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Let#39;s say the definition of ;PC; is the same one we applied five years ago, before tablets.首先明确一下,我们在本文中采用五年前的个人电脑(PC)定义,也就是平板电脑出现之前。By that definition, the market seems to be collapsing.按照这样的定义,PC市场似乎正在崩盘。Shipments of PCs in the first quarter fell by 13.9% from the same quarter in 2012. The forecast decline had been 7.7%, according to International Data Corp.#39;s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. That makes the worst quarter ever tracked by IDC, which started issuing the reports in 1994.美国国际数据公司(IDC)提供的全球PC市场季度跟踪数据显示,今年第一季度PC发货量比上年同期下降了13.9%,而此前预测的降幅为7.7%。这是1994年该公司开始发布相关数据以来PC市场表现最差的一个季度。Mini Notebooks saw the biggest decline on the low end, but the whole market was affected by what IDC calls ;weak reception for Windows 8,; Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) answer to the rise of the tablet. The operating system that incorporates elements of tablet OS#39;s ;not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market but appears to have slowed the market,; said IDC#39;s Bob O#39;Donnell, in a statement. He said Windows 8 is just too radical a departure from what consumers have come to expect from Windows, and too expensive.低端迷你笔记本电脑的发货量跌幅最大,但IDC认为,影响整个PC市场的是“Windows 8遇冷”。微软公司(Microsoft)推出这款产品的目的是适应平板电脑的崛起。IDC副总裁鲍勃?奥康奈在一份公告中指出,Windows 8整合了平板电脑操作系统的一些因素,但“它不仅没有给PC市场带来动力,看起来还阻碍了PC市场的增长。”他指出,Windows 8不仅过于背离消费者对Windows操作系统的预期,而且价格过高。The OS has ;made PCs a less attractive alternative to dedicated tablets and other competitive devices.;Windows 8使“PC成了平板电脑及其他同类产品的一个缺乏吸引力的替代品”。The numbers tell the tale. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) still leads the market, but its worldwide shipments fell by a breathtaking 23% from the first quarter of 2012. U.S. shipments fell by about the same rate. Dell (DELL) saw declines of 10% globally and 14% in the ed States. About the only ;good; news came from Lenovo (LNVGY), where worldwide shipments remained flat, though growth in the U.S. was in the double digits.数字最能说明情况。惠普(Hewlett-Packard)仍是PC市场龙头,但今年第一季度该公司全球PC发货量同比下降了23%,降幅之大令人咋舌。戴尔(Dell)的全球发货量和美国发货量分别减少了10%和14%。唯一的“好”消息来自联想(Lenovo),它的全球发货量和上年同期持平,美国市场发货量实现了两位数的增长。The difference for Lenovo, says Ars Technica#39;s Andrew Cunningham, is that consumers believe it to be a solid and reliable supplier of quality PCs, while HP and Dell are both struggling. Dell is in the midst of a restructuring that will take the company private and make it more of a services firm than a hardware company -- similar to what IBM (IBM) did, culminating in the 2005 sale of its PC business to Lenovo. ;Consumers and businesses are going to notice and respond when your company acts like it might pull out of the PC market,; Cunningham concludes. And Lenovo isn#39;t acting that way.科技新闻与信息网站Ars Technica撰稿人安德鲁?坎宁安认为,联想的不同之处在于消费者认为它稳定而可靠,生产优质PC,而惠普和戴尔则均已陷入困境。戴尔正在进行的私有化重组会让它更多地成为务供应商,而非硬件制造商——这和IBM曾经的做法异曲同工,后者最终在2005年将PC业务转让给了联想。坎宁安的结论是:“如果一家公司的所作所为表明它可能退出PC市场,消费者和其他企业就会注意到这一点,同时采取相应的行动。”Still, with the overall market falling at such a rate, it seems clear that PCs are becoming mainly office-only devices now that people can meet most of their personal-computing needs -- like interacting with people, ing news stories, and watching s -- on tablets and phones.不过,鉴于整个PC市场滑坡的速度如此之快,有一点看来很明显,那就是PC基本上正在成为一种纯粹的办公设备。原因是平板电脑和手机已经能满足人们对计算机的大部分要求,比如与他人互动,阅读新闻故事和观看视频。 /201304/234965池州青阳县妇幼保健院有取环吗Two new studies offer signs that this could be changing quickly. One offers a new way to produce solar cells more cheaply and safely than current methods. The other indicates that concentrating solar power, which uses the sun’s energy to heat up a liquid that drives a turbine, could supply “a substantial amount of current energy demand.”两项新研究提供的迹象表明,这种状况有可能会迅速发生改变。其中一项研究提供了一种全新的太阳能电池生产方式,它要比现有方法更便宜,更安全。另一项研究显示,聚焦式太阳能发电系统(即使用太阳的能量来加热液体,以驱动涡轮机,简称CSP)能够满足“目前相当大一部分能源需求。”In a study released Wednesday in journal Nature, University of Liverpool’s Jon Major and several other researchers announced that they had found that magnesium chloride, which is used in making tofu, bath salts and applied to roads in the winter could replace cadmium chloride in the making of second-generation, think-film solar cells.《自然》杂志(Nature)上周三发布的一份研究报告中,利物浦大学(University of Liverpool)的乔恩o梅杰和其他几位研究人员宣称,氯化镁可以取代生产第二代薄膜太阳能电池所用的氯化镉。氯化镁是制作豆腐和浴盐的原料,还可用来融化冬季道路上的冰雪。Speaking in a teleconference from Copenhagen, Major said magnesium chloride, which is extracted from seawater, would cost China’s two biggest internet companies have called a truce after spending billions of renminbi in the past six months to grab market share in the nascent taxi-hailing app market.在中国新兴起的打车应用市场,两大互联网企业为了抢占市场份额,在半年时间里耗资几十个亿人民币,如今双方终于宣告停火。Alibaba and Tencent have treated savvy, smartphone-wielding Chinese to taxi rides, and lavished tips on taxi drivers, to drum up support for their respective taxi apps – Kuadi Dache (Alibaba’s “Swift taxi”) and Didi Dache (Tencent’s “honk honk taxi”).阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)不仅掏钱请中国使用智能手机的精明消费者乘坐出租车,还慷慨补贴出租车司机,目的就是在用户中间推广各自的打车应用软件——“快的打车”(Kuaidi Dache,部分属于阿里巴巴所有)和“滴滴打车”(Didi Dache,部分属于腾讯所有)。Wang Jian, an expert on ecommerce from Analysys International, a Beijing consultancy, estimates that about Rmb2bn (5m) was spent between January and June, but says that since then, both taxi apps have scaled back the massive subsidies they are paying. “The two sides have ceased fire,” she said, after battling to a stalemate with each claiming about half of the Chinese market.北京咨询公司易观国际(Analysys International)电子商务专家王健估计,1-6月间双方在这场对决中总共投入了大约20亿元人民币(合3.25亿美元)。不过她表示,自那以来两个打车应用都减少了大规模补贴。如今,在打成各占一半市场的平局之后,“双方已经停火”。What one analyst likened to “the first battle in the world war of the internet” pitted two companies with deep pockets against each other. Shenzhen-based Tencent is Asia’s biggest listed internet company with a market capitalisation of 7bn, while Alibaba, the ecommerce juggernaut that values itself at 0bn, is set to list in the US this autumn.有位分析师把这场较量称为“世界互联网大战的第一场战役”,对阵的两家企业都拥有雄厚财力。总部在深圳的腾讯是亚洲最大的上市互联网公司,市值1570亿美元。而电子商务巨头阿里巴巴将于今年秋天在美国上市,该公司对自身的估值为1300亿美元。Both Tencent and Alibaba have been competing on everything from instant messenger apps to restaurant review websites to rolling out virtual credit cards (both thwarted by the central bank) in an effort to dominate the coming era of the mobile internet. Over 500m Chinese say that they use their smartphones, which cost as little as , to get online.为了在即将到来的移动互联网时代占据优势地位,从即时通信应用到餐厅点评网站,再到发布虚拟信用卡(此类举措遭到了中国央行的阻挠),腾讯和阿里巴巴在各个领域展开了全面竞争。目前最便宜的智能手机售价在50美元左右,超过5亿中国人表示他们会使用智能手机上网。But few price wars have been as expensive for business, and as lucrative for consumers, as the taxi app war.不过,以企业付出代价之高、消费者获利之丰厚而论,没有哪次价格战能比得上这次打车应用之战。The first shot was officially fired on January 10, the day Didi Dache first cut taxi fares and introduced the subsidy, after raising 0m that month from Tencent and CiticCapital.这次价格战的第一是在今年1月10日正式打响的,当天滴滴打车率先推出了乘车费用立减活动,实施了补贴政策。在此之前,滴滴打车刚刚在1月初从腾讯和中信资本(Citic Capital)筹集到1亿美元。The taxi war’s most brutal attrition phase was in Feb and March of this year, when millions of renminbi were filling the pockets of taxi drivers and news websites reported that some drivers were being rewarded Rmb100 to pick up a fare, about five times the going rate for a ride.最为惨烈的消耗战阶段是在今年2-3月期间,数百万元人民币流入了出租车司机的腰包。据多家新闻网站报道,部分出租车司机载一次客就可获得100元人民币补贴,这差不多是一般车费的5倍。Getting a taxi in Beijing was nearly impossible without a smartphone, while Shanghai went so far as to ban taxi-hailing apps during rush hour at the end of February.当时在北京几乎到了没有智能手机就打不到车的地步,而上海则在2月底禁止高峰时段使用打车软件。Wang Yu, who drives a Beijing taxi for the Jin Jian Taxi company, said “During the peak of the competition between Didi and Kuadi, taxi drivers stopped cruising around, looking for fares. We would all find a place to park and turn on the software. It was like this because the rewards were so high for both drivers and riders.”北京金建出租车公司的司机王玉(音译)表示:“在滴滴和快的竞争最激烈的时候,出租车司机干脆不在街上转悠拉活了。我们都会找个地方停下来,把打车软件打开。出现这种情况,是因为司机和乘客都能拿到很高的奖励。”Both apps paid riders a subsidy of Rmb10 per taxi ride, which would often be paid to the driver as a tip, on top of the driver subsidy of Rmb5, according to interviews with drivers. Both also had a tipping function that the customer could use to leave a tip of Rmb5 to Rmb20.根据对司机的采访,每趟车程这两个应用都会给乘客10块钱的补贴,这些钱往往会交给司机,作为司机所获5块钱补贴之外的小费。此外,这两个应用还都提供了小费功能,顾客可以用该功能留下5到20块钱的小费。For all the money spent, neither side managed convincingly to win. Each started the price war with about half the market, and each finished with about half, although Kuadi is slightly ahead according to Analysys International data.虽然投入了巨资,双方却都没有取得压倒性胜利。价格战伊始,双方各占大约一半市场;价格战结束时,双方依然各占大约一半市场。不过根据易观国际的数据,快的打车要略微领先。By June 30 Didi had a market share of 45.6 per cent and was represented in 178 cities, while Kuadi had 53. 6 per cent and was in 306 cities.截至6月30日,滴滴打车拥有45.6%的市场份额,覆盖178个城市。而快的打车拥有53.6%的份额,覆盖306个城市。As of the beginning of August, both apps continue to pay taxi drivers token rates as a reward for using the software.到8月初的时候,两个应用还在向出租车司机付象征性的奖励。Didi pays roughly Rmb6 per three rides, according to a spokesman.一位发言人表示,出租车司机通过滴滴打车每载客三次可拿到6元奖励。Mr Wang, the taxi driver, said that the bonus barely paid for the phone bill from a fare – it usually is necessary to call to find where the customer is standing.上述的王玉师傅说,这个奖励额度还抵不过电话费——司机往往得打电话才能确定乘客的具体位置。“The amount is really very petty. Maybe the phone bill would be more than the Rmb2 reward for the ride,” he says.他说:“这个奖励额度太小了。光电话费可能就比两块钱的抢单奖励高。”“But I still use the software,” he says, adding that it reduces the amount of ‘empty cruising’ looking for fares. “It efficiently connects me with a taxi callers nearby.”“不过我还是会用这个软件。”他说因为它减少了寻找乘客时的“空驶率”,“它有效地将我和附近想打车的乘客联系到一起。”He says the app can bring in an extra Rmb30 to Rmb40 a day in fares. He says that he picks up about six or seven rides each day via the software.他表示,打车应用一天能给他多带来三、四十元的车费收入,自己每天通过打车软件大概接六、七位乘客。Both Kuadi and Didi have declared victory – Didi’s Zhou Li said that the data, which shows the app war to be a draw, was a “distortion” and that in reality Didi now has 68 per cent of the market.快的和滴滴都宣布获得了胜利。滴滴的周莉表示,虽然数据显示这场打车应用大战以平局告终,但数据不真实,滴滴现在的市场占有率其实是68%。For Tencent, the prize is even bigger than just taxi customers – they have been trying to encourage people to use Tenpay, their PayPal-like online payment system, because Alibaba dominates online payments with its Alipay.对腾讯来说,“战利品”不仅仅是出租车乘客——他们一直努力鼓励人们使用财付通(Tenpay,腾讯类似贝宝(PayPal)的在线付系统),因为就在线付领域来说,阿里巴巴的付宝(Alipay)处于领先地位。Alibaba, meanwhile, has been at a disadvantage due to its lagging position in mobile chat, which is dominated by Tencent’s WeChat and QQ messengers, which many Chinese use as their first point of contact with the mobile internet.而阿里巴巴的一个劣势则是在手机聊天方面落后于腾讯,后者的微信(WeChat)和QQ是许多中国人使用移动互联网进行联系的第一选择。Both are trying to get their customers hooked on online-to-offline payments, reckoned to be one of the most lucrative emerging mobile businesses.双方都在努力让顾客迷上“线上到线下”(Online to Offline,即O2O)付款模式,据信这是最有利可图的新兴移动业务之一。“After six months of promotional activities, we have formed a habit among drivers and consumers” said Ms Zhou, with more than 1bn users and 1m drivers working with the Didi software.周莉说:“在进行了半年的促销活动后,我们已经在司机和消费者中间培养起了一种习惯。”滴滴打车目前用户超过1亿,司机100万以上。But Ms Wang of Analysys International says that to keep people using the software the companies may have to think of other less expensive ways to drum up interest.但易观国际的王健表示,为了让人们继续使用打车软件,企业可能必须考虑其他没那么烧钱的方式来提高人们兴趣。“The subsidies were purely to obtain users. Now without monetary rewards, they will have to come up with other ways to keep the numbers from eroding” said Ms Wang.王健说:“这些补贴纯粹是为了争取用户。如今没了现金奖励,他们必须想出别的办法来阻止用户数下降。”Luxury moves瞄准高端市场In July, Kuadi Dache announced that it would be buying a fleet of luxury cars – BMW 5 series sedans and Audi A6’s – to complement its cheap and convenient taxi-hailing app, writes Charles Clover.今年7月,快的打车宣布将购买一批高档车——宝马5系和奥迪A6轿车,以补充其便宜、便捷的叫车应用。Their target – San Francisco-based taxi app Uber Technologies Inc, which offers a premium service with luxury cars – has just formally launched its service in Beijing in mid-July, after launching in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen earlier in the year.要效仿的目标是总部位于旧金山的租车应用优步(Uber)。优步提供豪华轿车出租的高级务,今年早些时候在上海、广州和深圳推出了叫车务,并于7月中旬正式落户北京。Kuadi is creating a luxury-car service named “Yi Hao Zhuan che” in Chinese, which is aimed at Uber’s target high-end clientele.快的打车正在打造一项名为“一号专车”的豪车出租务,目标对准了优步所针对的高端客户。Uber is not yet a huge factor in the Chinese online car hailing market, which is sewn up between Kuadi Dache and Didi Dache. Uber fares are multiples of the municipal taxis whose fares are held artificially low by government fiat, and it would be impossible to compete with taxis on price.中国在线打车市场还是控制在快的打车和滴滴打车手里,优步尚算不上重要力量。城市出租车的车费受到政府法令的人为压价,优步的收费是普通出租车的好几倍,因此不可能与出租车展开价格竞争。所以优步目前在中国还没像在欧美那样遭到强烈抵制,而在西方许多城市,出租车司机工会齐心协力将优步排挤出市场。That has meant that so far Uber has not seen the same backlash in China that it has in Europe and the US, where taxi-driver unions have made a concerted effort to keep it out of many cities.但豪车务——在高档车里还提供WiFi和报纸——或许能在中国租车市场的顶层消费者中间流行起来。而对优步来说,即便是一小块中国市场都是它的一大步。中国是全球最大的智能手机市场。But the luxury-car service, which offers WiFi and newspapers in the high-end cars, may yet catch on among the top segment of the market.但优步也有成长的烦恼,优步应用在华运行基于谷歌(Google)地图,而谷歌在中国从6月初就一直被封锁,导致地图有时不能正常加载。For Uber, even a small chunk of China is a major step – China is the world’s largest smartphone market, with more than 500m Chinese saying that they use smartphones to access the internet.优步的另一个障碍,是中国各大城市都有的一个特色:交通堵塞。在北京,车子到达顾客所在位置平均需要9分钟,远高于世界其他主要城市。优步希望奔驰E级或奥迪A6的吸引力将弥补等车的不快。 /201408/322190.001 per gram compared to Ryan Hoover is the envy of entrepreneurs around the country. Many startups toil for years, burning through millions of investment dollars, to get the kind of recognition Hoover’s startup has garnered in just nine months. What’s worse, he’s done it with a flimsy Reddit knock-off website his team built in less than a week. That site, called Product Hunt, has captured the attention, and as of today, the investment dollars, of Silicon Valley’s most influential power brokers.莱恩·胡佛是全美所有企业家艳羡的对象。许多初创公司摸爬滚打数年、烧掉数百万美元的投资才能得到的认可度,胡佛的初创公司却在短短九个月内就已牢牢在握。更让人不忿的是,他做到这一切所凭借的,不过是一个抄袭社交新闻网站Reddit创意的粗劣网站,而且他的团队只用了不到一个星期就搭建起了这个网站。但是这个名为Product Hunt的网站却得到了硅谷最有影响力的权力掮客们的关注,最近更是从他们那里获得了真金白银的投资。Venture investors like Hunter Walk, Dave McClure, David Tisch, and Mashable founder Pete Cashmore use Product Hunt to discover new products, and founders like Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Dave Morin (Path), and Mark Cuban (AXS TV) have jumped in to discuss their products. The site has 250,000 monthly unique visitors and has sent 1.7 million visits to products in the last month. More than 51,000 people the site’s newsletter with a 41% open rate.像亨特o沃克、戴夫o麦克卢尔、大卫o蒂希、互联网新闻客Mashable创始人皮特o卡什莫尔等,这些风险投资人会利用Product Hunt来发现新产品;而丹尼斯o克罗利(Foursquare)、大卫o莫林(Path)、马克o库班(AXS TV)等创始人则会参与其中,讨论自己的产品。该网站每月的绝对访客达到了25万人,并在过去一个月里,为各类产品总共输送了170万次的访问量。网站推送的新闻通讯邮件读者逾5.1万人,点击率达41%。Anecdotally, the purveyors of the top products of each day report they’ve been flooded with inbound interest from investors and potential partners. Aly dozens of members have hacked together Web tools based on the site’s API. The site grows by 70% each month. Founders are whispering that placement on Product Hunt has replaced TechCrunch as their preferred method of announcing their launch.有意思的是,那些每日精选的顶尖产品的出品方们纷纷表示,投资者和潜在合作伙伴纷沓而来,对他们倾注的兴趣简直足以将他们淹没。已有数十名该网站的用户利用该网站的API做成了各式各样的衍生网络工具。网站以每个月70%的速度保持着增长。各方创始人私下表示,在Product Hunt上发布消息已经取代科技客TechCrunch,成为了他们更为青睐的公布产品上线的方式。So how did Hoover do it? Good timing, mixed with some email hustle and community-building prowess, topped off with a master class in positivity.那么胡佛是怎么做到这一切的?就是:好的时机加上若干电子邮件推送技巧,以及出色的社区建设能力,最后再借助一批形象正面的大师级人物的帮助。As it turns out, the tech community was hungry for a new gathering place, and Product Hunt played directly into its desire. Hacker News, the message board of accelerator program Y Combinator, has long been the de facto online community for Silicon Valley startups. Earlier this year, Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman, said he thought the message board might be with 0 million.事实表明,科技界亟需一处新的聚集地,而Product Hunt的出现正好满足了这一需求。长久以来,企业孵化器Y Combinator设立的网络留言板Hacker News一直是硅谷各初创公司实际上的线上社区。今年上半年,Y Combinator的总裁萨姆o阿尔特曼就曾说过,他估计这个留言板上的用户群体整体价值可能有5亿美元。But in recent years, the community has devolved into petty negativity and occasionally hostile commentary. Last month, the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took to the message board to ask how it had evolved from a Y Combinator discussion board to “the discussion board where the first comment on any post involving a YC company is reliably someone crapping on it.”但是近几年来,这处线上社区已经沦落为一处充斥着负面情绪的地方,不时还会出现一些带有敌意的。上个月,知名风险投资家马克o安德里森在这处留言板上诘问道,这里怎么从Y Combinator的讨论板演变成了“任何YC公司相关帖下的第一条一定是有人在对该公司狂喷的讨论板”。“What an amazing shift,” he wrote.“这实在是种很神奇的转变。”他写道。Product Hunt did not intend to be the anti-Hacker News, but in many ways that’s what it has become. It is hardly a freewheeling anonymous community. The site has grown very carefully, by inviting a group of Valley influencers curated by Hoover and his team to join and comment. Outsiders can up-vote products, but only invitees can comment. Because the commenters are mostly public-facing figures like investors, journalists, and prominent founders in the tech community, they’re more likely to keep negative comments to themselves rather than trash something. That doesn’t scale well, so Hoover has decided the best way to grow is to let commenters invite friends into the commenting pool.Product Hunt并没有打算在各方面与Hacker News反其道而行,但是就很多方面而言,它现在所扮演的却正是这样的角色。这里基本不是一个自由自在的匿名社区。该网站发展得十分谨慎,在胡佛及其团队的精心策划下,邀请了一批硅谷的影响力人士成为用户并发表。其他人可以投票赞同某产品,但只有受邀用户才能发表。由于者多为投资者、记者和科技界知名创始人这样的公众人物,他们更愿意收起自己的负面,而不是随意乱喷。但是这种模式并不利于网站的拓展,因此胡佛决定,最佳的发展方式就是允许这些者邀请自己的朋友参与。The infectious positive attitude of Hoover and his nine-person team comes through on the site and in its community. They chime in frequently with positive feedback, curate themed newsletters, host personal, jokey podcasts, and gather influencers together for brunch events. You can tell they genuinely love apps, and in turn, they’ve attracted a community of app-lovers.胡佛及其9人团队的积极态度成功地感染了整个网站和社区。他们经常在讨论中插入一些正面的回应,策划不同主题的新闻通讯,主持轻松幽默的个人播客,还召集影响力人士聚餐。你可以看出他们是发自真心地热爱应用程序,并因此吸引了另一批应用程序的爱好者。Product Hunt hasn’t gone without notice on Hacker News. A post on Hacker News announcing the site was met with criticism of its design. When the company joined Y Combinator, the top comment on Hacker News asked, “How is Product Hunt even a business?” calling the decision “another disappointing move.”Product Hunt的发展也在Hacker News上引起了关注。Hacker News上一个公布Product Hunt上线消息的帖子里,者们对其网站设计进行了抨击。在公司在加入Y Combinator时,Hacker News上被顶到首位的质问道:“Product Hunt竟然也能算得上是一项业务?”并称这一决策为“又一次令人失望的行动”。Ever positive, Hoover says the business question is “a valid piece of criticism.” He acknowledges that a business catering to the small tech and startup community doesn’t seem like a billion-dollar idea. Further, “[Hacker News members] might see Product Hunt as a copycat,” he says. “We’re not solving a clear, obvious need, like ‘This saves lives,’ or, ‘This has X million in revenue per month.’ Obviously there is skepticism.” But he counters that any investment in a consumer-facing tech startup, including Facebook and Twitter, is less obvious in the beginning. “It’s very much based on emotions,” he says.永远保持积极态度的胡佛表示,大家提到的业务问题是“一条有意义的批评”。他承认,Product Hunt只是为科技界和初创界的小规模社区提供务,这听起来确实不像一个价值百万美元的创意。不仅如此,“(Hacker News的用户)可能把Product Hunt看作是山寨货,”他说,“我们并不是在解决一项清晰明确的需求,类似于‘这能拯救生命’或者‘这能在每个月创收几百万’等等。这自然会引发外界的质疑。”但是他反驳道,包括Facebook和Twitter在内,任何投给面向消费者的科技初创公司的投资,在最初都是比较盲目的。“这是很受情感驱使的决定。”他说。He has plans to expand Product Hunt into other categories, including gaming, an industry he’s familiar with as a consumer and as director of product at PlayHaven. As for the business model, Hoover imagines Product Hunt will monetize with a fairly straightforward advertising model. Today the site makes opportunistic revenue through job postings. Eventually, Hoover says he’d like to see Product Hunt own the transaction part of its recommendations, allowing people to directly buy the digital products they find on the site.他计划进一步拓展Product Hunt,涉足其他数个领域,其中也包括游戏。作为一名消费者和手游平台PlayHaven的产品总监,他对这个行业十分熟悉。至于具体的商业模式,胡佛的设想是,Product Hunt会通过相当直接的广告模式来实现货币化。目前,该网站是通过发布招聘信息获取投机收入的。胡佛表示,他希望Product Hunt到最后能够实现站内推荐产品的交易环节,让人们能在站内直接购买他们在这里找到的数码产品。But Hoover doesn’t have to worry about money just yet. Today, he will reveal that Product Hunt has raised million in venture funding from A-Grade Investments (the investment fund of Ashton Kutcher), Cowboy Ventures, CrunchFund, Google Ventures, Greylock Discovery Fund, Slow Ventures, SV Angel, betaworks, Tradecraft, Vayner RSE, and Ludlow Ventures as well as angel investors Abdur Chowdhury, Andrew Chen, Brenden Mulligan, Jack Altman, Naval Ravikant, NirEyal and Y Combinator (summer 2014 batch; its sum includes the standard YC investment.) The company also announced an iPhone app, built by iOS developer David McKinney, which adapts the site’s functions for mobile devices.不过胡佛目前还不必为钱的事发愁。他在8月21日公开宣布,Product Hunt已经募得了100万美元的资金,投资方有A级投资(A-Grade Investments,阿什顿o库彻创立的投资基金)、牛仔风投(Cowboy Ventures)、CrunchFund、谷歌风投(Google Ventures)、格雷洛克发现基金(Greylock Discovery Fund)、慢风投(Slow Ventures)、天使投资公司SV Angel、创业工厂兼风投公司Betaworks、Tradecraft、Vayner RSE和勒德洛风投(Ludlow Ventures),此外还有天使投资方阿卜杜勒o乔杜里、陈春、布伦登o穆里根、杰克o奥尔特曼、纳瓦尔o拉维坎特、尼尔o厄雅和Y Combinator(2014年夏季入驻;总额中包括标准的YC投资额)。该公司还发布了一款iPhone应用,开发方为iOS开发人员戴维o麦金尼,让该网站的功能在移动设备上也能正常使用。Product Hunt’s beauty is in its simplicity, which means the site can easily be copied. Hoover believes its real value is in the high-quality community he’s attracted. Keeping the community’s quality high as he attempts to break into the mainstream may be his greatest challenge. He believes Product Hunt can tap into a market of app-lovers who don’t consider themselves early adopters but are anyway. Given how pervasive smartphones are today, “the early adopter thing is shrinking,” he says.Product Hunt之美在于一切从简,而这意味着该网站很容易遭到复制。胡佛认为,Product Hunt的真正价值在于他所吸引来的高质量用户社区。在试图打入主流领域的同时继续保持社区的高质量水准,这或许就是他所面对的最大挑战。他相信Product Hunt能够打入应用爱好者的市场,这些爱好者并不把自己视作早期采用者(译注:指具有冒险精神、喜欢尝试新产品的人),但不管怎样他们的确就是。鉴于智能手机如今已是如此无处不在,“所谓的早期采用者已经越来越少了,”他说道。 /201408/323611.3 for cadmium chloride. It would also eliminate the challenges and expense of handling cadmium chloride, a highly toxic compound that requires elaborate safety measures to protect workers during its manufacture and a special disposal process when panels are no longer needed.梅杰在哥本哈根参加一个电视电话会议时表示,氯化镁源自海水,每克成本仅为0.001美元,远低于每克0.3美元的氯化镉。此外,它还能够消除处理氯化镉的挑战和费用——氯化镉是一种剧毒化合物,需要复杂的安全措施来保护生产工人,废弃的电池板也需要一道特殊的处理程序。“So what we have done without any loss of efficiency is to replace expensive and highly toxic material with one that is completely benign and much lower cost in the process,” Major said. “This offers a great cost benefit for production of these kinds of solar cells and could help make a step change in the production of them.”“所以,我们完全可以用一种完全良性而且成本低得多的物质来取代这种昂贵且带有剧毒的原料,而且无需承受任何效率损失,”梅杰说。“对于各种太阳能电池的生产商来说,这是一项巨大的成本收益,有可能推动生产过程发生巨变。”The solar market is currently dominated by panels made with silicon. In a bid to make solar more competitive, there is growing interest from companies like First Solar in developing solar cells using cadmium telluride, which is more efficient and more flexible so it could be applied many more surfaces including windows.由硅制成的面板目前在太阳能市场占据着主导地位。为了提升太阳能的竞争力,诸如第一太阳能公司(First Solar)这类企业对开发碲化镉制成的太阳能电池越来越感兴趣。这种材质更有效率,更加灵活,可应用于包括窗户在内的更多表面。To make these cadmium telluride cells, a thin layer of cadmium chloride is applied to the solar cell, and then heated up in a furnace. This is considered the activation process, Major said, helping boost a cell’s efficiency from around 1 percent to as much as 20 percent.生产碲化镉电池需要给太阳能电池添加一层薄薄的氯化镉,然后在炉中加热。梅杰说,这个环节被视为激活过程,可以有效推动电池的效率从大约1%提高到20%。In a bid to find a safer alternative, Major and his team first looked at sodium chloride, but found the efficiency was about half of cadmium chloride. Another option was difluorochloromethane but that has been linked to ozone depletion and its use has been restricted by international agreements.寻找更安全的替代材料时,梅杰和他的团队最初考虑的是氯化钠,但他们发现它的效率大约只有氯化镉的一半。另一种选择是氯二氟甲烷,但它跟臭氧层枯竭有关,已被国际协议限制使用。They then turned to magnesium chloride and found that it was just as efficient was comparable and could be applied without any expensive safety equipment.然后,他们转向氯化镁,发现这种物质的效率完全可以跟氯化镉相媲美,而且不需要昂贵的安全设备。Major said magnesium chloride isn’t being used at the moment, but was hopeful it “would be taken up by research and hopefully by industry once this work is publicized.”梅杰说,氯化镁目前还没有得到应用,但他希望“一旦这项研究工作获得关注,就能获得产学界的认可。”Steve Krum, the director of corporate communications for First Solar, would only say cadmium chloride remains “critical part” of its production process and that it was not a “major cost driver in our manufacturing process.”第一太阳能公司企业沟通部主任史蒂夫o克鲁姆仅仅表示,氯化镉仍然是该公司生产过程的“重要组成部分”,它并非“生产过程中主要的成本驱动因素。”In the other solar study, researchers writing in Nature Climate Change this week said concentrating solar power or CSP could supply a large fraction of the power supply in much of the world. The researchers from the Austria-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis simulated the construction and operation of CSP systems in four regions around the world taking into account weather, electricity demand and costs. They found that CSP in the Mediterranean region, for example, could provide 70-80% of current electricity demand, at no extra cost compared to gas-fired power plants.《自然气候变化》(Nature Climate Change)杂志本周发表的另一份太阳能研究报告显示,CSP系统可以解决世界大部分地区很大一部分电力供应。来自奥地利国际应用系统分析研究所(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)的研究人员模拟了CSP系统在全球四个地区的建设和运营情况,并充分考虑了天气、电力需求和成本等因素。他们发现,CSP系统可以满足地中海地区当前70-80%的电力需求,而且跟燃气电厂相比,它无需付额外费用。“In order to address climate change we need to greatly expand our use of renewable energy systems,” said IIASA researcher Fabian Wagner, who also worked on the study. “The key question, though, is how much energy renewable systems can actually deliver.”“为了应对气候变化,我们需要加大对可再生能源系统的利用,”这项研究的参与者之一、国际应用系统分析研究所研究员费边o瓦格纳说。“但关键问题是,可再生系统真正能够生产多少能源。”A huge challenge with deploying solar energy on a large scale is that the sun doesn’t shine all the time. That means that energy must be stored in some way. For photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight directly to electricity, this is especially difficult to overcome, because electricity is difficult to store.大规模部署太阳能的一个重大挑战是,太阳并不是在所有时间都当空高照。这就意味着,能量必须要通过某种方式存储下来。对于直接将太阳光转换为电能的光伏电池来说,这是特别难以克的困难,因为电力很难储存。 /201407/308984池州二院无痛人流好吗Take our patents, please!请收下我们的专利吧!That’s what inventor and automaker Elon Musk is saying today, as the Tesla Motors TSLA 0.07% CEOsaid in a blog post that his company “will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.” Musk said the patents that used to line a wall in Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters have been removed “in the spirit of the open source movement” and to help further advance electric car technology.这就是发明人和汽车制造埃隆o穆斯克日前说过的话。这位特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)的CEO在一篇客中表示,他的公司“将不会针对任何善意使用我们技术的任何人提起诉讼”。穆斯克表示,过去曾经用来装点特斯拉帕洛阿尔托总部一面墙壁的专利已经按照“开源运动的精神”移走,以帮助进一步提升电动汽车科技。(The blog post is titled “All Our Patent Are Belong To You” – a nod to an early Internet meme that originated with an early ’90′s game.)【这篇客的标题是:《我们所有的专利都属于你》(All Our Patent Are Belong To You),呼应了源于上世纪90年代视频游戏的互联网文化元素。】Musk added that this announcement represents a reversal of thinking for him, as the Tesla founder used to go out of his way to obtain patents in order to protect his technology from his larger rivals in the auto industry, whose massive infrastructure could potentially push Tesla out of the market. He now says that strategy only serves “to stifle progress” in the field of electric vehicles.穆斯克补充说,这项声明代表了他的反思。因为这位特斯拉创始人过去曾不遗余力地获取专利,以保护自己的技术不被大型汽车厂商染指。这些竞争对手的庞大基础架构可能把特斯拉挤出市场。他现在表示,这个策略只会使电动汽车领域的“发展陷入僵化”。“We couldn’t have been more wrong,” Musk says. “The unfortunate reality is the opposite: electric car programs (or programs for any vehicle that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons) at the major manufacturers are small to non-existent, constituting an average of far less than 1% of their total vehicle sales.”“我们不可能犯比这更严重的错误了,”穆斯克说。“不幸的现实是截然相反的:大汽车厂商的电动汽车项目(或任何不燃烧碳氢化合物汽车计划)很小,甚至都不存在,平均仅占各自汽车销售总量的不足1%。”The Tesla founder says it is impossible for his company to build new cars quickly enough to make a difference when it comes to climate change. “We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform,” Musk writes.这位特斯拉创始人说,他的公司生产新车的速度还不够快,不可能改变气候变化的形势。穆斯克写道:“我们认为,这个快速进化的公共科技平台能给特斯拉、其他制造电动汽车的公司以及整个世界都带来好处。He adds that a “determined competitor” can usually find a way around patents anyway, and that taking an open source position is the best way “to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers.”他补充说,“意志坚定的竞争者”通常无论如何都会找到绕开专利的途径,而这使得开源成为“吸引、激励世界上最有才华工程技术人才的最佳方式”。The announcement comes a week after Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, at which Musk – a billionaire who is also CEO at private space exploration company SpaceX – said he plans to stay on as Tesla’s CEO for at least another four or five years.声明发布之前的一周,特斯拉召开了年度股东大会。这位同时也在担任私人空间开发公司SpaceX公司 CEO的亿万富翁在这次股东大会上表示,他计划未来至少四、五年将继续担任特斯拉公司CEO。 /201406/306057China’s internet tsar has lashed out at US cyber hacking allegations against his country, saying it was in fact the “world’s largest victim” of the practice.中国国家互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜抨击了美国针对中国的网络攻击指控,他表示,实际上,中国是网络攻击的“主要受害国”。Lu Wei, who boasts the imposing title of minister of cyberspace, told a Beijing press conference that in the past month, 10,000 websites had been hacked in China, along with 80 per cent of government sites. He said the majority of the attacks originated in the US.他在北京的一个新闻发布会上表示,中国每月有1万多个网站被篡改,80%的政府网站受到过攻击。他表示,攻击的主要来源是美国。“There are some who accuse China of hacking, and here I must stress that we do not permit hacking of others’ networks to attain information,” said Mr Lu, adding: “China is the world’s main victim of cyber hacking.”鲁炜表示:“有些人诬蔑中国实施黑客攻击,我要强调的是,中国不允许非法网络攻击,不允许通过网络来窃取他国的秘密。”他补充称:“中国是网络攻击的主要受害国。”US authorities have consistently alleged the contrary: that China-based internet hackers – some with clear links to the government – have been responsible for internet-based espionage as well as attempts to disable US networks. In May, the US indicted five Chinese nationals on cyber espionage charges, saying they were soldiers in China’s army.美国政府则一直持相反的看法:位于中国的互联网黑客(其中一些明显与中国政府有关系)发动了互联网间谍活动,并企图令美国网络瘫痪。今年5月,美国指控5名中国公民参与网络间谍活动,称他们系中国军人。Mr Lu said smoothing out the Sino-US relationship was a priority and, to this end, the government had organised a conference, to be held in the scenic town of Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, near the headquarters of ecommerce giant Alibaba, for three days starting on November 19.鲁炜表示,中美关系顺利发展是优先任务,为此,中国政府将在浙江美丽的乌镇举办世界互联网大会,11月19日开幕,为期3天。乌镇距离电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)总部不远。Key government figures, as well as the chairmen of China’s three largest companies – Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent – had all agreed to attend, he said. The goal would be to “showcase the results of the first 20 years of the development of the Chinese internet”.他表示,许多国际政要以及中国三大互联网企业——百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)——的董事长都同意参加此次大会。大会的目的是“展现中国互联网20年来的发展成果”。Despite the war of words between Beijing and Washington, he stressed the majority of the guests at the Wuzhen summit would be from the US.尽管中美之间存在分歧,但他强调,在此次乌镇峰会上,美国来的客人将是最多的。As to China’s internet restrictions, Mr Lu took a position, common for Chinese officials, who do not publicly confirm the existence of wide-ranging censorship popularly known as the “great firewall”.在谈到中国的互联网限制措施时,鲁炜的态度与其他中国官员的普遍态度一致,即不公开实存在广泛的审查制度,这一制度被称为“防火长城”。“I have never tried to log on to Facebook, so I don’t know if it has been shut off,” he answered in response to a question about why the US social networking site had been blocked in China.他在回答有关美国社交网站Facebook在中国无法访问的问题时表示:“我没有用过这些网站的体验,我不知道它们是不是被关闭。”“We will not allow foreign companies to take over the market, take the Chinese people’s money and cause harm to the Chinese people,” he said, when asked vaguely about restrictions on foreign internet sites.在有记者含糊地问到有关针对外国互联网网站的限制时,他回答:“我们现在不能允许的是,既占了中国市场,又挣了中国的钱,还来伤害中国,这种情况我们是不能允许的。” /201411/339510安徽池州市妇幼保健院官网专家在线咨询

池州市青阳医院有几个主任石台县妇幼保健院是正规医院吗Earlier this month, Bill Gates got emotional talking about Steve Jobs.本月早些时候,比尔#8226;盖茨满含深情地谈论了史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯。;He and I, in a sense, grew up together,; Gates said. ;We were within a year of the same age, and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies. And every fantasy we had about creating products and learning new things — we achieved all of it. And most of it as rivals. But we always retained a certain respect and communication, including even when he was sick.;“我和他,在某种意义上,是一起成长的,”盖茨说。“我们同岁同时代,都有些幼稚的乐观,创立了大的科技公司。对于开发产品以及学习新东西的所有设想,我们都已经实现。尽管大部分时候我们是竞争对手,但仍然保持了一定的相互尊重和沟通,即使是在他生病之后。”There#39;s no relationship in history like that of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.从历史上来讲,还从未出现过像乔布斯和盖茨这样的友谊。As partners and rivals, they built the personal computing industry with two totally different styles.作为合作伙伴和竞争对手,他们二人用两种完全不同的风格建立了属于自己的科技帝国。Jobs was a working-class kid from California who believed in tight control over all products, and put a premium on design.乔布斯是一个来自加利福尼亚州工薪阶层家庭的孩子,他相信对所有产品都应该严格控制并且着重于设计。Bill Gates was an upper class kid from Washington who believed in open products, and didn#39;t worry too much about great design.比尔盖茨是一个来自华盛顿的上层阶级的孩子,相信开放的产品,并没有担心太多伟大的设计。;Each one thought he was smarter than the other one, but Steve generally treated Bill as someone who was slightly inferior, especially in matters of taste and style,; said early Macintosh employee Andy Hertzfield in Walter Isaacson#39;s Steve Jobs bio. He added, ;Bill looked down on Steve because he couldn’t actually program.;“所有人都认为史蒂夫比比尔更聪明些,不过史蒂夫仅认为比尔在品味和风格方面略逊一筹,” Mac团队早期队员Andy Hertzfeld在沃尔特#8226;艾萨克森的《乔布斯传》中表示,他补充道,“比尔也瞧不起史蒂夫,因为乔布斯自己不会编程。”Gates e inspired us to take a look back at some of the best es from Gates and Jobs about each other in Isaacson#39;s book to get a deeper sense of what the men really thought of each other.盖茨的发言让我们忍不住想要回顾下双方在艾萨克森书里对对方曾发表过的看法,探究一下二人眼中真实的对方到底是什么样的。 /201305/241738<牛人_句子>石台做人流医院<牛人_句子>清风清溪街道牛头山镇不孕不育医院预约挂号

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