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福州福马路博爱医院检查不孕很贵吗福州B超检测排卵去那最好福州市中医院打胎好不好费用多少 The U.N. Security Council is set to approve tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, despite warnings from Pyongyang that it will end a 60-year-old ceasefire with South Korea in response.针对平壤最近进行核试验,联合国安理会准备批准对朝鲜实施严厉的新制裁,尽管平壤发出警告说,将对此做出回应,废除已经存0年的朝鲜停战协定。Diplomats say the council will vote early Thursday on the U.S.-drafted resolution, which would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the ed Nations.外交官们说,联合国安理会将于星期四就美国起草的一项决议案进行表决,该决议案是联合国对朝鲜实行一些迄今为止最严厉的制裁。South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young says Seoul is satisfied with the draft text, which appears to have the support of all 15 Security Council members.韩国外交部发言人赵泰永说,首尔对这项决议草案感到满意。这项决议案看来已经得到安理会所5个成员国的持。The resolution would block any financial services or money transfers that help Pyongyangs nuclear or missile programs. It would also tighten travel bans and strengthen inspections of cargo into and out of North Korea.这项决议案规定,断绝有助于平壤核项目及导弹项目的一切金融务和资金转帐,对朝鲜有关人员实行更严格的旅行禁令,并加强对进出朝鲜的货物的检查。Ahead of the vote, North Korea has threatened to void the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean war. It has also announced a series of military exercises to compete with drills being held by the U.S. and South Korea. Reports say Pyongyang has been taking steps to camouflage public transport and broadcast messages from citizens in favor of war.在安理会就这项决议案进行表决之前,朝鲜威胁要废除结束朝鲜战争953年停战协定,并宣布举行一系列军事演习,与美国和韩国的军演抗衡。有报道说,朝鲜目前采取措施,对公共交通系统进行伪装,并播送本国公民持开战的言论。The South has vowed swift retaliation in the event of any North Korean military action. Defense ministry spokesperson says Seoul is closely monitoring the border.韩国誓言如果朝鲜做出任何军事行动,韩国方面就要采取迅速的报复。韩国国防部说,首尔当局密切监视边界情况。来 /201303/228884博爱医院检查排卵多少钱

福建做人流手术三甲医院福州市一人民医院检查不孕好不好费用多少 1.I am not interested in the m. I think we should sign the contract face to face.我对表格不感兴趣我认为我们应该当面签订合同.I am sorry. I am too happy and got it. Can I look it through?对不起,我太激动,把这件事给忘了我能看看吗?3.There is no remuneration item in this agreement.合同中没有福利待遇.I cant decide to sign it or not now. Can you give me some time to think it over?我现在不能决定是否签字,能给我一点儿时间考虑吗?5.I hope everything will be clearly written in the contract.我希望合同上各条款都写得清清楚楚 6.Well, according to the principle of our firm, employees in probation have no remuneration.照我们公司的规定,试用期内的员工没有福利待遇7.Any approved overtime will be paid at time, which you can take as salary or time off.超出的加班时间可以折算成I:资,或选择调休8.Anything I need to pay attention to when signing a contract?签合同的时候需要注意什么问题吗?9.How long would the contract period be in my case?合同期限为多长时间?.Well sign a contract with you three years only. You could renew after three years, but that depends.我们和你先签一个为期3年的合同,3年后你可以续签,不过要视情况而定Dialogue1对话1I am really satisfied with your qualification. Please complete the contract m and bring it back to me. And Ill arrange an interview you.我对你的资历很满意请填好 这个表格,然后交给我我会给你安排面试I am not interested in the m. I think we should sign the contract face to face.我对表格不感兴趣我认为我 们应该当面签订合同Sorry, it is the regulation of our company.对不起这是我们公司的规定That OK. Thank you all the same. But I have to say Ill try other places.好吧,还是谢谢你不过我还 是试试别的单位吧Dialogue对话I am sorry that I have a question. Ttere is no remuneration item in this agreement. Can you tell me about it?对不起,我有个问题没有福利待遇你能说说吗?Well, according to the principle of our firm, employees in probation have no remuneration.照我们公司的规定,试用期内的员工没有福利待遇But you didn’t tell me about it. I can’t decide to sign it or not now. Can you give me some time to think it over?但是你之前没有告诉我我现不能决定是否签字,能给我点儿时间考虑吗?OK. It doesnt matter.好的,没问题 7龙岩造影哪家医院最好

南平人工受孕那个医院最好 Paying the Damage向宾馆赔偿损失I am sorry,sir.l have broken the ing lamp in my room.先生,非常抱歉,我刚刚把房间的台灯打碎了While,sir.May I have your room number?那样的话,能告诉我你的房间号吗?5.I would like to pay it.5,我愿意赔偿Please fill out the m first.请先填下这张表OK,can you bring me a new one?好的,能再给我换个新的吗?Of course.当然 388福州做多囊卵巢手术最好的医院宁德哪些医院中医看不孕




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