elections in years. Despite a slump in the popularity of Mr. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, some voters and a pollster believe the party will not lose its power.星期天的议会选举被认为是多年来最紧张的一次。尽管埃尔多安的正义与发展党人气低迷,但一些选民和民意调查认为该党不会失去权力;Lately violence and breach of law, especially by Erdogan, caused a public reaction. I think thats the reason of the decrease and I think it could have been even lower but my guess is that people didnt think the opposition party was y to take the lead.;民调人员塔尔汗·埃德姆说,最近的暴力和违法行为,特别是埃尔多安的一些被视为违法的行为引起了公众反应,所以执政党持率下降,但是人们并不认为反对党具备领导能力。Voters from the Peoples Democratic Party, which represents Turkeys Kurdish minority, will be crucial in determining whether Mr. Erdogan’s AKP party gets the super-majority it seeks of the 550 seats in parliament.代表土耳其库尔德少数民族的人民民主党的投票是此次选举的关键。他们的投票将决定埃尔多安的政党能否获得议会550个席位的三分之二绝对多数。If successful, the AKP is expected to seek changes to the constitution to give the president more power.如果得到这样的超级多数,预计正义与发展党将寻求修改宪法,给总统更多权力;When we wake up Monday morning, I hope everyone will be happy and satisfied with the results of the election.;一位土耳其选民说,希望大家星期一醒来的时候对选举结果感到高兴和满意。Polls have indicated the AKP vote could be well below the almost 50 percent tally it reaped in the last elections in 2011. It may even need to form a coalition.最近的民调结果显示,正义与发展党这次的得票率可能大大低011年的0%的得票率。该党甚至可能不得不组成联合政府。来 /201506/379180。