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A bus featuring a new security system debuted in south China#39;s Guangdong province last Friday to make it easier for passengers to escape during emergencies.上周五,配有新型安全逃生系统的汽车在广州面世,这会使得广大乘客在遭遇仅仅状况时更容易逃生。The electric-powered bus, designed by the Municipal Commission of Transport in Guangzhou, will perform trial runs before it is adopted more widely.这种电动公交车是由广州市交通委员会主导设计的,在大面积投入使用之前将进行试运行。According to Zhao Jiantong, manager of the information office of the Guangzhou electrical bus company, there are eight emergency buttons inside the bus. One of the buttons is for the driver, while the remaining seven are for passengers and are located near seven safety windows.据广州有轨电车公司信息办公室经理赵见同介绍,整辆车中共设有8个紧急按钮,其中一个供司机控制,其余的7个全部由乘客自己控制,而且位置靠近7个安全窗口。In the case of explosion or fire, people can escape through nine exits, Zhao was ed as saying by the Guangzhou Daily.《广州日报》援引赵经理的介绍称:“一旦发生火灾或是爆炸,乘客可以通过九个应急出口逃生。The safety windows are larger than those on the old buses and are positioned lower to allow seniors and children to escape.相比旧的公车设置,新车的安全窗口更大,位置更低,这样方便老人和孩子逃生。When a button is pressed, information on an electronic screen outside the bus immediately changes from the bus number to ;SOS,; accompanied by emergency lights and alarms. The new bus is also equipped with a ;black box; that automatically sends information and footage from the bus to the control center when an accident happens.一旦按下了紧急按钮,汽车外部电子显示屏上的车号就会变成SOS,应急灯和报警鸣笛同时开启。”此外,这种新研发的汽车还设有“黑匣子”,当发生事故的时候,它可以向控制中心自动发信息并记录公车的路径。A bus carrying a tour group from Dalian in northeast China#39;s Liaoning province crashed into a highway barrier and caught fire near Taiwan#39;s Taoyuan Airport on July 19 as tourists were end route to the airport for their flight home. All 26 people on board, including a local driver and a local tour guide, were killed. The accident renewed people#39;s concerns over public transportation safety.7月19日,运送来自东北辽宁的一个旅游团的汽车,在前往台湾桃园机场时,撞上高速路路障后起火,车上包括当地司机和导游在内的26人全部死亡。这次事故引发了大众对于公共交通安全的担忧。 /201608/459500Chinese manufacturers reported sluggish business for a seventh month in a row, with a PMI ing for February which was worse than expected. 2月份,中国制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)逊于预期,显示出制造业已连续7个月陷于低迷。 The official manufacturing PMI for February came in at 49, compared to economists’ expectations of 49.4. It was 49.4 in January. 2月份的官方制造业PMI为49,比经济学家预期的49.4要低。1月份的制造业PMI为49.4。 The ing means the manufacturing sector has been shrinking for the past seven months. It is the lowest ing since November 2011, when it was also 49. 该读数意味着,中国制造业过去7个月一直处于收缩状态。该读数是2011年11月以来的最低读数,当时的读数也是49。 China recorded its weakest growth in a quarter of a century last year at 6.9 per cent. 去年,中国经济增长率为6.9%,是25年来的最低水平。 On Monday the central bank also opted for more easing, cutting the reserve ratio – or the share of customer deposits that banks must hold on reserve – to boost the availability of cheap credit to consumers and companies. It was also reported than almost 2m Chinese coal and steel workers will lose their jobs because of government policies to cut overcapacity, the majority of them likely to be in state-owned enterprises. 周一,中国央行决定进一步放松货币政策,下调了商业存款准备金率,以便让消费者和企业更容易获得廉价信贷。另有报道称,由于政府出台政策去除产能过剩,将近200万中国煤炭和钢铁工人将失去工作,其中大部分很可能都是国企工人。 The services PMI was 52.7, compared to a previous ing of 53.5. 中国官方务业PMI为52.7,前值为53.5。 The Caixin-sponsored composite PMI for February came in at 48, below expectations for 48.4. It had been 48.4 in January. 2月份,财新(Caixin)中国制造业PMI为48,比预期值48.4要低,1月份的读数为48.4。 The 50-mark separates contraction from expansion. The ing means the sector has been shrinking for a whole year now, and was its lowest in five months. 50为收缩与扩张的分水岭。2月份的财新PMI读数为5个月来的低点,而且意味着中国制造业过去一整年始终处于收缩状态。 The survey also noted that staff numbers declined at the sharpest rate since January 2009, as companies downsized to cut costs and did not replace voluntary leavers. 财新的调查还指出,随着企业压缩规模以节省成本,加上不再填补自愿离职员工的空缺,用工数量降至2009年1月以来最低。 He Fan, economist at Caixin Insight, said: The index ings for all key categories including output, new orders and employment signalled that conditions worsened, in line with signs that the economy’s road to stability remains bumpy. The government needs to press ahead with reforms, while adopting moderate stimulus policies and strengthening support of the economy in other ways to prevent it from falling off a cliff. 财新智库(Caixin Insight)首席经济学家何帆认为,2月财新中国制造业PMI中,产出、新订单、就业等关键分项指标均有所下探,表明中国经济仍处于反复震荡的探底阶段。当前阶段,政府应在继续推进改革的基础上,适度采取经济刺激政策,加大托底政策力度,避免经济出现断崖式下跌,引发经济动荡。 /201603/429557

Mobile phone users in China expected a pleasant surprise this month. Starting from October 1, a new policy adopted by the three giant cellphone operators - China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom - has allowed unused data from individual data packages to be carried over to the next month for use.中国手机用户在本月迎来了惊喜。从11月1号起,三大通信运营商——中国移动,中国电信和中国联通,采取了一项新的政策:当月个人数据包中未使用完的流量可以延长到下月使用。At the beginning, users of the three telecommunication companies hailed this policy, since they would have more free data to use in the next month and Chinese phone users#39; zealousness for mobile Internet is unrelenting.一开始,三大运营商的用户们对该政策的出台都很开心,因为他们从下月起就有更多的免费流量可以使用了,而现在的中国手机用户对于手机上网的需求是非常热忱的。However, even before Chinese users could enjoy the free extra package, inquisitive users found that since the adoption of the policy, the original data limits seem to be far more easily swallowed up, which means there wouldn#39;t be any unused data left for the next month. One user of China Unicom claimed that it took him only nine days to use up the data package of a month.然而,在用户们还未能享受到延长使用期限的流量包时,好奇的用户们就发现该政策公布后,原有的流量限额很容易就达到了,这意味着到了月底根本不会有剩余流量。一位中国联通用户宣称,他9天内就用完了一个月的流量包。Telecoms have become as essential a utility in modern life as water or power, and raising or lowering costs significantly affects people#39;s lives and finances. But disputes between consumers and service providers dominate discussion.移动通信已经成为现代生活中的重要物品,就像水和电一样不可或缺,通信成本的高低极大地影响了人们的生活和财政状况。但是消费者和务商之间的争执久居不下。Not long after mobile phones became popular in China about a decade ago, the country#39;s mobile operators were blamed for their tight grip over telecoms fees. Regulators allowed cellular operators to charge both callers and receivers, and it took years for them to switch to a one-way charging scheme, among a slew of initiatives. During the process, public complaints played a major role.十年前,手机在中国普及后不久,我国的移动运营商就因对通信费的严格控制而饱受诟病。过去,监管机构允许蜂窝运营商同时向来电者和接听者收费,采取一系列举措切换到单向收费机制则花了数年时间。在这一过程中,公众的抗议声起到了重要作用。It is too early to judge how long the disputes between telecommunication companies and consumers over data packages will last, since, according to media reports, the measurement of data usage is difficult to track. Companies are using ;user privacy; to avoid giving out any information.消费者和运营商之间关于数据包的战争还将持续多久还不可得知,据媒体报道,跟踪数据的使用情况是非常困难的。运营商以“用户隐私”为由拒绝给出任何信息。But ing through the complaints posted online by picky cellphone users, we can sense the public#39;s distrust of State-owned enterprises (SOEs).但通过阅读网络上讲究的手机用户的意见,我们能感受到公众对于国营企业的不信任。A survey done by the People#39;s Tribune Research Center in 2012 found that the public#39;s negative impression of SOEs came from the belief that they only rely on government support and their employees usually do easy jobs but get higher pay, yet their efficiency and sense of service lag far behind private and foreign enterprises.人民论坛研究中心在2012年做过一份调查,公众对于国营企业的负面印象来自于他们认为,这些企业仅仅只依靠政府的持经营,员工大多数做着简单的工作却拿高工资,但他们的务意识和工作效率却远远落后于私营企业和外企。Besides, they feel that the costs of daily life such as water, electricity and petrol are always on the rise and attribute this to the monopoly of SOEs. Even if SOEs do something positive, it doesn#39;t help much win back public#39;s trust.另外,他们把生活必需品的成本,诸如水,电和汽油的持续上涨,都归咎于国企的垄断。即使是国企做了一些有积极意义的事,也不能重赢民心。The current spat over the data package of the three State-owned telecommunication giants reflects the extent of public dissatisfaction. Amid the country#39;s thriving anti-corruption campaign and reforms, it shows the public#39;s enthusiasms for deepening reforms and making SOEs benefit domestic consumers.目前对三大运营商的数据包之争反映了公众不满的程度,在国家反腐倡廉的蓬勃发展和改革的环境下,它显示了公众对于深化改革,使国有企业有利于国内消费者的热情。 /201511/407545A report on China#39;s online consumption trends released by Taobao.com, revealed that women, senior citizens and youngsters have become a major driving force for mobile purchases.淘宝网发布的中国网络消费趋势报告显示,女人、老人和年轻群体已成为移动端购物的主力军。The report was based on data analysis of buying behavior of Taobao#39;s more than 300 million users between 2011 and 2015.调查是基于2011年至2015年之间,超过3亿用户的购买数据分析得出的。According to the report, more than 70 percent of buyers of baby products, cosmetics and garment, and 60 percent of buyers of food, home furnishing, shoes and bags are women. Women, mainly aged 23 to 35, also account for 70 percent of online buyers of imported commodities.报告称,在母婴、时尚美妆、装等行业,女性消费占比都在七成以上,在食品、家居和鞋包等行业,女性消费占比也达到了六成。在23岁到35岁这一年龄段的女性,也占据了网购进口商品的70%。Commodities believed to be popular among young people have attracted more elderly people. Statistics showed that perfume consumption among users aged 50 to 70 has been growing. They spent around 70 million yuan ( million) on perfume in 2014 alone.一般认为年轻人才会消费的商品在年长的群体里逐渐流行起来。数据显示,50-70岁消费者对于香水的消费持续增长,仅2014年就花费约7000万元(约合1100万美元)。According to the report, youngsters make major contribution to mobile purchase in China. Users who were born after 1990s made around 70 percent of purchases on their mobile application.报告还指出,我国年轻群体为移动端购物做出很大贡献,90后群体使用移动端成交的商品接近七成。 /201512/416775Up to 81 percent of Chinese people have received calls from strangers who have gotten hold of their personal information, however, more than half don#39;t know what they can do if they are harassed by nuisance calls, according to a survey released last Monday.根据上周一发布的一项调查显示,高达81%的中国人接到过来自陌生人的电话,这些陌生人掌握了他们的个人信息,然而,如果被骚扰电话骚扰,一半以上的人不知道他们能做什么。The survey revealed that over 70 percent of the more than 1 million respondents surveyed said the information security problem is ;severe;.该调查显示,在100多万的受访者中,超过70%的人表示,信息安全问题很“严重”。When asked how they would respond to nuisance calls, 71 percent said they just hang up the phone or ignore the call; 63 percent blacklist or reject the calls; and only 20 percent said they would officially complain.当被问及他们如何回应骚扰电话时,71%的人说他们只是挂断电话或忽略该电话;而63%的人则会将电话加入黑名单或拒绝来电;只有20%的人说他们会正式投诉。In terms of taking legal measures, over half of the survey participants said they do not know what they can do, with 44 percent saying they would likely do nothing due to the complexity of the procedures and the high cost, said the report.在采取法律措施方面,一半以上的受访者表示他们不知道自己能做什么,44%的受访者表示,由于程序的复杂性和高成本,他们可能什么也不做。Around 14 percent said that even if they did something, they think there would be little result.大约14%的人认为,即使他们做了什么,也几乎不会有结果。The report suggests that China should adopt legislation on personal information protection since this has not yet been given sufficient judicial attention.该报告建议称,中国应制定关于个人信息保护的法律,因为个人信息尚未引起足够的司法关注。 /201612/482254

The number of farmer-turned workers reached 281 million in 2016, up 1.5% over the previous year, which marked the first growth-rate increase since 2011, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.国家统计局发布的数据显示,2016年我国农民工数量达2.81亿人,比上年增长了1.5%,是2011年以来农民工数量增幅首次扩大。In 2016, the average monthly income for such workers rose to 3,275 yuan, up 6.6% year-on-year.2016年,农民工平均月收入升至3275元,同比上涨6.6%。The growth rate of farmer-turned workers who worked outside their hometowns continued to drop, with the number falling by 790,000 over the 2015 level to 76.66 million.而外出农民工数量增幅持续下降至7666万人,比2015年减少了79万人。Farmer-turned workers employed by local industries grew 3.4% year-on-year to 112 million.受雇于本地行业的农民工数量同比增长了3.4%,至1.12亿人。In contrast, the number of farmers who worked in cities was 136 million, a decrease of 1.1% year-on-year.相比之下,进城务工的农民工数量为1.36亿人,同比下降了1.1%。The latest survey also shows that China#39;s farmer-turned workers are aging rapidly, with those over 50 accounting for more than 19% of the total in 2016, increasing from 14% five years before. Those born after the 1980s took up less than half of the total.这项最新调查还显示,我国农民工正迅速老龄化,50岁以上农民工所占比重已由5年前的14%增至2016年的19%以上。80后农民工占比不足总人数的一半。China#39;s western region saw the fastest growth in the number of farmer-turned workers, the report added.此外,报告还指出,我国西部地区农民工数量增长最快。 /201705/508415

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