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Is your profile photo bright and cheery, or is it a brooding work of social media art?你的头像照片明亮愉快吗?抑或是社交媒体艺术育的成果?According to a new study, these distinctions contain key clues about your personality and can reveal whether you’re conscientious, extraverted, or even neurotic.根据一项新研究,这些差别隐藏着关于你性格的关键线索,可以透露出你是尽责型,外向型,还是神经质的人。Using thousands of Twitter profile pictures, an international team of researchers found that personality traits can be accurately predicted based on differences in aesthetic and facial presentation.一个跨国研究团队观察了几千张推特个人资料里的头像照片,发现基于美学和面部展示方式的差异,可以准确推测性格特征。In a recent paper, Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice, researchers analysed a data set of more than 66,000 Twitter users, and collected up to 3,200 of the most recent tweets for each person.在最近发表的研究论文——《通过社交媒体头像选择分析用户性格》中,研究者们分析了6.6万推特用户的数据,收集了每个用户最近写的3200条推特(如果有这么多的话)。Along with this, 434 Twitter users were given a psychological survey to determine their scores among the Big Five personality traits.除此之外,434名推特用户接受了心理测验,根据结果来确定他们是五大人格特质中的哪一个。These include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.这些特质包括外向型、宜人型、尽责型、神经质型和开放型。Profile pictures are likely an important indicator of personality, as they are chosen by the user to represent their online persona, the researchers explain.研究人员解释道,头像照片很可能是人格的重要指标,因为用户选择它们来代表自己在网上的形象。So, they looked only at profile photos, and divided the features into two categories: general image features and stylistic facial features.因此,他们只看头像照片,并把照片特征分为两类:一类是一般的图像特征,一类是充满个人风格的脸部特征。The researchers analysed the differences in colour, composition, general type (meaning number of faces included), demographics, facial presentation, and expression.研究人员分析了颜色、构图、大体形式(就是照片上有多少张脸)、人口学特征,脸部展示以及表情上的差异。Then, they investigated the correlation between the personality analyses and the features of each image.然后他们探究了人格分析和每张图片的特征之间的相关性。Twitter users that have a profile picture with higher aesthetic quality – increased contrast, sharpness, saturation, less blur – were associated with open personalities, the team found.研究团队发现,头像有更高审美价值的推特用户——图片对比度、清晰度、饱和度较高,模糊的较少,属于开放型人格。This group was also most likely to have a profile picture that contained something other than a face, indicating ‘non-conformance,’ they explain.除了脸,这类人的头像更有可能包含其它事物,暗示他们“不随大流”,他们解释道。But, they were also less colourful, and the facial expressions were higher in negative emotion, particularly anger.但是,他们的头像没那么绚丽多,而且脸部表情表现出更多的消极情绪,尤其是愤怒。As for conscientious users, the researchers found profile pictures were more colourful, natural, and bright.至于尽责型的用户,研究人员发现他们的头像照片更绚丽多、自然、明亮。These users were highly correlated with positive mood expressions, like smiling, and expressed the most emotions out of all the five traits.这些用户与积极表情高度相关,比如微笑,而且是五大人格中情感表达最丰富的一类人。Extraverts were found to have the most colourful images, and tended to have profile pictures that contain multiple people.研究发现,外向型的人头像色最丰富,而且头像照片上往往有好几个人。Users associated with agreeableness were also found to have colourful photos, which were blurry and bright.宜人型的用户头像色也比较多,明亮但比较模糊。Overall, these users express positive emotions.总而言之,这些用户表达的情感都比较积极。Neurotic users, they found, tended to have simpler, uncolourful images.他们发现,神经质型的用户头像往往更简单,色更单调。They were also more likely to opt not to present a face in their photos, and had an overall lack of positive emotions when a face was shown.他们也更倾向于选择没有正脸的照片,即使有,脸上也全然没有积极的表情。Using this information, researchers say profile pictures can be harnessed to make predictions with ‘robust accuracy.’研究人员表示,了解这些信息,就可以利用头像对性格做出“靠谱的”预测。 /201606/446882

The World’s Unhealthiest – and Healthiest – National Dishes世界上最不健康和最健康的国菜It’s increasingly easy to try other countries’ national dishes without leaving your own nation, or even your own home. But which dishes are good for us?现在越来越容易不用离开自己的国家或甚至在家就能吃到别国国菜了。但是,哪些菜是对我们有好处的呢?Here is a selection of some options, followed by calorie content. (As calorie content varies depending on the recipe, the nutritional content has been taken from MyFitnessPal.com unless indicated)本文精选了一些菜肴,菜肴后附注了卡路里含量(因为卡路里含量会随着食谱改变而改变,所以如非特别标注,本文的营养含量都来自于MyFitnessPal.com网站)High calorie: Poutine, Canada高卡路里:加拿大肉汁奶酪薯条Created in Quebec, a province in eastern Canada, poutine is the ultimate comfort food. French fries are topped with cheese curd, then drizzled in light gravy. Such is its popularity there are restaurants dedicated to it, and even McDonald’s sells it. Per serving: 984 cals, 54g fat (generic recipe)肉汁奶酪薯条发源于加拿大东部的魁北克省,是极佳的爽心食物。在法式薯条上淋上干酪凝块,然后浇上少量肉汁。这道菜十分受欢迎,有些餐馆的招牌菜就是肉汁奶酪薯条,甚至麦当劳也有售卖。每份含984卡路里和54克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Biltong, South Africa低卡路里:南非干肉条South Africa’s version of beef jerky is called biltong after the Dutch ‘bil’ (rump) and ‘tong’ (strip). Fillets of meat, ranging from beef to ostrich, are cured and spiced. Biltong is an excellent protein-rich snack, which can now be bought all over the planet. Per 50g serving: 126 cals, 2g fat (generic beef recipe)在南非,牛肉干被称作Biltong,该名取自荷兰的‘bil’(牛臀肉)和‘tong’(条)。干肉条中肉的种类从牛肉到鸵鸟肉都有,都是辣辣的熏肉。Biltong是一种富含蛋白质的零食,现在世界各地都可买得到。每50克含126卡路里,2克脂肪(一般牛肉食谱)。High calorie: Pizza, Italy高卡路里:意大利披萨Delicious as it is, some Italian food isn’t known for being healthy: pizza, pasta and risotto are all calorie-laden, carb-heavy dishes. Pizza is the worst offender – one medium pizza can easily use up half a person’s daily calorie allowance.1 medium pizza: 1122 cals, 39g fat (generic recipe)尽管意大利食物十分美味,但有些食物却并非以健康而闻名:披萨、意大利面和意大利调味饭都是高热量、高碳水化合物的菜肴。披萨是危害健康的最大元凶——一份中号披萨可以很容易的占到个人每日卡路里限额的一半。一份中号披萨含1122卡路里,39克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Gazpacho, Spain低卡路里:西班牙凉菜汤Like France, Spain’s dishes vary depending on the region. Paella is arguably Spain’s most famous dish but for a low-calorie option, eat this chilled vegetable soup from Andalusia. Usually made with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and garlic, it’s as refreshing as it is healthy. Per serving: 113 cals, 0g fat (generic recipe with no b or oil)和法国一样,西班牙菜肴也随着地区的变化而变化。可以说西班牙海鲜饭是西班牙最著名的菜肴了,但是想要吃低卡路里食物的话,还是选择安达卢西亚的凉菜汤吧。通常凉菜汤选用新鲜西红柿、黄瓜、小辣椒和大蒜制成,十分清口健康。每份含113卡路里,不含脂肪(一般食谱,不含面包或油)。High calorie: Fish and chips, England高卡路里:英国炸鱼薯条Also popular in Australia and New Zealand, fish and chips is a British classic, but there’s a price to be paid for tucking into deep-fried batter – the calorie content of this takeaway can comfortably exceed 1000 calories, though at least the fish is healthy. Per serving: 1103 cals, 52g fat (average takeaway)炸鱼薯条是英国的经典菜肴,在澳大利亚和新西兰也十分风靡,但开怀大吃这种面粉油炸食物是要付出代价的——这类打包食物的卡路里含量很容易就会超过1000卡路里,虽然鱼是健康食品。每份含1103卡路里,52克脂肪(平均的打包量)译文属 /201607/453553


  Finally, a study has confirmed what I#39;ve long known to be true in my heart: Two breakfasts are better than none. Okay, the research on the effect of breakfast on weight gain was done on schoolkids (it was published in Pediatric Obesity), but it makes sense in theory for adult humans, too.近日,一项研究最终确认了我心中长久认为正确的事:吃两顿早餐比没吃早餐好。这项研究的研究对象是学生们(而相关论文发表在《儿科肥胖》杂志上),意图找到早餐对体重增加的影响。但是在理论上,这项研究对成年人也有参考价值。Researchers from Yale and the University of Connecticut followed 600 middle-school students as they progressed from fifth to seventh grade, noting their weight and if they had zero breakfast, breakfast either at home or at school, or breakfast in both places. They found that weight gain among second-breakfast eaters was no different from the average gain seen among all students. Kids who didn#39;t eat breakfast, or ate it only sometimes, were twice as likely to be overweight or obese as double-breakfasters. It should be noted that only about one in ten kids in the study ate two breakfasts.耶鲁大学和康涅狄格大学的研究人员追踪了600位五年级到七年级的中学生,记录他们的体重、是否有吃早餐的习惯、吃早餐的地点(在家、在学校、或二者兼而有之)。他们发现吃两顿早餐的人和大家的体重平均增加数目相比没有什么区别。而不吃早餐或很少吃早餐的孩子们则比吃两顿的孩子们多出一倍机率超重或者肥胖。需要说明的是,在研究中,十个孩子中只有一个是每天吃两顿早餐。The study wasn#39;t designed to figure out why this might be true, but the researchers have some theories: namely, that people who skip breakfast (or any meal) might overeat later in the day, and that being overweight to begin with could lead a person to pass on breakfast to save calories.这项研究并不只在于弄清为何这项结论是正确的。但是研究人员们也有一些理论来解释结果:换句话说,不吃早餐(或午饭、晚饭)的人可能会吃过量的食物,进而导致体重超标。而这将导致一个人继续不吃早餐来减少卡路里摄入。Yes, school breakfasts are more like a healthy snack than a full meal, and growing tweens can pack away a terrifying amount of food, but if you#39;re still not eating breakfast because you think it#39;s a waste of calories, you are not only mistaken, but you are also missing out on one of life#39;s great pleasures. Which is, of course, eating multiple times before noon.的确,学校所供应的早餐比起正式的一餐来说更像搭配健康的小食,而正在长身体的青少年们会打包走一大份食物。但是如果你仍然认为吃早餐能够减少卡路里摄入而不吃早餐的话,那你不仅仅是弄错了,而且你还错失了生命中最愉悦的体验之一,即在中午之前吃上好几回东西 /201603/434525。

  Today you are likely to find that everyone wants a piece of you. Your children scramble for your attention in the morning, and instead of cleaning the gutters (or any other chore), you find yourself seated on the floor, building block towers or playing Scrabble. Don#39;t get stressed over all that you aren#39;t accomplishing. Instead, look at what you are accomplishing: building memories is much more important than squeaky-clean gutters.今天你很可能发现每个人都想得到你。你的孩子早上会争着吸引你的注意,你会发现自己不是在清洗水槽(或其它家务事),而是坐在地板上搭积木或者玩拼字游戏。不要因自己没完成的事情而倍感压力。相反,你可以看看自己做成了什么:搭建记忆远比一尘不染的水槽重要得多。Your well being horoscope幸福运势Climactic events are apt to pop up in your life. It is time to condense and solidify your grand schemes and bright ideas in such a way that makes them more practical. Things may be spinning so fast that you aren#39;t quite sure where to jump on. Worry about this later. For now, what you need to do is express your ideas forcefully and succinctly. Doors will open wide as a result.你的生活中总是会有精的事情发生。现在是时候精简自己的宏伟计划和绝妙想法了,使它们更加具体,也更加实际吧。事情可能进展的太快了,你都不确定从哪着手。呆会儿再担心这个问题吧。现在,你需要做的就是简洁有力的表达自己的观点。那么大门将会为你敞开。Your love horoscope爱情运势You may be trying to deal with things in a neat in orderly manner today. Try not to get too frustrated if things don#39;t necessarily work out exactly the way you might like. Tension is likely to occur when matters of the heart come up for discussion. People are apt to get rather emotional, and your plan for neat and orderly will probably go straight out the window.今天,你可能试着整洁有序的处理事情。如果事情并没有完全如你所想般发展,尽量不要太过沮丧。当谈论重要事件时,很有可能会紧张。人们会倾向于变得十分情绪化,而你的整洁有序计划很可能被完全打乱。Your career horoscope事业运势You could be in the mood to collaborate with someone. At work, you could find yourself in the middle of a project that is confusing to you. Perhaps an outside point of view would be beneficial. Don#39;t be afraid to talk to someone who has more experience. You might be able to help them out with something that they need in return, and have a pleasant exchange of energy.你可能很想与别人合作。工作上,你可能发现自己正处于项目的中间部分,令你十分困惑。也许局外人的观点会让你受益。不要害怕与有更多经验的人交谈。反过来,你也可能在他们需要帮忙的事情上出点力,能与他们愉快的交流。译文属 /201607/457235

  This is the heartbreaking image of a newborn baby cradled by the motorcycle gear of her father, who was killed just weeks before she was born.这是一张令人心碎的温馨照片--女婴在爸爸的托车手套掌心中被呵护著,而爸爸在她出生前几周已经离世。Hector Alvarez, 25, was shot and killed in Florida in April and never got to meet his baby daughter Aubrey.女婴的爸爸赫克托·阿尔维斯今年25岁,4月份在佛罗里达被杀,他再也没有机会见到女儿奥布里了。Hector was a big lover of riding on his motorbike with his partner Kathryn Williams.赫克托是位托车车迷,常常和妻子凯瑟恩·威廉姆斯一起骑乘托车。The adorable tot smiles in this poignant photograph, blissfully unaware that she will never know her father.可爱的女婴奥布里在照片里露出了浅浅的微笑,让人看着就心碎--幸福的宝贝可不知道,她再也见不到爸爸了。A gofundme page featuring the image has now been set up for Aubrey.众筹平台;Gofundme;以这张照片为奥布里启动了集资。It s: ;A young man of 25 named Hector thoroughly loved his life. He was eagerly and proudly looking forward to the changes in his near future when he became both husband and father.它是这样写的:;一个名叫赫克托的25岁年轻人非常热爱生活。他非常渴望,也非常自豪的期待着在不久的将来,当他成为丈夫和爸爸时,生活发生的变化。;;He shared his love of bikes with his fiance and they planned family rides and outings after Aubrey would be old enough to do such. He always wore protective gear when riding his bikes for he was insistent on safety and setting the proper example. There was no way he was willing to risk taking careless chances with his new baby girl on the way and his Queen by his side.;;他和未婚妻凯瑟恩志同道合,都很热爱托车,他们约定等孩子长大后,全家一起骑着托车到处游山玩水。每次骑托车,他都会戴着全套防护装备,以确保安全,同时树立一个很好的榜样。宝贝女儿即将出生,未婚妻陪伴在身旁,他从来不敢对安全问题掉以轻心。;;Tragically, he and his new family were denied this future when someone he considered a friend took Hector#39;s life from them a mere month before Aubrey was born.;;然而不幸的是,在奥布里快要出生前的一个月,赫克托的生命被一位他视作朋友的人夺走了。一家人未来的希望破灭了。;Donations towards supporting Aubrey and her mother have reached 5 in a day.仅仅一天的时间,援助奥布里和她妈妈的捐款就达到了795美元。Hector was allegedly shot by his friend Roosevelt during an argument.据悉,赫克托是在和朋友罗斯福的一场争执中被开打死的。 /201607/452307

  Those who zombie-walk into Starbucks for a caffeine fix are accustomed to a standard look for the baristas: simple black-and-white clothes under a green apron.星巴克务员向来是一身简单的黑白配再加上一条绿围裙。那些迈着僵尸步上门来找一剂咖啡因解脱的客人,对他们这身标准打扮也习以为常了。But a new dress code unveiled by the coffee chain on Monday encourages a new sense of individualism, inviting workers to wear fedoras and beanies, to dye their hair and to incorporate accent ties and socks. The range of acceptable colors for shirts expanded to include gray, navy, dark denim and brown.不过这家连锁咖啡店在周一公布的新装规范,鼓励员工展现个人风格,欢迎他们在上班时戴软呢帽或无边软帽、染头发、搭配抢眼的领带和袜子。公司能接受的衬衫颜色也扩大到灰色、海军蓝、深色牛仔布蓝与棕色。“We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work,” Starbucks told workers in its new policy. “As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron.”“我们欢迎你在工作时展现个人品味与手作风格,”星巴克在新的指导方针里告诉员工。“身为星巴克的品牌大使,你在系上绿围裙的时候,也该为自己的外表感到自豪。”Don’t pin it all on millennials — but, yeah, millennials do prefer more relaxed dress codes, and experts say companies in all industries are increasingly loosening their sartorial standards in hopes of keeping workers happy.别把这事都归结为千禧世代的作风──虽然千禧世代确实偏好更宽松的着装规定。专家也表示,各行各业的公司都在放宽装标准,希望员工能保持心情愉快。Younger employees would prefer to go to work with the same set of clothes they wear to hang out with friends, instead of having to buy a potentially expensive wardrobe just for business hours, said Daryl Pigat, a division director at OfficeTeam, a staffing service.人力务公司“办公间团队”(OfficeTeam)的部门总监达利尔#8231;皮加特(Daryl Pigat)说,年轻员工想穿着与朋友出去玩时的衣去上班,而不是被迫去采购可能很昂贵、又只能在办公时间派上用场的装。Also, consider the business role models for millennials. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, often wears a hoodie, not a pinstripe suit.此外,别忘了千禧世代的职场模范人物都是谁。譬如说马克#8231;扎克柏格(Mark Zuckerberg),他就常穿连帽休闲,而不是细条纹西套装。In an OfficeTeam survey of 300 senior managers at American companies with more than 20 employees — it was released in June — half of the managers said employees dressed less formally than they did five years ago. Among workers, 18 percent said they would prefer a formal dress code, 31 said they would prefer business casual, 27 percent said they would like a casual dress code or no dress code, and 23 percent said it didn’t matter.办公间团队对有20名以上员工的美国公司的300位高层管理者做了调查(结果于6月发布),其中有一半的受访者表示,他们员工的穿着和五年前相比已经没那么正式了。员工中则有18%的人表示希望有正式的着装规范,31%喜欢商务休闲装,27%喜欢穿便或希望不要有什么装规定,另外23%的人觉得无所谓。Job seekers aren’t using dress codes as their driving force for picking an employer, but they are considering it while debating how they would fit in, Mr. Pigat said.皮加特说,装规定不是求职者拿来选择雇主的决定性驱力,不过当他们思考自己与公司文化是否契合时,就会把这件事考虑进去。“Everything is becoming a little less formal and a little more personal,” he said. “Everyone has their own stamp on things, and they’re representing their own personal brand now in more ways than one — in social media and, certainly, in the way they present themselves with what they put on in the morning.”“一切都在变得比较不那么中规中矩、比较个性化一些,”皮加特说。“大家会在各种事物上面打上个人印记,用许多方法来呈现个人品牌,比如透过社交媒体。每天一早穿上什么样的衣,当然也是用来表现自我的方式。”For employers, letting employees dress down at least some of the time has become an increasingly standard benefit. In a January survey of 3,490 human resources professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management, 59 percent said their companies allowed casual dress at least once a week, up from 55 percent in 2012. Forty percent of the companies allowed casual dress every day, up from 36 in 2012.对雇主来说,让员工至少能偶尔穿得随兴点,已逐渐成为标准福利了。人力资源管理协会(Society for Human Resource Management)在今年1月对3490名人力资源管理从业者进行调查,受访者中有59%表示,他们的公司每周至少会让员工穿一天便,这个比例在2012年只有55%。40%的公司允许员工每天穿便上班,而在2012年只有36%的公司这么做。In recruiting, companies may have to dress down to keep up, especially for a company like Starbucks that often hires younger employees.在招聘中,公司可能得放宽穿着规定,才能跟得上需要,特别是像星巴克这类经常雇用年轻人的公司。“That’s going to increase your ability to hire faster, and possibly retain employees,” said Edward Yost, an employee benefits expert at the Society for Human Resource Management. “Then you’re likely to see more consistent performance out of each one of those locations.”“这么做会让你更快请到人,也可能更容易留住员工,”人力资源管理协会的员工福利专家爱德华#8231;尤斯特(Edward Yost)说。“这样,各处的员工表现都可能会更稳定。”In 2014, Starbucks relaxed its conservative dress code to include untucked shirts, nose studs, shorts and skirts. The further loosening announced Monday had been tried at some locations, including one in Midtown Manhattan.星巴克在2014年放宽了保守的着装规范,衬衫可以不必掖进裤腰,鼻钉、短裤、裙子也都被允许。周一宣布的更为宽松的规定已经在某些营业点试行过了,其中包括位于曼哈顿中城的一间分店。“This new dress code is what partners have in their closets,” Mario Leon, the manager of the Manhattan location, said in a statement. “It just makes it so much easier. It just makes so much sense.”“新装规定让员工穿他们本来就有的衣,”曼哈顿那间分店的经理马力欧#8231;莱昂(Mario Leon)在一份声明中表示。“让工作着装变得容易多了,也合理多了。”The announcement was met with approval from some current and past baristas on Twitter.星巴克这项新公告也在Twitter上获得了许多现任与前任员工的称许。WHAT IT MEANS新标准意味着什么Starbucks’ new dress code encourages employees to incorporate their personal taste. But some things are off the table.星巴克的新着装标准鼓励员工在工作饰中结合自己的个人品味。但是,有些东西是绝对不行的。Are Tattoos O.K.? Yes. Visible tattoos on the face and neck aren’t allowed, but others are fine as long as they don’t contain “obscene, profane, racist, sexual or objectionable words or imagery.;能不能有纹身?可以。面部和颈部的可见纹身是不允许的,其他地方的没关系,只要它们不含有“淫秽、亵渎、种族主义、有关性的或令人反感的文字和图样”。What About Tongue Studs? No. A small nose stud is O.K. Keep earrings small or moderately sized. Necklaces must be “simple in design” and worn under clothing. Forget the diamond ring. For food-safety reasons, one ring, a plain band, is allowed. Oh, and no watches.那舌钉呢?不行。小的鼻钉是允许的。耳坠应当尽量小一点,以适度为准。项链必须“设计简单”并且佩戴于衣里面。钻戒就别想了。出于食品安全原因,员工只能佩戴一枚没有装饰的戒指。对了,禁止带手表。Can They #39;Pin It#39; for a Cause? Again, no. Baristas are not permitted to wear pins for political, religious or personal causes.他们能因为某种原因佩戴徽章吗?也是不能的。咖啡师不允许因为政治、宗教或个人原因佩戴徽章。What About Hygiene? The company asks employees to make sure fingernails are clean and of moderate length, and to bathe and use deodorant, of course.卫生要求呢?公司要求员工保指甲干净、长度适中,当然,还必须定期洗澡和使用除味剂。 /201608/458759


  A doctor is now preparing to prepare the very first ever whole head transplant. No, DT hasn#39;t turned into a science fiction publication — this is the latest in scientific advancement.现在,一名医生正在准备世界上第一例头部移植手术。当然,我们正在讨论的不是一部科幻小说,而是最新的科技成果。It#39;s a plan that Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero has been concocting for years, first introducing the notion to the public in 2013. The two-part procedure is composed of HEAVEN (head anastomosis venture) and Gemini (the subsequent spinal cord fusion).意大利神经科医生塞尔吉奥·卡纳维洛已经对“换头术”研究多年。他在2013年首次向公众提出这一概念。这一手术流程分为两个部分:第一部分是头部吻合(HEAVEN),第二部分是脊髓融合(Gemini)。Valery Spiridonov, a 31-year-old Russian program manager suffering from the rare muscular atrophy disorder Werdnig-Hoffman disease, has aly signed on to become the first patient.据悉,31岁的俄罗斯项目经理瓦莱里·史比里道诺夫,患有罕见的肌肉萎缩症韦德尼希·霍夫曼病,目前已经签字,将成为首位换头手术者。So how will it work?那么手术怎么进行呢?According to Canavero, there will be two surgical teams working at the same time. One will focus on Spiridonov, the living patient, while the other will focus on a donor#39;s body. The donor will be brain-dead and selected based on height, build, and immunotype. Both patients will be anesthetized and hooked up to breathing machines and electrodes to keep tabs on brain and heart activity. Then, Spiridonov will have his head nearly frozen — temporarily brain-dead himself.根据卡纳维洛所述,这次手术将由两个手术团队同时工作。一方负责活病人史比里道诺夫,另一方则负责捐献者的身体。捐献者要求脑死亡,并需根据身高、体格以及免疫分型进行选择。两名患者都将被麻醉,并连上呼吸机和电极,以检测大脑和心脏活动。接着,史比里道诺夫的头部将会被冷却--经历短暂的脑死亡。At this point, attending physicians will drain the blood from his brain, and flush it with a surgery solution. Tubes will be looped around major arteries and veins to stop blood flow, and then later removed to allow for circulation once the new body is attached.在这个时候,主治医师从他的大脑中抽取血液,并用手术溶液清洗头部。主动脉和静脉将会被管道系住,以让血液停止流动。一旦新的头部移植过来,管道将被解除,以便让血液流通。Then, the most important part of all — cutting both spinal cords. This will be done with a 0,000 diamond nanoblade, which comes from the University of Texas. Once Spiridonov#39;s head is no longer attached to his body, he#39;ll have to have a new body within one hour. From there, the spinal cord segments will be fused in yet another novel procedure, and all severed muscles and skin will be sewn back together as well.然后就是手术过程中最重要的部分--切断两名患者的脊髓。这一过程将借助德克萨斯大学的金刚石纳米刀片。一旦史比里道诺夫的头部不再属于他自己的身体,那么在一小时之内就必须换上新的头部。所有主动脉和静脉将被重新连接。随后就进入脊髓融合流程。所有切断的肌肉和皮肤也将一并缝合好。If all goes according to plan, Spiridonov could be up and walking three to six months after surgery.如果一切按计划进行,术后三到六个月,史比里道诺夫就可以离床行走了。Needless to say, skeptics abound for the procedure, but the patient says that he#39;s willing to risk death to escape his current condition. The procedure is currently slated to take place late next year.当然不必说,怀疑者比比皆是,但患者自己却表示,他愿意冒着生命危险来摆脱他目前的状况。这一手术现在预计将于明年下半年进行。 /201605/443165。

  I#39;m so tired of it all ...我厌倦了这一切……You are so lucky! I#39;m so beat that I only have the strength to be tired of half of it all ...你真幸运!我筋疲力尽,我只有力量去厌倦一半…… /201608/459262

  3.Foreign Labor3.海外劳工If North Korea has anything in abundance, it#39;s people. And how can this commodity be monetized? By sending them overseas to work and send their earnings back to North Korea, holding their families hostage to ensure compliance.如果说朝鲜还有什么是充足的,那就是人口了。那怎么利用劳工来获利?朝鲜把这些劳工输送到海外去打工赚钱,再把他们的收入吸收回国内,同时挟持他们的家人作人质来迫使劳工们从。Over 50,000 North Korean laborers toil overseas for the regime, sending back remittances totaling nearly billion a year.超过5万名朝鲜劳工为国家辛苦跋涉至海外工作,他们每年寄回的汇款总额约达20亿美元。The laborers work in terrible conditions for long hours and are lucky to see even 10 percent of their paycheck.这些劳工们在恶劣的条件下长时间工作,运气好时自己也能仅能拿到10%的收入。North Korean laborers can be found in more than 40 different countries in the Middle East, Africa, and even Europe—but mostly in China and Russia, with 20,000 and 19,000 workers, respectively.朝鲜劳工散落在中东、美洲以及欧洲等地的40多个国家,但主要集中在中俄两国,其中,中国约有朝鲜劳工2万人次,俄罗斯约有1.9万人次。Most are employed in industries requiring hard physical labor, like construction. And with the ed Nations cracking down on other North Korean cash flows, the country has been increasing the number of laborers sent overseas to make up for the shortfall in cash it earns from other activities.他们大多从事建筑业等重体力劳动行业。并且随着联合国打击朝鲜其他违法交易力度的加大,朝鲜在这些活动中所得收益减少,只能输出越来越多的海外劳工来弥补这一现金缺口。2.Methamphetamines2.冰毒North Korea has been involved in the drug trade since the 1970s, when it defaulted on its international debts and ordered its embassies to self-fund.上世纪70年代,朝鲜严重拖欠国际债务并令其大使馆自筹经费,那时起朝鲜就一直参与毒品贸易。One of the ways the embassies initially accomplished this was to traffic drugs using diplomatic immunity.朝鲜大使馆最初筹资的方式之一就是利用其外交豁免权贩运毒品。Later, North Korea started manufacturing illicit drugs of its own—primarily methamphetamine—and exporting some of them through its embassies.而后朝鲜干脆在其国内制造以冰毒为主的毒品,并通过其大使馆出口到各国。North Korean methamphetamine gained notoriety primarily for its high purity (99 percent), which is not surprising considering the drugs were manufactured in state-owned factories under the supervision of professional chemists.朝鲜制造的冰毒因纯度高(99%)而声名远扬,不过想想这些冰毒是在专业药剂师监管下由国有工厂制造的,一切便也不足为奇了。However, since the mid-2000s, illicit drug activity appears to have been ;privatized,;with the state apparently taking a smaller role in manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of methamphetamine.但到了2005年左右,随着朝鲜在制造、运输、分销冰毒中所起的作用越来越小,毒品交易显现出;私有化”趋势。The purity has decreased dramatically, indicating that production may no longer be taking place in state-owned factories. However, methamphetamine is still plentiful in North Korea itself, where it is reported that meth is offered ;as casually as tea.;冰毒纯度明显下降,这表明朝鲜的国有工厂或许已经不再生产毒品,但据悉其国内,冰毒依然泛滥,人们购买冰毒就像购买茶叶一样随意。In a country where food is scarce and famine stalks the land, the appetite-suppressing properties of methamphetamines are very useful.在这样一个食物紧缺、饥馑遍地的国家,冰毒能抑制食欲的特性还是大有用武之地的。1.Nuclear Reactors1.核反应堆Probably the most audacious North Korean export has been an attempt to build a fully functioning nuclear reactor for Syria at Al-Kibar, which Israel bombed in 2007. North Korea patterned the reactor on its own gas-graphite one.或许在朝鲜的所有出口贸易中,最拉风的就是试图为叙利亚在艾其巴建立一个全功能的核反应堆。朝鲜效仿气冷石墨反应堆来建造这一核设施,As this type of reactor is not very complex, North Korea could have and probably did supply most of the parts itself.由于这种反应堆并不算复杂,朝鲜可以独立完成绝大部分的工程。The North Koreans apparently modeled the building almost exactly on the Yongbyon reactor, later constructing outer walls to hide the shape of the facility, turning it into a featureless box.这一核设备几乎完全参照宁边反应堆来建造,核心部分建好以后再建造厚厚的外墙来隐匿身形,最后整个反应堆就变成了平淡无奇巨无霸盒子。If the reactor had not been bombed, it could have produced enough plutonium for one or two weapons per year once it was operational.如果艾其巴核设施没有被炸毁,它一旦开始运作,每年产出的钚足以制造一两枚核武器。Just three days before the reactor was bombed, a North Korean ship was caught delivering nuclear fuel rods, most likely destined for the reactor. And the whole thing ended up netting up to billion for North Korea, with the money coming from Iran.在这核设施被炸毁的三天前,一艘运输核燃料棒的朝鲜船舶被拦截,这些核燃料棒很可能就是准备用于这一核反应堆。这整起事件疑云重重,最后却以朝鲜赚了伊朗20亿美元告终。 /201608/463674


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