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金牛座:ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Bulls love clutter. Being surrounded by all their possessions gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion, and chaos. Storage systems that keep their stuff on display will prevent this sign from strewing their stuff all over the house. Stacking baskets, glass jars, and open shelving can promote organization.金牛:牛儿偏爱混乱。虽然身边堆满的东西能给你充实和安全的感觉,但它也会显得杂乱无章。制订一套有规律的贮藏方法可以帮助你纠正这个坏习惯。屋子里多放些整理柜、玻璃缸和书架都是不错的办法哦。双子座:GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)While bountifully blessed with the gift of gab, Gemini are notoriously bad listeners. A good way to become more attentive is to practice staying silent.Eventually, however, even the biggest blabbermouth will learn how to button their lips and open their ears.双子:多嘴多舌的双子座是最差的听众。要想引起更多的关注还是应该适时地保持沉默。总体来说,你这个最有名的长舌人应该学会在什么时候闭嘴什么时候竖起耳朵。巨蟹座:CANCER (June 22 - July 22)If you've ever wondered how Cancers stay so sweet, take a look at their sugar intake. This sign loves cookies, candy, and ice cream. An occasional indulgence is fine, but too much dessert can take a toll on waist lines and energy levels. What Crabs are really seeking is oral gratification. Sugar-free gum or dried fruit provides a healthy distraction from candy crunching.巨蟹:要是你对蟹子为什么能一直如此甜美感到疑惑的话,看看他们的饮食习惯就知道了。巨蟹座的人非常钟爱饼干、糖果和冰淇淋。偶尔放纵一下当然没关系,不过摄入过量的甜点很容易让蟹子的腰围变粗哦。蟹子真正需要的是口头的赞美。无糖口香糖和干果可以让蟹子远离含糖食物。狮子座:LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)The guy who's sitting next to you in the elegant restaurant, shouting to his personal assistant on his cell phone? Probably a Leo. It's only natural that a sign that is blessed with creativity, charm and wit feels tempted to show off. Actually, this desire to brag is rooted in insecurity. The sooner Lions learn to compliment others, the quicker they'll receive the praise they crave.狮子:坐在你旁边,在一个极其高雅的餐厅就餐的人为什么会在电话里对他的助手大喊大叫呢?这家伙八成就是狮子座的。这个星座的人有着非凡的创造力、聪明且极具吸引力,当然他们往往也爱炫耀。实际上,这种坏毛的根源在于没有安全感。狮子座的人若能越快学会称赞他人,他们也就越快地得到别人发自内心的赞美。处女座:VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)These nit-pickers sometimes compromise their own pleasure for the sake of perfection. Deep down inside, these folks are really sensualists at heart. They need to learn that it is better to feel good than to look good. Allocating a few minutes each day for fun but messy activities like baking, painting, or sculpting can cure Virgos of their fear of filth.处女:挑剔的处女座有时为了寻求完美会牺牲自己的快乐。他们是真正感性的人。他们必须要明白的是感觉上好的东西比看上去好的东西真实。每天当然应当安排些时间,但干些像烤东西、刷墙壁之类的杂活对治愈你的洁癖也是大有好处的哦。 天秤座:LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)Libras gave birth to the term "shopaholic". These folks have every credit card known to man. And while their taste is undeniably impeccable, it can get them in trouble at bankruptcy court. What's really at stake here is a quest for beauty. Enjoying simple but inexpensive pleasures like nature walks and museums can quell the urge to splurge.天秤:秤子是天生的购物狂。尽管你们的品味无可挑剔,不过大肆血拼只会让你们面临破产的危险。追求美无可厚非,不过也要注意分寸哦。其实简单的散步和不会花费太多的参观物馆带来的愉悦就是治愈你这种坏毛病的良方。天蝎座:SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)Nobody carries a grudge better than this sign. Unfortunately, hanging on to resentments has a way of crowding out love, happiness, and trust. In order for Scorpios to let go of anger, they must first practice self-care. Getting a massage every month or writing in a journal each day will soften this sign's heart and enable forgiveness.天蝎:没有哪个星座比蝎子更容易产生怨恨情绪了。一旦你抓住这种情绪不放,将很难获得爱情、幸福和信任。天蝎座如果想远离怨恨,必须学会自我调理。每个月做一次或每天记录一下心情都有助于你打开心结,学会忍让和宽容。射手座:SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)Archers have a bad habit of telling the truth. And while these folks have the best intentions, that doesn't take the sting out of comments like, "Gee, those pants make you look fat!" The best way for Archers to cultivate tact is through prodigious study. Etiquette books will definitely help!射手:心直口快、实话实说是射手座最大的毛病。虽然你们的本意是好的,然而方式很难让人接受。比如,“穿上这条裤子让你看上去真肥!“类似这样的话经常出自你口。改掉这个毛病的最好办法就是要为不断地学习。社交礼仪方面的书籍应该是最有效的。羯座:CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)This sign is the original workaholic. Many Capricorns fear that poverty will set in the moment they stop toiling. Keeping a gratitude journal can break this terrible habit. The more Capricorn becomes aware of their non-material blessings, the healthier their behavior will become. No more cutting vacations short for the sake of work!羯:羯座是天生的工作狂。很多羯人害怕一旦停止工作就会遭遇贫困。实际上,你应该保持一颗感恩的心,这样才能改掉这个可怕的习惯。你越多地体验到非物质生活带来的财富,就越能更健康地生活。千万别为了工作取消原定的度假。水瓶座:AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)Water-bearers get into the habit of creating completely self-sufficient lives. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for them to achieve intimacy. Basically, Aquarians are afraid that relationships will compromise their independence. Fortunately, these folks love to experiment. By treating intimacy as an exercise, this sign can relinquish control for the sake of loving relationships.水瓶:瓶子一直都对自己的感情生活过于自信。不幸的是,你们很难达到真正的亲密无间。基本上,水瓶座的人担心太过亲密的关系会让自己失去独立性。幸运的是,你们喜欢尝试。经过多次尝次,你们最终会为了爱情摒弃自己的坏习惯。双鱼座:PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)As a water sign, it's only natural that Pisces finds comfort in liquids. When those liquids have a high alcohol content, problems can ensue. Naturally, a twelve-step program can be of enormous benefit here. Meditation and yoga can help, too, as they allow Pisces to achieve a healthy sense of nirvana. That's all these Fish are really seeking.双鱼:既然是水相星座,鱼儿的生活自然是和水分不开了。酗酒成性的双鱼座就容易出问题了。要想戒掉这个坏习惯,多练习瑜珈和保持平静的心态是非常有效的方法,因为他们让鱼儿可以在一个梦幻的天堂中自由遨游。那不正是鱼儿憧憬的吗?白羊座:TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Rams have a habit of pushing to the front of the line, both literally and figuratively. And while this quality has helped Aries get ahead, it can also compromise their relationships. Putting an animal, child or plant in their care can correct the problem. As soon as this sign's nurturing qualities are cultivated, their selfishness will diminish.白羊:羊儿做什么事都急于求成。虽然它有助于白羊座获得成功,但也容易影响与他人的关系。多与动物、孩子和植物为伴不失为改掉这一坏毛病的好办法。一旦你变得更有爱心,自私自利的坏毛病就可以彻底消除了。 /201110/157207

After years of marriage, mind numbing 9-5s, and the same boring food, fun, and sex, even the best marriage can become stale. By designing our lives from a place of endless possibilities we can literally blow the socks off our relationships and create a world of fun.When boringness is so prevalent that you hit the snooze button 4 times before dragging yourself out of bed, you know you aren't living the life you love. You cultivate a new love for love and for the sweetheart in your life, and here's how...7 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Marriage1. Public Display of Team Effort. When the two of you are in front of other people, make it a rule to not contradict each other. Even when you know your partner is dead wrong, you can still reserve the option to take them aside and discuss the subject with them or wait until later. In this way you are avoiding causing embarrassment to them or undermining them.2. Cheerleading . Whenever you talk to people about your spouse make sure you tell them every little thing that you adore and admire about your spouse. When that person talks to your spouse in the future they will be sure to mention all the amazing things you have said and about how much love you have for them.3. Date Your Wife. Instead of falling back into the same week-to-week rut, go out on a fun, spontaneous, and easy-going date. No picking fights, no arguing, just taking pleasure in what you have and loving each other. Be young and sexy again!4 .Create Bucket Lists. A bucket list is a goal setting tool used strictly for fun activities. That's basically what you do, create a future of fun, dining, entertainment, adventure and exploration together on paper. This future will determine who you are being in the present, as well as the anticipation and teamwork that will be produced as you work towards achieving this together.5. Give It To Them. Find out what your partner likes, such as you bringing them dinner while they watch the game (for him), or pouring a glass of wine and just listening attentively (for her) [you get the point], and just being fully giving. It is within your giving that your own love grows for that person. You can't make them love you more, but you can both make yourselves love each other more.6. Don't Make Them Wrong. This is probably the hardest one of all. It means a total acceptance of both who they are and the decisions they make. What makes this hard is when your spouse is doing something that is killing themselves, like smoking for example, and you have to completely allow them to decide on their own and let them be.7. Share The Landmark Forum. When Marina and I did the landmark forum together, it brought our extraordinary relationship to new heights that I didn’t expect. At the point I couldn’t even imagine getting any closer to her, despite the fact that we were getting closer each day. As an example, if our relationship was at a 15 out of 10 aly, it hit 30 over the course of a weekend. I would say that we got our money’s worth. 结婚数年后,人会对朝九晚五的生活,令人乏味的食物、消遣和作爱方式而变得麻木,就是再美满的婚姻也会变得陈旧。但通过精心设计蕴藏无穷可能的生活环境,我们能够切实的驱除婚姻关系中的阴霾,创立欢乐的园居。当困乏泛滥到你要与瞌睡挣扎四次才能强迫自己离开床时,你就知道你并不中意所爱的生活。你需为你所爱的生活、所爱的人育新的爱。如下是几点建议:为婚姻注入活力的7点建议1、公众前要有团队精神。你俩需约定,当有外人在场时要避免发生冲突。甚至当你知道对方是完全错误时,你要将之先搁置,直至剩下你二人时才重提。这样,你才能避免为对方制造尴尬或破坏其声誉。2、成为鼓舞人心的整体。无论何时与外人谈论配偶时,你务必要提及每件配偶做得令你赞许和钦佩的小事。这样他人再次谈论你的配偶时他们就会提起每个配偶的优点以及你对之的爱慕。3、与妻子约会。没必要落入每周必定约会的窠臼,自发随性的约会开心得多。因为少了为如何抉择的争执,你们会去享受那一刻,去爱彼此。4、建立活动清单。活动清单是为获得乐趣的活动而设定目标的工具。它实际上就是在纸上记录下你们为创造快乐而完成做的事,比如吃饭,观看活动,旅行和探险。这些活动将决定你现在的状态,并且,在共同体验中,你们将会变得出人意料的和谐。5、把它给他/她。了解对方的喜好并行事。譬如他正在观看游戏,你可以把饭送到他跟前;她喜欢倾诉,你就可以斟一杯酒然后把自己的耳朵交给她;或是赠送礼物给对方。就在给予中你对对方的爱会悄无声息的增长。虽然你可能无法让对方也更爱你,但至少能让自己更爱对方同时也更爱自己。6、“纵容”对方。这可能是最棘手的一条。这意味着你要完全接纳对方及对方的决定。之所以棘手是因为你的配偶有可能在做的是摧残健康的事,比如吸烟,但你还是不得不完全尊重他的决定,听之任之。7、分享观点和思想。思想的交流让我和Marina的关系达到我无法预料的新高度。每次交流都让我无法想象能否还能与她更近,事实明了我们越来越亲近。打个比方,和妻子的关系融洽让我感觉10元购买力似乎有15元之多,而到了周末就能高达30元--我们倍赚了。 /200808/45961

Find a lover.第一、男人要自己满意。

According to Daily Mail Sept. 24, some 354 top manicurists from 24 countries gather in London to battle it out for medals in Nailympics 2010, the 6th "Olympic Games of fake nails". Exotic fingernails first came to most people's attention in the 1980s via the world-record breaking sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner.据英国《每日邮报》9月24日报道,英国伦敦近日举办第6届“美甲甲林匹克”,吸引全球24个国家和地区约354名美甲高手。据悉,上世纪80年代打破女子短跑世界纪录的“花蝴蝶”弗洛伦斯-格丽菲斯-乔伊纳双手蓄甲,上面涂有美国国旗图案,色缤纷的美甲艺术才第一次走进人们的视野。 /201009/114568

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