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B. Keywords. environmentally-sustainable, dream house, environmentally beneficial, eco-conscious.Vocabulary. well-lit, biodegradable, nontoxic, incorporate, thermal, galvanized metal, volatile, shower head, Boulder.B1. Youre going to hear some extracts taken from a news report on eco-conscious construction. Listen carefully and decide what is the noun phrase each of the following, write in the blanks with words you hear.1. Architect Jim Logan is building his environmentally-sustainable dream house at the site of a mer commune, a few miles north of Boulder.. As you drive onto the small farm property, youre immediately struck by a series of large south-facing windows.3. Walk through the well-lit kitchen, and youll see that even the north side of the building has a passive solar component.. In all facets of construction, Logan is emphasizing both biodegradable building products and nontoxic materials. He using milk-based paint, example.5. In many cases, many environmentally-beneficial solutions pay themselves in as little as 6 or 7 or 8 months. 6371. Where does the young girl want to go with her father?A. to the parkB. to the moviesC. to the swimming pool. Who are they going with?A. the girl motherB. the girl best friendC. the girl older brother3. Based on the conversation, what time will they most likely leave?A. 9:30 AMB. :5 PMC. :00 PM. What does the girl want to do later?A. She wants to walk to the ice cream store.B. She wants to swim at the park.C. She wants to go down to the beach.5. What does the father suggest they do at the end of the day?A. go to a restaurantB. watch a fireworks displayC. play a board game 369793Voice : As a teacher, Jorge believes that learning is very important. And he has decided to use his education to help people living in his area. A good education improves a person chances of finding a job. Jorge explains more:声音:作为老师,乔治相信学习非常重要他决定用他的知识帮助和他生活在一个地区的人们良好的教育会增加一个人找到工作的机会乔治详细解释道:Voice 5: I live in a poor area. And I have started teaching English classes in my home. I find that in today international world, there are not many chances people to find work. It is even harder people who do not speak a second language, like English. Most people speak English in the world of business, science and technology. I want to help people by teaching them this very nice language. many years, I did not feel like continuing my English studies. But, thanks to your Spotlight programmes, I have started again.声音5:“我生活在一个贫穷的地区我已经开始在家乡开设英语课我发现,在当今这个国际化的世界,人们找工作的机会却没有很多对不会说英语等第二外语的人来说,找工作更加困难在商界、科学界和技术界,大部分人都会说英语我希望通过教授英语这种美丽的语言来帮助别人很多年来,我并不想继续英语研究但是,多亏重点报道节目,我再次开始进行学习”Voice : Thank you so much sharing your experience with us, Jorge. We are happy that you find Spotlight programmes so useful. And we wish you every success as you serve the people of your area in this very helpful way.声音:非常谢谢你和我们分享你的经历,乔治我们很高兴你认为重点报道节目很有用你用这个非常有用的方法帮助你家乡的人们,我们希望你一切顺利 译文属 53长得漂亮是有其优势的它能让你更受欢迎,甚至看起来更有能力如今,海法大学的研究人员发现政客长得好,会被视为更具新闻价值因为好看的政客会得到更多的媒体报道,这一发现发表于《国际新闻与政治杂志(作者亚里夫·茨法蒂、达纳·马科维茨·厄尔法西、以色列·怀斯梅尔-梅诺,http:bit.lycNXbpx)公众往往对俊俏的人倍加关注,播音员也不例外研究人员调查了当地三家新闻台对以色列议会所有成员的报道情况此外,他们将议员的相片展示给对以色列立法者一无所知的荷兰留学生,要求留学生评价议员的外表魅力结果是,总体来说,外表魅力最高的议员在晚间新闻的出镜率最高其中也有一些例外尽管调查表明女议员的吸引力比男议员大,她们上电视的次数却少一些年轻官员亦如此,尽管比老议员更受追捧,出镜率却不如后者从上面的研究,我们可以看出,尽管政治并不美好,政治家却得长得漂亮当政治家想充分利用媒体宣传为自己造势,拥有迷人的外表尤为重要,因为媒体喜欢美貌的人

Kathryn:Are you still watching that movie?凯瑟琳:你还在跟那部电影较劲吗?It been over three hours!都3个多小时了!Martin:Yeah, it a little long a feature film.马丁:是啊,对于故事片而言是有点长了Kathryn:A little long?! It interminable.凯瑟琳:有点长?这简直是没完没了How can you continue to watch it?你是怎么能一直看下去的?Martin:Well, the first half was interesting and moved at a clip.马丁:嗯,开头很有趣而且有个桥段让人很感动The middle section did drag a little, but it picked up again.中间部分有点小拖沓,但后来再次回归正途It nearly over.马上迎来大结局Kathryn:I wouldve turned it off long bee this.凯瑟琳:我会在此之前关了它I like movies that are short and sweet.我喜欢简单明了的电影After about 90 minutes, my mind starts to wander, and after two hours, I check out.让我看个90分钟后就会开始走神,浪费个小时在电影身上,我就完全迷失Martin:It depends on the movie.马丁:这取决于电影本身Sometimes I watch a movie and it so engrossing that time zips by.有时候我看电影,引人入胜的剧情让时间一晃而过With other movies, though, time moves at a snail pace.而其他观影体验则感觉时间慢的跟蜗牛爬似的This movie is somewhere in between.这部电影是介于两者之间Kathryn:Hey, the credits are rolling. You missed the ending.凯瑟琳:嘿,出演职人员表了你错过了结局Martin:No big loss. I knew how it was going to end after the first hour.马丁:没有大的损失从开始的第1个小时我就知晓结局了Kathryn:Then why did you stick it out and watch the rest of the movie?凯瑟琳:那你为什么坚持到底还看这电影剩下的部分?Martin:One word:procrastination.马丁:一个词:拖延Kathryn:Ah, enough said.凯瑟琳:啊,真是言简意赅 391

Now you get the drinks organised — soft drink the kids and maybe a wine or a few beers the adults. I like to take large bottles of soft drink the kids because it a lot cheaper than cans or small bottles and also it creates less rubbish the environment. That means you need cups or mugs the kids also. Lastly you put your meat into the Esky along with your eating utensils — paper or plastic plates, knives and ks. You also need a pair of cooking tongs, handling the meat while it cooks. Dont get your picnic rug so you have somewhere to sit and eat your food. Oh, and you must also take a football, or perhaps a cricket bat and ball, so that the family can enjoy some exercise in the open space in the park.接下来要准备饮料,给孩子们准备软饮料,给大人准备红酒或啤酒我喜欢带大瓶装的软饮料,因为那比听装饮料和小瓶饮料便宜,而且产生的垃圾也少,对环境更有利这表明你要给孩子们带杯子最后要把肉和纸盘子或塑料盘子、刀叉等餐具一起放进埃斯基冷藏袋中还需要一个在烤肉时用来翻面的夹子不要忘了带上野餐毯子,这样就可以找个地方铺上野餐毯子,坐在上面享受美食了哦,还要带上足球或者板球拍和板球,这样家人就可以在公园的空地一起运动了Okay, now you are y to leave the nearest park. The Esky goes in the boot of the car, then the whole family gets into the car and off you go. At the park you will find public barbeques where you can cook your food and enjoy a great family day out in the bright Melbourne sunshine.好,现在就可以准备前往离家最近的公园了把埃斯基冰袋放进汽车的后备箱里,全家人上车以后就可以出发了到达公园后找一处可以进行露天烧烤的地方,在墨尔本的明媚阳光下一边烧烤一边享受美好的家庭出游In another podcast, I will tell you more about the parks and picnic areas around Melbourne.我将在下斯播客中详细介绍墨尔本的公园以及墨尔本适合野餐的地方If you like this podcast or you have a question or a comment to make, you can leave a comment on my website at www.slowenglish.info. Goodbye until next time.如果大家喜欢这期播客,或是有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上留言下期见 译文属 361

violent猛烈的,thunderstorm雷暴,tuck给#893;盖被子,tremor颤抖,sissy胆小鬼A Big SissyOne summer evening, during a violent thunderstorm, a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, “Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?”The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. “I can’t dear, ” she said, “I have to sleep with Daddy.”A long silence was broken at last by a scornful voice saying, “The big sissy. ”老胆小鬼一个夏天的夜晚,雷电交加,一位母亲正在给她的儿子盖被子她正要关灯,儿子用颤抖的声音问:“妈妈,晚上你会和我一起睡吗?”妈妈笑了笑,给了儿子一个安慰的拥抱“不行,亲爱的,”她说,“我得和你爸爸一起睡”长长的沉默被小男孩儿充满鄙视的一句话打破了:“真是个老胆小鬼”1. Violent 暴力的,猛烈的:a violent clash with the police 与警察的暴力冲突, violent television programmes 暴力电视节目. Thunderstorm 雷暴thunder 是“雷”,storm是“风暴”,这个合成词就是“雷暴”的意思3. Tuck给…盖被子: tuck a baby into bed 给婴儿盖好被子使其安睡;把…夹入:He tucked the letter in a book so he wouldn’t lose it.他把那封信夹在一本书里,这样就不会丢失了. be about to将要,而用于否定句中则是“打定主意要”的意思:He was not about to waste any time.他决定不再浪费时间了5. tremor(恐惧、激动或兴奋引起的)战栗、激动、兴奋:The story was so terrible that it sent tremors down my spine(脊柱)这故事真可怕,使我浑身不寒而栗6. scornful轻视的有“轻视的”之意的词还有:contemptuous,dspiteous.

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