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【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. I am sorry I have to rush off.2. I know you are gonna surprise with an incredible feast.3. Perfect, and I’ll be right by your side. /200605/7330A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 11 /200707/15456

Now think of the absurdity of this situation.现在试想下这种奇怪的状况:If 27 individuals from those 27 member states sat around table, speaking their 23 languages,如果27个来自各个盟国的人围坐在桌边,说着23种语言some very simple mathematics will tell you that you need an army of 253 translators to anticipate all the pairwise possibilities.简单计算就可以知道,你需要一个253人的翻译队伍来保配对说话的可能性The European Union employs a permanent staff of about 2,500 translators.欧盟雇了大约2500名永久编制的翻译And in 2007 alone -- and Im sure there are more recent figures --仅2007年一年--当然应该有最新的数据可查--something on the order of 1.3 million pages were translated into English alone.仅是翻译成英文的文件就大约为一百三十万页And so if language really is the solution to the crisis of visual theft,如果语言真是观察性窃取的解决方法if language really is the conduit of our cooperation,如果语言真是我们合作的媒介the technology that our species derived to promote the free flow and exchange of ideas,是人类发明的用于促进思想无障碍流通和交换的技术in our modern world, we confront a question.那么在现代社会,我们碰上了难题And that question is whether in this modern, globalized world这就是在这个全球化的现代社会we can really afford to have all these different languages.我们是否承担得起使用如此多语言的代价To put it this way, nature knows no other circumstance in which functionally equivalent traits coexist.可以这样说,自然的法则是具有同等功能的特性是难以共存的One of them always drives the other extinct.其中的一个往往战胜其他的而存活下去And we see this in the inexorable march towards standardization.我们在向着标准化的大步前进中可以清楚地看到这一点There are lots and lots of ways of measuring things --在许多测量物体的方法中weighing them and measuring their length -- but the metric system is winning.包括称重和量长,公制计量制度赢了。201701/490111

5. as far as ...is concerned... 就······而言,······ 用法透视 这个句型用来引出个人的观点与看法,也可以说"so far as...is concerned" 持范例 1. As far as I'm concerned, I don't mind that you wear this mini-skirt. 就我个人而言,我不介意你穿这件迷你裙。 2. The coat is fine as far as color is concerned, but it is not very good quality. 这件上衣就颜色来说还不错,但质量不太好。 3. So far as he's concerned, nothing is as important as his daughter. 对他来说,什么也比不上他女儿重要。 会话记忆 A: Have you seen the movie, Scream? 你看过电影《惊声尖叫》了吗? B: Yes. It gave me the creeps. 看了。它让我浑身起鸡皮疙瘩。 A: Come on, it wasn't that bad. 算了,哪有那么惨啊。 B: Yes, it was. As far as I'm concerned, I'm never going to see another movie like that again. 真的。对我而言,我再也不想看那种电影了 /200705/13027

  VOA流行美语 29: loser; to bug大家都知道Michael这个美国学生正在学中文。他和中国学生李华约好每个星期至少在一起活动一次。今天他们决定到一个公园去滑冰。李华会学到两个常用语:loser 和to bug。L: 今天的天气真好呀!正是运动的好天气。我已经好久都没有滑冰了。M: You're a very good skater. I just keep falling down.L: 学滑冰总是会摔跤的。多练习练习就好了。M: I know, but I feel like such a loser. I keep getting passed by little kids. They laugh at me.L: 小孩肯定比我们滑得快,别怕他们笑话你。你刚才说你觉得自己 是什么? Loser? 滑冰又不是比赛,怎么会输掉呢?M: I said I feel like a loser, it means that I feel like a failure. It doesn't mean I lost a game.L: 你是说loser就是一个人做某件事总是做不好。嗯, 我们在中文里常说:“我怎么老学不好,真是个笨蛋”。这跟loser的意思 差不多吧?不过,Michael,我肯定你在滑冰方面不是个笨蛋,你只 要多练习就行了。M: Thanks for the encouragement, Li Hua. But I've always been kind of a loser at sports. Growing up, I was always picked last for the baseball and soccer teams.L: 原来你在体育方面从小就不行。不过,Michael, 在其他方面你 一点也不笨。M: What do you mean, Li Hua?L: 这还不明白吗?女孩子都很喜欢你呀,你还有其他好多朋友呀。M: You're right, I do have a lot of friends. But if they could see how many times I fell down today, I'm sure they would not want be friends with such a loser.L: 得了吧,Michael,要说笨蛋,那天晚上我们见到的那个人才是呢。 他自以为挺帅,老是想去和女孩子搭讪,可是,谁都知道他是个 没出息的人,谁都不要和他交朋友。Michael,我们能叫这种人 loser吗?M: Yeah, very good, Li Hua. That guy really is a loser. He never studies at all. I think he's in college just to party.L: 他从来不念书呀?Michael,你还滑不滑?M: I guess so...Just wait up for me, in case I fall down again. Okay, let's go!(滑完冰以后)L: Michael,运动一下真舒。M: Yeah, you had been bugging me about going skating for so long, I guess it was about time that I came along with you.L: 什么是bugging ? Bug不是小虫子吗?M: No, bugging means to bother or annoy someone about something. I didn't mean it in a serious way, I was just kidding.L: 噢,to bug就是为了某件事去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。 Michael, 你 再举一个例子好吗?M: Sure. You can say that something is bugging you, such as an assignment that you haven't been able to finish or a problem that you cannot solve. You could also...L: 等等,让我先弄清楚你说的。你是说,我没能完成的功课, 或者解决不了的问题都可以用to bug这个动词。那就是说:"This assignment is bugging me",或者是:“This problem is bugging me",对 不对?M: Yes, you can also say that a habit someone has really bugs you.L: 我知道,象Mary,她老是打断我说话,让我很烦,很讨厌。M: You could say "It really bugs me when Mary interrupts me in the middle of a sentence." I can also say it really bugs me when you try to tell me what to do.L: 嗨,我告诉你该怎么做是为了你好。老实说,it bugs me that you never listen to me.M: It seems that you've learned how to use "loser" and "to bug". Let's go home.李华今天学了一个名词“loser",指一个人老是不会做某件事;她还学了一个动词“to bug",意思是为了一件事老是去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。这次这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次再见。 /200601/3100

  英语会话800句 30 /200608/9118。

  VOA流行美语 138: juice/nukeLesson 138 - juice / nukeLarry和李华正在电影院外面等朋友。电影都快开场了,可是朋友还没到。Larry 决定用手机给这个朋友打电话。今天李华会学到两个常用语:juice和nuke.LL: Darn! My cell phone is out of juice. Can I use your cell phone to call Bob and Lisa and find out why they're late?LH: 你的手机怎么啦?Out of juice, juice是果汁。哎噢!该不是你的电话掉到果汁里啦?难怪不能用啦!LL: No, my cell phone is out of juice. "Juice" is slang for "power". I meant that the battery in my phone is out of power.LH: 噢,原来juice在这里是指电池里的电啊!所以out of juice就是没电的意思。既然你的手机没电了,你可以用我的,我昨晚才充过电,so it has plenty of juice.LL: That's fortunate. At least one of us has a functioning phone.LH: 对了,Larry你前些天不是说你的车有毛病吗?现在怎样啦?LL: Yes, my car wouldn't start because the battery was out of juice. I had to go to the mechanic and get a new battery.LH: 原来是车子里的电池也没电啦!看来这juice还真少不了,否则什么也干不了。昨天,我的激光唱机没有电。噢,没有juice了,偏偏我又找不到电池,害得我什么也听不了。LL: Yeah, I hate it when that happens, too. The other day, I was in the middle of typing a report on my laptop, when the battery ran out of juice. I almost lost the whole report.LH: 哇,你可得特别小心电脑的电池呢。如果电脑没电了,你输入的报告还有档案都可能会泡汤。那可就严重了!LL: I know! I've had some awful experiences with that. Fortunately, now computer companies are making laptops with batteries that hold more juice.LH: 就是,现在的电脑用的都是容量比较大的电池,所以打到一半没电的情况比较少了。Larry, 你还是快点儿给他们打电话吧!电影很快就要开始了。******LH: 我真不敢相信Lisa和Bob居然说好了会不来。太糟糕了!LL: Yeah, I agree. Do you still want to go out to dinner? Or do you want to nuke the pizza that's in my fridge and eat that?LH: "Nuke a pizza"? "Nuke"是nuclear核能的简称。哎,Larry,你准备怎么吃那块比萨饼呀?LL: Oh, to nuke something is slang for cooking it in the microwave.LH: 噢,你真吓了我一跳呢!原来to nuke是把东西放进微波炉里加热啊!所以你是说你想把冰箱里那块pizza热来当晚饭吃。LL: Well, it would save some money. I also have some frozen dinners we could nuke. It would be faster than going to a restaurant.LH: 嗯,吃冷冻食品是比去餐馆吃饭是比较快,又便宜,可是我觉得冷冻食品不好吃耶!吃东西还是要吃新鲜的好!LL: My cousin won't eat food that's been nuked at all. She thinks that using a microwave is unhealthy.LH: 真的吗?你表说微波过的食物都不健康。那微波食物真的对身体有害啊?LL: I don't know and I don't want to know. Nuking food is so convenient and quick that I really don't want to give it up.LH: 我知道,微波食物既方便又快速。有时候我实在太忙,没时间做饭,我也是用微波炉来热剩菜剩饭。LL: I hardly ever have time to cook an entire meal. I'm also not a very good cook, so I would probably starve without a microwave.LL:好多男生都不会做饭,也没有兴趣。我看没有微波炉是要饿死的。今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是juice,也就是电源,电力的意思。 另一个常用语是nuke,是用微波炉加热的意思。 /200602/3358

  In every work that I create, I write messages with my style of Arabic calligraphy.在我创作的每一样作品中,我都用阿拉伯的书法风格写要旨I make sure those messages are relevant to the place where I am painting我确保这些信息与作画的地区有关联but have this universal dimension, so anybody around the world can relate to it.通过这么一个普遍的维度,使全世界的人都能理解So for Manshiyat Naser, I decided to write in Arabic the words of St. Athanasius of Alexandria,对于曼斯亚特·纳赛尔,我决定将亚他那修的名言转换为阿拉伯语a Coptic bishop from the third century, who said:他是来自第三世纪的科普特主教,他说过:which means in English, ;Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eyes first.;英文意思是:“任何一个想清楚看到阳光的人,都需要先擦亮自己眼睛。”It was really important for me that the community felt connected to the words.找到能对这个社区感到共鸣的名言对我来说十分重要And for me this e was perfectly reflecting the spirit of the project.对我个人而言,这句话十分完美地传达了项目的精神So Father Samaan blessed the project, and his approval brought all the residents on board.因此,神父Sammaan认可了我的项目,有了他的批准,其他的居民也加入了进来Hundreds of liters of paint, a dozen blue manual lifts, several trips back and forth to Cairo,数百升的油漆和一些蓝色手动升降机,几次往返开罗a strong and solid team from France, North Africa, Middle East and the US,一个来自法国,北非,中东和美国的强大团队and after a year of planning and logistics, there we are,在经过了一年的规划和筹备后开始了行动my team and some members from the local community我的团队和一些来自当地社区的人员creating a piece that will sp over 50 buildings,正在建造一个将蔓延50多座建筑的艺术品some filling up the space of the calligraphy that I trace with colors.一些有美术字体的空白处,我填充上了颜色Here some blue, there some yellow, there some orange.这里用蓝色,那里用黄色,再那边一些橙色Some others carrying some sand bags and putting them on the top of the buildings to hold those manual lifts,还有一部分人拿来沙袋放在楼顶上用来固定住手动升降机and some others assembling and disassembling those same lifts and moving them around the different buildings.其余的人负责组装拆卸升降机,并将它们带到每一座建筑201611/477765美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson7-12暂无文本 /200606/7801Hello, everyone! Im delighted to join you in celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. This evening, we gather under the moonlight to give thanks for the harvest and the years successes. As we light lanterns and make mooncakes, we are reminded of Canadas greatest strength – our diversity. Im grateful for Canadas diversity and proud of the contributions made by Canadas thriving Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese communities. Tonight, let us all show our appreciation for the countless blessings we enjoy. On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish you a happy Moon Festival.201609/467345

  How do we build a society without fossil fuels?如果不用石油,我们如何让一个社会运转起来?This is a very complex challenge,这是个十分严峻的挑战,and I believe developing countries could take the lead in this transition.我相信发展中国家可以为这个改变起带头作用。And Im aware that this is a contentious statement,我很清楚这是一个很有争议性的说法,but the reality is that so much is at stake in our countries但事实是,如果我们国家的发展始终围绕着石油,if we let fossil fuels stay at the center of our development. We can do it differently.国家就会承担巨大的风险。我们能换一种发展方案。And its time, it really is time,而且是时候,真的是时候了,to debunk the myth that a country has to choose between development on the one hand去揭穿这个所谓一个国家必须在一边是经济发展,and environmental protection, renewables, quality of life, on the other.另一边是环境保护,可再生资源,以及生活质量中二选一的谬误。I come from Costa Rica, a developing country.我来自哥斯达黎加一个发展中国家。We are nearly five million people, and we live right in the middle of the Americas,我们有将近五百万的人口,身处在美洲的中心,so its very easy to remember where we live.所以记住哥斯达黎加的位置十分的简单。Nearly 100 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources, five of them.我们所用的电力资源几乎百分之百来自于可再生资源,一共有五种。201701/48952439. I'd like to ... 我想······ 用法透视 "I'd like to..."是"I would like to..."的缩写,是一种客气地表达自己想法的说法。 持范例 1. I'd like to buy a one-way ticket to Beijing. 我想买一张去北京的单程车票。 2. I'd like to invite you to my birthday party this weekend. 我想邀请你参加周末我的生日晚会。 3. I'd like to have your suggestions. 我想听听你的建议。 会话记忆 A: Have you ever made any plan for your future? 你曾计划过未来吗? B: Of course I have. I'd like to marry a handsome man and have two children if possible. 当然啦。我想嫁一个帅哥然后生两个孩子,如果可能的话。 A: Not me. I'd like to be a bachelor forever. 我可不想那样。我想单身一辈子。 B: I don't believe you can make it when you meet your Mrs. Right. 我可不觉得等你遇到你的"真命天子"时还能做到单身 /200705/13296

  In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to feel as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man.他们用探索,让世界人民万众一心;他们用牺牲,让人类的手足之情更紧密。In ancient days, men looked at the stars and saw their heroes in the constellations.在古代,人们仰望星空,在星座中看到了他们的英雄。In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.在现代,我们同样如此,但我们的英雄是有血有肉的人。Others will follow, and surely find their way home.会有人前赴后继,他们肯定可以回家。Mans search will not be denied.人类的探索不会被否定。But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts.但他们是先驱,他们将在永远留存于我们心中最重要但位置。For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind.因为每个夜晚,当人们抬头望着月亮时,都会知道在那个世界的一个角落是永远属于人类的。201706/511840

  76. It's supposed to... 应该······ 用法透视 该句表示"按道理讲应该......",可用来表达猜想或命令(相当于should)等含义。 持范例 1. He is supposed to arrive on the 5 o'clock train. 他应该乘五点的火车到达。 2. Summer is supposed to come during May. 夏天应该在五月来临。 3. It was supposed to be y last week. 这件事上星期就该做好的。 会话记忆 A: Hey, how was the show? 嗨,那场演出怎么样? B: Not great. It's a kind of boring. 不怎么样。有点乏味。 A: Really? I heard it was supposed to be great. 是吗?我听说它应该很棒的。 B: Yes, me too. But I'm disappointed. 我也这么听说。但我很失望 /200705/13511。


  President Obama: To begin with, I just want to say thank you to the outstanding officials behind me who have been on the ground, working 24/7 since this flood happened. It begins with outstanding leadership from the top – with Governor John Bel Edwards. And we very much appreciate all the outstanding work hes done. His better half, the First Lady of Louisiana, I know has been by his side every step of the way, and we are grateful for her. I know theyve got their own cleaning-up to do because the Governors Mansion was flooded as well.In addition, I want to acknowledge Senator Bill Cassidy, Senator David Vitter, Representative Garret Graves, Representative Cedric Richmond, the Mayor of Baton Rouge, Kip Holden; and somebody who I cant brag enough about, one of the best hires I made as President – the Administrator of FEMA, Craig Fugate, who has done such an outstanding job not just in dealing with this particular incident, but has really rebuilt FEMA so that theres a change of culture. And everybody knows that when a disaster happens, FEMA is going to be there on the ground, cooperating with state and local officials rapidly and with attention to detail, and keeping the families whove been affected uppermost in their minds. So we very much appreciate everything Craig has done.Its hard, by the way, for Craig to be here because hes a Florida Gator – (laughter) – and hes been seeing a lot of LSU T-shirts as weve been passing by.I just had a chance to see some of the damage from the historic floods here in Louisiana. I come here, first and foremost, to say that the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. We are heartbroken by the loss of life. There are also people who are still desperately trying to track down friends and family. Were going to keep on helping them every way that we can.As I think anybody who can see just the streets, much less the inside of the homes here, peoples lives have been upended by this flood. Local businesses have suffered some terrible damage. Families have, in some cases, lost homes. Theyve certainly lost possessions, priceless keepsakes. I was just speaking to a young woman whose husband died shortly after the birth of her second child, and shes talking about how her daughter was trying to gather all the keepsakes that she had in her bedroom, but reminded her of her father. And that gives you some sense that this is not just about property damage. This is about peoples roots.You also have a situation where there are a lot of kids who are supposed to start a new school year, and theyre going to need some special help and support for a while.Sometimes, when these kinds of things happen, it can seem a little bit too much to bear. But what I want the people of Louisiana to know is that youre not alone on this. Even after the TV cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.And the reason I can say that with confidence is because thats what Americans do in times like this. I saw it when I visited displaced Louisianans when I came down here as a senator after Katrina. I saw it when I visited New Orleans for the 10th anniversary last year. I know how resilient the people of Louisiana are, and I know that you will rebuild again. And what Ive seen today proves it.I want to thank all the first responders, the National Guard, all the good neighbors who were in a boat, going around and making sure people were safe, showing extraordinary heroism – in some cases, risking their own lives. Governor Edwards, the state of Louisiana, the city, the parish governments, theyve all stepped up under incredibly difficult circumstances.You know, I just want to thank the people on this block. As I was walking down, one woman at the end, elderly, she was on her own. Shed just lost her daughter. But you had a young man next door who was helping out his father, but had also offered to help out that neighbor, so that she could salvage as much as she could and start the process of rebuilding.With respect to the federal response, over a week ago, I directed the federal government to mobilize and do everything we could to help. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate arrived here a week ago to help lead that effort. Secretary of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson visited last week to make sure state and local officials are getting what they need.To give you a sense of the magnitude of the situation here, more than 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance so far. As of today, federal support has reached 7 million. Thats for help like temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs, and flood insurance payments.FEMA is also working with Louisiana around the clock to help people who were displaced by floods find temporary housing. And any Louisiana family that needs help, you can find your nearest disaster recovery center by visiting FEMA.gov, or calling 1-800-621-FEMA. Im going to repeat that: FEMA.gov, or 1-800-621-FEMA.Now, federal assistance alone is not going to be enough to make peoples lives whole again. So Im asking every American to do what you can to help get families and local businesses back on their feet. If you want help – if you want to help, Governor Edwards put together some ways to start at VolunteerLouisiana.gov. Thats VolunteerLouisiana.gov.And the reason this is important is because even though federal money is moving out, volunteer help actually helps the state because it can offset some of its costs. Obviously, private donations are going to be extremely important, as well. We want to thank the Red Cross for everything theyre doing, but there are a lot of private, philanthropic organizations, churches, parishes around the state and around the country who want to help, as well. And thats how were going to make sure that everybody is able to get back on their feet.So let me just remind, folks: Sometimes once the floodwaters pass, peoples attention spans pass. This is not a one-off. This is not a photo op issue. This is, how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need. I need all Americans to stay focused on this. If youre watching this today, make sure that you find out how you can help. You can go to VolunteerLouisiana.gov, or you can go to FEMA.gov. Well tell you, well direct you – you can go to WhiteHouse.gov, and well direct you how you can help.But were going to need to stay on this, because these are some good people down here. Were glad that the families I had a chance to meet are safe, but theyve got a lot of work to do, and they shouldnt have to do it alone.All right? Thank you very much, everybody. God bless.Q: With the damage youve seen, what more help may they need from Congress in terms of emergency spending?President Obama: You know, we discussed that on the way down here. What you have is the Stafford Act provides a certain match. A lot of the homes have flood insurance, but a lot of homes dont. And what Craig Fugate is doing, what I instructed him to do from the start, is lets get money out as fast as we can. Because we know that theres going to be a certain amount of assistance thats going to be forthcoming, so theres no point in waiting. We kind of make initial estimates and we start pushing stuff out. That helps us and helps the Governor and all these officials here do their jobs.And then what we have to do is, as we fine-tune exactly whats needed – when we know, for example, how much permanent housing is going to have to be built, when we have a better sense of how much infrastructure has been damaged, what more we need to do in terms of mitigation strategies – thats when Congress, I think, may be called upon to do some more.Now, the good news is, is that youve got four members of Congress right here, and a number of them happen to be in the majority, so I suspect that they may be able to talk to the Speaker and talk to Mitch McConnell. But in part because of the fine stewardship at FEMA and, frankly, because weve been a little lucky so far – and Im going to knock on some wood – in terms of the amount of money thats gone out this year, FEMA has enough money for now to cover the costs that can be absorbed.The issue is going to be less what we need to do in terms of paying for the short term; its going to be the medium-term and the long-term rebuilding. Congress should be back in session right after Labor Day. By that time well probably have a better assessment. And in the meantime, lawyers at FEMA will be examining what statutory flexibility weve got. And I know the Governor has been right on top of making sure that Louisiana gets everything that it can get in order to help rebuild.Q: Mr. President, do you worry about that process becoming politicized and the trip here becoming politicized?President Obama: No, I dont. First of all, one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here is I dont worry too much about politics.The second thing I have seen, historically, is that when disasters strike, thats probably one of the few times where Washington tends not to get political. I guarantee you nobody on this block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether youre Democrat or Republican. What they care about is making sure theyre getting the drywall out and the carpet out, and theres not any mold building, and they get some contractors in here and they start rebuilding as quick as possible. Thats what they care about. Thats what I care about.So, you know, we want to make sure that we do it right. We want to make sure that we do it systematically. But the one thing I just want to repeat is how proud I am of FEMA. Because if you think about the number of significant natural disasters that have occurred since my presidency began, youd be hard-pressed to find a local official anywhere in the country, including those in the other party, who wouldnt say that Craig Fugate and his team have been anything less than exemplary and professional.And one of the things I did when I walked through each of these homes was ask, have you contacted FEMA? Have you filed? And uniformly they said that they had been in touch with FEMA; they had acted professionally; some of them had aly been out here for inspections.And I think that does indicate why its important for us to take the federal government seriously, federal workers seriously. Theres a tendency sometimes for us to bash them and to think that theyre these faceless bureaucrats. But when you get into trouble, you want somebody who knows what theyre doing whos on the ground working with outstanding officials. And thats true whatever party. And I could not be prouder of the work that FEMA has done.That doesnt mean that there arent going to still be folks who need more help, and that were not going to have some constraints statutorily, and Congress isnt going to have to step up. But it does mean that the basic backbone, the basic infrastructure and architecture that we have in terms of disaster response, I think, has been high quality. And Im very proud of them for that. And I want to publicly acknowledge that at the moment.All right? Thank you, guys.201608/463097

  VOA流行美语 92:DUDE / CHICK今天Larry和Li Hua在一个朋友家的花园里参加party。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:dude和chick。LH: Hey Larry! 参加party的人都挺高兴的,可是Jack刚才在那边儿好像和人吵架,什么事呀?LL: Oh, Jack and some other dude were having a really intense argument. We were afraid they might get into a fight, so we had to separate them.LH: 就是啊,他们吵得挺凶的,好象要动手打起来似的!可是,Larry, 你管另外那个人叫什么? Dude? 那是什么意思啊?LL: Dude is another word for guy, or man. I just said Jack and "some other dude" were arguing.LH: Oh, dude 是指男人,我还以为是那个人的名字呢!你刚才是说"Jack和那个人争论得非常激烈"。哎,Larry,那你叫别人dude有没有什么不好的意思吗?LL: What? No, of course not. Dude just means guy. However, it is very informal, so you'd sound silly if you called someone important a "dude", or used it in a formal situation.LH: 噢,dude这个称呼没有贬意,只是一般用在很随便的场合。哎哟,幸亏你告诉我,要是在正式的场合我把某位大人物称为dude, 那可不就出洋相了吗!LL: And usually, only younger people use the word "dude", and it usually refers to fairly young men.LH: 噢,dude 一般是年轻人用的词,而且dude也是指年轻人。对了,我想起来了,有一次我在商店里就听到两个年轻人用dude这个词。我那时还不懂dude是什么意思。哎,dude不就相当于中文里说的"那个家伙"吗?LL: That's right! See that dude over there? That's my pal Frank. I'll ask him for a beer. Dude, toss me one of those beers. Thanks!LH: 哎哟,你真好意思,自己不去拿啤酒,让你那个dude扔过来,幸亏你接得准!******LH: Oh no, Larry我看见我的同屋朝这边走过来了。要是她看见我,她又要缠着我没完没了了。LL: What? That tall girl with glasses? Is that the chick you're always telling me about?LH: 对,就是那个戴眼镜的高个儿女孩。你叫她什么? Chick? Larry, 我虽然不喜欢那个女孩,可是我也不想用难听的词来骂她噢!LL: Huh!? I didn't say any bad words. I said "that chick". Chick means "young woman". It's not a bad word, although some people find it a little offensive.LH: 噢,原来chick这个词是指"年轻女孩儿"呀!哎哟,这要是直接翻译成中文,可不是什么好词儿。你说在英文里,chick不是骂人的话,可是你又说有的人听了会不大高兴,这是怎么回事啊?LL: Well, some women find it demeaning - I guess they think that baby chickens are cute but sort of brainless. You can use this word around your friends, but not in formal situations or with strangers.LH: 噢,我懂了 - chick这个词本意是"小鸡",小鸡虽然可爱,可是好象没有脑子,傻傻的,所以有的女孩就不愿意别人叫她chick。这么说,可以在熟朋友之间用chick这个词,不过,不要在正式场合,或者叫一个陌生人chick。哎,Larry, 我们还是赶快走吧,我可不想让我的同屋缠着我不放。LL: Hey, there she goes. You're in luck, Li Hua. Your roommate's gone... she just left with two other chicks and that dude who was arguing with Jack.LH: 她和另外两个女孩儿一起走啦,还有那个跟Jack吵架的dude!哇,真是谢天谢地。这下我们可以痛痛快快地玩了!今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是dude, 是口语里男孩之间的称呼,就相当于中文里所说的"家伙"。另外一个是chick, 在口语里指年轻女孩儿。 /200602/3167

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