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Finn: Welcome to The English We Speak. Im Finn.芬:大家好,欢迎来到“我们所说的英语”栏目。我是芬。Feifei: Im Feifei.菲菲:我是菲菲。Finn: Weve just had a fantastic meal.芬:我们刚刚吃的饭太棒了!Feifei: So full. How much did we eat?菲菲:好饱啊,我们吃了多少钱?Finn: Well, we started with a big pot of chicken soup, then some lovely Vietnamese fried spring rolls, a plate of gorgeous Polish dumplings, oh, and a huge steak, then half a pizza, some roast potatoes...芬:嗯,我们开始喝了一大盆鸡汤,然后是一些可爱的越南炸春卷,一盘超棒的波兰饺子,和一大块牛排,接着是半块披萨,一些烤土豆......Feifei: Ooh, Finn stop…菲菲:噢,芬,停下来,别说了......Finn: …fish pie, ooh and some sushi, that was nice… mmm and ice-cream…芬:鱼肉派,一些寿司,那很美味的,还有冰激凌......Feifei: Dont mention all that food! Im so, so full. Im exhausted. I need to sleep! (yawning)菲菲:不要再提那些食物了!我太饱了,我好累,我需要睡觉!(大喊)Finn: Really? Im full of beans!芬:真的吗?我精神饱满!Feifei: Beans? Thats the one thing we didnt eat!菲菲:豆子?我们没有吃豆子啊!Finn: Oh yes, we didnt. Yes, well what I meant was – Im full of energy. Full of beans is an expression meaning full of energy and enthusiasm. Isnt that right Feifei? Feifei? Hello?芬:是的,我们没吃。我指的是我充满了能量。慢慢的豆子是一个词组可以用来表示充满力量和。对吧,菲菲?菲菲?你还在吗?Feifei: (snoring)菲菲:(打鼾)Finn: Well I think shes fallen asleep. While she rests, Ill play some examples...Beatrice worked an 18-hour day yesterday and then went to a rock concert. She must have only had two hours sleep. How come shes so full of beans today?Im not very lively in the mornings, but my children are always full of beans as soon as they wake up!I love Martin, hes always full of beans. Its so much fun having him around.芬:我觉得她睡着了。趁她在休息,我来举几个例子。碧翠斯昨天工作了18个时然后去听了一场摇滚音乐会。她一定只睡了两个小时。她究竟为什么今天还能这么精神饱满呢? 我早晨不太有活力,但是我的孩子们总是一醒来就生龙活虎的。 我爱马丁,他总是精神饱满,和他在一起感觉很有趣。Finn:Feifei?芬:菲菲?Feifei: Oh hi. Where am I? What am I doing in the… oh, were in the studio. I was dreaming about beans.菲菲:噢,你好。我在哪?我在干什么......哦,我们在演播室。我刚刚梦到了豆子。Finn: Im not surprised! Tell you what, why dont you just go back to sleep.芬:我并不感到惊讶!告诉你,你为什么不继续睡觉去。Feifei: (snoring)菲菲:(打鼾)Finn: (whispering) Ok, well hope youve enjoyed learning a new phrase today and that youre all full of beans! If you are, come and visit our website bbclearningenglish.com. Right, Im off for a 10 km run. Full of beans, me. Bye!芬:(私语)好的,希望你们喜欢今天学到的新短语,也希望你们一直精神饱满!如果是的话,请访问我们的网站bbclearningenglish.com。对了,我要去参加10千米的长跑了,我精神饱满!再见!Feifei: (snoring loudly)菲菲:(大声打鼾) /201311/266510

14. If I buy more than one, will you give me a discount?多买一点有折扣吗?还能这样说:Can I get a discount if I buy more than one?Can you reduce the price if I buy more than one?15. I cant afford it at that price.我付不起那样的价格。还能这样说:That price is beyond my ability.The price is beyond what I could pay.16. We regret that the price is only one here.很遗憾这里不讲价。还能这样说:We are sorry that the price is non-negotiable.We regret that we have only one price.应用:refuse with many regrets 婉言谢绝17. The price you offered is difficult to accept.你还的价格我们无法接受。还能这样说:It is difficult to accept the price you offered.We are unable to accept the price you offered.应用:accept everything 来者不拒;accept bribes 贪赃;收受贿赂18. We two can make some concession to conclude a deal.我们双方可以做些让步以达成交易。还能这样说:We two can meet each other halfway to make a deal.We two can compromise to conclude a deal.应用:strike compromise 达成协议;compromise with...on 在……方面同……妥协 /201402/274986

1 去上班情境句型:faxCan you fax this to Mr. Chen by 9 o clock?你可以在9点前把这份文件传真给陈先生吗?set upHello, can you make a phone call to Mr. Brown and set up the meeing time?你好,你可以打电话给布朗先生并定下会议时间吗?search forCan you search for the information about this company online?你可以上网找一下有关这家公司的资料吗?are going toWe are going to have a meeting about the contract with BMY at 9 am.我们将在9点和BMY召开关于合同的会议。tell meExcuse me, can you please tell me where the copy machine is?不好意思,你能告诉我复印机在哪里吗?destroyThose are used documents. Please destroy them by using the paper shredder because they contain some destroy important informaion.那些都是用过的资料,请用碎纸机销毁,因为那些数据含有重要信息。employeeBMY is a very big company. There are 200,000 employees in this company.BMY是一家很大的公司。这家公司里有200,000名员工。brieflyIn the meeting, I want to briefly show my ideas by using the OHP (Over Head Projector).在这次会议中,我想简单的用投影机展示我的想法。filesCan you put those files in the filing cabinet over there?你能把这些文件放置在那边的文件柜中吗?wait forPlease ask the receptionist to wait for an important customer at the recepion counter.请叫接待员在接待处等候重要的贵宾。meeingWhat time is the meeing?会议是什么时候呢?aboutWhat is this meeting about?这次会议是关于什么呢? /201309/255859

Bridget: Do you think people will notice?布里奇特:人们会注意到吗?Daniel: Notice what?丹尼尔:注意到什么?Bridget: Us.布里奇特:我们。Daniel: Working together sleeping together.丹尼尔:一起工作一起睡觉。Daniel: Hang on a minute, Jones.丹尼尔:等一等。Daniel: Just slow down. It started on Tuesday, and now its Thursday.丹尼尔:慢点,我们周二开始的,现在才周四。Daniel: Its not exactly, a long term relationship yet, is it?丹尼尔:恋情尚短,不能算是长期恋爱。Bridget: You very bad man.布里奇特:你真坏。内容来自: /201209/201360

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