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But if had to give my opinion about meat,但是如果我告诉你我关于肉的意见,I think first, the most important thing is to say我开始以为,想说的最重要的是that we dont have to have perfect food,我们不一定需要完美的食物,but maybe it can also not be poison.但不可能要有毒的Maybe we can have some middle ground for that.也许我们要有一些中间地。But I will continue to consider this idea,而我会继续考虑这个主意,and I will report back maybe next year.明年我会在过来汇报。Next.下一个。Next. Next. (Applause)下一个。下一个(鼓掌);Will there ever be a post-racial world?;“将来会有一个后种族的世界吗?”Thank you for having me.感谢你们让我来到这里。My name is Gary Weaselhead. Enjoy that.我是盖瑞.维斯海德。喜欢这个名字。Im a member of the Blackfeet Nation.我是黑脚联合会的成员Im also half Lakota, but that is my given name,我还是半个拉柯塔人,但那是我父母给我的名字,and no, even though it would have seemed不,即使它看起来like an obvious choice,像一个很明显的选择,no, I did not go into politics.不,我不会走进政治圈。Tough crowd.强势的人群。But I always like to just let people know但是我总是要让人知道when they ask about race or those kinds of things,当他们问起关于种族之类的那些事,you know, as a member of the First Nations community,你知道,作为一个第一联合会社团的成员you know, Im probably你知道,我可能not your typical guy.不是那种典型的人For example, in addition to being an activist,比如,除了作为一个活动家Im also a professional stand-up comedian.我还是一个职业的上台的喜剧演员。And, you know, Im most popular而且你知道,我是最受欢迎的那个on college and university campuses.在学院和大学的校园里。You know, whenever they want to do a diversity day,你知道,不管什么时候他们想做些多样化的一天or hey-were-not-all-white week,或者是嗨我们不都是白人周的时候then Im there. (Laughter)我就来了。(笑声)Do I think there will ever be a post-racial world?我会认为有不考虑种族的世界吗?I think, really, I cant talk about race我以为,真的,我不能谈到种族without remembering that it is a construct而不想起它是建立in certain respects,在某种尊敬的基础上,but also that, you know,但还有,你知道until we redress the wrongs of the past,直到我们纠正了过去的错误,were going to be turned around.否则我们会走回头路。I dont care if the present is the new future.我不关心现在是不是一个新的将来。I think theres a lot of great people here at TED我以为在TED有很多伟大的人who are working to address that,正在为此努力工作,so with that, if anything Ive said today那么,如果我今天所说的任何事makes you feel uncomfortable, youre welcome.让你感到不舒的话,那么试试受欢迎的。I think we have time for one more.我认为我们还是时间给另一个人;Whats the most popular diet these days?;“今天最流行的饮食是什么?”Whos here?谁在这儿?Okay, well, Im just gonna answer this really fast,行了,好吧,我只是很快地回答这个问题,as, like, three or four different people.就像,三到四个人。I mean really fast.我会很快。Im just gonna let yall know that, as far as diet is concerned,我只是让你们知道,目前饮食疗养是受到关注的if you dont love yourself inside,如果你不爱你的里面,there is no diet on this Earth那在地球上就没有饮食疗养这回事that is going to make your behind small enough因为那是让你的后面变得足够小for you to feel good,以便让你感觉良好,so just stop wasting your time.好吧,就停止浪费你的时间。201410/335666Hi everybody. 大家好。Im talking with you today from Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, where I just held a town hall and heard from everyday Americans about what we can do, together, to make their lives a little better.今天我在印第安纳波利斯的艾维技术社区大学和你们交流,我刚刚在那里的市政厅听取了美国人每天都谈论的我们能共同做些什么使我们的生活改善一点。This week, we got news that confirms what we aly know-that our businesses continue to create jobs for hardworking folks all across the country. 本周,我们实了我们已知的消息,我们的企业继续在全国范围内为我们勤奋的人们创造就业岗位。Last month, Americas businesses added another 267,000 jobs. 上个月,美国的企业又增加了267,000个就业岗位。In 2014, our economy created more than 3.1 million jobs in all-the best year for job growth since the late 1990s. 2014年,我们的经济一共创造了超过3千1百万个就业岗位-这是自1990年代以来就业增长最好的一年。All told, over the past 59 months, the private sector has added 11.8 million new jobs—the longest streak on record. 这一切表明,在过去的59个月里,私企板块创造了1千1百80万个新就业岗位-有史以来最长的增长时期。And in the single most hopeful sign for middle class families, wages are rising again.中产阶级家庭最希望的一个单一指标-工资重新开始增长了。America is poised for another good year-as long as Washington works to keep this progress going. 美国已经枕戈待旦迎接另一个好年份-只要华盛顿继续努力保持这个增长势头。We have to choose-will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well, or will we build an economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead?我们必须选择-我们是接受一个只有少数人特别富裕的经济呢,还是打造一个每个人只要努力就可以致富的经济呢?Because while weve come a long way, weve got more work to do to make sure that our recovery reaches more Americans, not just those at the top. 因为尽管我们已经走了很长一段路,我们还是有很多工作要做来确保我们的复苏惠及每个美国人,而不仅仅是最富的那些人。Thats what middle-class economics is all about-the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.这就是中产阶级经济学的全部内容-一个每个人都公平地获得的机会,公平地尽他们的职责,并且在同一套规则下竞争这个国家就独占鳌头的理念。This week, I sent Congress a budget built on middle-class economics. 本周,我提交给国会一份打造中产阶级经济学的预算。It helps families afford childcare, health care, college, paid leave at work, homeownership, and saving for retirement, and it could put thousands of dollars back into the pockets of a working family each year. 它帮助各个家庭负担儿保、医疗、上大学、带薪病事假、自己拥有住房、为退休储备等,每年它将把几千美元放回工薪家庭的口袋。It helps more Americans learn new skills to earn higher wages, including by making two years of community college free for responsible students all across the country. 它帮助更多年轻美国人学习获得高薪工作的新技能,包括让全国的负责任的学生们可以免费就读两年制社区大学。It invests in the research and infrastructure our businesses need to compete and create high-paying jobs. 它投资于研究和我们的企业需要的基础设施以及创造高薪工作岗位。And it pays for this with smart spending cuts and by fixing a tax code thats riddled with special-interest loopholes for folks who dont need them, allowing us to offer tax breaks to students and families who do need them.它的资金来源是明智的开销削减和修补充满了有利于根本不需要这些钱的特殊利益群体的漏洞的税法,使我们可以为有需要的学生们和家庭提供税务减免。I believe this is where we need to go to give working families more security in a time of constant economic change. 我认为这就是我们要到达的目标-在一个经济持续变革的时代给工薪家庭更多安全感。And Ill work with anyone—Republican or Democrat—who wants to get to “yes” on these issues. 我将与任何-无论是共和党人还是民主党人,打算就这个问题投赞成票的人们共同努力。We wont agree on everything, and thats natural-but we should stop refighting old battles, and start working together to help you succeed in the new economy.我们不一定就每个问题都达成共识,这很正常-但是我们应该停止重燃战火,开始共同努力帮助你们在新经济中成功。Thats what you elected us to do-not to turn everything into another Washington food fight, but to have debates that are worthy of this country, and to build aneconomy not just where everyone can share in Americas success, but where everyone can contribute to Americas success.这就是你们选举我们来做的-不是把每件事都变成另一场华盛顿食品争论,而是让辩论无愧于这个国家,打造一个不仅仅是每个人都分享美国的成功,而且每个人都贡献于美国的成功的经济。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201502/359710For the West (in general), and the ed States in particular,the crisis was an internally generated event, which led to the collapse of the financial system. For China, it was an external shock which hurt exports but left the financial, political and economic system unscathed.总的来说,对于西方国家,尤其是美国,危机源于内部因素,并最终导致金融体系的崩溃。对于中国,这只是一个外部冲击,对出口不利,但对金融、政治和经济体系却没有影响。China has discovered a remarkably efficient method of unleashing the creative, acquisitive, and entrepreneurial energies of the people who are allowed to pursue their self-interest while the State can cream off a significant portion of the surplus value of their labor by maintaining an undervalued currency and accumulating a trade surplus. So China is likely to emerge as the big winner.中国已找到一种极为有效的方法来激发人们的创造力、求知欲和进取心。鼓励人们去追求自身利益,而同时国家就能够通过持有贬值的货币和累积贸易顺差来获取劳动力剩余价值中的大部分利益。因此,中国很可能成为大贏家。In China, the rulers know that they must avoid social unrest if they want to remain the rulers. Therefore they will do anything in their power to maintain economic growth at 8 percent and create new jobs for a growing workforce. And they have plenty of power because of the trade surplus. China can stimulate its domestic economy through infrastructure investments and it can foster its exports by investing in and extending credits to their trading partners. After all, that is what China was doing when it was financing its exports to America by buying US government bonds. Now that the American consumers have to cut back, they can do the same with other countries. So China will be a positive force in the world economy while the ed States will be limping along.中国领导人很清楚,如果要保持其领导地位就必须避免社会动荡。于是,他们将尽最大力量使经济增长保持8%的速度,并且为不断增加的劳动力创造新的就业机会。由于贸易顺差,他们拥有极大优势,可以通过投资基础设施刺激国内经济,可以通过为其贸易伙伴提供投资和信贷促进出口。通过购买美国政府债券而筹资持对美国的出口,中国正是这样做的。由于美国消费者不得不缩减开,他们可以与其他国家发展贸易关系。因此,中国将成为推动世界经济发展中的积极力量,而美国将举步维艰。201409/330017

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Joe Biden, Im filling in for President Obama, while he addresses the NATO summit in Wales.女士们、先生们,我是拜登,奥巴马总统在威尔士的北约峰会上讲话时我来替他进行本周的演讲。When the President and I took office in January of , this nation was in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. 年1月,在总统和我主政之初,全国正深陷自大萧条以来最严重的经济危机之中。Our economy had plummeted at a rate of 8% in a single quarter-part of the fastest economic decline any time in the last half century. 近一个季度的时间经济就下滑8%,这是过去半个世纪以来少有的经济下滑速度。Millions of families were falling underwater on their homes and threatened with foreclosure. 数百万家庭深陷危机之中,还不起贷款房屋面临被收回的危险。The iconic American automobile industry was under siege.美国标志性的汽车产业也面临崩溃。But yesterdays jobs report was another reminder of how far weve come. 昨晚公布的就业发展报告显示,我们取得了巨大的成就。Weve had 54 straight months of job creation. 在过去54个月里就业持续增长,And thats the longest streak of uninterrupted job growth in the ed States history.这是美国历史上就业持续增长时间最长的一次。Weve gone from losing 9 million jobs during the financial crisis to creating 10 million jobs. 我们从金融危机时的900万人失业到今天创造出1000万个就业岗位。Weve reduced the unemployment rate from 10% in October of to 6.1% today. 我们将失业率从年1月的10%降低到今天的6.1%。And for the first time since the 1990s, American manufacturing is steadily adding jobs-over 700,000 since 2010. 美国的制造业也自上个世纪90年代以来首次增加就业机会,自2010年以来为70多万人提供了就业岗位。And surveys of both American and foreign business leaders confirm that America once again is viewed as the best place in the world to build and invest.调查报告显示,无论是美国国内还是国外的商界领袖都坚信,美国已经再次成为全球最具吸引力的投资置业目的地。Thats all good news.以上都是好消息。But an awful lot of middle class Americans are still not feeling the effects of this recovery. 但糟糕的是,还有大量的中产阶级民众依然感受不到经济复苏带来的变化。Since the year 2000, Gross Domestic Product-our GDP - has risen by 25%. 2000年以来,国内生产总值(GDP)增长了25%,And productivity in America is up by 30%. 美国的生产力提升了30%。But middle class wages during that same time period have gone up by only fourteen cents.但中产阶级的工资在这一时期仅仅增长了14分钱。Folks, its long past time to cut the middle class back into the deal, so they can benefit from the economic growth they helped create. 朋友们,中产阶级在过去付出了巨大的牺牲,经济的复苏离不开他们的付出,他们理应享受到经济发展的成果。Folks, there used to be a bargain in this country supported by Democrats and Republicans, business and labor. 朋友们,在这个国家,民主党和共和党,企业和员工之间通常会进行协商谈判。The bargain was simple. 这种协商谈判很明确。If an employee contributed to the growth and profitability of the company, they got to share in the profits and the benefits as well. 如果员工为企业发展贡献了力量,为企业创造了利润,那么他们就应该分享企业的利润,得到相应的福利待遇。Thats what built the middle class. 这正是中产阶级发展壮大的途径。Its time to restore the bargain, to deal the middle class back in. 现在,为了让中产积极的发展重回正轨,又到了协商谈判的时候了。Because, folks, when the middle class does well, everybody does well-the wealthy get wealthier and the poor have a way up.因为大家都知道,中产阶级发展好了,每个人也就好了,富人的财富更丰厚,穷人的日子更好过。You know, the middle class is not a number. 众所周知,中产阶级所代表的不仅仅是一个数字符号, Its a value set. 而是意味着一个资产集合。It means being able to own your home; raise your children in a safe neighborhood; send them to a good school where if they do well they can qualify to go to college and if they get accepted youd be able to find a way to be able to send them to college. 作为中产阶级应该有自己的住房,社区安宁,有能力抚养并供孩子们上学接受良好教育,只要孩子们学习好你就有能力供养他们上大学。And in the meantime, if your parents need help, being able to take care of them, and hope to put aside enough money so that your children will not have to take care of you.同时,当你的父母有困难的时候,你能及时照料他们,并有足够的储蓄为自己的养老提供保障,不必让孩子们为你们操心。Thats the American dream. 这就是美国梦。Thats what this country was built on. 这也是这个国家的立国之本。And thats what were determined to restore.也是我们矢志追求的重建经济社会的目标。In order to do that, its time to have a fair tax structure, one that values paychecks as much as unearned income and inherited wealth, to take some of the burden off of the middle class. 为了达到这一目标,我们应该改革税收体制,把非工资收入和继承遗产都作为个人所得进行征税,减轻中产阶级税收负担。Its time to close tax loopholes so we can reduce the deficit, and invest in rebuilding America - our bridges, our ports, our highways, rails, providing good jobs.我们应该堵住税收漏洞,降低财政赤字,加大投入重建桥梁、港头、高速公路、铁路等基础设施,创造高薪的就业岗位。With corporate profits at near record highs, we should encourage corporations to invest more in research and development and the salaries of their employees. 当前企业的利润创出新高,我们应该鼓励企业在研发上加大投入,提高员工工资。Its time for us to invest in educational opportunity to guarantee that we have the most highly skilled workforce in the world, for 6 out of every 10 jobs in the near term is going to require some education beyond high school. 我们应该加大教育领域投资,让国民接受良好教育,保我们拥有全世界最优秀的劳动力队伍。当今社会,10份工作有6份需要高中以上的学习经历。Folks, its long past due to increase the minimum wage that will lift millions of hardworking families out of poverty target poverty and in the process produce a ripple effect that boosts wages for the middle class and spurs economic growth for the ed States of America. 朋友们,提高最低工资标准已经提了很长时间了,走出这一步将让数百万工薪家庭摆脱贫困并带动连锁反应,不仅提高中产阶级的工资,也将刺激美国经济的增长。Economists acknowledge that if we do these and other things, wages will go up and well increase the Gross Domestic Product of the ed States.经济学家们称,如果我们做好了诸如此类的事情,人们的工资将大幅上涨,美国的国内生产总值也将大幅增长。My fellow Americans, we know how to do this. 亲爱的同胞们,我们都知道如何做到这些。Weve done it before. 我们以前曾做到过。Its the way we used to do business and we can do it that way again. 这是我们曾经走过的路,让我们再走一遍。All the middle class in this country want is a chance. 全美的中产阶级需要的就是这样的机会。No guarantee, just a chance.不是毫无意义的保,而是切切实实的机会。Americans want to work. 美国人民希望有工作。And when given a fair shot, the American worker has never, ever, ever, let his country down. 当人们得到公平机会的时候,人民就不会,也永远不会让我们的国家倒下。Folks, its never a good bet to bet against the American people.朋友们,拿美国人民的福祉做赌注永远都不是什么好想法。Thanks for listening.谢谢聆听。201409/327378

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Milwaukee! (Applause.) Thank you! Oh, it’s good to be back in Milwaukee. Give Chris a big round of applause for that great introduction. (Applause.)Happy Labor Day, everybody. Happy Labor Day. (Applause.) Today is a day that belongs to you –- the working men and women who make America the greatest country on Earth. So thank you to the working folks who are here today, and the unions who’ve always had your back. (Applause.) Thank you to the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, to the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. (Applause.)It’s good to be back at Laborfest. I hope you don’t mind, I brought a friend with me, somebody who is fighting for American workers every day -- America’s Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, is in the house. (Applause.) And I just found out Tom’s wife is from Milwaukee, so his father-in-law is here. So I just told his father-in-law he’s doing a really good job, because you always want to make a guy look good in front of his father-in-law. (Laughter.) We’ve got some other friends I want to acknowledge. First of all, your Congresswoman, Gwen Moore, is here. (Applause.) Your mayor, Tom Barrett, is in the house. (Applause.) We’ve got one of my favorites, Mary Kay Henry from the SEIU. (Applause.) Newly elected Lily Garcia from NEA. (Applause.) My pal -- not a Packers fan, he’s a Steelers fan, but he’s a good guy anyway -- Leo Gerard from USW, Steelworkers. (Applause.) Billy Hite from UA; Joe Hansen from UFCW. (Applause.) To all the other labor leaders who are here, we are so glad to have you. And we’re here because of the things all too often we take for granted. Anybody who’s got a seat, feel free to sit down. I don’t want anybody fainting; it’s all hot out here. I might get you back up on your feet at some point.But we’re here to celebrate something that sometimes the American people take for granted -- the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, a minimum wage, weekends like this one. All that didn’t happen by accident. It happened because America’s workers organized for it, fought for it. History shows that working families can get a fair shot in this country, but only if we’re willing to fight for it.Now, the first time I came to Laborfest was -- I was still a candidate back in 2008. (Applause.) And during that campaign, I promised if you sent me to the White House, I’d stand with you in that fight. (Applause.) Now, two weeks later, our financial system collapsed. A recession almost became a depression. And in the years since, our country has faced a choice. There are some folks who wanted to place an even bigger bet on top-down economics, the kind of economics that helped cause the crisis in the first place -– more tax cuts for those at the top, fewer rules for big banks and corporations, this blind faith that maybe prosperity would finally trickle down on the rest of us if folks up at the top just kept on doing better and better.But, you know what, Milwaukee, I didn’t run for President to double down on top-down economics. I ran for President because I believed in bottom-up economics. I believed in middle-out economics. I placed a bet on you. I placed a bet on America’s workers. (Applause.) I put my money on American workers and the belief that our economy grows best when everybody has got a shot -- when folks who are willing to work hard can get into the middle class and stay in the middle class. And I’ve come back to Laborfest to say that because of your hard work, because of what we’ve been through together, that bet is starting to pay off.America is stronger because of the decisions we made to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation asking the simple question, is this good for ordinary Americans, is this good for working people -- not just a few, but for everybody. And over the past 53 months, our business have created nearly 10 million new jobs. (Applause.) We’re on a streak where, the last six months, we’ve created more than 200,000 jobs each month -– that’s the first time that’s happened since 1997. (Applause.)Construction is rebounding. Energy and technology are booming. American manufacturing is steadily creating jobs for the first time since the 1990s. Our businesses export more goods made right here in America to the rest of the world than ever before. (Applause.) America is stronger because we saved the American auto industry and more than one million jobs that depend on the auto industry. (Applause.) Today, our workers are building more cars than any time since 2002 -- and, by the way, they’re really good cars. The auto industry is adding jobs at the strongest rate since the 1990s.America is stronger because we invested in homegrown energy. The world’s number-one oil and gas producer -- it’s not Russia, it’s not Saudi Arabia -- it’s the U.S. of A. We are the largest producer. (Applause.) And for the first time in nearly 20 years, America now produces more oil than we buy from other countries. But we’re also producing more clean energy, putting folks back to work. We’ve tripled the amount of wind power that creates energy. We’ve increased by 10 times the amount of solar power we create. And all of that is creating tens of thousands of good jobs all across the country. (Applause.)America is stronger because we set our schools on a race to the top. We helped more middle-class families afford college. Today, thanks to outstanding teachers, our high school graduation rate is at a record high. (Applause.) More young people are earning their college degrees than ever before. (Applause.) America is stronger because we helped millions of responsible homeowners stay in their homes, and we got some of biggest banks who sold deceptive mortgages to help make things right -- they’re ponying up billions of dollars to do right by folks who got cheated. We changed a tax code that was skewed too much to the wealthy at the expense of working families. We made sure, you know what, you guys have got to pay a little more. And as a consequence, we cut our deficits by more than half. (Applause.)And yes, Milwaukee, America is stronger because millions more Americans have the peace of mind of quality, affordable health insurance that they can count on. Yes, we did that. (Applause.)201504/370082

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