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For some business giants—and their millions of followers—social networking is part of the job. This is our handpicked list of the most influential, popular, and interactive businesspeople on social media.社交网络是一些商业巨头和他们数以百万计的追随者工作的一部分。《财富》杂志日前精心制作了一份在社交网络上最有影响力、最受欢迎、最活跃的商界人物榜单。‘The art of communication,” James C. Humes, a speechwriter for five presidents, once said, “is the language of leadership.” And an art it is. In today’s fave-this, like-that social media environment, a chief executive of a Fortune 500 company can share a status update from a head of state 6,000 miles away and then respond, directly and in real time, to a tough question from one of his customers—all in the span of a minute, and all in a public forum for the world to see. (Talk about a high-wire act.) Not every executive has dared to give Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn a try. For some business leaders, though, socializing is part of the job. In our inaugural Fortune Social Register, we pick the most experienced, active, influential, and followed members of the business community. Call them socialites; call them social butterflies. Whatever the term, we can all agree that it’s something to tweet about.为五位总统撰写过演讲稿的詹姆斯oCo休姆斯曾经表示,“沟通的艺术是领导力的语言。”沟通的确是门艺术。在今天这样一个点“赞”无处不在的社交媒体环境中,一家《财富》美国500强公司( Fortune 500)的CEO可以共享远在6,000英里之外的某位国家元首的状态更新,然后在第一时间直接回应一位客户的棘手问题,所有这一切全部在一分钟内、在一个面向全世界的公共论坛上完成——这简直是在走钢丝!不是每位高管都敢尝试 Facebook、Twitter,、Google Plus或商务社交网络LinkedIn。但对一些商界领袖来说,社交是工作的一部分。作为《财富社交名人录》专栏(Fortune Social Register)的处女秀,我们精巧细选了一组在社交网络上最有影响力、经验最丰富、最活跃、粉丝最多的商界人物。大家可以把他们称为社交达人,或者社交花蝴蝶。但不管使用哪种称谓,我们都觉得这份名单值得你转发到社交网络上,发表一下看法。;AND YOU GET A TWEET, AND YOU GET A TWEETOprah Winfrey;“上Twitter发消息,上Twitter发消息”Social activity: 8奥普拉o温弗瑞Social network: 10社交活力: 8Business influence: 10社交网络: 10Chief executive of the cable television network that bears her name, Winfrey demonstrates that she can excite her community without the need for a daytime talk show. Call it a #lifeclass in staying relevant.商业影响力:10;THE BOULEVARDIER;“”Richard Branson理查德o布兰森Social activity: 7社交活力:7Social network: 10社交网络:10Business influence: 8商业影响力:8It comes as no surprise that the social accounts of free-spirit Virgin Group co-founder Richard Branson are chockablock with spaceship riding, deep-sea diving, and—wait, was that a picture of him kite-surfing with a naked model on his back?维珍集团(Virgin Group)联合创始人理查德o布兰森向来天马行空,他的社交帐户充满了各种跟太空旅行和深海潜水有关的话题,这一点也不奇怪等等,看那张他冲浪的照片,他竟然还背着一位裸体模特?;IT#39;S NATURAL, DAHLING;“这很自然,亲爱的”Arianna Huffington阿里安娜o赫芬顿Social activity: 9社交活力: 9Social network: 9社交网络:9Business influence: 7商业影响力:7According to the president and editor-in-chief of AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group, there are better ways to sleep, eat, work, converse, and vacation. Follow Huffington and you’ll get plenty of advice on how to live the good life.赫芬顿是美国在线公司(AOL)旗下赫芬顿邮报传媒集团(Huffington Post Media Group)的总裁兼总编辑。在她看来,人们睡觉、吃饭、工作、交谈和度假的方式都有待改善。请关注赫芬顿,你将获得大量建议,告诉怎样过上好生活。;REIGNING RETWEETER;“转发皇后”Marissa Mayer玛丽莎o梅耶Social activity: 1社交活力: 1Social network: 6社交网络: 6Business influence: 9商业影响力:9Yahoo’s chief executive makes this list but not because of her own updates, which are infrequent and almost always through purple-colored glasses. Rather, it’s her heavy use of retweets, which subtly reveal what she might be thinking.这位雅虎公司(Yahoo)CEO并不是凭借她自己的原创帖而跻身这份榜单的。事实上,她很少发原创帖,而且几乎总是慎之又慎。相反,她频繁地转发别人的微,这些只言片语巧妙地揭示了她或许正在思考的东西。 /201406/305346Agroup of leading authors, including Donna Tartt, Stephen King and Malcolm Gladwell, has attempted to intervene in the dispute between publisher Hachette and retailing behemoth Amazon. Observers of the music industry are familiar with this tactic; prominent musicians are persuaded that the interests of music publishers are aligned with their own. The reality is very different.包括唐娜#8226;塔特(Donna Tartt)、斯蒂芬#8226;金(Stephen King)以及马尔科姆#8226;格拉德威尔(Malcolm Gladwell)在内的一批知名作家试图干涉出版商阿歇特(Hachette)和零售业巨头亚马逊(Amazon)之间的争端。音乐产业的观察者对这套战术很熟悉,那些知名的音乐家们相信自己与音乐出版商的利益一致。然而实情非常不同。Music and print media are among the industries most fundamentally changed by digitisation. When Amazon likens the change to the arrival of the paperback, it makes a grave underestimation; the invention of printing is a better analogy. Costs and barriers to entry in distribution have almost disappeared.音乐和印刷媒体都是被数字化从根本上改变的行业。亚马逊把这种改变比作平装本的出现,实在是严重低估了数字化的影响;与印刷术的发明相提并论还更贴切些。分销的成本和进入壁垒几乎已荡然无存。Established companies in all industries are inhibited in their response to radical change by vested interests inherent in their existing business models. Music publishers tried to block new technologies, and were marginalised by better-run businesses:各行各业的公司在回应巨变时,都难免受到现有商业模式中的既得利益的桎梏。音乐出版商曾企图阻止新技术,结果被苹果(Apple)、沃尔玛(Walmart)和Spotify等运营更好的企业边缘化。图书出版商最初在回应电子书时,最初拿出了纸质书的拙劣复制品。当这些书销量不佳时,他们便退而维护现状。Apple, Walmart and Spotify. Book publishers responded initially with dismal reproductions on screen of their printed books. When these failed to sell, they retired into protecting the status#8201;quo.改变游戏规则的是硬件制造商,他们生产出了阅读体验可与纸质媲美的显示屏。很快这些显示屏的阅读体验将更好。而亚马逊的配送能力使其能够挑战出版商的顽固反抗。The game changer was the ability of hardware manufacturers to produce displays that provide a ing experience almost as pleasant as the printed page. Soon they will be better. Amazon’s distribution capability enabled it to challenge publishers’ recalcitrance.图书出版商的地位一直建立在对分销渠道的准入控制之上。有抱负的作者一贯以“发表作品”为理想。图书出版公司除了决定要出版哪本图书,传统上还提供一系列配套务:对底层文学事业的鉴定、持和资助,手稿的编辑,终稿作品的营销和推广。The role of the book publisher has been based on control of access to channels of distribution. The ambition of the aspirant author has always been to “get published”. Along with the decision as to what should be published, the company has traditionally provided a collection of associated services: identification, support and finance of the underlying literary project, editing of the draft manuscript, and marketing and promotion of the finished work.但这些主宰着出版业的大集团被一群爱钱胜过爱书的人经营着。为了最大化分销渠道准入控制环节的营收,出版商削减了配套务。如今的畅销书排行榜上充斥着以往畅销作品的效仿之作:足球运动员回忆录、名厨菜谱、吸血鬼小说和以女性为目标群体的情色文学。But the large conglomerates that have come to dominate publishing are run by people who love money more than they love books. These support activities have been cut back in the interest of maximising the revenue, from control of access to distribution. Today’s bestseller lists are filled with imitations of books that have aly been successful; footballer’s memoirs, celebrity chefs, vampires and female-oriented erotic literature.这样的出版商不适合新环境。我不知道纸质书在20年后的存在程度。但电子书的销量足以说明,阿歇特或企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Random House)这样的公司已不再是出版图书的决定性因素。企鹅兰登部分股权为培生集团(Pearson)持有,该集团还拥有英国《金融时报》。Such publishers are ill-placed for the new environment. I do not know the extent to which the printed book will remain extant in two decades. But enough ebooks are aly being sold to signify that being published by a company such as Hachette or Penguin Random House (part-owned by Pearson, which also owns the Financial Times) is no longer critical.影响一本书成与败的是见解的高低、基础项目的执行力、编辑的水平以及营销与推广的效果。What matters to the success or failure of a book is the quality of conception and execution of the underlying project, the competence of the editing, and the effectiveness of marketing and promotion.作者自行出版的新书大多通不过上述考验,尤其是它们往往明显缺乏称职的编辑。但这种情况现在同样存在于老牌出版商出品的许多图书。Most new self-published titles fail these tests; in particular, the lack of a competent editor is often obvious. But this is also true of many titles now published by established houses.某些现有的出版商靠着为作者提供配套务的优势还能兴旺下去。但大多数出版商将开始走下坡路。精明且懂行的作家们(往往在代理人的帮助下)将能够利用比传统版税模式高得多的销售分成,来购买编辑和营销技能。音乐界的教训之一是,营收的天平已从发行权转向现场演出和商品化。类似音乐界在某种程度上已经发生的变化,对作家的大笔预付款项将被针对未来营收流的券化取而代之。图书项目有可能获得风投资金,或许会从大学教科书和从业者手册开始。Some existing publishers will thrive on the basis of their strengths in author support services. But most will not. Savvy and well-advised authors, often helped by agents, will be able to buy editing and marketing skills with the receipts from a much larger share of the sales proceeds than the traditional royalty model allows. One of the lessons of the new world of music is that the balance of revenues has shifted from publishing rights to live performance and merchandising. The blockbuster advance for authors will be replaced, as has to some degree happened in music, by securitisation of future revenue streams. Venture capital funding of book projects – perhaps starting with university textbooks and practitioner handbooks – is possible.读者会怀念传统书店,还有图书馆的舒适氛围。我们对技术过时的蒸汽机车和烛光晚餐有种怀旧情感。改变极少是不折不扣的好事。但签署公开信的作者错过了图书业发展最重大的商业后果:当今的作者置身于他/她应有的地位:负责。 /201408/322920An app that does nothing but send a simple notification of “Yo” to recipients is the most popular app right now in the US.最近,一款只能向他人发送一个字“Yo”的手机应用风靡美国。The app, named Yo, reached No 1 in the Apple App Store in the US last week, after The Financial Times broke the story on June 18 that the app has received million (6.23 million yuan) in investment funding.《金融时报》6月18日的报道中称,这款名为 “Yo”的应用已获得100万美元(约合6230万人民币)的融资。而上周,Yo已升至美国苹果手机应用商店排行榜的首位。Created in just eight hours by Or Arbel, a 32-year-old app developer from Tel Aviv, Israel, Yo claims to be the “simplest and most efficient communication tool in the world”. With a single tap, users can send the word “Yo” to one another in a voice notification — and nothing else.这款应用仅用8小时就开发而成,而它的开发人——来自以色列特拉维夫的32岁研发员奥尔?阿拜尔——说:“Yo是目前全世界最简单、最高效的通讯工具”。因为只需一个简单的按钮,用户就可以把“Yo”这个单词以语音提醒的方式发给别人,而这也是Yo的唯一功能。Arbel enthused about his app in an interview with The New Yorker: “It’s a whole new way for communication. A hundred and forty characters is way too much these days… It’s lightweight, easy, you don’t have to open a message — the notification itself is everything you need.”在《纽约客》的采访中,奥尔对他的应用热情满满:“这是一种全新的沟通方式。在当今时代,发送140个字母实在太长了……Yo简短轻便,你甚至不必打开每条消息,因为你只需要提醒本身就行了。”When Yo was launched on April Fools’ Day this year, the Apple App Store at first rejected it on the grounds that it lacked substance. Many people still see the app as a joke. Some technology experts, like Polly Mosendz from The Wire and Judd Legum from Think Progress, point out that the way a simple app like Yo got millions in funding says much about the impending burst of the tech bubble.Yo在今年愚人节首发。一开始,苹果手机应用商店以“没有实质内容”为由拒绝发布;直到今天,仍有不少人认为这个应用就是个玩笑。不少技术人员指出,如此简单的一个应用能获得上百万的投资恰恰反映了技术泡沫的破裂近在咫尺,The Wire网站的作者Polly Mosendz与美国知名新闻客Think Progress的作家Judd Legum都持有此种观点。Simple, but deep简单却深刻Arbel calls Yo “context-based communication” and some people are beginning to “get it”. Jordan Crook, from Tech Crunch, explains why the context of a “Yo” says much more than two little letters: “As with anything, a ‘Yo’ can just be a ‘Yo’. But you’ll feel a very real difference between a ‘Yo’ you get in the morning from a friend and a ‘Yo’ you get at 2 am from a friend with benefits. Trust me. And that’s the magic.”奥尔认为Yo是一种“依赖语境的沟通方式”,现在不少人已经体会到这一点。来自Tech Crunch客的乔丹?克鲁克解释了为什么有了语境,“Yo”就能表达出远超出两个字母的含义:“如果没有任何语境,那么Yo只是两个字母。但是,你却能明显感觉到早上朋友发来的Yo和凌晨2点“床伴”发来的Yo之间的不同。相信我,这就是它的魔力所在。”But people don’t always want to load their “Yos” with meaning. David Shapiro, from The New Yorker, says now when he thinks about someone, he just “Yos” them instead of spending time starting and carrying on a conversation. He says it’s a great way of saying: “I’m thinking about you but I don’t have anything in particular to say.” Social media constantly demands our time and attention. Not responding to text messages and e-mails can hurt relationships. But, Shapiro says, a “Yo” doesn’t seem to demand a reply. “What a relief,” he says.不过,人们并不总是想赋予“Yo”具体含义。在《纽约客》工作的大卫?莎皮欧说,现在每当他想念谁的时候,他会给对方发一条Yo,而不是花好多时间网聊。他觉得发送Yo是个很不错的办法,告诉对方“我想你了,但是我没什么特别想说的。”社交媒体总是占用我们大量的时间和注意力,而不回复短信或者邮件则容易伤感情。不过,莎皮欧认为Yo就不需要用户有信息必回。正如他的感概:“这多省事儿啊!”Andrew Leonard, from The Salon, says “Yo” also signifies something deeper. It “expresses our most essential humanity”. He says that the utterance of the word “Yo” is “a declaration, first, that I exist in this world, and second, that I seek connection and community with something outside myself.” It’s like saying: “Yo… I am here. Is anybody out there?”来自The Salon的安德鲁?里欧纳德认为,Yo表达了一些更深层次的东西:“它传达出了人性的本质。Yo这个简短词汇本身就是个宣言:首先,我在这里,其次,我还想认识别人,和他人建立联系。这就好像是说,嘿….我在这里呢,这儿还有别人吗?” /201407/312494A battle is emerging between Baidu Inc. and upstart Qihoo 360 Technology Inc., underlining the high stakes in China#39;s growing Web-search market. 百度(Baidu Inc.)与后起之秀奇虎360科技有限公司(Qihoo 360 Technology Inc.)之间的战争即将打响,从中可见它们在中国不断扩大的互联网搜索市场存在着多么重大的利害关系。 Qihoo#39;s emergence as a real player in search just a few weeks after unveiling its search engine has rattled Baidu-long the country#39;s dominant search provider. Google Inc.#39;s market share has fallen steadily here since the U.S.-based moved its services to Hong Kong two years ago.相关报道奇虎推出搜索引擎才几周时间,就成为搜索领域一个不可忽视的角色,让长期占据中国市场主导地位的搜索提供商百度倍感不安。美国的谷歌公司(Google Inc.)自两年前将务移至香港后,它在中国大陆的市场份额就一直在持续下降。 China is home to more than 500 million Internet users, and second-quarter search advertising revenue reached more than billion, according to research group Analysys International. So Baidu acted swiftly to protect its turf.研究公司易观国际(Analysys International)的数据显示,中国网民数量已超5亿,二季度搜索广告收入在10亿美元以上。有鉴于此,百度迅速采取行动来保护自己的地盘。 Qihoo, which has built a strong user base on the popularity of its Internet security software and secure browser, in early August started a search engine to compete with Baidu. But search results on Qihoo (pronounced chee hoo), listed links from Baidu results and services, such as maps, music and photo search.奇虎依靠其网络安全软件和安全浏览器的普及,已经培养了一个庞大的用户群体。它在8月上旬推出了一个搜索引擎跟百度竞争,但奇虎的搜索结果列出了百度搜索结果与务的链接,如地图、音乐和图片搜索等。 Baidu responded by making it difficult to click through to Baidu services from Qihoo#39;s site, providing links to older, cached results-rather than fresh results-or directly to a Baidu page.百度展开反击,给用户从奇虎网站点击进入百度务制造困难。它给出的链接指向更早搜索结果的网页快照、而不是新的搜索结果,或者是让用户直接进入百度页面。 Investors reacted strongly. Baidu#39;s American depositary receipts have dropped 15% on the Nasdaq Stock Market over the past two weeks, while Qihoo#39;s ADRs have climbed 18% on the New York Stock Exchange.投资者对此做出强烈反应。过去两周百度在纳斯达克市场交易的美国存托凭下跌15%,奇虎在纽约券交易所交易的美国存托凭则累计上涨18%。 #39;We#39;re not worried, we are doing the right thing,#39; Qihoo Chief Financial Officer Alex Xu said. #39;Basically, the search market before we launched was underserved by Baidu.#39;奇虎首席财务长徐祚立说,我们不担心,我们在做正确的事;总体上来讲,在我们推出搜索引擎以前,百度没有务好这个市场。 Baidu declined to comment.百度拒绝置评。 Though other Chinese Internet companies have tried in vain to cut into Baidu#39;s nearly 80% of search-market revenue, analysts project that Qihoo could take 10% of the market in coming quarters. Google is China#39;s No. 2 search engine, with 15% of the market.中国其他互联网企业也曾试图分食百度在搜索市场接近80%的份额(按收入计算),结果都是徒劳。但分析师预计奇虎有可能在未来几个季度取得10%的份额。谷歌份额为15%,是中国第二大搜索引擎。 J.P. Morgan analyst Dick Wei said Qihoo is likely to take market share from both Baidu and Google as inexperienced users of Qihoo#39;s portal use its own default search engine. According to Baidu statistics, Qihoo#39;s browser supplies 21% of Baidu#39;s traffic, meaning Qihoo could take even more market share from Baidu.根大通(J.P. Morgan)分析师韦迪说,随着奇虎门户网站上缺乏经验的用户开始使用它自己的默认搜索引擎,百度和谷歌的市场份额都有可能向奇虎流失一部分。百度数据显示奇虎浏览器为它提供了21%的流量,这意味着奇虎还有可能夺取百度的更多份额。 Google didn#39;t respond to a request for comment.谷歌没有回复置评请求。 Although little known outside of China, Qihoo has capitalized on the volume of viruses and malware on China#39;s Internet to attract users to the company#39;s secure browser and portal. According to Qihoo, its browser had 270 million monthly users in the first quarter, while its website had 77 million unique daily hits.奇虎在中国以外鲜有人知,但它利用中国互联网上病毒与恶意软件肆虐之机,为自己的安全浏览器和门户网站吸引了大量用户。奇虎提供的数据显示,一季度其浏览器的月度活跃用户达2.7亿,其网站的每日独立访问量达7,700万次。 The company was founded in 2006 by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong, Qihoo#39;s current chief executive and president, respectively. Mr. Zhou is the former head of Yahoo Inc. in China and one of the most outspoken of China#39;s tech tycoons, frequently at odds with other leaders of China#39;s biggest Internet companies.奇虎于2006年由周鸿燊和齐向东创办,两人现在分别担任首席执行长和总裁。周鸿燊曾任雅虎(Yahoo Inc.)中国区负责人,是中国科技界最敢直言的巨头之一,常常与中国最大几家互联网企业的其他领导人吵架。 With the introduction of its search engine, Qihoo aims to funnel much of its large user base into its own search, giving the company a piece of China#39;s highly profitable search advertising.奇虎推出搜索引擎,是要将自己庞大用户群中的很大一部分导向自己的搜索引擎,从而在中国利润丰厚的搜索广告领域分得一杯羹。 Qihoo has battled other Chinese Internet companies before. In 2010 the company accused online-games maker Tencent Holdings Ltd. of scanning the private data of Tencent#39;s users. Tencent retaliated by cutting off its QQ instant-messaging service for users of Qihoo antivirus software. The spat earned each company a rebuke from China#39;s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.奇虎之前还曾与中国其他互联网企业爆发大战。2010年该公司声称网络游戏开发商腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)扫描腾讯用户的隐私数据。作为报复,腾讯对奇虎反病毒软件的用户切断了QQ即时通讯务。因为这场争端,两家公司都遭到中国工业和信息化部的训斥。 Analysts warned that it will be no easy task for Qihoo to break into Baidu#39;s core market as Baidu has more cash and significantly larger engineering resources at its disposal.分析师提醒,百度资金更加充裕,可配的工程资源也远比奇虎丰富,所以奇虎要打进百度的核心市场也不是一件容易的事。Mr. Wei, of J.P. Morgan, wrote that the most valuable high-end users eventually would be wooed back to Baidu#39;s search engine by its array of products, such as maps and streaming music search.根大通的韦迪写道,最有价值的高端用户最终会在百度一系列产品(如地图和音乐流媒体搜索)的吸引之下,回到百度的搜索引擎上来。 /201209/197573

When the thin man in the silver-coloured windbreaker walks on to the stage, a roar goes through the crowd. Then he starts singing: “Friends, we have walked together all our lives, but those days are over,” and the audience goes crazy.那个身穿银色风衣的瘦削男子走上舞台时,人群发出一阵轰鸣。接着,这个男子开始演唱:“朋友一生一起走,那些日子不再有,”观众的兴奋情绪达到极点。But this is not a pop concert. The 40,000 people in the Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou on Friday night were Alibaba Group employees and their family, and the man on stage was Jack Ma, saying farewell to the business he founded that has now grown into one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies.但是,这并不是一场流行音乐会。上周五晚聚集在杭州黄龙体育馆的这4万人,是阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)的雇员及其家人,而台上那人是正在告别该集团的马云(Jack Ma),他创立的这家企业已发展壮大,成为全球最大电子商务公司之一。At 48, Mr Ma has handed the job of chief executive to Jonathan Lu, his trusted lieutenant and 13-year Alibaba veteran, and gone into semi-retirement as executive chairman.现年48岁的马云将首席执行官的职位交给自己的亲信、为阿里巴巴效力13年的公司元老陆兆禧(Jonathan Lu),自己继续担任执行董事长,由此进入半退休状态。The change at the top comes as the group is preparing what could become one of the largest-ever internet initial public offerings. A listing in the US, expected at the end of this year or in early 2014, would allow Alibaba to buy back up to half of Yahoo’s 24 per cent stake in itself and raise bn or more from public investors.高层换人之际,阿里巴巴集团正准备进行首次公开发行(IPO),这可能成为史上规模最大的互联网企业IPO之一。预计该集团将在今年底或2014年初在美国上市,使其能够购回雅虎(Yahoo)所持其24%股份的至多一半,并从公开市场投资者那里募资至少600亿美元。Mr Lu inherits a formidable business. Alibaba operates the world’s largest online marketplace for trade between companies. It has also built an unrivalled online retail platform in China. Taobao.com, the group’s eBay-like consumer-to-consumer website, accounts for 90 per cent of China’s online retail transaction value in this segment.陆兆禧继承了一家令人敬畏的企业。阿里巴巴集团运营着世界上最大的企业对企业(B2B)在线交易市场。它还打造了中国首屈一指的在线零售平台。淘宝网(Taobao.com)是阿里巴巴集团旗下类似于eBay的消费者对消费者(C2C)网站,在该板块占有中国在线零售交易价值的90%。TMall, its business-to-consumer platform, accounts for half of online business-to-consumer sales in China by transaction value, according to McKinsey.麦肯锡(McKinsey)数据显示,阿里巴巴集团旗下的企业对消费者(B2C)平台天猫(TMall),按交易价值计算占中国在线B2C销售的一半。“The market share concentration and power they have is unique – you don’t have that in any other market in the world,” says Zia Daniell Wigder, an ecommerce analyst at Forrester Research in New York.“他们拥有的市场份额集中度和实力是独一无二的——你在世界上其他任何市场找不到这样的例子,”纽约Forrester Research电子商务分析师齐娅#8226;丹尼尔#8226;维杰(Zia Daniell Wigder)表示。That market power was reflected in Alibaba’s most recent results. Revenues rose by 80 per cent year on year to .84bn in the final quarter of 2012, and net profit surged by 156 per cent to 0m, according to a Yahoo filing last week.这种市场实力反映在阿里巴巴集团的最新业绩上。雅虎最近提交的监管申报文件显示,2012年末季阿里巴巴集团营收同比增长80%,至18.4亿美元,净利润同比飙升156%,至6.50亿美元。But the big question is where Alibaba can go from here.但是,真正的问题在于阿里巴巴下一步能走向何方。Other players are challenging its dominant position in its home market. They include 360buy, which accounted for almost a fifth of China’s online retail transaction value in 2012 according to iResearch, and Suning, an electronics retailer with a massive bricks-and-mortar presence that is now aggressively expanding online and branching out into other products.在本土市场,竞争对手正在叫板该集团的霸主地位。这些竞争对手包括京东商城(360buy)——艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据显示,2012年京东占有中国在线零售交易价值的近五分之一;另外还有苏宁(Suning)——拥有庞大实体店网络的电子产品零售商,目前正积极向网上业务拓展,并涉足其他产品的销售。Although Alibaba dismisses the idea that it is under threat, it is looking far ahead to defend its turf. The company has launched its own mobile operating system to build a closer relationship with consumers, as they start shopping increasingly on mobile devices.虽然阿里巴巴集团否认自己面临威胁,但该集团为了守住自己的地盘正把目光投向未来。它已推出自己的移动操作系统,以求与消费者打造更紧密的关系。目前中国消费者日趋使用移动设备购物。Taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook, Alibaba is also rapidly expanding its cloud computing business.阿里巴巴集团借鉴亚马逊(Amazon)的战略,也在快速扩张其云计算业务。By the end of this year, the company expects half of the bandwidth used for its cloud operations to be serving outside customers, according to Wang Jian, head of the unit. “Eventually, our target is to have 5 per cent of all computing power in China by the number of servers shipped,” he says.据阿里云计算总裁王坚介绍,该公司预计,到今年底,其云计算业务所用带宽的一半将是为外部客户务。他表示:“最终,我们的目标是按照发运的务器数量计,拥有中国全部计算能力的5%。”Alibaba is also on the acquisition path. On Friday, it agreed to acquire a 28 per cent stake in Autonavi, the company behind China’s most successful mobile map app. Through the investment, Alibaba hopes to expand its mobile commerce capabilities, for example to be able to show the physical location of vendors on Juhuasuan, its Groupon-like daily deals site, or Taobao, the consumer-to-consumer platform.阿里巴巴集团还踏上了收购的道路。上周五,该集团同意收购高德(Autonavi) 28%股份,后者是中国最成功的移动地图应用的开发商。阿里巴巴集团希望借助这项投资扩大自己的移动商务能力,例如显示集团旗下类Groupon团购网站“聚划算”或C2C平台淘宝网上商家的实际地理位置。Only 10 days earlier, Alibaba agreed to buy an 18 per cent stake in Sina Weibo, China’s largest Twitter equivalent. The tie-up will allow Alibaba to make the ads that are a major source of its revenue much more targeted.最近,阿里巴巴集团还同意收购中国最大微网站新浪微(Sina Weibo) 18%股份。这一结盟将使该集团得以大幅提高广告的针对性;广告是该集团的一大营收来源。Alibaba executives say a few more deals like this are to come, as the company continues to build an ecosystem around ecommerce. “We are acquiring the capabilities to provide and crunch the data needed for that,” says Mr Wang. “The traditional economy was centred on industry, powered by electricity. In the new economy, we will provide the equivalent to electricity.”阿里巴巴集团高管表示,随着集团继续围绕电子商务打造一个生态系统,未来还会有几笔类似的交易。“为此,我们正在获取必要的数据提供与处理能力。”王坚表示,“传统经济以工业为核心,由电力驱动。在新经济中,我们将提供等同于电力的东西。”But what unsettles outsiders more is the question whether Alibaba will take its ecommerce machine global. In 2004, just a year after its establishment, Taobao had aly surpassed eBay in China – a development that eventually ruined the US company’s retail business in that market.但是,令外界更加不安的问题是,阿里巴巴集团会否让自己的电子商务机器走向全球?2004年,开通仅一年的淘宝网就已超越了eBay的在华业务——这一发展最终毁掉了eBay这家美国公司在中国市场的零售业务。“The question is whether [Alibaba] will be able to replicate their success outside China,” says Ms Wigder.“问题在于,(阿里巴巴集团)能不能在中国以外复制自己的成功,”维杰表示。The industry is alight with speculation that Alibaba could launch an attack on global rivals such as eBay and Amazon, by helping Chinese sellers ship fast, and cheaply, to developed markets. Industry executives and analysts say Alibaba is considering investment in “offshore” warehouses outside of Europe and the US to make this happen.业内有很多猜测称,阿里巴巴集团可能会向全球竞争对手eBay和亚马逊发起攻击,帮助中国卖家快速而廉价地向发达市场发货。业内高管和分析师称,阿里巴巴集团正考虑向欧美以外的“离岸”仓库投资,使其成为现实。John Spelich, Alibaba spokesman, says he has not heard of such plans.阿里巴巴集团发言人约翰#8226;斯佩里奇(John Spelich)表示,他尚未听说有此类计划。But Wang Tingting, an analyst at iResearch, says the company “will definitely make that move eventually”. Shi Tao, a vice-president at Alibaba’s rival 360buy, which recently started an international business, says that keeping products in bulk in “offshore” warehouses and shipping them into developed markets piecemeal can lower costs, since lower import duties apply to shipments under ∈20 apiece.但艾瑞咨询分析师王婷婷表示,该集团“最终肯定会做出此举”。竞争对手京东最近启动了一项国际业务。京东副总裁石涛表示,把产品成批地储存于“离岸”仓库,然后零零碎碎地发往发达市场,能够降低成本,因为不到20欧元的包裹所适用的进口关税更低。No matter if Alibaba eventually moves in this direction, the company has started globalisation plans. Last year, it set up a dedicated team to explore taking Taobao global. “At the moment, we focus on Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia,” says Daphne Lee, head of Taobao International. She says the company is taking things step by step and is now trying to forge logistics and payment partnerships.无论阿里巴巴集团最终是否走上这条道路,该集团都已启动全球化计划。去年它成立了一个专职团队,由其探索让淘宝网全球化的可能性。“目前我们聚焦于香港、台湾、新加坡和马来西亚,”淘宝国际(Taobao International)业务主管李芃君(Daphne Lee)说。她表示,公司正在步步为营地推进,目前在试图打造物流和付方面的合作伙伴关系。The demand is clearly there – 280,000 users from Singapore alone registered on Taobao last year, although demand can often present surprises. Consumers from tropical Singapore “are buying down jackets – they need them for overseas trips and can barely find them at home”, says Ms Lee.需求显然是存在的——去年仅新加坡一个地方就有28万用户在淘宝网注册——尽管需求常常会出人意料。据李芃君介绍,地处热带的新加坡的消费者热衷“购买羽绒——他们需要在出国旅行时穿这种衣,而在国内市场根本找不到”。 /201305/239596

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