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Doctor Robi Ludwig is a psychotherapist. Steve Santagati is an author, Good to see both of you. Thank you! Now there're according to a vaulting corporate career...career information website, 58% of employees say they had an office romance, that's up from 46% in 2003 . So why are more people having office romances? There are more women in the workplace. It is really the modern day dating service. You have a lot of opportunity to work. A lot of people work so much, they don't have time to socialize. So you are gonna look around at the good-looking people around you and say hey. You have a lot of possibilities. So what are the drawbacks, though? The drawbacks though, obviously if it begets complicated and everybody knows, and that's the big thing at the beginning of an office romance, you wanna really keep it quiet. When it ends people can get vicious. And so then you have a different memory about how the relationship started. That's when sexual harassment charges can take place. That's why companies get so upset. Yeah, but if you don't want to start / right away. . . the thing, the thing is, look, Start right away what? No, start right away and what(inaudible), What're you starting yet? She's getting you! (Inaudible)You wanna, you wannaYou wanna make su(re). . . Well, you don't start dating somebody at work if you think he or she is gonna set a sexual harassment case against you. But how do you know? But probably you don't know it's no because people can get vengeful and even violent in worst case scenarios. Yeah. But an office , an office roman(ce ). . yeah, they can get violent? They can get violent. Man, where are you working? (inaudible)I used to work in a psych(o)-hospital, so don't ask me. You are working on a oil rig, ok? The thing is that you want, the nice thing about an office romance is a lot of romances , a lot of relationships happen really quickly. But because of the mystery and you have to be really quiet about it, the relationship will actually take a little bit longer to begin and unfold. There's some truth that you do get a sense of who you are dating because you get(because you've aly seen them), you get to see them, you get to know them as a person, you get to see how they think and how they operate, and, and in a lot of cases, you are with people who have similar values, and similar mindsets which is why according to many surveys, a lot of these relationships end up turning into long term relationships and even marriage. In fact you're speaking from experience. That's right. I married my husband and we met at work and it worked out fine, so. It makes sense you are spending 40, 50 hours a week at work, (Yeah. Right. ) and even though office romance, or any kind of thing, even if you are dating somebody in your building, for example, it's a bad idea, in general, but if you're gonna do it, you gotta be covert about it. In my, in my view. . . (Inaudible), keep it on the down low You gonna, it's gonna happen. It's natural. There is an older woman that we had, comment, and she said it's chemistry, if you see with someone at work, and no matter where you meet them, you're gonna have to be with them. It is part of life that you are gonna be attracted to people that you know and you are sharing confidences with. It's just normal. Are there any, anything you shouldn't do like dating the boss? No paper trail. . , well, date, don't date the boss. Yeah. That's why it gets a little bit tricky, because then it's very hard to say are you saying "yes" to the person, because they are more powerful than you. Is it hard to say no, because you're afraid of retaliation(Right. ). That's when it gets a little bit tricky, and you have to be smart about it, you have to think about worst case scenario , what's gonna happen if it doesn't work out, and you have to face this person every day. It's gonna be hard to be thought of as professionals . It's gonna be hard to stay at the workplace. What's more important, love or work? So it sounds there's, there's really no hard and fast rule. Right. No one size fits all. Yet, they want. . . No paper trails, don't e-mail each other and don't touch each other in the office and make sure you hang out in areas where no one is gonna see you outside of work, and the office Christmas party is all coming up too. (That's aly another story) That's a big, big, big deal, so anybody has been looking at you all year, all of the sudden if. . . . . . . fluorescent light and set the moonlight, it might be more romantic. . . . start like . . . but, that's a, don't do it. (yeah) Be accurate. ok, and for a note that Today Show's Christmas party takes place next week, just in case you want it. Anyway. . . .200808/46187。

  • IMF: Credit Squeeze in US Could Get Worse报告:全球信贷市场动荡或恶化  The International Monetary Fund Tuesday said the turmoil in world credit markets that began with rising home loan defaults in the ed States is not over and losses could hit 5 billion as the impact sps into the global economy. The Bloomberg financial news services estimates that banks and securities firms have so far written off only a fraction of that total, 2 billion.  国际货币基金组织星期二报告说,美国次贷危机引起的全球信贷市场动荡并没有结束,而且有可能恶化。 IMF specialists say the overall risks to global financial stability have increased sharply in recent months. Jaime Caruana is the principal author of the IMF report on financial stability. 国际货币基金组织的专家指出,最近几个月来,全球金融市场面临的风险急剧增加,直接威胁到金融市场的稳定。"The credit shock emanating from the US subprime crisis is set to broaden amid a significant economic slowdown," he said. "The deterioration in credit has moved up and across the credit spectrum." 杰米.卡鲁那(Jaime Caruana)是国际货币基金组织货币与资本市场部主任,也是国际货币基金组织关于全球金融稳定状况报告的主要作者。他说:“从美国次级房贷危机放射出来的信贷市场震荡随着经济的大幅度走缓将会进一步扩大。信贷市场的恶化已经加剧,而且扩散到了整个信贷领域。”As bank losses have soared, lenders have tightened standards and, despite lower interest rates, many commercial and consumer loans are still hard to come by. Caruana says more than six months into the crisis, credit markets are still not functioning normally. 亏损与日俱增,信贷机构纷纷收紧放贷标准,尽管利率不断降低,但很多商业和消费者贷款却还是难以落实。卡鲁那指出,次贷危机发生至今已经六个多月了,信贷市场依然没有恢复正常运作。"We have seen confidence quickly evaporate, ending in liquidity driven solvency events that threaten the core financial system," he added. 他说:“我们看到,人们的信心在快速蒸发,结果,流动性减少,违约率增加,这一切都威胁着我们的核心金融系统。”He is referring to the US central bank-orchestrated rescue of the Bear Stearns investment bank, which teetered on the brink of bankruptcy because of loan losses.  卡鲁那指的是上个月美国中央美联储合力帮助挽救华尔街投资贝尔斯登公司。贝尔斯登公司由于受到信贷亏损的打击而濒临破产。美联储认为,如果不对贝尔斯登公司伸出援手,美国的整个金融系统都将受到威胁。The IMF is not alone in its worry that the credit crisis could worsen. Morris Goldstein, a financial specialist at Washington's Peterson Institute, says if home prices continue to fall in the ed States, defaults on mortgage loans could grow beyond the two million predicted for this year. 担心信贷危机恶化的并不仅仅是国际货币基金组织。华盛顿智囊团彼得森国际经济研究所的金融专家莫里斯.戈尔茨坦也认为,假如美国的房屋价格继续下滑,今年的房贷违约数量有可能超过先前预期的两百万。"It's been estimated that if US housing prices fall by an additional 15 percent or so, approximately a third of US homeowners will have negative equity in their homes," he explained. "This raises the question of whether willingness to pay will have to be addressed along with ability to pay." 他说:“据估计,假如美国的房屋价格进一步下跌15%,那么,大约三分之一的美国房主就将面临资不抵债的困境,(也就是说,他们的房屋贷款额超过了房屋的市场价格)。由此引起的问题就不光是他们是否有能力偿还贷款了,而会还牵涉到他们愿不愿意偿还。”US home prices on average declined by 10 percent in 2007, a factor IMF economists say contributed to the global credit crisis. Many US mortgage loans were bundled into securities and sold to financial institutions worldwide. 美国的房屋价格在2007年平均下滑了10%,国际货币基金组织的经济学家认为,这个因素对全球信贷危机起了推波助澜的作用。美国的很多房屋抵押贷款被塞进有价券卖给了世界各地的金融机构。Caruana says if the situation worsens, it may be necessary for governments to spend taxpayer money to stabilize markets. 卡鲁那说,假如形势进一步恶化,各国政府也许有必要动用纳税人的钱来稳定市场。"I think we have to be careful on that," he cautioned. "And the question is to what extent the situation continues to deteriorate." 他说:“我认为,在这方面我们必须谨慎小心。关键问题是,形势会继续恶化到什么程度。”The IMF says lax regulation and a failure to recognize the risks of highly leveraged loans contributed to the credit crisis. Financial markets, it says, will come under increased strain as world economic growth decelerates. 国际货币基金组织说,管理松弛和对高度杠杆借贷的风险缺乏认识导致了目前的信贷危机。伴随着全球经济增长减速,金融市场势必受到越来越大的压力。 200804/34004。
  • Scripts:This Chinese bank is swamped with investors hoping to open a new kind of brokerage account for China. Until now Chinese citizens have only been allowed to trade Chinese stocks. But the government is easing restrictions on investing in HK, allowing these people to be among the first to buy shares outside the mainland. The markets in HK, Europe and the US are driven by market forces, but I am y.For years, China had strict controls on money flowing in and out of the country, making it tough for foreign investors to buy stocks on China’s booming markets, and nearly impossible for local investors to buy securities overseas. The Chinese government worried moving large amounts of money could destabilize its economy, but now with the economy booming, a huge trade surplus and China sitting on more than one trillion dollars and other currencies, the country is awash in cash.I think this is also a way for the government, the Chinese government to manage the capital flow in and out of the country, it is a very important move.It also provides new ways for people to invest their savings. Investors can open brokerage accounts with the Bank of China in the coastal city of Tianjin and invest in theory as much as they want. What they’ve done is they've offered select mainland investors to take Renminbi and convert it into HK Dollars and buy HK shares which nutlet is, er, positive for HK.Chinese investors will be able to trade all securities here in HK, but analysts expect them to focus on shares of mainland Chinese companies, which they can buy here at a steep discount. Some of the Chinese shares in HK are 80% cheaper. So far the new rules only apply to shares in HK, but analysts say the move brings China one step closer to integrating its markets and its people into the global financial system. Eunice Yoon CNN, HongKong. Notes:Be awash with: be fraught with, abundant in 200807/44134。
  • tall tales ——— 夸张的故事英文释义 Imaginative, and highly exaggerated stories.例句 As a child I loved listening to the tall tales my grandfather told me about his adventures traveling around the world as a sailor.我小时候喜欢听爷爷给我讲关于他当水手游遍世界的夸张故事。 /201607/453217。
  • UNHCR Gains Access to Buffer Zone in Georgia联合国机构进入格鲁吉亚缓冲区  The U.N. refugee agency says it finally has succeeded in entering the so-called "buffer zone" north of the town of Gori in Georgia. The zone is controlled by Russian military forces and has been out of reach during the past weeks due to the unstable security situation. 联合国难民机构说,他们终于成功地进入了在格鲁吉亚城市哥里以北的缓冲区。这个缓冲区由俄罗斯军队控制,由于安全形势不稳定,过去几星期来一直无法进入。The so-called buffer zone is a strip of land that borders Georgia and its breakaway region of South Ossetia. It is under control of the Russian military and during the past few weeks thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes after being attacked by marauding militia men, many reportedly from South Ossetia.  这个所谓的缓冲区是格鲁吉亚和分离地区南奥塞梯之间的地带。它在俄罗斯军队的控制下,过去几星期来,数以千计的居民在遭受民兵团匪的袭击抢掠后,被迫逃离家园,据报导,这些民兵有许多来自南奥塞梯。The area has been off-limits to the U.N. refugee agency until now. Spokesman William Spindler says aid workers who recently ventured into the area to assess the situation were disturbed by what they saw. 联合国难民机构直到现在才能进入该地区。难民机构发言人斯平德勒说,最近冒险进入该地区去评估局势的救援人员看到的景象触目惊心。"There is still a great deal of fear among the people currently residing in these villages," he said. "Beatings, looting and arson by marauding militias have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity."  “住在这些村庄里的居民都胆颤心惊。这些民兵盗匪在村落里打人、抢劫和纵火,制造了恐慌不安的气氛。”"The destruction of buildings and houses is not as widesp as was initially feared and varies from village to village. In Karaleti, for example, our team counted 29 houses destroyed, out of some 600. In Kitsnisi, only a few buildings have been burned or bombed, while more material and psychological damage has been caused by lootings and destruction inside people's houses," he added.  “然而建筑物和住房的破坏并不像原先担心的那样广泛,而且各个村庄的情况都有所不同。例如,在卡拉勒梯,根据我们小组的点算,在大约六百栋房屋里有二十九栋房屋被毁。在基茨尼西,只有几栋房屋被烧毁或者炸毁,然而对人们住所内的抢劫与破坏却带来了更大的物质和精神损伤。”Spindler says the situation and the needs in the villages north of Gori are similar. He says all of the communities are largely dependent on agriculture for food and income. He says villagers told UNHCR up to 80 percent of this year's harvest is gone. 斯平德勒说,哥里以北地区村落的局势及需求基本相仿。他说,所有的社区多半依靠农业为生。他说,村民告诉联合国难民机构,今年百分之八十以上的收成都报废了。"This is due to restricted irrigation water coming mostly from South Ossetia and the fact that during the hostilities heavy military equipment passed through many fields damaging the crops," said Spindler.  斯平德勒说:“这是因为有限的灌溉用水多半来自南奥塞梯,而且在冲突期间重型军用设备碾过许多农田,毁坏了庄稼。”"In addition, there are still a lot of mines and unexploded ordnance littering the fields and gardens, preventing people from collecting the harvest. As the local gas pipeline is not functioning any longer, the villagers now rely on firewood, both for cooking and heating. As a result, the price of firewood has risen by 50 percent," he continued.  “此外, 还有许多地雷以及尚未爆炸的炮弹四处散落在田野菜园里,使得人们不敢前去收农作物。因为当地的天然气管道不再运作,村民都依靠柴禾煮饭取暖。结果柴禾的价格上涨了百分之五十。”Spindler says the UNHCR plans to conduct regular assessment missions to the buffer zone and to provide aid to the inhabitants. Since the situation has calmed down, he says a number of people who had previously fled have now returned to their homes. 斯平德勒说,联合国难民事务高级专员公署打算在该缓冲区开展常规的评估工作,并且向当地居民提供援助。他说,自从形势平定以来,许多原来逃离的人都已经返回家园。Based on first assessments, he says returnees to the villages in the buffer zone need rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance as many of their homes have been burned down or otherwise damaged. He says they also will need supplementary food and firewood. 他说,根据初步的估计,返回缓冲区的村民需要得到重新恢复和重建的援助,因为他们的住房有许多已经被烧毁或者遭到破坏。他说,他们还将需要得到食品和柴禾的补给。200809/49072。
  • superfluous ———— 没必要的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Unnecessary; exceeding what is needed or desirable; serving no important purpose.例句 The airplane we will take for our journey over the mountains is filled with cargo and passengers, so we cannot take any superfluous baggage.我们将要乘坐的、飞越这些山脉的飞机载满了货物和乘客,所以我们无法带多余的行李了。 /201606/450533。
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