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Each human being is born as something new, something that never existed bee. Each is born with the capacity to win at life. Each person has a unique way of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and thinking. Eachhas his or her own unique potentials - capabilities and limitations. Each can be a significant, thinking,aware, and creative being - a productive person, a winner.The word “winner” and “loser” have many meanings. When we refer to a person as a winner, we do not mean one who makes someone else lose. To us, a winner is one who responds authentically by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of a society.Winners do not dedicate their lives to a concept of what they imagine they should be; rather, they are themselves and as such do not use their energy putting on a permance,maintaining pretence, and manipulating others. They are aware that there is a difference between being loving and acting loving, between being stupid and acting stupid, between being knowledgeable and acting knowledgeable. Winners do not need to hide behind a mask.Winners are not afraid to do their own thinking and to use their own knowledge. They can separate facts from opinion and don’t pretend to have all the answers. They listen to others, evaluate what they say, but come to their own conclusions. Although winners can admire and respect other people, they are not totally defined, demolished, bound, or awed by them.Winners do not play “helpless”, nor do they play the blaming game. Instead, they assume responsibility their own lives. They do not give others a false authority over them. Winners are their own bosses and know it.A winner’s timing is right. Winners respond appropriately to the situation. Their responses are related to the message sent and preserve the significance, worth, well-being, and dignity of the people involved. Winners know that everything there is a season and every activity a time.Although winners can freely enjoy themselves, they can also postpone enjoyment, can discipline themselves in the present to enhance their enjoyment in the future. Winners are not afraid to go after what they want,but they do so in appropriate ways. Winners do not get their security by controlling others. They do not set themselves up to lose.A winner cares about the world and its peoples. A winner is not isolated from the general problems of society, but is concerned, compassionate, and committed to improving the quality of life. Even in the face of national and international adversity, a winner’s self-image is not one of a powerless individual. A winner works to make the world a better place. 36886节目寄语: 每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高 特别声明: 该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料如有出入,请给予指正 啃嚼语段: some reason the Dodger did not want to enter London during daylight, so it was nearly eleven o;clock at night when They got near the centre. 由于某些原因,插翅神偷不愿意在白天进伦敦, 所以, 他们到达市中心时,已经差不多是晚上时了 Oliver had never seen a dirtier or more miserable place. 奥利弗从未见过这么龌龊、悲惨的地方 The streets in this district were narrow and muddy, and there were terrible smells everywhere. 这个地区的街道狭窄泥泞, 到处散发着熏人的臭气 Children wandered around even at this time of night, in and out of the many shops, playing and screaming. 临近半夜了,孩子们还在街头游逛着,在街头的许多小铺子里进进出出,玩闹、尖叫着 The pubs were full of people fighting, and big, evil-looking men stood in doorways or at dark corners. 小酒馆里挤满了打架的人凶神恶煞般的大块头站在门口外黑暗的角落里 Oliver almost wanted to run away, but just then the Dodger pushed open a door and pulled Oliver into a dark hall. 奥利弗差点儿被吓跑了就在这时,神偷推开一扇门,将奥利弗拽到一个昏暗的门厅里 56

原创朗读:MrPan Dear St. Valentine,亲爱的圣瓦伦丁,Im writing to you about a beautiful young lady who has been in this household 5 years now—come March .我写的这封信同一位美丽的女士有关到今年3月日,她就在这个家庭生活了足足5年了I have a request to make of you but bee doing so feel you should know more about her.我想请求您做一件事,但是在此之前,我希望您能对她有更多的了解 one thing she has hearts—her own and mine.首先,她有两颗心:一颗是她自己的心,一颗是我的心Im not complaining. I gave her mine willingly, and like it right where it is.我对此毫无怨言,因为我心甘情愿地将自己的心交予了她,也希望这颗心一直在那Her name is Nancy but some time now Ive called her ;Mommie; and dont believe I could change.她的名字叫南希,不过一段时间以来我一直叫她“妈妈”,已经无法改口了My request of you is could you on this day whisper in her ear that someone loves her very much and more and more each day?我对您的请求是:在今天这个特别的日子里,能否悄悄地靠在她耳边对她说,有一个人深爱着她,他的爱与日俱增?And also tell her, this ;Someone; would run down like a dollar clock without her, so she must always stay where she is.同时也请告诉她,如果没有她,这个人会像电子表一样停止运转,所以请她一直留在这个地方更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 59

Life is given to us生命是给于我们的天赋We earn it by giving it奉献生命才能取得生命Let the dead have the immortality of fame让逝者拥有不朽的荣誉But the living the immortality of love生者拥有不朽的至爱Life errors cry the merciful beauty生命的错误祈求宽容的美That can modulate their isolation into a harmony with the whole因为美能调整他们的孤立以达到与整体相协调Life, like a child, laughs生命会像孩子那样发出笑声Shaking its rattle of death as it runs在生命的进行过程中,挥舞着死亡的格格声 58

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