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南京厚唇变薄术南京市韩辰整形美容医院光子嫩肤多少钱美国硅谷一家公司将推出一种革命性绿色新能源,诸如Ebay,谷歌的大公司已经在使用这种Bloom Energy燃料电池,而且效果不错。Reporter: EBay's headquarters in California are powered by revolutionary new boxy fuel cells that look just like big refrigerators. The innovative green technology stems from Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy. The company says its fuel cells produce more power with less environmental damage than others on the market because they aren't reliant on just hydrogen to trigger the chemical reactions that create power.Rather, it can use wind, solar power and whatever else is available depending on the community, although Bloom Energy doesn't offer more details about how that works.KR Sridhar, principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy, says the power is produced when you use it."Bloom Energy server is the equivalent of your mobile phone without a wire, compared to the landline telephone that had copper wires. What this is, is producing power at the point that you use it, outside your building - that's called distributor generation and Bloom Energy server does that for you using a fuel cell technology."The technology is aly being used at major companies such as Google and eBay, but analysts warn that the technology has yet to be widely proven.201003/97668南京市红十字医院开双眼皮手术价格 Barack Obama Breaks Fundraising Records奥巴马总统竞选筹款打破记录 Barack Obama's presidential campaign raised a record of 0 million in September, giving him a significant cash advantage over his opponent John McCain. The Democratic nominee is using his treasure chest to purchase television and radio ads in closely contested states, and also in traditional Republican strongholds such as Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia and even West Virginia. 奥巴马总统竞选班子9月份筹集到创记录的1亿5千万美元, 从而使他比对手麦凯恩享有巨额竞选资金的优势。这位民主党总统候选人利用自己充足的钱包在那些竞争激烈的州,以及传统的共和党的据点,如印第安纳州、内华达州、北卡罗莱纳州、弗吉尼亚州和西弗吉尼亚州等购买电视和电台广告。Barack Obama became the first major party candidate not to join the public financing system for the general election campaign, backing away from an earlier pledge that he would do so. This frees the Democratic candidate to raise an unlimited amount from private donations.  奥巴马成为美国在参加竞选活动中第一位不接受公共资金体制的主要政党候选人。他背弃了先前做出的不会这样做的承诺。此举可以放手让这位民主党候选人从私人捐赠中筹集不受限制的竞选资金。Republican candidate John McCain chose to take public funds, and is now limited to spending the million he received from the public financing system during the final two months of the campaign.  而共和党总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩则选择接受公共资金,现在麦凯恩在最后两个月的竞选活动中,只能花费来自公共财政系统的8千4百万美元的竞选经费限额。The Obama campaign has raised an unprecedented total of more than 0 million during the campaign, almost equaling the combined amount both major candidates, George Bush and John Kerry, raised in the 2004 presidential election. 奥巴马在竞选活动中筹集到前所未有的6亿美元竞选经费,几乎相当于2004年总统大选中美国总统布什和克里参议员等两位候选人竞选金额的总和。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Senator McCain said this kind of runaway campaign spending is cause for concern. 参议员麦凯恩在接受福克斯电视台“周日新闻”节目采访的时候说,竞选开的失控引起人们的关注。"But what I worry about is future elections too. Not only mine, I worry most about mine at the moment, but what is going to happen the next time around?" McCain noted. "Four years from now, what is going to happen? Particularly if you have got an incumbent president and we no longer stick to the public financing, which was a result of the Watergate scandal." 麦凯恩说:“我还担心未来的选举。不仅是我自己。当然此刻我最担心的是我的竞选活动。但是下一次将要发生什么事?从现在开始的四年之后会发生什么情况?特别是如果你有一个现任总统,同时我们也不再坚持使用公共资金作为竞选经费,那样的话就会发生水门事件那样的丑闻。”McCain also criticized Obama for not living up to his pledge to accept public funds. 麦凯恩还批评奥巴马违背自己接受公共资金作为竞选经费的承诺。The Obama campaign argues that it has developed what amounts to a parallel financing system of its own, with more than three-million individual donors contributing to his campaign, many of them donating small sums over the Internet. The campaign says the average donation for September was less than 0. 奥巴马竞选班子解释说,他们已经开发出了一个相当于自身平行筹款体系,其中有超过3百万个人捐助者为奥巴马的竞选捐款,许多是通过互联网的小额捐款。奥巴马的竞选班子说,9月份为奥巴马捐款的平均数额不到100美元。Obama's financial advantage is making it possible for him to drown McCain's message in a flood of TV, web and radio ads. Obama is even advertising in games. 奥巴马的资金优势是使他能够用排山倒海般的电视、网络和广播电台的广告信息,甚至在视频游戏中插播广告,来压倒麦凯恩的信息。Evan Tracey is president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group, a private firm that provides political advertising information to its clients. Tracey said he has never seen anything like Obama's success and corresponding dominance of the airwaves. 特雷西是总统竞选媒体分析集团的主任。这是一家向客户提供政治广告信息的私营公司。特雷西说,他从未见过像奥巴马这样成功地在电波里占有相应的压倒优势。"For the casual viewer, for the person who is just kind of tuning into this race knowing that they are going to be voting in a couple of weeks, all they are seeing in a lot of these battleground states are Obama ads on TV, all they are hearing are Obama ads on radio," Tracey noted. "It just really gives Obama the advantage of somewhat blanketing the paid media, the advertising aspect of this race, and it just makes it that much harder for Senator McCain to have a message that is able to cut through." 特雷西说:“对于一个偶尔接触媒体的人来说,如果他刚刚开始关注选举,并且知道自己再过几个星期就要参加投票,他们所能够看到的就是奥巴马在很多激烈争夺的州的电视广告,他们所能听到的是奥巴马在电台作的竞选广告。这真的让奥巴马在覆盖付费媒体方面,在竞选广告方面享有优势。这使得麦凯恩的信息很难抵达选民。”One of John McCain's television ads questions "Who is Barack Obama?", and uses it to counter some of Obama's ads against him.A recent Obama TV ad says McCain is attacking him to distract voters' attention away from the economic crisis. 最近的一个奥巴马竞选电视广告说,麦凯恩通过攻击他转移选民对经济危机的注意力。The candidates also use their campaign money to open offices in hotly contested states and to conduct grassroots voter registration and voter turnout efforts with paid field workers. Obama has also purchased 30 minutes of prime time on network television to address American voters in the week before the election. 两位总统候选人还利用他们的竞选资金在竞争激烈的州开设办事处,并付工资给办事人员开展基层选民登记,以及动员更多选民参加投票。奥巴马还购买了美国电视网30分钟的电视黄金时间段,在投票即将举行的一周前向美国选民发表讲话。200810/53606You know, I’ve known Barak maybe 12 ,15 years. He is really a good ball player. I think there's a part of him , that represents the next generation , and then part of that he is the guy who's gone out who is who. What I’ve learned to this campaign is that he is much better shape, than a lot of us. Just / personally / / I haven't / seen anything in my life as ruling as you know, the long primary that he went through as the general election. We're trying to keep up with this tradition of playing ball. You know wherever he is in the country he really appreciated it, you know having his friends, show up in north Carolina, Pennsylvania or California //. He will help in the effort and nobody wants to be the guy who trips or you know gives him a fat leap . it’s not a political commentary , but he is on the lefty. The book on him defensively as you wanna make them go right. And Barak is one of those lefty, lefties, so he likes to go left. He’s developed /a little bit cross over dribble. So he used to be, he can make it go right and he picked up after a few dribble. He said publicly that he intentes to install a court like Crater James’ white house and like the rest of this campaign promises I’m going to expect home to it. And I don’t know in the inauguration day what would be like exactly but it would not surprise me at all. We don't find a way to get it ,you know ,a few jump shots200812/57571南京韩城医院减肥手术多少钱

南京割双眼皮哪家医院效果好Same-sex weddings are expected to create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into California's economy. “Every time I think about it I cried, it means I get to marry the woman I love, you are gonna able to have a marriage license, you can gonna be able to be a wedding couple. There’s some legitimacy now.”In the storm moment in California, for Tracy and Tiffany who are about to walk down the aisle together. Oh, look at this, and through Robin and Diana, who fought for decades for the right of same-sex couples to marry.“It’s not just about each other, it’s said it’s open this entire possibility for every gay kid that’s growing up today, that they can grow up, and they can have marriage, and they can have families, and they can have acceptance. I mean it’s, it’s just incredibly important to us.”A monumental occasion for the couples and an unexpected boom for California’s economy.“I would say the total spending that will be generally by same-sex weddings is well over a billion dollars in the next three years.”A billions dollars and 2,100 new jobs over the next three years, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. Wedding planner Marcia Vidal says it couldn’t have come at a better time.“Are you seeing economic hard times, are things rather soft for people in your industry right now?”“Actually it is, we are definitely seeing a slowdown, and what else we’re seeing, a forecast of weddings’ being postponed even now to 2010 and 11.”Tiffany and Tracy are learning weddings are big business.“You discovered that, yes you know, you wanna have it at a place, and you wanna have someone officiating for you, oh, and we have to have a kid, and oh, by the way, don’t we want flowers?”Their budget about 40,000 dollars. “We are doing 40,000 just ourselves. And you count probably, 80 guests come in from out of the state, staying for at least 3 nights in hotels, car rentals, eating out, tourist attractions.”“We don’t want to be like two brides or two grooms”, Baker Tom Rosa says his business has aly tripled, thanks to customers like Diana and Robin. “I think price for most gays and lesbians will not be an object, because it’s something they never expected, never expected in all their life, and so the Californian ‘Gold Rushes’ are on.”“I now pronounce you spouses for life”, Diana and Robin became the first same-sex couple to officially tie the knot in southern California. And now, among the first to say, it helped the state along the way. 200812/58596丹阳光子嫩肤价格 And unleashes one of those feared migrations on earth. The army ants are on the move. The engine of this merciless hunger are brute of 200,000 larva and their care takers, demanding 30 thousand corpses a day.地球上最令人担心之一的迁徙终于开始了。蚂蚁大军浩浩荡荡的出发了。动力的源泉是被饥饿无情缠身,这只军队由200,000只幼虫和管理者们组成,他们一天需要3万具尸体。The nursery lies at the heart of twitching shrubbing structure built almost entirely of the ants themselves. Long legs stuck together with tussle cores.蚂蚁独特的身体结构让他们与众不同。它们的长腿挤在一起。They are the scuffing bricks and moder of the nests. But they have been in one place for 3 weeks, ravaging the force floor from miles in all directions. Its time time to migrate.他们是搬运砖块与筑巢的专家。但他们曾在一个地方逗留三周,从各个方向肆虐着这个承重板。现在是时候迁徙了。In the darkness, they pull out of the nest. Porters carrying the precious larva. Theyre virtually all sisters,daughters of one queen.在黑暗中,他们倾巢而出。搬运工们携带宝贵的幼虫。女王把他们当作,女儿。They will migrate about 330 feet each night, be equivalent in human terms of a marathon.他们每晚迁移大约330英尺。相当人类的一场马拉松比赛。Death and virtually blind, they nonetheless communicate brilliantly through touch and complicated chemical signals.And now the message goes out to a big swag.虽然对他们来说四周一片死寂,几乎伸手不见五指,但他们通过触摸仍然能用复杂的化学信号出色的交流。现在的消息出去找一个大;黑货;。词语解释:1. Merciless a. 无情的2. Ravage v. 使荒芜,毁灭162919江苏南京激光祛疤价钱

江苏南京吸脂减肥的费用Thailand is set to have its first female prime minister in Yingluck Shinawatra, younger sister of ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Her victory as leader of the opposition Pheu Thai party has raised hopes that women can play a larger role in the country’s male-dominated politics. But many question if she can emerge from her brother’s shadow, let alone challenge Thai society’s cultural and social barriers for women.泰国第一位女总理英拉.西那瓦很快就要就职了。英拉.西那瓦是被推翻的前总理他信.西那瓦的。她作为反对党为泰党的领袖所取得的胜利使人们更有希望看到泰国女性在男性占主导地位的泰国政坛将发挥更大的作用。但也有些人怀疑她能否走出哥哥的阴影,更不用说跨越泰国社会给女性造成的文化与社会障碍了。Yingluck Shinawatra emerged victorious in one of the most high-stakes elections in Thailand’s recent history.英拉.西那瓦在泰国近期历史上关系最为重大的一次选举中当选获胜。Her Pheu Thai party won a comfortable majority in a rebuke to Thailand’s traditional elite, who backed the ruling Democrat party of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.她的为泰党在对传统精英构成严重教训的一场选举中轻松赢得多数议席,那些传统精英持执政的民主党籍的总理阿披实。The 44-year-old businesswoman is now preparing to hold her first political office as Thailand’s first female prime minister.这位44岁的女商人现在正准备以泰国第一位女总理的身份步入政坛。She says Thailand, after years of political turmoil and sporadic street violence, can benefit from having a woman in charge.她说,在多年的政治动乱和零星的街头暴力之后,泰国可以从一位女性掌权获益。"I think I can use as the female to talk with everyone to make the country… move forward by the peaceful strategy," she said.英拉说:“我认为,我可以利用自己的女性身份和大家谈话,使国家以和平的方式向前进。”201107/143701 F!+nuogk%Tz@qiHN0[GOjo,+#Tkg 在挪威你可以进行极限运动,每一个人在这里都可以找到自己想要的体验[m7v2@2Aa^5。Whoever goes fastest or comes cloest gets the most points. Jumpers can reach speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. It can be very dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. The trick is to use the special parachute to redirect the 1 force to make it go where you want. It needs to be timed just right.,7I34T.v-CIts the last jump of the day. The competition is won by an American who gains a massive 594 points. No doubt hell be back next year to defend his title.EU8V-z0g(T!WmZCExtreme Sports Week 2007, yeah!A3U8vHaEDf_6z.uAWith glaciers and majestic mountains running into the mirroring fjords and lakes,Norway is world-famous for its beautiful scenery. The ed Nations ranked it as having the highest standard of living in the world. This encourages tourists who flock here by the millions and who knows,some may even decide to stay. Its a great place to explore with someone special.ksnd!!eDkSAs another amazing Voss Adventure Week draws to a close,contestants return home a bit sore but refreshed from all the mountain air. Each athlete has pushed themselves to the absolute limit and beyond.nQa|kZUs7]s!8For adventure lovers or holiday seekers,tourists can find whatever kind of experience they desire. From the dizzy heights of a cliff, the bounds achieved on the BMX course or the rush from jumping out of a plane, the varied terrain means there is always something for every tourist all year round. Whatever holiday you are looking for, Norway is the perfect place for everyone to experience their own 2 journey.[@3mK97z3fPMthsY14s译文:谁跑得最快离出发点越近谁就可以获得最高分K3MTT+0eo_+。跳水的人可以达到每小时140公里Y9cj]J[4N%c|P。如果你不知道你在做什么,那么这是非常危险的事情fYb#TLhVA6Ziuq。诀窍是使用特殊的降落伞重新定向下的力,使其去你想去的地方_4x-k*59L-|X。它需要把握得恰到好处9tCP*0,IAfwIezZq4*。 m8hQ.OL0_Z 这是最后一天的跳水比赛8M.k9lz2sG]q。比赛冠军由一个美国人获得了,他的分数最高是594分F9dmh@~L_;。 毫无疑问,他明年还会回来,捍卫他的荣誉T54XhcNMZQn#ycPfJ。~[6s;Ccfpl@#x+++TK 2007年极限运动周,耶 !_Qs1W1,BA06f!%*x+T 像镜子一般的峡湾和湖泊点缀在冰川和雄伟的高山中,就这样挪威以其独特的风景而全世界闻名HFa+3r*oI.Z。联合国把挪威列为生活在世界最高的标准的国家 1IqgaOeO(]KPT2x%8。这就鼓励游客成千上百万地涌向这里,谁知道,有的人甚至会决定留下来W%U(WhIR#6.(C5l。 这是一个专门让人探索的伟大地方 j7TwZYIznfE^;q-U。 |GGZ0f@4j.pe-T 另外一个惊人的沃斯探险周快接近尾声,参赛者们回家后,身上都会有点儿疼,但是山里新鲜空气会让他们消除疲劳|)5I[gEXE#O@P。每个运动员都会想方设法的超越他们自己的极限,;)MKG|MW.M。6D_2[8jqJWn7@+Nc(# 对于探险爱好者或假期度假者,这些游客可以找到他们想要的任何一种体验-#oYTDC_,djcR;uiGI#r。从让人头晕的悬崖,到自行车越野赛的路段或者从飞机上的一跳,各种各样的地形,可以让每名游客一年四季都有可玩的东西N2uA#*u9B,yo)Mzr。无论您正在寻找什么样的假期,挪威可以让每个人都体验到自己的终极之旅的理想场所 V(7NjJe!-49ZXd。 ZKaDLC*LshrzEM)R|课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?gUW%~w!]-M1bLhtIuP.)9avEH_6a62(_0V7_201110/157646马鞍山割眼袋多少钱丹阳激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱




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