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2019年05月20日 00:36:05 | 作者:飞度管家养生在线 | 来源:新华社
Speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Iraq’s foreign minister says his country is headed in the right direction.伊拉克外交部长霍希亚尔.兹巴里在纽约向外交关系委员会成员演讲时表示,伊拉克在向正确方向发展。Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari spoke without notes to members of the private group. He described his country in upbeat terms, saying that although corruption and mismanagement remain endemic, the country is on the “right path” toward a stable democracy.伊拉克外交部长兹巴里在纽约向民间组织外交关系委员会成员发表演讲时没有使用讲稿。他用乐观语气来形容伊拉克。他说,尽管伊拉克仍然充斥着腐败和管理不善,但是伊拉克以正确的步伐 ,迈向一个稳定的民主国家。“Iraqi leaders came together, through our own initiative, to form a broad national unity government. Still it’s not complete, but it’s established: Iraq has its structure. It has its constitution. It has its way of resolving its own difficulties or internal problems," he said. "There may be delays. It’s not easy. It’s not tidy but really, when we compare ourselves to our neighborhood, we are in a stronger position.”兹巴里说:“经由我们自己的倡议,伊拉克领导人团结一致, 组成了一个基础广泛的全国团结政府。这个政府还不完整,但是已经建立。伊拉克有自己的结构,自己的宪法,用自己的方式来解决自身的困境或内部问题。这当中可能出现拖延,而且困难重重不够严谨,但是,跟邻近地区相比,我们更为强大。”Zebari says that, although U.S. forces are to leave Iraq at the end of the year, he believes there is a continuing need for U.S. military training. He cites recent incursions by Iran and Turkey into Iraq’s territory, including air strikes by Turkey, in attacks against Kurdish militants. He says he is concerned that the Iran-Turkey actions may indicate an attempt to assert more power in the region once American troops withdraw.伊拉克外长兹巴里说,尽管美国部队在年底时撤离伊拉克,伊拉克继续需要美国提供军事训练。他指出,最近伊朗和土耳其为了打击库尔德激进分子而进入伊拉克领土,土耳其还使用空袭。兹巴里说,伊朗和土耳其的行动可能意味着,这两个国家试图在美国部队撤离之后在这个地区显示更大的势力。对此他感到关注。“That is another reason that the Iraqi government needs this continued support at least to be able to deter this regional intervention,” he noted.兹巴里说:“伊拉克政府需要美国继续持的另外一个理由是,至少让伊拉克有能力遏制区域性的干涉。”Some observers contend that Iraq will be in danger of falling apart once American troops leave. Zebari says he disagrees, saying that Iraqis are committed to resisting sectarian conflict.一些观察人士认为,一旦美军撤离,伊拉克就有崩溃的危险。兹巴里说,他不同意这种看法。他认为,伊拉克人致力于抵抗宗派冲突。He adds that he believes that Iraq’s example that led to the popular democratic uprisings in the Arab world - and helped end what he called a “taboo” against asking for international help.Look at Libya, for instance. They have publicly, openly welcomed the NATO American support to save lives. In fact, not only has there been air attacks on Tripoli and other places, I can tell you there has been special forces, European forces, fighting on the ground to defeat Gadhafi,” he stated.兹巴里说:“比如在利比亚,他们公开欢迎北约和美国人的协助来挽救利比亚人的生命。事实上,北约不仅对的黎波里和其他地方进行空袭,我还可以告诉你,特别部队,欧洲部队一直在地面作战,以击败卡扎菲。”Zebari says he thinks the democracy movement will inevitably succeed in Syria, too, although he says the repressive government of Bashar al-Assad remains very strong.201109/154984Year in review: President Bush The AP looks back on the challenges president Bush faced in his last year in office George W Bush hoped his last year as president will be remembered for scenes like these: troops hoist to come home in triumph from Iraq where bloodshed is dramatically down. You have shown that there is no task too difficult for the ed States military. But now Bush's final year will also be known for unprecedented financial panic. The massive Federal rescue that has stanched free market tear was then forced to order and the historic economic downturn that engulf the country. If you don't take decisive measures, then it's conceivable that our country keep going into a depression, greater than the greater depression. And if that weren't enough, though the Iraq war is going better, many Iraqis still smolder as Bush found out during a year and a news conference there. At meantime, Afghanistan is dramatically worse, US intelligence says the war there is spiraling downward, and commanders are scrambling to send in more troops. Against that background, Bush's poll number sank to record loans,so low that GOP candidates shunned him during the campaign, but still took a feeting on the Election Night, that means Bush will soon hand the keys to the oval office to the other Party. Yet looking back, he tells reporters he's got no regrets. When the time comes on January the 20th, Laura and I will return home to Texas, we treasure the memories of our time here. Still, Bush makes no secret, he's counting the days. Mark Smith, the Associated Press, the White House.01/61005Chinese invest in US homes A group of 40 Chinese investors is looking to place money in the US housing market, CNN's Emily Chang reports.At the Beijing Airport, 40 Chinese investors embark on a mission to open their wallets on the other side of the world and buy a house in the ed States.“The price's right,” says lawyer Yin Guohua. For him, it will be a home away from home, a place to stay on business and quite simply an opportunity to get a deal.“It sounds cheap,” says this business woman, “but I’ll have to see it with my own eyes.”Their journey will take them on a tour of bargain and foreclosure properties from L.A. to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston and New York. Yin says he’s been watching the US Housing market for two years. He’s willing to spend up to a million dollars and pay it all at once.“This could be a positive stimulus for the American economy,” he says. He’s a family man who aly owns 3 properties in Beijing. “Our son will have a place to stay when he goes to America for school some day,” his wife says.The house hunting trip is being run by a Chinese real estate brokerage, Soufun.com. The company says it received hundreds of applications for just 40 spots from Chinese eager to invest overseas, but it raised questions: Are the Chinese capitalizing on the misfortune of Americans in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and is this the start of a dangerous flow of capital out of China when China's own economy is slowing down?“It is still a very, very small fraction of the purchasing power here in China. So I don't think, you know, er, this, er, you know, small group of people, because of their personal interest or their, for whatever reason is going to affect the China's demand for properties.”Foreigners can buy property in the US under fairly simple guidelines, they may have to make a bigger down payment or pay more taxes. And investment experts say China's restrictions on transferring money out of the country are relatively easy to navigate.Yin has his eyes on a few homes in New York and L.A., but like any smart investor, he says he won't make a deal unless it's a good one.Emily Chang, CNN, Beijing.Vocabulary:1. embark on: begin or start (a piece of work, etc.)着手,从事2. bargain: something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price廉价货3. foreclosure: A situation in which a homeowner is unable to make principal and/or interest payments on his or her mortgage, so the lender, be it a bank or building society, can seize and sell the property as stipulated in the terms of the mortgage contract. 抵押品赎回权的丧失4. brokerage: a business, firm, or company whose business is to act as a broker经纪人(或中间人)业务5. Subprime Mortgage Crisis: an ongoing financial crisis characterized by contracted liquidity in global credit markets and banking systems.次贷危机6. purchasing power: The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy.购买力7. down payment: A type of payment made in cash during the onset of the purchase of an expensive good/service.首付08/82973

France bank fraud The man accused of defrauding French bank Societe Generale is now in police custody. CNN's Jim Bittermann reportsKerviel's lawyer said a couple of days ago that in fact he was not on the run and he was in France, and he would cooperate with police and in fact that's what's happened just in the last few hours here.He was brought in to the headquarters of the French Financial police, the Financial Brigade, they are the ones who have looked into business matters and he has been undergoing questioning there since although no one really saw him go. he came in a completely anonymous car with the windows blacked-out so it was impossible to see him in the back of the car. But in fact the authorities did confirm that he's in the headquarters of the Financial Brigade and is being questioned right now. Now that questioning could go on for up to 48 hours without any kind of charges being filed and it'll probably take all of that given the complexities of this case.The Financial police raided Kerviel's apartment the other night and took off computer material, but in an indication that they may be just as interested in what he did as what the bank did. They also have, pulled off a raid on the Societe Generale headquarter's building and have carried off computer tapes and computer data from that raid, so they are looking into this whole thing.The Finance minister, the French Finance Minister basically is directing this investigation, because she is under orders from the Prime Minister to come up with the facts in this case as quickly as possible. Here is what she had to say.I've been tasked by my Prime Minister to give him a report within 8 days and I want to focus on 3 things. One is what really happened and I want that chronology of events and recital of facts to be based on actual hard data. I am not going to satisfy myself with allegations, rumors, conspiracy and what have you. I want hard facts. Second is understand why controls did not work and three, make some recommendations preliminary, I suppose because you know 8 days is a short period of time. About recommendations as to how controls should be improved and what additional controls should be put in place if necessary.Many financial analysts have suggested that others could have been involved in the losses and up till now, we've only heard the bank's side of the story. Jim Bittermann,CNN Paris. 02/62901

The serious radiation leaks at Japan's damaged Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant have reawakened public fears about radiation sickness. But what if there were a drug that could not only protect people from dangerous levels of radiation exposure but also heal those actually exposed to damaging nuclear radiation?日本核泄漏事件重新唤起民众对辐射疾病的恐惧。如果有一种药物,不但能够保护人类免遭辐射伤害,还能治愈核辐射造成的损伤,那该多好?Researchers say they are developing such a drug - one that can both prevent and repair human cell damage from all types of radiation exposure.研究人员说,他们正在研发一种新药,可以防止受到辐射,并可以修复被任何辐射线损坏的人类细胞。Such a healing medication has the potential to lessen panic and fear generated by catastrophic reactor accidents. Plant workers trying to make repairs near a crippled reactor's radioactive core might be less fearful if they could take a pill to repair their own radiation-damaged cells.这种药物可能减轻核反应堆灾难性事故所引起的恐慌。在故障核反应堆附近进行修护的工人,如果能事先用可以修复他们遭辐射损害的细胞的药物,可能会少一些恐惧。Ramesh Kumar, the CEO of a U.S. drug research firm called Onconova, says his company has just such a wonder drug in the works.昂克诺瓦Onconova医药公司执行长雷米什·库玛尔说,他的公司正在进行有关Ex-Rad这种“神药”的研发工作。The company has been collaborating on the drug, called Ex-Rad, with scientists at a U.S. Defense Department research laboratory. Kumar says early animal trials have been promising. 昂克诺瓦公司和美国国防部的科学家合作研发这种药物。库玛尔说,早期动物试验的结果令人兴奋。“Ex-Rad is a drug which is effective in saving a cell damaged by radiation," he says, "and we have found that it can be given in advance of exposure to radiation up to a day ahead or it can be given up to a day after the exposure to radiation.”他说:“Ex-Rad能有效修复遭辐射损伤的细胞。它可以在接触辐射前一天用,或者在遭到辐射的次日用。”201103/129969

Clinton Takes Over at State Department, Vows to End Divisiveness克林顿就任国务卿促结束分裂不和 Former Senator and U.S. First Lady has officially taken up her duties as secretary of state. Clinton told assembled staff members she will depend on the advice of civil servants and work to end an era of divisiveness in Washington. 美国前参议员及前第一夫人希拉里.克林顿正式就任国务卿。克林顿对国务院全体人员说,她将依靠文职官员们的建议和意见,努力结束华盛顿的分裂不和的时代。Clinton, confirmed by the Senate and sworn into office late Wednesday, was greeted by hundreds of employees packing the main lobby of the State Department as she began her first day on the job. 克林顿的任命得到了参议院的确认,她已在星期三傍晚宣誓就任。当她第一天来上班的时候,她受到了聚集在国务院前厅的几百名雇员的欢迎。The new secretary of state said she will rely on the advice and expertise of the department's more than 20,000 foreign service and civil service employees as they jointly pursue the work of advancing U.S. national security, interests and values around the world. 新国务卿说,她将依靠国务院两万多外交和文职雇员的建议和专业技能,与他们齐心协力,努力在世界各地促进美国的国家安全、国家利益及价值观。Her remarks included no direct criticism of the previous Bush administration, but she also clearly suggested that President Barack Obama's team will be more welcoming of input from government workers, and less divisive. 她在讲话中没有直接批评前布什政府,但是她也明确表示,奥巴马总统的团队将更欢迎政府工作人员提供建议、并要减少分歧。"We want to send a clear and unequivocal message," she said. "This is a team and you are the members of that team. There is not anything that I can get done from the seventh floor, or the President can get done from the Oval Office, unless we make clear we are all on the American team. We are not, any longer, going to tolerate the kind of divisiveness that has paralyzed and undermined our ability to get things done for America."  她说:“我们希望发出明确而直率的信息。这是一个队伍,而你们是这个队伍的成员。总统和我都明确表明,我们是这个美国队伍中的成员,否则我在七楼办公室、总统在椭圆形办公室都将一事无成。我们再也不能容忍那种让我们陷于瘫痪、 使我们丧失为美国作贡献的能力的分裂与不和。”Clinton depicted American foreign policy as having three parts - defense, diplomacy and development - and said the State Department and the affiliated U.S. Agency for International Development are responsible for the latter two. 克林顿说,美国的外交方针有三部分,国防、外交和开发。她说,国务院及其下属机构美国国际开发署负责后两部分的工作。In Senate testimony before her confirmation, she said she would work to build up the U.S. diplomatic corps as part of an exercise of "smart power" by the ed States that leads with diplomacy, rather than the use of military force. 克林顿在得到确认前在参议院发表词时说,她会努力加强美国的外交团队,作为美国使用“智慧力量 ”的一部分,并以外交为主,而不是使用武力。U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the lone cabinet holdover from the Republican Bush administration, is also a prominent advocate of such an approach. 美国国防部长盖茨是共和党布什政府中唯一被留用的内阁成员,他也极力主张采用这样的方针。To underscore the emphasis on diplomacy, President Obama and key aides are to visit the State Department later for a closed-door policy meeting with Clinton - to be followed by a presidential pep talk to staff members. 奥巴马总统及其主要顾问为了强调外交的重要性星期四稍晚将到国务院与克林顿一起举行有关政策的闭门会议。然后,总统将向国务院工作人员发表讲话,鼓舞士气。01/61427

BANNED Pres. Bush InterviewThis is a I found of an Irish TV interview with President Bush. I later found out that this interview was not shown on American television because it was banned! Why you ask, take a look and see.Mr. President, I know your time is tight. Can I move you onto, em, to Europe? Are you satisfied that you are getting enough help in Iraq from European countries? You have come together, you are more friendly now. But they are not really stepping up to the plate with help, are they?Well I think, first of all, most of Europe supported the decision in Iraq. If, really, what you were talking about is France, isn't it? And ,and they didn’t agree with my decision; they did vote for the UN Security Council resolution that said disclose disarm or face serious consequences. We just had a difference of opinion about when you say something do you mean it? And, but, nevertheless, no doubt in my mind. President Chirac would like to see a free and democratic and whole Iraq emerge. And it’s the same in Afghanistan. They’ve been very helpful in Afghanistan. They are willing to forgive death in Iraq. But most European countries are very supportive, even very, you know, participating in the reconstruction of Iraq. And how do you see the handover going? The next few weeks are going to be crucial. Can democracy really flourish with the violence that’s going on? A hundred Iraqis dead today Mr. President. Yeah. I don’t like death either. I mean, you keep emphasizing the death and I don’t blame you. But all that goes to show as the nature of the enemy. These people are willing to kill innocent people. They are willing to slaughter innocent people to stop the advance of freedom and so the free world has to make a choice. Do we cower in the face of terror? Or do we lead in the face of terror? And I’m gonna lead in the face of terror. We will not let these terrorists dash the hopes and ambitions of the people of Iraq. There is some kind of attitude that says ‘oh gosh, the terrorists attack. Let’s let the Iraqis suffer more.’ We are not gonna let them suffer more. We are gonna work with them. And I’m most proud of this fellow, prime minister Alavi, he’s strong and he’s tough. He says to me, ‘Mr. President. Don’t leave our country. Help us secure our country so we can be free.’Indeed, Mr. President, just to get back to that. Can I just turn to the Middle East (Sure.) and you will, be discussing at the EU summit and the idea of bringing democracy to the broader Middle East. (Right.) Is that something that really should start though with the solving of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis?Well I think, first of all, you’ve got a democracy in Turkey. You’ve got a democracy emerging in Afghanistan. You’ve got a democracy in Pakistan. I ..But shouldn’t that be on the top of the list? ..Please, please, please remember, ok, it will be better if you let me finish my answers, and then, and then you can follow up if you don’t mind. And what I’m telling you is that democracy can emerge at the same time. That the democracy can emerge in the Palestinian states. I’m the first American president to have called for the establishment of a Palestinian state. The first one to do so. Because I believe that it’s in the Palestinian people’s interests. I believe it’s in the Israel’s interests. And yes, we are working but we can do more than,you know, one thing at a time. And we are working on the roadmap with the Quartet to advance the process down the road. Like Iraq, the Palestinian and the Israeli issue is gonna require good security measures. And if it more even handed this from America?And we are working on security measures, in America, I’m the first president to ever have called for a Palestinian state. That’s, to me, sounds like a reasonable balanced approach, and, but I will not allow terrorists to determine the fate, as best as I can, to determine the fate of people who wanna be free. Mr. President, thank you very much for talking to us.You are welcome.02/63082

Major European Interest Rate Cuts Fail to Rally World Markets美国四百多万人领取失业救济补助Continued economic weakness has led to another round of interest rate cuts in Europe, while the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits has reached a 26-year high.经济持续疲软引发欧洲新一轮利率削减,与此同时,美国申请失业救济的人数达到了26年的新高。For the third time in as many months, the European Central Bank has slashed interest rates - this time by three-quarters of a percent, the largest cut in the currency bloc's 10-year history. Central banks in Britain and Sweden cut interest rates even more aggressively. 欧洲中央在3个月里第三次降息,幅度为0.75个百分点,是欧元区成立10年来最大的降幅。英国和瑞典中央降息幅度更加大胆。ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet says Europe's anemic economic performance has greatly reduced any risk that lower interest rates will kindle inflation. 欧洲央行行长特里谢说,欧洲萧条的经济现状使得低利率引发通货膨胀的风险大为降低。"There is increased evidence that inflationary pressures are diminishing further," he said. "The decline in inflation rates is due mainly to the fall in commodity prices and the significant slowdown in economic activity largely related to the global effects of the financial turmoil." 特里谢说:“越来越多的据表明,通货膨胀的压力在进一步减小。通胀率降下来主要是由于农产品和矿产品价格下降以及经济活动的明显减少,主要是跟全球金融动荡的影响有关。”In the ed States, new claims for unemployment benefits moderated slightly last week, but still remain at levels indicative of a contracting labor market. Overall, more than four million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, the largest number since 1982. 在美国,上星期首次申请失业救济的人数稍微减少,但是仍然维持在能够显示就业市场在萎缩的水平。总体看,美国共有400多万人在领取失业补助,是1982年以来的历史新高。Massive job cuts are no longer limited to America's battered financial sector, according to Deutsche Bank's chief U.S. economist, Joseph Lavorgna. 德意志首席美国经济学家约瑟夫.拉沃格纳认为,大量裁员已经不再局限于美国陷入困境的金融业。"The U.S. economy and, to a larger extent, the global economy just completely shut down," he said. "And companies are freezing all of their hiring, and in many cases laying workers off because demand [for their products] has completely collapsed." 拉沃格纳说:“美国经济,或者从更大范围看,全球经济已经完全停止运行。企业冻结所有的人员招聘,而且在许多情况下,正在裁减员工,因为产品需求完全崩溃了。”The Commerce Department provided further evidence of reduced demand for goods, reporting a 5.1 percent decline in U.S. factory orders for October, the biggest drop in eight years. 美国商务部报告说,美国10月份的工厂订单减少了5.1%,是8年来的最大降幅,从而进一步明需求下降这个事实。In addition, with the exception of bargain outlets, U.S. retailers are reporting weak sales figures for November.  此外,来自美国零售业的数据表示,除廉价商店之外,11月的销售疲软。"Rising food prices and the fear about losing your savings, losing your job, has all kicked in [intensified], and people are learning how to just say 'no' [to non-essential purchases]. December sales will be miserable," said retail analyst Candace Corlett. 零售分析师科利特说:“食品价格上涨以及担心失去积蓄、失去工作,这些都是零售业绩不好的原因,而且人们现在学会对不必要的物品说‘不’。12月的零售额会非常惨。”Many economists trace the economic slowdown to a credit crunch sparked by a wave of home foreclosures and mortgage defaults in the ed States. To help spur lending, resuscitate America's moribund housing sector, and boost the economy as a whole, the Federal Reserve has aggressively cut interest rates during the past year. 许多经济学家认为经济下滑是美国房主丧失房屋赎回权和拖欠抵押贷款引发的信贷紧缩所致。为了帮助人们借贷、重新振兴美国奄奄一息的住房业,进而推动整体经济,美国联邦储备委员会在过去一年已经几次大幅度削减利率。Yet, with interest rates aly at historically-low levels and no evidence of a pick-up in the housing market, the Treasury Department is reportedly crafting new, creative means to force mortgage rates even lower. Under one option, the federal government would invest in securities that finance loans for home purchases, stipulating a significantly reduced interest rate.The plan appeals to financial analyst Greg McBride."Lower mortgage rates are designed to put more buying power in the pockets of prospective home buyers," he said. "That helps anybody who is trying to buy a house, but it also helps people who are trying to sell them."But analysts point out the idea would do nothing to lower mortgage payments for existing homeowners who are in danger of default.200812/58008

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