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Families of miners in Soma express despair and anger土耳其索马矿工家属表达绝望和愤怒In Soma, families of the victims of the coal mine disaster have expressed despair and anger over the heavy casualties.在土耳其的索马,煤矿灾难的受害者家属对于此次重大人员伤亡事件表达了绝望和愤怒。Tension was high on Thursday morning at Turkey’s Soma coal mine. Now the site of the nations’ worst mining disaster in history. Hundreds were still waiting patiently at the entrance of the mine as the rescue mission continued for those who were trapped underground. Their number still unknown.周四早上在土耳其的索马矿井处局势紧张异常。这一事件成为了国家历史上最为严重的矿难。数以百计的人仍然在矿井口等待营救人员搜救那些被困井下的矿工。他们的数量还不清楚。201405/297914Vsauce! Kevin here.Vsauce!这里是Kevin。Competitive eating or speed eating features contestants clashing to consume the largest quantity of food in a short period of time. The competitors are referred to as gurgitators. And a 2007 study found that their stomachs can grow 4 times that of the average persons and can hold 4 liters.大胃王或快吃比赛主要以参赛者在一小段时间内比赛吃下最大量食物为特色。参赛者被称作大胃王。一份2007年的研究发现,他们的胃可以撑大到一般人的四倍,且可以装下四公升。According to 13th-century Norse mythology, the God Loki engaged in an eating contest with his servant. The servant won after eating the plate. Pie eating competitions have been held at local fairs and festivals in the ed States for generations.根据十三世纪的北欧神话,洛基神和他的仆人曾进行过一场大胃王比赛。那位仆人在吃掉盘子后获胜了。吃派比赛已经在美国当地的活动和庆典中举行了数个世代。Today, the Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is one of the most popular and dates back to 1916. The sport gained major popularity in the 90s when the Shea brothers took the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest to new levels by increasing the attendance and creating the International Federation of Competitive Eating, now called Major League Eating. They hold around 80 events annually.今天,Nathans Famous(美国知名连锁餐厅)的吃热大赛是最受欢迎的比赛之一,且要回溯到1916年。这项运动在九零年代得到广大人气,当时Shea兄弟将吃热大赛提升到新的水平,借由增加参赛者、并创立国际大胃王联盟,现在则称作大胃王大联盟。他们每年举办大约八十场活动。Kobayashi became the face of competitive eating after devouring a record 50 hot dogs during his rookie appearance at Nathans Coney Island contest. The Kobayashi Shake is a body wiggle he uses to force food down his esophagus and settle in his stomach. And he holds Guinness World Records in hot dogs, meatballs, Twinkies, burgers, pizza and pasta.小林尊在Nathans康尼岛比赛的首次露面中,狼吞虎咽吃下破纪录的五十根热后变成了大胃王代表人物。小林摇是他用来迫使食物由食道往下掉并在他胃里安顿的身体摇摆动作。他在吃热、肉丸、Twinkies点心蛋糕、汉堡、比萨和义大利面都持有金氏世界纪录。Joey Chestnut is currently the number-one-ranked eater. Hes won the Nathans Famous Hot Dog Contest 7 years in a row—recently breaking his own world record by eating 69 hot dogs. His favorite food is prime rib and the only thing he wont eat competitively is oysters.Joey Chestnut是现任第一名的大胃王。他连续七年赢得Nathans吃热大赛--最近因为吃下六十九根热打破他自己的世界纪录。他最喜欢的食物是肋排,而唯一一样他不会为比赛而吃的食物是牡蛎。Patrick ;Deep Dish; Bertoletti is currently ranked number two and holds the most eating world records, including waffles, fried calamari, and blueberry pie (hands free.) Hes a cook that also owns a food truck and his YouTube channel features s of him eating 30 peeps in under 35 seconds and engulfing 100 Krispy Kreme donuts.Patrick ;Deep Dish; Bertoletti是现任排名第二,并拥有最多大胃王世界纪录的人,包括格子松饼、炸花枝、还有蓝莓派(不用手吃)。他是名同样也拥有一台小吃卡车的厨师,而他在YouTube的频道主打他在35秒内吃下30个棉花糖、还有吞下100个Krispy Kreme甜甜圈的影片。Tim Janus, also known as Eater X, sports a mask painted on his face while he competes. He was the third person in history to eat more than 50 hot dogs and buns, and tried to be the first person to ever get legally drunk off non-alcoholic beer. He drank nearly 30 in an hour, got to a blood alcohol level of .02, and vomited. And in 2012, he was crowned the world burping champion.Tim Janus,也以“X食客”为人所知,在比赛时卖弄那画在他脸上的面具。他是史上第三个吃下超过五十根热和麵包的人,并试着成为第一个在法律允许范围下因无酒精啤酒醉倒的人。他在一小时内喝下将近30瓶、测量血液酒精含量达0.02、并吐了。在2012年,他赢得世界打嗝冠军的殊荣。Miki Sudo is one of the most famous female competitive eaters and is ranked number four with Major League Eating. She recently set a new record eating 8 and a quarter pounds of food in 6 minutes on Whats Trending and somehow consumed 50 Cadbury creme eggs in just over 6 minutes, living up to the tagline on her website ;Because everybodys good at something.;Miki Sudo是最知名的女性大胃王之一,并在大胃王大联盟排名第四。她最近在Whats Trending节目上创下吃掉八又四分之一磅(约四公斤)食物的新纪录,并不知怎么地在仅仅六分多钟内吃下五十颗吉百利巧克力蛋,无愧于她网站上的箴言:“因为每个人都擅长某件事。”Forty-four-year old, ninety-eight-pound Sonya Thomas is known as The Black Widow. She owns 20 world eating records, and has beaten all of the men mentioned so far in at least one contest except for the one who inspired her to start competing—Kobayashi.四十四岁、九十八磅(约四十四公斤)的Sonya Thomas以“黑寡妇”为人所知。她拥有二十项大胃王世界纪录,并在至少一场比赛中打败过至今所提过的所有男子,除了那个激励她开始比赛的人--小林尊。Competitive eaters train by drinking large amounts of fluids and eating low calorie foods like lettuce to expand the capacity of their stomachs. Some even chew massive amounts of gum to build jaw strength. Bob Shoudt chews 25 pieces at a time to strengthen his masticators in order to chew faster.大胃王借由喝下大量液体,并吃下像是莴苣的低卡路里食物来撑大他们的胃容量来做训练。有些人甚至咀嚼大量的口香糖来增强下巴的力量。Bob Shoudt 一次嚼二十五颗口香糖来强化他的咀嚼肌,以能更快地咀嚼。There are hundreds of competitive eating records all around the world. Here are a few of the most interesting: 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutes, 17 pounds of cow brains in 15 minutes, 275 pickled jalapenos in 8 minutes, and 141 pieces of nigiri sushi in 6 minutes.在世界各地有数百项大胃王记录。这里是几个最有趣的:九分钟内吃下十一磅(约五公斤)起司蛋糕、十五分钟内吃下十七磅(约七公斤)牛脑、八分钟内吃下两百七十五条墨西哥醃辣椒、还有六分钟内吃下一百四十一块握寿司。Doctors say the competitions can be dangerous with stomach perforations potentially occurring for those with undiagnosed ulcers and water intoxication occurring from gulping massive quantities of water. But so far the only documented injury from a competition has been a fracture jaw.医师表示,大胃王比赛可以是很危险的,因为胃穿孔问题有可能会发生在那些溃疡没被诊断出来的人身上,还有因为吞下大量水所引起的水中毒。但到目前为止,唯一在比赛中记录的伤害是下颚骨折。And as always, thanks for watching.一如往常,感谢收看。201412/346216

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just the facts: John F. Kennedy was born in Massachusetts in 1917. 这就是事实:约翰·F·肯尼迪于1917年生于马赛诸塞州。After serving in the U.S. House and Senate, he was elected president in 1960, although there is some controversy surrounding his very narrow win. 在美国众议院和参议院任职后,他在1960年当选总统,尽管当时他以微弱优势胜出引起了一些争议。Kennedy was the youngest man elected president and the first Catholic to be president. 肯尼迪是最年轻的总统,也是第一位美国天主教总统。His presidency involved the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba and the Cuban missile crisis, a nuclear faceoff between the U.S. and former Soviet Union. 他在当总统期间经历了猪湾入侵事件的失败,古巴导弹危机和美国与前苏联之间的核对峙。President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.肯尼迪总统于1963年在达拉斯遇刺。AZUZ: It was November, 22, exactly 50 years ago today. 那是在11月22日,正好是50年前的今天。President Kennedy was in Texas riding in an open convertible limousine. 肯尼迪总统当时正在德克萨斯州,坐在一辆敞篷轿车里。At 12:30 he was hit by two bullets. 在12:30他被两颗子弹击中。He was declared dead 30 minutes later, the fourth U.S. president to be killed in office. 他在30分钟以后被确认死亡,他是第四个在任期内被刺杀的美国总统。 /201311/266080

Chinese passengers can buy train tickets online for special services starting from today, a prelude for the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush-the largest annual migration on Earth.中国乘客昨起可在网上购买火车票。作为世界上每年一次最大的人口迁移的春运即将来临。Tickets will be available 25 days before they want to travel, 5 days earlier than last year. The move is expected to avoid long queues in train stations, and allow people to plan their journeys further in advance. Tickets for regular trains will be available online and phone booking 20 days before travel day, starting 28th December.今年火车票提前销售时间为25天,比去年提前5天。该次提前开售意在避免火车站内排长龙,并使出行的人们可以提前安排自己的行程。普通车票的网络和电话销售将提前20天开始,将于12月28日开售。The Spring Festival travel rush will officially begin on January 16th, 2014, ahead of Chinese New Year at the end of the month, when the largest annual migration on Earth begins. Billions of passenger journeys will be made then. About 510-thousand journeys will be made in Beijing each day, an increase of 6-percent compared with last year.本次春运将于2014年1月16日正式开始,而1月底便是中国春节,也正是每年一次大迁徙开始的时候。乘客出行次数将达数十亿次之多。而北京每天的乘客出行次数将会达到51万人次,同比增长6%。201312/270106

President Xi talked with Chinese Antarctic researchers习近平主席考察“雪龙”号,慰问中国南极科考队Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott went to the Hobart port and visited the Australia Antarctic exhibition there.在澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚州首府霍巴特访问的中国国家主席习近平在澳大利亚总理阿特陪同下,参观了那里的澳大利亚南极展。Xi Jinping and Abbott talked with the two nationsantarctic stations researchers via phones.习近平主席和阿特总理通过视频电话慰问了两国两国南极科学考察队。The two leaders expect the two nationsresearchers to join efforts in future.领导人们希望两国的研究人员今后能够共同努力。President Xi also visited Chinas ;Snow Dragon; expedition ship which stationed there and watched the Chinese polar expedition 30 anniversary photo exhibition there.习近平主席也考察了正在当地补给的“雪龙”号并观看了中国极地考察30周年的图片展览。He talked with the crew memebrs and expedition staff and expected them complete the mission well.习主席还亲切地同科考人员们进行交谈,并期待他们能够很好地完成任务。201411/343411

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