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When the time has arrived to exhibit your emotions and love for her and to finally ask the question you should be very genuine, original and imaginative to make an impact on her. Don’t be anxious or worried just try to be honest and unique. Each and every girl waits for this moment in her life so you should be able to fulfil all her wishes. And one thing is very important; you should make the proposal during the right time. So below here is some wonderful ways to impress and propose to the girl you loves。到了释放情感表达爱意求婚的时刻,浪漫有创意的想法必不可少。不用担心和焦虑,真诚和特别就够了。每个女孩都期待着人生这一时刻的到来,而你就是这个梦想的实现者。最重要的是,你应该在合适的时间求婚。下面这些超棒的点子绝对可以震撼到你心爱的姑娘:10) On the knees单膝下跪You must have seen a lot in the movies, actor dropping on the knees to propose to his love. This method is quite dramatic but still loving and passionate. It is an old hat idea however it can certainly make an impact on her. Take her somewhere in private and leaning on the knees holding a beautiful flower in the one hand and say softly that you love her. This will surely amaze her and you will be able to flaunt your love for her。你肯定看到过的电影里的经典桥段,男主角单膝跪地向爱人求婚。非常戏剧性的行为但仍然充满了爱意和。很古老的办法,却依然会感动她。带她到安静点的地方,手捧鲜花,单膝跪地轻轻地说一句你爱她吧。这真的会给她惊喜,也会让你的爱意得以传达。9) Invite her for the dinner请她吃饭Taking the girl out for the dinner and proposing her is quite a usual happening. But you can always go for something more fascinating and attention grabbing. Prepare all her favourite dishes by yourself and beautify the room with flowers of her choice. Make use of candles and playing loving songs also to add up to the loveliness. All such things will place the frame of mind for affection. As she arrives faint the light and softly explain everything to her and propose to her。带女孩出去吃饭然后求婚,也不是什么新奇的点子。但是你总有办法能做得更加浪漫和夺人眼球。准备所有她爱吃的东西,用她爱的鲜花装扮整个屋子。准备好蜡烛,放一些爱情歌曲也能增加魅力,这些东西都能调动人的情感。等她到达的时候,调暗灯光,轻声细语地给她解释这一切然后求婚吧。8) Making an attempt to sing学着唱首歌吧In general each girl out there likes it when a man proposes her by singing a beautiful and romantic song for her. The guy should be creative while choosing the song or it will be superlative if the song is composed by him only. If the song is composed by the man then it will appeal more to the girl and will make the entire atmosphere very romantic, loving and passionate around both of you. By the closing stage of the song propose to the one you love. You can be more inventive by hopping a little along with singing to fascinate and charm her even more。基本上每个姑娘都希望男人能够唱着美丽动听的歌曲来求婚。男生们需要富有创意来选择一首歌,或者最好就是自己创作一首吧。如果自己创作,可是会更加感动到姑娘,还能让你俩之间的整个气氛更加浪漫、有爱和。为自己爱的人选一首求婚歌曲,你可以稍作改编来给她带来更多的惊喜。7) Valentine’s Day-the perfect day情人节是最好不过的日子Each and every girl fantasizes of getting proposed in very a special manner and they waits for this day to come. The important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should be imaginative and honest to make an impression on her. To make this day extraordinary for her, you can propose her on the Valentine’s Day. 14th February is recognised as the period of love and likeness so it can become ideal day for you guys. Find some beautiful and romantic gifts for her. Bunch of roses is a very popular gift on that day。每个女孩都梦想能在特殊的日子里被求婚,她们一直等待这一天的到来。你需要牢记在心的一件事是:你必须有足够的想象力和真诚来感动到她。要让求婚这天对她非比寻常,不妨选择情人节吧,二月十四号可是爱的日子,对男生们来说也是绝好的时机。选一些美丽浪漫的礼物给她。一束玫瑰花可是那天最火爆的礼物。6) Be creative with the boxes盒子帮大忙The moment when you propose the girl is very precious is remembered by both of you so one should try to make it very glorious and impressive. You can be very creative while putting out your feelings. Find some boxes of distinct dimensions according to your wish. Place the smaller box under the larger one and repeat it till you place all the boxes in each another and the smallest one underneath. Make sure that the smallest box encloses the letter or a memo to propose her. Make that letter as romantic as you can。向你爱的姑娘求婚,这对于你俩而言都是非常珍贵的记忆,所以你应该尽可能的去让其浪漫难忘。不妨把你的感受有创意的表达出来。随你心意去找一些不同尺寸的盒子。把小盒子放在大盒子里,按照这样把每个盒子都套在了一起,最小的那个在最下面。别忘了最小的盒子里要有一封信或是贴士来跟她求婚。关于信的内容,动动脑子,能多浪漫就写多浪漫吧。5) Prepare a banner制作个横幅If you want to propose to her out the ordinary methods and desires for making her feel exceptional then you can surely try this one. This manner involves a banner. Note down all your feelings on to the banner and in addition include the proposal message. Show your creativity on the banner using different colours and all your imagination. Remember one thing about not employing the girl’s actual name instead drawn on the name you call her with love. Demonstrate that poster in front of her home or her place of work。如果你不想用老法子来向她求婚,想让她有与众不同的感觉,那就试试这个吧。这个需要一个横幅。在横幅里写下你的感受,还要加上求婚的信息。横幅也别忘了费点心思,用你的想法来做得有创意吧,比如说用不同的颜色。记住一点:不要写女孩的真名而是写她的爱称,把这个展现在她家门口或是公司吧。4) Lend a hand from the pet找宠物帮忙If the girl you love is very fond of pet and knows very well how to take care of them then gifting the pet she loves is going to be the finest gift. Now to pop the matter to that girl you can take the help of pet such as a puppy or a cat. Gift her pet along with the note tied to its band. The note should contain your feelings written by you. This will surely make her day but make sure that the girl is concerned and can take care of the pet。如果你爱的姑娘喜欢小动物也知道如何照顾小动物的话,不妨送她一只吧,这绝对是绝好的礼物。小或是小猫,别忘了让姑娘知道你也可以帮忙照顾它。在宠物的小爪子上系一个便条,可以写点你的感受。这真的有效,只要你确定她真的对动物有兴趣也真的可以照顾它。3) Taking the help of the tee做一件T恤You can try a ground breaking plan to impress and propose the girl you love. For this method you need to do two things. Firstly, dig up a simple and a clear tee of yours without any design or pattern and secondly get a very romantic message containing the proposal by taking the help or composing yourself. Print that whole message on the tee. Put on that tee under a coat and bump into her and when no one is around take out your coat and disclose the feelings for her. In this manner you can show how creative you are and at the same time how much you love her。这个点子真是超牛,绝对会震撼到女生。你只需要做两件事:首先你要有一件简单干净没有任何图案花纹的T恤,然后你需要自己创作一段包含了求婚的信息浪漫的文字,把那段文字印在T恤上。把那件T恤穿在外套里然后出现在她面前,当周围没人的时候脱掉外套让她看看你对她的感受,这一招足够有创意,也能在同一时间传达你对她的爱意。2) Revive the first meeting重现第一次见面Ask out the girl to meet you at spot where you guys came across initially. Do all sort of things that you did at that first meeting. Try to make her remember and relive the old and the wonderful instants that you have spent together. And suddenly out of nowhere just pop out the question to her. Make her feel comfortable and this will absolutely affect her and she will be impressed. Just be yourself as she will definitely going to love that。把女孩约到你们第一次见面的地方去吧。把第一次约会你们做的事都重新做一遍,让她记得你们在一起的那些美好难忘的回忆,然后突然向她求婚。这绝对能感动到她,十分难忘。其实好好的做那个她爱的你就好了。1) Set up the whole day安排一整天的求婚Showing your feelings and proposing her a very elite and exclusive moment for both the sides, but this moment doesn’t last that long, so why not making it quite longer so you can both relish it for more time. Arrange the whole day for her, impress her by doing all sort of her favourite activities. Try to make this an impressive and imposing occasion for her. Take her out some beautiful place for lunch, then movie or going to beach and then candle light dinner and in the end proposing to her. try to be very creative and impressive。表达爱意向她求婚,对于你俩而言都十分神圣和重要,但这个时刻不会那么久,为何不花多点时间让你俩日后有更多回忆呢。为她整整安排一天吧,带她做所有她喜欢的事情。让她对这天终生难忘。带她到高端的地方用午餐,一起看电影或是去沙滩然后一顿烛光晚餐再最后向她求婚,别忘了创意和用心哦! /201507/387377Writing is like “chatting up a woman”, Japan’s superstar novelist Haruki Murakami has said: “You can get better with practice to a certain degree, but basically, you’re either born with it, or you’re not.”写作就如同“和姑娘搭讪,勤练会让你有所提高,但归根结底,要看你有没有天赋。”日本著名小说家村上春树如是写到。The novelist was responding online to one of the questions he has received from fans over the last few days, in his new guise as Japan’s most literary agony uncle. He began posting on Jan 15 on a site, Murakami-san no tokoro – or Mr Murakami’s Place – set up by his publisher, Shinchosa, which has said he will be taking questions until the end of the month.自从村上春树化身文艺“知心大叔”,短短几天内,就有不少粉丝上网提问,而上面正是村上对其中一个问题的回复。本月15日,村上春树开始在网站“村上家”上与广大粉丝交流,回答粉丝的提问。该网站由其出版商日本新潮社设立,在1月底之前都会接受粉丝们的提问。Cats make regular, enigmatic appearances in Murakami’s fiction and one er was keen to know if the author of Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle might know where her lost cat had got to: “Cats just disappear sometimes. You have to love and appreciate them while they’re near you,” advised Murakami. Another wondered if the writer had any tips to stop his wife from burping; Murakami phlegmatically pointed out that “burping is far better than farting”.在村上春树的小说中,猫是“常客”,总是神秘莫测地出现。一位读者就很想问问这位《挪威的森林》和《奇鸟行状录》的作者,自己走失的猫咪去哪儿了。对此,村上春树这样建议:“猫儿们时不时就玩消失。所以当它们亲近你时,你要疼爱它们,欣赏它们。” 另一位粉丝则问村上是否有诀窍能让他的妻子停止打嗝 ,村上淡定地指出“(这么说请见谅)但我想打嗝总比放屁要好多了……”The novelist has replied almost entirely in Japanese, with an “unofficial” English translation carried out by a fan. One er, who was married with children and having an affair, asked if “there is some kind of rulebook for wicked women”. Murakami replied: “Cheating is what it is, but I think you should be careful about using the ‘D-word’ (divorce). It’s dangerous to actually utter it out loud.” He added: “I hope everything works out for you. You are not a terrible woman. This is rather common. But you must take great care in your actions.”村上基本上是用日语来回复的,而一位粉丝则给出了自己的“非官方”英文翻译。 有一位已经生儿育女的粉丝有了婚外情,她问村上,“有没有什么办法可以约束坏女人”。村上回答道:“偷情是一回事,但我觉得你应当慎重使用‘D’打头的那个词(divorce离婚)。轻易说出它是很危险的。”他又说道:“我希望你一切顺利,你并不是坏女人。婚外情很平常,不过还是慎重为好。”The author of novels from Kafka on the Shore to Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, which sold 1m copies in a week in Japan, Murakami is clearly enjoying his online adventure. Questions he has answered range from the literary, to the intimate, to the playful – has Murakami ever wanted to be a cat? No, it turns out, although he has wished to be the wind.村上春树写过不少小说,从《海边的卡夫卡》再到前年在日本面世一周就热销百万册的《没有色的多崎作和他的巡礼之年》,无一不被粉丝熟知。现在,村上春树显然很享受他的网络奇遇之旅,他回答的问题既有文学困惑,也有私人问题,还有玩笑之语,比如,“村上先生,你想过做一只猫吗?”是没有,不过他倒是想过化成一阵风。Another er asked how the novelist feels about being named the frontrunner for the Nobel prize in literature. It’s “kind of a nuisance”, he said, according to the fan’s translation. “It’s not like I’ve been officially nominated or anything, it’s just unaffiliated bookmakers who are putting odds on me. It’s not a horse race!”另有读者问及村上“领跑”诺贝尔文学奖是一种怎样的感受。 根据粉丝的翻译,他的回答是:“其实挺困扰的,因为并非官方提名,只是被民间机构拿来定赔率罢了。这又不是赛马!”Two correspondents wrote to Murakami in English, one asking: “Do you think cats can understand how humans feel? My cat Bobo ran away when she saw me crying.” The novelist told her: “I suspect that either you or your cat is extremely sensitive. I have had many cats, but no cat has ever been so sympathetic. They were just as egoistic as they could be.”还有两位提问者使用了英文,一位问道:“ 你认为猫能理解人类的感受么?我家猫Bobo每次看到我哭就会跑开。”村上君的回答是:“我觉得要么是你家猫太敏感,要么就是你想多了。我养过许多猫,但它们从来都是以自我为中心,从没见它们表现出同情心。”And asked if he had any places where he stayed “for a while”, Murakami replied in English: “An easy question. In the bed with someone I love. Where else?”当被问到有没有什么地方是总会待上“一阵子的”,村上则用英文答道:“这个问题简单。和爱的人一起在床上。不然还能是哪儿呢?” /201501/357190

Why Do You Ask for Help?你为啥还求助呢?Drowner: Help!! I’m drowning!!溺水者:救命呀!!我溺水了!!Helper: Don’t worry! Just do exactly as I say and you’ll be fine!Helper: Breathe air into your lungs instead of water!帮手:别担心!照我说的做,你会没事的!帮手:你要吸空气,不要吸水进到肺部呀!Drowner: I can’t…! I don’t think…!Drowner: Glue…Glue…Glue…溺水者:不行呀。。。我不认为。。。溺水者:咕噜咕噜咕噜(不断呛水中。。)Disappeared…(在水中沉没了。。)Helper: If he isn’t going to accept my help, why did he ask?帮手:他都不接受我的帮助,干嘛要问我呀? /201506/379820

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