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Internet giant Alibaba files IPO China#39;s Alibaba will soon sell shares in what could be the biggest tech IPO ever. CNN#39;s Jim Boulden reports.Imagine for a moment, if amazon, ebay and paypal all started trading shares on the same day, well, the Chinese equivalent, is closer to doing just that.Alibaba is not only China’s biggest online marketplace, it’s also the biggest in the world. Its upcoming initial public offering is going to be one of the biggest tech IPOs ever.Jack Ma is a former English teacher started in his apartment, and right now it’s got the transaction volume of about 2 amazon.coms, so if you think about it, it’s huge. And it controls about 80% of online business in China.Here are some other numbers. In the 4th quarter of 2013, alibaba’s revenue soared 66% compared to Q4 2012 to billion, .4 billion of that was profits, and it’s estimated more than half of the parcels delivered in china are done by alibaba’s various companies. And the wall street journal estimates alibaba’s various arms ship in volume more than amazon an ebay combined. Add to that, its online payment arm alipay is estimated to handle half of all of china’s online payments. Well, alibaba may not be well-known in the west, its connection to Yahoo is legendary. The US internet firm owns a 24% stake in alibaba, that stake has been one of the few bright spot for Yahoo, and its fifth CEO in 5 years, Marissa Myer, until this year, the only way to grab a slice of Alibaba’s success was to buy shares in Yahoo and Yahoo is now in for a huge payday.Yahoo’s windfall probably you know, could be somewhere between 10 billion and 20 billion dollars depending on how that comes to the market place. What are they gonna do with that money, are they gonna invest it, can you get a piece of alibaba, if you’re only Yahoo, you might be able to get a piece of alibaba, if they decide to return some of the capital to the shareholders.And what could alibaba do with all that cash and all those shares?Acquisitions in the west as it looks to get even bigger.Jim Bolden CNN, London. /201405/296883Commercial air fresheners just make your home smell like a public restroom, but there is a simple—and natural—way to keep your house smelling sweet for weeks.商业化的空气清新剂只会让你的家闻上去像公共卫生间一样,但是有一个简单天然的方法可以让你的房间几周内都闻上去非常甜美。You Will Need你需要2 cinnamon sticks2根肉桂棒2 tbsp. ground cloves2汤匙丁香粉Piece of cheesecloth at least 6; square一块至少6平方英寸的粗棉布Some string一些绳子A small saucepan一个小平底锅4 c. water4杯水A decorative bowl一个装饰碗And dried fruit peels and flower petals such as rose or lavender干水果皮和花瓣,例如玫瑰花或薰衣草Whole spices like cardamom and star anise整颗的香料,例如豆蔻和八角茴香Steps步骤STEP 1 Make bundle1.制作成包Tie the cinnamon sticks and cloves together in the cheesecloth to create a spice bundle.把肉桂棒和丁香粉一起绑在粗棉布中,形成一个香料包。If you like, add whole spices like cardamom or star anise to your bundle.如果你喜欢的话,可以向香料包中添加整颗的香料,例如豆蔻或八角茴香。STEP 2 Put bundle in pot2.放入锅中Drop the bundle into a saucepan containing four cups of water.把香料包放入装有四杯水的平底锅中。STEP 3 Simmer3.小火煮Bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for an hour and a half. Your home will fill with fragrance as the steam dissipates.将水煮沸。小火慢煮一个半小时。随着蒸汽蔓延,家中会充满香气。Be sure to check the water level periodically. Add more water if it threatens to dry up--you don#39;t want a scorched smell.定时检查水量。如果水快干了,及时加水,否则锅会烧焦。STEP 4 Remove bundle4.取出香料包Carefully remove the hot spice bundle from the saucepan, and allow it to cool.小心地从平底锅中取出热香料包,冷却。STEP 5 Put spices in bowl5.向碗里添加香料Turn the spices out of the cheesecloth into a decorative bowl.将粗棉布中的香料取出来,倒入装饰碗中。STEP 6 Add peels and petals6.添加果皮和花瓣Add dried fruit peels and flower petals to the bowl and mix them in with the spices.向碗里加入干果皮和花瓣,与香料混合均匀。Dry your own peels and petals by leaving a thin layer of them in a sunny spot for several weeks.可以自己晒制干果皮和花瓣,在有阳光的地方散开薄薄的一层,晒几个星期就可以了。STEP 7 Enjoy fragrance7.享受香味Place the bowl in your bedroom, bath, or living room--and enjoy the natural fragrance for weeks!把这个碗放在卧室,浴室或客厅中,几周的时间内都可以享受这种自然的香味!视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/294974

Brazil are the masters of world football.巴西是世界足坛的大师。They have qualified for each and every FIFA World Cup,won it five times and been runners-up twice.他们参加过每一次世界杯决赛阶段的比赛,赢得了五次冠军和两次亚军。They have won the tournament of four continent’s,have more vitories and have scored more goals than anybody.他们还赢得过四次美洲杯冠军,胜绩和进球都多于任何一球队。重点词汇:FIFA 国际足联例:FIFA chose russia to host the 2018 world cup.国际足联选择由俄罗斯主办2018年世界杯。master 大师例:The young writer learned a great deal from the works by masters in literature.这位青年作家从文学大师的作品中学到了许多东西。视频介绍:德国世界杯八分之一决赛巴西与加纳的比赛在多特蒙德世界杯体育场进行,巴西队凭借上半场罗纳尔多和阿德里亚诺的进球,下半场十一号泽-罗伯托再下一城,最终以3比0淘汰加纳挺进八强。 Article/201403/278927

ANNOUNCER: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I became a U.S. state in 1912. 我于1912年成为美国的一个州。I#39;m one of the ;Four Corners; states. 我是“四角落”州中的一个。And I#39;m surrounded by Arizona, Colorado and Texas. 我被亚利桑那州、科罗拉多州和德克萨斯州所环绕。My nickname is ;Land of Enchantment.; 我的昵称是“魅力之城“。I#39;m New Mexico. And I#39;m the fifth largest state in size.我是新墨西哥州。我是面积第五大的州。AZUZ: The fifth largest state is under a statewide disaster declaration. 这个第五大州正在宣布进入灾难状态。That means government funds will be made available to help people, and that#39;s after severe floods washed through parts of New Mexico. 那表示政府基金会用来帮助人们,那是在严重的洪灾冲过新墨西哥州部分地区以后。People in the town of Madrid are cleaning up from water, mud and coal. 马德里镇的人们正在清理水、泥和煤。Piles of it from nearby abandoned mines broke loose and flowed across people#39;s property. 附近废弃的矿井变得不结实,被冲倒人们的物品上。Officials say the coal doesn#39;t pose any additional health risks. 有关人士表示煤并不会造成额外的健康风险。 /201309/258129

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