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2017年10月21日 18:22:37

上饶永久脱毛价格玉山县哪家隆鼻医院比较好B News -The first case of an infection that resists the antibiotic of last resort - colistin - has been detected in the US. The 48-year old woman from Pennsylvania recovered and the infection was vulnerable to other antibiotics.B新闻 - 抵抗抗生素的最后防线 - 粘菌素 - 的首例感染在美国发现。宾州48岁的女病人已康复,感染对其它抗生素有反应。However, colistin is hugely symbolic as it is used when other drugs fail and officials warned the world was now reaching ;the end of the road; for antibiotics.然而,粘菌素有巨大象征意义,因为它是在其它药物无效时才使用的,卫生官员警告,世界现正走向抗生素的;末路;。Colistin resistance was first discovered in China at the end of 2015. The study sparked concern around the world, and intensive testing rapidly discovered bugs that can resist colistin in Europe and Asia.粘菌素抵抗2015年末首次在中国发现。相关研究引发全世界的担忧,随后的密集试验迅速在欧洲和亚洲发现了能够抵抗粘菌素的细菌。Now data from the US has identified the first case in a patient, who had a urinary-tract infection, as well as colistin-resistant bacteria in farm animals and meat on supermarket shelves.现在,来自美国的数据显示,一名尿路感染病人身上出现首例粘菌素抵抗,农场牲畜和超市货架的肉类上也发现了对粘菌素产生耐药性的细菌。It is not clear where the infection came from as the patient had not travelled recently and colistin is not widely used in the US.尚不清楚感染从何而来,因为病人近期没有出行,且粘菌素在美国并未广泛使用。The DNA that gives bacteria resistance to colistin - the mcr-1 gene - can sp rapidly between species. The concern is that colistin resistance will now hook-up with other forms of antibiotic resistance to create infections that cannot be treated.使细菌对粘菌素产生耐药性的DNA - mcr-1基因 - 可在物种间迅速传播。令人担忧的是,粘菌素抵抗现在将会与其它形式的抗生素抵抗勾搭,造成无法医治的感染。Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said: ;The more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are…The medicine cabinet is empty for some patients, it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently.;美国疾控中心主任弗利登说:;我们对耐药性研究得越多,就越担忧……对某些病人,药箱已空,无药可用了, 抗生素走到了末路,除非我们紧急行动起来。;However, Dr Beth Bell, also from the CDC, said in an interview: ;Luckily haven#39;t seen actual bacteria that are resistant to every single antibiotic.;但同样来自疾控中心的贝尔士接受采访时说:;幸运的是,还没有见过目前存在对每一种抗生素都有耐药性的细菌。; /201606/449447上饶市中医医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱

德兴市银山矿职工医院减肥瘦身多少钱玉山县人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱Your Spouse Or Partner你的配偶或伴侣If you’re sharing a life with someone, you’re likely sharing expenses, too. That can range from splitting the grocery bills to planning for long-term health care insurance and your children’s education.如果你与某个人共同生活,你们也可能会分担费用。那可能延伸至分摊杂货店账单的费用、到规划长期健康保险费、再到你孩子的教育经费。Experts recommend having a conversation about money as early as possible so both partners are able to clarify their financial goals as a couple. Both individuals need to be transparent about their spending histories and any debt they might be carrying.专家建议要尽早讨论一下钱的问题,这样双方就能一起理清财务目标。每个人都需要公开自己的消费历史记录以及他们可能会背负的任何债务。Gabrielle Clemens, a financial planner in Boston, suggests identifying values and goals rather than speaking solely about money.波士顿的一位理财规划师加布里埃尔·克莱门斯建议:我们明确价值和目标,而不是仅仅只谈钱的问题。Your Friends你的朋友It’s natural for friends to have different salaries or different approaches to spending, but that becomes less comfortable if you find yourself pressured to spend more than you can afford.朋友之间收入不同或者消费方式不同很正常,但如果你发现自己被强迫着进行你负担不起的消费,就变的不那么舒了。The reality is that some friends may be hurting your finances. “If a friend is encouraging you to indulgein bad financial habits, you need to have a conversation and be clear about your own financial goals,” said Laura Adams.现实就是有些朋友可能会让你的资金遭受损失。“如果一位朋友拉你下水,让你沉溺于乱花钱的坏习惯,你们之间就需要谈一谈了,你要清楚你自己的理财目标,”劳拉·亚当斯表示。Let your friend know why you’re not able to join them for certain outings, Adams added.让你的朋友知道你不能和他们一起参加某次郊游的原因,亚当斯补充道。Your Boss你的老板No matter where you are in your career, you want to make sure that you’re being paid what you deserve.不论你处于职业生涯的哪个阶段,你都想要确保你得到了应得的收入。That begins with your first job. A young employee can benefit a lot from negotiating — landing not only a higher annual salary, but also increased benefits and job flexibility in some cases.这始于你的第一份工作。一位年轻的职员可以从谈判中受益颇多——不仅仅会获得一份更高的年薪,而且在某些情况下会增加福利和工作的灵活性。It’s important to come to the table armed with information about the average pay range in your industry and a clear sense of the skills and experience you can offer the team. Plus, managers expect candidates to negotiate salary.开始谈判时,掌握有关你所处行业的平均薪资幅度的信息,并对你能为团队提供的技能和经验有清晰的认识是很重要的。而且,经理也期待着和候选人谈一下薪资。As you rise in the ranks or move on to a new job, it’s crucial to keep having those conversations about compensation. If you’re taking on more responsibility or are bringing in a desirable skill set, those are reasons to talk with your boss about getting paid accordingly.随着你升职或转到新的工作岗位上,继续进行关于薪酬的谈话也是重要的。如果你担负了更多的责任,或者身怀工作所需的技能,相应的——那些都是你跟老板协商薪酬的理由。Your Parents你的父母Parents can be supportive mentors when it comes to financial advice. They’ve aly been through the various life stages you’re going through, and you can ask them to share the things they wish they’d known about money when they were your age.谈到理财建议,父母会是持你的良师益友。他们已经经历过你正在经历的人生的不同阶段,你可以请他们与你分享他们在你这个年纪的时候,关于钱他们已知的希望得到的事物。Learn from their mistakes and their successes, but also make sure to think independently.从他们的错误和成功中学习,但也一定要独立地思考。 /201604/437696上饶一般纹身要多少钱上饶市第二人民医院去痘印多少钱

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