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江西省上饶下颌角整形多少钱上饶韩美整形美容医院治疗青春痘怎么样Hong Kong’s summer of political discontent has claimed its highest-profile victim, after the city’s Law Society in effect forced the resignation of its pro-Beijing president.香港持续整个夏天的政治纷争产生了最知名的受害者:香港律师会(Hong Kong Law Society)在事实上迫使了其亲北京的会长辞职。Ambrose Lam San-keung resigned yesterday ahead of a Law Society council meeting called to discuss his tenure, following last week’s vote of no-confidence in the two-term president.林新强(Ambrose Lam San-keung)昨日在香港律师会理事会开会讨论他的任期之前宣布辞职。上周香港律师会曾举行特别会员大会,通过对这位会长的不信任动议。“In order to maintain the solidarity of the Hong Kong Law Society, I will tender my resignation to the council with immediate effect,” said Mr Lam.“为了保持香港律师会的团结,我将向理事会递交辞呈,即时生效,”林新强表示。Mr Lam became a lightning rod for criticism among Hong Kong’s 8,000 Law Society members when he voiced support for Beijing’s “One Country, Two Systems” white paper, which stated that the freedoms enjoyed in the city were a privilege granted by China rather than an automatic right.林新强曾表态持中央政府的《“一国两制”在香港特别行政区的实践》白皮书。这使他成为香港律师会一些会员的批评对象。白皮书称,香港享有的各项自由是中央授予的特权,不存在自动的权利。香港律师会有8000名会员。Mr Lam, a managing partner at law firm Lam, Lee amp; Lai, claimed to speak on behalf of the society when he openly supported Beijing’s white paper – a document that has heightened concerns over what some see as Beijing’s tightening grip on the city.身为林李黎律师事务所(Lam, Lee amp; Lai)管理合伙人的林新强在公开持中央的白皮书时,自称代表香港律师会。香港一些人士认为北京方面正在收紧对该市的管控,白皮书加剧了他们的这种担忧。The white paper refers to judges as “administrators” and requires that they be “patriotic” towards China.白皮书称法官是“治港者”,并要求他们“爱国”。Critics of the document suggest it could water down Hong Kong’s judicial independence and the autonomy enjoyed by the territory compared with mainland China.这份文件的批评者认为,它可能淡化香港的司法独立,淡化这个特别行政区相比中国内地所享有的自治。A solicitor who works in a big international law firm in Hong Kong and attended last week’s Law Society vote said: “If there is decreased confidence in the judicial independence and rule of law in Hong Kong, that would be to the detriment to Hong Kong’s business market. [Global companies] would lose confidence in Hong Kong as a business centre.”在香港一家大型国际律师事务所工作、参加了上周律师会投票的一名律师表示:“如果人们对香港的司法独立和法治信心下降,那将损害香港的商业市场。(全球企业)将失去对香港作为商业中心的信心。”Kevin Yam, a Hong Kong solicitor who initiated the no-confidence vote, said: “[Mr Lam] did the right and honourable thing to listen to and respect the voices of the majority of the Law Society. Judicial independence, rule of law: they are fundamental for Hong Kong as an international city.”发起不信任动议的香港律师任建峰(Kevin Yam)表示:“(林新强)做了正确和光荣的事情,听取和尊重律师会多数会员的声音。司法独立、法治:它们是香港作为一个国际城市的根本要素。”Mr Lam’s support for the white paper prompted 1,800 black-clad legal professionals to hold a silent march through the city in late-June, and sparked terse responses from senior legal experts.林新强表态持白皮书的举动,促使1800名法律界人士在6月下旬身穿黑衣静默游行,并招致资深法律专家的简短回应。“If judges have to be standing with the government and form part of the government [as the white paper suggests], this would be totally contrary to the rule of law,” Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, a former president of the Bar Association, told local media.“如果法官必须(像白皮书所称的那样),与政府站在一起,构成政府的一部分,那将是完全违反法治的”,曾任香港大律师公会(Hong Kong Bar Association)主席的余若薇(Audrey Eu Yuet-mee)在接受当地媒体采访时表示。 /201408/322687上饶奥美定指定取出医院有哪些 Ten planes resumed the hunt in the Indian Ocean for clues to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Monday, including--for the first time--Chinese military aircraft.10架飞机周一继续在印度洋搜寻马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)失联航班的踪迹,其中包括两架中国军机,这是中国军机首次参与这次搜寻工作。Australia#39;s Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said two Chinese military Ilyushin IL-76 planes would search an area where a large object was identified by a Chinese satellite Saturday.澳大利亚副总理特拉斯(Warren Truss)说,中国两架军用伊尔-76运输机将在一个搜寻区域参与搜索活动。上周六,一颗中国卫星发现该搜寻区域出现一个体积较大的物体。#39;It is a very difficult task. Today we expect the weather to deteriorate. Unfortunately forecasts ahead are not all that good,#39; Mr. Truss said on Monday. #39;The search area is very large today, around 68,000 square kilometers (26,000 square miles). That#39;s a lot of water to look for a tiny object.#39;特拉斯周一说,这是一项非常困难的任务,预计天气会恶化;遗憾的是,从天气预报来看,未来几天的天气都不怎么好。他还说,当天的搜寻区域非常大,大约有6.8万平方公里,在如此大的海面上寻找一个小物体很不容易。Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Sunday that authorities have a number of credible leads. They include satellite images of objects in the southern Indian Ocean captured by DigitalGlobe Inc.--a provider of imagery to the Pentagon#39;s geospatial agency--and Chinese images that, at first blush, appeared to be consistent with the earlier satellite photos. The commercial images showed two pieces of debris, the largest of which was around 79 feet (24 meters) long, while Chinese military discovered a large object measuring 72 feet long and 42 feet wide.澳大利亚总理阿特(Tony Abbott)周日说,有关部门有了一些可靠的线索。这些线索包括显示南印度洋有漂浮物的卫星图像(图像由DigitalGlobe Inc.-公司拍摄,该公司是五角大楼地理空间机构的图像提供商),以及中国提供的乍看来与早先的卫星照片表面看来相一致的图像。商业图像显示有两件类似残片的物体,其中较大的大约24米长,中国军方发现的一个大件物体长约22米,宽约13米。#39;It is still too early to be definite, but obviously we have now had a number of very credible leads and there is increasing hope--no more than hope--that we might be on the road to discovering what happened to this ill-fated aircraft,#39; the Australian prime minister told reporters in some of the most upbeat remarks since his country assumed the lead of the international search almost a week ago.阿特对记者说:现在还给不出确定的消息,但很显然我们已经有了一些非常可靠的线索,而且希望越来越大,我们可能会发现这架飞机发生了什么,当然也只是希望而已。这是大约一周前澳大利亚牵头进行国际搜寻以来阿特发表的最乐观的言论。The chief of Malaysia#39;s civil-aviation authority said Sunday they received new satellite images from French authorities of possible debris roughly 370 miles west of the area where the search is now focused. Mr. Truss said the latest images were outside the zone identified as the most likely area to search for the missing Boeing 777-200 jet--which disappeared carrying 239 people en route from Malaysia to Beijing on March 8.马来西亚民航局负责人周日称,他们从法国有关部门获得了新的疑似残骸卫星图像,图像显示疑似残骸位于目前搜索区域以西约370英里(约600公里)的海域。特拉斯说,最新图像显示的疑似残骸位于目前被认为是最有可能找到失联客机的搜索海域之外。3月8日,一架波音777-200客机在从马来西亚飞往北京的途中消失,机场载有239人。#39;Having said that, we#39;ve got to check out all the options. We still don#39;t know for certain that the aircraft is even in this area,#39; he said. #39;We are I guess clutching at whatever little piece of information comes along, to try and find a place where we might be able to try and concentrate the efforts.#39;他说,即便如此,我们也必须考察所有的可能,我们仍不能肯定飞机是否就在这一海域。他还说,我想我们正在收集任何哪怕是一丁点的信息,试图找到一个我们或许可以集中力量搜索的海域。One significant discovery by searchers on Saturday was a number of small items, including a wooden pallet surrounded by strapping belts. Australia#39;s maritime authority said wooden pallets were commonly used on commercial aircraft. However, efforts to confirm the initial sighting--made by a civilian plane--were fruitless.搜索人员上周六获得的一个重大发现是几个体积较小的物体,其中包括一个被打包带环绕的木质托盘。澳大利亚海事部门表示,木质托盘通常被用于商用飞机上。不过,对最初所见物体的确认工作没有发现任何线索。可疑物体最初是由一架民用飞机发现的。Ocean conditions in the search area are some of the world#39;s roughest, making it a challenge to find floating debris. Sailors have dubbed the area #39;the roaring 40s#39;--a stretch around 40 degrees latitude in the southern hemisphere where strong winds can roar like a lion. Ships involved in the search are faced with the problem of looking for debris that may be partly submerged amid continuous rolling waves up to 30 meters (98 feet) high, according to some ocean experts.搜寻区域的海况属全球最恶劣之列,这使得搜寻漂浮残片成了一项巨大的挑战。海员们将目前搜寻的海域称为“咆哮的40度”。这片海域位于南纬40度附近,强风呼啸的声音听起来就像狮子在咆哮。一些海洋专家说,参与搜索的船只必须在不断翻滚的海浪中寻找飞机碎片,海浪高度最高可达30米。Sunday#39;s search found #39;nothing of note,#39; according to Mr. Truss. Asked whether there was a timeline on when the multinational search could be abandoned, he said the 30-day operating life of the aircraft#39;s black box flight data recorder would be a natural point for reassessment.特拉斯说,周日的搜寻没有发现任何踪迹。在被问及多国搜寻工作何时会放弃的时间表时,他说,黑匣子――也就是飞行记录仪――的电池寿命只有30天,在这个时点进行重新评估是比较顺理成章的。#39;The black box recorder will emit signals for about a month, so that#39;s obviously the first critical point,#39; he said.他说,黑匣子记录仪会在大约一个月的时间内发出信号,因此显而易见这是第一个关键点。Civil and military aircraft from Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., China and Japan are assisting in Monday#39;s search. The broader search operation in the southern Indian Ocean has covered nearly 200,000 square miles (518,000 square kilometers) since it began March 17, nine days after the plane vanished.来自澳大利亚、新西兰、美国、中国和日本的民用飞机和军用飞机都将在周一协助进行搜寻。在南印度洋进行的范围更大的搜寻已经涵盖了面积大约20万平方英里(合51.8平方公里)的区域。搜寻范围于3月17日扩大,当时是飞机消失的第九天。 /201403/281789南昌大学上饶市医院光子脱毛多少钱

武夷山脂肪丰胸价格A heated debate has broken out online over whether it is right to ban single women from freezing their eggs after China Central Television posted an explanatory th in response to an admission by an actress that she has frozen her eggs.日前,在一名女明星承认自己冷冻卵子之后中国中央电视台发布了一则解密冷冻卵子过程的新闻, 这在网上引起轩然,网友们对禁止单身女性冷冻卵子这一规定是否正确进行了激烈讨论。With a illustrating the pros and cons of having babies with the assistance of Oocyte Cryopreservation, or egg freezing technology, the post generated a huge response and attracted 109,442 reposts, 31,815 comments and 13,715 likes within two days after its publication.解密卵母细胞冷冻技术(或卵子冷冻术)辅助生宝宝的优劣势的视频传到网上之后,在2天时间内就有10万9442条转发,3万1815条以及1万3715个赞,引起巨大反响。Egg freezing is classified as a supplementary IVF (in vitro fertilization) measure in China and the procedure is only available to married women who must have a valid reproduction permit, as stipulated by the Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the country#39;s top health body.在中国,冷冻卵子被视作体外受精怀的一种方式,根据中国权威卫生组织——国家卫生和计划生育委员会的《辅助生殖技术条例》,只有拥有准生的已婚女性才可冷冻卵子。The only exceptions are women with conditions such as premature ovarian failure, or those undergoing chemo therapies. Freezing eggs solely for preserving or extending fertility is illegal, the regulation states.只有那些卵巢功能衰竭或需要进行化疗的人才可例外。条例规定,以储存卵子或提高生育能力为目的而冷冻卵子的行为是违法的。This reproductive technology has become the focus of public discussion partly because 41-year-old Xu Jinglei, a Chinese actress, announced about one month ago that she had frozen nine of her eggs in 2013 to give herself more opportunities of having babies at a later stage.此生殖技术引发热议的部分原因是41岁的中国女演员徐静蕾一月前表示自己2013年时冷冻了9颗卵子以确保自己以后有更多机会生孩子。;Egg freezing technology is the only way for me to go back and rectify my decision of not having babies now if I later regret this decision,;said Xu at that time.徐静蕾当时表示:“冷冻卵子是唯一的后悔药,万一哪一天改变了主意,总还有一条退路,有一个解决办法。In response to CCTV#39;s post explaining China#39;s denial of access to the technology to single women, Xu expressed her unhappiness at the move by sarcastically commenting that now there is a new creature in the world called Chinese single women.对于央视公布的我国禁止单身女性冷冻卵子的新闻,徐静蕾表示不满,以颇具讽刺的口吻说道,有种生物叫:我国单身女性。Her view found support in Han Han,an intellectual and best-selling author, who forwarded CCTV#39;s post and wondered whether a woman must get married before she can have a baby and whether a woman has the right to dispose of her own eggs freely and whether she has the right to exercise her own reproduction rights.她的言论得到了畅销书才子作家韩寒的持,韩寒转发了央视的微,并表示自己不明白为何女性必须先结婚才能生孩子,为何女性不能决定如何使用自己的卵子,以及女性是否能独立行使生育权利。;Why is having a baby bound up with getting married?; asked Han.“生育必须要和找个男人结婚捆绑吗?”韩寒问道。However, some experts claim that the reproductive technology poses health risks.但是,有专家表示,此生殖技术存在一定风险。The recovery rate of frozen eggs after thawing is 70 percent to 80 percent in contrast with the more mature technology of frozen embryos whose recovery rate is more than 95 percent, said Sun Xiaoxi, a doctor at Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University.复旦大学附属妇产科医院医生孙晓溪表示,目前冷冻胚胎复苏率达95%以上,冷冻卵子的复苏率只有70%--80% 。Frozen eggs may also leave uncertain effects on offsprings and the procedure of retrieving eggs may cause women complications such as hemorrhage, inflammation and ovarian function damage.冷冻卵子可能对后代造成影响,并且取卵子的过程可能会引起一些妇科并发症比如出血、感染,也可能伤害卵巢功能。 /201508/391912上饶韩美医疗整形美容医院减肥手术多少钱 The Taiwanese manufacturing group Foxconn plans an aggressive expansion in India, building up to 12 new factories and employing as many as 1m workers by 2020, as it battles rising wage costs and labour disputes in China.台湾制造集团富士康(Foxconn)计划在印度大举扩张,打算在2020年以前建造最多12家新厂,聘用多达100万名员工。该公司正艰难应对中国日益增长的薪资成本和不断增加的劳工纠纷。The move signals a shift in strategy for the technology company, which is mainland China’s biggest private-sector employer and is best known as the largest global contract manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.富士康此举标志着这家高科技企业的一次战略转移。富士康是中国内地最大的民营雇主,其最为人所知的是作为苹果(Apple)的iPhone和iPad设备在全球最大的代工制造商。India has long hoped that its vast pool of cheap workers would see it become the world’s next manufacturing powerhouse after China, only to find its ambitions thwarted by poor infrastructure and complex labour regulations. But Foxconn said it saw “huge potential” to set up Chinese-style facilities in the country, providing a boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” manufacturing drive.长期以来,印度一直希望其数量庞大的廉价劳工能使该国成为继中国之后世界下一个制造业发动机,但印度的雄心壮志受制于糟糕的基础设施和复杂的劳动法规。不过,富士康表示,该公司看到了在印度打造中国式工厂设施的“巨大潜力”,这对印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)的“印度制造”(Made in India)的制造业发展努力是一大提振。The Taiwanese group is the most significant global manufacturer to announce plans to establish new facilities in the country since Mr Modi took power in May last year, following an election campaign in which he pledged to provide jobs for the 10m-12m Indians who enter the labour market each year.这家台资集团是自莫迪上任以来,宣布在印度建设新厂计划的最重要的全球制造商。莫迪在去年5月当选以前,曾在选战中承诺要为每年进入就业市场的1000万到1200万印度人创造就业岗位。Foxconn’s move is also likely to make India its largest production base after China, where it operates more than a dozen facilities, employing the vast majority of its more than 1m global workforce. “We have significant plans for India and we see huge potential in the country,” Foxconn Technology Group said. “This includes plans to establish 10 to 12 manufacturing facilities in the country by 2020, which would generate around 1m job opportunities.”富士康此举还可能令印度成为其仅次于中国的最大生产基地。在中国,富士康运营着10多家工厂,在华聘用的员工占其全球逾100万员工的绝大多数。富士康表示:“我们对印度有着重大规划,也看到了该国的巨大潜力。这些规划中包括了在2020年以前在印度建设10到12家制造厂的计划,它们会创造大约100万个就业岗位。”Facing rising wage bills in China, Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industries, has tried to leave behind its low-cost image by investing in robotics and other advanced technologies.富士康又名鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision Industries)。由于在中国面对不断上涨的薪资账单,该公司已试图通过投资于机器人等先进技术,改变其低成本形象。But analysts said the group’s Indian expansion signalled a broader shift in which Foxconn would look to move low-end manufacturing from China to India, while seeking to supply companies targeting India’s domestic market, such as Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi.但分析师们表示,该集团向印度的扩张,标志着一种更大范围的转移。通过这一转移过程,富士康寻求将低端制造业从中国转向印度,并试图为瞄准印度国内市场的企业供货——比如中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)。 /201507/386133上饶德兴市丰太阳穴价格

上饶去额头上的皱纹价格Signs are growing that Hong Kong’s pro-democracy street protests, now well into their second month, are beginning to prove a drag on the local economy.越来越多的迹象表明,已持续1个月零9天的香港民主抗议活动,已开始拖累当地经济。Hong Kong’s purchasing managers#39; index – a survey of business conditions released by HS – showed that private sector activity last month dropped at its fastest pace in three years. The October ing of 47.7 compares with 49.8 the month before. A figure below 50 indicates contraction.香港的采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,上月私人部门活动创下3年来最大跌幅。该指数由汇丰(HS)发布,是针对营商环境的调查结果。10月的PMI为47.7,与前一月的49.8差异显著。PMI指数低于50表示经济在收缩。A student-led civil disobedience movement has closed a number of main highways in three key business districts of Hong Kong since late September. Protesters, who at one point numbered more than 100,000, have been calling on Hong Kong’s government to alter its plans for electoral reform, due to be introduced in 2017.自9月底以来,一场由学生领导的公民抗命运动封锁了香港三大商业区的多条主要公路。抗议者一度超过10万人,他们呼吁香港政府修改将于2017年实施的选举改革方案。So far little progress has been made in finding a solution to the problem through dialogue, while the government has chosen not to deploy force to clear the protesters from their camps.迄今为止,各方通过对话寻找解决方案的努力进展不大,而政府已决定不动用武力清场。The PMI ing is the first piece of reliable economic data for the month of October, giving an early indication of the impact of the protests. Official retail sales, which many analysts expect to have suffered from the unrest, are not due to be released until the end of this month.最新PMI读数是关于10月经济表现的第一个可靠数据,初步反映了抗议活动的影响。官方零售销售额数据预定在本月末发布,许多分析师预测,动荡的局势肯定拉低了销售额。However, Hong Kong’s retail management association has said that some of its members reported dramatic falls in sales in the first few days of October, a national holiday period when millions of tourists arrive every year from China.香港零售管理协会(retail management association)表示,一些会员企业报告,10月头几天、也就是国庆假期期间的销售额出现了明显下滑。每年国庆假期都有数百万游客从内地前往香港。Sa Sa International, a Hong Kong-listed cosmetics retailer popular with visitors, reported a 3 per cent drop in sales during the holiday period, which it said was “mainly attributable to a decrease in traffic as a result of the recent demonstrations”.香港上市公司、备受游客青睐的化妆品零售商莎莎国际(Sa Sa International)报告,国庆假期的销售额同比下跌3%,“主要是因为最近的抗议导致客流量下降”。In its earnings statement this week, German luxury clothing brand Hugo Boss said that the civil unrest in Hong Kong had taken a toll on its global sales, while Estée Lauder mentioned the territory’s “soft retail environment” as it lowered guidance on Tuesday.德国奢侈装品牌雨果斯(Hugo Boss)本周发布财报,称香港的公民抗议活动冲击了其全球销售额,而雅诗兰黛(Estée Lauder)周二调低盈利预期时,则提到香港“低迷的零售业环境”。The Hong Kong economy is aly under pressure as growth over the border in mainland China continues to slow. Retail sales have been falling for most of this year, in part a reflection of an anti-corruption drive that has dented demand for watches, jewellery and other luxury goods.随着中国内地经济增长继续放缓,香港经济本来就处于压力之下。今年香港的零售业销售额大部分时间在下滑,部分也因为内地的反腐败运动降低了手表、珠宝等奢侈品需求。However, a number of economists have downgraded their growth forecasts for Hong Kong as a direct result of the disruption to the retail and tourism sectors caused by the political impasse.一些经济学家已下调他们对香港的增长预测,这是政治僵局对零售业和旅游业造成破坏的直接后果。“We think both tourist and local consumption will fall in October – and likely November too, depending on when street blockages can be cleared – due to protests having reduced human traffic at shops”, Citigroup economist Adrienne Lui wrote recently in a report.花旗集团(Citigroup)经济学家雷智颜(Adrienne Lui)在近期一份报告中写道:“我们认为10月份的游客消费和本地消费都会下滑,因为抗议活动减少了商店的人流量。11月可能也一样,这取决于街道障碍物何时能被清除。”The protests have also been linked to the delay of a much-anticipated stock exchange tie-up between Hong Kong and Shanghai. The so-called stock connect will offer investors both inside China and across the world a new avenue for cross-border equities trading of Shanghai and Hong Kong shares.抗议活动还被认为与备受期待的“沪港通”——上海交所与香港交所之间的互联互通机制——的推迟有关。这一机制将为中国内地及世界各地的投资者提供一个跨境买卖香港、上海股票的新途径。The scheme was expected to launch in late October but has still not been given the green light from Beijing. On Tuesday CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive, directly linked the demonstrations to the project’s apparent delay.此前人们预计“沪港通”在10月底推出,但北京方面到现在仍未开绿灯。周二,香港特首梁振英(CY Leung)直接将抗议活动与“沪港通”的延迟联系到一起。 /201411/340989 上饶双眼皮整形上饶上饶县去黄褐斑多少钱



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