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One of our great symbols is the American flag,13 red and white stripes corresponding to the number of original stats on a rectangular piece of color, one corner blue with 50 white stars for 50 states.  美国的象征之一是国旗,长方形布上13道红白相间的条纹表示美国原来的州数,蓝色一角上印着的50颗白星代表50个州。  You see the flag everywhere now, "what so proudly we hail.” It means the World Trade Center happened to all of us. "We're proud to be Americans, "say flags on front porches in small towns across the country. Some homes seem to have been built to fly the flag. This wouldn't be complete without it; just perfect. "We're American too" say the flags inelegant glued to the city apartment windows. The declaration of patriotic intent is everywhere, the simplest as persuasive as the displays where one was considered not enough. Rockefeller Center with 150 beauties is in show business, a stirring sight although it's unlikely that management there loves our country more than the owner of the smallest small business, displaying just one.  现在是四处都能看到国旗,"是什么让我们感到骄傲。"那表示世贸中心事件与每个美国人息息相联。美国各小城镇的前廊悬挂着的国旗体现出"身为美国人的自豪"。有些房子仿佛就是为了挂国旗而建的。没有国旗便不完整;挂上后便完美了。"我们也是美国人"--这是斜贴在这所市内公寓窗外的国旗传达出的信息。处处洋溢着爱国宣言,从小处看最能让人信这一点,比如,有些人认为挂一面国旗还不足够。洛克菲勒中心高高飘起150面美丽的美国国旗,景象令人叹为观止,但这并不说明此处的管理者就比只挂出一面国旗的小商店店主更爱国。  The Annin flag company makes most American flags. They have more business than they can do now. You don't have to go to Annin to buy a flag though. Flag sales are a street corner cottage industry. Furtive operatives set up shops, to them the buck means more than the banner.   安宁国旗公司出产全美大部分的国旗。现在他们的生意是应接不暇。但要买国旗并不非得到安宁公司。街角也有出售国旗的摊子。对于那些偷偷售卖国旗的街贩,钱比国旗更重要。   The color of our flag and the numbers of stars and stripes are ordained, but there is no rule regarding dimension. There are tiny flags on sticks made in China. This grand flag is so big on a building in New York that it had to be continued around the corner. This beauty hangs from the side wall of a fire house. And you wouldn't want a dirty flag so they wash them.  美国国旗的颜色、星星的数目、横条都是规定好了的,但尺寸大小就没有限制。也有中国制造的小签国旗。纽约一栋大楼外的国旗巨大得要转弯接着挂起。消防局的墙上挂着一面国旗。如果不想挂脏国旗就像他们一样拿去清洗吧。 /201109/154502

Dinosaurs may be partly to blame for a change in climate because they created so much flatulence, according to leading scientists, the Daily Mail reported. Professor Graeme Ruxton of St. Andrews University, Scotland, said large plant-eating sauropods would have been the main culprits because of the huge amounts of greenery they consumed.据英国《每日邮报》报道,一些主流科学家表示,恐龙排放了太多的甲烷气体,因此可能导致了气候变化。圣安德鲁斯大学的格雷姆·鲁克斯顿教授说,大型的蜥脚类食草动物可能是气候变暖的罪魁祸首,因为它们消耗了太多的绿色植物。One of the animals, a 90-ton argentinosaurus, which measured 140 feet in length, would have consumed at least half a ton of food in one day.其中的一种阿根廷恐龙,体重90吨,身长140英尺(约43米),一天要吃掉半吨的食物。The team calculated the animals would have collectively produced more than 520 million tons of methane a year – more than all today#39;s modern sources put together. It is thought these huge amounts could easily have been enough to warm the planet. It is even possible that the climate change was so catastrophic that it caused the dinosaurs#39; eventual demise.格雷姆的研究团队计算出,所有恐龙每年一共产生5.2亿吨甲烷,比今天所有的甲烷来源产生的加起来还要多。他们认为,如此大量的甲烷气体足以导致地球变暖,而且气候变暖导致的后果惨重,恐龙也因此灭绝。 /201205/181308

When tension headaches creep up, you can forget about having a productive day. Often due to tight, contracted muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw, tension headaches result from stress, depression, or anxiety. Getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and maintaining a Zen state will help reduce your likelihood of headaches. It's unlikely that you're boss will let you take five in a lotus position; however, here are some desk-appropriate stretches and natural supplements that can help ease the throbbing pain while you are at the office. 一旦紧张性头疼悄然光临,那你的这一天就别想好过了。压力过大、压抑或者焦虑引起的肩膀、颈部、头皮和下巴的肌肉收缩往往是导致紧张性头疼的原因。充足的睡眠、合理膳食以及保持禅宗的心态将帮助你减少潜在的头疼发生。当然,想让你的老板给你五分钟的打坐状态是不太可能的。不过,下面这些室内保健操和天然的补品或许能帮助你减轻在工作时搏动性疼痛给你带来的折磨。Seated Neck Release 颈部放松操 Stretch your tight neck with a Seated Neck Release. While sitting in a comfortable position, place your right hand on the left side of your head and gently tilt your head to the right. Hold for a few breaths and then switch sides. Repeat one more time. 让颈部放松操帮助你舒缓紧绷的脖子。找一个舒适的姿势坐下,将你的右手放在头部的左侧,轻轻的将头部想右侧倾斜。持续几秒再转向另一侧,记得要重复一次哦。 Here are a few more desk-friendly techniques for releasing neck tension. 这里还有更多适合在办公桌前放松颈部的技巧。Almond Snack 试试这些杏仁小点心 Eating a handful of almonds could help ease a tiny headache, because they contain salicin, which is a pain reliever similar to aspirin. 吃上几粒杏仁可以帮助你减轻头痛,这些小东西富含水杨苷,有着和阿司匹林类似的去痛效果。Scapular Retraction 拉扯你的肩胛骨 A tight chest leads to poor posture, poor posture leads to tight muscles, and tight muscles lead to tension headaches. Pulling your shoulder blades together is a great way to treat the issue. As the name sounds, scapular retraction will help you open your chest and get the blood flowing to your shoulder and upper back muscles. 紧绷的胸部会引起不健康的姿势,不健康的姿势自然导致肌肉的紧缩,紧张性头痛也就会随之而来。试着将你的肩胛骨拉在一起不失为一个解决这一问题的好方法。拉扯肩胛骨能够帮着你打开胸腔,从而促进了肩膀和上背部肌肉的血液流动。 Here's how: sitting up straight, especially while at your desk, will help prevent neck tension and tension headaches. Be sure not to lean your head forward or "turtle neck" when pressing shoulder blades together. Actively push your neck back to strengthen and stretch the front part of your neck while completing this exercise. Press your shoulders down and push your scapulae together. Release and repeat 15 times. 方法如下:当你坐在办公桌前时,将身体坐直会帮助你远离颈部僵硬和紧张性头疼。记住,当你拉扯肩胛骨时千万不要将头前倾或是做出像乌龟脖子一样的姿势。做练习的同时,将你的脖子向后伸展以拉伸颈部前部的肌肉。放下肩膀收紧肩胛骨,如此重复15次。Magnesium Supplement 补充镁元素 If you are prone to migraines, many doctors will recommended taking a magnesium oxide supplement. You can either take one pill every morning as a preventative measure, or take one when you feel a headache looming. I particularly love drinking Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement(, 16 oz.), a powder that you mix with hot water to form a hot, fizzy beverage. It's a quick, calming solution. 如果偏头疼市场光临,许多医生都会建议你摄入一些氧化镁。你可以每天早晨吃上一粒当做预防措施,也可以选择当老朋友要光临时再吃上一颗。我特别喜欢饮用天然镁补品(23美元/16盎司),只要加点热水,一杯热腾腾的饮料就可帮你快速的解决问题。 Jaw Massage 你的下巴 If you clench your jaw when stressed, try a relaxingjaw massage. Release these muscles by making fists with both of your hands and massaging the area with your knuckles just under your cheek bones. You can find patches of tightness by moving your knuckles up and down, and then side to side. Also, drop your jaw and yawn, to stretch those muscles and get a boost of oxygen to your brain. 如果你在感受到压力是常常紧抓你的下巴,试试放松下巴的吧。你只需双手握拳,用指关节轻轻的脸颊下部就可帮助你放松下巴处的肌肉。通过上下左右的,你就会发下那些紧绷的肌肉,拉伸这些肌肉会帮助你的大脑获得更多的氧气。 /201110/155912

俗话说的好,凡是有钱的单身汉,总是想讨个老婆的。同理,有能力且经济独立的单身女性也得找个老公。不幸的是,在中国,符合上述条件的,奔三或30出头的女性却很难觅得老公。  SINGLE men in possession of a good fortune, it's said, must be in want of a wife. Like wise, skilled, financially independent single women must need a husband. Unfortunately, in China, husbands are hard to come by for such women in their late 20s and early 30s。  “通常,我和男性约会时会从几个方面来衡量他,”27岁的北京某公司销售经理郝红蕊说,“帅气的外表,宽敞的房子和高档小汽车,这些都很重要。”但是,郝红蕊解释到,婚姻不能仅仅建立在这些条件之上。  "When I date a man, I calculate his worth in points," said Hao Hongrui, a 27-year-old trade manager in Beijing. "A handsome face, a big house and a fancy car are important." But Hao explains, marriage can't be founded only on these qualities。  她曾遇到过物质条件很好的男性,但两人间却毫无爱情可言。因此,也就没有结婚的可能。  She has met people who satisfy all her tangible needs, but there is no love between them. So, there's no real possibility of marriage。  最近,中国新闻社的一则报道称,北京有约50万名年龄在25至50岁之间的女性属于剩女或称3S女性--单身,70年代生人,不知所措。她们中的大多数都拥有一份体面的工作,经济独立。她们希望自己的丈夫同她们水平相当或比她们更为成功。她们渴望爱情,却碍于某些原因而无法恋爱。  A China News Service report recently described the roughly half-million single women aged 25-50 living in Beijing as shengnü (leftover women), or "3S" women - single, seventies (most shengnü born in the 1970s) and stuck. Most have decent jobs and are financially independent. They expect a husband to be equally as or more successful than they are. They want to fall in love, but for some reason they can't。  中国社会科学院社会学研究所研究员王振宇表示,这些女性之所以单身是因为她们想要找比自己强的另一半。  Wang Zhenyu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' sociology institute, says many of these women remain single because they're looking for a partner who is even better than they are。  王振宇还说:“随着年龄的增长,她们的容忍力更差,更不愿妥协。因此,能满足她们要求的男性就变得更少了。”  "As such women grow older, their tolerance drops and they are less willing to compromise," said Wang. "Thus, the number of men who meet their requirements gradually grows smaller."  新浪网6月份的一份调查显示,参与调查的5000名网民中有37.5%的人认为“剩女”嫁不出去的主要原因是过度理想化,总期待找到像白马王子一样的完美男人。  According to a June survey by Sina.com, 37.5 percent of the nearly 5,000 netizens queried consider "looking for a perfect man" the main obstacle that keeps young women single。  “我在寻找一位我真正欣赏的人。我希望他人很聪明,有幽默感而且工作上进,”30岁的高级销售经理李媛说。她的月薪超过2万元。  "I'm looking for someone I really admire. I hope he can be smart, humorous and devoted to his work," said Li Juan, a 30-year-old senior sales manager who says she earns over 20,000 yuan per month。  学者们将这种过度的理想化归咎于传统观念。王振宇说:“中国的传统观念强调一种男性主宰的社会体系。因此,人们认为男人在任何领域都理应比女人优秀。当然了,外表除外。”  Scholars attribute such expectations to tradition. "Traditional Chinese values emphasize a patriarchal social system," said Wang. "Men are supposed to perform better than woman in every area, except appearance." /200911/89885

害羞:褒义词Shy: A commendatory term没有一点害羞,女人看起来会像个风月老手,而男人则更像个情场浪子。所谓风情万种的女人一定不是风骚的女人,要有那种介乎女孩和女人之间的纯情姿态。令男人疯狂着迷的女人一定是犹抱琵琶半遮面的,在恋爱中,懂得适当的害羞十分关键。 /200911/88896

TOKYO — At age 36, Hello Kitty may be running out of product lives. 东京——今年已经36岁的HelloKitty很可能将寿终正寝。That is the fear of executives at the Sanrio Corporation, the Japanese company that created the cute, cartoonish white cat in 1974, and groomed her into a global marketing phenomenon worth billion a year. 这正是Sanrio公司的执行官们所担心的问题。这家日本公司于1974年创造了这个卡通猫,自面世以来,这个可爱的小白猫创造的巨额收益约合一年50亿美元。In Japan and around the world, Hello Kitty has been licensed over the years for products that include dolls, clothes, lunch boxes, stationery, kitchenware, a Macy’s parade balloon and even an Airbus owned by Taiwanese airline EVA Airways. But amid signs that Hello Kitty’s pop-culture appeal is waning, especially at home, where sales have shrunk for a decade, the company has struggled to find its next-generation version of adorable. 多年来,Hello Kitty的授权产品涉及公仔、装、饭盒、文具、厨具,还进入了纽约感恩节盛大游行,甚至台湾长荣航空的一辆空客上也有HelloKitty。但是Hello Kitty的受欢迎程度已经出现了下降的迹象,特别是在日本本土,10年来销量下降,使得公司必须着力于寻找新的流行卡通形象。 /201005/104082

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