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中山妇幼保健院泌尿外科江门哪些医院有中医Having a cold beer after a hot bath is a nightly ritual for many Japanese, and now the country has found a way to further indulge -- soaking in the suds themselves.In Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a mountainous hot spring resort just a day trip from Tokyo, a spa park is offering a bathtub, shaped like a beer mug, filled with heated amber water and white foam with the aroma of hops and barley.The resort is also pouring and spraying real beer into the bath and onto the customers three times a day until December 31.The beer bath installation, which began late last month, pays homage to the "beer fights" of professional baseball season winners."We wanted ordinary people to enjoy the fun," the spa said in a statement.The facility says the beer bath moisturises and cleanses the skin.The theme park-style facility, which features various tubs of hot spring water, annually celebrates the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau with a real sommelier pouring the fresh wine into its open-air "wine spa."The Yunessun also offers baths of coffee, tea and Japanese sake. 很多日本人习惯晚上洗个热水澡后喝杯冰镇啤酒。现在,日本人又多了一个畅享啤酒的方式——“啤酒浴”。距离东京仅有一天路程的神奈川县箱根町是一个多山的温泉胜地。这里的一家温泉公园设了一种啤酒杯状的浴缸,浴缸内盛满了散发着啤酒花和大麦清香的热啤酒。工作人员还将啤酒倒进浴缸并向客人身上喷洒,这一务每天提供三次,截止到12月31日。“温泉啤酒浴”务于上个月末推出,其灵感主要来自于职业棒球的赛季冠军们“洒啤酒”庆祝胜利的做法。温泉公园在一份声明中说:“我们想让普通人也体会一下这种乐趣。”据介绍,洗啤酒浴能够清洁并滋润肌肤。该公园提供各式的“主题温泉浴”设施。在一年一度的宝祖利新酒上市庆祝仪式上,一名斟酒员会将新鲜的酒倒进公园的露天“酒温泉”里。箱根町温泉胜地还向游客提供咖啡浴、茶浴及日本米酒浴。 /200803/29225广东江门割痔疮多少钱 江门正规不育孕不育医院

江门哪个医院治疗包皮江门市妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 The technology industry always has its eyes on the future, but few foresaw the scene that played out on Wednesday afternoon in Trump Tower.科技行业总是着眼未来,但很少有人能够预见到周三下午发生在特朗普大厦的一幕。One by one, the leaders of the world’s most elite and successful technology companies trooped up to the 25th floor to meet President-elect Donald J. Trump, who had criticized them and who they, in turn, had criticized. The executives did not acknowledge or speak to the press on the way in.全球最顶尖、最成功的科技公司的领导者相继抵达这座大厦的25楼,会见候任总统唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump),他曾经批评过他们,而他们也反过来批评他。进入大厦时他们没有向媒体致意或讲话。First everyone went around the room and introduced themselves — Jeff Bezos, of Amazon; Elon Musk, of Tesla; Tim Cook, of Apple; Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook; Larry Page of Alphabet, Google’s parent company; Satya Nadella, of Microsoft, and other tech leaders. Mr. Trump was seated next to Peter Thiel, the tech investor who is a member of the president-elect’s transition team. Three of Mr. Trump’s children also attended.一开始大家纷纷在会议室内相互致意――亚马逊的杰夫#8226;贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos);特斯拉(Tesla)的埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk);苹果的蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook);Facebook的谢莉尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg);谷歌母公司Alphabet的拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page);微软的萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella),以及其他科技公司领导者。坐在特朗普旁边的是彼得#8226;蒂尔(Peter Thiel),这位科技业投资者是候任总统过渡团队中的成员。特朗普的三个子女也在场。The president-elect greeted the executives effusively after they were seated around a long rectangular conference table.高管们在长长的长方形会议桌旁就坐,候任总统热情地跟他们打招呼。“This is a truly amazing group of people,” Mr. Trump said. “I won’t tell you the hundreds of calls we’ve had asking to come to this meeting.” Everyone laughed.“这可真是特别棒的一群人,”特朗普说。“我们接到几百个电话要求参加这次会议,这个我就不跟你们多说了。”所有人都笑了。“I’m here to help you folks do well,” Mr. Trump said, adding somewhat cryptically: “And you’re doing well right now and I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce. So right now everybody in this room has to like me — at least a little bit — but we’re going to try and have that bounce continue.”“我的责任是帮你们成功,”特朗普含糊其辞地补充说:“你们现在就很成功,这种转变让我不胜荣幸。他们都在说转变的事。所以眼下这个房间里的每个人都应该喜欢我――至少有那么一点――但我们要试着让转变持续下去。”Shortly after that, the press was ushered out of the room. It wasn’t immediately clear what unfolded after that.不久后,媒体就被请出了房间。目前还不清楚其后屋子里发生了什么事。The technology world had been in turmoil as the meeting drew near. Some argued the chief executives should boycott the event to show their disdain for Mr. Trump’s values. Others maintained they should go and forthrightly make their values clear. And still others thought they should attend and make their accommodations with the new reality.随着会议临近,科技界一直处于混乱之中。有人认为,首席执行官们应该抵制这次会面,以表明他们鄙视特朗普的价值观。有人则认为他们应该去,并且直率地表明自己的价值观。还有一些人认为,他们应该前往,并且适应新的现实。“There is a wide spectrum of feeling in the Valley,” said Aaron Levie, chief executive of the cloud storage company Box.云存储公司Box的首席执行官阿隆#8226;列维(Aaron Levie)说,“硅谷之内对此有各种不同的感受。”Complicating the debate was the fact that the most fervently anti-Trump elements in Silicon Valley seem to be the start-ups and venture capitalists, few of which were invited to the meeting.令这场辩论更加复杂的是,硅谷最狂热的特朗普反对者们似乎是那些创业公司和风险资本家,他们几乎没有被邀请参加会议。In the days and hours before the meeting, various factions made their positions clear. A group of engineers and other tech workers issued a statement asserting they would refuse to participate in the creation of databases that could be used by the government to target people based on their race, religion or national origin.在会议之前的几天乃至几个小时里,各种派别都做了明确表态。一群工程师和其他技术工作者发表声明,称如果数据库会被用来根据种族、宗教信仰或原国籍对人民进行区别对待,他们会拒绝参与这种数据库的创建。The proclamation immediately drew more than 500 signatories, including employees at Google, Apple and Microsoft. During the campaign, Mr. Trump did not rule out the idea of a database of Muslims.该声明立即吸引了500多位签名者,包括谷歌、苹果和微软的员工。在竞选期间,特朗普曾表示不排除建立穆斯林数据库的做法。Another group of entrepreneurs assembled virtually this week with the same goal of preventing any erosion of civil liberties. They also accepted “a responsibility to partner with communities where the effects of rapidly changing technologies have hurt our fellow Americans.” Among those signing were Aileen Lee, a venture capitalist; Dave McClure, of the 500 Start-Ups incubator; and Lenny Mendonca, an angel investor.另一群企业家亦在本周聚集在一起,他们同上述声明者的目标几乎是一样的,都是为了防止任何对公民自由的侵害。他们也相信“当技术的快速变化对我们的美国同胞造成了伤害时”,我们有责任与受影响的社区进行合作”。签名者包括风险资本家艾琳#8226;李(Aileen Lee);“创业500”(500 Start-Ups)孵化器的戴夫#8226;麦克卢尔(Dave McClure)和天使投资者莱尼#8226;门东萨(Lenny Mendonca)。Mr. Levie, of Box, a Hillary Clinton supporter who this week joined the executive council of the bipartisan policy group TechNet, believes in engagement with the new administration. “We have to face reality that this is the next four years, and the best way to make sure our values are upheld is actually push on them,” he said.作为希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的持者,Box公司的列维本周加入了两党政策集团TechNet的执行委员会,他认为应该与新政府进行接触。“我们必须面对现实,未来四年就是这样的,确保我们的价值观得到维护的最好方法就是切实地推广它们,”他说。Other tech chief executives were also taking the same route of working with the new administration. Hours before Mr. Trump’s meeting with tech leaders, the president-elect announced that Mr. Musk and Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, would be among those joining his Strategic and Policy Forum, which is aly stacked with businesspeople from finance and other industries. Ginni Rometty, the chief executive of IBM, had previously joined the forum.其他科技公司的首席执行官也同样采取了同样的方式与新政府合作。在与科技领袖们会面几小时之前,特朗普宣布马斯克和优步的首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)将加入他的战略与政策论坛(Strategic and Policy Forum),该论坛中已有一批来自金融业和其他行业的商人。IBM的首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)之前亦加入了该论坛。While few in tech publicly supported Mr. Trump, his election is prodding the industry to realize it was isolating itself. For all of tech’s success in defining the first years of the 21st century, there were too many people who felt left behind.虽然科技界很少有人公开持特朗普,但他的当选促使该行业意识到自己正在日益孤立。尽管科技成功决定了21世纪最初数年的面貌,但是有太多人产生了被遗弃的感觉。“There is a growing divide between those who get to participate in our growth and those stuck in legacy industries,” said Mr. Levie. “Bridging that gap will require better partnership and better collaborations.”“参与了我们的发展的人,和那些被困在传统行业内的人之间,分歧越来越大,”列维说。“在这一鸿沟上架起桥梁需要更好的伙伴关系与更好的合作。” /201612/484296江门福康医院哪个医生看不孕不育好

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