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But in time parallel universes will make a spectacular comeback.This time theyll be different.Theyll be even stranger that Elvis being alive.Theres an old proverb that says ;Be careful what you wishful,in case your wish comes true.;The most farther wish physics has long been that they could find a single elegant theory which would sum up everything in our universe.It was this dream which would lead unwittingly to the rediscovery of parallel universes.Its a dream which is driven work of almost every physicist.但适时地,平行宇宙又会非常精的卷土重来。但这次它却完全不同。更奇怪的是,埃尔维斯活着。一种古老的谚语有云:;小心你的殷切希望,以免它成真时候追悔莫及。;最长远的目标是他们一直希望能找到一种完美的理论,能够涵盖一切宇宙。这个梦想将直接导致无意中平行的宇宙的再发现。这是驱动几乎每一个物理学家工作的梦想。;When I was a child of eight,my elementary school teacher came in the room and announced that a great scientist has just died.And on the evening news of that night everyone was flashing pictures of his desk with the unfinished manuscript of his greatest work.I wanna to know what was in that manuscript.Years later I found that it was a tempt of Albert Einstein to creat a theory of everything,the theory of the universe,and I wanna to be part of that quest.;;当我还是个8岁孩子的时候,我的小学老师走进房间并宣布一位伟大的科学家刚刚离开人世。那一夜在晚间新闻中,每个人脑中都在回忆闪动着他桌旁未完成的最伟大工作的情境。我想知道这手稿到底是什么。多年后我发现对于阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦创建万物论的原理,整个宇宙原理来说, 它都是一种诱惑,我想成为研究的其中一分子。;Einstein never achieved his goal of a theory of everything,but again and again others have thought they were on the brink of this ultimate achievement.This was always wishful thinking.Until recently,a revolution occured in the 1980s.In universities across the world new ideas in science streamed forth.Finally it seemed everything in the universe was about to be explained.爱因斯坦对于万物论从未到达他的目标,但一次又一次,人们总以为自己已经站在这个终极成就的大门外。然而这总是一厢情愿的想法。直到最近,20世纪80年代发生了一场革命。在大学科学世界的新思想流露出来。最后似乎宇宙中所有的东西都需要一个解释。词语解释:universe n. 宇宙proverb n. 谚语163917。

  • Arava, the disabled tortoise is using her new set of wheels to get around in more ways than one. Keepers at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo say the 10-year-old Spurred Tortoise was fitted with custom wheels to overcome paralysis of her hind legs. The 55-pound tortoise is unable to move herself forward with just her front legs, so the zoo staff built her a metal frame with two wheels that can be strapped around her shell. “We don't really know the reason why it's paralyzed, why this tortoise is paralyzed. We tried to find out to determine what is the cause. We didn't find it. So instead of just leaving it to move only with her front legs, we invented if we may say so ,ur, wheels, that were attached to her rear legs and it's allowed, and supposed to move almost freely in the enclosure." Yedvad says it's not that Arava has come out of her shell with her unique new wheelchair, but that a particularly amorous 10-year-old male has been after her since her arrival. But despite some improvement, Arava still finds it difficult at times to use the new device. The handicapped tortoise is not able to writhe herself without assistance and the employees at the zoo have to do it. "The wheelchair is a little bit heavy so I hope in the future it will have a lighter one." 200812/59069。
  • U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said while much has been done to combat racism and xenophobia, much remains to be done. He spoke on the 10th anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action.联合国秘书长潘基文说,虽然联合国在打击种族主义和排外主义上有了很大的成就。但是还有许多事有待完成。潘基文在德班宣言及行动纲领十周年纪念仪式上,发表谈话。The document was adopted in Durban in 2001 at the U.N. World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. At the time it was called an “innovative and action oriented agenda to combat all forms of racism.”这项宣言是于2001年在南非德班举行的联合国世界反种族主义、种族歧视、排外和有关不容忍大会上通过的。当时这项运动被称为“革新和以行动为前提,对抗所有形态的种族主义的行动纲领”。Then and now“Ten years ago, in adopting the Durban declaration and Program of Action against Racism, the international community acknowledged that no country could claim to be free of discrimination and in tolerance. Ten years later, that is still the case,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.潘基文秘书长说:“10年以前,当我们通过了这项反种族主义的宣言和行动纲领时,国际社会中没有一个国家能宣称自己不存在歧视和不容忍的现象。10年以后,情况仍然如此。”The world today, he said, is better prepared to “prosecute and protect” against genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and contemporary forms of slavery -- and is more aware of the subtle face to face and institutionalized forms of discrimination.潘基文说,今天的世界已经比较能够针对种族灭绝、种族隔离、族裔清除以及各种形式的奴役制度,采取起诉和对被害者的保护措施。也更能揭发隐含性面对面方式,以及制度化的歧视案件。“We must acknowledge that intolerance has increased in many parts of the world over the past decade. The resurgence and persistence of such inhuman attitudes and detrimental practices indicate that we have not done enough to stem the tide,” he said.潘基文说:“我们必须承认,过去十年来,世界上很多地区的不容忍现象增加了。这类非人道态度和伤害性的持续不断行为显示,我们在遏制这种潮流方面,做得还不够。”He cited examples of discrimination against Africans and people of African descent, Asians, indigenous people, the Roma and others.他举出对非洲人、非洲后裔、亚洲人、各地土著和吉普赛人的歧视为例。201109/155237。
  • Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!I can see this… Yeah, that's more like a camel-hoof girl? Now, it must be amazing going out with a Spice Girl, but in an ideal world and no disrespect to your bitch, wouldn't…, in an ideal world, wouldn't you rather be with Baby? No. So how many does Spice Girls turned you down before you went to your Posh? you went to Scary first, well? No,it's just this one… Now, does you go to watch him play football? Yeah I do. Whenever I can, coz Brooklyn loves going to watch him, so, as much as we can. Me heard there is an insulting song that they sing about you. As you heard it, what is the words? They say Posh Spice "takes it up the arse" That, you, that you take up the arse. That's what they say. 02/62178。
  • 如今,海外留学并不能保就能找到高薪工作。最近一项留学生就业调查表明,许多海外留学生的工资期望已和国内毕业生持平。Graduates of Overseas Studies Seek Jobs for Lower Salary About 600 students have come to the British Council of Shanghai's job fair for graduates returning from studies in Britain. Most have lowered their salary expectations. The starting level for these returned students is as much as domestic university graduates earn. Jobs in finance, banking, trade and education have become popular among returned students this year. Most companies claim to provide monthly salaries of about 3,000 yuan, which is equivalent to the amount for domestic university graduates. An employer says:"We provide a starting salary of about 2,500 to 3,000 yuan. The highest salary we can pay won't be more than 8,000 yuan."Considering the expense of studying overseas, it's far below their original expectations. But most students say career opportunities and development are what they are most concerned with nowadays, not salary. "Studying abroad is a kind of experience in life, it's not for making money.""Anyways, I have no work experience, so the salary is acceptable. This is just a starting level. And what I care the most about is if the position provides me an opportunity to develop."Some students accept low-paid positions just because they want to stay in big cities. A recruiter from a French company suggests these returned students cherish the process of accumulating work experience, no matter which city they work in. "We expect students returned from their overseas studies to start from a basic position. They are expected to have a hard-working attitude. No matter which city they work in, no matter what position they are in, working is actually a process of accumulating experience."Nowadays, more and more overseas students have come back to China because they can get more career opportunities in their home country, especially students who speak languages like Korean and Japanese. Due to increasing demand for students who have mastered the less popular languages in China, some countries have released preferential policies to attract Chinese students to study abroad. While Japan has lowered their requirement for Chinese students entering Japanese universities, Korea has provided more scholarships in hopes of attracting more Chinese students. For China Drive, I am Zhang Wan.201003/98310。
  • Yoursquo;re a polar explorer and yoursquo;ve just reached the north pole. The huskies are yapping, the cameras are y and yoursquo;re just about to unfurl the flag when, all of a sudden, the north pole becomes the south pole. Imagine your chagrin. Okay, so it doesnrsquo;t really happen that fast, but itrsquo;s true that in the past the earthrsquo;s magnetic poles have switched places. In fact, it seems to happen roughly every 250,000 years or so. How do we know this? When lava is in its molten state, the atoms in it can move around fairly easily. At this time some atoms, like iron, will align themselves with the earthrsquo;s magnetic field in a recognizable way. Then, as the lava solidifies into rock, these little compasses get frozen in position. Itrsquo;s like writing your name in wet cement.【词汇注释】unfurl v. 展开all of a sudden 突然chagrin n. 懊恼roughly adv. 大概lava n. 熔岩align v.排列solidify v.凝固你是名极地探险者,你刚刚到达北极。爱斯基犬在狂吠,相机已经准备好了,你正要展开旗帜,突然,北极变成了南极。想象下你的懊恼。事实上,磁场变换并没有那么快。但是在过去地球的磁场确实发生了变换,事实上,大概每25万年左右,磁场就要发生改变。我们是如何知道的?当熔岩处于融化状态时,其中的原子能轻易地移动。这时候,有些原子比如铁原子,以一种可识别的方式按照地球磁场的方向排列,当熔岩凝固成岩石时,这些小的指南针会在原地冷凝。这就像将你的名字写在湿的水泥上。201111/161121。
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