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Why women don't want toyboys more than three years youngerAs Hollywood's best-known 'cougar', Demi Moore has become the envy of millions.But while British women may wish for the 47-year-old's youthful, toned figure, it seems they do not hanker after her toyboy husband, 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher.New research has found that 71 percent of women over the age of 35 said they would not date a man who was more than three years younger than them.Two-thirds of the women told a poll they believed shared values and interests were more important than looks.The survey's findings go against the recent publicity surrounding so-called cougars, middle-aged women who date considerably younger men.Demi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood are all in relationships with younger men, and the trend has even sparked a hit television series, Cougar Town.But the research, by dating website matchaffinity.com, found that three-quarters of British women wanted relationships with men their own age.Psychologist Dr Cecilia d'Felice said: 'For British women, the key to a successful relationship is finding someone on the same wavelength, a person whom they genuinely resonate with.'While some couples successfully transcend conventional age barriers, many people find it more satisfying to relate to someone their own age because their experiences and outlook on life are more likely to be similar.'Clearing up after a twenty-something who doesn't know how to use the washing machine, however gorgeous, is not most women's idea of fun.’Vocabulary:cougar: A woman, 35 years of age or older, who pursues younger men, typically more than eight years her junior(熟女)toned: 健美的hanker after: to have a strong desire for something(渴望,渴求)toyboy: a woman's male lover who is much younger than she is (比情妇年轻得多的)小情夫on the same wavelength: to have the same way of thinking or the same 背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110151

The Florida Everglades are home to alligators, dozens of bird species, beautiful flowers and exotic plants. It's easy to see what attracts people to these places. But Florida's population growth, coupled with farms that require a never-ending supply of pesticides and fertilizers, has put an enormous strain on the Everglades ecosystem. So a restoration plan is underway to stabilize the Everglades and preserve the animals that live there. But the plan has proved to be controversial.Craig Quirolo runs a nongovernmental organization called Reef Relief in Key West, Florida.And that’s what really scares me about the Everglades Restoration Plan is that we will be continually inundated, drought or no drought, with a lot of water. And I think if this water were clean, it wouldn't be so much of a problem. But we have a lot of nutrients in that water, a lot of pesticides. And I think there's a lot of stuff that we don't even know within that water. And that's sort of what scares a lot of people who are down there.This is a sugarcane country. Pesticides and fertilizers from farms in Central Florida flow right through the Everglades and on to the Reef. And according to some critics, they are the principal reason the Everglades Restoration Plan won't work.Juanita Green is the spokesperson for Friends of the Everglades.“This is the biggest problem in the Everglades: the Everglades Agricultural Area. It's the major source of water pollution. It's the, it’s the big... a big dam between Lake Okeechobee and the rest of the natural Everglades.”The Everglades Agricultural Area, or EAA, covers some 700,000 acres, 90% of it planted in sugarcane. Lake Okeechobee's waters irrigate farm fields here, then flow south through the Everglades and into the Keys.Stuart Stein is a fourth-generation Florida farmer. And he vehemently rejects the idea that his farming methods damage the Everglades and the Reef.“We will do everything that we can to help, restore and preserve the Everglades, you know. I enjoy going to the Everglades and I hope my kids have it. They’re gonna enjoy it too, along with agriculture.”Bill Causey of the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary helped draft the plan to restore the Everglades. He agrees that the Reef is in trouble, but says no one factor can explain its decline.“It won't do any good if we spend 7 or 8 hundred million dollars here in Florida Keys to improve our water quality, if in fact the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan has been put on the shelf because the waters coming down are still going to be polluted, and then they will enter our cleaner Florida Keys waters and then make the way to the Reef.”Some environmental groups believe that the government could save the Everglades and the Coral Reef by buying the farms in Belle Glade, shutting them down and donating the land to the park. But federal officials say that's not going to happen. What we can't do is go back within time. We have to get the water right back into the system through the Comprehensive Restoration Plan.For the millions of people each year who flock to the Keys to enjoy the Reef and the millions of fish that call the Reef home, for the farmers who've grown sugarcanes in central Florida for generations, and for the people who move to the state each day. That's exactly what this critical balancing act is all about: getting the water right.200812/58815

Japan's hopes of acquiring the jet touted as the world's most advanced fighter are being dashed. The commander of U.S. Forces Japan, in an unusually blunt remark, says even if American senators had not voted to halt further production of the F-22, there was little chance the aircraft would have been sold to its ally.F-22战斗机被称为世界上最先进的战斗机,日本获得这种飞机的希望正在破灭。驻日本美军司令在一次异常坦率的谈话中说,即使美国参议员们没有投票否决增购F-22战斗机,向盟国出售这种飞机的可能性也很小。The top American military commander in Japan rebuffed Tokyo's hopes of acquiring a new state-of-the-art fighter, just days after the U.S. Senate cut future funding for production of the combat jet. 在美国参议院削减未来生产F-22战斗机拨款的几天之后,驻日本美军最高指挥官打消了日本购买这种新的先进飞机的希望。Lieutenant General Edward Rice on Thursday said the F-22 Raptor was never intended to be sold to other countries, despite interest expressed by such allies as Japan, Australia and Israel. 赖斯中将星期四说,美国从不想对外国出售F-22猛禽战斗机,尽管日本、澳大利亚和以色列等盟国表示有意购买。"Given that the F-22 is not available to anybody in the world as an export aircraft, what is the best aircraft for Japan to purchase to secure their defensive needs of the available aircraft? I certainly am not in a position or would not take a position to try to suggest to the Japanese what aircraft they should buy," Rice said.赖斯中将:“考虑到美国不向世界上任何人出口F-22,日本为自己的国防需要所能买到的最佳飞机是什么呢?这不该由我回答,我也不想表态,不想向日本建议买什么飞机。”The Japanese and other allies may have to look at the smaller, slower and cheaper F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which has some of the advanced technology developed for the Raptor. 日本和美国的其他盟国也许不得不转向比较小,比较慢也比较便宜的F-35联合攻击战斗机(Joint Strike Fighter)。F-35拥有为猛禽战斗机开发的一些技术。President Obama has said it would be a waste of money to build more F-22's, a stance many U.S. lawmakers supported. His administration wants to shift more of the defense budget away from conventional warfare projects that have huge costs.奥巴马总统表示过,制造更多的F-22是浪费金钱。美国许多议员持这一立场。奥巴马行政当局想在耗资巨大的常规战争项目上少花些钱。But influential proponents of the F-22 in the U.S. Congress say that even if the Air Force does not want more of the twin-engine jets, they should be built for sale to allies. Supporters say the high-altitude supersonic fighter is ideal to counter any future threat from China's combat jets. 但是美国国会中持F-22的有影响力的人士说,即使美国空军不想再多要这种双引擎喷气式飞机,美国也应该生产它,卖给盟国。Japan's Air Self Defense Force primarily relies on F-4 and F-15 fighter jets. Defense officials here say their top preference to replace the aging F-4's remains the Raptor despite the funding cut by U.S. senators.日本空中自卫队主要依靠F-4和F-15喷气式战斗机。日本防卫官员表示,尽管美国参议院削减了经费,他们用来取代F-4的优先选择,仍然是猛禽战斗机。07/78897

Interest Rate Cuts, Job Losses Hit European Markets欧洲各中央降息应对衰退恐惧It is another nervous day on the trading floors in Europe as various European banks dropped interest rates again. The move is designed to address fears that Europe could get caught up in a deep and difficult recession, spanning all of . 随着欧洲各中央再次削减利率,欧洲股票交易所经历了又一个紧张的交易日。削减利率的举动是为了对付欧洲可能会陷入一场持续明年全年的严重衰退的恐惧。The European Central Bank cut interest rates by 0.75 percent - its biggest ever move and its third cut in two months. 欧洲中央将利率削减了75个基点,这是该有史以来做出的最大的降息,也是两个月来的第3次。Recent economic data in the 15-nation Eurozone has been grim and many European countries have been calling for this latest drop. 15国欧元区最近出台的经济数据都相当黯淡。很多欧洲国家都呼吁采取最近做出的降息行动。Elsewhere in Europe, even stronger medicine was administered. The Swedish Central Bank cut rates by 1.75 points - a record there. In London, the Bank of England dropped rates one percent to a level not seen since 1951. 在欧洲其他地方,一些国家给经济下了更猛的药。瑞士中央将利率削减了1点75个百分点,创下记录。在伦敦,英格兰降息1个百分点,使利率达到自1951年以来没有见过的水平。Economist George Johns from Barclays Capital says the move has not come as a surprise to those in London's financial district. 巴克莱资本公司的经济学家约翰斯说,对于伦敦金融区的人来说,这个举动并不是一个意外。"The city was expecting something in the region of a percentage point cut," he said. "That is what we got. I think looking ahead, we are going to see more decisive action from the bank and I would see rates falling perhaps another percentage point over the coming months to a one-percentage trough." 他说:“伦敦本来预期会出现一个百分点左右的降息。这也是我们所得到的降息幅度。我认为,今后,我们会看到英格兰采取更加果断的行动,而且在今后几个月的时间里,我会看到利率也许会再下降一个百分点,达到1%的低谷。”As is the case elsewhere in Europe, the British economy is stagnant and real estate, in particular, is taking a big hit. Throughout Britain, home foreclosures are increasing and mortgage lending is down a massive 70 percent from one year ago.  就像欧洲其他地方一样,英国经济停滞不前,房地产尤其受到冲击。在整个英国,丧失房屋赎回权的案例在增加,房屋贷款比一年前大幅度减少了70%。Michael Coogan from the Council of Mortgage Lenders says the hope is most of this latest cut will be passed on to help get the property market moving again, but as he points out, there is also a downside for savers. 房贷理事会的库根说,现在的希望是,最新削减的利率的大部分将会传导到借款者,从而帮助房地产市场再次启动起来。但是正像他所指出的那样,对于储蓄的人来说,这个做法也存在不利的一面。"I think where lenders can pass it on to borrowers they will," he said. "But actually the moral obligation to the very many savers who rely on investment income, charities similarly, they are going to want their savings rate to be kept up. And indeed for economic purposes, we want savings rates to be kept up to encourage savings because it is the savings money that can be lent out next year." 他说:“我认为,如果提供贷款的机构能够把更低的利息传导给借款者,他们会这样做。但是从道义上来讲,对于很多依靠投资收入的储蓄者来说,他们希望保持较高的储蓄利率。确实,出于经济目的,我们希望通过保持较高的储蓄利率来鼓励储蓄,因为到来年,要用这些存款来发放贷款。”Beside the interest rate drops, the markets here were again influenced by a series of job cuts. 除了削减利率,欧洲的股市也再次受到一系列裁员的影响。Banking giant Credit Suisse announced it is eliminating another 5,300 jobs after revealing a net loss of .5 billion in October and November. 巨头瑞士信贷在10月和11月份出现了25亿美元的净亏损之后宣布再裁减5千3百个工作。In London, the Japanese financial group Nomura says it will cut up to 1,000 jobs in its British operation. Earlier this year, Nomura bought parts of the failed U.S. bank, Lehman Brothers. 日本金融集团野村表示,公司将削减多达1千个设在英国的职位。今年早些时候,野村购买了倒闭的美国雷曼兄弟的部分资产。200812/58004

Barack Obama Breaks Fundraising Records奥巴马总统竞选筹款打破记录 Barack Obama's presidential campaign raised a record of 0 million in September, giving him a significant cash advantage over his opponent John McCain. The Democratic nominee is using his treasure chest to purchase television and radio ads in closely contested states, and also in traditional Republican strongholds such as Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia and even West Virginia. 奥巴马总统竞选班子9月份筹集到创记录的1亿5千万美元, 从而使他比对手麦凯恩享有巨额竞选资金的优势。这位民主党总统候选人利用自己充足的钱包在那些竞争激烈的州,以及传统的共和党的据点,如印第安纳州、内华达州、北卡罗莱纳州、弗吉尼亚州和西弗吉尼亚州等购买电视和电台广告。Barack Obama became the first major party candidate not to join the public financing system for the general election campaign, backing away from an earlier pledge that he would do so. This frees the Democratic candidate to raise an unlimited amount from private donations.  奥巴马成为美国在参加竞选活动中第一位不接受公共资金体制的主要政党候选人。他背弃了先前做出的不会这样做的承诺。此举可以放手让这位民主党候选人从私人捐赠中筹集不受限制的竞选资金。Republican candidate John McCain chose to take public funds, and is now limited to spending the million he received from the public financing system during the final two months of the campaign.  而共和党总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩则选择接受公共资金,现在麦凯恩在最后两个月的竞选活动中,只能花费来自公共财政系统的8千4百万美元的竞选经费限额。The Obama campaign has raised an unprecedented total of more than 0 million during the campaign, almost equaling the combined amount both major candidates, George Bush and John Kerry, raised in the 2004 presidential election. 奥巴马在竞选活动中筹集到前所未有的6亿美元竞选经费,几乎相当于2004年总统大选中美国总统布什和克里参议员等两位候选人竞选金额的总和。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Senator McCain said this kind of runaway campaign spending is cause for concern. 参议员麦凯恩在接受福克斯电视台“周日新闻”节目采访的时候说,竞选开的失控引起人们的关注。"But what I worry about is future elections too. Not only mine, I worry most about mine at the moment, but what is going to happen the next time around?" McCain noted. "Four years from now, what is going to happen? Particularly if you have got an incumbent president and we no longer stick to the public financing, which was a result of the Watergate scandal." 麦凯恩说:“我还担心未来的选举。不仅是我自己。当然此刻我最担心的是我的竞选活动。但是下一次将要发生什么事?从现在开始的四年之后会发生什么情况?特别是如果你有一个现任总统,同时我们也不再坚持使用公共资金作为竞选经费,那样的话就会发生水门事件那样的丑闻。”McCain also criticized Obama for not living up to his pledge to accept public funds. 麦凯恩还批评奥巴马违背自己接受公共资金作为竞选经费的承诺。The Obama campaign argues that it has developed what amounts to a parallel financing system of its own, with more than three-million individual donors contributing to his campaign, many of them donating small sums over the Internet. The campaign says the average donation for September was less than 0. 奥巴马竞选班子解释说,他们已经开发出了一个相当于自身平行筹款体系,其中有超过3百万个人捐助者为奥巴马的竞选捐款,许多是通过互联网的小额捐款。奥巴马的竞选班子说,9月份为奥巴马捐款的平均数额不到100美元。Obama's financial advantage is making it possible for him to drown McCain's message in a flood of TV, web and radio ads. Obama is even advertising in games. 奥巴马的资金优势是使他能够用排山倒海般的电视、网络和广播电台的广告信息,甚至在视频游戏中插播广告,来压倒麦凯恩的信息。Evan Tracey is president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group, a private firm that provides political advertising information to its clients. Tracey said he has never seen anything like Obama's success and corresponding dominance of the airwaves. 特雷西是总统竞选媒体分析集团的主任。这是一家向客户提供政治广告信息的私营公司。特雷西说,他从未见过像奥巴马这样成功地在电波里占有相应的压倒优势。"For the casual viewer, for the person who is just kind of tuning into this race knowing that they are going to be voting in a couple of weeks, all they are seeing in a lot of these battleground states are Obama ads on TV, all they are hearing are Obama ads on radio," Tracey noted. "It just really gives Obama the advantage of somewhat blanketing the paid media, the advertising aspect of this race, and it just makes it that much harder for Senator McCain to have a message that is able to cut through." 特雷西说:“对于一个偶尔接触媒体的人来说,如果他刚刚开始关注选举,并且知道自己再过几个星期就要参加投票,他们所能够看到的就是奥巴马在很多激烈争夺的州的电视广告,他们所能听到的是奥巴马在电台作的竞选广告。这真的让奥巴马在覆盖付费媒体方面,在竞选广告方面享有优势。这使得麦凯恩的信息很难抵达选民。”One of John McCain's television ads questions "Who is Barack Obama?", and uses it to counter some of Obama's ads against him.A recent Obama TV ad says McCain is attacking him to distract voters' attention away from the economic crisis. 最近的一个奥巴马竞选电视广告说,麦凯恩通过攻击他转移选民对经济危机的注意力。The candidates also use their campaign money to open offices in hotly contested states and to conduct grassroots voter registration and voter turnout efforts with paid field workers. Obama has also purchased 30 minutes of prime time on network television to address American voters in the week before the election. 两位总统候选人还利用他们的竞选资金在竞争激烈的州开设办事处,并付工资给办事人员开展基层选民登记,以及动员更多选民参加投票。奥巴马还购买了美国电视网30分钟的电视黄金时间段,在投票即将举行的一周前向美国选民发表讲话。200810/53606

Three Shot Dead in Afghan Capital喀布尔再爆射杀外国人事件 Afghan police say the two top officials of an international shipping company and one of their security guards were shot dead Saturday in front of their office in Kabul. The killings are the latest in a series of attacks on foreign nationals there. 阿富汗警察说,一家国际运输公司的两名高级官员和他们一名的保安星期六在他们设于喀布尔的办公室前被击毙。这起杀事件是对当地外国人一系列袭击事件的最新一起。Afghan officials say the two Westerners were gunned down as they sat in a vehicle in front of the German-owned freight company DHL. 阿富汗官员说,两名西方国家人士被开击中,他们当时坐在德国货运公司DHL办公室前的一辆汽车里。On the scene, General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, the director of the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department, told reporters the shots were fired from inside the DHL office. 在事发现场,内政部刑事调查部门主任雅曼德将军对记者说,子弹是从DHL办公室里面发射出来的。General Yarmand says one of the guards at the DHL facility fired at the vehicle, killing the two foreign company officials and their Afghan bodyguard. He says a motive has not been established. 雅曼德说,DHL公司的一名保安向这辆汽车开,打死两名外国公司官员和他们的阿富汗保安。雅曼德说,开动机还没有确定。The DHL office is located at a busy intersection across from the Iranian Embassy, in an upscale section of Kabul. DHL公司办公室位于繁忙的街道路口,对面是伊朗大使馆,处于喀布尔的高收入阶层地区。Police and diplomats say the two DHL officials - the country director and deputy director -- were from Britain and South Africa. 警察和外交人士说,这两名DHL公司官员来自英国和南非,一人是阿富汗项目主管,另一人是副主管。Officials of Saladin, a British-based private security company confirmed to VOA News that the Afghan guard who died was employed by them.  设在英国的一家私人保安公司“萨拉丁”的官员向美国之音确认这名被打死的阿富汗保镖受雇于“萨拉丁”的报导属实。Authorities say two other Afghans, standing outside the DHL office, were wounded in the shooting.  有关当局说,站在DHL公司办公室外的另外两名阿富汗人在击事件中受伤。Police detained 13 people, including DHL employees and guards. Interior Ministry officials say they are questioning them to determine whether the shooting stemmed from an "internal dispute" or outsiders were involved. 警察逮捕了13人,其中包括DHL公司雇员和保安。内务部官员说,他们在审问这些人,以确定击事件是否由“内部分歧”导致,还是有外人介入。The latest violence comes less than a week after the shooting death of Gayle Williams, a British-South African national working for a Christian charity in Kabul. Taliban insurgents claimed they attacked the young woman because her British organization, SERVE Afghanistan, was sping Christianity. 最近的这起暴力事件发生前不到一个星期,一名为喀布尔一家基督教慈善机构工作的英国裔南非人威廉姆斯被开打死。塔利班暴乱分子声称他们袭击了这名年轻女性,因为她所在的英国公司“为阿富汗务”在传播基督教。The charity denied it was proselytizing but decided to close its operation in the country following the killing. 这个机构否认在试图改变阿富汗人的宗教信仰,但是这个机构决定在发生杀害事件之后停止在阿富汗运作。Security has deteriorated in the capital and many parts of the country. Taliban insurgents and criminal gangs are blamed for a recent wave of killings and kidnappings targeting Afghans and foreigners. 在首都喀布尔和阿富汗许多地方,安全局势有所恶化。塔利班暴乱分子和犯罪团伙被控在近期连续从事杀害、绑架和袭击阿富汗人和外国人的活动。Afghan authorities say several foreigners have been abducted in the past few days in the country. Among them are two Bangladeshi development workers in Ghazni province and two Turkish engineers hired to erect a communications tower near the Pakistani border in Khost province.200810/54012

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