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Grooming and personal hygiene have been around for ages. It's hard to imagine a time when people weren't concerned with taking care of their appearance and their bodies. Perhaps these practices started when Adam first took a bath and combed his hair before going on a date with Eve. Or maybe they began when Eve put on some herbal makeup to make herself more beautiful. No matter where they started, grooming and personal hygiene have become an important part of everyone's daily routine.    You might think that all modern societies would have the same grooming and personal hygiene practices. After all, doesn't everybody take baths? Most people do recognize the need for hygiene, which is the basis for cleanliness and health-and a good way to keep one's friends. Grooming practices include all the little things people do to make themselves look their best, such as combing their hair and putting on makeup. However, while most modern people agree that these things are important, people in different cultures take care of themselves in different ways. There used to be an old joke in America that people should take a bath once a week, whether they need one or not. In fact, though, Americans generally take a bath-or more commonly, a shower-every day. But in contrast to some cultures, most Americans get their shower in the morning, so they can s tart the day fresh. And instead of going to a beauty parlor for a shampoo, many Americans prefer to wash and style their own hair. So if Americans have a "bad hair day," they have no one to blame but themselves. But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barber shop occasionally for a haircut, a perm or just some friendly conversation.    Americans are known for having very sensitive noses. In America, "B.O." (body odor) is socially unacceptable. For that reason, Americans consider the use of deodorant or anti-perspirant a must. Ladies often add a touch of perfume for an extra fresh scent. Men may splash on after-shave lotion or manly-smelling cologne. Another cultural no-no in America is bad breath. Americans don't like to smell what other people ate for lunch-especially onions or garlic. Their solution? Mouthwash, breath mints and even brushing their teeth after meals.    Some of the cultural variations in grooming practices result from physical differences between races. Whereas many Asian men have little facial hair, Westerners have a lot. As a result, most American men spend some time each day shaving or grooming their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are common sights in America, although their popularity changes from generation to generation. Most American men who wear facial hair try to keep it nicely trimmed. American women, on the other hand, generally prefer not to be hairy at all. Many of them regularly shave their legs and armpits.    Americans put great value on both grooming and personal hygiene. For some people, taking care of themselves has become almost a religion. As the old saying goes, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Whether or not being clean and well-groomed brings one closer to God, it certainly brings one closer to others. Americans look down on people who don't take care of themselves, or who "let themselves go." To Americans, even if we don't have much to work with, we have to make the best of what we've got. /201004/100470

In theory, you should be able to digest just about any type of food you put in your mouth. But changes in food processing and preparation (think fried) not to mention lifestyle (think sedentary) mean our stomachs don#39;t always react well to everything we eat.It#39;s best to avoid some food ; like fatty meats ; to avoid upset tummies.从理论上讲,人们应该可以消化放到嘴里的任何类型的食物。但是食物处理和加工方式的变化(如油炸)以及生活方式的变化(如久坐不动)意味着我们的胃并不总能很好地消化我们吃下去的食物,所以对胃不好的一些食物(如肥肉)我们应该避免。 High-Fat And Fried Food 高脂肪和油炸食品 Both high-fat and fried food can overwhelm the stomach, resulting in acid reflux and heartburn. ; 高脂肪和油炸食品会压垮胃,导致胃酸倒流和胃灼烧。 /201112/166282

Looking forward to his coming home(一)遥望他晚归的身影 Scene One: Man has to overwork, return home late and asks her not to wait for him and have meals alone. Woman then asks him to focus on his work and waits for his return. She buys vegetables and then cook. She keeps on running to the balcony once and again to look into the distance with the concern hovering in her mind while she is cooking his favorite soup which will clear fever and moisten lung. She puts all her affectionate and passionate love in to her longing eyes. 场景一:男人告诉女人下午要加班,估计要晚点回家,让她不要等他,自己一人先吃饭。女人却让他安心工作,等他回来。下班后自己买菜做饭,一边在厨房精心熬着男人喜欢喝的清热润肺的靓汤,一边又忍不住萦绕于心头的那份牵绊,不时跑到阳台上遥望他晚归的身影,把自己对男人深切的爱、浓烈的情都融进了眼中那抹焦急的企盼中。Man: I can’t figure out, but once the tiny, slim figure comes into sight, I have the indescribable feeling when my nose becomes sore and touching. 男人:不知为什么,看到阳台上那个小小的、单薄的身影,鼻子一下就涩涩的、酸酸的,心里有种说不出来的感觉…… /200911/90454

  Adding classes in yoga, meditation and other so-called mind-body regimens is just one way fitness professionals in the financial district are responding to recent economic uncertainties roiling their corporate clientele. Some are also offering shorter, cheaper personal training sessions and, in at least one health club, quiet discounts for members who lose their jobs.Amid layoffs, concerns about staying buff could seem trivial. (Imagine the headline “World Markets Near Collapse: Muscle Tone Under Threat.f221;) Yet, businesspeople themselves wonder how a perilous financial climate will affect their physical fitness — and if exercise could help them weather hard times.Some struggle to squeeze in any workouts at all. But others, like Amy Sturtevant, an investment director for Oppenheimer amp; Company in Washington, find themselves doubling down on conditioning for relief. “Professionals are doing their best not to panic, but I know a lot of professionals who are panicking” about the markets, she said. “The only way to get away from it is to have some kind of outlet.”Ms. Sturtevant, a mother of four, is training for her fourth marathon. With brokerage clients needing more hand-holding, she said, she stints on sleep rather than skip her 5 a.m. daily boot camp and 20-mile weekend runs.But one of Ms. Sturtevant’s training partners, a portfolio manager, said in an e-mail message that she had not been as diligent as Ms. Sturtevant and had been “scarce” at their workouts. The portfolio manager said she had weathered some tough financial cycles, “but this one has been uniquely disabling.”“Forget the 5 o’clock wake-up to run,” she wrote. “Who is sleeping?”One business owner, Sheri David, is backsliding for business reasons. As chief executive of Impressions on Hold, a company based in New York that sells corporate voicemail systems, a tougher sales environment has meant Ms. David sees more of her customers and less of her personal trainer. Over the summer, she dropped from five sessions a week to three; by mid-September, she said, “it turned into one day for one hour.”Her trainer, Chris Hall, chides Ms. David to make time and, when she does, to tune out her BlackBerry, she reported. “But I say, ‘You don’t understand — there’s 27,000 reasons I have to pay attention,’ ” referring to her accounts.For his part, Mr. Hall — whose clients have included Catherine Zeta-Jones — is now offering 30-minute, “high-core, high-intensity” sessions and shared workouts, he said, “because people don’t necessarily have as much time as they used to, and they don’t want to spend as much money.”According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, there are 41.5 million health club members in the ed States. To keep them on the roster, clubs may be willing to bargain. Most customers who quit the Telos Fitness Center in Dallas, for example, must pay to rejoin. But, for suddenly strapped longtime members, “I’ll put a note in their file and we’ll let them pick up their membership without any fees,” said Clarisa Duran, the center’s sales and marketing director.For Plus One, which operates in-house fitness centers, corporate accounts are the issue; until recently, its major accounts included the investment banks Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Though still operating in all of those except Bear Stearns (which closed in March), the company now must look to its recent expansion in other regions and industries for growth, said Tom Maraday, the senior vice president. (Google is one new client.)“We’re a little experienced with stress because we went through 9/11 down here,” said Grace DeSimone, Plus One’s national director of group fitness. When disaster strikes, she noted, demand for yoga goes up, and on-site gyms exert a special pull: “People come and they want someone to talk to — it’s like Cheers.”And, as in a bar, the televisions stay on. “In the banks, we have to keep the news on,” Mr. Maraday said. But at Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers, TV’s show training s rather than CN, because “we want this to be an escape,” said Mikael Hanson, director of performance for Cadence in New York.During the Bear Stearns collapse, as becalmed financiers sought their escape, midday classes at the in-house gym grew crowded, according to a former Bear Stearns trader who declined to be named. When the final ax fell, they lost not just jobs but access to a club offering “everything,” she recalled, a hint of longing in her voice.“They even gave you the shirts and shorts so you didn’t have to worry about laundry.” Now she can no longer get in her daily 5:30 a.m. workout. Her new employer has no gym and, with the markets erupting, her workday starts even earlier. “I wish there was a gym that opened at 5 in midtown,” the trader said, “but there isn’t.”Stephanie Shemin Feingold misses a cushy fitness center, too. Since leaving a Midtown law firm in June to work at a nonprofit in Harlem, she’s been using her apartment building’s spartan fitness room. “When there are only three tmills, it can get crowded pretty quickly,” she said.“I’m lucky if I get in 20 minutes instead of the hour I used to do,” Ms. Shemin Feingold said. “My pants are getting tight. I’m going to have to figure out a new routine, because I can’t afford a new wardrobe.”Fitness matters more than ever if you’re laid off, career counselors advise, not just for health, but to network and stay positive. “The last thing you want is to gain 20 pounds during a job search, ” said Dr. Jan Cannon, author of “Finding a Job in a Slow Economy.” “That just compounds that sense of, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ”Exercise, she added, can also spur creativity. “You know how we always have those ‘aha’ moments in the shower?” Dr. Cannon said. In the same way, “a good brisk walk can be very helpful.”Jenny Herring, a Des Moines financial writer, usually walks or bikes for respite from the fulltime job search she began in June, after being downsized as part of the subprime mortgage fallout. But one day last month, feeling frustrated when her phone refused to ring, she varied the routine: “I said, I’m going to get outside, and I mowed the front and back yards” for exercise.For a motivated few, extra time for conditioning actually proves a rare upside of unemployment. “A lot of people who are between jobs are using this downtime to go after a goal,” like a triathlon, said Mr. Hanson of Cadence Cycling.Dr. Cannon recalled a client whose workouts last spring “got more frequent as time went on” — to block out the disappointment, and to give her something to get up and do every day.“She lost 40 pounds.” /200811/55457

  "When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling, live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying." 当你出生时,你哭着,身边的人笑着。尽情享受生命吧!当你离世时,你笑着,身边的人哭着。 /201108/151311。

  1、One of the best feeling in the world is when you're hugging the person you love, and they hug you back even tighter. 世界上最美妙的一件事是,当你拥抱一个你爱的人,他把你抱得更紧。 2、I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. 我走的很慢,但我从不后退。 /201108/147952

  Chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and other hazardous ingredients are turning up in makeup, skin creams, and hair styling products. Here, the latest and most dangerous beauty alerts, and how to protect yourself without compromising your beauty routine.《福布斯》杂志近日提醒,有些化妆品、护肤霜、美发产品中含有化学物质、重金属、细菌等危险成分。以下是最新发布的最危险美容产品提醒,以及如何在不妨碍日常美容护理的同时保护自己。Mercury in Skin Creams?面霜含汞?That was the headline-grabber last week, when an FDA investigation found imported skin creams may contain toxic levels of mercury and other heavy metals. The risk is serious; people are actually getting sick from mercury contamination from these products. The creams are intended primarily for ;skin lightening; and anti-aging.美国食品和药物(FDA)上周公布的一份调查吸引了人们的注意,调查称,一些进口面霜可能含有汞等重金属成分,可以致毒。这种危险非常严重,一些消费者因所用化妆品含汞而患病。含汞面霜的功效通常集中于;亮肤;和;抗衰老;。Symptoms of mercury poisoning include tremors, memory problems, irritability, and changes in vision or hearing. The creams have turned up in seven states so far, and several cases of serious mercury poisoning have been reported.汞中毒的症状包括颤抖、记忆丧失、易怒、视力听力下降。含汞面霜迄今已在美国七个州有售,而且已报告数起严重汞中毒病例。Lead in Lipstick?口红含铅?Once considered an ;urban legend,; the rumor that some lipsticks contain lead turned out to be deadly true when the FDA tested hundreds of lipsticks following an alert issued by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.某些品牌的口红含铅一度被认为只是;坊间传说;,但在FDA检测了数百种口红后,这一传闻得到了实。此前,;安全化妆品运动;组织曾对此发布警告。The brands that tested positive for lead levels included well-respected national brands including L#39;Oreal, Revlon, Avon, and Cover Girl. And high-end brands like Dior and M.A.C. weren#39;t exempt either. Five of the ten most contaminated lipsticks were manufactured by L#39;Oreal USA.不少在全美广受尊重的品牌口红都检出含铅,包括欧莱雅、露华浓、雅芳和。迪奥、M.A.C.等高端品牌也未能幸免。含铅量最高的十款口红中,有五款是美国欧莱雅制造的。Bacteria in Mascara?睫毛膏带菌?Yes, this can happen too, but it#39;s the result of keeping mascara too long. The microbes don#39;t arrive in the mascara itself. According to a study in Optometry, bacteria that are naturally present in the eyes can be transferred into mascara via the wand. When the researchers tested mascaras, microbes were present in 33 percent of the products tested.是的,睫毛膏可能带菌,但这是在保存期限过长的情况下。细菌并非睫毛膏自带的。根据验光科的一项研究,眼部细菌可通过睫毛膏的毛刷进入膏体。研究人员在33%的接受检测的睫毛膏中发现了微生物。Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners美发产品含甲醛Despite label claims of being ;formaldehyde-free;, many keratin-based hair straighteners, when tested, were found to contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. The levels of formaldehyde found were fairly low, and shouldn#39;t pose a hazard if you#39;re only straightening your hair a few times a year, but more often than that isn#39;t a great idea. And stylists, who use the products on their customers regularly, are at risk.尽管标注;无甲醛;,但一些角蛋白直发产品经过检测之后都被发现含有甲醛成份,甲醛是一种致癌物质。美国市场直发产品的甲醛含量并不高,如果每年直发几次,不会产生太大危害,但并不提倡更频繁地直发。经常为客人直发的美发师受危害的风险较高。Mineral Makeup含有矿物质的化妆品Often considered a natural alternative to makeup, mineral-based products often come in the form of powders. The problem results because the particles of minerals such as mica are so small, they float through the air and can be inhaled into the lungs. (Consider this: When construction workers use spackle and other products containing mica, they wear masks to avoid breathing them in.) There hasn#39;t been any warning issued for mineral makeup yet, but some experts, such as pulmonologists, are warning women that lung damage could result from frequent use.一些基于矿物研制的化妆品通常以粉末形式存在,而且被认为是更天然的选择。问题在于云母等矿物质的微粒非常微小,可以漂浮到空气中并吸入肺部。(试想建筑工人使用抹墙粉和其它含有云母的材料时通常戴口罩以防吸入。)目前还没有任何针对矿物质化妆品的警告发布,但胸腔医学等学科的专家提醒女性,频繁使用此类化妆品可能损伤肺部。词汇点津:urban legend: 来源不明、缺少或无据,但自然地以各种形式出现的当代故事或传说formaldehyde: 甲醛carcinogen: 致癌物质mica: (矿物)云母pulmonologist: 胸腔内科医生 /201203/174476

  冬天在户外跑步?不是疯了吧?尽管寒冷天气和假期能真正完全打乱你的跑步规律,但冬天对跑步者而言还是最好的季节之一。天气寒冷,路人稀少,再加上迷人的运动装备!冬季跑步比你想象的容易得多。你只需掌握少数几个关键策略并确定一个坚定的目标,这样就能在任何天气下跑起来。Set a specific goal: There is nothing more motivating than to train for a race or goal. Set a goal to run a 5K, half marathon or reach a number of miles every month! You'll have instant motivation in knowing you have to train for the race or hit your target mileage. Reward yourself with a treat when you reach your goals and set another one.制订一个特别目标:没有比为了竞赛或是目标而训练更能起到激励作用的了。把目标定在5千、半程马拉松或每月达到一定数量的英里数!知道自己必须为了比赛而训练或是实现自己的目标里程,你将立刻获得动力。达到目标后犒赏下自己,接着再制订下一个。Run With a Buddy or Group: Make it safe and social. Run with a buddy or join a group. You'll have a built in motivational source, a friend to chat with along the way and it is safer to run in numbers. It is a great time of year to run. If that's not enough motivation, reward yourself with a fun race destination like Arizona, Florida or even Mexico! 和同伴或是一群人一起跑:这样安全而且大众化。找个同伴或者加入一个群体一起跑步。你将有一个现成的激励源、一个可以沿路交谈的朋友,大家一起跑步还很安全。这是一年里跑步的好时候。如果没有足够的动力,用一个愉快的目的地激励自己,比如亚利桑那、佛罗里达,甚至是墨西哥!Accessorize: The best part of winter running is the shopping! Having the right apparel makes all the difference in the world. Layering is the key to avoiding over or under dressing. A layer that blocks the wind, pants/tights and top that wick the moisture away from your skin and for the coldest of days a mid-layer that fits more loosely like fleece that insulates and moves the moisture from your base layer away from your skin. Your winter running wardrobe should include a running jacket, hat or headband, gloves, tights and a few long sleeve shirts. Your body temperature increases as you run, so you don't need many layers in most winter conditions. 装备:冬季跑步的大头是采购装备!准备正确的装关系重大。要避免过于臃肿或是过于单薄,多层衣物是关键。一件单层外套能抵挡风寒,紧身衣/裤和上衣能带走皮肤上的汗水,在最冷的天气,一件中厚的穿着更舒适的羊毛外套能保温,并把皮肤上的汗水从贴身内衣上带走。你的全套冬季跑步装应该包括一件运动夹克,帽子或束发带、手套、紧身内衣和几件长袖衬衣。当你跑步的时候你的体温会上升,所以冬天在大多数情况下你无须穿太多层。Dress for 15-20 degrees Warmer: Over-dressing is easy to do in winter running. Dressing for 15-20 degrees warmer than it is will allow for your body temperature to increase and reduce the risk of overheating and excessive sweat. You should feel chilled when you walk out the door. If you are toasty warm, remove a layer. Less is more.穿衣保温至高出15-20度:冬季跑步很容易穿得过多。衣物只需保温至高出15-20度,这样既可以保你的体温正常上升,又可以减少过热和大量出汗的风险。当你走到户外的时候你应该感到微冷,如果有点儿暖烘烘的就脱掉一件。刚刚好最好。Run During Light and Warmer Times of Day: If possible, run during the light hours so absorb that needed sunshine we rarely get in the winter. You'll get your miles in during the warmest time of day and come back with a smile on your face.在光线充足和一天最温暖的时候跑步:如果可能,在有光照的时候跑步,以吸收在冬季难以获得却又是必需的阳光。你将能在一天最温暖的时候跑完你的里程数,并带着微笑回家。 /201010/116428

  As Hollywood's best-known "cougar", Demi Moore has become the envy of millions.But while British women may wish for the 47-year-old's youthful, toned figure, it seems they do not hanker after her toyboy husband, 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher.作为好莱坞最著名的“吃嫩草”熟女,黛米·尔成为万千女性羡慕的对象。尽管英国女性也许渴望拥有像这个47岁的女星那样年轻、健美的身材,但她们似乎对她的小老公——31岁的阿什顿·库彻并不感兴趣。New research has found that 71 percent of women over the age of 35 said they would not date a man who was more than three years younger than them.Two-thirds of the women told a poll they believed shared values and interests were more important than looks.一项最新调查发现,年龄在35岁以上的女性中有71%的人表示她们不会与比她们小三岁以上的男性约会。三分之二的女性认为在择偶方面,共同的价值观和兴趣爱好比相貌更重要。The survey's findings go against the recent publicity surrounding so-called cougars, middle-aged women who date considerably younger men.emi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood are all in relationships with younger men, and the trend has even sparked a hit television series, Cougar Town.这一调查结果与近来流行的“熟女”一说似乎并不相符。“熟女”指的是和与比自己年轻很多的男性约会的中年女性。黛米·尔、麦当娜和英国艺术家萨姆·泰勒-伍德都有过“弟恋”,这一潮流甚至还催生了一部热门电视连续剧——《熟女镇》。 /201009/113708


  Women may be better at sniffing out biologically relevant information from underarm sweat, a US study suggests.美国一项研究显示,女性通过腋下气味识别生物性相关信息的能力很可能更强。Researchers found it was difficult to mask underarm odour when a woman was doing thesmelling, but quite easy to do so when it was a man.研究人员发现,用其它气味来蒙蔽女性对腋下气味的识别是比较困难的。相比之下,男性则更好蒙骗。They speculate that a woman's highly attuned smell radar might help her select a mate.研究人员由此猜测,女性敏锐的嗅觉可能有助于她们选择适合自己的伴侣。The study, by Philadelphia's Monell Center, appears in Flavour and Fragrance Journal.由费城蒙尼奥研究中心组织的这项研究成果已经在《香料与香味杂志》上发表。 In the study, women and men rated the strength of underarm odours, both alone and in conjunction with various fragrances.参与试验的女性和男性分别用鼻子去闻两组腋下气味,一组是独立的腋下气味,另一组是腋下气味与其它多种香味混合而成的气味。The fragrances were selected to test their ability to block underarm odour through a method known as olfactory cross-adaptation.研究人员利用嗅觉交叉适应的方法来测试他们辨别腋下气味的能力。This occurs when the nose adapts to one odour, and then also becomes less sensitive to a second odour.采用这种测试方法是因为一旦鼻子对第一种气味适应之后,它对第二种气味的判断灵敏度就减弱了。 Sniffed alone, the underarm odours smelled equally strong to men and women.当男女在闻独立腋下气味的时候,男女的辨别能力旗鼓相当。 But when fragrance was introduced, only two of 32 scents successfully blocked underarm odour when women were doing the smelling.但是当腋下气味中混合了其它香味的时候,32种气味中只有两种腋下混合气味让女性无法成功识别。 /200904/67511

  Despite the endless health campaigns to encourage us to cut back, sugar still makes up a third of our calorie intake. 尽管无休止的健康战役要求我们和糖类断绝关系,但是不可否认的是,糖类依然是我们摄取卡路里的主要方式。 This is deeply worrying, say experts, who are increasingly concerned that our bodies were not designed to take such a sugar overload, and fear it is contributing to many modern ills, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 科学家们说这台令人心忧了。他们开始渐渐担心我们的身体不能消耗那么多的糖类物质,并且害怕过多的摄取糖类将会导致很多现代疾病,比如糖尿病,心脏病和癌症。 The problem is that sugar is highly addictive, as study after study has shown. Just last week researchers at Yale University revealed that dramatic falls in blood sugar, which occur after eating ‘bad’ carbohydrates such as sweets and biscuits, affect the part of the brain controlling impulse. 众多研究显示,最主要的问题是吃糖是会上瘾的。上周,在耶鲁大学的研究者们透露说,在吃了很多所谓的不好的碳水化合物例如甜品和饼干后,血糖的大幅度下降将会影响脑部控制脉搏。 This leads to a loss of self control and a subsequent craving for more unhealthy, high-calorie foods. 这将会导致自我控制力的下降,并且将会吃更多的不健康的高卡路里的食物。 The researchers said this could help explain the burgeoning global obesity epidemic. 研究者们说着也可以解释全球激增的肥胖问题。   That's the suggestion being made by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum in his book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! 以下是雅各·提特巴姆在他的新书,《打倒糖类》中给出的建议。 Dr Teitelbaum has identified four types of sugar addiction. He says they are triggered by different causes, from hormonal changes to infections. 他指出了四种不同种类的糖类上瘾,并表示说这是由不同种分类的原因引起的。 According to the type that best describes you, he suggests a specific action plan to tackle the problem. 根据他列出的四种类型,他给出了完美的解决方案。 Here are the four types — so which one is most like you? 以下便是这几种类型,那么你是哪种呢? THYROID FAILURE 甲状腺型 DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? You work more than 40 hours a week and feel tired much of the time. A coffee every morning is vital to get you going and you crave sweets or caffeine through the day (you'll also have a non-diet fizzy drink most days). 这种像你吗?你每周工作超过40个小时,时常感觉飞行航类。对你来说,每天早上一杯咖啡是必需的,为了保持精力,你每天吃大量的糖果和含有咖啡因类的物质,同时你还经常没节制的喝汽水。 You are plagued with aches and pains and have frequent headaches. You're also gaining weight and have trouble losing it. 你偶尔会被头疼折磨,有可能体重还会增上,市场担心减肥的问题。 THE PROBLEM: Because you're super busy, with little time for proper meals, you rely on fast food, sugary drinks and snacks to provide a boost. 问题所在:因为你太忙了,没有时间好好吃饭,所以就依靠快餐,甜得饮料还有零食让自己充满动力。 THE SOLUTION: Caffeine can aggravate sugar addiction (when you come down from an energy ‘high’, you often reach for sugar). 解决方案:咖啡因会使糖类上瘾症更加严重,当你精神不够充沛的时候,你就会想吃糖。 Withdraw gradually by halving coffee consumption each week, until you are on one cup a day, then switch to tea and finally caffeine-free tea. 慢慢减半咖啡的量直到每天只喝一杯,然后慢慢转化成为每天喝不含咖啡因的茶。 Drink more water to help flush your system. Ban processed food and white flour, and switch to diet drinks and whole foods such as brown b, rice, pasta and flour, which take longer for the body to process, keeping blood sugar levels stable and keeping you off the sugar roller coaster. 每天都喝水,拒绝加工食品和精面粉,向规律饮食过度,例如多吃全面面包,意大利面,这样会使身体消化的过程加长,是血压保持稳定。 Getting more sleep optimises energy levels, reduces appetite and slashes sugar cravings. When you are tired, you are more likely to crave sugar to generate energy artificially. 足够的睡眠会让你精力更充沛,减少对零食和糖类物质的渴望。当你累的时候,也许你就希望靠吃糖来保持精力充沛。 /201110/156388

  I don#39;t like to judge or talk poorly about people and I sincerely believe that EVERY single person possesses at least 3 wonderful qualities.我不喜欢评价别人或者说别人的坏话,我由衷地相信,每个人都至少具有3条极佳的品质。In fact, it is a game I sometimes play when I get really frustrated with someone. While I am huffing and puffing, I try to find 3 positive qualities about the person, who has pushed my buttons. Not always an easy task, but 3 good qualities is a realistic number.实际上,这是当我确认因某人而抓狂时有时会做的一个游戏。当我要大发雷霆时,我努力去寻找惹我生气的这个人的3条积极的品质。这并不总是一件容易的事,但是3条好品质的确是现实存在的。So where were we… Oh, yes – people that make our life harder. Not because they are bad people, but because they do certain things that may demotivate us, hurt our feelings or rub our ego the wrong way. Ultimately, it is not their problem but ours.好吧,我们说到哪里了……哦,对,生活中令我们抓狂的人。这不是因为他们是坏人,而是因为他们做的某些事可能会让我们失去动力、伤害我们的感情或者磨灭了我们的自我意识。归根结底,这不是他们的问题,而是我们自己的问题。So here is what we can do to avoid unnecessary conflicts, stress and hard feelings.因此,做到以下几点可以让我们避免不必要的冲突、压力和怨气。1.Teachers that suggest that we might not be talented enough to do something1.暗示我们没天分做不好某事的老师Years ago psychologists did a classroom experiment. A group of children were randomly divided into two classes. The teachers were told that the students in first class were high achievers that should do well. The second class was labeled as ;underachievers; who needed special help.几年前心理学家做了一个课堂实验。一群孩子被随机分成两个班。老师们被告知:第一个班里的学生是优等生,会表现很好。第二个班的学生则被打上标签:需要特殊帮助的;差等生;。At the beginning of the year there was no difference between the two groups of children in terms of ability. However, by the end of the school year the class that was labeled ‘high-achievers#39; did better than average work, while the class of so-called ;underachievers; not only scored poorly, but they were less liked by their teacher.在学年初,两个班的孩子在能力方面并没有表现出什么不同。然而,到了学年末,被认为是;优等生;的班级成绩要出色得多,然而所谓的;差等生;的班级不仅考试分数很低,也不怎么受老师喜欢。It turned out that people unconsciously create situations that encourage expected behavior. If our expectations of a person are negative, we actually encourage them to behave negatively.结果表明,人们无意中创造了一些激励预期行为的环境。如果我们对一个人的期望是消极的,我们真的会导致他们去做一些消极的事情。What to do about it:如何应对:If you want to change someone else#39;s behavior, change your expectations about this person. Expect better from people, treat them accordingly and sooner or later they will begin to act that way.如果你想改变别人的行为,那就改变你对此人的期望。对人们期望得更好,并相应地去对待他们,迟早他们会开始如你所愿去做的。2.Bosses that ask ;Would you do me a favor?; 5 minutes before you have to leave the office2.在离下班5分钟时问你;能否帮个忙;的上司It is easy to suspect that these people are actually making our life harder on purpose. But for the sake of your own peace of mind, it is better not to let these thoughts get you all worked up.我们很容易就怀疑,这些人实际上在故意地为难你。但是为了你自己内心的安宁,最好不要让这些想法把你激怒。What to do about it:如何应对:Well, there is always a polite way to say ;no; and offer a constructive solution. However, if you feel that the project is urgent, take the initiative to help your team or your company out. It#39;s give and take.好吧,总有一种礼貌的方式来说;不;,然后提出一个有建设性的解决方法。然而,如果你感到这个项目比较紧急,那么就积极主动地帮助你的团队或者公司。互相迁就一下。Today you will stay after work to finish the project and next time your boss may be equally understanding if you have to leave work early.今天你在下班后留下来完成项目。下一次,如果你不得不提前下班,你的老板或许也会同样理解你并做出让步。3.Mean old ladies3.刻薄的老太太There is always a reason why an old lady gives you a stern look – you are being too loud, you are dressed inappropriately, you are not crossing the street in the right place. Sometimes it can be endearing, but if you are aly having a bad day, a mean old lady can drive you to the edge of frustration.老太太严厉地看着你,必定会有一个原因:你说话声音太大了,你的穿着不得体,你没有在正确的地方过马路。有时这也挺讨人喜欢的,但是如果你心情已经很糟糕了,那么一个刻薄的老太太会把你逼到崩溃的边缘。What to do about it:如何应对:I#39;ve come to realize that when people initiate conflicts, it is actually an expression of their inner state expressed externally. You, your personality, your looks or your actions have nothing to do with it. It is not personal, so why take it personally?我渐渐意识到,每当人们激起矛盾,这实际上是一种将内在状态外化的表现。你、你的个性、你的外貌还有你的行为与此无关。这并不是关乎某个人的事情,所以为什么认为这是针对你的呢? /201208/193265

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