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Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:I am in my early 30s with a small child. I recently went through some hard times and moved back home with my parents. I have never asked my parents for money. I work two jobs and have put a little away in savings. Id like to take a small vacation. The only major expense would be the airfare, and I have enough for that.我三十出头,孩子还很小。最近我的生活过得有些艰难,于是我就搬回家与父母同住。我从来不向父母伸手要钱。我有两份工作,也有少量积蓄。我想去度个小假,唯一最贵的消费就是飞机票,但我已经存够钱了。My parents are completely against the trip. They feel I would not be able to afford the airfare if they hadnt been helping me for the last few months. I agree, but on the other hand, I need a little time with friends to relax and just have a good time. Im an adult. Can my parents still treat me as a child?—Tired in Omaha我的父母极力反对我去旅行。他们认为如果不是他们前几个月的资助,我是无法付机票钱的。我承认,但另一方面,我需要一些时间跟朋友去放松一下,尽情地玩一回。我是个成年人了。我父母还能把我当作孩子吗?——奥马哈一个疲惫不堪的人Dear Tired:亲爱的疲惫不堪的人:When adult children live at home, parents are prone to treat them as children. Your parents want you to save enough to have your own place and need to know their efforts to help you are not being frittered away on less-than-necessary things. They also may not want to baby-sit for your child while you are away, in which case you should make other arrangements. Thank your parents for their concern and say you need a break from your two-job routine so you can come back refreshed and productive.当一个成年人住在家里时,父母总是会把他们当成孩子一样对待。你父母希望你攒够钱有自己的住处,他们不愿意看到自己对你的帮助被浪费在不那么重要的事情上。也许他们不愿在你外出时帮你照顾小孩,如果是这样的话,你应该另作打算。你应该感谢父母对你的关心,告诉他们你需要从繁忙的工作日程中抽点时间休息,这样你回来后才会精神振作,效率更高。原文译文属!201303/232653Business Bribery abroad A tale of two laws商业 海外行贿 两部法律的故事Americas anti-corruption law deters foreign investment. Britains is smarter美国的反贪腐法让企业对海外投资望而却步,而英国的则更为明智BRIBING foreign officials is wrong, but not everything governments do to prevent it is wise or proportional.向外国官员行贿是不对的。但并非政府所做的所有防范行贿的措施都是明智或能产生对应成效的。Firms are increasingly fed up with the way Americas Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is written (confusingly) and applied (vigorously).企业对美国的《海外反腐法》(FCPA)的厌倦是与日俱增,不仅仅因为它的内容(让人困惑),还因为它的执行方式(过于激进)。The law was passed in 1977, but recent years have seen a spike in enforcement, from five actions in 2004 to 74 in 2010.该法案于1977年通过,然而最近几年执行次数增长迅速,从2004年的5次增长到2010年的74次。Five of the ten biggest settlements ever were last year, including a 0m fine against BAE Systems, a British defence contractor, and a 5m fine against ENI, an Italian oil firm.十大处罚中有五个发生于去年,其中包括对英国国防承包商BAE系统的处罚(达4亿美元)以及意大利石油公司ENI的处罚(达3.65亿美元)。On August 31st the Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Justice has been investigating Oracle, a database-software company, for a year. Unusually, Oracle has said nothing about the investigation. Ethisphere, a promoter of corporate responsibility, rated Oracle one of the worlds most ethical companies in . Mike Koehler, a law professor at Butler University in Indiana, writes that General Electric, HP, AstraZeneca and others have all been among Ethispheres ;Worlds Most Ethical; while settling FCPA prosecutions or under investigation.八月31日《华尔街日报》报道称司法部调查一个数据库软件公司Oracle,已经一年了。反常的是,Oracle对这次调查只字不提。企业责任提倡人Ethisphere认为Oracle是年全球最有道德责任感的企业之一。印第安纳州Butler大学的某法律专家Mike Koehler写道,曾位列Ethisphere的;全球最具道德责任感企业;名单上的General Electric, HP, AstraZeneca等企业都被FCPA的指控过或者受到调查。An FCPA action is an ordeal. Few firms dare risk going to court—only two cases against corporations have ever resulted in completed trials. The vast majority of cases are settled, which can take years. Listed companies must satisfy not only the Department of Justice, but also the Securities and Exchange Commission, which enforces the FCPA provisions requiring accurate records of all business dealings (to deter or detect illicit payments). Before the department and the commission will sign off on a settlement, the company must satisfy them that the rest of its operations are squeaky clean. Narrow investigations can mutate into broad ones that cost tens of millions of dollars.被FCPA指控的话,后果很惨痛。很少企业敢冒险上法庭——企业被告的案例中只有两个结案了。很多案子要用上几年时间才能结案。上市公司不仅要达到司法部的要求,还要满足券和交易委员会的要求,而这就使得FCPA要具备所有企业的交易记录(从而防止或者发现非法交易)。在司法部和该委员会做出最终决定之前,企业必须让他们相信公司的其它运作也是没有猫腻的。调查不充分会使案情变得更大,为此将付出成千亿美元。And bosses can be sent to prison for up to 20 years if their companies fall foul of the FCPA. In theory, they could be jailed because a staff member at a foreign subsidiary bribed an official without their knowledge. In some cases, the law insists that directors ought to know about dodgy goings-on, even if they do not.如果企业违反了FCPA的规定其老板的最高可被判刑20年。理论上,即使是在他们不知情的情况下,如果其驻外员工向官员行贿的话,他们也可被判入狱。某些情况下,法律坚持认为管理者应该知道这些小动作——即使有时候他们确实不知情。This is a hefty deterrent to doing business in poor countries, some studies have found. Andy Spalding, a law professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, likens the way the FCPA is enforced to ;de facto sanctions; on countries where corruption is rife. A study by KPMG, a consultancy, found that a third of British and a quarter of American companies would simply steer clear of corruption-prone countries to avoid the risk of being prosecuted. Firms from less fussy places, such as China, will happily fill the gap.有研究发现,这成了企业进驻穷国的极大障碍。芝加哥肯特法学院的一名法律专家Andy Spalding将FCPA的做法类比为贪腐盛行的国家的;事实判决;。某顾问公司KPMG做了一份研究表明,三分之一的英国公司和四分之一的美国公司会简单地选择不去那些贪腐盛行的国家做生意,从而避免被起诉。而处于要求不那么严格的国家(比如中国)的企业则很乐意填补这个空白。The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, says the FCPA also deters foreign mergers and acquisitions. A firm inherits the sins of a company it buys, even if it has done reasonable due diligence, the chamber says. To avoid this risk, it must conduct the equivalent of a ;vast internal investigation;, says the chamber. Many firms find it simpler to stay at home.商业游说团——美国商会——认为FCPA将外资并购企业也吓跑了,它认为即使一个企业已经做了法律尽职调查,但还是要承担它所并购的企业的罪行。为了避免这种危险,该企业必须进行一次;大范围的内部调查;,该商会说道。于是很多企业觉得留在国内发展要简单得多。A new British anti-bribery law, passed in 2010, appears to have been better crafted. The Bribery Act is broad and tough. It covers bribery within Britain as well as abroad. In contrast to the FCPA, it makes no exception for small ;facilitation payments; to speed up routine business such as customs checks or visas.英国2010年通过的反贿赂法似乎更胜一筹。该《贿赂法》涉及范围更广,刑法也更重:其处罚对象既包括国内也包括国外。相较FCPA,它连;便利付;——能加速一些类似海关检查或者签等日常业务的付方式——也不放过。But it is fair, too. Unlike the FCPA, it has a ;compliance defence; that allows a company to avoid the harshest penalties if the wrongdoer is a junior employee and the firm otherwise has a strict anti-bribery policy which is clear to all employees and effectively administered. One rogue employee cant easily cause a crippling probe into an otherwise blameless company.然而它也是公平的。与FCPA不同的是,它允许;遵守式合规性保护;,也就是说,如果涉事员工是未成年人或者该企业有严格的反贿赂规定,并且让所有员工都知晓这项规定从而使其得到有效执行,那么该企业可以避开最严酷的惩罚。一个按规矩做事的企业不会如此轻易地让一两位明知故犯的员工给毁了。Americas Department of Justice sees no need for such safeguards. And since few cases go to trial, judges have given little guidance as to what the FCPAs bewildering text actually means. So, for now, it means whatever an aggressive prosecutor says it does.而美国司法部认为这样的防范是多余的。由于很少案子受到审讯,法官也没有对FCPA那些令人迷惑的条款做出太多指示。因此,就目前为止,这些条款的含义,全凭胆大的起诉人如何作出解读。 /201301/220267

Science and technology.科技。Robots and psychology机器人与心理学Mapping the uncanny valley了解恐怖谷理论Why androids are scary为什么人形机器人那么吓人ARTIFICIALLY created beings, whether they be drawn or sculpted, are warmly accepted by viewers when they are distinctively inhuman. As their appearances are made more real, however, acceptance turns to discomfort until the point where the similarity is almost perfect, when comfort returns. This effect, called ;the uncanny valley; because of the dip in acceptance between clearly inhuman and clearly human forms, is well known, particularly to animators, but why it happens is a mystery. Some suggest it is all about outward appearance, but a study just published in Cognition by Kurt Gray at the University of North Carolina and Daniel Wegner at Harvard argues that there can be something else involved as well: the apparent presence of a mind where it ought not to be.无论是画出来的还是造出来的机器人,当它们与人类很不相像时,人类就能很好地接受它们。但是,随着它们的外貌越来越近似真人,这种接受就会转变为反感( ——shadowing的译法:人会对这种机器人的态度从好感变为厌恶)。直到它们与人类的相似度达到一个几近完美的状态,人类又会重新接受它们。因为在不够拟人和非常拟人之间人们对机器人的接受度有一个下降的过程,所以这种效果被称为;恐怖谷;①。(——lovewj1989的调整译法:这个效应之所以被称作;恐怖谷理论;,是因为从机器人与人类外表差异极大到差异极小,人类对机器人的接受度曲线先下后上,形成一个低谷。)(因为在不够拟人(传统机器人)和(真人机器人)非常拟人之间,人类好感度突然下降,所以这 种效果被称为;恐怖谷;。)恐怖谷理论众所周知,尤其是对动画家来说,但它的出现原因却是个谜。一些人认为这一理论只和外表有关,但最近北卡罗来纳大学的Kurt Gray与哈佛大学的Daniel Wegner在《认知》上发表了一篇研究文章,称这其中可能还包含着别的东西,即本不该出现在机器人身上的明显的思维能力。According to some philosophers the mind is made up of two parts, agency (the capacity to plan and do things) and experience (the capacity to feel and sense things). Both set people apart from robots, but Dr Gray and Dr Wegner speculated that experience in particular was playing a crucial role in generating the uncanny-valley effect. They theorised that adding human-like eyes and facial expressions to robots conveys emotion where viewers do not expect emotion to be present. The resulting clash of expectations, they thought, might be where the unease was coming from.根据哲学家的说法,思维由两部分构成:执行(计划并完成事情的能力)和体验(感受事物的能力)。这两者都能将人与机器人区分开,但Gray士和 Wegner士推测,在产生恐怖谷效应方面,经验起着尤其重要的作用。他们建立了一个理论,即如果使机器人拥有像人类一样的眼睛和表情,它们就能传递感情,但在观察者的预期中这种感情是不该出现在机器人身上的。他们认为这种预期所产生的冲突可能就是不适感的来源。To test this idea, the researchers presented 45 participants recruited from subway stations and campus dining halls in Massachusetts with a questionnaire about the ;Delta-Cray supercomputer;. A third were told this machine was ;like a normal computer but much more powerful;. Another third heard it was capable of experience, by being told it could feel ;hunger, fear and other emotions;. The remainder were told it was capable of ;self-control and the capacity to plan ahead;, thus suggesting it had agency. Participants were asked to rate how unnerved they were by the supercomputer on a scale where one was ;not at all; and five was ;extremely;.为了验这个想法,研究者从马萨诸塞州的地铁站或大学食堂征集了45位参与者,就;Delta-Cray超级计算机;对他们做了一份问卷调查。参与调查问卷的人中有三分之一被告知这台机器;和正常的电脑一样,但强大许多;;另外三分之一的人被告知它有体验的能力,即它能感受到;饥饿、恐惧以及其他一些情感;;剩下的三分之一则被告知它能;自我控制,并有能力提前制定计划;,也就是说它具有执行力。研究者请他们从一分(一点都不)到五分(非常恐惧)对这台超级电脑给他们带来的恐惧感进行打分。 -(---敛刃的译法:研究者请参与者按照自身受到的恐惧感对这台超级电脑进行打分,从一分到五分不等,一分表示;一点都不紧张;,五分则表示;非常紧张;。)Dr Gray and Dr Wegner found that those presented with the idea of a supercomputer that was much more powerful than other computers or was capable of planning ahead were not much unnerved. They gave it a score of 1.3 and 1.4 respectively. By contrast, those presented with the idea of a computer capable of experiencing emotions gave the machine an average of 3.4. These findings are consistent with the researchers hypothesis. There seems to be something about finding emotion in a place where it is not expected that upsets people. This led Dr Gray and Dr Wegner to wonder if the reverse, discovering a lack of experience in a place where it was expected, might prove just as upsetting.Gray士和 Wegner士发现,那些被告知这台电脑只是一台比其他电脑强大许多的超级计算机和它有提前制定计划的能力的问卷参与者都没有感到十分恐惧。他们给出的平均分分别是1.3和1.4分。相比之下,那些被告知这台电脑有体验情感能力的参与者打出的恐惧分数为3.4分。这一发现与研究者的假设相吻合。似乎是发现一个不该有情感的机器却有了情感这类事使人类感到不安。这使Gray士和 Wegner士不禁想问,如果将情况反过来,人类发现一个该有情感的人却没有体验情感的能力时会不会同样会感到不安。To explore this, they presented a further 44 volunteers, recruited in the same manner as those in the earlier experiment, with a picture of a man. A third were told that he was normal; a third that he was unable to plan; and a third that he was unable to feel pain, pleasure or fear. As in the first experiment, participants rated how unnerved they were by the man on a five-point scale.为了弄清这一问题,两位士以同样的方式再次征集了44位志愿者,并向他们展示了一张男人的照片。其中三分之一的人被告知这个男人是正常的,另外三分之一的人被告知他没有制定计划的能力,剩下的三分之一则被告知他没有感受疼痛、愉悦或恐惧的能力。和第一次实验一样,士们要求参与者按五分制给这个男人给他们带来的恐惧感进行打分。Those who were told the man was normal, or was incapable of planning, gave scores that averaged 1.8 and 1.9 respectively. Those told he could not feel pain, pleasure or fear were much more unnerved. They gave average scores of 3.0.那些被告知这个男人是正常的和他没有能力制定计划的参与者给出的平均分分别是1.8分和1.9分。但那些被告知这个男人没有能力感受疼痛、愉悦或恐惧的参与者要比前两批人恐惧得多,他们给出的平均分为3.0分。Dr Gray and Dr Wegner believe their findings argue that a big part of the uncanny-valley effect stems from expectations not being met. Robots are not expected to have feelings and when such feelings are found, it seems somehow wrong. Humans, by contrast, are expected to have feelings-and when such feelings are not found, the effect is equally frightening. Their conclusions will perhaps give pause to those who see the ultimate robot as something which physically resembles a human being.Gray士和 Wegner士认为:他们的发现表明引起恐怖谷效应的大部分原因根源在于人们的预期没有得到满足。人们认为机器人不会有情感,当发现它们拥有情感时,人们就会觉得这是不正常的。相比之下,人类是有情感的,当人们发现某个人没有情感时,他们同样会感到恐惧不安。一些人认为机器人发展到最后,会在物质形态上与人类十分相似,但这次研究的结论可能会让他们断了这种念头。201208/193297

Business.商业。FacebookFacebookWork in progress逆流中前行The stockmarket has lost no time in unfriending the social network券市场正加紧同社交网络解除好友关系IT IS still gaining members-there were 955m by the end of June-but Facebook has been losing friends ever since it became a public company on May 18th. Delays in trading on the frenzied opening day were scarcely the social-networking companys fault. But not since that first day has the share price closed above its bloated debut mark of ; and recently it has lurched lower. It dropped by 8% after hours on July 25th when Zynga, a games company that uses Facebook as a base, reported poor quarterly results, and by another 10% after Facebooks own figures came out the next day. It has fallen further since. On August 1st Facebooks shares closed at .88, the lowest yet (see chart).虽然新用户仍在不断增加——到六月底这个数字已经达到9.55亿之多——但自从5月18日上市以来,Facebook的持者却在流失。疯狂的上市首日发生的交易延迟的确不应归咎于这家社交网络公司。但是自从发行价虚开38美元之后,它的股价就再没有高过这个数字;最近更是屡创新低。7月25日开盘数小时之后,基于Facebook平台的游戏公司Zynga公布了其糟糕的季度业绩,Facebook的股价下跌8%。而第二天,Facebook自己的数据公开之后,股价更是再跌10%。从此就一蹶不振了。8月1日,Facebook的股价收盘于20.88美元,上市以来的新低(见表)。New shareholders are not the only ones feeling fed up. On July 30th Limited Run, a New York platform for the online shops of record labels, artists and designers, said it would delete its Facebook page. It estimated that 80% of clicks came from ;bots;-computers rather than people, but triggering payments to Facebook all the same. Limited Run added that after it changed its name (from Limited Pressing) Facebook asked it to spend ,000 a month on advertising to change the name of its page on the network to match. Calling Facebook ;scumbags;, it invited its human visitors to follow it on Twitter instead. Facebook says it is investigating, and that ;there seems to be some sort of miscommunication; about the change of page name, for which it does not charge.并不是只有新股东们感到失望。7月30日,来自纽约的为唱片、乐手和设计师搭建的线上平台,Limited Run,宣布公司将删除其Facebook主页。据估计,其80%的主页点击都是;机器人;所为——电脑操纵而非用户,而他们却一样要为这些点击向Facebook付费用。Limited Run补充道,在其改名之后(原先叫Limited Pressing),Facebook还要求其付一个月2000美元的费用来为网站主页的更名打广告。他们把Facebook看作;小人;,并邀请其用户转而关注他们的推特帐号。Facebook称事情正在调查,并称关于主页更名;其中一定有什么误会;,因为这是完全免费的。In its own way the latest droop in the share price is as mysterious as the bots apparently plaguing Limited Run. Granted, the news from Zynga, which alone provides 10% of Facebooks revenues, was a shock. Facebook made a quarterly loss, of 7m, but that was more than explained by the accounting cost of share-based compensation. And revenue growth slowed, to 32% in the year to the second quarter. Yet that was pretty much what analysts had expected, perhaps a little better.和明显成为Limited Run公司麻烦的那些机器人一样,近来Facebook股市的萎靡从它自身的角度来看同样不可理解。的确,Zynga占到Facebook营业额的10%,其亏损新闻对Facebook是一种打击。Facebook也确实遭遇了1.57亿美元的季度亏损,但这更大程度上是受到分红补贴成本的影响。从年中的第二季度来看,营业收益额的增长放缓至32%。这和分析师的预测相差无几,甚至还要好于预期。Nonetheless, there are reasons to be sceptical about the speed at which Facebooks revenues and profits can grow. In America and much of Europe just about anyone who might want to join aly has; and the ratio of daily to monthly users ticked down in North America, Europe and Asia-a sign to some of ;Facebook fatigue;. So Facebook must make money from the members it has rather than simply by adding new ones. And it must find a way to do so on mobile devices, from which most Facebookers now check the site (56.9% of monthly users did so in the second quarter). There is little space for ads on a smartphone; and ads must not just avoid irritating users, but make them click.尽管如此,我们还是有理由去怀疑Facebook的营业额及其利润的增长空间。在美国以及欧洲大部分区域,想要入市的股民早已出现悲观情绪;而在北美,欧洲以及亚洲,日活跃用户以及月活跃用户的比例开始呈现下滑趋势——这是;Facebook疲乏症;的标志。所以Facebook需要想法设法从已有用户身上吸金,而非扩大自己的用户群。而且必须在移动设备这块战场上发力,因为大多数的Facebook用户都是通过移动设备访问网站的(第二季度数据比重达56.9%)。在智能手机上投放广告的空间很小;而且广告不能光做到不侵扰用户,还要让他们点击才行。I want to sell you a story;受赞助内容;赢利模式Facebook sees ;sponsored stories; in users news feeds, the main flow of information about their friends, as the tool for this job. These are ads that companies can pay to highlight with the aim of seeing them sp by recommendation. Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, told analysts that click-through rates on ads in news feeds were ;multiple times better; than on ads to the right of the screen. Ms Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks founder and boss, said stories in news feeds were bringing in more than m a day, half of that from mobile devices.消息推送,已经成为用户获取好友信息的主要渠道。Facebook发现,;受赞助的内容;可以作为它营收的一个来源。为了使自己的广告通过推荐的方式传播,公司可以付费用来使其突出显示。Facebook的首席运营官雪莉·桑德伯格告诉分析师,在消息推送中的广告点击率是屏幕右侧广告的;数倍;。Facebook的创立者和老板,桑德伯格以及马克·扎克伯格,称消息推送每天能为Facebook创收百万美元以上,其中半数来自移动设备。That sounds promising, but it is not yet a lot of money. Steve Weinstein of ITG Investment Research says that sponsored stories are ;an ad product that is not going to ramp up overnight;, which explains the cautious tone of Facebooks bosses. Advertising through friends recommendations on social networks is still new. So advertisers will need to learn what sponsored stories ought to look like, and then be convinced to spend money on them. They will also need to keep refreshing stories, which in turn will mean more expense.虽然听上去充满希望,但数目并不算是很大。来自ITG投资研究所的史蒂夫·韦恩史蒂恩说,受赞助的内容;不会成为一夜走红的广告产品;,这也和Facebook老板们的谨慎论调相符合。在社交网站上,通过好友推荐的广告模式依旧新颖。因此广告的投放者需要清楚受赞助内容的合理形式,确认之后,再投入资金。他们也需要对内容进行更新,反过来意味着更大的开。Mr Zuckerberg and Ms Sandberg also pointed to two other initiatives. One is an exchange on which marketers will be able to bid for ad impressions in real-time. This is standard in the industry, but new for Facebook. The other is a push for ads from small and medium-sized businesses (but not, perhaps, Limited Run). Recently, says Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group, big advertisers working with agencies, which accounted for perhaps one-third of Facebooks ad revenue last year, have been building up their spending with Facebook. Spending by small firms and online businesses has stalled, leading to the slowdown in Facebooks growth.扎克伯格和桑德伯格也提出了两项新举措。一个是为营销者准备的交流平台。他们可以实时地对广告投放位置进行投标。这在工业领域里是标准,但在Facebook还是全新的尝试。另一个是推动中小型企业投放广告(除了Limited Run之外,可能)。来自市场研究机构Pivotal Research Group的分析师布莱恩·威瑟尔最近说,和代理商合作的大型广告商一直以来都在加强和Facebook的合作关系。这些收入约占到Facebook去年广告收入的三分之一。而同时,小型企业和线上业务的开却停滞不前,放缓了Facebook的增长势头。With these plans, thinks Mr Wieser, Facebook is doing the right things. He dismisses worries about falling ratios of daily to monthly users. Far more Americans visit Facebook than other social-media sites and they spend more time online there than anywhere else. So there is ;no other satisfactory provider for most marketers; with a ;social; strategy. He thinks the shares were overpriced at but have now sunk unreasonably low.威瑟尔认为,通过这些计划,Facebook正在沿着正确的方向前进。他对日活跃用户和月活跃用户比例下滑的担忧不屑一顾。在美国,多数人在同类的社交网站中偏爱Facebook;而且比起其他网站,他们也更愿意在Facebook上消磨时间。所以,对于大多数营销者而言,也没有其他既拥有;社交;战略,又;令人满意的平台提供商;了。他承认开盘价38美元的确过高,但现在跌到如此之低也是不合理的。Facebook may take comfort from the enthusiasm of others for the social world. This week Google was said to have paid 0m for Wildfire Interactive, a social-marketing firm; Oracle and Salesforce.com have also been recent buyers in the field. A new report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the research arm of a consultancy, sees vast untapped potential in companies use of social technologies (internally, as well as in dealings with customers). Gartner, another research firm, said this week that failing to communicate with customers on social networks could be as damaging to companies as not answering phone calls or e-mails. Mr Weinstein notes that Facebook ;is still valued like a very successful business;: worth billion, indeed, at only eight years of age.Facebook会对其他公司对于社交世界的热忱感到宽慰。谷歌刚刚于这周宣布,斥资4亿美元收购社交营销公司Wildfire Interactive。甲骨文公司和云计算公司Salesforce.com近来也成为了这片领域的掠食者。麦肯锡咨询公司研究部门——麦肯锡全球研究所的一份最新报告表明,在企业对于社交技术的运用上存在着尚待开发的巨大潜力(从内部看,同消费者交易也是如此)。另一家咨询公司的高德纳本周表示,如果企业无法在社交网络上同客户交流,其后果将等同于不接电话或是不回邮件,将是破坏性的。韦恩史蒂恩强调,Facebook;仍是一家非常成功的企业;,市值500亿美元,而且,仅仅用了八年。 201208/193575

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