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襄阳人工流产医院哪家好湖北襄阳治疗膀胱炎多少钱LAST month a local official in Aichiprefecture set out a daring proposal. Tomonaga Osada suggested that theauthorities could distribute secretly punctured condoms to young marriedcouples, who would then get to work boosting the birth rate. His unorthodoxploy won few supporters, yet it reflects a gathering concern about Japan’sdemographic plight. Last year just over 1m babies were born, far fewer than thenumber needed to maintain the population, which is expected to drop from 127m toaround 87m by 2060. Why are young Japanese so loth to procreate?上个月,日本爱知县当地官员提出了一项大胆的提议。Tomonaga Osada提议有关当局秘密向已婚的年轻夫妇发放被刺破的避套,以此让他们提高生育率。这个异端的计策并未获得持,但这却反映了日益让人感到担忧的日本人口困境,去年,日本只迎来了100万新生儿,这些数量远低于维持人口所需的数量。据预期,截至2060年,日本人口将从1.27亿落到8700万左右。那么,为何日本的年轻人不愿意生育子女呢?The spiral of demographic decline isspinning faster as the number of women of child-bearing age falls. In May areport predicted that 500 or more towns across the country will disappear byaround 2040 as young women migrate to bigger cities. The workforce is alyshrinking, imperiling future growth. In recent years governments have embarkedon a plethora of schemes to encourage childbearing, including a “women’shandbook” to educate young females on the high and lowpoints of their fertility, and state-sponsored matchmaking events.随着育龄妇女人数的减少,人口呈螺旋式下降的速度越来越快。5月份发布的一份报道预示,随着年轻女性移居大城市,截止2040年左右,日本国内将有500个甚至更多的城镇消失。日本的奥洞里已经在萎缩,这将危及将来的发展。近年来,政府已经实施了大量鼓励生育的方案,其中包括发放“妇女指南”对妇女的生育能力高低峰进行指导,还有国家赞助的相亲活动。The chief reason for the dearth ofbirths is the decline of marriage. Fewer people are opting to wed, andthey are doing so later in life. At least a third of young women aim to becomefull-time housewives, yet they struggle to find men who can support atraditional family. In better economic times potential suitors had permanentjobs as part of the “lifetime employment” system. Now many hold down temporaryor part-time work. Other women shun marriage and children because Japan’sold-fashioned corporate culture, together with a dire shortage of childcare,would force them to give up their careers. Finally, young people are bound bystrict social codes. Only around 2% of babies are born outside marriage(compared with 30-50% in most of the rich world), which means that as weddingsplummet, so do births. Even for those who do start families, the rising cost ofchild-rearing often imposes a de facto one-child policy.低生育率的主要原因是结婚率的降低。越来越少的人选择步入婚姻殿堂,他们选择在晚年结婚。至少有三分之一年轻女性的目标是成为全职家庭主妇,然而他们很难找到可以撑起这种传统家庭模式的男人。在经济情况比较好的时候,她们潜在的求婚者拥有着“终身就业”体制内的稳定工作,但现在,很多人只有临时或兼职工作。日本老式的企业文化以及严重缺乏儿童保育迫使妇女不得不放弃职业也是另一些妇女避开婚姻和生育的原因。最后就是,年轻人受到严格社会规范的制约,只有2%的婴儿出生率发生在婚外(相比之下,大多发达国家达到了30-50%)。这意味着,结婚率下跌,出生率也跟着下跌。即使对于那些有孩子的人来说,养育孩子成本的增加使得他们往往只能落实一胎政策。So far the government of Shinzo Abe hastalked about such steps, but shied away from taking them. Instead Mr Abe isacting to help women combine careers with children. Many demographers reckon itis aly too late to lift Japan’s birth rate, now at 1.43children per woman. The eventual answer, they say, will be more shocking eventhan spiked prophylactics: mass immigration.目前,安倍政府已经提到了这些措施,但却在回避落实。相反,安倍先生正采取行动帮助女性兼顾职业和孩子。很多人口学家认为,提高日本的生育率为时已晚,现在日本女性人均生育率为1.43。他们说,最终的解决方法将比发放被刺的避套更令人感到震惊:大批移民入境。 /201408/318564襄樊治疗大便出血多少钱 Like most women, my hair-washing ritual has always been hugely important to me. For as many years as I can remember, I have shampooed twice, then massaged conditioner from roots through to tips and waited two minutes before rinsing.像大部分女人一样,洗头发对我来说很重要。自有记忆的多年以来,我都是先抹两遍洗发水,然后把头发从上到下涂好护发素,等2分钟之后冲洗干净。A few woefully short, bouncy, glossy hours would follow before my hair would revert back to its default setting of lank and limp[. Now, it seems, that limpness was all my own fault.但令人悲伤的是,洗完头发后好看的发型只持续短短的几小时,然后头发就又变得又薄又茸、油腻腻地贴在头皮上很难看。现在看来,似乎是我洗头发的顺序错了。Reversing the order in which you wash your hair is meant to give you all the detangling and glossing benefits of conditioner - along with extra volume - but without any residual side-effects.调换一下涂洗发水和护发素的顺序,你不仅能让秀发柔顺飘逸,还能避免护发素残余造成的副作用。The method itself is simple: wet your hair then work in your favourite conditioner, concentrating almost solely on the ends of the hair, with just a tiny bit at the roots. Leave the conditioner in for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Only now should you shampoo, rinse, and repeat, making sure you don’t use more product than you need.方法本身很简单:把头发用清水淋湿,然后涂上你以往最喜欢的护发素,要注意把护发素主要涂在发梢、发根要少涂;然后让护发素在头发上停留5分钟,之后用清水把头发彻底冲洗一下;接下来才是涂洗发水、冲洗头发,并重复一遍,注意洗发水要适量不要放多。I towel-dried as gently as I could, worried that without the final smoothing of conditioner I#39;d be left with a mass of tangles which would explode into a haze of split ends the moment I tried to take a brush to it.我轻轻地用毛巾擦干头发,有点担心梳头的时候头发会不会打结。To my immense relief, however, my wide-toothed comb went through my hair as easily as it normally does - with not a tangle in sight.然而,当我用宽齿梳子梳头发的时候,头发像往常一样柔顺,一点都不打结。我终于如释重负了。I blow-dried it as normal and immediately noticed a difference. My hair definitely looked shinier than normal.我像以往一样吹干头发,马上就注意到了与以往不一样的地方:我的头发比平时要光泽得多嘛!Two days later I repeated the process - and the difference was just as pronounced. My hair was definitely looking thicker - as though I#39;d used a volumising mousse, but without the dulling effect that many styling products leave behind.两天后我重复了这个试验,效果就像照片里一样:我的头发看上去厚多了,就像用过增发剂一样,但却毫无增发剂的那种副作用!By the end of the seven-day challenge, I could see a marked difference in my hair. Not only did it leave hair shinier, it helped combat frizz caused when particles of dirt stick to the residual product. Best of all, it felt softer yet thicker. Not a sticking-out ear in sight.在7天测试结束的时候,我看到了自己头发和以前相比的显著差异。先用护发素再用洗发水,不仅让头发更光泽,还避免了护发素残余导致头发小卷曲;最好的一点是头发摸上去更柔软、看上去更蓬松,甚至把耳朵都遮住了呢。 /201404/288114The 31 year old redhead launched her line of ;casual clothes; at a show in the Turkish resort of Antalya.俄罗斯一名31岁的红发前女间谍在土耳其度假胜地安塔利亚开办了自己的首场个人休闲时装秀。Moscow#39;s most glamorous secret agent hired talented young designers from Russian fashion colleges, said a spokesman for her main employer.据该女间谍雇主的发言人说,这位莫斯科最美艳的特工聘请了来自俄罗斯时装设计学院的年轻设计师。She wanted to produce clothes ;you could wear anywhere, from a big city to a backwater village;, it was reported.据报道,她想制作出“在任何场合,不论是大城市还是偏远村庄都可以穿的装”。;Reporters and fashion magazines#39; buyers from all over the world will have a chance to see the first women#39;s clothing collection by Anna Chapman,; said the spokesman.发言人称,“全世界的记者和时尚杂志订购者都有机会看到安娜?查普曼设计的首个女装系列。”Her fashion range includes women#39;s handbags resembling books by famous radically-minded Russian writers, it is understood.据了解,她的时装系列包括外形像俄罗斯著名激进作家著作的女包。One is a mock-up of the book #39;Who is to Blame?#39; by Alexander Herzen, a 19th century writer and thinker known as the father of Russian socialism.其中一本“名著”女包的原型是19世纪作家、思想家、俄罗斯社会主义之父亚历山大?赫尔真写的书《该怪谁?》。The brand will be called Anna Chapman - the surname she took when she wed British former public schoolboy Alex Chapman who she met on a trip to London.这一时装品牌将被命名为安娜?查普曼,这是她嫁给毕业于英国公立学校的英国人亚历克斯?查普曼后用的名字。她是在去伦敦的旅途中遇到亚历克斯的。The daughter of an alleged KGB officer, the flame haired agent was busted by New York police in 2010 on accusations of being part of a network of sleeper agents.这位红发特工是一名前苏联国家安全委员会官员的女儿,她2010年曾经被纽约警方指控做过潜伏特工。She was deported in a Cold War-style spy swap along with nine others, and was then greeted by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin who took part in a patriotic sing-song with her.她在一次冷战间谍互换协议中和其他9名间谍被遣送回国,并送到普京总统的欢迎,普京还和她一起唱爱国歌曲。Since her return to Russia, Chapman has dabbled in politics, taken part in risque photoshoots for men#39;s magazines, and hosts a TV show about the mysteries of the world.自从她回到俄罗斯后,查普曼涉足过政界,给男性杂志拍过淫猥的照片,还主持过一个探秘世界的电视节目。Her interest in a clothes brand ;all began three years and three months ago when Anna returned to Motherland after jail in a prison shirt,; said a statement.据称,她对装品牌的兴趣“始于三年零三个月前,在安娜穿过囚回到祖国之后”。;She disliked these alien clothes and Anna went on to search for a Russian dress that would please her soul. She kept looking for it but did not find.;“她不喜欢这些外国的装,于是安娜开始寻找一种能让自己的灵魂满足的俄罗斯装。她一直在寻找却没有找到。”She was previously reported to be interested in designing new uniforms for Russian cosmonauts, though the project failed to materialise.据报道她之前还有意为俄罗斯宇航员设计新制,不过这一计划没能实现。 /201401/273320老河口市治疗肛瘘肛裂哪家医院最好的

襄樊市治疗便秘多少钱In most communities around the world, goddesses are symbolic of a spiritual world. But in Nepal, these sacred females live and breathe.在世界上大部分的国家和地区,女神是精神世界的象征,但在尼泊尔,这些神圣的女性在世间生活着呼吸着。Handpicked from birth, these pre-pubescent girls are known as Kumaris, which means virgin in Nepalese, and are believed to be incarnations of the Hindu Goddess of Power, Kali.这些被称为“库玛利斯”(尼泊尔语处女)的女孩是自出生时就被精心挑选出来的。直到进入青春期前,她们都被视为印度女神时母的化身。They are forced to leave their homes and are hidden away in temples as a living deity, only able to leave when they are required at festivals and processions as the subject of worship.她们被认为是在人间的神祗,必须隐居在神庙里,只有出席节庆或宗教活动时才被允许离开。回家更是不可能的事情。These Kumaris are even considered too special to walk, instead being carried in chariots, thrones and other people#39;s arms - sometimes meaning they do not learn to walk until they retire.人们认为这些女孩太特殊,她们无须步行,一般坐马车、宝座或肩舆出行。也就是说,有时她们在退休之前都不会学习走路。And the girls are banned from going to school or taking part in day-to-day society, only appearing outside their temples up to 13 times a year.她们不能上学,也不能过普通人的日常生活。一年最多只能离开神庙13次。But once they reach puberty, everything changes for these Kumaris. After menstruation starts, the girls are put through a 12-day #39;Gufa#39; ritual, after which their life as a Kumari ends - and they return to an ordinary life that they have never known.一旦到了青春期,一切都将变得不同。初潮开始后,她们会参加一个为期12天被称为“古法”的仪式。“库玛利斯”生涯就此结束,她们将回到此前从未经历过的正常人的生活中去。 /201406/305611襄阳治疗膀胱炎要多少钱 1. I#39;ve heard so much about you.久仰!2. You#39;ve had a long day./ You#39;ve had a long flight.辛苦了!3. Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends尊敬的朋友们!4. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京。5. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢您的大力协助。6. How are you making out in Beijing?在北京过得怎么样?7. I#39;ll surely remember you and your invitation to him.我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请。8. American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.欢迎美商来北京投资。9. Your valuable advice is most welcome.欢迎多提宝贵意见。10. It#39;s a rewarding trip!不虚此行! /201311/266186襄阳四医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱

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