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Planing on a trip abroad? Perhaps your summer holiday? Take note of Olivia Sterns’ Top 5 Travel Myths. Here they are in bold, and my comments to each.Myth No. 1: Change Money At HomeOlivia says that carrying a large amount of cash makes you vulnerable to pickpockets. Agree. She says it’s better to rely on your ATM and credit cards. Er, I would say it depends. In a lot of places in Asia, ATM machines are hard to come by and may not accept all ATM cards. In some resorts and hotels in Asia, credit cards are also not accepted. The exchange rate may also be far worse, depending on the location. Unless you’re staying in a posh destination, never assume that e-transactiosn will work. Do your research before departure and prepare accordingly.Myth No. 2: Deals on Last-Minute BookingLast minutes deals are indeed becoming more and more rare. Better to watch out for sales and promotions (which regularly comes up anyway) to save on airfares and hotel bookings.Myth No. 3: Locals Are ExpertsAbsolutely not. In fact, in a lot of cases, locals are foreigners to their own territory. In fact, if you’re heading off the beaten track, locals can’t even understand why, out of all the possible places in the world, you would be interested in their locality.Myth No. 4: You Get What You Pay ForNo, particularly in Asia, there are really good deals to be had, some worth far more than you have paid. And vice versa: some expensive digs aren’t just worth the top dollar they ask for. Do your research, and look for online reviews.Myth No. 5: Buy Extras AheadWhen buying packages, you will always be lured into getting a “package”, agents telling you it will come out cheaper that way. But, sometimes it pays to be prudent and cross the bridge when you get there. 正在计划你的出国之旅吗?也许正在筹划你的暑假?那就来关注一下Olivia Stern的《旅行五大不得不说的事》吧。看见下面的粗体字了吗?,同时我的也一并附上。不得不说之一:在家换好钱Olivia说身携巨款的你很难让你不吸引到小偷的注意。个人完全赞同。她说比起现金来,你的自动取款机和信用卡更值得信任。嗯,个人认为这应因地而异。在亚洲的很多地方,自动取款机并不是总能与你擦肩而过,而且也并非你所有的卡都可以在这些自动取款机上使用。在亚洲的一些旅游胜地和饭店,信用卡是不可用的。而由于地区的不同, 利率的兑换问题更是令人头痛。除非你的目的地很现代,很繁华,否则永远不要假想那里的网上交易平台运转良好。在出发之前一定要做足相应的准备。不得不说之二:坚持到最后一秒再预定最后一秒预定这个方法现在已经开始显得越来越重要。为了节省机票和住宿费,最好时刻注意哪些打折或是让利的信息(基本上,不论如何,他们总是很有规则地出现)不得不说之三:当地人才是真正的专家。这是完全错误的。事实上,在很多的情况下,对于自己的土地而言,本地人才是真正的外国人。当你被一件对于当地人来说极其常规的事阻扰时,当地人甚至不会明白这个世界上有这么多的你可以去的地方,为什么你会对他们的地方产生兴趣。不得不说之四:付了钱,你就是老大。这是错误的想法。特别是在亚洲,有许多的很好的交易。有些的确是物超所值,但反之也亦然。有些贵的离谱的东西并不一定值那个价。先研究一下,并且上网做好准备工作。不得不说之五:事先用完你的额度。当你买着大包小包时,你很有可能会被引诱着买更多的东西。经销商们会告诉你如果你怎么怎么买就可以获得更多的实惠。但,当你买东西的时候最好谨慎些,最好能够逃出他们的魔爪。 /200804/34782A dress which turns transparent when the wearer becomes aroused may soon be seen on the high street.荷兰设计师最新发明的一款“情欲装”有望投向市场,穿着它的人只要一时“性致”大发,衣就会自然变透明。The dress, called Intimacy 2.0, is made of smart fabrics which become clear when electrified by a quickening heartbeat.这款名为“亲密2.0”的装以智能纤维面料制成,只要穿上它的人心跳加速,衣就会受到电子感应变成透明。Award-winning Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde created the dress out of leather, and smart opaque e-foils.获得多个奖项的荷兰设计师戴恩-罗斯加德以皮革和智能型不透明电子金属薄片制作这套新装。It also uses wireless technologies, electronics, LEDs, copper and other media.无线技术、电子学、LED、铜和其他媒介也都派上用场。Daan calls his style of fashion #39;techno-poetry.#39;戴恩称他的设计风格是一首“技术诗歌”。He said: #39;Intimacy 2.0 is a fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology.#39;他说:“‘亲密2.0’是一个探索亲密行为与科技之间关系的时尚项目。”‘Technology is used here not merely functional but also as a tool to create intimacy as well as privacy on a direct, personal level which in our contemporary tech society is becoming increasingly important.’“在这套衣中,科技不仅扮演功能性角色,更可以在直接而私密的层次上营造私生活和亲密关系,而这些在我们的现代生活中正变得越来越重要。”Daan is currently in talks to produce a fashion version of the dress, which responds whenever the wearer gets excited or embarrassed.目前,戴恩正与他人洽谈如何将这款装打造成时尚单品。穿上这款装的人不管是感到兴奋还是尴尬,衣都会变透明。The futuristic dress has been put on display in China, and its creator Daan has won a string of awards, including the Dutch Design Award and China#39;s Most Successful Design Award.这款前卫现代的装作品曾在中国展示,设计师戴恩还获得了多个奖项,包括荷兰设计奖及中国最成功设计大奖。He has exhibited his work at the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as at many other international galleries.他的作品已在许多国际美术馆展出,还曾进驻英国泰特现代艺术馆和维多利亚暨艾柏特物馆。 /201302/224953A best man from central China whose iPhone was stolen after a stag night was “stunned” when the thief posted him a handwritten list of more than 1,000 contacts stored on the device.在中国中部的一个城市,一个小伙子在参加单身派对时iPhone被偷了,但使他“震惊”的是,小偷居然把他电话里存的1000多个联系人的号码全部手抄了一遍,然后给他寄了回去。Zou Bin, a barman from Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, told local media he had been commemorating his best friend’s wedding on November 14 in the nearby city of Yiyang.邹彬是湖南省省会长沙的一个酒保,他对当地媒体说,11月14日那天,他是在靠近长沙的益阳市参加自己挚友的婚礼。Mr Zou, whose age was not given, said he had lost his mobile phone the following day after passing in out in an illegal taxi that was taking him and three other bleary-eyed strangers home.邹先生并未透露其年龄,称他是在回家后的第二天丢失手机的。他说,那天他是和其他三个睡眼朦胧的陌生人一起搭的“黑车”回家的。Furious that he had lost not only his iPhone but also more than 1,000 work-related contacts, Mr Zou borrowed a friend’s mobile phone and began bombarding his own number with threatening text messages.邹先生感到非常愤怒的不仅仅是因为他丢了自己的iPhone手机,更重要的是手机里存了1000多个工作上的联系人号码。邹先生借用了朋友的手机,开始对自己原先的号码进行威胁短信的狂轰滥炸。“You can be sure that I will find you,” he vowed. “Just have a look through my contacts and you will see who I am. If you are clever, you will send the mobile back to the following address…”“你要知道我肯定会找到你的,” 他发誓称。“只要你看看我的联系人就知道我是谁了。如果你稍微聪明点,就把手机寄到下面的地址……”Mr Zou told Hunan’s Xiaoxiao Morning Herald he had been “bluffing” and had not expected to recover the iPhone 4, which is worth around £270 in China, or its contents.邹先生告诉湖南《潇湘晨报》,他一直是在“吓唬小偷”,实际上也不指望自己的iPhone 4 能回来。在中国,这样一部手机大概值270英镑(约合人民币2658元)。So he was “stupefied” when, just four days later, a parcel was couriered to his front door. There was no sign of the iPhone inside but the package did contain 11 pieces of paper containing each and every telephone number and email that had been stored on the stolen device.然而使他颇为“震惊”的是,仅仅四天后快递公司送货上门了。包裹里装的不是邹先生的iPhone,而是11张纸,纸上满满写着被盗手机里存储的所有人的电话号码和电子邮箱。“All of the numbers were handwritten,” said Mr Zou. “It would take a long time simply to write the numbers 1 to 1,000 let alone all those names and telephone numbers. It must have given him a swollen hand.”“所有的数字都是手抄的,” 邹先生说,“仅仅从数字1写到1000就要蛮长时间了,更不用说手机里的所有名字和电话号码了。他肯定抄得手都肿了。”Two clear morals emerged from his story, a relieved Mr Zou told journalists.邹先生告诉记者,从他的亲身经历中他看清了两点。“Don’t just give up if you lose your phone – sometimes bluffing works,” he said. “But it is also best to save your contacts to your SIM card so you spare the thief some writing.”“如果手机丢了不能就此放弃,有时候吓唬吓唬小偷还是有用的,”邹先生说。“但如果你要给小偷省点儿工作量,最好还是把联系人存进SIM卡里。” /201311/266358

When we get to adulthood we have a tendency to hold our noses, cover our eyes with goggles and plug our ears when we go underwater.当我们成年之后,我们潜入水中时会习惯性的捏住鼻子,戴上护目镜,用耳塞堵住耳朵。But it#39;s a different story for babies. They have a gag reflex, and being submerged reminds them of being in the womb, meaning when they go under water they look utterly at peace.但是婴儿则完全不同。他们在潜入水下时会产生咽反射。在水中会唤起他们在子宫里的感觉,这使得他们在水中看起来怡然自得。#39;Up to around six months they have a gag reflex which means they hold their breath automatically,#39; says underwater photographer Lucy Ray.水下摄影师露西·雷说,“在六个月大左右,婴儿都会在水下出现咽反射的自然反应,因而能够本能的屏住呼吸。”Lucy, 33, who founded her brand new company Starfish Underwater Photography, takes pictures of the confident waterbabies, capturing a brief moment as they explore an underwater world.33岁的露西成立里一家新公司——“海星水下摄影公司”,专门为那些自信的水下宝宝摄影,捕捉他们在水下世界中探索冒险的美好瞬间。The babies have been attending swimming lessons for a while before the shoot in order to get comfortable with swimming and being submerged.为了确保宝宝适应游泳和潜入水下,露西拍摄的宝宝都接受过一段时间的游泳课程。#39;At the shoot, the parents says the baby#39;s name, then says #39;y, swim!#39; and then the baby is submerged,#39; says Lucy.露西说,“在拍照时,爸爸妈妈会叫宝宝的名字,然后说,‘准备好,去游吧!’,然后宝宝就潜入水中。”Lucy Ray, from Greenwich, was a Fleet Street news photographer before embarking on her new career taking photos of children swimming.露西·雷来自格林威治,她曾经是一名伦敦新闻界的摄影师,回来才涉足拍摄婴儿游泳照的新行业。 /201311/264748

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